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Unmatched Parish Register Records 1837 - 1920

The following records are held in my files where I have not been able to match them to the appropriate GRO Index entry. One or two of these may help you in your search. They have come from a variety of sources, some may be incorrect, if you can shed any light on any of these please do let me know.

Some of the early entries in particular may well just never have been registered, as this was not unusual until made compulsory later [in 1875].


At present I am not producing a list of unmatched baptisms, due to both the large number of them and the difficulty in identifying the correct entry at times, such as adult baptisms. As I match more, and the number of items falls I may review this, but for now please drop me a line if you don't see the entry you are looking for on the main BMD index pages.


Date Name Spouse Place County Notes
08/12/1844 Ann Preece Edward Griffiths Moccas HEF Taken from IGI
28/10/1849 James Preece Rebecca Webb Hereford, St Martin HEF Confirmed from Herefordshire Record Office Registers
04/07/1854 Harriet Preece John Pember Mansel Gamage HEF Confirmed from Herefordshire Record Office Registers
11/10/1859 Thomas Preece Emma Pember Pipe and Lyde HEF Confirmed from Herefordshire Record Office Registers
06/07/1859 Anne Preece George Norman Stoke Lacy HEF Confirmed from Herefordshire Record Office Registers
26/01/1863 Richard Preece Sarah Stockdale Shrewsbury, St Chad SAL Taken from IGI
15/12/1864 Martha Preece Thomas Meredith Kington HEF Believed from original registers, not yet confirmed
13/09/1888 Thomas Preece Ann Williams Yazor HEF Confirmed from Herefordshire Record Office Registers
06/01/1906 Elizabeth Preece William Davies Preston Wynne HEF Confirmed from Herefordshire
Record Office Registers

Deaths and Burials

Name Type Date Place County Address if given Age if given Notes
James Preece
Burial 28/11/1837 Hampton Bishop St Andrew HEF Tupsley

Mary Preece
Burial 14/08/1837 Kilpeck St Mary & St David HEF Marlos 80
Sarah Preece
Burial 26/12/1837 Madley Nativity Of The Virgin HEF Timberline 51
James Preece
Burial 29/07/1837 Byford St John The Baptist HEF Hereford 42
Ann Preece
Burial 06/07/1837 Ross On Wye HEF High St, Mr Bennets Shoemakers 34
Anna Preece
Burial 21/08/1838 Moccas St Michael HEF Moccas 32
W Preece
Burial 05/02/1838 Brobury St Mary Magdalene HEF Brobury 2
John Preece
Burial 05/08/1838 Whitchurch St Bubricius HEF New Weir 45
Jane Preece
Burial 25/06/1838 Brampton Bryan St Barnabus HEF Reeves Hill 62
Jane Preece
Burial 05/04/1838 Kings Caple St John Baptist HEF Edwinsmere 5
John Preece
Burial 21/08/1839 Ashperton St Bartholomew HEF Dymock(Gls) 61
Ann Preece
Burial 02/01/1839 Kingstone St Michael HEF Kingston 74
Emma Preece
Burial 06/10/1839 Woolhope St George HEF Of Woolhope 3m
James Preece
Burial 04/03/1839 Hereford St Owen HEF
Mary Preece
Burial 06/04/1840 Powick St Peter WOR
Sarah Preece
Burial 18/10/1840 Powick St Peter WOR
Cath Preece
Burial 29/03/1841 Blaenavon MON Llanover 4
James Preece
Burial 12/12/1841 Humber HEF Backland 2
John Preece
Burial 28/08/1842 Holmer HEF The Butts 5
John Preece Burial 23/02/1842 Worcester St Martin WOR
John Preece Burial 20/03/1843 Madley HEF Giltrick 1
Mary Preece
Burial 20/03/1843 Llantrithyd St Illtyd GLA
James Preece Burial 06/04/1843 Bockleton WOR Hartfield Lane Inf
Sarah Preece Burial 11/12/1844 Kingstone HEF Thruxton 80
Ellen Preece
Burial 30/07/1845 Erdington WAR Erdington Workhouse 30
Sarah Preece Burial 13/07/1845 Orleton HEF
Ann Preece
Burial 18/10/1846 Worcester St Peter The Great WOR
John Preece Burial 19/11/1846 Habberley SAL Stiperstones 17d
John Preece Burial 20/12/1846 Kidderminster St George WOR Forge Street 1
Anne Preece
Death 27/08/1846 Easthope SAL
Mary Preece Burial 13/12/1847 Habberley SAL Stiperstones 16d
John Preece Burial 28/05/1848 Whitchurch HEF Doward 20
Anne Preece
Burial 24/05/1848 Taynton St Lawrence GLS Ross 73
Ann Preece
Burial 19/03/1849 Whitchurch HEF (Asylum) 37
John Preece Burial 22/11/1849 Madley HEF Handley Cross 15m
Anne Preece
Burial 14/11/1850 Llantrithyd St Illtyd GLA
Anne Preece
Burial 06/02/1851 Orleton HEF
Mary Preece Burial 05/03/1852 Tirley GLS Tirley 8w
Emily Preece
Burial 28/09/1852 Lyncombe St Mark SOM
Sarah Preece Burial 01/01/1852 Orleton HEF
Sarah Preece Burial 11/12/1853 Orleton HEF
Mary Preece Burial 03/02/1854 Madley HEF Handleys Cross 2
Sarah Preece
Burial 26/09/1855 Worcester St Nicholas WOR Frimley Gardens 19
John Preece Burial 09/03/1856 Shrawley WOR Shrawley 63
Amy Preece
Burial 08/01/1857 Monmouth MON Monmouth 29
Phebe Preece
Burial 06/03/1858 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Valletts 12

