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Preece Census strays in 1861 - by first name/initial - F to I

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Fanny Preece Tenbury WOR 19 Samuel Collins Inmt Thornbury HEF
Fanny Preece Brilley HEF 54 John Preece Wife Michaelchurch RAD
Florence Preece Kings Norton WOR 1 John Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Frances Preece Bermondsey SRY 38 James Preece Wife Aconbury HEF
Frances Preece Bockleton WOR 26 William Preece Wife Much Cowarne HEF
Frances Preece Kidderminster WOR 29 Henry Honifrey? Serv Canon Pyon HEF
Frances Preece Kingston KEN 42 Robert Horne Serv Hereford HEF
Frances Preece Presteigne HEF 59 Edward Preece Wife Presteigne RAD
Frances Preece Paddington MDX 21 Martha A Gunter Serv Bullingham HEF
Francis Preece Aberystruth MON 51 Self Head Kingsland HEF
Francis Preece Orton And Wombourne STS 48 Self Head Cleobury Mortimer SAL
Fred W Preece Bedminster SOM 11m William Preece Son Bristol Beminster GLS
Frederick Preece Kings Norton WOR 18 John Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Frederick J Preece Pucklechurch GLS 3M William Preece Neph Not Given ???
Frederick Wm Preece Dorking KEN 3 William Preece Son Twunery GLS
George Preece Shadwell SAL 40 Self Head Aymestrey HEF
George Preece St Marylebone MDX 57 Self Head Sheffield YKS
George Preece Aston Rogers MGY 4 William Evans Gson Worthen SAL
George Preece Newland GLS 28 Self Head Monkland HEF
George Preece Aston Botterell SAL 10 George Preece Son Herefordshire HEF
George Preece Kidderminster WOR 18 John Preece Son Bolsell Aston SAL
George Preece Dorking KEN 42 Self Head Burwarton SAL
George Preece Birmingham St Thomas WAR 27 Self Head Aymestrey HEF
George Preece West Bromwich STS 13 William Preece Son Wolverhampton WOR
George Preece Pucklechurch GLS 13 William Preece Son Pucklechurch GLA
George Preece Darlaston STS 64 Henry Morton Lodg Wombridge SAL
George Preece Westminster St John The Evangelist MDX 30 Elizabeth Payne Bord Bath SOM
George Preece Stanway SAL 23 Moses G Benson Serv Not Given ???
George Preece Downton HEF 9 John Powell Hbro Clungunford SAL
George Preece Moccas HEF 21 Samuel Preece Son Tredegar MON
George Preece Acton MDX 57 Self Head Munslow SAL
George Preece Kinfare STS 26 Mary Preece Son Kidderminster WOR
George Preece Fownhope HEF 58 Self Head Birmingham? WAR
George Preece Birmingham St Thomas WAR 20 Self Head Northfield WOR
George Preece Kinfare STS 4 Thomas Preece Son Kingsland HEF
George Preece Llanthewy Rytherch MON 23 Wm Davies Serv Preaston Rye BRE
George Preece Baswich STS 28 Sampson Keeling Vist More SAL
George Preece Ledbury HEF 18 Thomas Lawrence Serv Redmarley WOR
George Preece Aston WAR 12 Charles Preece Son Wolverhampton STS
George Preece Stoke St Milborough SAL 51 Self Head Kingsland HEF
George Preece Letton And Newton And Watford RAD 32 George Preece Head Burrington HEF
George E Preece Southampton St Mary HAM 23 Thirza Bascombe Lodg N Wales CAE
George O Preece Ross HEF 8 William Preece Son Abenhall GLS
Hannah Preece Pucklechurch GLS 47 William Preece Wife Westerleigh GLA
Hannah Preece Bridgnorth SAL 33 Richard Preece Wife Kidderminster WOR
Hannah Preece Orleton HEF 46 William Preece Wife Clungunford SAL
Hannah Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 33 Richard Preece Wife Kidderminster WOR
Hannah Preece Aylton HEF 48 Sidney Preece Wife Oxenhall GLS
Hannah Preece Chetton SAL 4 Edward Preece Daughter Chetton WOR
Hannah Preece Letton And Newton And Watford RAD 26 George Preece Wife Clungunford SAL
Hannah Preece Ribbesford WOR 12 Samuel Parlby Pupl Ditton SAL
Hannah Preece Orleton HEF 45 Thomas Preece Wife Badgworth GLS
Hannah Preece Shadwell SAL 7 George Preece Daughter Kington HEF
Hannah Preece Brockton MGY 8 William Preece Daughter Worthen SAL
Hannah Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 41 Thomas Preece Wife Ireland IRL
Hannah Preece Kinfare STS 23 Mary Preece Daughter Kidderminster WOR
Hannah Preece St Marylebone MDX 70 George Preece Wife Sheffield YKS
Hannah D Preece West Ham ESS 3 Benjamin Preece Daughter Poplar MDX
Harriet Preece Southwark St George SRY 16 Charles Preece Daughter Southwark St George LND
Harriet Preece Amblecote STS 29 Thomas Preece Daughter Presteigne RAD
Harriet Preece Ross HEF 34 George Preece Wife Avening GLS
Harriet Preece Cleobury Mortimer SAL 42 Alexander Preece Wife Bobbington STS
Harriet Preece Madresfield WOR 23 William Preece Wife How Caple HEF
Harriet Preece Stoke Prior HEF 50 John Preece Wife Ludlow SAL
Harriet Preece Sheriffhales STS 32 John Preece Wife Kidemore Green SAL
Harriet Preece Blaenavon MON 36 James Preece Wife Wednesbury STS
Harriet Preece Birmingham St Philip WAR 27 Thomas Preece Wife Kings Norton WOR
Harriet Preece Tenbury WOR 15 William Downes Serv Farlow SAL
Harriet Preece Worcester All Saints WOR 13 Robert Preece Daughter Dimmock GLS
Harriett Preece Penkhull STS 23 Thomas Minshall Serv Chatford SAL
Harriett A Preece Eardisland HEF 76 Thomas Lloyd Aunt Loughborough LEI
Harriette Preece Southwark St George SRY 39 Charles Preece Wife Hoxton MDX
Harriette P Preece Westbury WIL 36 Joseph Preece Daughter Tenbury WOR
Henry Preece Birmingham St Mary WAR 30 Self Head Hereford HEF
Henry Preece St Pancras MDX 25 Self Head Oxford OXF
Henry Preece Dorking KEN 7 George Preece Son Dorking SRY
Henry Preece Chetton SAL 6 Edward Preece Son Chetton WOR
Henry Preece West Ham ESS 19 Henry Haminent Lodg Bedminster SOM
Henry Preece West Ham ESS 42 Henry Preece Head Bedminster SOM
Henry Preece Brilley HEF 1 John Preece Son Gladestry RAD
Henry Preece Kenton SAL 35 Thomas Meredith Brol Leintwardine HEF
Henry E Preece ? Not Known GLA 17 Not Held Lodg Bristol SOM
Henry E Preece Swansea GLA 17 Susanna Harris Lodg Bristol SOM
Henry Richard Preece Leominster HEF 3 Thomas Jenkins Gson Birmingham WAR
Henry Thomas Preece Wellington HEF 47 Thomas Preece Son London LND
Herbert Preece Llantilio Pertholey Ultra MON 32 Self Head Lugwardine HEF
Hester Arabella Preece Rockfield MON 24 James Williams Vist West Dean GLS
Isaac Preece Burton Extra STS 30 Isaac Preece Head Kidderminster