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Preece Census strays in 1911 - by first name/initial - J only

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Name Census Place Cty Age Head of Household Relat Birth Place
J Charles Preece Willesden MDX 21 George Priston Servant London Regents Prk
J F Preece Rhondda GLA 30 J F Preece Head Hereford Whitington
Jack Preece Sparkhill WAR 1 William Preece Son Worcestershire
Jack Preece Runcorn CHS 18 William Preece Son Christchurch Hants
Jacob Preece Eston NRY 33 Fred Bentley Son In Law South Bank Yorkshire
James Preece Handsworth STS 3 Frederick Preece Son Warwicks Aston
James Preece All Saints HEF 53 James Preece Head Monmouthshire Cwmcarvan
James Preece Balsall Heath WAR 55 James Preece Head Hereford Ross
James Preece Harborne WAR 66 James Preece Head Worcester
James Preece Areley Kings WOR 49 James Preece Head Stoke Bliss Here
James Preece Manningham WRY 57 James Preece Head Herefordshire Aymestrey
James Preece Brentwood ESS 47 James Preece Head Worcestershire Malvern
James Preece Rochford ESS 34 James Preece Head Camberwell London
James Preece Stratford upon Avon WAR 71 James Preece Head Sutton St Nicholas Hereford
James Preece Sheffield WRY 38 James Preece Head England
James Preece Dublin IRE 57 James Preece Head England
James Preece Sheffield WRY 6 James Preece Son -
James Preece Thornaby NRY 47 James Preece Head C Herefordshire T Wellington
James Preece Moresby CUL 80 Ruth Glaister Uncle Hereford Humber
James Preece Eastham CHS 22 James Preece Head Lee Shropshire
James Preece Glasbury BRE 2 Joseph Preece Son Glasbury Rads
James Preece Hawarden FLN 33 James Preece Head Astley Abbotts Shropshire
James Preece Leeds WRY 46 James Preece Head Herefordshire Breinton
James Preece Kiddington with Asterleigh OXF 36 James Preece Head Kingstone Herefordshire
James Preece West Malvern HEF 22 James Preece Son West Malvern Worcestershire
James Preece Dublin IRL 57 James Preece Head England
James Preece Handsworth STS 3 Frederick Preece Son Aston
James Preece Denton LAN 23 Peter Ryan Boarder Shropshire Salop
James Preece Handegley HEF 4 James Preece Son Llanvinel Nant Mellan Radnor
James Preece Bootle LAN 40 James Preece Head Hereford Herts
James Preece Bournemouth HAM 47 James Preece Head Warwickshire Birmingham
James Preece Mitcheldean GLS 59 James Preece Head Parish Herefordshire Harods End
James Preece Acton MDX 44 James Preece Head Leominster Herefordshire
James Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 23 Thomas Hunter Boarder Hereford
James Preece Ludlow SAL 71 James Preece Head Astley Worstershire
James Preece Croydon SRY 70 James Preece Head Rock Parish Worcestershire
James Preece Kingston on Thames SRY 52 James Preece Head Somersetshire Nunney
James Preece Longton STS 55 James Preece Head Shobdon Herefordshire
James Preece Hanley STS 38 James Preece Head Shropshrie Shefnall
James Preece Gwehelog MON 77 James Preece Head Hereford Llangaron
James Preece Cheltenham GLS 41 James Preece Head St Weonards Herefordshire
James Preece Aston WAR 56 James Preece Head Herefordshire
James Prees Woolwich LND 39 Not Held Head Warwickshire Birmingham Buddeston
James Preece Rhondda GLA 43 James Preece Head Herefordshire Hereford
James Preece Llanwonno GLA 35 Herbert Preece Brother Madresfield Worcestershire
James Preece Panteg MON 48 James Preece Head Hereford Goodrich
