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Preece Census strays in 1901 - by first name/initial - A to D

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
- Preece Harborne WAR 46 James Preece Wife London LND
(mrs) Preece Bromley LND 47 Self Head Scotland SCT
A F Preece Upper Ipsley WAR 1 Henry Perry Gdau Redditch WOR
Aaron B Preece Holmer Within HEF 29 John Griffiths Bord Leebotwood SAL
Abel Preece Bitterley SAL 12 Alma Preece Gson Winchester HAM
Abel Preece Birmingham WAR 18 Polly Pearson Neph West Bromwich STS
Abigail Preece Lapley STS 39 John Priece Wife Warwick WAR
Abraham Preece Horfield GLS 33 Self Head Bridgwater SOM
Abraham Preece Kinnerley SAL 19 Mary Pritchard Vist Presleigh RAD
Ada Preece Weston Super Mare SOM 26 Edwin Preece Daughter Manchester LAN
Ada Preece Wickhambreaux KEN 27 Alexander C Scrimgeour Serv Cawsand CON
Ada Preece Folkestone KEN 28 Charles F Booty Matr Hereford HEF
Ada Preece Bradford YKS 22 Thomas Preece Daughter Bucknell SAL
Ada Preece Orpington KEN 27 Eliza Taylor Vist Portsmouth HAM
Ada Preece Upton On Severn WOR 29 John Preece Wife Abingdon BRK
Ada Preece Shifnal SAL 40 Margaret Murry Bord Wolverhampton STS
Ada Preece Kidderminster Foreign WOR 1 Samuel Preece Daughter Liverpool LAN
Ada G Preece Newport MON 27 William Preece Wife Brecon BRE
Ada M Preece Blaenavon MON 15 John Morgan Serv Cannon Bridge HEF
Ada Mary Preece Fulham MDX 19 William M Preece Daughter London LND
Adelaide Preece Bristol GLS 51 Edward G Williams Motl Devizes WIL
Adelaide Preece Dalziel LKS 46 James Preece Wife England ENG
Adeline F Preece Wadhurst SSX 1 Richard Preece Daughter London LND
Agnes Preece Little Hereford HEF 19 Samuel Pound Serv Richards Castle SAL
Agnes Preece Cheltenham GLS 42 Self Head Hanley STS
Agnes Preece Wimbledon SRY 36 William Henry Preece Daughter Southampton HAM
Agnes Preese North Manchester LAN 32 Setton Menasce Serv Kerry MGY
Agnes Preece Wolverhampton STS 28 Joseph Preece Wife Brookhampton SAL
Agnes Preece Birmingham WAR 20 Not Named Ptnt ? Not Known ???
Agnes Preece Marple CHS 16 Maria A Hudson Serv Westbury SAL
Agnes Preece South Manchester LAN 25 Robert Webster Niec Bishops Castle SAL
Agnes Preece Aston WAR 14 Abraham Phillips Serv Bullington HEF
Agnes Preece Erdington WAR 1 Joseph Preece Daughter Kidsgrove STS
Agnes A Preece Shrawley WOR 35 Arthur Preece Wife Dalton In Furness LAN
Agnes F Preece Handsworth STS 20 George Elsmore Serv Worfield SAL
Agnes M Preece Wolverhampton STS 39 James R Ransom Daughter Cherington SFK
Albert Preece St John Evangelist Brecknock BRE 8 Thomas Preece Son Bredwardine HEF
Albert Preece Tottenham MDX 10 Wm Preece Son Barnsbury LND
Albert Preece Llangattock Vibon Avel MON 12 William Preece Son Much Dewchurch HEF
Albert Preece Bradford YKS 28 Thomas Preece Neph Richards Castle SAL
Albert Preece Blaenavon MON 33 William White Vist Herefordshire HEF
Albert Preece Gelligaer GLA 17 James Moreton Bord Worcester St John WOR
Albert Preece Newington LND 13 William Preece Son Forest Hill ???
