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Preece Census strays in 1881 - by first name/initial - A to D

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Able Preece Cainham SAL 2 Alma Preece Son St James HEF
Ada Preece Ludlow St Lawrence SAL 15 Robert Meyrick Serv Leinthall Starkes HEF
Ada Preece Bucknell RAD 4 Thomas Preece Daur Bucknell SAL
Ada Preece Birmingham WAR 9 James Teague Niec ? Not Known WOR
Ada Maud S Preece St George Hanover Square MDX 7 Diana Preece Daur Woolwich KEN
Ada Scrivens Preece Wembworthy DEV 6 Henry Preece Daur ? Not Known CON
Adam Preece Pool MGY 67 Adam Preece Head Worthen SAL
Adelaid L Preece Bristol St Philip & Jacob GLS 31 Thomas H Preece Wife Devizes WIL
Adelaide Preece Dalziel LKS 35 James Preece Wife ? Not Known ???
Agnes Preece Eaton Bishop HEF 13 Charles Perfrement Vist London MDX
Agnes Gwen Preece Wimbledon SRY 16 William Henry Preece Daur Southampton HAM
Albert Preece Rowley Regis STS 3 William Preece Son Rugby WAR
Albert Preece Walsall Foreign STS 18 Joseph Jenkins Neph Kingston HEF
Albert Preece Ross HEF 7 William Preece Son Endon ESS
Albert Preece Willesden MDX 15 John Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Albert Preece Aston WAR 26 Frederick Preece Bro Cheltenham GLS
Albert Preece Wistanstow SAL 22 John Davies Serv Hereford HEF
Albert Alfred Preece Gloucester Kingsholm St M GLS 9 James Preece Son Ross HEF
Albert Hy Preece Monmouth MON 35 Self Head Allensmore HEF
Alexander Drysdale Preece Holborn St Andrew MDX 23 Peter Redington Serv ? Not Known ???
Alfred Preece Kidderminster WOR 39 Alfred Preece Head Pixley HEF
Alfred Preece Lambeth SRY 22 Not Identified Conv Hereford HEF
Alfred Preese Cheltenham GLS 42 William Lewis Brol ? Not Known HEF
Alfred Preece Kingston Upon Thames SRY 25 Self Head Nunney SOM
Alfred Preece Leominster HEF 16 Charles Phillips Neph Woolwich KEN
Alfred Preece Higham On The Hill LEI 4 Joseph Preece Son Camphill WAR
Alfred Preece Stansfield YKS 17 Thomas Greenwood Serv Worcester WOR
Alfred Preece Birmingham WAR 30 Self Head Cheltenham WOR
Alfred Preese Aston WAR 24 Self Head ? Not Known ???
Alfred Preece Nottingham St Mary NTT 36 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Alfred Preece Holmer HEF 7 Christopher Preece Son ? Not Known ???
