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Preece Census strays in 1901 - by first name/initial - J only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
Jacob Preece Normanby NRY 23 William Preece Son South Bank YKS
James Preece Lower Mitton WOR 39 Self Head Stoke Bliss HEF
James Preece Bradford YKS 47 Self Head Orleton HEF
James Preece Holmer Within HEF 46 Self Head Monmouth MON
James Preece West Malvern WOR 46 Self Head Bosbury HEF
James Preece Longton STS 45 James Preece Head Shobdon HRT
James Preece Shelsley Walsh WOR 45 Self Head Woolhope HEF
James Preece Ross HEF 72 Charles Waythe Bord Not Given ???
James Preece Aston WAR 45 Self Head Dinmore HEF
James Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 34 Self Head Herfordshire HEF
James Preece Balsall Heath WAR 40 Self Head Accornbury HEF
James Preece Blaenavon MON 48 Self Head Eaton Bishop HEF
James Preece Llanfrechfa Lower MON 39 Self Head Oreston HEF
James Preece Great Warley ESS 38 Self Head Guarlford WOR
James Preece Thornaby NRY 38 John Thwaites Sonl Not Known CON
James Preece Winton HAM 37 Self Head Birmingham WAR
James Preece Worfield SAL 37 James Preece Head Pattingham STS
James Preece Headingley With Burley YKS 36 James Roberts Bord Bretton HRT
James Preece Eltham LND 34 Self Head Leominster HEF
James Preece Kingston On Thames SRY 43 Self Head Somerset SOM
James Preece Croydon SRY 60 Self Head Worcester WOR
James Preece Llangeinor GLA 33 James Preece Head Hentland HEF
James Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 80 James Preece Head Henges RAD
James Preece Rowley Regis STS 78 James Preece Fath Clun SAL
James Preece Wolverhampton STS 70 James Preece Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Gwehelog MON 68 Self Head Llangarren HEF
James Preece Abersychan MON 67 William Hopkins Fatl St Devereux HEF
James Preece Gloucester GLS 65 James Preece Head Wellington SOM
James Preece Quarry Bank STS 47 Self Head Clee Hill SAL
James Preece Ludlow SAL 60 James Preece Head Ashley WOR
James Preece Mitchel Troy MON 48 Self Head Hentland HEF
James Preece Tedstone Delamere HEF 60 Self Head Wednesbury STS
James Preece Abersychan MON 58 James Preece Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Abergavenny MON 58 John David Williams Bord Allenmoor HEF
James Preece Harborne WAR 56 Self Head Worcester WOR
James Preece Merton SRY 56 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Birmingham WAR 54 James Preece Head Wolverhampton STS
James Preece Burghill HEF 49 Not Held Inmt ? Not Known ENG
James Preece Newport MON 45 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Old Stratford Within WAR 61 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Gloucester GLS 33 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Rolleston STS 22 George Adkins Bord Ledbury HEF
James Preece Malvern Link WOR 22 William Preece Son Bosbury HEF
James Preece Tenbury WOR 19 William Davis Cous Allensmore HEF
James Preece Minster KEN 18 Not Held Crew Kensington LND
James Preece Aberystruth MON 15 Wm Preece Brot Not Known HEF
James Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 48 Self Head Orleton HEF
James Preece Margam GLA 11 Susanah Preece Son Wellington HEF
James Preece Mathon HEF 34 James Preece Head Welland WOR
James Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 8 Thomas Preece Son Cardiff GLA
James Preece Tottenham MDX 6 Wm Preece Son Tottenham LND
James Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 2 Leonard Preece Son Birmingham WAR
James Preece Dalziel LKS 60 Self Head England ENG
James Preece Dalziel LKS 26 James Preece Son England ENG
James Preece Hamilton LKS 30 Self Head England ENG
James Preece Kilmun ARG 10 William Preece Son Dalziel LKS
James Preece St Helens LAN 30 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Moresby CUL 73 James Preece Head Humber HEF
James Preece Newport MON 10 Mary A George Son Clifford KEN
James Preece Bisham BRK 29 Self Head Mordiford HEF
James Preece Chell STS 28 Self Head Shropshire SAL
James Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 31 Self Head Worcester WOR
James Preece Bradford YKS 30 Frances Stephenson Vist Yarkhill HEF
James Preece Charnock Richard LAN 29 Self Head Wellington SAL
James Preece Dorking SRY 28 Jane Williamson Bord Knightsbridge LND
James Preece Llanwonno GLA 26 Self Head Presteigne RAD
James Preece Walsall Wood STS 26 Edward Langford Sonl Ross HEF
James Preece Gillingham KEN 23 Not Held Serv Birmingham WAR
James Preece Llangeinor GLA 24 Arthur Gough Bord Holmer HEF
James Preece Pembrey CMN 25 Thomas Anthony Bord Leigh WOR
James Preece Ringwood HAM 26 Self Head Kingstone HEF
James C Preece East Dean GLS 48 Self Head Harrows End HEF
James C Preece Ilford ESS 25 Self Head Camberwell LND
James D Preece Dudley WOR 26 James Silvers Bord Putson HEF
James E Preece Ilford ESS 73 Self Head Worcester St John WOR
James F F Preece Mitchel Troy MON 12 James Preece Son English Bicknor GLS
James H Preece Pontypridd GLA 36 James H Preece Head Isle Of Wight HAM
James H Preece Thornaby NRY 7 John Thwaites Gson Thornaby YKS
James Hy Preece Normanby NRY 44 Self Head Not Known ???
