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Preece Census strays in 1871 - by first name/initial - E only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Edgar W Preece Putney LND 2 Emily Preece Son Putney SRY
Edith Emma Preece St Saviour LND 16 John Preece Daur Blatfordis(unknown) SRY
Edith L Preece Worleston CHS 3 William Preece Daur Egham SRY
Edmund Preece St Marylebone LND 14 Nathan Lehmann Vist France FRA
Edward Preece Leominster HEF 15 Thomas Preece Appr Worthin SAL
Edward Preece Brampton Bryan RAD 21 James Hughes Serv Wigmore HEF
Edward Preece Billinge Chapel End LAN 25 Self Head Habblery SAL
Edward Preece Harrow MDX 51 Self Head Wolverhampton STS
Edward Preece Presteigne RAD 60 Self Head Bitterley SAL
Edward Preece Llanbedr Painscastle RAD 19 John Price Serv Clifford HEF
Edward Preece Aston WAR 35 Edward Preece Head Bristol GLS
Edward Preece Weston WOR 3 John Preece Son Burford SAL
Edward Preece Wacton HEF 45 Self Head Cheltenham GLS
Edward Preece Willenhall STS 35 Edward Preece Head Worthen SAL
Edward Preece Bosbury HEF 43 Self Head Tenbury WOR
Edward Preece Codnor NTT 37 Self Head Worthing YKS
Edward Preece Bermondsey LND 10 Frances Preece Son Bermondsey SRY
Edward Preece St Peter HRT 33 Self Head Pucklechurch GLS
Edward Preece Mordiford HEF 13 Joseph Preece Son Dudley STS
Edward Preece Rowley Regis STS 28 Edward Preece Head Broasley SAL
Edwin Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 17 George Preece Son Hereford BRE
Edwin Preece Coppenhall Monks CHS 23 Self Head Dinedor HEF
Edwin Preece Presteigne RAD 4 Thomas Preece Son Orleton HEF
Edwin Preece Penkhull STS 25 Self Head Ledbury HEF
Edwin Preece Gorton LAN 24 Charles Lane Ward Mortimer SAL
Edwin Preece Walton LAN 33 Self Head Hereford HEF
Edwin Preece Withington HEF 28 Self Head Astley WOR
Edwin Preece Wacton HEF 18 Edward Preece Son Claines WOR
Edwin Preece Coventry WAR 38 Self Head Mechelster GLS
Eleanor Preece St James Westminster LND 15 William Webb Niece Wolverhampton STS
Eliza Preece Edgbaston WAR 27 Charles Preece Wife Bushley WOR
Eliza Preece St Luke Chelsea LND 35 James Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Eliza Preece Woolwich LND 25 Joseph Preece Wife Bungay SFK
Eliza Preece Lindfield SSX 30 Thomas Durrant Serv Not Stated ???
Eliza Preece Aconbury HEF 59 Thomas Preece Wife Hay BRE
Eliza Preece Harborne WAR 21 Charles Preece Daur Harborne STS
Eliza Preece Abergavenny MON 16 Thomas Colcomb Niec Hereford HEF
Eliza Preece Neath GLA 46 Thomas Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Eliza Preece Hampton Bishop HEF 28 George Preece Wife Radnorshire RAD
Eliza Preece Pembridge HEF 29 William Child Serv Llandwy RAD
Eliza Preece Neath GLA 15 Thomas Preece Daur Shrewsbury SAL
Eliza Preece Leominster HEF 13 Mary Ann Williams Serv Knighton-on-teme WOR
Eliza Preece Dorking SRY 47 William Preece Wife Not Held SOM
Eliza Preece Islington St Peter LND 13 George Fowler Serv Bishops Castle SAL
Eliza Preece Yatton HEF 48 James Preece Wife Lycenton WOR
Eliza Prees Swansea GLA 42 William Prees Wife Abergavenny MON
Eliza Preece Talgarth BRE 21 Mary Bridgwater Serv Clifford HEF
Eliza Preece Worcester St Martin WOR 46 Thomas Preece Wife Ledbury HEF
Eliza Preece Hay BRE 60 Self Head Hereford HEF
Eliza Preece Coventry WAR 38 Edwin Preece Wife Penkridge STS
Eliza Preece St James Westminster LND 57 Edward Kiddle Serv Yardley WOR