Albert Preece Gloucester GLS 26 James Preece Son Ross HEF
Albert Preece Weston Super Mare SOM 17 Edward Preece Son Plymouth DEV
Albert Preece Swansea GLA 26 David Davies Bord ? Not Known HEF
Albert Preece Beeston NTT 30 Elizabeth Preece Son Hereford HEF
Albert Preece Monmouth MON 54 Self Head Allensmore HEF
Albert Preece Aston Manor WAR 19 George Duggins Serv Brownhills STS
Albert Preece Pershore St Andrew WOR 22 Ruth Bell Bord Cleobury North SAL
Albert Preece Aston Manor WAR 23 William Preece Son Rowley Regis STS
Albert Preece Bisham BRK 1 James Preece Son Great Marlow BUK
Albert Preice Paddington MDX 21 Elizabeth Booth Bord Kensington LND
Albert E Preece Erdington WAR 26 Self Head Dudley WOR
Albert E Preece Willesden MDX 35 Self Head Birmingham WAR
Albert E Preece Bedale YKS 23 John W Wiles Bord Cheltenham GLS
Albert E Preece Lugwardine HEF 13 Robert Preece Son St Alkmunds DBY
Albert H Preece Islington MDX 14 Thomas Preece Son Islington LND
Albert J Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 4 Leonard Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Albert S Preece Harborne WAR 27 Self Head Hanbury WOR
Albert T Preece Ludlow SAL 21 William Evans Bord Monmouth MON
Alexander Preece Hackney MDX 16 Nellie Lodge Son Holloway LND
Alf Preece Llanwonno GLA 18 Robert Williams Bord Hereford HEF
Alfd Preece Nottingham NTT 55 Self Head Hereford HEF
Alfred Preece Kings Caple HEF 21 Alfred Preece Head Cardiff GLA
Alfred Preece Aston WAR 29 Self Head Hereford HEF
Alfred Preece Islington MDX 18 William Crispin Bord Vauxhall LND
Alfred Preece Birmingham WAR 19 Alfred Preece Son Walsall STS
Alfred Preece Gelligaer GLA 24 Robert Wills Bord Weobley HEF
Alfred Preece Aston Manor WAR 43 Self Head Knighton RAD
Alfred Preece Ystraddyfodwg GLA 24 Alfred Preece Head Much Birch HEF
Alfred Preece Newport MON 62 Thomas Lewis Bord Not Known HEF
Alfred Preece Kidderminster WOR 57 Alfred Preece Head Pixley HEF
Alfred Preece Croydon SRY 54 Alfred Preece Head Clifton GLS
Alfred Preece Birmingham WAR 50 Self Head Cheltenham GLS
Alfred Preece Newport MON 28 Not Named Lodg Hereford HEF
Alfred Preece Kingston On Thames SRY 44 Self Head Nunney SOM
Alfred Preece Birkdale LAN 28 Self Head Astley Abbotts SAL
Alfred Preece Newport MON 42 Alfred Preece Head Hereford HEF
Alfred Preece Abberley WOR 41 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Alfred Preece Margate KEN 37 Self Head London LND
Alfred Preece Aston WAR 36 Joseph Potts Bord Woolwich KEN
Alfred Preece St Pancras MDX 35 Self Head Strand LND
Alfred Preece Swansea GLA 42 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
Alfred Preece Leominster HEF 49 Florence Goode Lodg Ludlow SAL
Alfred E Preece Aston WAR 24 Oliver Preece Son Mitcheldean GLS
Alfred E Preece Croydon SRY 26 Alfred Preece Son Holloway LND
Alfred G Preece Gloucester St Paul gls 14 Thomas S J Preece Son Pencraig HEF
Alfred J Preece Abergavenny MON 38 Alfred J Preece Head Kilpeck HEF
Alfred J Preece Ledbury HEF 43 Ellen Hill Vist Birmingham WAR
Alfred L Preece Handsworth STS 19 Urania Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Alfred Percy Preece Portswood HAM 15 George Preece Son Wandsworth LND
Alfred Thomas Preece Chirbury SAL 28 Annie Preece Son Trclyslan MGY
Alice Preece West Derby LAN 13 Alexander Johnston Niec Hereford HEF
Alice Preece St Andrew & St George The Martyr MDX 27 Charles Good Serv Clerkenwell LND
Alice Preece Headingley With Burley YKS 26 John Wainwright Watson Serv West Malvern WOR
Alice Preece Breinton HEF 53 William Preece Wife London LND
Alice Preece Handsworth STS 24 Charles Preece Wife Hoarworthy HAM
Alice Preece Pipe Cum Lyde HEF 24 James Whiting Vist Ruardean GLS
Alice Preece Tewkesbury GLS 23 James Horton Serv ? Not Known ???