James Preece Abergavenny Urban MON 70 Mary Berrington Boarder Hereford
James Preece Gloucester GLS 43 James Preece Head Hereford Much Birch
James Preece Rhondda GLA 29 George James Williams Boarder Hereford
James Preece Yardley WAR 64 Charles Frederick Pitt Father Wolverhampton Staffs
James Preece Eglwysilan GLA 36 James Preece Head Presteigne
James Preece Malpas MON 36 James Preece Head Stanton on Arrow Herefordshire
James Preece Margam GLA 21 Susannah Preece Son Wellington Hereford
James Preece Bettws Y Crwyn RAD 20 Thomas Hamar Servant Wigmore Herefordshire
James Preece Abercarn MON 40 James Preece Head Little Birch Herefordshire
James Preece Cockett GLA 58 James Preece Head Herefordshire
James Preece Swansea GLA 36 James Preece Head Bilston Staffs
James Preece Newport MON 63 James Preece Head Leominster Hereford
James Preece Aberystruth MON 38 Herbert Reynolds Boarder Holmer Hereford
James Preece Swansea GLA 31 Rosser Jones Boarder Hopton Neath Shropshire
James Preece Tredegar MON 42 Henry Preece Brother Worcester Wor
James Preece Tredegar MON 32 James Preece Head Hereford Leominster
James Preece Abersychan MON 68 James Preece Head Herefordshire Hereford
James Preece Abersychan MON 56 James Preece Head Hereford Hereford
James Amphlett Preece Gelligaer GLA 47 James Amphlett Preece Head Herefordshire Hereford
James Cyril Preece North Bradley WIL 10 Frank Preece Son Chepstow Mon
James Dainty Preece Coseley WOR 36 James Dainty Preece Head Hereford
James Duncan Preece St Margaret & St John LND 45 Herbert Frederick Ball Visitor Paddington
James George Preece Byton HEF 33 James George Preece Head Salop Bowden
James H Preece Mossley LAN 10 Thomas H Preece Son Langsett York
James Harold Preece Cheltenham GLS 16 James Preece Son Derby
James Harry Preece Betchworth SRY 38 James Harry Preece Head London Knightbridge
James Henry Preece Astwood Bank WOR 11 Richard William Preece Son Aston Parish Birm
James Henry Preece Thornaby NRY 17 James Preece Son C Yorkshire T Thornaby
James Henry Preece Dover KEN 21 Not Held Soldier India Peshawar
James Henry Preece Coventry WAR 46 Thomas Martin Inmate Staffs Wolverhampton
James Joseph Preece Devonport DEV 59 James Joseph Preece Head Worcester Worcester
James Lionel Preece Burford WOR 15 Edward Preece Son Salop Burford
James Llewellyn Preece Saltash CON 12 Henry Wesley Harkcom Inmt Hereford Herefordshire
James M Preece Lindridge WOR 36 George Henry Weaver Boarder Ledbury
James Norman Preece Coseley WOR 4 James Dainty Preece Son Upper Gornal Staffordshire
James Thomas Preece Malvern Link WOR 33 James Thomas Preece Head Bosbury Herefordshire
James Thomas Preece Lambeth LND 39 James Thomas Preece Head Mordiford Herefordshire
James William Preece Baildon WRY 11 W J Preece Son Baildon Yorks
Jane Preece Kings Norton WOR 32 William John Preece Wife Leicestershire Ashby
Jane Preece Bridgnorth SAL 66 Not Held Inmate Ireland Dublin
Jane Preece Wigmore HEF 69 Jane Preece Head Radnorshire Gladestry
Jane Preece Meifod MGY 56 Lucy Evans Visitor Shocklach Cheshire
Jane Preece Tidenham MON 50 Thomas Preece Wife Standish Gloshire
Jane Preece Hereford HEF 40 Thomas Preece Wife Penalt Monmouth
Jane Preece North Claines WOR 76 William Preece Wife Belterbert Co Caven
Jane Preece Tredegar MON 33 James Preece Visitor Hereford Leominster
Jane Preece North Manchester LAN 17 Not Held Daughter S Wales Ferndale Glam