Eliza Preece Worcester St Peter WOR 6 James Preece Daur Humber HEF
Eliza Preece Welshpool MGY 16 Maurice Evans Serv Worthen SAL
Eliza Preece Burton Upon Trent STS 28 William Preece Wife Withington HEF
Eliza Preece Barton Upon Irwell LAN 18 George Campbell Serv Orleton HEF
Eliza Preece Worcester St Martin WOR 40 Thomas Preece Wife Ledbury HEF
Elizabeth Preece Chetwynd Aston SAL 50 Edward Preece Wife Sheriffhales STS
Elizabeth Preece Dormington HEF 39 Luke Preece Wife Newland GLS
Elizabeth Preece Shrewsbury St Julian SAL 55 ...rooke? Ley Inmt Edgbaston WAR
Elizabeth Preece Claverley SAL 11 Thomas Preece Daur Enville STS
Elizabeth Preece Rowley Regis STS 1m William Preece Daur Haderly SAL
Elizabeth Preece Wolverhampton STS 38 Self Head Newport SAL
Elizabeth Preece Ledbury HEF 68 George Preece Moth Kempley GLS
Elizabeth Preece Kingston SRY 6 George Preece Daur Nunney SOM
Elizabeth Preece Ross HEF 39 John Preece Wife Bleddfa MON
Elizabeth Preece Monmouth MON 35 Thomas Lewis Preece Wife Christchurch HAM
Elizabeth Preece Pancras MDX 39 William Preece Wife ? Not Known DEV
Elizabeth Preece Wolverhampton STS 32 John Preece Wife Droitwich WOR
Elizabeth Preece Rowley Regis STS 52 Edwin Sawyer? Motl Bodington SAL
Elizabeth Preece Harborne WAR 44 Charles Preece Wife Stoke Edith HEF
Elizabeth Prees Llanllechid CAE 55 Robert Prees Wife Llanbenlais? AGY
Elizabeth Preece Coreley SAL 15 Edward Mytton Serv Not Known ???
Elizabeth Preece Normanby YKS 33 William Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Elizabeth Preece Battersea LND 35 Henry Preece Wife Knowle WIL
Elizabeth Preece Bridgnorth St Mary SAL 75 Self Head HEF
Elizabeth Preece Chirbury SAL 47 Robert Preece Wife Hyssington MGY
Elizabeth Preece Leinthall Starkes HEF 34 Charles Preece Wife Clunbury SAL
Elizabeth Preece Goytre MON 43 John Preece Wife Gloucester GLS
Elizabeth Preece Weston Under Penyard HEF 25 Edward B Hawkshaw Serv Mitcheldean GLS
Elizabeth Preece Lambeth LND 30 Charles Preece Wife Calais FRA
Elizabeth Preece Tipton STS 57 Self Head Claverdon WAR
Elizabeth Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 58 John Preece Wife Chorley LAN
Elizabeth Preece Kidderminster St Mary WOR 17 Samuel Preece Gdau Burton Upon Trent STS
Elizabeth Preece Charlton Kings GLS 64 John Preece Wife Tenbury WOR
Elizabeth Preece Weston Under Penyard HEF 32 William Preece Wife Maslbury? WIL
Elizabeth Preece Cardeston SAL 28 William Preece Wife Bettews RAD
Elizabeth Preece Marden HEF 78 Samuel Preece Wife Newent GLS
Elizabeth Preece Warwick St Nicholas WAR 18 Elizabeth Preece Daur Bosbury HEF
Elizabeth Preece Madley HEF 14 William Gilbert Serv Norton RAD
Elizabeth Preece St Marylebone LND 40 James B Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Elizabeth Preece St Peter HRT 29 Edward Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Elizabeth Preece Llangattock BRE 20 John Preece Wife Madley HEF
Elizabeth Preece Hackney St John LND 25 William Rose Wife Essex ESS
Elizabeth Preece Warwick St Nicholas WAR 55 Self Head Bosbury HEF
Elizabeth Preece St Margaret LND 66 Benjamin Jones Serv Sidbury HEF
Elizabeth Preece Kidderminster St John WOR 23 Daniel Wagstaff Goodwin Serv Norton SAL
Elizabeth Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 47 George Preece Wife Blaenavon MON
Elizabeth Preece Trefeilin MGY 46 Margaret Preece Daur Llanrhaiadr-yn-mochnant DEN
