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Preece Census strays in 1911 - by first name/initial - F to I

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place
F Preece Stafford STS 50 Joseph William Stirling Christie Patient Salop Oakengates
Fannie Eliza Preece Gosport HAM 28 Kate Emily Wheater Visitor New Zealand Auckland
Fanny Prees Woolwich LND 39 Not Held Wife Warwickshire Birmingham Buddeston
Fanny Preece Harborne WAR 30 George Preece wife Staffordshire
Fanny Preece Devonport DEV 20 Elizabeth Edwards Servant Abbeydore Monmouthshire
Fanny Preece Bradford WRY 30 Fred Preece Wife Moulton Seas End Lincolnshire
Fanny Preece Bosbury HEF 57 Richard Preece Wife Wellington Salop
Fanny Preece Cheltenham GLS 74 Fanny Preece Head Tenbury Worcestershire
Fanny Preece Grafton HEF 37 George Preece Wife Walsall
Fanny Preece Eglwysilan GLA 12 James Preece Daughter Presteigne
Fanny Elizabeth Preece Llanbister RAD 26 Charles Lloyd Daughter Llanbadarnfawr Shropshire
Fanny Elizabeth Preece Newport MON 37 William Preece Wife Lugwardine
Fanny Emma Preace Great Malvern WOR 20 Emma Izard Servant Putley Herefordshire
Felix Preece Guiting Power GLS 13 William Preece Son Birlingham Worcester
Flora Preece Blackpool LAN 45 Wengel Weber Visitor At Sea
Flora Preece Mansfield NTT 20 John Preece Daughter Brownhills Staffs
Flora Louisa Preece Bristol GLS 30 Leonard William Preece Wife Somerset Bridgewater
Florence Preece Wavertree LAN 40 Thomas Preece Wife London N
Florence Preece St Nicholas HEF 16 Rosina Gate Vulpe Servant Abertillery S Wales
Florence Preece Glass Houghton WRY 18 Henry Rooke Wife Castleford Yorks
Florence Preece Oldswinford WOR 27 Albert Henry Pearson Servant Herefordshire Hereford
Florence Preece Handsworth STS 12 Frederick Preece Daughter Birmingham
Florence Preece Handsworth STS 14 Frederick Preece Son Birmingham
Florence Preece Upton on Severn WOR 23 George Henry Handy Inmate Hereford Ledbury
Florence Preece Middle Llangynwyd GLA 26 Samuel Preece Wife Dymock Gloucestershire
Florence Preece Bristol GLS 31 Gilbert Preece Wife Worcester Worcester
Florence Rees Llandaff GLA 7 Mary Preece Daughter Newport Mon
Florence Preece Handsworth STS 12 Frederick Preece Daughter Warwicks Birmingham
Florence Preece Kings Norton WAR 21 Thomas Charles Preece Inmate Fife Newport Resident
Florence Preece Ealing MDX 24 Herbert Preece Daughter Shopshire Wellington
Florence Preece Sheffield WRY 9 James Preece Daughter -
Florence Preece Burghill HEF 39 Not Held Patient Unknown
Florence Preece St Owen HEF 45 Charles Preece Wife Warickshire Birmingham
Florence Preece Balby with Hexthorpe WRY 53 James Dance Servant London Boro
Florence Preece St Owen HEF 30 John Preece Wife Worcester England
Florence Preece Cannock STS 6 Benjamin Preece Daughter St Helens Lancas
Florence Preece Sparkhill WAR 30 Ernest Preece Wife Norfolk Unstanton
Florence Allan Preece Eston NRY 6 Richard William Preece Daughter South Bank Yorkshire
Florence Anne Preace Atherstone WAR 27 William Hatton Servant Staff Cannock
Florence Elizabeth Preece Acton MDX 39 James Preece Wife Haverford West Wales
Florence G Preece Tidenham MON 19 Thomas S Prewett Help Gloucestershire Taynton
Florence Ivy Preece Burton upon Trent STS 3 Not Held Grand Daughter Warwickshire Saltley Birmingham
Florence Julia Beatrice Preece Stoke Newington LND 47 George Preece Wife Birmingham
Florence Mary Preece Cheltenham GLS 33 Frederick George Preece Wife Hednesford Staffs
Florence Mary Preece St Pancras LND 31 Vincent Ward Preece Visitor Middlesex Twickenham
Florence May Preece Callow HEF 18 Ellen Eliza Langford Cousin Brynmawr Breconshire
Florence P Preece Tredegar MON 5 Henry Preece Daughter Ponycoedcae Pontypridd Glam
Florence Rosaline Preece Harborne WAR 16 George Reeves Grand Daughter Harborne Staffordshire
Florrie Preece Strand LND 20 Matthew Walter Obrien Servant Middlesex Tottenham
Frances Preece Wollaston WOR 75 Not Held Boarder Not Certain Herefordshire Or Worcestershire
Frances Preece Much Marcle HEF 42 Edwin Turner Sister Glostershire Preston
Frances A Preece Coleshill WAR 2 Francis G Preece Daughter Pershore Worcestershire
Frances Ann Preece Croydon SRY 33 Alfred Preece Daughter London Holloway
Frances Beatrice Preece Middlesbrough NRY 4 Alfred Preece Daughter Yorks Middlesbrough
