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Preece Census strays in 1891 - by first name/initial - J only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place Cty
James Preece Hammersmith LND 12 Eugenie Preece Son Battersea SRY
James Preece Plumstead LND 38 Self Head Bosbury HEF
James Preece Risca MON 21 Self Head Chatham KEN
James Preece Llantarnam MON 45 Self Head Herefordshire HEF
James Preece Dalziel LKS 50 James Preece Head England ENG
James Preece Ruardean GLS 38 Self Head Harwood Erid HEF
James Preece Dymock GLS 37 Self Head Much Marcle HEF
James Preece Blackburn LAN 21 William Williams Neph Hereford HEF
James Preece St Lawrence SAL 53 Self Head Astley WOR
James Preece Bettws GLA 39 Evan Williams Serv England ENG
James Preece Manningham YKS 37 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Wolverhampton STS 60 James Preece Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Kings Norton WOR 34 Self Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 36 James Preece Head Shobdon HEF
James Preece St Mary De Crypt GLS 37 Self Head Wormbridge HEF
James Preece St John The Baptist GLS 58 James Preece Head Herefordshire HEF
James Preece Gainsborough LIN 41 Self Head Southwark LND
James Preece Burton Extra STS 25 Sarah Thompson Lodg Shobdon HEF
James Preece Harborne STS 48 Self Head Worcester WOR
James Preece Headingley With Burley YKS 22 Edmund Morris Bord Brinton HEF
James Preece Hanley Castle WOR 67 James Preece Head Cradley HEF
James Preece Llanover MON 37 Self Head Eaton Bishop HEF
James Preece St Mary WOR 23 William Beaman Wifes Brother High Holborn LND
James Preece Old Stratford WAR 51 Self Head Sutton St Nicholas HEF
James Preece Bermondsey LND 5 Henry Preece Son Bermondsey SRY
James Preece Coppenhall Monks CHS 39 Self Head Orleton HEF
James Preece Handsworth STS 35 Self Head Woolhope HEF
James Preece Worfield SAL 24 Charles Preece Son Pattingham STS
James Preece St Woollos MON 35 James Preece Head Holmer HEF
James Preece Ystradyfodwg GLA 21 Self Head Yatton HEF
James Preece Ashford Carbonell SAL 15 John Preece Son Bilston STS
James Preece Hammersmith LND 38 James Preece Head Monmouth MON
James Preece Canton GLA 23 James Morris Lodg Leominster HEF
James Preece Wimbledon SRY 45 Self Head Monnington HEF
James Preece Croydon SRY 46 Self Head Stourbridge WOR
James Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 26 Self Head Aberystwyth WLS
James Preece Macclesfield CHS 41 Self Head Bishops Castle SAL
James Preece Keighley YKS 21 Richard Baines Lodg Yarkhill HEF
James Preece Keighley YKS 26 Mary Gill Bord Brainton HEF
James Preece Kings Norton WOR 9m James Preece Son Birmingham WAR
James Prees Westminster St James MDX 20 Adam Preece Sldr Birmingham WAR
James Preece Mathon HEF 3 James Preece Son Mathon WOR
James Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 53 James Preece Head Hereford HEF
James Preece Moresby CUL 65 Self Head Humber HEF
James Preece Shire Newton MON 55 Self Head Lucton HEF
James Preece English Bicknor GLS 38 Self Head Henllan HEF
James Preece Aberystruth MON 65 .... York Lodg Berry Hill GLS
James Preece Michaelchurch RAD 82 Self Head Norton Canon HEF
James Preece Newent GLS 71 Self Head ? Not Known IRL
James Preece Canton GLA 59 Self Head Leominster HEF
James Preece Holmer Within HEF 34 Self Head Llanishen MON
James Preece Hereford All Saints HEF 74 Self Head ? Not Known RAD
James Preece Trevethin MON 48 Self Head Hereford St Owen HEF
James Preece Birmingham WAR 44 James Preece Head Wolverhampton STS
James Preece Sutton LAN 25 George Preece Son Holmer HEF
James Preece Christchurch HAM 27 Self Head Birmingham WAR
James Preece Fulham LND 52 William H Harper Brol Hereford HEF
James Preece Liscard CHS 29 Self Head Walton STS
James Preece Duddeston WAR 35 Self Head Upper Hill HEF
James Preece Mathon HEF 57 Self Head Malvern WOR
