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Site Updates

This page will give details of updates made to the site, with the most recent at the top. It will show dates, the section amended (with a link), and a description of the changes/additions.

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17 Dec 2023
General update
A re-vamp of the site has begun, with a new page header, re-designed pages, and the removal of the Message Board page and the "Locations searched" page. Some pages will retain the old look until the site is fully updated.
4 Nov 2023
GRO Records 2021 and 2022 now added to Births, Marriages and Deaths. This has resulted in 50 new Birth matches, 139 new Marriages and 80 Deaths. These numbers, in particular the Births will increase as I check more entries in these years against my database.
29 Oct 2023
Notable People
A new section, with a single link for now relating to the life and family of Sir William Henry Preece, Victorian electrical engineer. The section will be expanded in time to include further Preece's.
28 Feb 2023
GRO Records First update in a while - around 120 new Birth matches, and 40 Deaths. Various tweaks here and there, with one or two new records added into the Passenger records and US Census.
7 Aug 2022
GRO Records Good sized update to the matched Births, Marriages and Death files - a handful of Marriages, around 60 new Deaths, and over 300 new matches for Births.
22 Jun 2022
General update
A few tweaks here and there, along with a full check on internal and external website links.
21 Jun 2022
Census entries 1841 - 1921 - Yearly totals Scottish numbers added to 1911 Census totals
20 Jun 2022
Census entries 1841 - 1921 - Yearly totals 1921 Census totals added to table, along with the numbers from the 1939 Register - these latter numbers are of course incomplete as some are excluded from the public transcriptions. My numbers are from 2016, I will update them to 2022 in the near future
29 Apr 2022
General update
Various cosmetic changes, to opening page and to various linked pages. This will cover all pages in due course, a few changes to widths and colours used to create better spacing and better visibility.
27 Jan 2022
North American Census
1920 US Census page updated with various links to UK census records, marriage & passenger records where located.
1 Jan 2022
Complete site change
A new look for a New Year.

After some time using a default font on all of the pages here, I've now updated it using a style sheet across the whole site and changed to a Sans serif font (Noto Sans). Hopefully it will give a slightly crisper look to the pages, and I will be looking to update further aspects (colour, positioning etc) as the year progresses.
28 Dec 2021
Census records
I have started to re-structure my Census pages, splitting off the North American census records on to a new page of their own. I have added the basic details for the Immigrant Preece's in the 1920 US census, I will add UK matching details, emigration details etc to these 1920 records in the coming days. In due course I will re-design the US census main page, to incorporate the many State Census records that are available.
27 Nov 2021
GRO Records A few cosmetic changes, along with 101 new matches for Deaths (mostly to burial records), and a handful of Marriages.
20 Oct 2021
General update
Along with the GRO Index updates mentioned below, some "behind the scenes" site tweaks.
20 Oct 2021
GRO Records Updates to the GRO Births and Deaths records - 67 births and baptisms added, together with 134 burials and deaths. Further updates on these should be along soon.
2 Jan 2021
General update
After very little updating in three years, some movement! Some cosmetic work on the opening page, plus some others, together with introduction of a new Military Records section. Facebook and DNA Project links now incorporated into main menu. More to come!
10 Mar 2019
Mostly a cosmetic tidy up - some re-positioning, all the external/internal links have been checked and amended where needed and a couple of new sites added.
3 Mar 2019
GRO Records After a very busy (personally) 2018 with no updates, a bumper addition for the start of 2019. A handful of new Marriage matches have been added, together with 414 new Births matches and 921 Deaths details matched with either burial or death records.
7 Oct 2017
Mining families Main page updated with slight re-design to add external website links for background information on the industry.
6 Oct 2017
General update
It has been a long, long time since the last update, but now winter is here it is hoped to get a number of changes underway. I've started with a standard update of the BMD pages, with new matches for Births (144), Marriages (30) and Deaths (179).
8 Feb 2016
Mining families
A new section has been started, at this time showing details from the UK census 1841 - 1911 and maps showing the spread of miners across the country in each census year. Further development of this section is planned, incorporating greater family details and external links about the industry.
28 Dec 15
General update
Some more changes - a problem has been corrected following the last file upload which had meant all of the GRO Marriage screens held no data. A full check has been run on internal and external website links and all errors corrected.
25 Dec 15
General update
A few tweaks have been made here and there, and there is now a direct link to the newly set up DNA Project. A Facebook page has also been set up now as an extra way of people finding out about the One Name Study. Again, a link has been put on the Home page. There has been some work done on the mining project but not yet ready for public viewing.
25 Dec 15
GRO Records
Christmas update! Updates to the GRO Births and Deaths matches, with 629 new birth/baptisms and 178 deaths/burials. Around 60 of these have replaced census matches previously identified.
9 Nov 15
A new page has been set up for Occupations in advance of the mining project mentioned below. At present just links back to Trade Directory listings, along with a little analysis of occupations in my database.
