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Preece Census strays in 1891 - by first name/initial - A to D

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Aaron Preece Hereford St Peter HEF 19 Arthur Castle Lodg Cardington SAL
Abel Preece Woolwich LND 2 John Preece Son Winchester HAM
Abigail Preece Lapley STS 28 John Preece Wife Lapworth WAR
Ada Preece Cardiff St John GLA 22 Thomas Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Ada Preece Aston WAR 10 Alfred Preece Daughter Worcester WOR
Ada Preece Kings Norton WOR 9 Charles Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Ada Preece Clifford HEF 12 Rees Evans Vist Bucknell SAL
Ada Preece Over Darwen LAN 20 George Preece Daughter Chelmarsh SAL
Ada A Preece Wootton St Mary Within GLS 5 Albert E Preece Daughter Minster Lovell OXF
Ada Bond Preece Wavertree LAN 10 Edwin Preece Daughter Wem SAL
Ada Emma Preece Upton On Severn WOR 16 Edwin Preece Daughter Manchester LAN
Ada G Preece Birmingham WAR 2 Henry E Preece Daughter Birmingham WOR
Ada M Preece Fulham LND 9 William M Preece Daughter Middlesex MDX
Ada Mary Preece Llanover MON 5 James Preece Daughter Herefordshire HEF
Ada Scrivens Preece Dawlish DEV 16 Henry J Preece Daughter Rame CON
Adam Preece Westminster St James MDX 47 Adam Preece Head Buttington MGY
Adelaide Preece Dalziel LKS 37 James Preece Wife England ENG
Agnes Preece Westbury On Trym GLS 30 John H Preece Wife Hanley ???
Agnes Preece Sutton SRY 29 Willie Scott Serv Kingsland HEF
Agnes Preece Over Darwen LAN 19 George Preece Daughter Chelmarsh SAL
Agnes Preece Kensington LND 22 John Howell Serv Wormbridge HEF
Agnes Preece Clifton GLS 18 Frances Day Lodg Lugwardine HEF
Agnes Preece Wimbledon SRY 26 William H Preece Daughter Southampton HAM
Agnes Preece Barton Upon Irwell LAN 15 George Barber Serv Little Stretton SAL
Agnes Preece Birmingham WAR 10 Thomas Preece Daughter Wolverhampton STS
Agnes A Preece Shrawley WOR 28 George Preece Wife Dalton In Furness LAN
Agnes M Preece Wolverhampton STS 30 James Ransom Lodw Chevington SFK
Albert Preece Crudwell WIL 22 Edward Matthews Lodg Hereford St Owen HEF
Albert Preece St John The Baptist GLS 18 James Preece Son Ross HEF
Albert Preece Dinedor HEF 16 Mansell Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Albert Preece Knighton On Teme WOR 17 Edward Lane Lodg Ross HEF
Albert Preece Brimfield HEF 21 Richard Higginson Serv Richards Castle SAL
Albert Preece Burva RAD 16 Thomas Hamer Serv Lyonshall HEF
Albert Preece Llanover MON 24 ... White Lodg Hereford HEF
Albert Preece Wycombe BKM 11 Moses Axtell Bord London LND
Albert Preece Litchurch DBY 52 William Johns Lodg Burton On Trent STS
Albert Preece Birmingham St Martin WAR 7 George Preece Son Worcester WOR
Albert Preece Aston WAR 13 William Preece Son Oakham STS
Albert Preece Cantref BRE 2 William Preece Son Newchurch HEF
Albert Preece Brimfield HEF 21 Richard Higginson Serv Richards Castle SAL
Albert A Preece Worcester St Nicholas WOR 17 Anne Preece Son Stoke Edith HEF
Albert E Preece Bedale YKS 14 Sanson? Powell Serv Cheltenham GLS
Albert E Preece Wootton St Mary Within GLS 29 Self Head Minster Lovell OXF
Albert E Preece Paddington LND 28 Self Head Birmingham WAR
Albert E Preece Yateley HAM 6 Elizabeth Preece Son Hammersmith MDX
Albert E Preece Wootton St Mary Within GLS 2 Albert E Preece Son Witney OXF