Elizabeth Preece Haslemere SRY 14 Henry Preece Daur Oxford OXF
Elizabeth Preece Haslemere SRY 37 Henry Preece Wife Oxford OXF
Elizabeth Preece Madley HEF 23 James Preece Wife Llanigon BRE
Elizabeth Preece Birmingham WAR 22 Charles Preece Daur Stourbridge WOR
Elizabeth Preece Marden HEF 9 John Preece Daur Ludlow SAL
Elizabeth Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 6 Wm Preece Daur Ireland IRL
Elizabeth Preece Bishopstone HEF 4 Edwin Preece Daur Hereford MON
Elizabeth Preece Birmingham WAR 40 Richard Preece Wife Gloucestershire GLS
Elizabeth Preece Bridgnorth SAL 50 William Preece Wife Whitbourne WOR
Elizabeth Preece Abergavenny MON 10 Mary Pritchard Pupl Blangavenny HEF
Elizabeth Preece Pembridge HEF 56 John Preece Wife Dublin IRE
Elizabeth Preece Aston WAR 31 Edward Preece Wife Bowtridge GLS
Elizabeth Preece Hulme LAN 25 Joseph Clayton Bord Llanvetherine MON
Elizabeth Preece Abergavenny MON 62 James Preece Wife Hope Under Dinmore HEF
Elizabeth Preece Abergavenny MON 19 Charles Francis Serv ? Not Held HEF
Elizabeth J Preece St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey LND 37 William J Preece Wife St Giles MDX
Elizabeth J Preece Ardington BRK 9 Thomas Preece Daur Newmarket CAM
Elizabeth Jane Preece Stokesay SAL 2 Sarah Worthing Niec Kinsham HEF
Elizabeth Jane Preece Christchurch MON 59 Charles Evans Serv Westminster LND
Elizabeth M Preece Mile End Old Town LND 52 Harry Preece Wife St George MDX
Elizabeth S Preece Leominster HEF 24 Joseph Newman Serv St Maunds MON
Elizabeth S Preece Islington St Mary LND 13 Harry S Preece Daur St George East MDX
Elizth Preece Church Stoke MGY 50 Isaac Preece Wife Mainstone SAL
Ellen Preece Culmington SAL 30 Alfred Williams Serv Aymestrey HEF
Ellen Preece Brilley HEF 55 James Preece Wife Radnorshire RAD
Ellen Preece Madley HEF 35 Self Head Not Known RAD
Ellen Preece Camberwell St Giles LND 31 William Powell(?) Lodg Leicester LEI
Ellen Preece Aston WAR 33 Henry Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Ellen Preece Birmingham WAR 29 James Preece Serv Derolby STS
Ellen Preece Llangattock Nigh Usk MON 29 William Corfield Serv Hereford HEF
Ellen Preece Worksop NTT 29 William Jackson Lodw West Bromwich STS
Ellen Preece Broughton LAN 18 James B Harrison Serv Aston SAL
Ellen Preece St Mary GLS 27 Anne Francis Daur London LND
Ellen Preece Wolverhampton STS 16 Robert Parr Serv Leominster HEF
Ellen Preece Bath St Peter And St Paul SOM 22 Richard Carter Serv Ring Hanley GLS
Ellen Preece Wigmore HEF 33 John Preece Wife Salisbury WIL
Ellen Annie Preece Newcastle Under Lyme STS 26 John William Preece Wife Arley WAR
Ellen J Preece Chelmarsh SAL 6 George Preece Daur Kinver STS
Ellinor Preece West Derby LAN 41 George Preece Wife Radnor RAD
Ellinor Preece West Derby LAN 7 George Preece Daur Coleford GLS
Emanuel Preece St Mary MON 38 Self Head Goxhill SOM
Emanuel Preece Chirbury SAL 18 Robert Preece Son Hyssington MGY
Emily Preece Everton LAN 17 Eliza Reed Serv West ....? CHS
Emily Preece Beckenham KEN 25 Harriet Bunce Serv Bredwardine HEF
Emily Preece Llangattock BRE 18 Ethilda Preece Daur Breinton HEF
Emily Preece Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS 24 Henry Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Emily Preece Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS 1 Henry Preece Daur Birmingham WAR
Emily Preece Aston WAR 5 Caroline Stockwin Orph Not Stated ???