Alfred Preece Leominster HEF 23 John P Taylor Serv Bockleton WOR
Alfred Preece Beddington SRY 5 Alfred Preece Son Holloway MDX
Alfred Preece Beddington SRY 33 Alfred Preece Head Clifton GLS
Alfred Preece Llangattock Vibon Avel BRE 22 Thomas Jones Bord Garway HEF
Alfred Preece Tenbury WOR 16 Benjamin Goodall Appr Leysters HEF
Alfred Chas Prece Islington MDX 37 Self Head Cheltenham GLS
Alfred E Preece Windle LAN 1m Ed Preece Son Worcester St Helen WOR
Alfred Ernest W Preece Aston WAR 5 Oliver Preece Son Mitcheldean GLS
Alfred Jas Preece Shrawley WOR 21 George Preece Son Whitbourne HEF
Alfred T Preece Aston WAR 47 Alfred J Preece Head Mitcheldean GLS
Alfred Thomas Preece Llanfechain MGY 8 James Preece Son Chirbury SAL
Alice Preece Ealing MDX 27 John Chapman Serv Bridgwater SOM
Alice Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 10m John Preece Daur Morten On Lugg HEF
Alice Preece Ludlow St Lawrence SAL 15 Samuel Stokes Serv Leinthall Starkes HEF
Alice Preese Birmingham WAR 28 John Preese Wife Deddingham WOR
Alice Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 15 William Preece Daur Bishops Cleve GLS
Alice Preece Lambeth SRY 5 John Preece Daur Pontypool MON
Alice Preece Cainham SAL 5 Alma Preece Daur St James HEF
Alice Preece Edgbaston WAR 45 George Preece Wife Pebworth GLS
Alice Preece Aymestrey HEF 21 John Preece Wife Presteignee RAD
Alice Preece Rockfield MON 21 James Breakwell Gvns Madley HEF
Alice Preece St George Southwark Marty SRY 24 William Preece Wife Bangor CAE
Alice Preece Blakemere HEF 32 William Preece Wife London MDX
Alice Preece Birmingham WAR 19 Sarah Preece Niec Leominster HEF
Alice E Preece Penge SRY 41 William Preece Wife Chelsea MDX
Alice Elizabeth Preece Kingston Upon Thames SRY 16 George Preece Daur Nunney SOM
Alice Hannah Preece Birmingham WAR 22 Joseph B. Dixon Serv Hereford HEF
Alice J Preece Cheltenham GLS 18 Jane Preece Daur Hereford HEF
Alice Kerby Prece Islington MDX 32 Alfred Chas Prece Wife Malmesbury WIL
Alice M Preece Hampstead MDX 26 James Moon Serv Eyton HEF
Alice Susan Preece Cheltenham GLS 17 Mary Allen Serv How Caple Nr Ross Heath HEF
Allen Preece Wolverhampton STS 5 Thomas Preece Son Blaina MON
Alma Preece Cainham SAL 38 Self Head Ledbury HEF
Alma Preece Cainham SAL 14 Alma Preece Son Tipton STS
Ambrose Preece Kensington MDX 18 (not Named) Son London LND
Ambrose Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 40 Self Head Dinedor HEF
Amelia Preece Much Dewchurch HEF 54 William Preece Wife Treluck MON
Amos Preece Aldershot HAM 29 Not Identified Sldr Hereford HEF
Amy Preece Wimbledon SRY 7 William Henry Preece Daur Southampton HAM
Amy Preece Islington MDX 27 Margaret Preece Daur Shadwell LND
Andrew Preece Cannock STS 44 Self Head Wortling SAL
Andrew Preece Hay BRE 51 Self Head Dorstone HEF
Ann Preece Wolverhampton STS 23 Aaron Atherton Serv Stanton SAL
Ann Preece Bermondsey SRY 25 Henry Preece Wife Preston B BKM
Ann Preece Combe HEF 55 Richard Preece Wife Church Stoke SAL
Ann Preece Handsworth STS 30 Robert Preece Wife London MDX
Ann Preece Belbroughton WOR 69 James Preece Wife Ledbury HEF
Ann Preese Bobbington STS 36 Thomas Preese Wife Claverley SAL
Ann Preece Kensington MDX 64 Self Head Buckfield SSX
Ann Preece Kensington MDX 74 Ann Preece Head Bridgwater SOM
Ann Preece St George Hanover Square MDX 65 Caleb Preece Wife Bothen ESS
Ann Preece Bethnal Green MDX 54 William Preece Wife ? Not Known HEF
Ann Preece Cookham BRK 53 Self Head Wooburn BKM
Ann Preece Walford HEF 92 John Ward Smot ? Not Known ???