Frances E Preece Battersea LND 30 Thomas H Preece Wife Berks Windsor
Frances Mary Preece Worthen SAL 24 Mary Preece Daughter Dalton in Furness Lancashire
Frances Thomas Preece Walsall STS 22 Louisa Preece Son Oldbury Worcestershire
Francis Preece Leytonstone ESS 34 Ernest William Boate Nicholas Nurse Hereford
Francis Preece Panteg MON 52 Francis Preece Head Putley Herefordshire
Francis Preece Walsall STS 56 Francis Preece Head Sollors Dilwyn Herefordshire
Francis Preece Lichfield - St Mary STS 8 Charles William Preece Daughter Winson Green Birm Warks
Francis Preece Bredenbury HEF 42 Francis Preece Head Kimber Leicester
Francis Preece Rhymney MON 5 Alfred Preece Son Weobly Hereford
Francis Preece Leominster Borough HEF 67 William Francis Preece Father Not Stated
Francis Preece Aberystruth MON 27 Francis Preece Head Brynmawr Brecon
Francis Preece Rockfield MON 5 Arthur Preece Daughter Herefordshire
Francis G Preece Llanelly BRE 40 Francis G Preece Head Hereford
Francis G Preece Coleshill WAR 25 Francis G Preece Head Parish Of Malvern Link Worcestershire
Francis George Preece Coventry WAR 19 William George Hammon Boarder Hereford
Francis Henry Preece Gelligaer GLA 18 Martha Jane Preece Son Risca Mon
Francis William Preece Wednesbury STS 36 Francis William Preece Head Church Stretton Shropshire
Frank Preece Sheffield WRY 3 William Preece Son Sheffield Yorks
Frank Rees Cardiff GLA 18 George Preece Brother-In-Law Carmarthenshire
Frank Preece Broughton LAN 21 John Preece Son Lydbury North Shropshire
Frank Preece West Dean GLS 10 Thomas Preece Son -
Frank Preece Birmingham WAR 27 Edward Taylor Boarder Shropshire Bridgnorth
Frank Preece Abertillery MON 7 Albert Preece Son -
Frank Preece Hindhead SRY 38 Not Held Patient Hants Southampton
Frank Preece North Bradley WIL 42 Frank Preece Head Chepstow Mon
Frank Preece North Bradley WIL 8 Frank Preece Son Chepstow Mon
Frank Preece Balsall Heath WAR 23 Edward John Hollis Boarder Salop Bridgnorth
Frank Preece Kidderminster Borough WOR 20 Samuel Preece Son Staffs Wolverhampton
Frank Preece Manningham WRY 7 James Preece Son Yorkshire Bradford
Frank E Preece Cheltenham GLS 12 Amphaliss Preece Son Moseley Birmingham Warwick
Frank George Preece Stoke Poges BKM 45 Agustus Cherry Bord Newing Somerset
Frank George Preece Burton upon Trent STS 23 George Ratcliff Boarder Smethwick Warwicks
Frank John Preece Twickenham MDX 17 George Preece Son Kent Hythe
Frank John Preece Weybridge SRY 4 Harry Barrington Preece Son Ealing Middlesex
Frank Thomas Preece Battersea LND 11 William Thomas Preece Son Treforest Glamorganshire
Frank William Preece Gillingham KEN 46 Frank William Preece Head Birmingham
Fred Preece Pocklington ERY 29 Fred Preece Head Liversedge Yorkshire
Fred Preece Bradford WRY 27 Fred Preece Head Bradford Yorkshire
Fred Preece Rishton LAN 39 Fred Preece Head Staffordshire Wolverh
Fred Preece Aston Manor WAR 40 Fred Preece Head Staffs Stone
Fred Preece Abercarn MON 42 Fred Preece Head Hereford Hereford
Fred Thomas Preece Aston Manor WAR 13 Fred Preece Son Notts Nottingham
Fred William Preece Pocklington ERY 5 Fred Preece Son -
Frederick Preece Rhymney MON 8 Alfred Preece Son Bosbury Hereford
Frederick Preece Stockport CHS 56 Frederick Preece Head Tenbury Wells Worcester
Frederick Preece Cheslyn Hay STS 32 Frederick Preece Head Shropshire
Frederick Preece Pudsey WRY 29 Frederick Preece Head Monmouthshire Monmouth
Frederick Preece Andover HAM 54 Samuel Richard Edwards Boarder Dymock Gloucester
Frederick Preece Aberdare GLA 31 Frederick Preece Head Newport Mon
Frederick Preece Ormeau DWN 35 Frederick Preece Head England
Frederick Preece Burford WOR 8 Emma Preece Grandson Salop Burford
Frederick Preece Cardiff GLA 38 Frederick Preece Head Toronto Canada
Frederick Preece Bredwardine BRE 13 William Williams Stepson Herefordshire Abbeydore
Frederick Preece Keynsham SOM 1 Mary Ann Brewer Visitor Clifton Bristol
Frederick Albert Preece Sparkbrook WAR 34 Frederick Albert Preece Head Cheltenham
Frederick Charles Preece Leamington WAR 24 Not Held Boarder Bristol Glos
Frederick Charles Preece Cardiff GLA 30 Arthur Burgess Lodger Newnham Gloster
Frederick Charles Preece Oswestry Urban SAL 46 Frederick Charles Preece Head St Peters Parish Hereford
Frederick Charles Preece All Saints HEF 33 James Farr Son In Law Alverton Gloucestershire
