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Preece Census strays in 1851 - by first name/initial - A to D

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Abraham Preece Bromlow MGY 53 Self Head Worthen SAL
Adam Preece Trewern MGY 7 Edwd Preece Son Buttington SAL
Adam Preece Welshpool MGY 37 Adam Preece Head Worthen SAL
Alexander Preece Bobbington SAL 45 Thomas Nicholls Serv Alfrick WOR
Alfred Preece Tipton STS 5 Joseph Preece Son Hereford HEF
Alfred Preece Clerkenwell St James LND 4 Thomas Preece Son Clifton GLS
Alma Preece West Bromwich STS 9 John Preece Son Park...... HEF
Amos Preece Aberystruth MON 5 Thomas Preece Son Herefordshire HEF
Ann Preece Wellington HEF 39 John Yeomans Neic Llanvihangel MON
Ann Preece Canon Pion HEF 45 William Preece Wife Hardwirth GLS
Ann Preece Bromyard HEF 55 Self Head Dymock GLS
Ann Preece Tupsley HEF 60 William Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Ann Preece Hentland HEF 65 Ann Edwards Vist Dymock GLS
Ann Preece Kington HEF 65 Elizabeth Elcox? Vist Radnorshire RAD
Ann Preece Breinton HEF 69 Richard Preece Wife Clyrow RAD
Ann Preece Hay HEF 74 Self Head Clyro RAD
Ann Preece Hanley Child WOR 64 James Preece Wife Laysters HEF
Ann Preece Colwall HEF 35 Self Head Not Known WOR
Ann Preece Dymock GLS 66 Self Head Bishops Frome HEF
Ann Preece Taynton GLS 39 Self Head Harewood HEF
Ann Preece Hay HEF 13 William Price Serv Hay BRE
Ann Preece Clifton Upon Teme WOR 34 Thomas Preece Wife Collington HEF
Ann Preece Amblecote STS 64 Thomas Preece Wife Bishops Frome HEF
Ann Preece Clerkenwell St James LND 1m Thomas Preece Daur Clerkenwell MDX
Ann Preece Stourbridge WOR 33 Ann Preece Head Hereford HEF
Ann Preece Great Malvern WOR 79 James Broad Motl Cradley HEF
Ann Preece Aymestrey HEF 82 Thomas Preece Wife Norton RAD
Ann Preece Birmingham WAR 49 Ann Preece Head Bodiam SSX
Ann Preece Worcester St Nicholas WOR 44 Herbert Cole Ptnt Twining GLS
Ann Preece Bourneheath WOR 34 James Preece Wife Donnington HEF
Ann Preece Little Hereford HEF 15 Henry Marston Vist Eaton SAL
Ann Preece Burrington HEF 32 Henry Preece Wife Presteignee RAD
Ann Preece Lyncombe-widcome SOM 27 Francis Preece Wife Hereford St Peters HEF
Ann Preece Tipton STS 40 Joseph Preece Wife Byfield? HEF
Ann Preece Bridgnorth SAL 38 John Preece Wife Bilston STS
Ann Preece Aymestrey HEF 23 Henry Preece Sist Knighton WOR
Ann Preece Ludlow SAL 50 Self Head Holt WOR
Ann Preece Orleton HEF 34 James Preece Wife Clungunford SAL
Ann Preece Worcester St Clement WOR 25 Mary Little Serv Cradley HEF
Ann Preece Worcester St Peter WOR 31 Elizabeth Matty Neic Stoke Edith HEF
Ann Preece Stoke Bliss HEF 7 William Preece Neic Stoke Bliss STS
Ann Preece Kingswinford STS 30 Thomas Preece Wife Bobbington SAL
Ann Preece Leominster HEF 20 Henry Malley Serv Not Known WOR
Ann Preece Charlton Kings GLS 12 John Preece Daur Tenbury WOR
Ann Preece Bridstow HEF 26 James Preece Wife Monmouthy MON
Ann Preece Bridgnorth SAL 38 Francis Preece Wife Kidderminster WOR
Ann Preece Clerkenwell St James LND 44 Thomas Preece Wife Taplow BKM
Ann Preece Walford And Letton And Newton RAD 38 John Davis Daur Not Given ???