8 Nov 15
General update
A very slow year for updates due to work commitments, more changes to the website will be undertaken over the winter, such as the DNA page mentioned previously and a new occupation section,combining general occupation-related facts and figures with a focus on specific industries, the first of which is planned for mining. 
16 Jun 15
I have now started a DNA Project through FamilyTree DNA - there are very few members at present of course, but it is hoped to recruit new members as the years progress and develop the results. I will be setting up a section on this website to link to the Project page soon.
16 Jun 15
GRO Records Updates to the three main sections - 136 new Birth matches, 65 Marriages and 82 Deaths
18 Feb 15
GRO Records First update for a good while, but it is a good one - 467 new matches to GRO Births added, 60 new Marriages and 239 new burials matched to Deaths. More in the pipeline.
28 May 14
Roll of Honour
New page added listing those who died during various military campaigns, mostly the two World Wars but including other smaller conflicts as I locate details.
15 May 14
GRO Records Final update of the day! 143 new matches to GRO Births included within the newly re-structured pages now uploaded.
15 May 14
General update
Following the re-structuring of the site, some of the old links below this entry may well not work or point to different pages.
15 May 14
GRO Records As part of the general re-structure, 297 burial records have been matched with GRO Death entries.
15 May 14
General update
The plan to update the pages with a new look has almost been completed - the only pages which are not now uploaded are the GRO Births pages, this will be run later as it does quite a lot of checking and takes some time. One or two issues remain, such as de-capitalising some pages, this will be done soon. Following this, there are various sets of records waiting to be sorted and added to my files from a variety of subjects.
21 Apr 14
GRO Records Migration to new software has been completed for my database, code to manipulate it continues to be updated. An added complication has been an accident which has given me a broken leg and arm to contend with! I have now been able to re-start updates, with 187 new Marriages and 130 Births added today, together with a few deaths and census matches here and there.
28 Sep 13
GRO Records Finally, autumn approaches and time to write some code to run a proper update on my files! A very large update of the GRO files, 22 new Marriages, 618 Births and 1238 Deaths! Formatting issues still present, and possibly one or two data integrity issues remain, but these are being ironed out right now as the database migration gets nearer. The plan will be to get the website as up to date (for data) as possible prior to the change-over.
23 Sep 13
GRO Records With major changes being worked on behind the scenes, data continues to be added/amended where time permits, 65 new Birth matches together with a large update of marriages totaling 239 entries. Formatting issues will remain, and a data integrity program is now about to be written to rectify glitches such as incorrectly matched items where it is clearly not correct (different years for example in the marriages). A full scale change of software is now imminent for my database, which will have an effect on page updates for a while.
13 Aug 13
GRO Records 69 new Marriage matches added. Format issues have yet to be resolved, this may remain the case until a large project in the autumn/winter to transfer my database to new software and to give the website pages a general overhaul.
4 Aug 13
GRO Records 195 new Marriage details added, plus one or two new Burial and Baptism entries. Formatting problems have appeared, and will be corrected on next update, the data is accurate.
17 Jun 13
GRO Records Around 70 entries added across the Births, Marriages and Deaths pages, plus various fixes of date and name formatting and spelling.
29 Apr 13
GRO Records Handful of marriage and burial updates, plus 92 new baptisms added to the Births pages.
16 Mar 13
General site and systems update
A number of pages will need to be changed manually to remove capital letters, this will also be ongoing.
16 Mar 13
GRO Records The move to remove all-capital letter entries has begun! All of the GRO pages should now correctly show details and matches in 'proper' case, with mothers maiden names where known in brackets correctly formatted also. One or two small issues to sort but these pages should now be OK to view.
11 Feb 13
GRO Records Small update with 68 further Births matches and a handful of new Marriages.
04 Feb 13
General site and systems update Work has slowed over the last few months due to other commitments, plenty in pipeline to add over coming months time permitting!
04 Feb 13
Census Strays Work has continued slowly on the 1911 census, and finally all entries have been extracted (well over 7,000). All have been tidied up and added to my master database up to and including Herefordshire. Strays therefore now incorporate all counties up to "H".
04 Feb 13
GRO Records Small number of new matches, plus some behind the scenes tweaking
24 Oct 12
GRO Records 112 new Births matched, small changes in other matches.
01 Oct 12
GRO Records More Births and Marriages updated, 86 new Births matched and 54 Marriages.
15 Sep 12
GRO Records First post-summer update, 135 new Births entries and 23 Marriages.
29 Apr 12
GRO Records Further update of Births matching, another 185 new entries added.
23 Apr 12
GRO Records Another batch completed this evening, a further 127 Birth matches. Two updates in one day!
23 Apr 12
GRO Records Further update of 100 new Birth matches.
22 Apr 12
GRO Records Small update, 95 new matches to the GRO Births. Lots more in pipeline, but with the busy (for me) summer months approaching progress will be slow until probably September/October now.