Frederick Edgar Preece Saltley WAR 4 Reginald Preece Son Ebbw Vale Mon
Frederick George Preece Stafford STS 24 Joseph William Stirling Christie Servant Salop Stockton
Frederick James Preece Willaston CHS 42 Frederick James Preece Head Shropshire Bishops Castle
Frederick James Preece Rowley Regis STS 1 Eleanor Preece Son Worstershire Halesowen
Frederick John Preece St Albans HRT 50 Frederick John Preece Head Glos Bristol
Frederick Joseph Hellier Preece Southwark St George the Martyr LND 22 Henry Young Servant Dartmouth
Frederick Philip Preece Paddington LND 51 Frederick Philip Preece Head Hereford
Frederick Richard Preace Walthamstow ESS 38 Frederick Richard Preace Head London Middlesex Strand
Frederick W Preece Sheffield WRY 7 William Preece Son Sheffield Yorks
Frederick William Preece Hereford HEF 36 Frederick William Preece Head Kidderminster Wocestershire
Frederick William Preece Coventry WAR 22 Henry Preece Son Leominster Herefordshire
Fredrick Preece Sparkbrook WAR 59 Fredrick Preece Head Cheltenham
Fredrick Preece Wolverhampton STS 22 Fredrick Preece Head Peckham London
G Preece Isleworth MDX 33 G Preece Head Brompton London
Gacyle Sophia Preece Tamworth STS 4 Albert Preece Daughter Sussex Westling
George Preece Yardley WAR 54 George Preece Head Kings Caple Herefordshire
George Preece Haywards Heath SSX 54 George Preece Head St Weonards Herefordshire
George Preece Nuneaton WAR 31 Joshua Boswell Boarder Landywood Staffs
George Preece Tredegar MON 18 Edward Hargreaves Boarder Worcester
George Preece Aberystruth MON 19 Frederick Morris Boarder Herefordshire
George Preece Aberystruth MON 48 George Preece Head Hereford Canon Pyon
George Preece Kidderminster Borough WOR 15 Samuel Preece Son Lancs Liverpool
George Preece Newland GLS 44 George Preece Head Byford Herefordshire
George Preece Kidderminster WOR 35 George Preece Head Staffordshire Oldbury
George Preece Kidderminster WOR 40 George Preece Head Salop Cleobury Mortimer
George Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 49 George Preece Head Barrow Salop
George Preece Stowe RAD 43 George Preece Head Shropshire Morthen
George Preece Addleston SRY 29 Emma Eliza Coombs Boarder Govilon Monmouthshire
George Preece Liverpool LAN 59 None Named None Gloucestershire Forest Of Dean
George Preece Blaenavon MON 37 George Preece Head Woolhope Herefordshire
George Preece Saltley WAR 28 Joseph Jones Boarder N K
George Preece Panteg MON 20 James Preece Son Hereford Goodrich
George Preece Earlestown LAN 60 William Anderton Boarder Shropshire Shrewsbury
George Preece Abercarn MON 24 Tom Morgan Boarder Herefordshire Brimfield
George Preece West Derby LAN 21 Ethel Pardoe Brother Shrewsbury Salop
George Preece Loughborough LEI 29 Charles Neal Visitor London St Lukes
George Preece Ledbury HEF 65 George Preece Head Monmouth
George Preece West Malvern HEF 29 George Preece Head Malvern Worcestershire
George Preece Abercarn MON 46 George Preece Head Leominster Hereford
George Preece Poole DOR 18 George Preece Son Monmouthshire Newport
George Preece Poole DOR 39 George Preece Head Monmouthshire Monmouth
George Preece Risca MON 5 Luke Preece Son -
George Preece Stoke Newington LND 44 George Preece Head Shropshire Hope
George Preece Abercarn MON 42 George Preece Head Madley Hereford
George Preece Bockleton WOR 16 Frank Wyatt Boarder Berewood
George Preece Tipton STS 58 George Preece Head Penbcom Herefordshire
George Preece Grantham LIN 23 Wm Simpson Servant Kempsey Worcestershire
George Preece St Marylebone LND 62 Thomas Charles Kenny Lodger Herefordshire
George Preece Wolverhampton STS 76 George Preece Head England Hereford
George Preece Hereford HEF 8 George Preece Son Bringstye Worcester
George Preece Burton upon Trent STS 59 George Preece Head Hereford
George Preece Ross Urban HEF 44 George Preece Head Worcestershire Malvern
George Preece Birmingham WAR 63 Matthew Ditchburn Inmate Hereford Belmont
George Preece Hope Under Dinmore HEF 18 Arthur Preece Son Monmouthshire Blina
George Preece Much Marcle HEF 10 Edwin Turner Nephew Worcestershire Crowle
George Preece Eastleigh HAM 50 George Preece Head Wolverhampton Warwichshire
George Preece Kensington LND 59 George Preece Head Herefordshire New Buildings
George Preece Aston WAR 42 Joseph Potts Brother in Law Woolwich Kent
George Preece Chorlton LAN 31 Charlotte Preece Son London Kennington