Emily Preece Bridgewater SOM 41 John Preece Wife London LND
Emily Preece Neen Sollars SAL 6 Leonard Draper Vist Birmingham WAR
Emily Preece Stratton GLS 16 Thomas Marden Serv Bargehill HEF
Emily Preece Llanwenarth Ultra MON 2 George Preece Daur Llangarren HEF
Emily Preece Kidderminster WOR 3 James Tarpey Lodg Bridgnorth SAL
Emily A Preece Wolverhampton STS 17 Mary Preece Daur Leominster HEF
Emily Ann Preece Islington St Mary LND 12 Harry S Preece Daur St George East MDX
Emily I Preece St Pancras MDX 8 Francis A Preece Daur Bracknell BRK
Emma Preace Aberystruth MON 10 Henry Preece Daur Orcop HEF
Emma Preece Kingswinford STS 46 James Preece Wife Wombridge SAL
Emma Preece Great Witley WOR 31 George Preece Wife Worll SOM
Emma Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 26 John Preece Wife Bucknell SAL
Emma Preece Kyre Magna WOR 23 Thomas Preece Wife Brilley HEF
Emma Preece Kinver STS 30 Joseph Preece Wife Moreton WOR
Emma Preece Birmingham WAR 45 Charles Preece Wife Wellington SAL
Emma Preece Weston WOR 7 John Preece Daur Lower Sapey HEF
Emma Preece Weston WOR 40 John Preece Wife Burford SAL
Emma Preece Stourport WOR 74 Joseph Preece Wife Ironbridge SAL
Emma Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 23 James Preece Wife Hanley STS
Emma Preece Presteigne RAD 16 William Mytton Serv Shrewsbury SAL
Emma Preece West Derby LAN 26 Ann Muspratt Serv Upper Hill HEF
Emma Preece St Marylebone LND 27 John Preece Wife Weston HRT
Emma Preece Birmingham WAR 23 John Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Emma Preece Ellastone STS 48 Thomas Preece Wife Fairley SAL
Emma Preece Cheltenham St Peter GLS 13 Herekiah Stanton Niec Broadheath WOR
Emma Preece Cradley HEF 12 George Grocott Niec Worcester WOR
Emma Preece Stafford St Mary STS 27 George Walley Serv Ledbury HEF
Emma Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 33 Self Head Ludlow SAL
Emma Preece St George LND 18 Chas Preece Daur Surrey SRY
Emma Preece Condover SAL 15 Thomas Jacks Cous Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL
Emma Preece Abergavenny MON 21 John Howells Daur Moccas HEF
Emma Preece Pensnett STS 46 James Preece Wife Wombridge SAL
Emma Preece Oxenhall GLS 34 John Preece Wife Dainder HEF
Emma Preece Lambeth LND 55 John Preece Wife Stourport WOR
Emma Preece Aston WAR 21 George Preece Wife Birmingham WOR
Emma Preece Severn Stoke WOR 10 John Waleroft Gdau Tewkesbury GLS
Emma Preece Aston WAR 18 William Ryland Serv Stourbridge WOR
Emma Preece Weston SAL 7 John Preece Daur Lower Sapey HEF
Emma Preece Harborne WAR 18 Charles Preece Daur Harborne STS
Emma Preece Shelton STS 41 John Preece Wife Bewdley WOR
Emma M Preece Meriden WAR 22 Charles Bedford Serv Bosbury HEF
Emma M Preece Studley WAR 14 James Preece Daur Eastnor HEF
Emma M A Preece St Marylebone LND 2 John Preece Daur St Marylebone MDX
Emma R Preece Ellastone STS 15 Thomas Preece Daur Grinshill SAL
Ernest H Preece Camberwell LND 1 Fredk Preece Son Sydenham KEN
Esther Preece Wormbridge HEF 45 James Preece Wife Henbury GLS
Esther Preece Kidderminster WOR 43 Henry Preece Wife Bridgnorth SAL
Ethilda Preece Llangattock BRE 50 Self Head