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Preece Census strays in 1851 - by first name/initial - K to R

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Lucy Preece Wednesbury STS 7 George Preece Daur Shifnal SAL
Lydia Preece Hyssington MGY 53 John Preece Wife Chirbury SAL
Lydia Preece Shelwick HEF 64 Self Head Gloucestershire GLS
Margaret Preece Pembridge HEF 69 Evan Preece Wife Kerry MGY
Margaret Preece Shrewsbury St Chad SAL 25 Joseph Preece Wife Montgomershire MGY
Margaret Preece Graig Houses GLA 52 Thomas Hurry? Wifs Llangadog CMN
Margaret Preece Church Stretton SAL 62 Richard Preece Brow Llandanio MGY
Margaret Preece Humber HEF 31 William Preece Wife Beguildey RAD
Margaret Preece St Maughans MON 67 James Preece Wife Peterchurch HEF
Margaret Preece Hay HEF 32 Benjamin Preece Wife Hay BRE
Margaret H Preece Marylebone MDX 22 Richard M Preece Daur Llanbeblig CAE
Margarett S Preece St Paul Shadwell MDX 26 Henry S Preece Wife Dover KEN
Margret Preece Hope MGY 38 Thomas Preece Wife Worthen SAL
Margret Preece Whitchurch HEF 57 Self Head Sligo IRE
Margret Preece Brockton MGY 4 Edward Preece Son Worthen SAL
Maria Preece Mitcheldean GLS 36 Maria Preece Head Sellack HEF
Maria L. Preece Leominster HEF 69 Edwin Lloyd Aunt Bath SOM
Mariam Preece Abergavenny MON 23 Thomas Preece Wife Bacton HEF
Martha Preece Brockton MGY 49 Joseph Preece Wife Worthen SAL
Martha Preece Martley WOR 36 Self Head Linley HEF
Martha Preece Handsworth STS 25 Thomas Bond Serv Kingsland HEF
Martha Preece Bilston STS 49 Benjamin Attwood Sist Kineton WAR
Martha Preece Callow HEF 40 Joseph Preece Wife Llandovey MON
Martha Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 10 Phillip Preece Daur Worthen SAL
Martha Preece Aberystruth MON 33 William Preece Wife St Weonards HEF
Martha Preece Claverley SAL 53 Thomas Preece Wife STS
Martha Preece Burrington HEF 62 Self Head Stanton Lacy SAL
Martha Preece Upper Bullingham HEF 40 Self Head (wife) Llandu BRE
Mary Preece Wellington HEF 59 Thomas Preece Wife Streatham CAM
Mary Preece Goodrich HEF 58 John Preece Wife Llangatoch MON
Mary Preece Aymestrey HEF 55 William Preece Wife Llanganglo RAD
Mary Preece Avenbury HEF 54 John Preece Wife Acton WOR
Mary Preece Mathon HEF 56 John Preece Wife Suckley WOR
Mary Preece Wolverley WOR 67 William Preece Lodw Middleton SAL
Mary Preece Stourbridge WOR 7 Ann Preece Daur Halton SAL
Mary Preece Aymestrey HEF 53 Thomas Preece Wife Not Held SAL
Mary Preece Kingswinford STS 20 Robert Harris Serv Worcestershire WOR
Mary Preece Newland GLS 26 Philip Ducarel/ducard Serv Ditton HEF
Mary Preece Kidderminster WOR 34 John Preece Wife Burwarton SAL
Mary Preece Burton Upon Trent STS 15 James Preece Daur Derbyshire DBY
Mary Preece Ashford Bowdler SAL 40 George Preece Wife Egllaysfach(?) CGN
Mary Preece Shrewsbury St Chad SAL 29 Samuel Preece Wife Staffordshire STS
Mary Preece Great Malvern WOR 27 Charles Preece Wife Bodenham HEF
Mary Preece Norton HEF 71 Self Head Gasbury? RAD
Mary Preece Leintwardine SAL 72 John Davies Lodg Wigmore HEF
Mary Preece Mitcheldean GLS 81 Thomas Baldwin Lodg Upton Bishop HEF
Mary Preece Walcot Trinity SOM 29 Sarah Bennett Serv Hereford HEF
Mary Preece Farmborough SOM 29 Thomas Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Mary Preece Farmborough SOM 11 Thomas Preece Daur Bristol GLS
Mary Preece Aston HEF 14 William Preece Daur Munslow SAL
Mary Preece Lower Mitton WOR 40 Mary Preece Head Mordiford HEF
Mary Preece Bridgnorth SAL 14 John Preece Daur Bilston STS
Mary Preece Ludlow SAL 13 Ann Preece Daur Astley WOR
Mary Preece Birmingham St Mark WAR 19 Henry Hopkins Serv Ludlow SAL
Mary Preece Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR 49 James Preece Wife Collington HEF
Mary Preece Kingsland HEF 47 William Preece Wife Ludlow SAL
Mary Preece Winforton HEF 70 Thomas Preece Wife Llandilo RAD
Mary Preece Tupsley HEF 53 Thomas Preece Wife Welshpool MGY
Mary Preece Madley HEF 73 Self Head Not Known ???