George Preece Wandsworth LND 37 Annie Carter Servant Mordiford
George Preece Harborne WAR 33 George Preece Head Worcestershire
George Preece Barrow in Furness LAN 26 W F Hallett Hotel Guest Moamouth Visitor
George Preece Rhondda GLA 35 Francis Jenkins Boarder Town Hereford
George Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 37 George Preece Head Hereford Ross
George Preece Stretford LAN 72 Thomas Bowen Father in Law Shropshire Stapleton
George Preece Southend On Sea ESS 47 George Preece Head Hereford
George Preece Hunslet WRY 62 George Preece Head Hereford Winforton
George Preece Hunslet WRY 20 George Preece Son Yorkshire Leeds
George Preece Shipley WRY 16 Thomas Preece Son Liverpool Lanc
George Preece Aberdare GLA 33 George Preece Head Hereford
George Preece Cheltenham GLS 47 George Preece Head Hereford Whitington
George Preece Nottingham NTT 35 George Preece Head Nash Salop
George Preece Edgbaston WAR 76 George Preece Head Herefordshire Upper Lay
George Preece Cross Bank LAN 14 William Corfield Step Son Salop Worthen
George Preece Van GLA 57 George Preece Head Kings Caple
George Preece Cardiff GLA 39 George Preece Head Carmathenshire Handovery
George Preece Patrington ERY 32 George Preece Head Worthen Salop
George Preece Pencoed GLA 22 William Preece Brother Wocestershire
George Preece Twickenham MDX 62 George Preece Head Bethenal Green London
George Preece Eston NRY 22 Eliza Preece Son Yorkshire South Bank
George Preece Glyntawe BRE 15 William Preece Son Hereford Ross
George Preece Wrexham Regis DEN 43 Not held Groom Salop Bridgnorth
George Preece Ealing MDX 22 Herbert Preece Son Shopshire Wellington
George Preece Beaufort BRE 70 George Preece Head Herefordshire Leominster
George Preece Clifford BRE 7 William Preece Son Clyro Radnor
George Preece Clyro BRE 26 Thomas Harris Boarder Hereford Leominster
George Preece Ardwick LAN 39 George Preece Head Minsterley Salop
George Preece Cardiff GLA 64 George Preece Head Lower Bullingham Herefordshire
George Preece Ellesmere Rural SAL 52 George Preece Head Montgomery Berriew
George Preece Leominster Borough HEF 17 No Head Named Servant Woofferton Shropshire
George Preece Northfield WOR 50 George Preece Head Mordiford Hereford
George Preece Diddlebury SAL 10 Samuel Preece Son Not Stated
George Preece Birkenhead CHS 28 George Preece Head Leominster Herefordshire
George Preece Reading BRK 14 George Lewis Preece Son Churchdown Glos
George Preece Llanwonno GLA 30 William Smith Nephew Eardsley Hereford Shire
George Preece Llantwit Lower GLA 60 George Preece Head Bristol St Pauls
George Preece Bishop's Castle Urban SAL 38 George Preece Head Longsight Manchester
George Preece Burwarton SAL 60 George Preece Head Hereford Moreton
George Preece Llanwonno GLA 23 George Preece Head Mon Mynyddislwyn
George Preece Condover SAL 46 George Preece Head Leitwardine Hereford
George Preece Llangiwg GLA 39 George Preece Head Herefordshire
George Preece Faversham KEN 34 George Preece Head Whyteleaf Surrey
George Preece Eglwysilan GLA 26 George Preece Head Presteigne
George Preece Worcester WOR 21 Austin Sargent Boarder Hereford
George Preece Hyde CHS 32 George Preece Head Fernhill Heath Worcestershire
George Albert Preece Smethwick STS 39 George Albert Preece Head Alvestone Gloucestershire
George Albert Preece Wednesbury STS 15 Charles Henry Preece Son Hoshangbaa India
George Albert Read Preece Middlesbrough NRY 6 Ellen Preece Grandson Middlesbro Yorkshire
George Aldridge Preece St Pancras LND 35 Edward Arthur Jackson Visitor Harrow Mdx
George Amos Preece Worcester WOR 44 George Amos Preece Head Wormbridge Herefordshire
George Arthur Preece Liversedge WRY 16 Samuel Preece Son Durham City
George B Preece Diddlebury SAL 54 George B Preece Head Warwick Streeton
George Daniel Preece Yardley WAR 31 George Preece Son Gloucester
George Edwin Preece All Saints HEF 31 George Edwin Preece Head Malvern Worcestershire
George Francis Preece Gloucester GLS 22 Joseph Marnan? Servant Warwick Warwick
George Frederick Preece Walthamstow ESS 48 Eliza Preece Head Lond; Bethnal Green
George Frederick Preece Tynemouth NBL 16 Sam Preece Son Northampton
George Gardner Preece Smethwick STS 31 George Gardner Preece Head Worcestershire Malvern
George H Preece Walsall STS 32 George H Preece Head Bridgnorth Shropshire