Alice Preece Chaddesley Corbett WOR 29 Samuel Preece Wife Eardisley HEF
Alice Preece St Pancras MDX 21 Arthur Ward Serv ? Not Known WAR
Alice Preece Birkenhead CHS 26 Arthur H Arkle Serv Hereford HEF
Alice Preece Poulton Cum Spital CHS 21 Nathaniel Caine Serv Buttington MGY
Alice Preece Salford WAR 21 Frederick Gibbins Serv Hanbury WOR
Alice Preece Acton MDX 20 Thomas Preece Daughter Hammersmith LND
Alice Preece Bristol GLS 20 Frederick Arnot Serv Hereford HEF
Alice Preece Worle SOM 20 Sarah Day Gdau Stonehouse DEV
Alice Preece Aston WAR 18 John Preece Daughter Wolverhampton STS
Alice Preece Islington MDX 18 Sarah Preece Daughter Hampstead LND
Alice Preece Great Malvern WOR 16 Charles Salisbury Serv Putley HEF
Alice Preece Bromley MDX 22 Ann Bastone Daughter Mile End LND
Alice Preece Lambeth LND 45 William Preece Wife Caernarvon CAE
Alice Preece Newland GLS 32 George Preece Wife Worcester WOR
Alice Preece St George Hanover Square LND 37 Wm Preece Wife Fulham MDX
Alice Preece Aston Manor WAR 6M John Preece Daughter Aston STS
Alice Preece Newport MON 40 James Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Alice Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 10 John Preece Daughter Woolwich LND
Alice Preece Ebbw Vale MON 36 Thomas Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Alice Preece Aston Manor WAR 42 Philip Johnson Serv Hereford HEF
Alice Preece Moss Side LAN 38 Fredk A Davis Serv Ruabon DEN
Alice Preece Aston Manor WAR 24 Thomas A Preece Wife Sheffield YKS
Alice Preece Leominster HEF 48 George Preece Wife Claines WOR
Alice Preece Islington MDX 33 Henry C Preece Wife Islington LND
Alice Preece Aston HEF 42 William Preece Wife Discoyd RAD
Alice Preece Plumstead SRY 2 John Preece Daughter Woolwich KEN
Alice A K Preece Ilford ESS 3 James Preece Daughter East Dulwich LND
Alice C Preece Ilford ESS 23 James Preece Wife Strand LND
Alice E Preece Moss Side LAN 9 Fredk A Davis Serd Liscard CHS
Alice E Preece Penge KEN 59 Self Head London LND
Alice Elizabeth Preece Portswood HAM 11 George Preece Daughter Clapham LND
Alice J Preece Churchdown GLS 37 Elizabeth Nicholls Vist Widemarsh HEF
Alice Lily Preece St George Hanover Square LND 1 Wm Preece Daughter Pimlico MDX
Alice M E Preece Aston WAR 26 Annie Hawkley Vist Plymouth DEV
Alice Mary Preece Hornsey MDX 18 Benjamin Thomas Martins(?) Serv London LND
Alice Maud Preece Oldham LAN 9 John Preece Daughter Not Known SAL
Allan T Preece Shipton Under Wychwood OXF 49 Self Head Cradley WOR
Allon Preece Wolverhampton STS 25 Self Head Blanaue South Wales Merion WLS
Alma Preece Bitterley SAL 75 Alma Preece Head Ledbury HEF
Ambrose D Preece Kingsbury MDX 38 Ambrose Preece Head London LND
Amelia Preece Much Dewchurch HEF 74 Self Head Trellick MON
Amelia Preece Aston WAR 22 Henry Preece Daughter London LND
Amelia Preece Neath GLA 37 George Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Amelia M Preece Walsall STS 5 Thomas Preece Daughter Oldbury WOR
Amos Preece Glass Houghton YKS 11 Enock J Preece Brot East Dean GLS
Amy Preece Withington LAN 17 Mary Burnett Serv Whitley WOR
Amy Preece Wimbledon SRY 27 William Henry Preece Daughter Southampton HAM
Amy Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 30 Ephrian Preece Wife Risca MON
Amy Preece Yardley WOR 5 George Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Amy Preese Tanworth In Arden WAR 42 Arther Preese Wife Wednesbury STS
Amy Preece Bradford YKS 10 Thomas Preece Daughter Liverpool LAN
Amy Preece St Pancras MDX 23 Maria L Proctor Serv Leominster HEF
Amy Elizabeth Preece St Brides Major GLA 16 William Preece Daughter Hereford St John Baptist HEF
Amy L Preece East Ham ESS 23 Thomas Preece Daughter Shrewsbury SAL