Jane Preece St Marylebone LND 33 Elizabeth Robertson Nurse Hillhampton Worces
Jane Preece Birmingham WAR 77 Matthew Ditchburn Inmate Somerset Bath
Jane Preece Guiting Power GLS 51 William Preece Wife Ramsden Oxford
Jane Preece Highleadon GLS 48 Peter Preece Wife Llangarren Hereford
Jane Preece Goodrich HEF 72 Jane Preece Head Monmouth Skengritt
Jane Preece Ross Urban HEF 27 Louis Upton Wooler Domestic Servant East Dean Glos
Jane Preece Rowington WAR 56 John Edwin Mitchell Cook Hereford
Jane Preece Oldham LAN 13 Ralph Knott Neice Shropshire
Jane Preece Hunslet WRY 40 Mary Allsop Wife Bramley Yorkshire
Jane Preece Llantrisant GLA 33 John Bevan Preece Wife Carmarthen Llangattock
Jane Preece Swansea GLA 33 James Preece Wife Bewdley Worcestershire
Jane Preece Byton HEF 82 Arthur Preece Mother Radnorshire Born At Radnor
Jane Preece Oldham LAN 61 George Preece Wife Ruabon North Wales
Jane Preece Sunderland DUR 26 John Preece Wife Stockport Cheshire
Jane Preece Margate St John the Baptist KEN 46 Alfred T Preece Wife Hampshire
Jane Preece Cardiff GLA 28 Thomas Robert Preece Wife Redwick Mon
Jane Preece Westhide HEF 53 Thomas Preece Wife Hay Breconshire
Jane Preece Abersychan MON 66 James Preece Wife Herefordshire Hereford
Jane Preece Hereford HEF 30 William Henry Preece Wife Newent Glos
Jane Ann Preece Brynmawr BRE 37 John Preece Wife Nantglo Mon
Jane Ann Preece Rhondda GLA 31 William Preece Wife Monmouthshire Tredegar
Jane Hannah Preece Ross Urban HEF 42 George Preece Wife Yorkshire East Ayton
Jane Lucy Preece Heath Town STS 31 William Preece Wife London
Janet Maud Preece Middlesbrough NRY 30 Alfred Preece Wife Yorks Middlesbrough
Janet May Preece Coventry WAR 16 Henry Preece Daughter Leominster Herefordshire
Jas Preece Michaelston Lower GLA 42 Jas Preece Head Hereforshire Welsh Shir
Jas Preece Plumstead LND 58 Jas Preece Head Hereford Ledbury
Jas Fredk Preece Plumstead LND 20 Jas Preece Son Kent Plumstead
Jemima Preece Aston Manor WAR 71 Jemima Preece Head Worcester Mamble
Jemima Jane Preece Devonport DEV 57 James Joseph Preece Wife Millbrook Cornwall
Jeniie Preece Handsworth STS 19 George Preece Daughter Witton Warwick
Jennie Preece Handsworth STS 43 George Preece Wife Retford Notts
Jennie Preece Gelligaer GLA 20 James Amphlett Preece Daughter Herefordshire Hereford
Jennie Sarah Preece Handsworth STS 29 Alfred Lincoln Preece Wife Birmingham Warwick
Jesse Preese Halstead ESS 20 Fred Stammers Boarder Surrey Mickleham
Jesse Preece Severn Stoke WOR 24 Thomas Preece Son Staffs Enville
Jesse Mason Preece St Chad SAL 18 William Arthur Payne Soldier All Saints Hereford Herefordshire
Jessica Preece Rawmarsh WRY 18 Thomas Preece Daughter Yorks Parkgate
Jessie Preece Burry Port Urban CMN 23 Charles Preece Wife Newbury Berks
Jessie Preece Ledbury Rural HEF 29 William Preece Wife Gloucestershire
Jessie Preece South Manchester LAN 27 William Norman Dunn Servant Altrincham Cheshire
Jessie Preece Walsgrave on Sowe WAR 34 Thomas Brown Visitor Brecon Brecknock
Jessie Preece Cefnllys Urban RAD 16 Jane Powell Servant Hereford Leominster
Jessie Preece Aberystruth MON 40 William Preece Wife Abbey Dore Hereford
Jessie Preece Bosbury HEF 18 Richard Preece Daughter Wigan
Jessie Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 64 William Preece Wife Bosbury Herefordshire
Jessie E M Preece Brownhills STS 38 John Preece Wife Worc Stourbridge
Jinnie Preece Antrim Court Ward ??? 29 Jinnie Preece Head Co Fermanagh