Albert H Preece Monmouth MON 45 Self Head Allensmore HEF
Albert James Preece Llantarnam MON 7m James Preece Son Somerset SOM
Albert Shepley Preece Kidderminster Foreign WOR 17 William Francis Spencer Serv Adderbury OXF
Albt Vic Preece Lambeth LND 3 Wm G Preece Son Forest Hill KEN
Alf Preece Aston WAR 59 Self Head Mitcheldean GLS
Alfred Preece Bridstow HEF 18 Henry Sansom Neph Cardiff GLA
Alfred Preece Aberystruth MON 20 Rebecca Jones Lodg Herefordshire HEF
Alfred Preece Mile End Old Town LND 10 John Cole Rdnt England ENG
Alfred Preece Grosmont MON 13 Lewis Lewis Serv Kilpeck HEF
Alfred Preece Mathon HEF 23 James Preece Son Mathon WOR
Alfred Preece Kidderminster WOR 47 Alfred Preece Head Pixley HEF
Alfred Preece Chale Isle Of Wight HAM 44 Alfred Preece Head Clifton Bristol GLS
Alfred Preece Aston WAR 35 Alfred Preece Head Worcester WOR
Alfred Preece Newport MON 32 Self Head Herefordshire HEF
Alfred Preece Chilcote DBY 13 Joseph Preece Son Camp Hill WAR
Alfred Preece Leominster HEF 34 Susan Preece Son Bockleton WOR
Alfred Preece St Clement SFK 8 Mary Ann Youngman Son Northfleet KEN
Alfred Preece Aston WAR 12 Alfred Preece Son Worcester WOR
Alfred Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 17 George Gunson Asst Newnham GLS
Alfred Charles Preece Aston WAR 26 Charles Preece Son Woolwich KEN
Alfred E Preece Chale Isle Of Wight HAM 15 Alfred Preece Son Islington MDX
Alfred Ernest W Preece Aston WAR 15 Oliver Preece Son Mitcheldean GLS
Alfred Inkermann Preece Openshaw LAN 35 Self Head Staffordshire STS
Alfred J Preece Trevethin MON 28 Caroline Herbert Sonl Not Known HEF
Alfred J Preece Roath GLA 36 Self Head Birmingham WAR
Alfred James Preece Great Witley WOR 31 Self Head Whitbourne HEF
Alfred L Preece Roath GLA 9 Alfred J Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Alfred W Preece St Mary Barton GLS 28 Harriett Larnery Vist Hereford HEF
Alice Preece Llantarnam MON 17 James Preece Daughter Herefordshire HEF
Alice Preece Woolwich LND 1 John Preece Daughter Woolwich KEN
Alice Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 10 John Preece Daughter Morton HEF
Alice Preece Streatham LND 17 William Watkins Inmt Clerkenwell MDX
Alice Preece St Woollos MON 30 James Preece Wife Holmer HEF
Alice Preece Bitterley SAL 15 James Thorpe Serv Hereford HEF
Alice Preece St George The Martyr LND 15 John Preece Daughter Wales WLS
Alice Preece Bowdon CHS 25 Not Held Serv Leinthall HEF
Alice Preece Leominster HEF 38 George Preece Wife Worcester WOR
Alice Preece Liscard CHS 27 James Preece Wife Cefn DEN
Alice Preece Leintwardine HEF 30 John Preece Wife Presteigne RAD
Alice Preece Portsea HAM 22 John Marey? Vist Somerset SOM
Alice Preece Bedwellty MON 26 Thomas Preece Wife Stoke Edith HEF
Alice Preece Newland GLS 24 George Preece Wife Hampton Lovett WOR
Alice Preece Great Malvern WOR 8 John Preece Daughter Wolverhampton STS
Alice Preece Wolverhampton STS 7m Thomas Preece Daughter Shifnall SAL
Alice Preece Over Darwen LAN 14 George Preece Daughter Chelmarsh SAL
Alice Preece Wigmore HEF 32 William Preece Wife Presteign RAD
Alice Preece Wimbledon SRY 8 Caroline Nixon Inmt Woolwich LND
Alice Preece Birmingham WAR 55 George Preece Wife Pebworth GLS
Alice Preece Worle SOM 10 Emanuel Day Gdau Plymouth DEV
Alice Preece Blakemere HEF 42 William Preece Wife ? Not Known LND
