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Preece Census strays in 1911 - by first name/initial - J only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place
Jack Preece Runcorn CHS 18 William Preece Son Christchurch Hants
James Preece Rochford ESS 34 James Preece Head Camberwell London
James Preece Dublin IRE 57 James Preece Head England
James Preece Gloucester GLS 43 James Preece Head Hereford Much Birch
James Preece Bournemouth HAM 47 James Preece Head Warwickshire Birmingham
James Preece Cheltenham GLS 41 James Preece Head St Weonards Herefordshire
James Preece All Saints HEF 53 James Preece Head Monmouthshire Cwmcarvan
James Preece Eastham CHS 22 James Preece Head Lee Shropshire
James Preece Brentwood ESS 47 James Preece Head Worcestershire Malvern
James Preece Mitcheldean GLS 59 James Preece Head Parish Herefordshire Harods End
James Harold Preece Cheltenham GLS 16 James Preece Son Derby
James Joseph Preece Devonport DEV 59 James Joseph Preece Head Worcester Worcester
James Llewellyn Preece Saltash CON 12 Henry Wesley Harkcom Inmt Hereford Herefordshire
Jane Preece Hereford HEF 30 William Henry Preece Wife Newent Glos
Jane Preece Hereford HEF 40 Thomas Preece Wife Penalt Monmouth
Jane Preece Westhide HEF 53 Thomas Preece Wife Hay Breconshire
Jane Preece Guiting Power GLS 51 William Preece Wife Ramsden Oxford
Jane Preece Highleadon GLS 48 Peter Preece Wife Llangarren Hereford
Jemima Jane Preece Devonport DEV 57 James Joseph Preece Wife Millbrook Cornwall
Jesse Preese Halstead ESS 20 Fred Stammers Boarder Surrey Mickleham
Jessie Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 64 William Preece Wife Bosbury Herefordshire
John Preece Cheltenham GLS 15 James Preece Son Derby
John Preece Northwich CHS 46 Frederick Henshall Bord Staffs West Bromwich
John Preece Chipping Sodbury GLS 38 John Preece Head Ross Herefordshire
John Preece Redmarley D'abit?t GLS 72 John Preece Head Worcestershire Redmarley
John Preece Redmarley D'abit?t GLS 16 John Preece Son Wor Shire Redmarley
John Preace West Ham ESS 43 Not Held Crew Antwerp Belguim
John Preece Stockport CHS 59 John Preece Head Salop Shropshire
John Preece St Owen HEF 32 John Preece Head Wolverhampon Englsnd
John Preece Colchester ESS 26 Harry Paul Bowen Boarder Eaton Constantine Salop
John Preece Colchester ESS 27 Not Yet Held Soldier Lancs Liverpool
John Preece Southend On Sea ESS 55 John Preece Head Herefordshire Wormbridge
John Preece Macclesfield CHS 39 John Preece Head Shropshire Bishops Castle
John Preece Tranmere CHS 60 John Preece Head Bath Somerset
John Preece Maidenhead BRK 56 John Preece Head Ross Herefordshire
John Preece Oxenhall GLS 75 John Preece Head Withington Herefordshire
John Preece St Martin HEF 11 Hayley Leonard Preece Son Birmingham
John Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 23 George Preece Son Munslow Salop
John Alex Preece Ilford ESS 9 Arthur Preece Son London Mile End
John Arthur Preece Heaton Norris CHS 30 John Arthur Preece Head Manchester
John F Preece Cheltenham GLS 3 Amphaliss Preece Son Moseley Birmingham Warwick
John Sharman Preece Southend On Sea ESS 24 John Preece Son Northampton St Giels
Joseph Preece Bristol GLS 25 H=charles Jemarden(?)-lake Worker Brownhills Stafford
Joseph Preece