James J Preece Devonport DEV 49 Self Head Worcester WOR
James M Preece Lindridge WOR 29 George Weaver Bord Ashperton HEF
James Richd Preece St Marylebone MDX 26 Self Head Paddington LND
James T Preece Attercliffe Cum Darnall YKS 28 James T Preece Head Rowley Regis STS
Jane Preece Hay BRE 60 Jane Preece Head Leominster HEF
Jane Preece Hillhampton WOR 63 Self Head Widborne HEF
Jane Preece Aston Manor WAR 62 Jane Preece Head Marsden HEF
Jane Preece Goodrich HEF 62 Jane Preece Head Skenfrith MON
Jane Preece Wolverhampton STS 60 Samuel Preece Wife Bridgnorth SAL
Jane Preece Birmingham WAR 67 Frank Carter Mitchell Inmt Shropshire SAL
Jane Preece Byton HEF 72 Self Head Radnor RAD
Jane Preece Stowe SAL 73 John Preece Wife Discoyd RAD
Jane Preece Shobdon HEF 84 Charles Preece Moth Clungunford SAL
Jane Preece Wigmore HEF 58 Self Head Gladestrey RAD
Jane Preece North Manchester LAN 7 John Preece Daughter Ferndale GLA
Jane Preece Wimbledon SRY 81 William Henry Preece Sist Carnarvon CAE
Jane Preece Abersychan MON 56 James Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Jane Preece Nottingham NTT 55 Alfd Preece Wife Wellington SAL
Jane Preece Meifod MGY 51 William Preece Wife Shocklock CHS
Jane Preece Kidderminster WOR 48 Self Head Bridgnorth SAL
Jane Preece Weston CHS 43 George Preece Wife Chepstow MON
Jane Preece Birlingham WOR 41 William Preece Wife Ramsden OXF
Jane Preece Hackney MDX 41 Myer Solomons Serv Hentland HEF
Jane Preece Highleadon GLS 39 Peter Preece Wife Llangarren HEF
Jane Preece Margate KEN 36 Alfred Preece Wife Andover HAM
Jane Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 28 James Preece Wife Risca MON
Jane Preece Bridgnorth St Mary SAL 53 Reginald Pilkington Serv Ireland IRE
Jane Preece Burghill HEF 31 Thomas Preece Wife Monmouth MON
Jane Preece Oldham LAN 50 George Preece Wife Ruabon WLS
Jane Preece Liverpool LAN 29 John Murrow Serv Topythy WLS
Jane Preece Mathon HEF 64 James Preece Moth Castle Morton WOR
Jane Preece Orleton HEF 46 Jane Preece Wife Clun SAL
Jane Preece Heyope RAD 70 Richard Preece Wife Chirbury SAL
Jane A Preece Brynmawr BRE 27 John Preece Wife Aberystruth MON
Jane A Preece Pontypridd GLA 16 James H Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Jane E Preece Churchdown GLS 70 Elizabeth Nicholls Vist Tenterden KEN
Jane H Preece Kingsland HEF 33 George Preece Wife Eastrington YKS
Jane M Preece Haughton STS 20 Thomas Preece Daughter Newport SAL
Janet M Preece Birmingham WAR 6 Henry Preece Daughter Leominster HEF
Jemima Preece Aston Manor WAR 52 Jemima Preece Head Mamble WOR
Jemima J Preece Devonport DEV 47 James Preece Wife Millbrook CON
Jennie Preece Handsworth STS 35 George Preece Wife Retford NTT
Jennie Preece Islington MDX 21 George Duckworth Serv Bethnal Green LND
Jesse Preece Earls Croome WOR 14 Thomas Preece Son Enville STS
Jessie Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 53 William Preece Wife Bosbury HEF
Jessie Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 19 William Preece Daughter Shrewsbury SAL
Jessie Preece Llandrillo DEN 17 William Excell Serv Shrewsbury SAL
Jessie Preece Bosbury HEF 8 Richard Preece Daughter Wigan LAN
Jessie U Preece Handsworth STS 20 Urania Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Jno Preece Hanley STS 34 Jno Preece Head Much Wenlock SAL
Joan Preece Holy Cross & St Giles SAL 28 George Burr Serv Berriew MGY
John Preese Northfield WOR 38 George Williams Bord Hereford HEF
John Preece Monmouth MON 78 None Named None ? Not Known ???