Jocelyn Preece St Marylebone LND 5 Frank Preece Daughter Essex Clacton On Sea
John Preece Ormskirk LAN 41 John Preece Head Shrewsbury
John Preece Mansfield NTT 6 John Preece Son Brownhills Staffs
John Preece Henley upon Thames OXF 48 John Preece Head Montgomery Wales
John Preece Newport MON 27 James Preece Son Ynysir Glam
John Preece Rock SAL 44 John Preece Head Worc Nash
John Preece Mansfield NTT 46 John Preece Head Willenhall Staffs
John Preece Cheltenham GLS 15 James Preece Son Derby
John Preece Ludlow SAL 53 John Preece Head Herefordshire Leintwardine
John Preece Manchester LAN 32 John Preece Head Herefordshire Bromton Bryon
John Preece Moss Side LAN 36 Joseph Preece Boarder Shrewsbury
John Preece Poplar LND 72 Not Named Inmate Hertfordshire
John Preece St Margaret and St John LND 73 John Jones Boarder Somerset Bridgewater
John Preece Hammersmith LND 68 John Preece Head Gloucestershire Mitcheldean
John Preece Withington LAN 67 John Preece Head Herefordshire
John Preece Ednol HEF 35 John Jones Servant Salop Cleobury Mortimer
John Preece Broadstairs KEN 42 John Preece Head St Judes Bristol
John Preece North Manchester LAN 45 John Preece Head Hereforshire Eardisland
John Preece Salford LAN 8 Charles Preece Son Sunderland Northumberland
John Preece Broughton LAN 52 John Preece Head Forden Montgomeryshire
John Preece Northwich CHS 46 Frederick Henshall Bord Staffs West Bromwich
John Preece Monmouth MON 45 John Preece Head Kennersley Herefordsh
John Preece Ashton Under Lyne LAN 43 John Preece Head Leinthall Starks Herefordshire
John Preece Oldham LAN 52 John Preece Head Candover
John Preece Thanet KEN 29 Charles Maxted Boarder Lichfield
John Preece Wembley MDX 57 John Preece Head Glamorgan Cardiff
John Preece Bolton LAN 49 John Preece Head Ludlow Shropshire
John Preece Colchester ESS 27 Not Yet Held Soldier Lancs Liverpool
John Preece Richards Castle SAL 31 John Preece Head Brunfield Herefordshire
John Preece Canon Pyon HEF 41 John Preece Head Salop Rushbury
John Preece West Bromwich STS 34 John Preece Head Hereford Canon Pyon
John Preece Stourbridge WOR 83 John Preece Father Salop Stodeston
John Preece Stourbridge WOR 53 John Preece Head Salop Bridgnorth
John Preece St Owen HEF 32 John Preece Head Wolverhampon Englsnd
John Preece Hanley Castle WOR 46 John Preece Head Ross Herefordshire
John Preece Worcester WOR 42 John Preece Head Herefordshire Eardisley
John Preece Worcester WOR 60 John Preece Head Bosbury Herefordshire
John Preece Bradford WRY 46 Mary Jane Preece Brother Cutler Heights Lane Yorks Bradford Yorks
John Preece Redmarley D'abit?t GLS 16 John Preece Son Wor Shire Redmarley
John Preece Redmarley D'abit?t GLS 72 John Preece Head Worcestershire Redmarley
John Preece Guiseley WRY 63 John Preece Head Hereford Winforton
John Preece Penderry GLA 21 John Clement Boarder Hereford St Martin
John Preece Sunderland DUR 29 John Preece Head Leominster Herefordshire
John Preece Colchester ESS 26 Harry Paul Bowen Boarder Eaton Constantine Salop
John Preece Brynmawr BRE 48 John Preece Head Dilwyn Hereford
John Preece Llanelly BRE 69 Alfred Morris Father In Law Herefordshire
John Preece Llandingat Within CMN 47 John Preece Head Radnor Beguildy
John Preece Rhondda GLA 33 John Preece Head Hyssington Shropshire
John Preece Newcastle Higher GLA 44 John Preece Head Hereford Ledbury
John Preece Stockport CHS 59 John Preece Head Salop Shropshire