James Preece Christchurch MON 43 Self Head Leominster HEF
James B Preece St Marylebone LND 61 Self Head Felixstowe SFK
James B Preece Kings Norton WOR 17 James Preece Son Birmingham WAR
James E Preece Dalziel LKS 15 James Preece Son England ENG
James E Preece Hackney LND 63 Self Head Worcester St John WOR
James H Preece Mickleham SRY 18 James Preece Son Westminster LND
James Henry Preece Coventry St Michael And St John WAR 27 James Henry Preece Head Wolverhampton STS
James Henry Preece Normanby YKS 37 Self Head Worcestershire WOR
James J Preece Harborne STS 13 James Preece Son Birmingham WAR
James W Preece Kensington LND 22 Charles Preece Son Chelsea MDX
Jane Preece Hay BRE 48 Thomas Preece Wife Ledbury HEF
Jane Preece Llantwit Fardre GLA 50 John Preece Wife Shrewsbury SAL
Jane Preece Worcester WOR 31 Not Held Serv Ledbury HEF
Jane Preece Yarpole HEF 75 Self Head Clungunford SAL
Jane Preece Stoke Newington LND 41 Edward Blewitt Vist Bacton HEF
Jane Preece Shrewsbury Holy Cross And St Giles SAL 32 John Preece Wife Church Stoke MGY
Jane Preece Norton RAD 48 Self Head Herefordshire HEF
Jane Preece Byton HEF 62 John Preece Wife Old Radnor RAD
Jane Preece Barton Upon Irwell LAN 26 Francis Turner Serv Knighton WOR
Jane Preece Normanby YKS 25 Richard W Preece Sdau Wolverhampton STS
Jane Preece Bermondsey LND 17 Henry Preece Daughter Bermondsey SRY
Jane Preece Hillhampton WOR 52 Self Head Whitbourne HEF
Jane Preece Wirksworth DBY 20 Cyril J C Prescott Serv Aymestrey HEF
Jane Preece Christchurch MON 57 John Preece Wife Malmesbury WIL
Jane Preece Ruardean HEF 7 James Preece Daughter Drybrook GLS
Jane Preece Wolverhampton STS 66 Alfred J Strickland Motl Stourbridge WOR
Jane Preece Handsworth STS 26 George Preece Wife Retford NTT
Jane Preece Bobbington STS 38 Thomas Nicholls Serv Wrighton SAL
Jane Preece Trevethin MON 46 James Preece Wife Hereford St Peter HEF
Jane Preece Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL 46 Not Held Nurs Scotland SCT
Jane Preece Aston WAR 54 Charles Preece Wife Marden HEF
Jane Preece Goodrich HEF 52 William Preece Wife Skenfrith MON
Jane Preece Holmer Within HEF 39 Jane Preece Head Llandegly RAD
Jane Preece Wolverhampton STS 33 Joseph Preece Wife Kidderminster WOR
Jane Preece Kidderminster WOR 44 Self Head Bridgenorth SAL
Jane Preece Bromsgrove WOR 37 Edward Cartwright Serv Hopton Wafers SAL
Jane Preece Burton Upon Trent STS 26 Harriett Preece Daughter Birmingham St George WAR
Jane Preece Wolverhampton STS 51 Samuel Preece Wife Bridgnorth SAL
Jane Preece Wigmore HEF 50 John Preece Wife Gladestry RAD
Jane Preece Bredenbury HEF 31 William Preece Wife Ramsdon OXF
Jane Preece Bristol St James And St Paul GLS 35 John Preece Wife Birmingham WAR
Jane Preece Cradley HEF 30 Self Head Bodenham WOR
Jane Preece Birmingham WAR 64 Self Head Neen Sollars SAL
Jane Preece St George Hanover Square MDX 40 William Wood Serv Clifton ???
Jane E Preece Westbury On Trym GLS 61 John H Preece Moth Tenterden FLN
Jane E Preece Marylebone MDX 29 Mary Preece Daughter St Marylebone LND
Jane E Preece Wimbledon SRY 71 William H Preece Sist Carnarvon CAE
Jane M Preece Ellenhall STS 10 Thomas Preece Daughter Newport SAL
Janet Milligan Preece Horninglow STS 8 George Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
Jeannette Preece Westbury On Trym GLS 8 Joseph Bryant Vist London MDX
Jemima Priece Aston WAR 58 Robert Darius Preece Wife London LND
Jemima Preece Birmingham St Thomas WAR 56 Thomas Preece Wife Worcester WOR
Jemima Preece Enville STS 68 John Preece Wife Neen Savage SAL
Jemima Preece Aberystruth MON 74 John Baker Motl Brecon BRE
Jesse Preece Earls Croome WOR 4 Thomas Preece Son Enville STS
Jessie Preece St George Hanover Square LND 27 William Preece Wife Hereford HEF
Jessie Preece Prestwich LAN 9 William Preece Daughter Shrewsbury SAL
Jessie Preece Ilkley YKS 28 Not Held Bord London LND
