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Preece Census strays in 1881 - by first name/initial - J only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Jabez Preece Worthen SAL 4 Thomas Preece Son ? Not Known ???
James Preece New Milverton WAR 18 William Shepherd Lodg Guarlford WOR
James Preece Belbroughton WOR 63 Self Head Bishop Hampton HEF
James Preece Sutton LAN 10 George Preece Son Holmes HEF
James Prees Manchester LAN 28 Self Head Bromley KEN
James Preece Bilston STS 83 Self Head Llandaff GLA
James Preece Edgbaston WAR 52 James Preece Head Crabbs Cross WOR
James Preece Birmingham WAR 63 James Preece Head Claines WOR
James Preece Studley WAR 52 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Birmingham WAR 35 James Preece Head Wolverhampton STS
James Preece Dalziel LKS 38 Self Head ? Not Known ???
James Preece Derby St Werburgh DBY 35 Self Head Monnington HEF
James Preece Northfield WOR 25 Self Head Heaton HEF
James Preece Kingston Upon Thames SRY 22 Self Head Nunney SOM
James Rees Llangynwyd Higher GLA 36 Self Head Saundersfoot PEM
James Preece Llanover MON 61 Samuel Parker Lodg ? Not Known HEF
James Preese Abergavenny MON 70 Thomas Watkins Bord Hereford HEF
James Preece Dalziel LKS 5 James Preece Son ? Not Known ???
James Preece Michaelchurch RAD 72 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
James Preece St Faith HAM 30 Not Identified Pris ? Not Known HEF
James Preece Dalziel LKS 59 Self Head ? Not Known ???
James Preece Aston Cantlow WAR 41 Self Head Sutton St Nicholas HEF
James Preece Bilston STS 33 James Preece Head Dutton HEF
James Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 28 Self Head Orliton HEF
James Preece Kingswinford STS 48 Self Head Rowley WOR
James Preece Colwall HEF 51 Self Head Redmarley WOR
James Preece Ashford Carbonell SAL 5 John Preece Son Bilston STS
James Preece Wolverhampton STS 50 James Preece Head ? Not Known HEF
James Preece Ludlow St Lawrence SAL 42 Self Head Astley WOR
James Preece Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL 13 John Henley Bord London MDX
James Preece Lindridge WOR 41 Self Head Kimbolton HEF
James Preece Salford LAN 24 James Preece Son Llandisilio MGY
James Preece Rowley Regis STS 58 Self Head Burwarton SAL
James Preece Salford LAN 53 Self Head Guilsfield MGY
James Preece Walsall Foreign STS 16 Robert Preece Son Bolton LAN
James Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 26 James Preece Head Shobdon HEF
James Preece Macclesfield CHS 30 Self Head Bishops Castle SAL
James Preece Stowe SAL 28 William Lewis Sonl Gatton Amestrey HEF
James Preece Mathon WOR 26 Thomas Preece Head Bosbury HEF
James Preece Holmer HEF 63 Self Head Enjeb? RAD
James Preece Bilston STS 27 Richard Murphy Lodg Birmingham WAR
James Preece Birmingham WAR 36 Self Head Worcester WOR
James Preece Hanley Castle WOR 57 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
James Preece Llandaff GLA 14 James Preece Son ? Not Known HEF
James Preece Kensington MDX 4 James C Preece Son Camberwell SRY
James Preece Aberdare GLA 38 Anna Uphill Bord ? Not Known HEF
James Preece Gloucester Kingsholm St M GLS 45 Self Head Withington HEF
James Preece Llanfechain MGY 36 Self Head Chirbury SAL
James Preece Newent GLS 26 James Preece Son Much Marcle HEF
James Preece Newent GLS 60 Self Head ? Not Known ???
