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Preece Census strays in 1881 - by first name/initial - E only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Eathel Preece Windle LAN 2 Ed Preece Daughter Worcester St Helen WOR
Ed Preece Windle LAN 35 Ed Preece Head ? Not Known SAL
Edgar William Preece Claines WOR 12 Emily Preece Son Putney SRY
Edith Preece Aston WAR 15 Alfred J Preece Daughter Stoke Edith HEF
Edith Preece Cwm FLN 6 Robert Andrews Niec ? Not Known SAL
Edith Annie Preece Worcester St Martin WOR 2 Samuel Porter Bord Ipswich SFK
Edith Louisa Preece Worleston CHS 13 William Preece Daughter Egham SRY
Edith Maria M Preece Battersea SRY 7 George Preece Daughter Brompton MDX
Edward Preece Westbury On Severn GLS 41 Self Head Hawthorns HEF
Edward Preece Aston WAR 7 Frederick Preece Son Cheltenham GLS
Edward Preece Birmingham WAR 34 Henry Ridgley Bord Ludlow SAL
Edward Preece Codnor & Loscoe DBY 46 Self Head Bilston STS
Edward Preece Horfield GLS 25 Self Head Bridgwater SOM
Edward Preece East Stonehouse DEV 29 Edward Preece Head Cheltenham GLS
Edward Preace Bradford YKS 30 Edward Preace Head Wigmore STS
Edward Preece Withington HEF 23 Joseph Preece Son Woodside STS
Edward Preece Harrow MDX 61 Self Head Wolverhampton STS
Edward Preece West Bromwich STS 67 Self Head ? Not Known SAL
Edward Preece Rowley Regis STS 37 Self Head Bridgnorth SAL
Edward Preece Leintwardine SAL 12 William Preece Son Leintwardine HEF
Edward Preece Bradworthy DEV 28 Richard Sargent Lodg Madley HEF
Edward Preece Cradley HEF 48 Self Head Cleobury Mortimer SAL
Edward Preece Presteigne RAD 41 Self Head Combe HEF
Edward Preece Willenhall STS 48 Edward Preece Head Worthing SAL
Edward Preece Castle Frome HEF 40 Edward Woodhouse Lodg Presteignee RAD
Edward Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 32 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Edward Preece Blymhill STS 57 Self Head North Clabury SAL
Edward T Preece St Albans St Peter HRT 44 Self Head Pucklechurch GLS
Edward T Preece St Marylebone MDX 20 Alfred J. Manning Vist Hampleston HAM
Edwin Preece Beckford GLS 40 John Crump Serv ? Not Known WOR
Edwin Preece Halifax YKS 16 John Preece Bord St Devereux HEF
Edwin Preece Dalziel LKS 25 Richard Campton Sson ? Not Known ???
Edwin Preece Aberystruth MON 58 Self Head Little Birch HEF
Edwin Preece Salford LAN 34 Self Head ? Not Known SAL
Edwin Preece Shrewsbury Holy Cross SAL 29 Thomas Owen Lodg ? Not Known WOR
Edwin Preece Burton Upon Trent STS 36 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Edwin Preece Wem SAL 38 Self Head Astley WOR
Edwin Preece Great Malvern WOR 26 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Edwin Rees Aberdare GLA 25 Catherine Aubrey Serv Narberth PEM
Edwin Preece Llandaff GLA 17 James Preece Son ? Not Known HEF
Edwin Preece Bucknell RAD 14 Thomas Preece Son Orleton SAL
Edwin J Preece Claines WOR 53 John Preece Lodg Isle Of Wight HAM
Edwin James Preece Aston WAR 10 Priscilla Preece Son Broseley SAL
Edwin William Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 15 Thomas Preece Son ? Not Known HEF
Eelyes Preece Byker NBL 30 Thomas Preece Wife Topcliffe YKS
Eleanor Preece Ashleworth GLS 39 Self Head Huntington HEF
Eleanor Preece Harborne STS 29 John Preece Wife Sinton HEF
Eleanor Preece Altcar LAN 17 George Preece Daughter Coleford GLS
Eleanor Preece Llowes RAD 13 John Hill Niec Dinedor HEF
Eleanor Anne Prees Conwy CAE 25 William Griffith Prees Daughter Aberystwyth CGN