George H Preece Cwmdu GLA 24 Henry Preece Son Monmouthshire Aberncarn
George Harold Preece Wrexham Regis DEN 14 Sarah Ann Preece Son Lancs Salford
George Harry Preece Malvern Link WOR 35 George Harry Preece Head Ledbury Herefordshire
George Henry Preece Cardiff GLA 30 George Henry Preece Head Monmouth Newport
George Henry Preece Llanwonno GLA 41 Blanch Howells Boarder Welshpool Montgomery
George Henry Preece Llanelly Urban CMN 4 Harry Preece Son Whitechurch Glam
George Henry Preece Little Easton ESS 29 George Henry Preece Head Warwick Warwickshire
George Henry Forster Preece Liversedge WRY 1 Samuel Preece Son Liversedge Yorkshire
George J Preece Henley upon Thames OXF 15 John Preece Son Egham Surry
George Lewis Preece Reading BRK 49 George Lewis Preece Head Monmouth
George Maurice Preece Lancaster WRY 7 Charles Preece Son Wray Lancs
George Oliver Preece Balsall Heath WAR 26 George Oliver Preece Head Llanfoist Wales
George Percy Preece Hove SSX 24 George Percy Preece Head Sandy Beds Bedfordshire
George Percy Preece Coventry WAR 18 Henry Preece Son Leominster Herefordshire
George Thomas Preece Kew SRY 27 George Thomas Preece Head British Hammersmith
George W Preece St John at Hackney LND 5 William George Preece Sons Son Clapton Msx
George Warner Preece Erdington WAR 59 William Clement Salmon Inmate Gloucestershire Bristol
George William Preece Walsall STS 7 William Preece Son -
George William Preece Wakefield WRY 31 Mary Martha Preece Son New Scarbora Yorkshire
George Williams Preece Pontypridd GLA 45 George Richard Perkins Brother In Law Presteign Radnorshire
Georgina Preece Willesden MDX 40 William John Preece Wife Slandenny Mon
Georgina Preece Byker NBL 30 Henry Preece Wife Dundee Scotland
Gerard Preece Ormeau DWN 2 Frederick Preece Son Belfast
Gertrude Preece Hereford HEF 36 Frederick William Preece Wife Cookley Worcestershire
Gertrude Preece Kings Norton WAR 19 Thomas Charles Preece Daughter Fife Newport Resident
Gertrude Preece Birkenhead CHS 26 George Preece Sist Leominster Herefordshire
Gertrude Preece Worcester WOR 21 Henry Allan Watson Servant Herefordshire Lanwarne
Gertrude Preece Marden HEF 20 Zebedee Scaping Wife Niece Glamorganshire Cefn Cold
Gertrude Preece Bournemouth HAM 30 Edwin Joy Bord Gloucester
Gertrude Preece Newport MON 30 William Preece Wife West Bromwich Staff
Gertrude Preece Bromborough CHS 26 Trevor Thomas Preece Wife Shirley Surrey
Gertrude Preece Peterchurch HEF 7 Alfred Preece Daughter Llanfihangel
Gertrude Daisy Preece Yalding KEN 32 John Rowland Leigh Visitor Cleobury Mortimer Salop
Gertrude Elizabeth Preece Hereford HEF 5 Frederick William Preece Daughter New Bridge Ruabon Denbighshire
Gertrude Elizabeth Preece Handegley HEF 25 James Preece Wife Herdure Glamorgan
Gertrude Grace Preece Harborne WAR 16 George Reeves Grand Daughter Harborne Staffordshire
Gertrude Jane Preece Cardiff GLA 28 George Preece Daughter Maindy Newport Mon
Gilbert Preece Derby DBY 33 Gilbert Preece Head Claines Parish Worcestershire
Gilbert Preece Erdington WAR 33 Gilbert Preece Head Monmouth Metcheltray
Gilbert Preece Harborne WAR 36 Gilbert Preece Head Great Witley Worcesteshire
Gilbert Preece Darley Dale DBY 17 William Preece Son Glamorganshire Llandaff
Gilbert Preece Bristol GLS 36 Gilbert Preece Head Penrhos Hereford
Glads May Preece Worthen SAL 8 Robert Preece Grand Cr Warrington Lanshire
Gladys Preece Heath Town STS 5 William Preece Daughter London
Gladys Preece Birmingham WAR 9 Harry Preece Niece Northampton
Gladys Preece Sheffield WRY 11 Thomas Preece Daughter Manchester Lancs
Gladys Preece Greete WOR 4 Charles Plevey Grand Daughter Greet Tenbury
Gladys Preece Bridgwater SOM 21 Robert Preece Daughter Not Stated
Gladys Preece Birmingham WAR 8 Herbert Cauqui? Patient Stanford Bridge Worcester
Glady'S Preece Hunslet WRY 9 Mary Allsop Daughter Leeds Yorkshire
Gladys Edna Preece Meole Brace SAL 13 Henry Preece Daughter Herefordshire Leominster
Gladys Ethel Preece Abingdon BRK 17 Mary Josephine Morrell Serv Hereford
Gladys Ida Preece Ross Urban HEF 9 Henry Albert Preece Daughter Not given
Gladys Irene Preece Weybridge SRY 12 Harry Barrington Preece Daughter Cheddar Somerset
Gladys Maud Preece Bishop's Castle Urban SAL 14 George Preece Daughter Portland Dorset
Gladys R Preece Leytonstone ESS 14 Edward A Preece Daughter London Bow
