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Wills and Administrations

National Index to Wills and Administrations 1858 - 1943

Entries on these pages are taken from the National Probate Calendar, which lists estates for which probate or administration were granted - the year they are listed under is the year of the grant, NOT the year of death, which in some protracted cases can be quite a long time. I hold details from the calendar up to 1966, but at present only the dates above are available on this site.

These pages list details of Wills and Administrations, and have names of executors/administrators.For some entries I often have more information than is shown here, such as occupations, please ask if you are interested in particular entries.

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Wills/Admins 1858 - 1896
Wills/Admins 1897 - 1919
Wills/Admins 1920 - 1934
Wills/Admins 1935 - 1943

Wills and Administrations before 1858
This section is yet to be completed - the system for recording grants was different before 1858, each of the Courts being listed separately.
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