Elen Preece West Bromwich STS 70 Edward Preece Wife ? Not Known SAL
Eli Preece Wednesfield STS 16 William Preece Son Moseley Village WAR
Eliza Preece Braughing HRT 33 George Preece Wife Hammersmith MDX
Eliza Preece Aconbury HEF 69 Self Head Llanigon BRE
Eliza Preece Edgbaston WAR 36 Charles Preece Wife Bushley WOR
Eliza Preece Hay BRE 34 Richard Preece Wife Blaina MON
Eliza Preece Neath GLA 57 Thomas Preece Wife Warwick WAR
Eliza Preece Kington HEF 43 William Preece Wife Llangunllo RAD
Eliza Preece Llanover MON 45 Self Head Hoarwithy HEF
Eliza Preece Illston On The Hill LEI 46 Francis Preece Wife Easthope SAL
Eliza Preece Brecknock St John Evangel BRE 32 Thomas William Preece Wife Kings Caple HEF
Eliza Preece Aston WAR 20 Sarah Hewitt Daughter Princes End STS
Eliza Preece Grendon Warren HEF 22 George Preece Wife St Johns WOR
Eliza Preece Grendon Bishop HEF 7 Thomas Preece Daughter Bockleham WOR
Eliza Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 38 William Preece Wife Llangarron MON
Eliza Preece Coventry Holy Trinity WAR 56 Self Head Penkridge STS
Eliza Preece Aston WAR 33 Thomas Preece Wife Fownhope HEF
Eliza Preece Tonbridge KEN 25 Richard Wheen Serv Pateley HEF
Eliza Preece Manchester LAN 23 Addison Crofton Notk Bishops Castle SAL
Eliza Preece Kings Pyon HEF 22 George Tomkins Colliers Serv Fretherne GLS
Eliza Preece Yarpole HEF 49 Self Head London MDX
Eliza Preece Stapleton GLS 25 Not Identified Offr ? Not Known HEF
Eliza Preece Worcester St Martin WOR 49 Thomas Preece Wife Ross HEF
Eliza Preece Burton Upon Trent STS 38 Wm Preece Wife Willington HEF
Eliza Preece Westminster St James MDX 61 William Bourne Serv Birmingham WAR
Eliza Preece Claines WOR 18 Robert Conchie Serv Bosbury HEF
Eliza Preece Tenbury WOR 56 Edward Preece Wife Little Dawley SAL
Eliza Preece Eaton Bishop HEF 38 George Preece Wife Presteignee RAD
Eliza Preece Newent GLS 58 James Preece Wife Newland WOR
Eliza Preece Gainsborough LIN 30 James Preece Wife Hull YKS
Eliza Preece Cheltenham GLS 69 Martha Willoughby Moth ? Not Known HEF
Eliza Preece Llangarron HEF 35 James Preece Wife ? Not Known SAL
Eliza M Preece Bromsgrove WOR 25 Andrew Preece Daughter Henley In Arden WAR
Eliza Sarah Preece Swindon WIL 49 John H Preece Wife Kingskerswell DEV
Elizabeth Preece Cleobury Mortimer SAL 23 William Lamb Serv Edwen HEF
Elizabeth Preece Putley HEF 30 Walter Preece Wife Preston GLS
Elizabeth Preece Llanover MON 12 Eliza Preece Daughter Hoarwithy HEF
Elizabeth Preece Stourbridge WOR 42 Thomas Preece Wife ? Not Known MON
Elizabeth Preece Pudlestone HEF 4 Thomas Tudge Serv Bockleton WOR
Elizabeth Preece Goytrey MON 53 Self Head ? Not Known GLS
Elizabeth Preece Worthen SAL 26 George Preece Wife Kerry MGY
Elizabeth Preece Madley HEF 33 James Preece Wife Llanigon BRE
Elizabeth Preece Newbold DBY 48 Self Head ? Not Known STS
Elizabeth Preece Eaton Constantine SAL 26 George Preece Wife Stourton SOM
Elizabeth Preece Harewood HEF 32 Hester Clara Stubbs Serv Abbenhall GLS
Elizabeth Preece Great Malvern WOR 34 Self Head Alderton GLS
Elizabeth Preece Hereford St Peter HEF 17 Annie Reeves Serv Mullingar SAL
Elizabeth Preece Rowley Regis STS 10 William Preece Daughter Hadley SAL
Elizabeth Preece Ardwick LAN 34 John Preece Wife Hay HEF
Elizabeth Preece Ross HEF 27 William Preece Wife Newchurch East MON
Elizabeth Preece Chorlton LAN 33 Maria Rennick Bord ? Not Known MGY