John Preece Ystradgynlais Lower GLA 2 Daniel Preece Son Brecon Ystradgynlais
John Preece Gelligaer GLA 15 Richard Jones Brother In Law Breconshire Cefn Cord
John Preace West Ham ESS 43 Not Held Crew Antwerp Belguim
John Preece Glyncorwg GLA 37 Charles Preece Son Abertillery Mon
John Preece Southend On Sea ESS 55 John Preece Head Herefordshire Wormbridge
John Preece Kingsland HEF 37 Jane Gore Nephew Stratton Shropshire
John Preece Richards Castle SAL 60 John Preece Head Herefordshire Eye
John Preece Ebbw Vale MON 46 John Preece Head Dorstone Herefordshire
John Preece Kingston on Thames SRY 59 John Preece Head Nunney Somerset
John Preece Monks Coppenhall CHS 23 George Preece Son Munslow Salop
John Preece Macclesfield CHS 39 John Preece Head Shropshire Bishops Castle
John Preece Tranmere CHS 60 John Preece Head Bath Somerset
John Preece Norton Canes STS 39 John Preece Head Worcs Kidderminster
John Preece Maidenhead BRK 56 John Preece Head Ross Herefordshire
John Preece Stafford STS 47 John Preece Head Salop Weston
John Preece St Martin HEF 11 Hayley Leonard Preece Son Birmingham
John Preece Stafford STS 24 Robert Brown Boarder Shrewsbury
John Preece Northfield WAR 21 George Turrell Visitor Bridgnorth Shropshire
John Preece Burslem STS 44 John Preece Head Salop Wenlock
John Preece Coventry WAR 27 John Preece Head Hereford Bolstone
John Preece Bewdley WOR 70 John Preece Head Hopton Wafers Cleobury Mor Salop
John Preece Chipping Sodbury GLS 38 John Preece Head Ross Herefordshire
John Preece Walford HEF 4 Dessie Preece Son Radnorshire Stanage
John Preece Coleshill WAR 9 Mary Ann Mckenna Inmate India
John Preece Oxenhall GLS 75 John Preece Head Withington Herefordshire
John Preece Walsgrave on Sowe WAR 30 William Wakefield Nurse Hereford Herefordshire
John Preece Wolverhampton STS 49 John Preece Head Dilwyn Herefordshire
John Preece Aston Manor WAR 47 John Preece Head Herefordshire Hereford
John Preece Sparkbrook WAR 40 John Preece Head Wellington Salop
John Preece Small Heath WAR 26 John Preece Head Wolverhampton Staffs
John Preece Stowe SAL 76 John Preece Head County of Hereford in the City of Hereford Parish of All Saints
John A Preece Slipton NTH 55 John A Preece Head Cressoge Salop
John A Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 8 Ernest W Preece Son Carteg Mon
John Alex Preece Ilford ESS 9 Arthur Preece Son London Mile End
John Ambrose Alec Preece Berkhampstead HRT 10 Not Held Boarder Kingsbury Middlesex
John Arthur Preece Heaton Norris CHS 30 John Arthur Preece Head Manchester
John C Preece Coven Heath STS 46 John C Preece Head N K
John Charles Preece Worcester WOR 43 John Charles Preece Head Oxenhall Glos
John Davies Preece Grafton HEF 12 George Preece Son Not given
John Edward Preece Birmingham WAR 39 John Edward Preece Husband Herefordshire
John Edward Johnston Preece Wednesbury STS 19 Charles Henry Preece Son India Luckerow
John Ernest Preece Tooting LND 33 John Ernest Preece Head Worcester Worcs
John F Preece Cheltenham GLS 3 Amphaliss Preece Son Moseley Birmingham Warwick
John Francis Preece Cardiff GLA 34 Shadrack Preece Son Monmouth Ebber Vale
John Harold Preece Tottenham MDX 27 William Albert Boarder Staffs Burton
John Henry Preece Wimbledon SRY 32 John Henry Preece Head Derbyshire
John James Preece Ingleby STS 27 Llewellyn Caradoc Picton Servant Herefordshire Risbury
John James Preece Astley WOR 47 John James Preece Head Linton Hereford