Jessie Preece Prestwich LAN 43 William Preece Wife Bosbury HEF
Jessie L G Preece Aberdare GLA 12 Charles Preece Daughter Varteg MON
Jessie N Preece Roath GLA 10 Alfred J Preece Daughter Birmingham WAR
John Preece Tenbury WOR 41 Self Head Orleton HEF
John Preece Great Malvern WOR 33 Self Head Claverley SAL
John Preece Maidenhead BRK 36 John Preece Head Ross HEF
John Preece Great Malvern WOR 7 John Preece Son Wolverhampton STS
John Preece Nash SAL 57 Self Head Wacton HEF
John Preece Wolverton BKM 45 Self Head Ladyhope SAL
John Preece Aymestrey HEF 11 James Preece Son Stowe SAL
John Preece Hentland HEF 62 Self Head Not Known WLS
John Preece Stoke Upon Trent STS 64 Self Head Gloucester GLS
John Preece Chelsea LND 27 Not Held Sldr Bromyard HEF
John Preece St George Hanover Square LND 38 Self Head Tempsford BDF
John Preece Castleford YKS 28 Self Head Gloucester GLS
John Preece Llantrisant GLA 51 William Edwards Vist Blakemere HEF
John Preece Shenstone STS 26 John Preece Head Willenhall SAL
John Preece Llantwit Fardre GLA 53 Self Head On River Severn GLS
John Preece Hammersmith LND 48 John Preece Head Mitcheldean GLS
John Preece Hellifield YKS 42 Self Head Winforton HEF
John Preece Duddeston WAR 38 Self Head Wellington HEF
John Preece Mathon HEF 8 James Preece Son Mathon WOR
John Preece Church Hulme CHS 3 George Preece Son Munslow SAL
John Preece Oxenhall GLS 56 John Preece Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 1 Samuel James Preece Son Winforton HEF
John Preece Ganarew HEF 26 Charles Green Lodg Oxenhall GLS
John Preece Llantwit Fardre GLA 52 Self Head Yarpole HEF
John Preece Kingsland HEF 25 John Preece Head Presteigne RAD
John Preece Kingston SRY 39 John Preece Head Somerset SOM
John Preece Great Malvern WOR 27 John Preece Head Ledbury HEF
John Preece Hereford St Martin HEF 12 Thomas Preece Son Wolverhampton STS
John Preece Bromley LND 67 Self Head Risbury HEF
John Preece Worcester St John WOR 44 Self Head Bosbury HEF
John Preece Aberdare GLA 37 Evan John Bord Leigh Sinton WOR
John Preece Oldham LAN 39 Self Head Shrewsbury SAL
John Preece Ludford SAL 60 Self Head Ellon HEF
John Preece Enville STS 75 John Preece Head Bayton WOR
John Preece Kempston BDF 34 Not Specified Sldr Swindon WIL
John Preece St Giles NTH 35 Self Head Wormbridge HEF
John Preece Willesden MDX 51 Self Head ? Not Known MON
John Preece Wednesfield STS 42 Not Held Bord Hanwood SAL
John Preece St Lawrence SAL 50 Self Head Leintwardine HEF
John Preece Totley DBY 51 James Martin Lodg Redmarley WOR
John Preece Lapley STS 27 Self Head Sherriff Hales SAL
John Preece Bushbury STS 60 Self Head Aston Botterell SAL
John Preece Reedley Hallows LAN 17 William Whitaker Serv Shropshire SAL
John Preece Oxenhall GLS 56 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Dalziel LKS 20 James Preece Son England ENG
John Preece Fulham LND 29 Self Head Montgomery MGY
John Preece Hackney LND 43 Self Head Burghill HEF
John Preece Llyswen BRE 28 Roger Jones Serv Peterchurch HEF
John Preece Walsall Foreign STS 20 Charlotte Woodhouse Lodg Kidderminster WAR
John Preece Inkberrow WOR 57 John Preece Head Shobdon HEF
John Preece Richards Castle SAL 11 William Preece Son Brimfield HEF
John Preece Christchurch MON 7 James Preece Son Gingsher GLA
John Preece Trevethin MON 23 Mercy Driscoll Lodg Tram Inn HEF
John Preece Kensington LND 53 Ann Preece Son Bridgewater SOM
John Preece Wolverhampton STS 70 Not Held Paup Bridgnorth SAL
John Preece Presteigne RAD 16 John Norgrove Serv Pembridge HEF
John Preece Castleford YKS 64 Self Head Forest Of Dean GLS
John Preece Llanelly BRE 45 Self Head Herefordshire HEF
John Preece Llanelly BRE 37 Self Head Nantyglo MON
John Preece Llangattock BRE 29 John Gibbon Brot Dilwyn HEF
John Preece Warwick St Mary WAR 44 Self Head Ledbury HEF
John Preece Gelligaer GLA 17 Charles Preece Son Abertillery MON