Elizabeth Preece Mathon WOR 58 Thomas Preece Wife Much Cowarne HEF
Elizabeth Preece Charlton Kings GLS 23 Elizabeth A. Curry Serv ? Not Known MON
Elizabeth Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 19 James Massam Serv Hereford HEF
Elizabeth Preece Salford LAN 50 James Preece Wife Everton NTH
Elizabeth Preece Chirbury SAL 57 Robert Preece Wife Hyssington MGY
Elizabeth Preece Llangattock BRE 30 Jno Preece Wife ? Not Known HEF
Elizabeth Preece Hope SAL 29 John Preece Wife Darlaston STS
Elizabeth Preese Clerkenwell MDX 68 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
Elizabeth Preese Harrow On The Hill MDX 18 Alfred Wilkinson Serv Shrewsbury SAL
Elizabeth Preece Monmouth MON 45 Thomas L Preece Wife Christchurch HAM
Elizabeth Preece Worcester St Martin WOR 20 Edward Preece Daughter Hereford St Nicholas HEF
Elizabeth Preece Westminster St Margaret MDX 26 Benjamine F. James Serv Ledbury HEF
Elizabeth Preece Tranmere CHS 48 Thomas Preece Wife Liverpool LAN
Elizabeth Preece Hunslet YKS 27 George Preece Wife Hallaton LEI
Elizabeth Preece Castleford YKS 56 John Preece Wife Cinderford GLS
Elizabeth Preece Shobdon HEF 45 Charles Preece Wife Llanbister RAD
Elizabeth Preece St Margaret Moses MDX 33 John Ewtram Serv Cowbridge GLA
Elizabeth Preece Ross HEF 50 John Preece Wife Bleddfa RAD
Elizabeth Preece St Helier JSY 3 George Preece Daughter ? Not Known ???
Elizabeth Preece Neath GLA 25 Thomas Preece Daughter Shrewsbury SAL
Elizabeth Preece Gloucester Barton St Mary GLS 74 George H. Allen Moth Tenbury WOR
Elizabeth Preece St Marylebone MDX 51 James B Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Elizabeth Preece Llangattock BRE 2 George Preece Daughter Madley HEF
Elizabeth Preece Wolverhampton STS 49 Self Head Newport SAL
Elizabeth Preece Cheltenham GLS 11 Edward Preece Daughter Rugby WAR
Elizabeth Preece Llandudno CAE 18 Margaret Arkwright Serv Orlerton HEF
Elizabeth Preece Marden HEF 19 John Preece Daughter Ludlow SAL
Elizabeth Preece Wotton Under Edge GLS 35 George Preece Wife ? Not Known MON
Elizabeth Preece Horfield GLS 21 Thos. Bridges Sis Enville STS
Elizabeth Preece Ledbury HEF 43 William Preece Wife Salisbury WIL
Elizabeth Preese Aston WAR 22 Alfred Preese Wife ? Not Known WOR
Elizabeth Preece Eastbourne SSX 20 Francis Matthews Serv Hereford HEF
Elizabeth Preece St Albans St Peter HRT 39 Edward T Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Elizabeth Preece Islington MDX 33 Margaret Preece Daughter St George In The East LND
Elizabeth Preece Dormington HEF 55 Self Head Staunton GLS
Elizabeth Preece Amblecote STS 31 Charles Preece Daughter Stourbridge WOR
Elizabeth Preece Birmingham WAR 42 Self Head Gloucester GLS
Elizabeth Preece Eye HEF 13 Charles Phillips Niec Chelmarsh SAL
Elizabeth Preece Christchurch HAM 24 Sophia Charlotte Audrear Serv Oxford OXF
Elizabeth Preece Normanby YKS 19 Mary A Broome Daughter Chasetown STS
Elizabeth Preece Aston WAR 22 John Potter Serv Dilwyn HEF
Elizabeth Preece Kidderminster WOR 30 Thomas Preece Wife Kinlet SAL
Elizabeth Preece Aberdare GLA 56 George Preece Wife Blaenavon MON
Elizabeth Preece Normanby YKS 43 Richard Wm Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Elizabeth Preece Trewern MGY 37 Adam Preece Wife Cardeston SAL
Elizabeth Preece Lambeth SRY 39 Charles Preece Wife ? Not Known ???
Elizabeth Preece Leinthall Starkes HEF 43 William Preece Wife Clunbury SAL
Elizabeth Preece Newington SRY 52 Joseph Preece Wife ? Not Known ???