Alice Preece Rod,nash&little Brampton HEF 8 Edwin Preece Daughter Presteignee RAD
Alice Preece Ealing MDX 37 John Chapman Serv Bridgewater SOM
Alice Preece Camberwell LND 20 Esther Cass Vist Brixton SRY
Alice Preece Mathon HEF 18 James Preece Daughter Mathon WOR
Alice G Preece St Lawrence SAL 14 Not Held Serv Orleton HEF
Alice J Preece Cheltenham GLS 28 Self Head Herefordshire HEF
Alice M Preece Moreton Say SAL 20 Mary Herbert Serv Hereford HEF
Alice M Preece Westminster St James MDX 11 Adam Preece Daughter Buttington MGY
Alice S Preece Broseley SAL 4 George B Preece Daughter Droitwich WOR
Allen Preece St John The Baptist GLS 14 James Preece Son Ross HEF
Allen Preece Wolverhampton STS 16 Thomas Preece Son Monmouthshire MON
Alma Preece Bitterley SAL 48 Self Head Hereford HEF
Amelia Preece Much Dewchurch HEF 64 William Preece Wife Trelick MON
Amelia Preece Manningham YKS 21 Henry Hening(?) Serv Yarpole HEF
Amy Preese Birmingham WAR 32 Sarah Rotherham Bord Wednesbury STS
Amy Preece Wimbledon SRY 17 William H Preece Daughter Southampton HAM
Amy A Preece Hereford St John Baptist HEF 26 Alfred Preece Wife Lindsey SFK
Andrew Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 56 William Bevan Lodg Hay HEF
Ann Preece Belbroughton WOR 80 Self Head Doddington HEF
Ann Preece Dinedor HEF 11 Mansell Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Ann Preece Tewkesbury GLS 44 Self Head Severn Stoke WOR
Ann Preece Bermondsey LND 35 Henry Preece Wife Preston BKM
Ann Preece Bermondsey LND 15 Henry Preece Daughter Bermondsey SRY
Ann Preece Birmingham WAR 40 Self Head Ledbury HEF
Ann Preece St George Hanover Square LND 81 Caleb Preece Wife Ruthing ESS
Ann Preece Birmingham WAR 69 Self Head Worcester WOR
Ann Preece Horninglow STS 77 William Preece Moth Fromes Hill HEF
Ann Preece Cardiff St Mary GLA 65 Emma Logan Bord Portsmouth HAM
Ann Preece Chirbury SAL 31 George Preece Wife Burrington MGY
Ann Priece Aston WAR 69 Robert Darius Preece Moth London LND
Ann Preece East Hamlet SAL 26 Henry J Davies Serv Kingsland HEF
Ann Preece Dilwyn HEF 51 Self Head Lanbadon RAD
Ann Preece Newent GLS 39 Thomas Preece Wife Crumlin MON
Ann Preece St Werburgh DBY 55 William Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Ann Preece Cheltenham GLS 53 Ellen Ellis Serv Tenbury WOR
Ann Preece Lyncombe And Widcombe SOM 67 Self Head Not Known HEF
Ann Preece Mile End Old Town LND 64 William Preece Wife Leintwardine HEF
Ann Preece Kensington LND 84 Ann Preece Head Bridgewater SOM
Ann Preece Fulham LND 80 William H Harper Motl Hereford HEF
Ann Preece West Derby LAN 9M William Collier Lodd Ludlow SAL
Ann Preece Bucknell SAL 44 Thomas Preece Wife Llanbister RAD
Ann Preece St Pancras LND 40 Self Head Linslade BKM
Ann Preece Cookham BRK 63 Self Head Wooburn BKM
Ann Preece Bobbington STS 48 Thomas Preece Wife Claverley SAL
Ann Preece Bobbington STS 54 Charles Preece Wife Syresham NTH
Ann Preece Cannock STS 50 Thomas Preece Wife Yarpool HEF
Ann Preece Wolverhampton STS 4 Joseph Preece Daughter Bridgnorth SAL
Ann Preece St John GLA 26 Not Held Pris Herefordshire HEF
Ann B Preece Rod,nash&little Brampton HEF 50 William Preece Wife Presteignee RAD
Ann E Preece Worthen SAL 37 Robert Preece Wife Welford MGY
Ann Frances Preece Westminster St James MDX 40 Adam Preece Serv Islington LND