John Preece Willesden MDX 47 Self Head Cardiff GLA
John Preece Lapley STS 37 John Priece Head Weston Heath SAL
John Preece Ross HEF 74 John Preece Head Whitchurch MON
John Preece Willesden MDX 62 Self Head Cwmcarvon MON
John Preice Kingsland HEF 36 John Preice Head Presteigne RAD
John Preece Oldcastle GLA 33 Self Head Ashburton HEF
John Preece Aston WAR 73 John Preece Fath Stodesden SAL
John Preece Ludlow SAL 70 Self Head Burrington HEF
John Preece Kensington MDX 68 Ellen Preece Brot Bridgwater SOM
John Preece Wolverhampton STS 68 ? Not Known Paup Churton SAL
John Preece Oxenhall GLS 63 Self Head Sutton HEF
John Preece North Manchester LAN 35 Self Head Eardisland HEF
John Preece Hammersmith LND 58 John Preece Head Mitcheldean GLS
John Preece Llanelly BRE 58 Self Head Eton Bishop HEF
John Preece Wolverton BKM 55 Self Head Lady Oak SAL
John Preece Warwick St Mary WAR 55 John Preece Head Bosbury HEF
John Preece South Manchester LAN 54 Stephen Ball Vist Brampton Bryan HEF
John Preece Stowe SAL 66 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Barry Docks GLA 38 W H Edgecombe Crew Sunderland DUR
John Preece Norton Juxta Kempsey WOR 15 William G Pearce Serv Risbury HEF
John Preece Upton On Severn WOR 36 John Preece Head Ross HEF
John Preece Holmer Within HEF 30 John Preece Head Hay BRE
John Preece Wolverhampton STS 39 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Brynmawr BRE 39 Self Head Dilwyn HEF
John Preece Bolton LAN 39 Self Head Ludlow SAL
John Preece Paddington LND 40 Self Head Montgomery MGY
John Preece Broughton LAN 40 Self Head Montgomery MGY
John Preece Leintwardine HEF 40 Self Head Presteigne RAD
John Preece Oldham LAN 40 Self Head Not Known SAL
John Preece Ashton Under Lyne LAN 32 Harriet Preece Son Leinthall HEF
John Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 38 John Preece Head ? Not Known STS
John Preece Pontypridd GLA 62 Self Head Yarpole HEF
John Preece Monmouth MON 34 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Hale LAN 34 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
John Preece Hellifield WRY 54 John Preece Head Winforton HEF
John Preece Higher Llangynwyd GLA 36 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Wellington HEF 32 John Phillips Sson Ruckbury SAL
John Preece West Dean GLS 32 Self Head Upton HEF
John Preece Plumstead SRY 32 Self Head Dudley WOR
John Preece Llanharan GLA 43 Self Head Wormsley HEF
John Preece Huddersfield YKS 43 Edward Barlow Fatl St Devereux HEF
John Preece Aston WAR 43 Self Head Quatt SAL
John Preece Inkberrow WOR 67 John Preece Head Shobden HEF
John Preece Llandingat Within CMN 37 Self Head Beguildy RAD
John Preece Aston WAR 30 John Preece Head Willington SAL
John Preece South Manchester LAN 23 Tom Barrett Bord Hereford HEF
John Preece Hackney MDX 53 Self Head Burghill HEF
John Preece Dudley WOR 24 Emmanuel Evans Sson Birmingham WAR
John Preece Roath GLA 24 Shadrach Preece Son Ebbw Vale MON
John Preece Warrington LAN 22 Albert Mynekyne Serv Not Known WOR
John Preece Stockport CHS 6 Joseph Preece Son Stockport LAN
John Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 22 Thomas Preece Son Wolverhampton STS
John Preece Glyncorrwg GLA 27 Charles Preece Son Abertillery MON
John Preece Burnley LAN 28 Marion Preece Brot Bridgnorth SAL
John Preece Sparkhill WOR 22 Self Head Willenhall STS
John Preece Macclesfield CHS 29 John Preece Head Bishops Castle SAL
John Preece Abergavenny MON 22 James Glendinning(?) Serv York Hill HEF
John Preece Norton Canes STS 29 John Preece Head Kidderminster WOR