Elizabeth Prees Llanllechid CAE 67 Robert Prees Wife Llanbeulan AGY
Elizabeth Preece Derby St Werburgh DBY 31 James Preece Wife Ocle HEF
Elizabeth A Preece Bristol St Michael GLS 1 Thomas A Preece Daughter Bristol St Michael SOM
Elizabeth A Preece Great Malvern WOR 31 William G. Chapple Serv Blaisdon GLS
Elizabeth A Preece Leominster HEF 7 Charles Preece Daughter Rhymney MON
Elizabeth Ann Preece Worcester St Helen WOR 22 George Griffin Serv Cradley HEF
Elizabeth E Preece Beddington SRY 7 Alfred Preece Daughter Holloway MDX
Elizabeth Millward Preece Hackney MDX 50 James Edward Preece Wife Suckley WOR
Elizabeth S Preece Aymestrey HEF 34 John S. Sidebotham Serv St.manards MON
Elizbeth Preece Deerhurst GLS 22 William H. Perry Serv ? Not Known SAL
Elizth Preece Hampstead MDX 20 Herbert Harraden Serv Westbriole HEF
Elizth Preece Trysull STS 17 George Caswell Serv Claverley SAL
Elizth Preece Churchstoke MGY 60 Isaac Preece Wife Mainstone SAL
Ellen Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 46 George Preece Wife Stand Upon Harrow HEF
Ellen Preece Hodnet SAL 47 William Preece Wife Radnor Old Radnor RAD
Ellen Preece Bristol St Michael GLS 1m Thomas A Preece Daughter Bristol St Michael SOM
Ellen Preece East Stonehouse DEV 27 Edward Preece Wife Weston Super Mare SOM
Ellen Preece Kensington MDX 38 Ann Preece Daughter Bridgwater SOM
Ellen Preece St Marylebone MDX 43 Samuel Wilson Lodg Hertford HRT
Ellen Preece Willesden MDX 40 John Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Ellen Preece Michaelchurch RAD 63 James Preece Wife ? Not Known HEF
Ellen Preece Hereford St John Baptist HEF 33 Joseph Preece Wife Usk MON
Ellen Priece Shire Newton MON 34 James Priece Wife Trelandy HEF
Ellen Preece Nottingham St Mary NTT 24 Sarah Hall Asst ? Not Known ???
Ellen Preece Aston WAR 44 Henry Preece Wife Wolverhampton STS
Ellen Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 36 Jemina Aston Ldgw West Bromwich STS
Ellen Preece Edgbaston WAR 46 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Ellen Prees Swansea Town GLA 48 George Prees Wife Thorne SOM
Ellen Priece Willesden MDX 7 Chartole Boyde Orph Battlesden BDF
Ellen Preece Ledbury HEF 33 William Preece Wife London MDX
Ellen Preece Wigmore HEF 43 John Preece Wife Greenwich KEN
Ellen Annie Preece Newcastle Under Lyme STS 36 John William Preece Wife Arley WAR
Ellen J Preece Barton Upon Irwell LAN 16 Thomas A. Griffiths Serv Cumpton SAL
Ellen Jane Preece Preston Quarter CUL 18 Alfred Claughton Serv Risbury HEF
Elsie Hn Preece Newcastle Under Lyme STS 15 Alfred Vaughan Niec Solihull WAR
Elza Preece Bedwellty MON 13 John Powell Sdau Tredegar GLA
Emanuel Preece Chirbury SAL 28 Robert Preece Son Hyssington MGY
Emily Preece Islington MDX 7 Robert N. Hensting Gdau Lambeth SRY
Emily Preece Oldham LAN 26 John Taylor Serv Burghill HEF
Emily Preece Wednesbury STS 35 Henry Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Emily Preece Liverpool LAN 8 Thomas Preece Daughter Bryn-mawr BRE
Emily Preece Shrewsbury St Chad SAL 19 Henry Eldred Serv Welshpool MGY
Emily Preece Llanwenarth Ultra MON 12 George Preece Daughter Llangarron HEF
Emily Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 29 Francis Preece Wife Thorncastle YKS
Emily Preece Wednesbury STS 11 Henry Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Emily Preece Claines WOR 37 Self Head London MDX
Emily Preece Edgbaston WAR 14 John Swann Serv Rowley Regis STS
Emily Preece Aston WAR 28 Frederick Preece Wife Cheltenham GLS
Emily Preece Birmingham WAR 58 Charles Preece Wife Wellington SAL
Emily Preece Llangattock BRE 5 George Preece Daughter Madley HEF
Emily Preece Grendon Bishop HEF 33 Thomas Preece Wife ... Church RAD
Emily Emma Eugenie Preece Dorking SRY 1 James Preece Daughter Sunninghill BRK
Emily I Preece St Pancras MDX 17 Thomas Preece Daughter Bracknell BRK
Emily Jane Preece Hodnet SAL 22 William Preece Daughter Radnor Old Radnor RAD
Emily S Preece Soho St Anne MDX 21 Frederick Preece Wife ? Not Known ???