Ann Preece Martley WOR 60 William Preece Wife Arley SAL
Ann Preece Lyonshall HEF 73 Self Head Llangunllo RAD
Ann Preece Dilwyn HEF 41 Self Head Llannor RAD
Ann Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 65 Self Head Newport MON
Ann Preece Burton Upon Trent STS 67 Self Head Hereford HEF
Ann Preece Ashperton HEF 20 Henry Treherne Serv Tenbury WOR
Ann Preece Northfield WOR 59 John Preece Wife Great Alne WAR
Ann Preece Rowley Regis STS 55 Self Head Ha...netherton ... DBY
Ann Preece Bobbington STS 44 Chas Preece Wife Syresham NTH
Ann Preece Shrewsbury St Julian SAL 9 Henry Preece Daur Rosset DEN
Ann Preece Leintwardine SAL 41 John Preece Wife Leintwardine HEF
Ann Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 70 Self Head Swansea GLA
Ann Preece Tewkesbury GLS 55 William Preece Wife Severn Stoke WOR
Ann Preece Bedwellty MON 46 Henry Preece Wife Llangammarch-wells BRE
Ann Preece Newent GLS 29 Thomas Preece Wife Frynant MON
Ann Preece Birmingham WAR 59 Self Head Whittington WOR
Ann Preece Aston WAR 79 Robert D Preece Moth Badham SSX
Ann Preece Lyncombe & Widcombe SOM 57 Francis Preece Wife St Peters HEF
Ann Rees Llangynwyd Higher GLA 37 James Rees Wife Harbranston PEM
Ann Preece Middlesbrough YKS 73 Self Head Madley HEF
Ann Preece Coyty Lower GLA 50 Self Head Portsmouth HAM
Ann Bridgwater Preece Rodd Nash & Little Brampt HEF 40 William Preece Wife Presteignee RAD
Ann E Preece Holy Trinity YKS 34 Mary Snowden Daur Crowle LIN
Ann E Preece Llanover MON 7 Eliza Preece Daur Ross HEF
Ann Elizabeth Preece Minsterley SAL 25 Robert Preece Wife Kerry MGY
Ann M Preece Solihull WAR 18 William Luckman Serv Walsall STS
Anne Preece Paddington MDX 37 Elizabeth K. Whately Serv Church Stoke MGY
Anne Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 42 William Preece Wife Cricklade WIL
Anne Preece Worcester St Nicholas WOR 46 Anne Preece Head Ashperton HEF
Annie Preece Aston WAR 31 Frederick Preece Sisl Ledbury HEF
Annie Prece Lambeth SRY 21 Henry Harburg Serv Stoke Bliss STS
Annie Preece Wembworthy DEV 8 Henry Preece Daur ? Not Known CON
Annie Preece Reading St Mary BRK 17 Cordelia Hart Serv Burton Upon Trent STS
Annie Preece Cheltenham GLS 19 Thomas Willis Serv Wellington HEF
Annie Preece Marston STS 4 Thomas Preece Daur Farnworth LAN
Annie Preese Cheetham LAN 20 Thos. Adolphus Linstead Bord Wolverhampton STS
Annie Preece Oldham LAN 30 Robert Preece Wife Coventry WAR
Annie Preece Hay BRE 7 Margaret Hope Bord Clyro RAD
Annie Preece Westbury On Severn GLS 32 George Preece Wife ? Not Known ???
Annie Preece Aston WAR 62 Self Head Hixon STS
Annie Preece Upper Llanvrechva MON 7 Thomas Preece Daur Panteg PEM
Annie Preece Birmingham WAR 52 Isaac Preece Wife Kidderminster WOR
Annie Preece St George Hanover Square MDX 29 Francis J. Baxter Ldgw ? Not Known WOR
Annie Preece Crickhowell BRE 24 Percy Davies Serv Madly HEF
Annie Preece Sharnbrook BDF 14 Mary Ward Niec St Lukes MDX
Annie Preece Burwarton SAL 27 George Preece Wife Denwick NBL
Annie Preece Barford WAR 81 William Mason Serv Wittington HEF
Annie Preece Walton On Hill LAN 24 Lakes Roscorla Serv Kingslade HEF
Annie Preece Kensington MDX 27 Simon Black Serv Wormbridge SAL
Annie G Preece Dalziel LKS 10 James Preece Daur ? Not Known ???