James Preece Moresby CUL 54 Self Head Humber HEF
James Preece Gainsborough LIN 31 Self Head Southwark SRY
James Preece Llandaff GLA 49 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
James Preece Trevethin MON 47 Self Head St Devereux HEF
James Preece Bradford YKS 27 Self Head Aymestrey HEF
James Priece Shire Newton MON 43 Self Head Sucsons Mill HEF
James Barron Preece St Marylebone MDX 50 Self Head ? Not Known SFK
James C Preece Ruardean GLS 24 Self Head Hartwoodend HEF
James C Preece Kensington MDX 26 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
James Edward Preece Hackney MDX 53 Self Head St Johns WOR
James Harry Preece Dorking SRY 8 James Preece Son Westminster MDX
James J Prease West Derby LAN 25 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
James O'shaugnessey Preece St Faith HAM 14 Not Identified Pris ? Not Known COR
James Richard Preece Llantilio Crossenny MON 43 Self Head Ross HEF
James T Preece Llanover MON 21 Eliza Preece Son Troy HEF
Jane Preece Goodrich HEF 43 William Preece Wife Skenfrith MON
Jane Preece Dudley WOR 52 John Preece Wife New RAD
Jane Preece Essington STS 17 John Preece Daur ? Not Known ???
Jane Preece Burwarton SAL 66 George Preece Wife Hereford St Nicholas HEF
Jane Preece Heyop RAD 48 Richard Preece Wife Cherbury MGY
Jane Preece Wolverhampton STS 17 Mariam ((john)) Preece Daur Welenassen ???
Jane Preece Marden HEF 22 Self Head Bedstone SAL
Jane Preece Hallow WOR 23 John Wilesmith Serv Webton HEF
Jane Preece Wigmore HEF 23 Charles Nott Serv Hopton Wafers SAL
Jane Preece Claverley SAL 56 Thomas Preece Wife Stourbridge STS
Jane Preece Bedwellty MON 10 Henry Preece Daur Pontlottyn GLA
Jane Preece Barton Upon Irwell LAN 23 Mary Pickup Serv Hampton Beech SAL
Jane Preece Wolstanton STS 28 Joseph Alcock Serv Minsterley SAL
Jane Preece Wolverhampton STS 43 George Morgan Motl Bridgnorth SAL
Jane Preece Richards Castle SAL 25 William Preece Wife ? Not Known RAD
Jane Preece Byton HEF 52 John Preece Wife Old Radnor RAD
Jane Preece Shrawley WOR 42 George Preece Wife Whitbourne HEF
Jane Preece Trevethin MON 36 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Jane Preece Hampton Charles HEF 17 Benjamin Philips Serv Bickley WOR
Jane Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 22 James Issitt Bord Aberystwyth MON
Jane Preece Eye HEF 57 Self Head Clungunford SAL
Jane Preece Wolverhampton STS 42 George Morgan Motl Bridgnorth SAL
Jane Preece Monmouth MON 20 Alfred H. Hodges Vist Kingsland HEF
Jane Preece Aston WAR 42 Jane Preece Head Marden HEF
Jane Preece Eardisland HEF 40 John Preece Wife Gladestry RAD
Jane Preece Stoke Damerel DEV 27 Self Wife Head Millbrook CON
Jane Preece Condover SAL 29 Thomas Preece Wife Cheltenham GLS
Jane Preece Birmingham WAR 63 James Preece Wife Harborne STS
Jane Preece Bristol St Paul GLS 25 John Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Jane Preece Birmingham WAR 54 Robert Preece Wife Sollers SAL
Jane Preece Shrewsbury St Chad SAL 16 Martha Williams Serv Leintwardine HEF
Jane Preece Worcester St Nicholas WOR 80 Self Head Dilwyn HEF
Jane Preece Nottingham St Mary NTT 37 Alfred Preece Wife Trench Wellington SAL
Jane Preece Cheltenham GLS 50 Self Head Tenterden KEN
Jane Preece Ashleworth GLS 23 Eleanor Preece Serv Huntington HEF
Jane E Priece Andover HAM 40 George Mintram Wife ? Not Known STS
Jane Elizabeth Preece Wimbledon SRY 61 William Henry Preece Sist Caernarfon CAE
Jane H Preece Stratton DOR 9 Thomas I. Or J. Bishop Vist Kentish Town MDX
Jeanette Priece Brighton SSX 36 Rebecca Phillips Lodg Southwark SRY
Jemima Preece Aberystruth MON 64 William Preece Wife ? Not Known ???
