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Preece Census strays in 1911 - by first name/initial - F to I

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place
Fannie Eliza Preece Gosport HAM 28 Kate Emily Wheater Visitor New Zealand Auckland
Fanny Preece Devonport DEV 20 Elizabeth Edwards Servant Abbeydore Monmouthshire
Fanny Preece Cheltenham GLS 74 Fanny Preece Head Tenbury Worcestershire
Felix Preece Guiting Power GLS 13 William Preece Son Birlingham Worcester
Flora Louisa Preece Bristol GLS 30 Leonard William Preece Wife Somerset Bridgewater
Florence Preece St Owen HEF 45 Charles Preece Wife Warickshire Birmingham
Florence Preece Burghill HEF 39 Not Held Patient Unknown
Florence Preece St Nicholas HEF 16 Rosina Gate Vulpe Servant Abertillery S Wales
Florence Preece St Owen HEF 30 John Preece Wife Worcester England
Florence Preece Bristol GLS 31 Gilbert Preece Wife Worcester Worcester
Florence Mary Preece Cheltenham GLS 33 Frederick George Preece Wife Hednesford Staffs
Florence May Preece Callow HEF 18 Ellen Eliza Langford Cousin Brynmawr Breconshire
Francis Preece Leytonstone ESS 34 Ernest William Boate Nicholas Nurse Hereford
Francis Preece Bredenbury HEF 42 Francis Preece Head Kimber Leicester
Frank E Preece Cheltenham GLS 12 Amphaliss Preece Son Moseley Birmingham Warwick
Frank George Preece Stoke Poges BKM 45 Agustus Cherry Bord Newing Somerset
Frederick Preece Andover HAM 54 Samuel Richard Edwards Boarder Dymock Gloucester
Frederick Preece Stockport CHS 56 Frederick Preece Head Tenbury Wells Worcester
Frederick Charles Preece All Saints HEF 33 James Farr Son In Law Alverton Gloucestershire
Frederick James Preece Willaston CHS 42 Frederick James Preece Head Shropshire Bishops Castle
Frederick Richard Preace Walthamstow ESS 38 Frederick Richard Preace Head London Middlesex Strand
Frederick William Preece Hereford HEF 36 Frederick William Preece Head Kidderminster Wocestershire
George Preece Birkenhead CHS 28 George Preece Head Leominster Herefordshire
George Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 49 George Preece Head Barrow Salop
George Preece Poole DOR 18 George Preece Son Monmouthshire Newport
George Preece Southend On Sea ESS 47 George Preece Head Hereford
George Preece Hyde CHS 32 George Preece Head Fernhill Heath Worcestershire
George Preece Cheltenham GLS 47 George Preece Head Hereford Whitington
George Preece Poole DOR 39 George Preece Head Monmouthshire Monmouth
George Preece Eastleigh HAM 50 George Preece Head Wolverhampton Warwichshire
George Preece Reading BRK 14 George Lewis Preece Son Churchdown Glos
George Edwin Preece All Saints HEF 31 George Edwin Preece Head Malvern Worcestershire
George Francis Preece Gloucester GLS 22 Joseph Marnan? Servant Warwick Warwick
George Frederick Preece Walthamstow ESS 48 Eliza Preece Head Lond; Bethnal Green
George Henry Preece Little Easton ESS 29 George Henry Preece Head Warwick Warwickshire
George Lewis Preece Reading BRK 49 George Lewis Preece Head Monmouth
Gertrude Preece Hereford HEF 36 Frederick William Preece Wife Cookley Worcestershire
Gertrude Preece Bromborough CHS 26 Trevor Thomas Preece Wife Shirley Surrey
Gertrude Preece Marden HEF 20 Zebedee Scaping Wife Niece Glamorganshire Cefn Cold
Gertrude Preece Bournemouth HAM 30 Edwin Joy Bord Gloucester
Gertrude Preece Birkenhead CHS 26 George Preece Sist Leominster Herefordshire
Gertrude Elizabeth Preece Hereford HEF 5 Frederick William Preece Daughter New Bridge Ruabon Denbighshire
Gilbert Preece Bristol GLS 36 Gilbert Preece Head Penrhos Hereford
Gilbert Preece Darley Dale DBY 17 William Preece Son Glamorganshire Llandaff
Gilbert Preece Derby DBY 33 Gilbert Preece Head Claines Parish Worcestershire
Gladys Ethel Preece Abingdon BRK 17 Mary Josephine Morrell Serv Hereford
Gladys R Preece Leytonstone ESS 14 Edward A Preece Daughter London Bow
Grafton Preece Hayfield DBY 12 George Douthwaite Visitor Leinswardine Herefordshire
Hannah Preece Forest Gate ESS 40 William Preece Wife Poplar London
Harley Preece
George Douthwaite Boarder
Leinswardine Herefordshire
Harry Preece Gloucester GLS 51 Harry Preece Head Hereford
Harry John Preece Gillingham DOR 47 Edith F Leatherdale Visitor Berkshire Maidenhead
Helen Preece Ilford ESS 41 Henry Preece Sister London So Hackney
Helena Preece Swanage DOR 15 William Preece Daughter Malvern Worcestershire
Henry Preece Birkenhead CHS 50 Henry Preece Head Holmer Hereford
Henry Preece West Hallam DBY 44 Henry Preece Head Lugwardine Hereford
Henry Preece Poole DOR 14 George Preece Son Monmouthshire Newport
Henry Preece Ilford ESS 46 Henry Preece Brother London So Hackney
Henry James Preece West Hallam DBY 16 Henry Preece Son Weston In Arden Warwickshire
Henry Jas Preece Bristol GLS 65 Henry Jas Preece Head Herefordshire Hereford
Henry Pannell Preece Isle Of Wight HAM 14 Edward Preece Son Weymouth Dorset
Henry Richard Preece Birkenhead CHS 42 Henry Richard Preece Head Cheltenham
Herbert Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 37 Herbert Preece Head Yarpole Hereford
Herbert Preece Poole DOR 2 George Preece Son Warwick Bham
Herbert Preece Walthamstow ESS 5 Herbert Preece Son London Upr Holloway
Herbert Preece Walthamstow ESS 41 Herbert Preece Head London Kings Cross
Herbert Preece Tranmere CHS 48 Herbert Preece Head Welshpool Montgomeryshire
Herbert A Preece Leytonstone ESS 18 Edward A Preece Son Herefordshire Leominster
Herbert Henry Preece Brentwood ESS 19 Not Yet Held Soldier Surrey Norbiton
Herbert Henry Preece Birkenhead CHS 17 Henry Preece Son Lancs Liverpool
Hilda Preece Walthamstow ESS 8 William Henry Preece Daughter Lancashire Manchester
Horace William Preece Biggleswade BDF 5 Emily Preece Son Ifield, Sussex
Howard Blinko Preece Reading BRK 12 Annie E Preece Son Tewkesbury Glos
Hubert Amory Preece Stratfield Mortimer BRK 22 Charles Godwin Preece Son Suffolk Bildeston
Iris Preece Hyde CHS 7 George Preece Daur Devon Exeter
Isabel Nancy Preece West Hallam DBY<