Grace Preece Nottingham NTT 8 George Preece Daughter Melton Mowbray Leicestershire
Grace Preece Gelligaer GLA 13 Thomas Preece Daughter Hereford
Grace Preece Halifax WRY 55 Grace Preece Head Hounslow Middlesex
Grace Ann Preece Southport LAN 32 John Rayne Batty Servant Hereford Downton Castle
Grafton Preece Hayfield DBY 12 George Douthwaite Visitor Leinswardine Herefordshire
Graham Duncan Preese Harrow on the Hill MDX 11 Rebbie Frewer Wright Brother London
Granville Preece Dewsbury WRY 12 Joseph Preece Son Yorks Dewsbury
Gwendoline Preece West Dean GLS 1 Milson Preece Daughter -
Gweneth Marion Preace Weston super Mare SOM 3 Charlotte Keedwell Grand Daughter Leicester
Gwladys Preece Sparkhill WAR 15 Charles Courtney Servant Herefordshire Ledbury
Hamak Preece North Bradley WIL 37 Frank Preece Wife Chepstow Mon
Hannah Preece Burnley LAN 69 Hannah Preece Head Stourton Staffs
Hannah Preece Brynmawr BRE 32 William Harvey Boarder Carmarthen Llanelly
Hannah Preece Worcester WOR 80 Joseph Bowes Williamson Lodger West Hartlepool Durham
Hannah Preece Bredwardine BRE 51 Arthur Preece Wife Hfdshire Clifford
Hannah Preece Forest Gate ESS 40 William Preece Wife Poplar London
Hannah Preece Usk MON 38 Oliver Preece Wife Devonshire High Buckington
Hannah Preece Abergavenny Urban MON 66 Joseph Preece Wife Hereford Byford Parish
Hannah Preece Abercarn MON 48 George Preece Wife Forest of Dean Glouc
Hannah Preece Abercarn MON 44 William Preece Wife Beauford Breconshire
Hannah Preece Hay Urban BRE 63 Hannah Preece Head Pembridge Herefordshire
Hannah Emma Preece Aberystruth MON 30 James Preece Wife Brecon Brynmawr
Harley Preece Hayfield DBY 16 George Douthwaite Boarder Leinswardine Herefordshire
Harold Preece Sheffield WRY 16 Annie Preece Son Burton
Harold Ernest Preece Ross Urban HEF 19 James Shairs Boarder Derby
Harold George Preece Minehead SOM 29 Harold George Preece Head Herefordshire Hereford
Harold Maurice Preece Burford WOR 5 Edward Preece Son Salop Burford
Harold Wells Preece Hampstead LND 24 Herbert Shepley Watson Assistant Suffolk Bilston
Harriet Preece Shrewsbury SAL 67 William Preece Wife Buttington
Harriet Preece Burford WOR 35 Emma Preece Daughter Salop Burford
Harriet Preece West Dean GLS 11 Rowland Preece Daughter -
Harriet Preece West Bromwich STS 16 Tom Gibson Step Daughter England
Harriet Preece Malvern Link WOR 73 Harriet Preece Wife How Caple Ross
Harriet Preece Shrewsbury SAL 17 Arthur Edmond Lloyd Servant Brampton Bryan
Harriet Preece Aston WAR 1m Thomas Benjiman Preece Daughter -
Harriet Preece Kidsgrove STS 50 Edwin Preece Wife Skirlett Salop
Harriet Preece Worcester WOR 54 Harriet Preece Head Herefordshire Whittimore
Harriet Preece Walsall STS 53 Francis Preece Wife Ryton Shropshire
Harriet Preece Weston under Lizard SAL 80 Harriet Preece Head Stafordshire Brewood Parish
Harriett Sophia Preece Kew SRY 28 George Thomas Preece Wife Acton
Harry Preece Leicester LEI 31 Harry Preece Head Salop Wellington Shropshire
Harry Preece Abertillery MON 31 Not held Assistant Newton Herefordshire
Harry Preece Kirkdale LAN 32 Harry Preece Head Staffordshire Stoke On Trent
Harry Preece Gloucester GLS 51 Harry Preece Head Hereford
Harry Preece West Dean GLS 15 Thomas Preece Son -
Harry Preece Coven Heath STS 21 John C Preece Son Sutton Maddock Salop
Harry Preece Pontypridd GLA 17 William Preece Son Presteigne Radnorshire
Harry Preece Margam GLA 26 Harry Preece Head Bridgewater Somerset
Harry Preece Llanelly Urban CMN 31 Harry Preece Head Cardiff Glamorgan
Harry Preece Aldershot SRY 31 Not Held Soldier Wilts Chippenham
Harry Preece Birmingham WAR 44 Harry Preece Head Bridgnorth Salop
Harry Preece Ecclesall WRY 41 Harry Preece Head Hereford St Weonard
Harry Preece Redditch WOR 44 Harry Preece Head Birmingham Warwick
Harry Askam Preece Weybridge SRY 24 Harry Barrington Preece Son Islington London
Harry Barrington Preece Weybridge SRY 46 Harry Barrington Preece Head Cinderford Glos
Harry Horwood Preece Brighton SSX 42 Harry Horwood Preece Head Kentish Town
Harry John Preece Gillingham DOR 47 Edith F Leatherdale Visitor Berkshire Maidenhead
Harry Thomas Preece Portishead SOM 15 Willoughby Edward Still Inmate Herefordshire Hereford
Harvey Charles Preece Wolverhampton STS 30 Harvey Charles Preece Head Hillhampton Worcestershire
Hazel Pauline Preece Dunkirk KEN 1 Albert Pay Visitor Oxfordshire?