Andrew Preece Shifnal SAL 60 Margaret Murry Bord Wolverhampton STS
Andrew Preece Llanfrynach BRE 36 Andrew Preece Head Dawson HEF
Andrew Preece Mynyddislwyn MON 20 Charles Coles Sson Dean Forest GLS
Ann Preece Tewkesbury GLS 73 Annie E Preece Moth Wooburn Green BKM
Ann Preece Cannock STS 62 Thomas Preece Wife Yarpool HEF
Ann Preece Burghill HEF 75 Not Held Inmt ? Not Known ENG
Ann Preece Ludford SAL 69 William Preece Wife Cricklade WIL
Ann Preece Stapleton HEF 66 Betsy Lewis Nurs Clun SAL
Ann Preece Bobbington STS 64 Charles Preece Wife Syresham OXF
Ann Preece Cheltenham GLS 62 Ann Preece Head Tenbury WOR
Ann Preece Chirbury SAL 41 George Preece Wife Hyssington MGY
Ann Preece Bobbington STS 57 Thomas Preece Wife Claverley SAL
Ann Preece Bradford YKS 53 Thomas Preece Wife Clanbesger RAD
Ann Preece Birmingham WAR 52 Self Head Ledbury HEF
Ann Preece Roath GLA 75 Self Head Portsmouth HAM
Ann Preece Bermondsey LND 45 Henry Preece Wife Preston BKM
Ann Preece Bath SOM 78 Self Head Hereford HEF
Ann Preece Wolverhampton STS 14 Mary Preece Gdau Bridgnorth SAL
Ann Preece Dilwyn HEF 61 Self Head Llanbadon RAD
Ann Preece Gloucester GLS 35 James Preece Wife Much Birch HEF
Ann E Preece Worthen SAL 45 Robert Preece Wife Kerry MGY
Ann M Preece Glyncorrwg GLA 63 Charles Preece Wife Bochrood RAD
Ann R Preece Aston WAR 26 Frederick Preece Wife Glasgow SCT
Anne Preece Sutton Coldfield WAR 27 Edward Brookes Serv Brewood STS
Anne Fairclough Preece Wimbledon SRY 30 Arthur Henry Preece Wife Warrington LAN
Annie Preece Upton On Severn WOR 35 James Preece Wife Canon Frome HEF
Annie Preece Trysull +seisdon STS 32 Alfred Preece Wife Oakengates SAL
Annie Preece Bradford YKS 33 Wm Edwd Preece Wife Felton SAL
Annie Preece Gillingham KEN 32 Maria Brady Bord ? Not Known LND
Annie Preece Handsworth STS 32 Arthur Rabone Serv Hereford St Martin HEF
Annie Preece Culmington SAL 34 Arthur Preece Wife Bosbury HEF
Annie Preece Monmouth MON 34 Jane Law Daughter Todmorden YKS
Annie Preece Madeley SAL 35 John Preece Wife Not Known STS
Annie Preece Monmouth MON 44 Clara Stewart Serv Kingsland HEF
Annie Preece Oswestry SAL 37 Frederick Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Annie Preece Bournemouth HAM 38 Julia Meiklam? Serv Hereford HEF
Annie Preece Ilford ESS 40 Harry Clark Sist Hackney LND
Annie Preece Stockport CHS 43 Frederick Preece Wife Eastham WOR
Annie Preece Tewkesbury GLS 31 Self Wife Melton Mowbray LEI
Annie Preece Stanage RAD 9 George Preece Daughter Dorthin SAL
Annie Preece Little Birch HEF 40 James Preece Wife British Subject ???
Annie Preece Abergavenny MON 19 Not Held Inmt Hereford HEF
Annie Preece Sculcoates YKS 54 William Preece Wife Crowle LIN
Annie Preece Worcester WOR 2 William Preece Daughter Exeter DEV
Annie Preece Plumstead SRY 8 John Preece Daughter Woolwich KEN
Annie Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 9 Eliza Preece Gdau Cardiff GLA
Annie Preece Brimfield HEF 11 William Preece Daughter Richards Castle SAL
Annie Preece Mynyddyslwyn MON 13 William Elias Thomas Vist Botlas Green GLS
Annie Preece Abergavenny MON 12 George Breakwell Sdau Dinedor HEF
Annie Preece Bradford YKS 19 Thomas Preece Daughter Bucknell SAL
Annie Preece St Paul Covent Garden LND 30 Not Held Nurs Ross HEF
Annie Preece Coventry WAR 20 Emma Shilton Serv Monkland HEF
Annie Preece Cardiff St John Baptist GLA 23 William F Pethybridge Serv Abergavenny MON
Annie Preece Oldbury WOR 24 Henry Preece Wife Tillington HEF
Annie Preece Malvern Link WOR 26 Henry Preece Wife Gloucester GLS
Annie Preece Leominster HEF 26 Charles Preece Daughter Rumney WLS
Annie Preece Ashford Bowdler SAL 27 Thomas H Pound Serv ? Not Known ???