John Preece Pendleton LAN 25 Joseph Preece Bord Shrewsbury SAL
John Preece Canton GLA 49 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Bewdley WOR 60 John Preece Head Hopton Wafers SAL
John Preece South Manchester LAN 50 John Preece Head Shrewsbury SAL
John Preece Winterbourne Gunner WIL 16 Elizabeth Preece Son Eaton SAL
John Preece Worcester WOR 50 Self Head Bosbury HEF
John Preece Aston WAR 16 John Preece Son Wolverhampton STS
John Preece Bromley MDX 29 Ann Bastone Sonl West Ham ESS
John Preece Kingston Upon Thames SRY 49 John Preece Head Nunney SOM
John Preece Stockport CHS 48 John Preece Head Fornayton SAL
John Preece West Bromwich STS 22 Self Head Canon Pyon HEF
John Preece Aston WAR 46 Thomas Skidmore Bord Wellington SAL
John Preece Maidenhead BRK 46 Self Head Ross HEF
John Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 46 John Preece Head Dilwyn HEF
John Preece Northampton St Giles NTH 45 John Preece Head Wormbridge HEF
John A Preece Slipton NTH 41 John Preece Head ? Not Known SAL
John B Preece Staunton On Wye HEF 30 Thomas Davies Lodg Martley WOR
John Charles Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 33 Self Head Oxenhall GLS
John E Preece Kings Norton WOR 28 Self Head Herefordshire HEF
John Ed Preece Thornaby NRY 3 John Thwaites Gson Thornaby YKS
John F Preece Hapton LAN 29 Self Head Pensnett STS
John G Preece Walthamstow ESS 32 Self Head Highbury Vale LND
John H Preece Walthamstow ESS 5 John Preece Son St Andrew LND
John H Preece Merton SRY 21 James Preece Son Derby DBY
John J Preese Wolverhampton STS 43 Self Head Birmingham WAR
John James Preece Hillhampton WOR 37 Jane Preece Son Linton HEF
John James Preece Llansamlet Higher GLA 14 William Preece Son Eardisley HEF
John R Preece Erdington WAR 19 Henry Clements Vist Worcester St John WOR
John Richard Preece Oldham LAN 12 John Preece Son Not Known SAL
John T Preece Cannock STS 29 Thomas Guest Bord Hereford HEF
John W Preece Llandaff GLA 37 Thomas Preece Brot Bockleton WOR
John W Preece Hellifield WRY 6 John Preece Son Hellifield YKS
Joseph Preece Marylebone MDX 36 Sarah A Preece Son Soho LND
Joseph Preece Longdon St Mary WOR 17 Charles Green Serv Unknown ???
Joseph Preece Quarry Bank STS 34 Self Head Lindridge HEF
Joseph Preece Coleshill WAR 13 Christopher Frampton Bord Brownhills STS
Joseph Preece Canton GLA 39 Joseph Preece Head Leominster HEF
Joseph Preece Llanhilleth MON 39 Self Head Seldon HEF
Joseph Preece Stockport CHS 8 Joseph Preece Son Stockport LAN
Joseph Preece Stockport CHS 40 Self Head Larden SAL
Joseph Preece Heath Town STS 26 Self Head Worfield SAL
Joseph Preece Netherseal DBY 51 Self Head Bridgenorth SAL
Joseph Preece Cannock STS 24 Self Head Wellington SAL
Joseph Preece Blaenavon MON 49 John Tinkler Lodg Hereford HEF
Joseph Preece Dewsbury YKS 42 Self Head Hereford HEF
Joseph Preece Willesden MDX 46 Self Head Ludlow SAL
Joseph Preece Brighouse YKS 23 Selina Radley Bord West Hope HEF
Joseph Preece Wolverhampton STS 42 Mary Preece Son Kidderminster WOR
Joseph Preece Abergavenny MON 54 Joseph Preece Head Preston On Wye HEF
Joseph Preece Erdington WAR 32 Joseph Preece Head Astley Abbotts SAL
Joseph Preece Pendleton LAN 35 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
Joseph Preece Yardley WOR 18 George Preece Son Gloucester GLS
Joseph F Preece Wolverhampton STS 25 Self Head Worfield SAL
Joseph J Preece Ross HEF 60 Joseph J Preece Head Parkend GLS
Josiah A Preece Worthen SAL 15 Mary Preece Son Dalton In Furness LAN
Joyce Head Preece Much Dewchurch HEF 29 Stephen Charles Preece Wife Wootton Under Edge GLS
Julia M Preece Aston WAR 24