Heber Preece Wrexham Regis DEN 43 Heber Preece Head Shropshire Hobday England
Hector Macdonald Preece Weybridge SRY 11 Harry Barrington Preece Son Cinderford Glos
Helen Preece Ilford ESS 41 Henry Preece Sister London So Hackney
Helen Preece Kingston on Thames SRY 36 James Preece Wife Perth N B
Helen Preece Watford HRT 15 Elizabeth Wishaw Pupil London
Helena Preece Swanage DOR 15 William Preece Daughter Malvern Worcestershire
Helena Gertrude Preece Llandrillo Yn Rhos CAE 53 Helena Gertrude Preece Head Shrewsbury
Henrietta Preece Thornaby NRY 46 James Preece Wife C Durham T Stockton
Henrietta Grace Preece Burford WOR 1 Edward Preece Daughter Salop Burford
Henry Preece Shirley WAR 48 Henry Preece Head Leylis Shropshire
Henry Preece Bradford WRY 31 Henry Preece Head Yorks Bradford
Henry Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 32 Henry Preece Head Breconshire Hay
Henry Preece Ilford ESS 46 Henry Preece Brother London So Hackney
Henry Preece Cardiff GLA 34 Henry Preece Head London Camberwell
Henry Preece Birmingham WAR 44 Henry Preece Head Woolwich Kent
Henry Preece Cwmdu GLA 46 Henry Preece Head Hereford CO
Henry Preece Coventry WAR 24 John Preece Brother Hereford Ballingham
Henry Preece Coventry WAR 55 Henry Preece Head Leominster Herefordshire
Henry Preece Higher Llangynwyd GLA 37 Sidney William Roberts Boarder England
Henry Preece Woolaston MON 39 Henry Preece Head Preston on Wye
Henry Preece Llanhilleth MON 40 Henry Preece Head Little Birch Hereford
Henry Preece Bilston STS 38 Ebenezer Price Boarder Willington Hereford
Henry Preece Evesham WOR 50 Henry Preece Head Warwickshire Birmingham
Henry Preece Kidderminster Foreign WOR 45 Henry Preece Head Bridgnorth Salop
Henry Preece Birkenhead CHS 50 Henry Preece Head Holmer Hereford
Henry Preece Lye WOR 46 Henry Preece Head Staffordshire Kinver
Henry Preece Rochdale LAN 51 Henry Preece Head Pontesbury Shropshire
Henry Preece Wolverhampton STS 48 Henry Preece Head Beckbury Shropshire
Henry Preece Sheffield WRY 25 Samuel Herbert Enderby Soldier London
Henry Preece West Hallam DBY 44 Henry Preece Head Lugwardine Hereford
Henry Preece Bromfield SAL 36 David Lewis Boarder Herefordshire Orleton
Henry Preece Tredegar MON 33 Henry Preece Head Kent Chathan
Henry Preece Blaenavon MON 25 James Merried Boarder Leomister
Henry Preece Llanwenarth Ultra MON 69 Henry Preece Head Withington Herefordshire
Henry Preece Blaenavon MON 23 Henry Preece Head Leominster Herefordshire
Henry Preece Northampton NTH 18 Anny Jackson Lodger Myrthyr Wales
Henry Preece St Davids PEM 0 David Preece Son -
Henry Preece Newport MON 50 Henry Preece Head Radnorshire Gladesley
Henry Preece Cleobury North SAL 20 Not Named Servant Herefordshire
Henry Preece Rhondda GLA 25 Henry Preece Head Pipe Com Lyde
Henry Preece Handsworth STS 14 Frederick Preece Son Birmingham
Henry Preece West Bromwich STS 39 Henry Preece Head Canon Pyon Herefordshire
Henry Preece Ebbw Vale MON 32 Thomas John Davies Boarder Garway Broad Oak N K
Henry Preece Rhyndwyglydach GLA 36 Henry Preece Head Montgomery Garreg Welshpool
Henry Preece Poole DOR 14 George Preece Son Monmouthshire Newport
Henry Preece Llanwonno GLA 31 Henry Preece Head Radnorshire Presteign
Henry Charles Preece Highgate MDX 43 Henry Charles Preece Head Yazor Herfordshire
Henry Clifford Griffiths Preece Wednesbury STS 9m Charles Henry Preece Son Wednesbury Staffordshire
Henry E Preece Aberdare GLA 17 Eliza M Preece Son Hereford
Henry James Preece West Hallam DBY 16 Henry Preece Son Weston In Arden Warwickshire
Henry James Doughlas Preece Southgate MDX 27 Henry James Doughlas Preece Head London Camberwell
Henry Jas Preece Bristol GLS 65 Henry Jas Preece Head Herefordshire Hereford
Henry John Preece Meole Brace SAL 11 Henry Preece Son Herefordshire Leominster
Henry Joseph Preece Birmingham WAR 28 Charles William Thorpe Visitor Hereford Dilwyn
Henry Pannell Preece Isle Of Wight HAM 14 Edward Preece Son Weymouth Dorset
Henry Raymond Preece Highgate MDX 12 Henry Charles Preece Son London Islington
Henry Richard Preece Birkenhead CHS 42 Henry Richard Preece Head Cheltenham
Henry Thomas Preece Crickhowell BRE 17 Henry Charles Evans Boarder Norton Cannon Herefordshire