Annie Preece Lambeth LND 28 Not Held Nurs Rame CON
Annie Preece Llanharan GLA 15 John Preece Daughter Mansell Lacy HEF
Annie Preece Mathon HEF 47 James Preece Wife Plymouth DEV
Annie Preece Llanfillo Entire BRE 44 William Gwillim ???? ? Not Known ???
Annie Preece Ystraddyfodwg GLA 21 Alfred Preece Wife Ashton LAN
Annie Preece Manchester LAN 49 Edward Preece Wife Hampstead MDX
Annie Preece Burwarton SAL 47 George Preece Wife Denwick NBL
Annie Preece St Pancras MDX 83 George A Cooper Bord St Pancras LND
Annie Preece Chirbury SAL 58 Self Head Guilsfield MGY
Annie Preece Ludlow SAL 56 George Preece Wife Aymestrey HEF
Annie Preece Llanishen GLA 22 Richard Morgan Serv Worcester WOR
Annie Preece Oldham LAN 50 Robert Preece Wife Coventry WAR
Annie A Preece St Pancras MDX 38 Alfred Preece Wife St Pancras LND
Annie E Preece Winton HAM 37 James Preece Wife Wimbourne DOR
Annie E Preece Cefnllys Urban RAD 22 Mary C Jenkins Serv Madeley HEF
Annie E Preece Kings Norton WOR 23 Ernest Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Annie E Preece St Pancras MDX 1 Alfred Preece Daughter St Pancras LND
Annie E Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 5 James Preece Daughter Abergavenny MON
Annie E Preece Horninglow STS 48 George Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Annie Elizabeth Preece Guarlford WOR 24 Charles Samuel Preece Wife Upper Sapey HEF
Annie Elizabeth Preece Bradford YKS 11 Wm Edwd Preece Daughter Norton SAL
Annie J Prees Swansea GLA 45 Griffith Prees Wife Cincinati OH
Annie L Preece Withington LAN 20 Richard Preece Daughter Northampton NTH
Annie M Preece Wandsworth LND 32 William Preece Wife Isle Of Assencion ???
Annie M L Preece St Pancras MDX 55 Self Head Linslade BKM
Annie V Preece Ledbury HEF 1 Catherine Vallender Gdau Jackfield SAL
Annita M Preece Brierley Hill STS 8 George M Yates Neic Dormington SAL
Archibald Preece Cradley HEF 12 Esther M Preece Son Malvern WOR
Archibald J Preece Hackney MDX 11 John Preece Son Hackney LND
Arthur Preece Hope Under Dinmore HEF 35 Self Head Presteigne RAD
Arthur Prees South Manchester LAN 6 Emily Prees Son Birmingham WAR
Arthur Preece Stottesden SAL 21 Robert Preece Son Winsill DBY
Arthur Preece Newington LND 10 William Preece Son Sydenham KEN
Arthur Preece Sutton Coldfield WAR 11 William Preece Son Wordsley STS
Arthur Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 26 David Thomas Bord Birmingham WAR
Arthur Preece English Bicknor GLS 53 Self Head Hentland HEF
Arthur Preece South Wimbledon SRY 24 Self Head Derby DBY
Arthur Preece St Marylebone MDX 18 George Preece Son Hamels Pk Ware HRT
Arthur Preece Cheslyn Hay STS 33 Self Head Hereford HEF
Arthur Preece Kings Norton WOR 29 Self Head Monmouth MON
Arthur Preece Aston Manor WAR 29 Arthur Preece Head Liverpool LAN
Arthur Preece Everton LAN 29 Self Head Ireland IRE
Arthur Preece Worcester WOR 24 William E Aston Bord Hereford HEF
Arthur Preece Llanwonno GLA 24 James Preece Bord Presteigne RAD
Arthur Preece Ebbw Vale MON 28 David Price Bord York Hill HEF
Arthur Preece Luston HEF 16 James Preece Son Weston RAD
Arthur Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 23 William Preece Neph Derby DBY
Arthur Preece Rishton LAN 25 Self Head Compton STS
Arthur G Preece Shrawley WOR 39 Self Head Linton HEF
Arthur Henry Preece Wimbledon SRY 33 Arthur Henry Preece Head Southampton HAM
Arthur J Preece Oldcastle GLA 4 John Preece Son Tal Y Wain MON
Arthur J S Preece Croydon SRY 8 Alfred Preece Son Margate KEN
Arthur John Preece Blaenavon MON 14 Henry Saunders Brol Llanelly BRE