Ann L Preece Tranmere CHS 28 Jab Hallmark Serv Malvern WOR
Ann Louisa Preece West Ham ESS 13 Thomas Preece Daughter Shrewsbury SAL
Ann Maria Preece Gelligaer GLA 53 Charles Preece Wife Radnor RAD
Anna Preece St Lawrence SAL 46 George Preece Wife Aymestrey HEF
Anne Preece Worcester St Nicholas WOR 55 Self Head Ashperton HEF
Anne Preece Clent WOR 66 Charles Tulley Aunt Shropshire SAL
Anne Preece Monmouth MON 24 Jane Law Daughter Todmorden YKS
Anne Preece Reigate SRY 76 Edward To...y Aunt Cuckfield SSX
Annie Preece Horninglow STS 38 George Preece Wife Warwick WAR
Annie Preece Birmingham Ladywood WAR 46 Self Head Worcester WOR
Annie Preece Harborne STS 21 Lucas Middleton Serv Hereford HEF
Annie Preece Ruardean HEF 5 James Preece Daughter Drybrook GLS
Annie Preece Kensington LND 24 Charles Preece Daughter Chelsea MDX
Annie Preece Church Stoke MGY 18 Beatrice Montford Serv Richards Castle HEF
Annie Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 15 Edwin Preece Daughter Llanfilo BRE
Annie Preece Leominster HEF 17 Charles Preece Daughter Rhymney MON
Annie Preece Oldham LAN 41 Robert Preece Wife Coventry WAR
Annie Preece Pencoyd HEF 42 Thomas Preece Wife Grosmont MON
Annie Preece Ilford ESS 12 John William Godfrey Inmt ? Not Given ???
Annie Preece Wolston WAR 19 ? Not Known Serv Littlebird HRT
Annie Preece Burton Extra STS 31 Charles Preece Wife Whitecroft GLS
Annie Preece Birmingham WAR 46 Self Head Worcester WOR
Annie Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 21 Ephraim Preece Wife Risca MON
Annie Preece Llandaff GLA 30 Ann Morgan Serv Leominster HEF
Annie Preece Leigh WOR 25 James Meek Borw Canon Frome HEF
Annie Preece Poplar LND 17 William Dickinson Serv Kings Town IRL
Annie Preece Rishton LAN 46 Self Head Staffordshire HEF
Annie Preece East Dean GLS 42 George Preece Wife Brecon BRE
Annie Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 33 James Preece Wife Abergavenny MON
Annie Preece Chertsey SRY 14 Robert Jones Inmt Not Known ???
Annie Preece Croydon SRY 17 James Preece Daughter Stourbridge WOR
Annie Preece Calverley With Farsley YKS 23 Edward Preece Wife Falton SAL
Annie Preece Shrawardine SAL 48 James Preece Wife Guilsfield MGY
Annie Preece Clifton On Teme WOR 20 Jessie Dorrell Serv Not Known HEF
Annie Preece Bicton SAL 21 Arthur Strange Serv Rossett DEN
Annie Preece Kensington LND 20 Anne Woodhouse Serv Wolverhampton STS
Annie Preece Kidderminster WOR 14 Samuel Broomhurst Niec Kingswinford STS
Annie Preece Hallaton RUT 8 Edward Gilbert Gdau Leeds YKS
Annie Preece Burwarton SAL 37 George Preece Wife Denwick NBL
Annie Preece St Margaret And St John The Evangelist Westminster LND 21 Not Held Domc Aston FLN
Annie Preece Christchurch HAM 27 James Preece Wife Wimborne DOR
Annie Preece Broughton LAN 37 Edward Preece Wife Hampstead LND
Annie Preece Bristol St Philip And St Jacob GLS 28 Samuel Neal Vist Pembrokeshire PEM
Annie Preece Bedwellty MON 12 Joseph Cecil Sisl Leicester LEI
Annie E Preece Kings Norton WOR 20 Charles Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Annie E Preece Cookham BRK 21 Harry J Preece Wife Melton Mowbray LEI
Annie E Preece Newington YKS 44 William Preece Wife Crowle LIN
Ar Sam Preece Lambeth LND 8m Wm G Preece Son Sydenham KEN
Archibald Preece Reigate SRY 12 Robert Jones Inmt Not Known ???