Arthur Preece Staunton On Wye HEF 12 Ann Jenkins Neph The Lea GLS
Arthur Preece Linthorpe YKS 34 Mary Swalls Bord Tendbury HEF
Arthur Preece Beeston NTT 4 Rd Preece Son ? Not Known DBY
Arthur Preese West Bromwich STS 23 John Holder Serv Birmingham WAR
Arthur Preece Dilwyn HEF 15 George Preece Son Presteignee RAD
Arthur Preece Aston WAR 9 Jane Preece Son Liverpool LAN
Arthur Preece Blackburn LAN 5 John Marsden Sson Fetnell STS
Arthur Preece Callow HEF 2 John Preece Son Worcester St John WOR
Arthur Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 16 Ambrose Preece Son Dinedor HEF
Arthur A Preece Hentland HEF 17 Daniel Preece Son Birmingham WAR
Arthur George Preece Shrawley WOR 18 George Preece Son Bromyard HEF
Arthur James Preece Stourbridge WOR 6 William Preece Son Neen Savage HEF
Barnabas Preece Cholsey BRK 38 Caroline Hearsey Adnt Shrewsbury SAL
Beatrice Preece Lambeth SRY 16 Not Identified Ptnt Erwell STS
Beatrice Preece Ashton-under-lyne LAN 3 John Preece Daur Ashton HEF
Benjamin Preece Martley WOR 21 William Preece Son Bringfield HEF
Benjamin Preece Hay BRE 58 Not Identified Lodg Bredwardine HEF
Benjamin Preece Normanby YKS 21 Mary A Broome Sonl Netherton WOR
Benjamin Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 29 Self Head Chatford SAL
Benjamin Preece Martley WOR 40 Self Head Avonbury HEF
Benjamin Preece Limehouse MDX 56 Self Head Bridgwater SOM
Bessie Preece Bitterley SAL 40 William Preece Wife Eaton Bishop HEF
Betrice M Preece Walsall Borough STS 8 Thos. Pratt Gdau Nun Savage SAL
Blashfield James Preece Hulme LAN 4 John Preece Son ? Not Known HEF
Caleb Preece St George Hanover Square MDX 64 Self Head Bridgwater SOM
Caroline Preece Lambeth SRY 15 Samuel Patey Serv Ashford Carbonnel SAL
Caroline Preece Bristol St Michael GLS 47 John L. Carter Motl Bath SOM
Caroline Preece Kingston Upon Thames SRY 27 Alfred Preece Wife Stonden ESS
Caroline Preece Newington SRY 38 John Preece Wife Bath SOM
Caroline Preace Redmarley WOR 47 John Preace Wife Redmarley GLS
Caroline Preece Presteigne RAD 35 Edward Preece Wife Kington HEF
Caroline Preece Llanwenarth Ultra MON 10 George Preece Daur Llangarron HEF
Caroline Preece Cainham SAL 6 Alma Preece Daur St James HEF
Caroline Preece Cleobury Mortimer SAL 37 Self Head Knighton On Teme WOR
Caroline Preece Walsall Foreign STS 59 Robert Preece Wife Hartlebury WOR
Caroline Preece Lingen HEF 60 Thomas Preece Wife Hopesay SAL
Caronline Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 48 James Preece Wife Orliton HEF
Catharine Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 10M John Preece Daur Not Held ???
Catharine Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 48 William Preece Wife ? Not Known ???