John Preece Canton GLA 37 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Vessels GLS 54 Not Held Crew Bridgwater SOM
John Preece Ynisymond GLA 22 Sargeant Henry Llewellyn Bord Eardisley HEF
John Preece Ashton Under Lyne LAN 23 Harriet Preece Son Herefordshire ENG
John Preece Christchurch MON 59 Self Head Malmesbury WIL
John Preece Llanfair Is Gaer CAE 64 Self Head Llanfan AGY
John Preece Wednesfield STS 27 Self Head Bridgenorth SAL
John Preece Halliwell LAN 29 Edward Jones Lodg Ludlow SAL
John Preece Mile End Old Town LND 70 Martha Laurence Vist Hereford HEF
John Preece Mynyddislwyn MON 60 Self Head Eglwysilan GLA
John Preece Ashton Under Lyne LAN 58 Self Head Swindon STS
John Preece Darlaston STS 56 Self Head St George SAL
John Preece St George The Martyr LND 40 John Preece Head Hereford HEF
John Preece Broughton LAN 30 Thomas Preece Vist Welshpool MGY
John Preece Macclesfield CHS 19 James Preece Son Bishops Castle SAL
John Preece Great Brickhill BKM 78 Self Head Abbey Dore HEF
John Preece Worthen SAL 40 Self Head Moxley STS
John Preece Dalziel LKS 69 Daniel Smith Lodg England ENG
John Preece Weston Under Lizard STS 61 Self Head Stotherton SAL
John Preece Shrewsbury St Mary SAL 38 John Preece Head Dilwyn HEF
John Preece Woolwich LND 26 John Preece Head Warwickshire WAR
John A Preece Charnock Richard LAN 26 John Hodges Bord Shropshire SAL
John A Preece Llanfair Is Gaer CAE 20 John Preece Son Manchester LAN
John A Preece Lowick NTH 33 John A Preece Head Crepage SAL
John Ambrose Preece Kensington LND 53 Self Head Hereford HEF
John C Preece Hatherton STS 27 Self Head Pathnghan ???
John Edward Preese Aston Manor WAR 27 Self Head Hereford HEF
John Edwin Preece Wolverhampton STS 39 Mary Preece Son Leominster HEF
John H Preece Westbury On Trym GLS 29 Self Head Hereford HEF
John H Preece Wimbledon SRY 12 James Preece Son Derby DBY
John H Preece Walsall Borough STS 19 Thomas Roatt? Gson Neen Savage SAL
John Horace Preece Stokenchurch OXF 7 Edwin Judge Bord Westminster LND
John Hy Preece Lepton YKS 13 Mary Dyson Bord Ashton LAN
John J Preece Llanguick GLA 4 William Preece Son Eardisley HEF
John Lewis Preece Hackney LND 37 Self Head Cardiff GLA
John P Preece Amesbury WIL 6 George Preece Son Eaton Constantine SAL
John R Preece Berkeswell WAR 9 Robert Preece Son Worcester St John WOR
John R Preece Camberwell LND 29 John R Preece Head Dudley WOR
John T Preece Barrow In Furness LAN 19 David Preece Brot Kingswinford STS
John W Preece Laysters HEF 27 William Preece Son Bockleton WOR
John W Preece Kidderminster WOR 6 Jame Preece Son Birmingham WAR
John William Preece Higher Llangynwyd GLA 25 Self Head Hereford HEF
Joseph Preece Llanover MON 31 Thomas Jones Bord Herefordshire HEF
Joseph Preece Llanover MON 19 ... White Lodg Hereford HEF
Joseph Preece St Luke LND 49 Self Head Risbury HEF
Joseph Preece Stretford LAN 26 George Jones Lodg Shrewsbury SAL
Joseph Preece Westminster St James MDX 4 Adam Preece Son Buttington MGY
Joseph Preece Felixstowe SFK 22 Not Held Sldr Birmingham WAR
Joseph Preece Abergavenny MON 44 Joseph Preece Head Hereford HEF
Joseph Preece Chilcote DBY 48 Self Head Bridgnorth SAL
Joseph Preece Canton GLA 29 William J Williams Sonl Leominster HEF
Joseph Preece Acton MDX 36 Self Head Ludlow SAL
Joseph Preece Aston WAR 8 George Preece Daughter Gloucester GLS
Joseph Preece Liversedge YKS 31 Self Head Hereford HEF
Joseph Preece Wolverhampton STS 31 Self Head Kidderminster WOR
Joseph Preece Stockport CHS 30 Self Head London SAL
Joseph Preece Cannock STS 44 Self Head Wellington HEF
Joseph John Preece Ross HEF 50 Self Head Park End GLS
Joseph W Preece Bromley LND 17 John Preece Son Bromly MDX
Josephine M Preece Pendleton LAN 12 Catherine Shaw Bord London MDX
Joshua Preece Aston WAR 6m Alfred Preece Son Worcester WOR
Julia Preece Shenstone STS 22 John Preece Wife Brownhill SAL
Julia Preece Hornsey MDX 19 Josiah Bath