Archibald Preece Hampstead LND 14 George Preece Son Braughing HRT
Archibald H Preece Aberdare GLA 5 Charles Preece Son Newport MON
Archibald R Preece Leigh WOR 3 William Preece Son Cradley HEF
Arthur Preece Aymestrey HEF 6 James Preece Son Stowe SAL
Arthur Preece Bosbury HEF 14 Charles Preece Neph Derby DBY
Arthur Preece Rishton LAN 15 Annie Preece Son Fittnall STS
Arthur Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 28 David Jones Lodg Kensley HEF
Arthur Preece Cannock STS 22 Thomas Preece Son Middleton Under The Hill HEF
Arthur Preece Wimbledon SRY 23 William H Preece Son Southampton HAM
Arthur Preece Aberystruth MON 21 Joseph Blanchard Lodg Wellington HEF
Arthur Preece Rod,nash&little Brampton HEF 6 Edwin Preece Son Presteignee RAD
Arthur Preece Hampstead LND 8 George Preece Son Braughing HRT
Arthur Preece Coppenhall Monks CHS 20 Self Head Hereford HEF
Arthur Preece Handsworth STS 1 George Preece Son Witton WAR
Arthur Preece Sutton Coldfield WAR 1 William Preece Son Wordsley STS
Arthur Preece Stottesdon SAL 11 Robert Preece Son Winsell DBY
Arthur Preece Aston WAR 19 Charles Preece Son Liverpool LAN
Arthur Preece Newport MON 17 Henry Partridge Vist Hampton Bishop HEF
Arthur C Preece Wimbledon SRY 14 James Preece Son Derby DBY
Arthur J Preece Kings Norton WOR 14 Charles Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Arthur K Preece Lewisham LND 11 George Scott Son Kidderminster WOR
Augusta Preece Abergavenny MON 40 Thomas Preece Wife London LND
Augustus M Preece St Luke LND 58 Self Head Huntingdon HUN
Barnabas Preece St Cuthbert Out SOM 50 Arthur Law Wade Atdt Shrewsbury SAL
Basil William Preece East Barnet HRT 2 Bertha Marguerite Preece Son Cheltenham GLS
Beatrice E Preece Willesden MDX 9 John Preece Daughter Kilburn LND
Benjamen Preece Coppenhall Monks CHS 20 David Littlewood Lodg Bishops Castle SAL
Benjamin Preece Harborne STS 6 James Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Benjamin Preece Cradley HEF 11 Jane Preece Son Martley WOR
Benjamin Preece Bedwellty MON 60 Elizabeth Addis Bord Hay BRE
Benjamin Preece Cannock STS 24 Thomas Preece Son Middleton Under The Hill HEF
Benjamin Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 39 Self Head Charford SAL
Benjiman G Preece Hastings Holy Trinity SSX 31 Jemima Edmunds Lodg Poplar LND
Bertha Preece Bridgwater SOM 23 Robert Preece Wife Gloucester GLS
Bertha Preece Grosmont MON 30 Robert Hurd Sisl Herefordshire HEF
Bertha Preece Grosmont MON 30 Robert Wilford Sisl Hereford HEF
Bertha Preece Castleton LAN 31 Henry Preece Wife Ketley Bank SAL
Bertha Preece Kensington LND 20 Not Held Shop Kensington MDX
Bertha Marguerite Preece East Barnet HRT 30 Self Wife(head) London LND
Bertie C Preece Ruckley And Langley SAL 8 William Preece Son Stourbridge WOR
Caleb Preece St George Hanover Square LND 70 Caleb Preece Head Bridgwaterr SOM
Caroline Preece Caterham SRY 59 Robert Jones Ptnt Not Known ???