Emily Stewart Preece Aston WAR 35 Peter Preece Wife Dudley WOR
Emma Preece Birmingham WAR 31 George Preece Wife Bromsgrove WOR
Emma Preece Cheltenham GLS 23 Hezekiah Stanton Niec Broadheath WOR
Emma Preece Wembworthy DEV 36 Henry Preece Wife ? Not Known HEF
Emma Preese Cheltenham GLS 18 William Lewis Niec ? Not Known HEF
Emma Preece Bauseley MGY 13 David Preece Daughter Alberbury SAL
Emma Preese Cheltenham GLS 41 William Lewis Sisl Ludlow SAL
Emma Preece Oxenhall GLS 45 John Preece Wife Dinedor HEF
Emma Preece Higham On The Hill LEI 38 Joseph Preece Wife ? Not Known WOR
Emma Preece Aston WAR 28 George W Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Emma Preece Dorking SRY 33 James Preece Wife Altrincham CHS
Emma Preece Hammersmith MDX 37 John Preece Wife Lea HEF
Emma Preece Ashton-under-lyne LAN 18 James Millward Serv Leinthall Starkes HEF
Emma Preece Kensington MDX 18 John E.m. Prower Serv Putley HEF
Emma Preece Blatchinworth & Calderbro LAN 10 Thomas Preece Daughter Bircher HEF
Emma Preece Great Lever LAN 18 William A. Ferguson Serv Cradley STS
Emma Preece Hereford St Owen HEF 8 John Preece Daughter Merthyr Tydfil MON
Emma Preece Wolverhampton STS 44 Thomas Preece Wife Dudley WOR
Emma Preece Grendon Bishop HEF 10 Thomas Preece Daughter Kyre WOR
Emma Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 51 John Preece Wife Dudley WOR
Emma Preece Birmingham WAR 14 Robert Preece Daughter Bridsford HEF
Emma Preece Hillhampton WOR 41 George Preece Wife Worle SOM
Emma Preece Leintwardine SAL 10 John Preece Daughter Leintwardine HEF
Emma Preece Llangattock BRE 40 George Preece Wife Madley HEF
Emma Preece Kingswinford STS 56 Self Head ? Not Known SAL
Emma Preece Ellastone STS 58 Thomas Preece Wife Farley SAL
Emma Preece Eglwyswen GLA 36 John Preece Wife Bucknell SAL
Emma Preece Nash SAL 17 John Preece Daughter Lower Sapey WOR
Emma Preece Lingen HEF 29 Thomas Preece Daughter Clungunford SAL
Emma Preece Combe HEF 28 Richard Preece Daughter Wem SAL
Emma Preece Cannock STS 46 Andrew Preece Wife Crewe CHS
Emma Preece Edgbaston WAR 25 Ellen Preece Daughter ? Not Known HEF
Emma J Preece Old Radnor RAD 7 Edward Edwards Gdau Abersychan MON
Emma J Preece Dalziel LKS 13 James Preece Daughter ? Not Known ???
Emma J Preece Bradford YKS 20 James Preece Wife Bristol GLS
Emma Jane Preece Hitcham SFK 29 Richard A Preece Wife Wisbech CAM
Emma Lillie Preece Shelsley Kings WOR 8 William Preece Daughter Langton HEF
Emma Maria Preece Mitcheldean GLS 12 Maria Preece Gdau Marylebone MDX
Emma O'grady Preece Reading St Mary BRK 18 Cordelia Hart Serv ? Not Known LAN
Emma Sophia Preece Kidderminster WOR 41 Alfred Preece Wife Welthorpe HEF
Emmanuel Preece Monmouth MON 48 Self Head Witham SOM
Enos Preece Westbury On Severn GLS 54 Enos Preece Head Upton Bishop HEF
Ernest Preece Bobbington STS 10 Chas Preece Son Claverley SAL
Esther Preece Wormbridge HEF 54 Self Head Henbury GLS
Esther Preece Kidderminster WOR 54 Henry Preece Wife Bridgnorth SAL
Esther Preece Aberystruth MON 40 Edwin Preece Wife Orcop HEF
Esther Preece Shifnal SAL 13 Not Identified Inmt Bromstead WOR
Esther Preece Llanwenarth Ultra MON 32 Henry Preece Wife Domerham WIL
Esther Preece Marden HEF 7 Thomas Weaver Vist Birmingham WAR
Eugenia H Preace Hackney MDX 16 Thomas Andrews Niec ? Not Known GLS
Evan Preece Holborn St Andrew MDX 31 Peter Redington Serv ? Not Known ???
Evangeline Eliza C Preece Cleobury Mortimer SAL 11 Caroline Preece Daughter Knighton On Teme WOR
Ezekiel Pr