Jemima Preece Birmingham WAR 42 Thomas Preece Wife Mamble WOR
Jemima Emma Preece Aston WAR 48 Robert D Preece Wife Clerkenwell MDX
Jemina Preece Kensington MDX 20 James C Preece Wife Camberwell SRY
Jessie Preece Paddington MDX 16 Henry Dobb Appr Southwark SRY
Jessie Preece Leyton Low ESS 24 Henry Whybrow Serv Kings Vowchurch HEF
Jessie Preese Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 33 Wm Preese Wife Bosbury HEF
Jessie Leone G Preece Over Darwen LAN 2 Charles Preece Daur Trevethin MON
Jno Preece St George Hanover Square MDX 28 Self Head Temsford BDF
Jno Preece Llangattock BRE 34 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
Jno L Preece Islington MDX 27 Self Head Cardiff GLA
John Preece Southwark St Saviour SRY 75 Self Head ? Not Known WOR
John Preece Newington SRY 42 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 2 Thomas Preece Son Wolverhampton STS
John Preece Northampton All Saints NTH 25 Henry Dunkley Asst Wormbridge HEF
John Preece Lambeth SRY 31 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 53 Self Head ? Not Known GLS
John Preece Hentland HEF 52 Self Head Pontypool MON
John Preece Battersea SRY 39 Mary Goddard Lodg Bethnal Green MDX
John Preece Dudley WOR 46 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John Preace Redmarley WOR 59 Self Head Redmarley GLS
John Preece Hammersmith MDX 38 John Preece Head Mitcheldean GLS
John Preece Wolverhampton STS 70 Not Identified Inmt Dawley Green SAL
John Preece Willesden MDX 40 Self Head ? Not Known MON
John Preece Tottenham MDX 42 Self Head Risbury HEF
John Preece Willenhall STS 63 Self Head Hatherton SAL
John Preece Burton Upon Trent STS 32 Ann Preece Son Hereford HEF
John Preece Reading St Mary BRK 26 Job Henry Baylis Asst Ross HEF
John Preece Cusop HEF 30 Elizabeth Preece Son Hay BRE
John Preece West Lexham NFK 14 Francis Frederick Bevely Serv ? Not Known HEF
John Preece Great Brickhill BKM 68 Self Head Abbey Dore HEF
John Preece Kensington MDX 22 Ann Preece Son Bridgwater SOM
John Preece Cainham SAL 18 Alma Preece Son Sedgley STS
John Preece Monkland HEF 70 Self Head Bockleton WOR
John Preece Cainham SAL 60 Alma Preece Fath Ledbury HEF
John Preece Kidderminster WOR 61 Not Identified Inmt ? Not Known SAL
John Preece Kensington MDX 29 John Preece Head Monmouth MON
John Preece Enville STS 66 John Preece Head Bayton WOR
John Preece Castleford YKS 19 John Preece Son Cinderford GLS
John Preece Ardwick LAN 32 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
John Preece Hulme LAN 32 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John Preece Bootle LAN 48 Robert Roberts Bord Olton WAR
John Preece Ashton-under-lyne LAN 28 Self Head Wombourne STS
John Preece Ludlow St Lawrence SAL 50 Self Head Elton HEF
John Preece Birmingham WAR 62 Self Head Wellington HEF
John Preece Macclesfield CHS 9 James Preece Son Bishops Castle SAL
John Preece Aston WAR 60 Edward Price Widr Ludlow SAL
John Preese Birmingham WAR 31 Self Head Wellington SAL
John Preece Llanover MON 80 Thomas Moss Lodg Llandaff GLA
John Preece Monmouth MON 57 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John Preece Oldham LAN 29 Self Head ? Not Known ???
John Preece Salford LAN 19 James Preece Son Ruyton Xi Towns SAL
John Preece Castleford YKS 54 Self Head Cinderford GLS
John Preece Edgbaston WAR 73 Charles Preece Fath Ashperton HEF
John Preece Halifax YKS 25 Self Head St Devereux HEF
John Preece Northam DEV 41 Not Identified Notk Bridgwater SOM
John Preece Oxenhall GLS 44 Self Head Mardon HEF
John Preece Westbury On Severn GLS 13 Henry Smith Sson Upton Bishop HEF
John Preece Pool MGY 18 Thomas Corbett Lodg ? Not Known ???