The entry for Phebe may well relate to Phoebe, daughter of John & Ann Preece, of Hope under Dinmore. She appears on the 1851 census aged 5 but then is not shown again

James Preece Burial 27/10/1858 Ross On Wye HEF Corps Cross Street 70
James Preece Burial 28/05/1861 Bockleton WOR Velvet Stone 1
Sarah Preece
Burial 14/10/1862 Ross On Wye HEF Edde Cross Street 58
Mary Preece Death 31/01/1863 Goodrich HEF Priory Farm

Annie Preece
Burial 16/08/1863 Harborne WAR
Ann Preece
Burial 25/01/1863 Duddeston WAR Weston Street 61
Mary Preece Burial 24/03/1863 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Dinmore Hill 2w
John Preece Death 13/04/1864 St Devereux HEF
Ann Preece
Burial 10/02/1865 Holmer HEF Hereford Union Workhouse 24
Ellen Preece
Burial 09/06/1865 Handsworth St James STS Crockett Road 45
Henry Preece
Burial 05/02/1865 Hereford St Martin HEF Hunderton In
James Preece Burial 19/04/1865 Hereford All Saints HEF
Ann Preece
Burial 02/05/1865 Hereford All Saints HEF Friars Street 64
Emma Preece
Burial 16/03/1867 Cleobury Mortimer SAL
Mary Preece Burial 12/02/1867 Wolverhampton, Merridale Cemetery STS Union Workhouse St Johns 73
John Preece Burial 29/12/1867 Coychurch St Crallo GLA

Agnes Preece
Burial 15/02/1870 Hereford St Martin HEF Blackmarstone Inf
Eliza Preece
Burial 16/06/1871 Holmer HEF Union Workhouse 53
Ann Preece
Burial 02/05/1871 Monmouth MON Monmouth 32
Ann Preece
Burial 01/02/1872 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Wharton 4m
Mary Preece Burial 09/04/1872 Habberley SAL Habberley 60
John Preece Burial 04/06/1874 Upton Bishop HEF Upton Bishop 35
Jane Preece
Burial 09/05/1876 Putley HEF
James Preece Burial 30/11/1876 Worcester St Clement WOR St Clement Square 27
James Preece Death 10/10/1876 Hereford HEF
Anne Preece
Burial 09/05/1882 Llanwonno St Gwynno GLA
Mabel Preece
Death 11/09/1886 Liverpool LAN

John Preece Burial 12/09/1891 Selly Oak St Mary WOR Selly Oak Workhouse 61
Henry Preece
Death 22/08/1892 Canon Pyon HEF

Emily Preece
Death 21/05/1900 Hemsworth YKS
James Preece Death 13/12/1902 Little Birch
Ann Preece
Death 21/12/1906 Shuddington GLS
James Preece
Burial 09/01/1911 Trevethin MON Birch Houses Tranch Pontypool 68
Annie Preece
Death 09/01/1918 Hereford HEF
92 Widemarsh Street Nk