Catharine Prees Aston WAR 66 Edward Prees Wife Tipton STS
Catherine Preece Churchill WOR 53 William Preece Wife Knighton RAD
Catherine Preece Newland GLS 69 Self Head Plymouth DEV
Catherine Preece Kensington MDX 32 Mary Wood Serv Mornington HEF
Catherine Preece Kentchurch HEF 30 John Seabourne Son Abergavenny MON
Catherine Preece Bilston STS 50 Thomas Preece Wife Horol SAL
Catherine Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 18 Thomas Carless Serv Bath SOM
Catherine Preece Neath GLA 18 Thomas Preece Daur Shrewsbury SAL
Catherine Preece Middlesbrough YKS 9 Ann Preece Gdau Wolverhampton STS
Catherine Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 17 Alfred Preece Wife Ludlow SAL
Cecil Preece Kensington MDX 18 (not Named) Neph London LND
Charles Preece Birmingham WAR 40 Ellen Harcourt Lodg ? Not Known HEF
Charles Preece Hay BRE 22 Thomas Worthing Brol Bredwardine HEF
Charles Preese Leighton MGY 23 Elizabeth Rake Serv Quatford WOR
Charles Preece Lambeth SRY 37 Charles Preece Head Nunney SOM
Charles Preece Over Darwen LAN 24 Self Head St Devenas HEF
Charles Preece Hindlip WOR 39 Henry Allsopp Serv Little Birch HEF
Charles Preece Kings Norton WOR 37 John Simpson Vist Withington HEF
Charles Preece Cleobury Mortimer SAL 35 Vincent Eckley Sson Eastham WOR
Charles Preece Newland GLS 24 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Charles Preece Birmingham WAR 61 Self Head Hereford HEF
Charles Preece Chelsea MDX 42 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Charles Preece Llanmerwig MGY 32 Self Head Bromfield SAL
Charles Preece Edgbaston WAR 39 Self Head Northfield WOR
Charles Preece Brecknock St John Evangel BRE 42 Self Head Aymestrey HEF
Charles Preece Newland GLS 22 Self Head Llangarron HEF
Charles Preece Hartpury GLS 27 Self Head Mordeford HEF
Charles Preece Aston WAR 35 Self Head Mamble WOR
Charles Preece Birmingham WAR 25 Self Head Smethwick STS
Charles Preece Worcester St Michael WOR 21 John Preece Son Hereford All Saints HEF
Charles Preece Eye HEF 20 Jane Preece Son Hopton SAL
Charles Preece Amblecote STS 56 Self Head Yarpole HEF
Charles Preece Great Mongeham KEN 63 George Mant Lodg London MDX
Charles G Preece Carshalton SRY 60 Self Head Ross HEF
Charles H Preece Wellington SAL 1m John Pierce Vist Stafford STS
Charles W Preese Farnborough HAM 33 Not Identified Sldr ? Not Known ESS
Charlotte Preece Reading St Giles BRK 13 Emma Hamley Bord York Town SRY
Charlotte Preece Ross HEF 45 Joseph John Preece Wife Abenhall GLS
Charlotte Preece St Marylebone MDX 70 Hannah Glenister Lodg Weobley HEF
Charlotte Caroline Preece Walsall Foreign STS 26 Robert Preece Daur Shrewsbury SAL
Charlotte E Preece St Albans St Peter HRT 16 Edward T Preece Daur London MDX
Charlotte E Preece Ruardean GLS 24 James C Preece Wife Upton Bishop HEF
Chas Preece Bobbington STS 48 Self Head Burwarton SAL
Chas G Preece Battersea SRY 21 Mary A Carliell Lodg Littleport CAM
Christopher Preece Monkland HEF 6 William Preece Son Pedmore WOR
Christopher Wasson Preece Kingston Upon Thames SRY 18 Alfred Preece Bro Stonden ESS
Cicely C Preece Newcastle Under Lyme STS 33 Richard Preece Wife Audlem CHS
Clara Preece Halifax YKS 24 John Preece Wife Newtown MON
Clara Preece Wolverhampton STS 11 Thomas Preece Daur Lugwardine HEF
Clara Preece Bobbington STS 6 Chas Preece Daur Claverley SAL
Clara Preece Bermondsey SRY 12 Thomas Preece Daur Hammersmith MDX
Clara E Preece Halifax YKS 2 John Preece Daur Newtown MON
Clara E Preece Hereford St John Baptist HEF 24 James Atlay Serv Barwell ESS
Clara Louise Preece St Pancras MDX 19 Thomas Preece Daur Bristol GLS
Clifford Alexander Preece Upton Cum Chalvey BKM 1 Thomas Preece Son Beckley OXF