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Preece Census strays in 1911 - by first name/initial - E only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place
Edith Preece Crowthorne BRK 26 John Cox Rel Kingstone On Thames
Edith Jeaneatte Preece Blakenhall CHS 27 Edwin Herbert Preece Niec London
Edith Marion Preece Hereford HEF 9 Frederick William Preece Daughter Lye Worcestershire
Edward Preece Burghill HEF 58 Not Held Patient Unknown
Edward Preece Bristol GLS 54 Edward Preece Head Somerset County Bridgewater
Edward Preece Isle Of Wight HAM 44 Edward Preece Head Bosbury Herefordshire
Edward Preece Romsey HAM 50 Edward Preece Head Fulham London Mids
Edward Preece Weston Beggard HEF 54 Joseph Preece Son Worcester Dudley
Edward Preece Bournemouth HAM 26 William Miller Boarder Devonshire Plymouth
Edward Preece Bradworthy DEV 57 Richard Sargent Boarder Hereford Madley
Edward A Preece Leytonstone ESS 46 Edward A Preece Head Herefordshire Leominster
Edward Henry Preece Burghfield Sulhamstead Abbots BRK 1 Charles Henry Preece Son Marazion Cornwall
Edwin Preece Bursledon HAM 44 Edwin Preece Head Herefordshire Orlton
Edwin Herbert Preece Blakenhall CHS 40 Edwin Herbert Preece Head Mansell Lacy Hereford
Edwin John Preece Bursledon HAM 15 Edwin Preece Son Suffolk Lowestoft
Eli Preece Hayfield DBY 18 George Douthwaite Boarder Leinswardine Herefordshire
Eliza Preece Stoke Bishop GLS 93 Mary Preece Mother Bridgcot Glam
Eliza Preece Southend On Sea ESS 49 John Preece Wife Northampton
Eliza Preece Hyde CHS 14 Richard Preece Daur Lancs Oldham
Eliza Preece Willaston CHS 50 Frederick James Preece Wife Mont Churchstoke
Eliza C A Preece Bournemouth HAM 40 Not Named Boarder London Lewisham
Elizabeth Preece Ilford ESS 56 Henry Preece Sister London So Hackney
Elizabeth Preece Hereford St Peter HEF 61 Not Held Inmate Not Known
Elizabeth Preece West Ham ESS 46 William Mills Boarder London Crown Court Walworth
Elizabeth Preece Tillington HEF 85 Thomas Arrowsmith Mother Bleanavon Monmouth
Elizabeth Preece Redmarley D'abit?t GLS 55 John Preece Wife Worcestershire Redmarley
Elizabeth Preece Eastleigh HAM 49 George Preece Wife Latchington Essex
Elizabeth Preece Bristol GLS 62 Abraham Preece Wife Watchet Somerset
Elizabeth Preece Drybrook GLS 51 Thomas Preece Wife Biston Common Mancel Lacey Herefordshire
Elizabeth Preece Leytonstone ESS 68 Not Held Inmate London Clerkenwell
Elizabeth Preece Poole DOR 41 George Preece Wife Monmouthshire Newport
Elizabeth Preece Derby DBY 31 Gilbert Preece Wife Burton On Trent Staffordshire
Elizabeth Preece Hereford HEF 48 Not Held Patient Unknown
Elizabeth Preece Luton BDF 48 Elizabeth Preece Wife Herts Custard Wood
Elizabeth Preece Stratfield Mortimer BRK 50 Charles Godwin Preece Wife Devon Shaldon
Elizabeth Gundy Preece Westbury On Trym GLS 29 Edgar Watts Servant Pembrokeshire Troffgarell
Elizabeth M Preece Leytonstone ESS 46 Edward A Preece Wife Herefordshire Leominster
Elizabeth Mary Preece Swanage DOR 50 William Preece Wife Ledbury Herefordshire
Elizabeth Mary Preece Bristol GLS 34 Elizabeth Mary Preece Head Not Held
Elizabeth Steven Preece Runcorn CHS 48 William Preece Wife Shrewsbury
Ellen Preece Nantwich CHS 41 Samuel Poole Neice Shropshire Worthen
Elsie Preece Walthamstow ESS 9 Herbert Preece Daughter London Upr Holloway
Elsie Preece Hyde CHS 16 Richard Preece Daur Lancs Oldham
Elsie Preece Poole DOR 9 George Preece Daughter Warwick Bham
Elsie Preece Crowthorne BRK 3 John Cox Rel Bewdley Worcestershire
Elspeth Preece Marden HEF 45 Zebedee Scaping Sister In Law Worcestershire Newnham
Elvyn Preece Walthamstow ESS 7 Herbert Preece Daughter London Upr Holloway
Emily Preece Cirencester GLS 56 Emily Preece Head Hereford Burghill
Emily Preece Braunton DEV 67 John Rich House Keeper London Aldgate
Emily Preece Bristol GLS 34 George William Richard Preece Visitor Birmingham
Emily Preece Biggleswade BDF 38 Emily Preece Wife County Of Hampshire, Kingsclere
Emily Preece Tupsley HEF 59 Francis Preece Wife Yorkshire Doncaster
Emily Preece Hyde CHS 45 Richard Preece Wife Lancs Bolton
Emily Preece Bristol GLS 38 William Pritchard Preece Wife Sheffield Yorks
Emily Ethel Preece Ashover DBY 28 William Upton Boarder Holmer Herefordshire
Emily Mary Preece Swanage DOR 16 William Preece Daughter Colwall Herefordshire
Emma Preece Bartestree HEF ? James Preece Boarder Not Known
Emma Preece Bursledon HAM 45 Edwin Preece Wife Rutland Caldecot
Emma Preece Cheltenham GLS 29 Not Named Servant Worcester Great Witley
Emma Preece Birkenhead CHS 46 Henry Preece Wife Lancs Liverpool
Emma Preece Bristol GLS 66 Henry Jas Preece Wife Herefordshire Pencoyd
Emma Preece Cheadle CHS 66 Emma Preece Head Cockleton Worcestershire
Emma Blanch Preece Cheltenham GLS 28 James Chidley Rent Plymouth
Emma Loriana Preece Whittington Moor DBY 50 Thomas Preece Wife Holt Norfolk
Enoch Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 25 William Lowndes Sonl Staffs Knightly
Ernest Preece Ashton Upon Mersey CHS 34 Ernest Preece Head Bridgnorth Salop
Esther Preece Newbold & Dunston DBY 71 George Longden Nurse Cauinsboro Yorkshire
Ethel May Preece