Hephzibah Preece Coventry WAR 54 Henry Preece Wife Leominster Herefordshire
Herbert Preece Walthamstow ESS 41 Herbert Preece Head London Kings Cross
Herbert Preece Walthamstow ESS 5 Herbert Preece Son London Upr Holloway
Herbert Preece Marsden WRY 11 James Lees Grandson Marsden Yorkshire
Herbert Preece Llanwonno GLA 39 Herbert Preece Head Leigh Worcestershire
Herbert Preece Bradford WRY 2m Fred Preece Son Bradford Yorkshire
Herbert Preece Poole DOR 2 George Preece Son Warwick Bham
Herbert Preece Ealing MDX 48 Herbert Preece Head Shopshire Handscroft
Herbert Preece Bausley SAL 46 Herbert Preece Head Trewern Montgomeryshire
Herbert Preece Malvern Link WOR 35 Herbert Preece Head Yarkhill Herefordshire
Herbert Preece Aston WAR 3 Harry Blackswell Son Worcestershire Worcester
Herbert Preece Birmingham WAR 51 Annie Ives Lodger Bridgnorth
Herbert Preece Burford WOR 34 Herbert Preece Head Shropshire Nash
Herbert Preece Tranmere CHS 48 Herbert Preece Head Welshpool Montgomeryshire
Herbert Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 37 Herbert Preece Head Yarpole Hereford
Herbert A Preece Leytonstone ESS 18 Edward A Preece Son Herefordshire Leominster
Herbert Charles Preece Burford WOR 1 Herbert Preece Son Shropshire Burford
Herbert Henry Preece Brentwood ESS 19 Not Yet Held Soldier Surrey Norbiton
Herbert Henry Preece Eastbourne SSX 45 Herbert Henry Preece Head Limehouse London
Herbert Henry Preece Birkenhead CHS 17 Henry Preece Son Lancs Liverpool
Herbert Thomas Preece Meole Brace SAL 9 Henry Preece Son Herefordshire Leominster
Herbert W Preece Llangiwg GLA 1m Robert Preece Son -
Herebert Preece Norton Canon HEF 41 John E Martin Servant Old Hill Staffordshire
Hester Preece Swansea GLA 25 Lewis Edward Trickey Domestic Servant Leigh Sinton Worcestershire
Hester Annie Preece Willesden MDX 32 Thomas Preece Wife Wembworthy N Devon
Hilda Preece Monmouth MON 15 Benjamin Weare Servant Coleford Gloucester
Hilda Prees Handsworth STS 12 Florence Randall Cattell Niece Warwickshire Bgham
Hilda Preece Bradford WRY 16 Edward Preece Daughter Yorkshire Bradford
Hilda Preece Walthamstow ESS 8 William Henry Preece Daughter Lancashire Manchester
Hilda Preece Yardley WAR 24 Laura Rollinson Assistant Shrewsbury
Hilda Preece Faversham KEN 14 George Preece Daughter Thornton Heath Sussex
Hilda Dorothy Preece Ross Urban HEF 11 Henry Albert Preece Daughter Not given
Hilda Mary Preece Aston WAR 29 Robert Preece Sister Shropshire East Hamlet Ludlow
Horace Preece Hunslet WRY 5 Mary Allsop Son Hunslet Yorkshire
Horace Charles Preece St Marylebone LND 20 Henry Charles Preece Son Devon Exeter
Horace William Preece Biggleswade BDF 5 Emily Preece Son Ifield Sussex
Horace William Preece Brownhills STS 1 Samuel Preece Son Woking
Horald Preece Wolverhampton STS 9 Henry Preece Son Badger Shropshire
Howard Blinko Preece Reading BRK 12 Annie E Preece Son Tewkesbury Glos
Hubert Preece West Dean GLS 12 Thomas Preece Son -
Hubert Amory Preece Stratfield Mortimer BRK 22 Charles Godwin Preece Son Suffolk Bildeston
Ida Preece Stretford LAN 22 Edwin Preece Daughter Bradford Yorks
Idris Preece Rawmarsh WRY 15 Thomas Preece Son Yorks Parkgate
Ingram Preece Pocklington ERY 1 Fred Preece Son -
Ingram Preece Dewsbury WRY 19 Joseph Preece Son Yorks Livesidge
Irene Preece Barry GLA 17 Thomas Preece Daughter Bath Somerset
Irene Preece Shipley WRY 14 Thomas Preece Daughter Bradford Yorks
Irene Leonora Preece Hornsey MDX 17 Richard Nicoll Preece Daughter London
Iris Preece Rockfield MON 1 Arthur Preece Daughter -
Iris Preece Hyde CHS 7 George Preece Daughter Devon Exeter
Iris Preece Lewisham LND 7 William Preece Daughter Lee Kent
Iris Hilda Preece Willesden MDX 4 William John Preece Daughter Kilburn London
Isabel Preece Sevenoaks KEN 42 Edgar William Preece Wife Wimbledon Surrey
Isabel Nancy Preece West Hallam DBY 7 Henry Preece Daughter Arbury Nuneaton Warwickshire
Isabel S Preece Wellington HEF 30 Eliza Phillips Daughter Monkhopton Salop
Isabella Preece Sheffield WRY 36 Thomas Preece Wife Glasgow Scotland
Isabella Preece Birmingham WAR 72 Matthew Ditchburn Patient Worces Oldbury
Isabella Prowse Preece Wandsworth Borough LND 31 William Leonard Preece Wife Devon Newton Abbott
Isaiah Preece Ipswich