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Preece Census strays in 1911 - by first name/initial - K to R

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place
Kate Preece Newent GLS 51 Thomas Preece Wife Herefordshire
Kate Preece Tranmere CHS 46 Herbert Preece Wife Chirk Denbighshire
Kathleen Preece Newent GLS 8 William Preece Daughter Upton Bishop Herefordshire
Kathleen Bertha Preece Bournemouth HAM 20 Walter Henry Hellier Niece New Barnet Herts
Kezia Preece Hyde CHS 5 George Preece Daur London S Lambeth
Laura Preece Bristol GLS 40 Not Held Lodger Ton Bridgend S Wales Glam
Laura Preece Birkenhead CHS 27 George Preece Wife St Ives Hunts
Leiws Arthur Preece West Hallam DBY 14 Henry Preece Son Weston In Arden Warwickshire
Leonard Preece Matlock DBY 31 Leonard Preece Head Cheshire Worleston
Lilian Preece Newent GLS 12 William Preece Daughter Ross Herefordshire
Lilian Emily Preece Stockport CHS 26 Frederick Preece Daur Shropshire Cleobury Mortimer
Lilian G Preece St Owen HEF 23 Robert Preece Daughter Plymouth Mon
Lillian Preece Chippenham CAM 21 Warren W De La Rue Serv Burton On Trent Stafford
Lilly Preace Walthamstow ESS 36 Frederick Richard Preace Wife London Middlesex Marylebone
Lily Preece Gloucester GLS 18 James Cox Servant Redmarley Worcestershire
Lizzie Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 36 Herbert Preece Wife Shropshire Shrewsbury
Louisa Preece West Ham ESS 59 Thomas Preece Wife Sheffold Yorks
Louisa Preece Forest Gate ESS 84 William Preece Mother Portsmouth Hants
Louise Ethel Preece Eastleigh HAM 31 Ada Emma Preece Sister Lancs Satford
Lucy Preece Holmer Within HEF 34 Arthur Edmund Preece Wife Bengeworth Evesham Worcestershire
Lucy Preece Liscard CHS 56 Lucy Preece Head Sutton Herefordshire
Lucy Jane Preece Frampton On Severn GLS 74 Lucy Jane Preece Head Warwick Birmingham
M A Preece All Saints HEF 50 O H Drage House Keeper Suffolk
Mabel Preece Poole DOR 15 George Preece Daughter Monmouthshire Newport
Mabel Alice Preece Runcorn CHS 13 William Preece Daur Christchurch Hants
Mabel Amelia Preece Weymouth DOR 23 Gertrude Beddome Servant St Heliers Jersey Resident
Mabel Annie Preece Colchester ESS 28 John Marshall Burt Servant Worcestershire Worcester
Mabel Lilian Prees Manor Park ESS 15 Frank Maydwell Seward Servant London Battersea
Mable Preece Hereford HEF 3 Frederick William Preece Daughter New Bridge Ruabon Denbighshire
Margaret Preece Bristol GLS 19 William Henry Ridell Servant Herefordshire Alsumore
Margaret Preece Northwich CHS 46 Richard Preece Wife Montgomery Carieg
Margaret Allen Preece Blakenhall CHS 34 Edwin Herbert Preece Wife Kirkby Liverpool
Margaret Elizabeth Preece Runcorn CHS 15 William Preece Daur Christchurch Hants
Margaret Eva Preece Birkenhead CHS 16 Henry Preece Daur Formby Lancs
Marguerite Enid Preece Reading BRK 9 George Lewis Preece Daur Gloucester
Maria Preece Lugwardine HEF 46 Robert Preece Wife Great Bowden Leicestershire
Martha Preece Chapel En Le Frith DBY 16 Not Yet Held Servant Staffs Wharton Hurst
Martha Louis Preece Hereford HEF 50 Martha Louis Preece Head Pembroke Castle
Mary Preece Pucklechurch GLS 40 Jonathan Preece Wife Corsham Wilts
Mary Preece Hereford HEF 75 Not Held Inmate Mon Monmouth