Caroline Preece Coppenhall Monks CHS 46 James Preece Wife Leominster HEF
Caroline Preece Bitterley SAL 16 Alma Preece Daughter Not Named MGY
Caroline Preece Melcombe Regis DOR 69 John Carter Moth Bath SOM
Caroline Preece Gateshead DUR 25 Nicholas Temperly Serv Ashford Carbonell HEF
Caroline Preece Presteigne RAD 45 Edward Preece Wife Kington HEF
Caroline Preece Wardleworth LAN 43 Not Held Serv ? Not Known SAL
Caroline J Preece Mile End Old Town LND 55 John Preece Wife Wandsworth SRY
Caroline W Preece Hackney LND 21 John C Mace Serv Presteigne RAD
Carrie C Preece Birkenhead CHS 22 Richard Preece Daughter Cheltenham GLS
Catharine Preece Neath GLA 65 Thomas Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Catharine J Preece Kensington LND 18 Mary Ann Wills Vist Hereford HEF
Catherine Preece Deritend WAR 33 Henry Preece Wife Willenhall STS
Catherine Preece Clyro RAD 24 Elizabeth Williams Daughter Hay BRE
Catherine Preece Toxteth Park LAN 56 Thomas Preece Wife Farndon MGY
Catherine Preece Birmingham WAR 36 Richard Preece Wife Leek STS
Catherine Preece Kentchurch HEF 39 John Leabourne Serv Abergavenny MON
Catherine Preece Aston WAR 32 Joshua Preece Wife Walsall STS
Catherine Preece St Pancras LND 29 Alexander Cartwright Serv Wales WLS
Catherine Preece Birkenhead CHS 30 Herbert Preece Wife Llangollen DEN
Catherine Preece Llangattock BRE 35 Simon Preece Daughter Llandilo MON
Catherine Preece Edgbaston WAR 28 William .... Serv North Woolwich KEN
Catherine Preece Bilston STS 60 Thomas Preece Wife Newport SAL
Catherine Preece Churchill WOR 62 William Preece Wife Knighton RAD
Catherine B Preece Paddington LND 21 Not Held Employee Garway HEF
Catherine E Preece Kingswinford STS 11 Joseph Preece Daughter Dudley WOR
Catherine V Preece Broseley SAL 5 George B Preece Daughter Droitwich WOR
Cecil C Preece Ellenhall STS 5 Thomas Preece Gson Newport SAL
Celia E Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 2 John Preece Gdau Birmingham WAR
Charles Preece Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL 60 Self Head Worcestershire WOR
Charles Preece Aston WAR 57 Charles Preece Head Hereford HEF
Charles Preece Newent GLS 38 Self Head Mordiford HEF
Charles Preece Presteigne RAD 14 Elizabeth Nelson Serv Clungunford SAL
Charles Preece Prestwich LAN 7 William Preece Son Oswestry SAL
Charles Preece Brightside Bierlow YKS 34 Self Head Smethwick STS
Charles Preece Worcester All Saints WOR 50 Self Head Wellington HEF
Charles Preece Amblecote STS 76 Self Head Yarpole HEF
Charles Preece Kensington LND 51 Self Head Hereford HEF
Charles Preece Yarpole HEF 30 Jane Preece Son Clungunford SAL
Charles Preece Bobbington STS 58 Self Head Aston Botterell SAL
Charles Preece West Dean GLS 36 Charles Preece Head St White HEF
Charles Preece Burton Extra STS 32 Self Head Llangarren HEF
Charles Preece Llanwenarth Ultra MON 27 Self Head Ross HEF
Charles Preece Llanwonno GLA 20 James Williams Bord Welshpool MGY
Charles Preece Cheslyn Hay STS 46 Self Head Broseley SAL
Charles Preece Aberdare GLA 34 Self Head St Devereux HEF
Charles Preece St Mary BRE 50 Self Head Aymestrey HEF
Charles Preece Harborne STS 64 Self Head Stokedith HEF
Charles Preece Talgarth BRE 20 W3illiam Jones Serv Herefordshire HEF
Charles Preece Lambeth LND 46 Charles Preece Head Nunney SOM
Charles Preece Kings Norton WOR 15 Charles Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Charles Preece Aston WAR 46 Elizabeth Cross Bord Hereford HEF
Charles Preece Gelligaer GLA 57 Self Head Hereford HEF
Charles Preece Worcester St Clement WOR 30 Charles Preece Head Hope Under Dinmore HEF
Charles A Preece Worcester All Saints WOR 8 Charles Preece Son Hereford HEF
Charles A Preece Aberdare GLA 9 Charles Preece Son Accrington LAN