Mary Preece Leominster HEF 24 John Preece Wife Dudley WOR
Mary Preece Bosbury HEF 35 Thomas Preece Wife Whitbourne SAL
Mary Preece Grendon Bishop HEF 42 Francis Preece Wife Little Kyre WOR
Mary Preece Norton HEF 43 Richard Preece Wife Llanelen RAD
Mary Preece Dilwyn HEF 46 Thomas Preece Wife Old Radnor RAD
Mary Preece Tillington HEF 50 William Preece Wife Wales WLS
Mary Preece Hereford St Nicholas HEF 50 Martha Andrews Serv Not Held ???
Mary Preece Dilwyn HEF 51 Mary Preece Head(wife) Pembrokeshire PEM
Mary Preece Kingstone HEF 51 James Preece Wife Monmouth MON
Mary Preece Mansel Lacy HEF 52 James Preece Wife Old Radnor RAD
Mary Preece Hay HEF 8 George Jones Serv Worcester St Nicholas WOR
Mary Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 26 George Preece Wife Worthen SAL
Mary Preece Brockton MGY 35 Edward Preece Wife Baschurch SAL
Mary Preece Kinver STS 52 Mary Preece Head Old Swinford WOR
Mary Preace Fulham MDX 33 Phillip Preace Wife Ledbury SAL
Mary Preece Goytrey MON 44 John Preece Wife Llanwytyd BRE
Mary Preece Bethnal Green MDX 32 John Preece Wife Witham ESS
Mary Preece Boresford And Pedwardine RAD 70 Joseph Meredith Vist Lingen HEF
Mary Preece Brierley Hill STS 20 Robert Harris Serv ? Not Given WOR
Mary Preece Habberley Office MGY 14 James Vaughan Serv Worthen SAL
Mary Preece Marton SAL 52 Self Head Hyssington MGY
Mary Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 38 Edward Preece Wife Ratlinghope SAL
Mary Preece Chirbury SAL 59 John Jones Daur Guilsfield MGY
Mary Preece Wolverhampton STS 5 Diana Bennett Vist Hay BRE
Mary Preese Middleton SAL 29 Thomas Preese Wife Hyssington MGY
Mary Preece Bobbington SAL 30 John Preece Wife Wittington STS
Mary Preece Trewern MGY 41 Edward Preece Wife Guildsfields SAL
Mary Preece Trewern MGY 9 Edward Preece Daur Buttington SAL
Mary Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 7 John Preece Daur Worthen SAL
Mary Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 46 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
Mary Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 13 Mary Preece Daur Worthen SAL
Mary Preece Aberystruth MON 21 William Preece Daur Little Dewchurch HEF
Mary Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 60 Self Head Worthen SAL
Mary Preece Aston Pigot MGY 13 William Preece Daur Worthen SAL
Mary Preece Bromlow MGY 10 Abraham Preece Daur Not Given ???
Mary Preece Church Stoke SAL 9 Isaac Preece Daur Church Stoke MGY
Mary A Preece West Bromwich STS 6 John Preece Daur Park...... HEF
Mary A Preece West Bromwich STS 35 John Preece Wife Harefield GLS
Mary A Preece Ely GLA 30 Robert Gale? Lodg Cheltenham GLS
Mary A Preece Cardiff St Mary GLA 30 Robt Gale? Lodg Cheltenham GLS
Mary A? Preece West Bromwich STS 9m John Preece Daur Ledbury HEF
Mary Ann Preece Much Marcle HEF 7 James Preece Daur Mathon WOR
Mary Ann Preece Tretire With Michaelchurch HEF 16 William Maython Serv Not Given ???