Mary Preece Stoke Bishop GLS 57 Mary Preece Head Aberavon Glamorgan S Wales
Mary Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 44 Thomas R Preece Wife Knightly Staffs
Mary Preece Newent GLS 38 William Preece Wife Ross Herefordshire
Mary Preece Ashton Upon Mersey CHS 33 Ernest Preece Wife Chetton Salop
Mary Preece Dublin IRE 53 James Preece Wife England
Mary Ann Preece St Martin HEF 58 Thomas Preece Wife Dudley Woster
Mary Ann Preece St Owen HEF 60 Robert Preece Wife Birmingham
Mary Ann Preece Ilford ESS 35 Arthur Preece Wife Old Aberdeen Scotland Resident
Mary Ann Preece Madley HEF 37 William James Rowell House Keeper Richards Castle Nr L
Mary Ann Preece Chesterfield DBY 48 Percy Walter Henchcliffe Mother In Law Leominster Herefordshire
Mary Elizabeth Preece Walthamstow ESS 44 William Henry Preece Wife Cheshire Strekporl
Mary Elizabeth Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 27 Thomas William Preece Wife Staffs Hanley
Mary Florence Preace Badgeworth GLS 42 William Turner Thiselton-dyer Visitor Hampshire Southampton
Mary Louisa Preece Newent GLS 15 William Preece Daughter Ross Herefordshire
Mary Wilson Preece Darley Dale DBY 47 William Preece Wife Roxburghshire Jedburgh
Maud Hannah Preece Weymouth DOR 25 Gertrude Beddome Servant St Heliers Jersey Resident
Medgenil F Preece All Saints HEF 16 Ellen E Preece Grandson Not Given
Minnie Preece Hyde CHS 29 George Preece Wife Yorks Huddersfield
Nathan Preece Northwich CHS 37 Naomi Wilkinson Sonl Welshpool Montgomeryshire
Nora Agnes Preece West Hallam DBY 5 Henry Preece Daughter Arbury Nuneaton Warwickshire
Norah Edith Preece Reading BRK 19 George Lewis Preece Daur Gloucester
Olive Martha Preece Runcorn CHS 9 William Preece Daur Christchurch Hants
Parley Preece Hereford HEF 66 Not Held Inmate Not Known
Pauline Preece Bowdon CHS 38 Pauline Preece Head Dublin
Percy Harold Preece Chesterfield DBY 21 Percy Walter Henchcliffe Brother In Law Burton On Trent Staffs
Peter Preece Highleadon GLS 44 Peter Preece Head Sellack Herefordshire
Phoebe Preece All Saints HEF 62 James Preece Wife Monmouthshire Llanvihangel
Priscilla Preece Allensmore HEF 44 James Preece Wife Birmingham
Rebecca Preece Bristol GLS 52 Edward Preece Wife County Toniset Bridgwater
Richard Preece Northwich CHS 44 Richard Preece Head Montgomery Welshpool
Richard Preece Portsmouth HAM 77 Arthur Brockway Visitor London
Richard Preece Gosport HAM 32 Not Yet Held Head Plymouth Devon
Richard Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 66 Richard Preece Head Hereford Herefordshire
Richard Preece Birkenhead CHS 74 Richard Preece Head Quatt Shropshire
Richard Preece Hyde CHS 51 Richard Preece Head Shrewsbury Shropshire
Richard Preece Colchester ESS 58 Richard Preece Head Stoke Staffordshire
Richard Preece West Ham ESS 22 Oliver Richard Lord Boarder Ayrshire Greenock Res
Richard H Preece Cheltenham GLS 11 Amphaliss Preece Son Moseley Birmingham Warwick
Robert Preece Birkenhead CHS 23 Margaret Hickey Bord Leominster Herefordshire
Robert Preece Stow On The Wold GLS 21 Sydney Saunders Servant Worcestershire Birmingham
Robert J Preece Ewyas Harold HEF 10 James Thomas Grand Son Coventry
Rose Preece Gloucester GLS 22 Herbert Berry Servant Hered Hereford
Rose Preece Walthamstow ESS 35 Herbert Preece