John Preece Llangynwyd Higher GLA 15 James Wood Cous ? Not Known HEF
John Preece Mitchel Troy MON 18 Aaron Smith Serv Madley HEF
John Preece Eglwyswen GLA 42 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John Preece Monmouth MON 31 Henry Collins Lodg Abbing Hall GLS
John Preece Tredunnock MON 30 Self Head Burghill HEF
John Preece Gelligaer GLA 34 George Bennett Bord Hoarwithy HEF
John Preece Hay BRE 9 Jane Preece Son Brilley HEF
John Preace Bingley YKS 32 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John Preese Brompton SAL 20 Williams Davies Serv Forden MGY
John Preece Stafford St Mary STS 23 Not Identified Pris Bridgnorth SAL
John Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 28 John Preece Head Tilwys HEF
John Preece Shifnal SAL 36 Not Identified Inmt Bromstead WOR
John Preece Pudlestone HEF 42 John Jones Vist Bockleton WOR
John Preece Ledbury HEF 41 Robert Cale Bord Redmarley WOR
John Preece Wednesfield STS 35 Self Head Hanwood SAL
John Preece Mathon WOR 17 Joseph Hodges Serv Bosbury HEF
John Preece Nash SAL 48 Self Head Wacton HEF
John Preece Claines WOR 30 Self Head Bosbury HEF
John Preece Wolverhampton STS 23 Self Head Bridgnorth SAL
John Preece Essington STS 44 Self Head Wenlock SAL
John Preese Inkberrow WOR 49 John Preese Head Shobdon HEF
John Preece Leintwardine SAL 44 Self Head Leintwardine HEF
John Preece Darlaston STS 47 Self Head ? Not Known SAL
John Preece Wednesfield STS 12 William Preece Son Moseley Village WAR
John Preece Wolverhampton STS 4 Ellen Preece Son Dudley WOR
John Preece Stockport CHS 28 Self Head Dorrington SAL
John Preece Harborne STS 25 Self Head Whangton HEF
John Adney Preece Thorpe Malsor NTH 25 Richard G. Stonton Vist Cressage SAL
John Ambrose Preece Paddington MDX 46 Self Head ? Not Known HEF
John E Preece Wolverhampton STS 29 Mary Preece Son Leominster HEF
John H Preece Cheltenham GLS 19 Jane Preece Son Hereford HEF
John H Preece Swindon WIL 58 Self Head Tenbury WOR
John H Preece Hackney MDX 27 Self Head Wycombe Marsh BKM
John Jas Preece Shrawley WOR 17 George Preece Son Bromyard HEF
John P Preece Leominster HEF 6 Jonathan Wilkes Bord Doncaster YKS
John Robert Preece Barrow In Furness LAN 19 Ann Roberts Serv Dudley WOR
Jonathan Preece Pucklechurch GLS 45 Self Head Pucklechurch SOM
Joseph Preece Llandaff GLA 19 James Preece Son ? Not Known HEF
Joseph Preece Kensington MDX 86 Self Head Aleford GLS
Joseph Preece Liversedge YKS 22 Self Head Hereford HEF
Joseph Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 51 George Brarmel Lodg Carles... Worcester ? WOR
Joseph Preece Llangattock BRE 20 George Preece Son Madley HEF
Joseph Preece Birmingham WAR 55 Self Head Dinedor HEF
Joseph Preece Twickenham MDX 28 Self Head ? Not Known SAL
Joseph Preice Cannock STS 36 Self Head ? Not Known ???
Joseph Preece Hereford St John Baptist HEF 56 Self Head Clyro RAD
Joseph Preece Higham On The Hill LEI 37 Self Head Bridgnorth SAL
Joseph Preece Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL 40 Francis Preece Son Bilston STS
Joseph Preece Kingswinford STS 66 Not Identified Inmt Ledbury HEF
Joseph Preece Dudley WOR 27 Catherine Perkins Sonl Kingswinford STS
Joseph Preece Stanton Lacy SAL 67 Self Head Aymestrey HEF
Joseph E Preece Gateshead DUR 55 Self Head Bristol SOM
Joseph John Preece Ross HEF 40 Self Head Parkend GLS
Joseph T Preece Aymestrey HEF 1 William Preece Gson