Arthur S Preece Islington MDX 5 William Preece Son St Pancras LND
Arthur William Preece Cosham HAM 21 Not Held Bord Pimlico LND
Arthur Wm Preece Balsall Heath WAR 25 Self Head Balsall Heath Kings Norton WOR
Athena Preece South Manchester LAN 27 George Preece Wife Shrewsbury SAL
Augustine M Preece Hackney MDX 13 John Preece Daughter Hackney LND
Augustus M Preece Islington MDX 68 Self Head Islington LND
Barnabas Preece Aston Manor WAR 30 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
Beatrice Preece Walsall STS 25 Ernest Preece Wife Aston WAR
Beatrice E Preece Willesden MDX 19 John Preece Daughter London LND
Beatrice J Preece Glass Houghton YKS 6 Enos Preece Daughter Ruardean Hill GLS
Beatrice M Preece Brierley Hill STS 26 George M Yates Neic Cleobury Mortimer SAL
Beatrice Marian Preece Moreton In Marsh GLS 20 Leonard Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Benjaman Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 30 Mary Ann Hoff Sonl Bishops Castle SAL
Benjamin Preece Toxteth Park LAN 36 Benjamin Preece Head Shrewsbury SAL
Benjamin Preece St Helens LAN 4 Benjamin Preece Son Church Bridge STS
Benjamin Preece St Helens LAN 34 Self Head Hereford HEF
Benjamin Preece Hartshorne DBY 48 William Walley Bord Chatford SAL
Benjamin Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 58 William Barry Bord West Dean GLS
Bernard Preece Paddington LND 7 John Preece Son Egham SRY
Bert Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 21 Arthur Croft Lodg Hay BRE
Bertha Preece Croydon SRY 38 Robert Howe Serv Belbroughton WOR
Bertha Preece Roath GLA 27 Edwin Sirrell Asst Madley HEF
Bertha Preece Ealing MDX 31 Harry Preece Wife ? Not Known SOM
Bertha Preece Bridgwater SOM 33 Robert Preece Wife Duntisbourne Abbots ???
Bertha Preece Rochdale LAN 40 Henry Preece Wife Ketley Bank SAL
Bertha E Preece Tenbury WOR 39 Enos Higgins Neic Brockley GLS
Bertha Marguerite Preece Gloucester GLS 40 George Preece Wife Fulham LND
Bertie Preece Neath GLA 10 George Preece Son Bristol GLS
Bessie Preece Bayford HRT 32 Edwin Preece Wife Ebrengton GLS
Bessie Preece Bristol GLS 23 James Williams Serv Nunney SOM
Bessie Lilian Preece Oldham LAN 6 John Preece Daughter Not Known SAL
Blanche Preece Weston Super Mare SOM 18 Edward Preece Daughter Plymouth DEV
Bridget Preece Broughton LAN 34 John Preece Wife Montgomery MGY
C A Preece Trysull +seisdon STS 10 Alfred Preece Son Easton Mass Us America B S USA
C W Preece Llanhilleth MON 21 John Jayne Sonl Cardiff GLA
Caroline Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 50 James Preece Wife Leominster HEF
Caroline Preece Kensington LND 30 James Alexander Serv Prestign RAD
Caroline Preece Lingen HEF 80 Self Head Hopesay SAL
Caroline Preece Pontypridd GLA 40 Luke Preece Wife Abergavenny MON
Caroline Preece Chell STS 28 James Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Caroline Preece Newent GLS 67 Howard Trubshaw Inmt Pendock WOR
Caroline Preece West Ham ESS 29 Herbert Preece Wife Limehouse LND
Caroline Preece Shrewsbury St Julian SAL 48 Self Head Bayston Hill HEF
Caroline E Preece Kingston On Thames SRY 47 Alfred Preece Wife Standon ESS
Carrie C Preece Birkenhead CHS 32 Richard Preece Daughter Cheltenham GLS
Catharine Preece Hampstead MDX 28 Marian M Wills Bord Ashperton HEF
Catherine Preece Upper Penn STS 69 Thomas Preece Wife Newport SAL
Catherine Preece St George Hanover Square LND 32 Self? Wife Merioneth MER
Catherine Preece Broseley SAL 15 George Preece Daughter Droitwich WOR
Catherine Preece Broseley SAL 15 George B Preece Daughter Droitwich WOR
Catherine Preece Acton MDX 21 Martha Rundle Serv Clapham LND