Charles Benjamin Preece Birmingham WAR 9 Henry E Preece Son Birmingham WOR
Charles E Preece West Dean GLS 1 Richard Preece Son Dixon MON
Charles G Preece Monks Eleigh SFK 69 Self Head Upton Bishop HEF
Charles Godwin Preece Keynsham SOM 31 Self Head Littleport CAM
Charles Godwin Preece Keynsham SOM 6 Charles Godwin Preece Son Faringdon BRK
Charles H Preece West Bromwich STS 28 Self Head Gloucester GLS
Charles Henry Preece Aldershot HAM 24 Not Held Sldr Hereford All Saints HEF
Charles Jno Preece Kings Norton WOR 23 Self Head Adbaston WAR
Charles L Preece Horninglow STS 6 Samuel Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Charles R Preece Burton Extra STS 9 Charles Preece Son Ruardean GLS
Charles W Preece Bishop Wearmouth DUR 54 Charles W Preece Head Bridgewater SOM
Charles William Preece Chorlton On Medlock LAN 17 Mary White Bord Woolston CHS
Charlote Preece Moss Side LAN 42 George E Preece Wife London LND
Charlotte Preece Castleford YKS 28 John Preece Wife Russell STS
Charlotte Preece Wrexham Regis DEN 14 John Liversage Serv Snailbridge SAL
Charlotte Preece Kingsland HEF 48 Thomas Rawlings Daughter Knighton RAD
Charlotte Preece Aymestrey HEF 40 James Preece Wife Llanfairwaterdine SAL
Charlotte Preece Ross HEF 55 Joseph John Preece Wife Abenhall GLS
Charlotte Preece Ruardean GLS 37 James Preece Wife Upton Bishop HEF
Charlotte Preece Trewern & Gwithla RAD 21 John Lewis Serv Canon Pyon HEF
Charlotte Preece Wolverhampton STS 1 Joseph Preece Daughter Bridgnorth SAL
Charlotte A Preece St Margaret KEN 22 Arthur W .... Serv Ross HEF
Charlotte E Preece Kensington LND 17 Charles Preece Daughter Chelsea MDX
Chas Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 55 John Cottrell Bord Tenbury WOR
Christopher Preece Monkland HEF 16 William Preece Son Pedmore WOR
Christopher Preece Aberystruth MON 47 Caleb Dawcey Bord Herefordshire HEF
Cissy K Preece Roath GLA 2 Alfred J Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Clara Preece Llanelly CMN 16 Wm Bythway Serv Ross HEF
Clara Preece Earls Croome WOR 30 Thomas Preece Wife Bobbington STS
Clara Preece Christchurch MON 9 James Preece Daughter Aberdare GLA
Clara Preece Great Malvern WOR 10 John Preece Daughter Wolverhampton STS
Clara Preece Westminster St James MDX 31 Adam Preece Sist Hay BRE
Clara Preece Gibraltar GIB 36 Not held Servant England ENG
Clara Preece Spotland LAN 21 Christiana Royal Serv Hagley HEF
Clara Preece Earls Croome WOR 2 Thomas Preece Daughter Enville STS
Clara E Preece West Dean GLS 8 Richard Preece Daughter Hentland HEF
Clara J Preece West Derby LAN 3 William Collier Lodd Ludlow SAL
Clara J Preece Enville STS 17 Francis Perry Vist Claverley SAL
Clara Jane Preece Great Malvern WOR 37 John Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Clare L Preece Camberwell LND 29 Thomas A Preece Daughter Bristol GLS
Clare Mary Preece Kingsclere HAM 22 Ernest Prickett Serv Holmer HEF
Clarie L Preece Lewisham LND 15 George Scott Daughter Kidderminster WOR
Clifford A Preece St Martins WIL 11 Thomas Preece Son Beckley OXF
Clifford J F Preese Eaton Bishop HEF 9m Elizabeth Perf....... Bord Worcester WOR
Daniel Preece Ystradgynlais BRE 24 Maria Watkins Bord Glamorgan GLA
David Preece Birmingham St Martin WAR 8 George Preece Son Worcester WOR
David Preece Canton GLA 18 Thomas Sedgbeer(?) Bord England ENG
David Preece Barrow In Furness LAN 23 Self Head Kingswinford STS
David Preece Westminster St James MDX 1 Adam Preece Son Buttington MGY
Dora Preece Worcester St John WOR 44 John Preece Wife Bosbury HEF
Dora E Preece Bedwellty MON 9 Thomas Preece Daughter Withington HEF
Doris R Preece Shrewsbury St Julian SAL 8 William G Preece Gdau Sydney AUS