Mary Ann Preece Dymock GLS 26 Ann Preece Daur Ashperton HEF
Mary Ann Preece Stoke Bliss HEF 13 William Preece Sis Stoke Bliss STS
Mary Ann Preece Cheltenham GLS 30 Richard Barrett Serv London LND
Mary Ann Preese Middleton SAL 3 Thomas Preese Daur Willinghall STS
Mary Ann Preece Mathon HEF 23 George Preece Daur Mathon WOR
Mary Ann Preece Tarrington HEF 27 Thomas Philips Serv Cheltenham GLS
Mary Ann Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 33 James Preece Wife Merthyr GLA
Mary Ann Preece Bedminster GLS 32 Thomas Preece Wife Yetton Kernell WIL
Mary C Preece Marylebone MDX 20 Richard M Preece Daur Llanbeblig CAE
Mary M Preece Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR 28 James Preece Wife West Bromwich STS
Maryanne Preece Ashton Under Lyne LAN 12 William Preece Daur Dukfld CHS
Mathew Preece West Dean GLS 53 Self Head Garway HEF
Matilda Preece Bridgnorth SAL 21 John Broad Sisl Bewdley WOR
Michael Preece Brierley Hill STS 38 Self Head Serman? SAL
Michael Preece Kingswinford STS 38 Self Head Clee Hill SAL
Morgan Preece Llanvetherine MON 15 James Preece Son Peterchurch HEF
Moses Preece Martley WOR 50 Moses Preece Head Lindridge HEF
Nathan Preece Cloddia MGY 24 Nathan Preece Head Worthen SAL
Parley P Preece West Bromwich STS 2 John Preece Son Ledbury HEF
Peter Preece Dymock GLS 36 Self Head Ashperton HEF
Philip Preece Mathon HEF 19 John Preece Son Mathon WOR
Phillip Prees Whitchurch HEF 28 Self Head Rockfield MON
Phillip Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 42 Self Head Worthen SAL
Phillip Preace Fulham MDX 34 Self Head Alderbury SAL
Phillip Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 9 Mary Preece Son Worthen SAL
Prycilla Preece Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR 27 Elizabeth Edwards Daur Yarpole HEF
Richard Preece East Dean GLS 58 Richard Preece Head Upton Bishop HEF
Richard Preece Broadwas WOR 50 John Wormington Serv Much Marcle HEF
Richard Preece Cleobury Mortimer SAL 46 Self Head Worcestershire WOR
Richard Prees Shobdon HEF 17 James Bufton Serv Llanbiter RAD
Richard Preece Ackley MGY 20 Thomas Williams Serv Chirbury SAL
Richard Preece Marton SAL 14 Mary Preece Son Trelystan MGY
Richard Preece Birmingham WAR 37 Self Head Herefordshire HEF
Richard Preece Madley HEF 46 Self Head Not Held RAD
Richard Preece Southwark St George SRY 49 Self Head Stottesden SAL
Richard Preese Hackney MDX 37 William Hearsey Lodg Casston SAL
Richard Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 27 Self Head Worthen SAL
Richard Preece Hope MGY 23 John Jacks Lodg Pontesbury SAL
Richard Preece Trevethin MON 4 Isaac Preece Son Glamorgan GLA
Richard Preece Caron Is Clawdd CGN 24 Self Head Putley HEF
Richard Preece Southwark St George SRY 17 Richard Preece Son Holborn MDX
Richard Preece Wolverhampton STS 48 Self Head Wales WLS
Richard Preece Cradley WOR 35 Richard Preece Head Mical? HEF
Richard Preece Brockton MGY 70 Self Head Westbury SAL
Richard M Preece Marylebone MDX 53 Richard M Preece Head Cowbridge GLA
Robert Preece Brockton MGY 4m Edward Preece Son Worthen SAL
Robert Preece Aston HEF 5 William Preece Son Shipton SAL
Robert Preece Dymock GLS 32 Self Head Ashperton HEF
Robert Preece East Dean GLS 65 Robert Preece Head Upton Bishop HEF
Robert Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 25 Mary Preece Son Worthen SAL
Robert Preece Little Kyre WOR 34 May Hyde Serv Stoke HEF
Robert Preece Cheltenham GLS 29 Self Head Bath SOM
Robt Preece Warley YKS 29 Frances Brooks? Lodg North Wales WLS
Rosina Preece Kensington MDX 15 Mary Hutchins Schl London LN