Catherine Preece Dalziel LKS 25 Samuel Preece Wife Ireland IRE
Catherine Preece Colchester ESS 46 Richard Preece Wife Stoke On Trent STS
Catherine Preece Malvern Wells WOR 4 Mary Preece Daughter Ireland IRE
Catherine Preece Edgbaston WAR 38 John Parkes Serv Woolwich LND
Catherine Preece Bishopstone HEF 49 Edward Preece Wife Madley STS
Catherine E Preece Sculcoates YKS 29 Elizabeth D Sales Serv Wolverhampton STS
Catherine E Preece Birmingham WAR 19 Henry Preece Daughter Leominster HEF
Catherine M Preece Aston WAR 5 George Preece Daughter Monmouthshire MON
Cathrine Preece Bradford YKS 35 Thomas Preece Wife Ireland IRE
Cecilia E Preece Keighley YKS 12 Thomas Oliver Serv Birmingham WAR
Charles Preece Balsall Heath WAR 59 Self Head Northfield WOR
Charles Preece West Dean GLS 45 Charles Preece Head Hereford HEF
Charles Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 20 Albert Powell Bord Hereford HEF
Charles Preece Aston WAR 47 Self Head Tewkesbury GLS
Charles Preece Cheslyn Hay STS 56 Charles Preece Head Much Wenlock SAL
Charles Preece Balsall Heath WAR 56 Self Head Mamble WOR
Charles Preece Lambeth LND 57 Charles Preece Head Nunney SOM
Charles Preece Horninglow STS 44 Samuel Dunsby Bord Llangarren HEF
Charles Preece Saint Mary BRE 63 Self Head Aymestrey HEF
Charles Preece Bobbington STS 70 Self Head Aston SAL
Charles Preese Aston WAR 56 Philip Bovill Bord Withington HEF
Charles Preece Glyncorrwg GLA 57 Charles Preece Head Hagley HEF
Charles Preece Orpington KEN 28 Eliza Taylor Vist Stoke STS
Charles Preece Aston WAR 17 Charles Preece Son Coalville LEI
Charles Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 17 William Preece Son Oswestry SAL
Charles Preece New Windsor BRK 20 Not Held Sldr Worcester All Saints WOR
Charles Preece Tong SAL 21 Charles Preece Son Lillesshall STS
Charles Preece Leyton ESS 37 Self Head Pimlico LND
Charles Preece Weston Super Mare SOM 15 Edward Preece Son Plymouth DEV
Charles Preece Birmingham WAR 26 Elizabeth Preece Son Weston Under Peny HEF
Charles Preece Aston WAR 24 Amos Meadows Bord Callow HEF
Charles Preece Wray With Botton LAN 30 Charles Preece Head Bridgnorth SAL
Charles Preece Abergavenny MON 33 John Short Bord Hereford HEF
Charles Preece St Marylebone MDX 28 Self Head Clapham SRY
Charles Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 35 Self Head Chatford SAL
Charles Preece Shobdon HEF 35 Self Head Clungunford SAL
Charles Preece Llanharan GLA 9 John Preece Son Berrington SOM
Charles Preece Llangollen DEN 37 Self Head Hereford HEF
Charles Preece St John Bedwardine WOR 40 Self Head Dinmore HEF
Charles Preece English Bicknor GLS 11 Edwick Preece Son Dixton MON
Charles E Preece St Ewe CON 5 Thomas Preece Son Solihull WAR
Charles E Preece Glasgow SCO 23 ? Not Held Bord Bristol GLS
Charles E Preece Mitchel Troy MON 8 James Preece Son English Bicknor GLS
Charles F Preece Lambeth LND 23 Thomas Preece Neph Ledbury HEF
Charles F Preece Banbury OXF 22 Batsy Baughan? Bord Hagley WOR
Charles G Preece Reading St Mary BRK 41 Self Head Littleport CAM
Charles H Preece Woodford Cum Membris NTH 32 Self Head Burton Upon Trent STS
Charles H Preece St Marylebone MDX 34 Self Head Hereford HEF
Charles H Preece Ludford SAL 9 William Preece Son Ameley HEF
Charles H Preece Wellington SAL 20 Mary Preece Son Llandyssil MGY
Charles Henry Preece Guarlford WOR 2 Charles Samuel Preece Son Upper Sapey HEF
Charles J Preece Aston WAR 14 George Preece Son Monmouthshire MON
Charles R Preece Chesterfield DBY 20 Joseph Pawson Bord Woodside GLS
Charles Richard Preece Margam GLA 36 Self Head Mathon WOR