John James Preece Merthyr Tydfil GLA 8 George Preece Son Cardigan Llangranog
John James Preece Worcester WOR 18 John Charles Preece Son Sutton Herefordshire
John James Preece Llansamlet GLA 24 William Preece Son Eardisley Herefordshire
John Llewellyn Preece Hunslet WRY 18 George Preece Son Yorkshire Leeds
John Richard Preece Cross Bank LAN 21 Hannah Travis Boarder Shrops Shrewsbury
John Robert Preece Kingsland HEF 44 John Robert Preece Head Presteigne Radnorshire
John Sharman Preece Southend On Sea ESS 24 John Preece Son Northampton St Giels
John Thomas Preese Wolverhampton STS 53 John Thomas Preese Head Birmingham Warwickshire
John Thomas Preece Dudley WOR 34 Joseph Thomas Everall Boarder Birmingham
John Thomas Preece Burnley LAN 39 John Thomas Preece Head Pensnett Staffordshire
John Thomas Preece Wimbledon SRY 5 John Henry Preece Son London Chelsea
John Thwaites Preece Thornaby NRY 12 James Preece Son C Yorkshire T Thornaby
John W Preece Higher Llangynwyd GLA 44 John W Preece Head Hereford
John Wilfrid Preece Liversedge WRY 15 Samuel Preece Son Durham City
John William Preece Norden LAN 35 John William Preece Head Castleford Yorkshire
John William Preece Guiseley WRY 16 John Preece Son Yorks Hellifield
Johnn Preece West Bromwich STS 8 Henry Preece Son Oldbury Worcestershire
Jonathan Preece Norden LAN 7 John William Preece Son Langsett Yorkshire
Joseph Preece Cardiff GLA 48 Joseph Preece Head Herefordshire Leominster
Joseph Preece Stowe RAD 6 George Preece Son Shropshire Stowe
Joseph Preece Glasbury BRE 36 Joseph Preece Head Shenmore Hereford
Joseph Preece Pontypridd GLA 24 John William Salter Police Montgomery Welshpool
Joseph Preece Bedwellty MON 50 Ernest Morgan Lodger Woomsley Grange Herefordshire
Joseph Preece Liversedge WRY 9 Samuel Preece Son Durham City
Joseph Preece Heaton Norris CHS 50 Joseph Preece Head Longden Shropshire
Joseph Preece Abergavenny Urban MON 66 Joseph Preece Head Hereford Preston on Wye
Joseph Preece Severn Stoke WOR 26 Joseph Preece Head Brangreen Glostershire
Joseph Preece Pensnett WOR 56 Joseph Preece Head Pensnett Nr Dudley
Joseph Preece Quarry Bank STS 44 Joseph Preece Head Worcestershire Lindridge
Joseph Preece Moss Side LAN 46 Joseph Preece Head W Ester Shropshire
Joseph Preece Bristol GLS 25 H=charles Jemarden(?)-lake Worker Brownhills Stafford
Joseph Preece Ashby de la Zouch LEI 69 Joseph Preece Head Neaton Bridgworth Shopshire
Joseph Preece Yardley WAR 27 George Preece Son Gloucester
Joseph Preece Wednesfield STS 54 William Davis Coghill Inmate Worcester Kidderminster
Joseph Preece Dewsbury WRY 53 Joseph Preece Head Hereford
Joseph Preece Battersea LND 45 Joseph Preece Head Linley Brook Shropshire
Joseph Preece Mansfield NTT 13 John Preece Son Brownhills Staffs
Joseph Arthur Preece Wednesbury STS 6 Charles Henry Preece Son Black Heath Worcestershire
Joseph Frederick Preece Brownhills STS 35 Joseph Frederick Preece Head Worfield Salop
Joseph John Preece Frome SOM 70 Joseph John Preece Head Gloucester Parkend
Joseph Lewis Preece Edgbaston WAR 24 Joseph Lewis Preece Head Shropshire Wilcot
Joseph Robert Preece Pocklington ERY 2 Fred Preece Son -
Josephine Preece Pudsey WRY 27 Frederick Preece Wife Yorkshire Harrogate
Josiah Albert Preece Worthen SAL 25 Mary Preece Son Dalton in Furness Lancashire
Julia Preece Mansfield NTT 42 John Preece Wife Brownhills Staffs
Julia Preece