Ann Preece Aston Pigot MGY 48 William Preece Wife Worthen SAL
Ann Preece Birmingham St Martin WAR 23 ..... Smith Serv Winford HEF
Ann Preece Brierley Hill STS 30 Thomas Preece Wife Bobbington SAL
Ann Preece St Pancras MDX 37 Robert Holdsworth Serv Madley HEF
Ann Preece Bishops Castle SAL 23 Thomas Bird Lodg Chirk MGY
Ann Preece Brockton MGY 10 Edward Preece Daur Great Ness SAL
Ann Preece Weston SAL 13 James Preece Daur Knighton RAD
Ann Preece Bethnal Green MDX 36 Henry Preece Wife Bristol SOM
Ann Preece Aberystruth MON 27 Thomas Preece Wife Gloucestershire GLS
Ann Preece Paddington MDX 15 James Browning Serv Ballingham HEF
Anne Preece Bourneheath WOR 39 James Preece Wife Donnington HEF
Anne Preece Burrington HEF 20 John Preece Wife Richards Castle SAL
Anne Preece Gwernglefryd DEN 60 Self Head Hereford HEF
Anne Preece Kingstone HEF 62 William Preece Wife Glasbury RAD
Arthur Preece Clay Felton SAL 3 George Preece Son Puddleston HEF
Arthur Preece Clay Felton SAL 3 George Preece Son Puddleston HEF
Augustus Preece Clerkenwell St James LND 18 Thomas Preece Son St George Han Square MDX
Benjamin Preece Stourbridge WOR 3 Ann Preece Son Burford SAL
Benjamin Preece Hereford St Peter HEF 25 Henry Napleton Pris Bewdley WOR
Benjamin Preece Huddersfield YKS 26 Samuel Hiley Vist Bridgewater SOM
Benjamin Preece Upper Heath And Nether Heath MGY 29 Mary Preece Son Worthen SAL
Benjamin Preece Hereford HEF 25 Henry Napleton Inmt Bewdley WOR
Benjamin Preece Monmouth MON 62 Self Head Monnington On Wye HEF
Benjamin G Preece Wednesbury STS 5 George Preece Son Shifnal SAL
Bethiah Preece Cookham BRK 66 Samuel Preece Wife Exeter DEV
Bethiah Preece Cookham BRK 30 Samuel Preece Daur Not Given ???
Betsy Preece Norton Canon HEF 19 John Davies Vist Ludlow SAL
Betsy Preece Bridgnorth SAL 36 William Preece Wife Leominster HEF
Byne Preece Wigmore HEF 45 David Preece Wife Leintwardine SAL
Caleb Preece Westminster St Margaret MDX 35 Caleb Preece Head Bridgwater SOM
Caroline Preece Aberystruth MON 23 William Preece Daur Little Dewchurch HEF
Caroline Preece Cradley WOR 13 Richard Preece Daur Michaelchurch HEF
Caroline Preece Norton HEF 4 Richard Preece Daur Norton RAD
Caroline Preece Lyncombe-widcome SOM 28 William Harrison Daur Limpley Stoke WIL
Caroline Preece Much Marcle HEF 11 James Preece Daur Mathon WOR
Caroline Preece Hentland HEF 15 Elizabeth Preece Daur Pontypool MON
Caroline Preece Ribbesford WOR 29 Francis Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Caroline Preece Ribbesford WOR 29 Francis Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Catharine Preece Westminster St John The Evangelist MDX 19 John R Jones Conv Cowbridge GLA
Catherine Preece Shifnal SAL 20 Jn L Crowley Serv Dilwyn HEF
Catherine Preece Penhow MON 33 James Rosser? Serv Callow HEF
Catherine Preece Adforton Stanway And Paytoe And Grange RAD 68 Edward Longman? Serv Leintwardine HEF
Catherine Preece Ashton Under Lyne LAN 31 William Preece Wife Dukfld CHS
Catherine Preece Abenbury Fawr DEN 75 Self Head Welshpool MGY
Catherine Prees Aston WAR 36 Edward Prees Wife Tipton STS
Catherne Preece Trewern MGY 5 Edwd Preece Daur Buttington SAL
Charles Preece Ashford Carbonell SAL 15 William Wall Serv Downton HEF
Charles Preece Clerkenwell St James LND 4 Thomas Preece Son Clifton GLS
Charles Preece Outwell CAM 29 Self Head Upton Bishop HEF
Charles Preece Aston HEF 6M William Preece Son Munslow SAL
Charles Preece Birmingham Northfield WOR 9 John Preece Son Northfield WAR
Charles Preece Astley Abbotts SAL 56 Self Head Not Known ???
Charles Preece Bromfield SAL 20 Samuel Bluck Serv Aymestrey HEF
Charles Prees Knighton RAD 50 Thos Abley Lodg Bristol SOM
Charles Preece Aston HEF 21 Self Head Eaton SAL
Charles Preece Cheltenham GLS 40 Charles Preece Head London LND
Charles Preece Worcester St Andrew WOR 24 Charles Preece Head Yarpole HEF
Charles Preece Milson SAL 17 Elizabeth Parry? Serv Knighton WOR
Charlotte Preece Bridgnorth SAL 76 Joseph Preece Wife Stourbridge WOR
Charlotte Preese Wigmore HEF 45 John Preese Wife Leintwardine SAL
Charlotte Preece Cheltenham GLS 21 Sarah Ridler Serv Bishopstone HEF
Charlotte Preece Monmouth MON 24 Eliza