Charles S Preece Horninglow STS 16 Samuel Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Charles U Preece Handsworth STS 5 Charles Preece Son Hereford HEF
Charles W Preece Handsworth STS 28 Self Head Leominster HEF
Charles Watkins Preece Trallong BRE 19 John Griffiths Bord Hereford St Martin HEF
Charles Wm Preece South Manchester LAN 28 Mary White Bord Warleston CHS
Charley Preece Gloucester GLS 34 Self Head Ross HEF
Charlotte Preece Wolverhampton STS 10 Mary Preece Gdau Bridgnorth SAL
Charlotte Preece Glass Houghton YKS 31 Enock J Preece Wife East Dean GLS
Charlotte Preece Ross HEF 65 Joseph J Preece Wife Abenhall GLS
Charlotte Preece Moss Side LAN 52 Self Head London LND
Charlotte Preece Luston HEF 51 James Preece Wife Llanover RAD
Charlotte Preece East Dean GLS 45 James Preece Wife Upton Bishop HEF
Charlotte Preece St George Hanover Square LND 30 Henry Preece Wife Uttoxeter STS
Charlotte Preece St George Hanover Square LND 30 Henry Preice Wife Uttoxeter STS
Charlotte Preece Condover SAL 30 Thomas Preece Wife Cheltenham GLS
Charlotte Preece Moss Side LAN 19 Charlotte Preece Daughter Leicester LEI
Charlotte Preece Balsall Heath WAR 28 William C Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Christopher Preece Coventry WAR 26 Christopher Preece Head Stourbridge WOR
Cissie K Preece Handsworth STS 12 Urania Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Clara Preece St Giles In The Fields MDX 21 William Preece Vist St James LND
Clara Preece Aston WAR 20 John Preece Daughter Wolverhampton STS
Clara Preece English Bicknor GLS 19 Edwick Preece Daughter Hentland HEF
Clara Preece Ashton Under Lyne LAN 22 Harriet Preece Wife Cocker CUL
Clara Preece Hurley BRK 23 George Samuel Elliott Serv Herefordshire HEF
Clara Preece Earls Croome WOR 40 Thomas Preece Wife Bobbington STS
Clara Preece Earls Croome WOR 12 Thomas Preece Daughter Enville STS
Clara Jane Preece Aston WAR 47 John Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Clarence Preece Fulford St Oswald YKS 15 Thomas Graves Lowry Herbert Armstrong Boy London MDX
Clarissa Preece Margate KEN 7 Rita Clarkson Vist London LND
Clement Preece Llanfrechfa Lower MON 3 James Preece Son Goodrich HEF
Clement Preece Wolverhampton STS 20 Charles Cross Serv Shrewsbury SAL
Clement Preece Griffithstown MON 30 Self Head Peterstone HEF
Clement H Preece Islington MDX 1 Henry C Preece Son Islington LND
Clifford Preece St Martin WIL 21 Thomas Preece Son Beckley OXF
Constance Preece Southampton St Mary HAM 30 Walter Preece Wife Bridgwater SOM
Cornealis Preece Stanage RAD 29 Matthew Mills Serv Wigmore HEF
Cyril Preece Lee LND 5 William Preece Son Lee KEN
Cyril Preece Hereford St Peter HEF 5 Susannah Preece Son Downton Ludlow SAL
Daisy Preece Llanfrechfa Lower MON 6 James Preece Daughter Brampton Abbotts HEF
David Preece Middleton LAN 33 Self Head Pensnett Nr Dudley Kingswinford STS
David Preece Swindon WIL 45 Self Head Tundu? GLA
Donald Preece Glass Houghton YKS 16 Enos Preece Son Ruardean Hill GLS
Donald E Preece Leyton ESS 3 Charles Preece Son Hastings SSX
Dora Preece New Milverton WAR 30 Clement G Lefroy Serv Witley WOR
Doris E Preece Woodford Cum Membris NTH 10m Charles H Preece Daughter Burton Upon Trent STS
Dorothy Prees Aston WAR 8 Minnie Prees Daughter Woolwich KEN
Dorothy Preece St Marylebone MDX 13 George Preece Daughter South Hampstead LND
Dorothy Preece Paddington LND 6 John Preece Daughter Egham SRY
Dorothy Preece Kings Norton WOR 5 Thomas C Preece Daughter Scotland SCT
Dorothy Irene Preece Llanelly BRE 1 Francis Preece Daughter