01 Mar 12
General site and systems update Recent updates have started a process of "de-capitalising" entries - up to now many of the data pages have all the details in capital letters - this is slowly being changed to reflect normal capitalisation of Places, Names etc
01 Mar 12
GRO Records Further update to Marriages, another 50 matches added
28 Feb 12
GRO Records Almost 300 new matching baptism entries have been added to the GRO Births - this has meant a reduction in the census and death matches but overall almost 200 entries now have information where there was previously none at all. 
24 Jan 12
GRO Records Two large blocks of changes are still in the pipeline, but in the meantime around 140 new BMD records have been added, 47 new Baptisms, 40 Marriages and 52 Burials. 
24 Jan 12
GRO Records Finally a major upgrade of information - the mothers maiden name is now added (where known) in brackets after her name. There are one or two issues where the name is showing twice, once in brackets and once not, but these will be sorted out in the coming days.
13 Dec 11
GRO Records Quite a good number of changes, with a much larger block being worked on [this will take a while yet]. 48 new GRO Birth matches, 110 Marriages, 10 Deaths, 32 new deaths at young age identified, and another 78 Birth entries matched to census in the absence of birth/baptism details.
17 Oct 11
North American Census [linked via Online Records main page] 1911 Canadian census entries uploaded, further smaller census's to follow, US census work yet to be completed.
11 Oct 11
North American Census [linked via Online Records main page] 1901 Canadian census entries added [where born in England, Scotland or Wales], 1911 to follow.
26 Sep 11
GRO Records An update on the levels of records matched for the three GRO indexes - 3352 GRO Births are now matched to a baptism and/or birth, 24.5% of the total between 1837 and 1920. In addition 497 matches have been made between Births and Deaths, usually at a very young age, and 1586 census entries have been matched to Births where no other information is held.
4246 Marriages have been matched,  59% of the total (with quite a number to be added over the winter), and 2031 Deaths have been matched, 25.5% of the overall total. In addition, a long planned-for update will be actioned in the coming months, first started in late 2010 but never implemented fully, where the maiden name of the mother will be shown on the site if known.
26 Sep 11
General site and systems update
After the busy summer period, updates will hopefully begin to appear again. A few minor changes and additions have been made, together with transfer to a new PC and editing software.
15 May 11 GRO Records Small update, 64 new Marriage matches and 10 Deaths, together with small cosmetic changes on several other pages and sections.
24 Jan 11 North American Census [linked via Online Records main page] Newly expanded section for North America, now including Canadian census entries as well as existing USA links. 1881 and 1891 Canadian entries added today, 1901 and 1911 will follow in time along with further USA entries for 1920/1930.
9 Jan 11 GRO Records At the same time as the update below, a few extra matches have been added to Births (2), Marriages (10) and Deaths (2).
9 Jan 11 Unmatched Marriages and Burials [linked via Online Records main page] A new section for entries I hold between 1837 and 1920, where I have been unable to match them to an entry in the GRO Indexes. There may be a variety of reasons for this, not least that my own records may have errors, so if you can update any entries please do let me know.
4 Jan 11 GRO Records First small update for the New Year, 19 new Births matches, 15 marriages and 80 Deaths.
13 Dec 10 US Census Records Some small cosmetic changes to the pages, together with some additional UK/passenger details for 1900 and 1910.
3 Dec 10 GRO Records Matches updated, mainly new marriages - 12 extra Births and 162 new Marriages.
11 Nov 10 GRO Records Work continues to increase matches to parish register and census information. Increases as follows [total now matched in brackets] :- Births 127 [3318], Marriages 8 [3977], Deaths 5 [1937], Births to Deaths 6 [500], and Birth to Census down 29 [1589].
11 Nov 10 Census Strays For now work on the 1911 census has stopped, due to other priorities, but will hopefully continue in mid to late 2011.
11 Nov 10 GRO Records An additional piece of information will be phased in to all Birth matches where possible - when the maiden name of the mother is known, it will be shown in brackets. This will help you to cross reference to marriages. At present only a small number have this information, but many more will be amended in the coming months where I hold related marriage details.
24 Aug 10 Census Totals Page updated to show totals for counties in the 1911 census, one or two not yet shown.
24 Aug 10 GRO Records Small update, 1 extra Birth and 53 new Marriages matched.
20 Jul 10 Census Strays Herefordshire 1911 entries continue to be worked on, Hereford District strays only within the county now added, others such as Kington, Leominster etc yet to be added. Other counties now complete and added are DBY, GLS, ESS, DEV, DOR and HAM.
7 Jun 10 GRO Records Small update, 6 new matches for Births, 63 Marriages and 35 Deaths.
8 Mar 10 GRO Records Over two hundred new matches for GRO records - 134 Births, 42 Marriages and 66 Deaths. This has led to small reductions in Birth/Death matches (-6) and Birth/census (-22). Work continues on 1911 census data with Herefordshire now in progress, though not yet added to any files which are visible here.
26 Jan 10 Census Strays 1841 - 1901 pages updated with previously missing information where it has been possible to locate it (Heads of Household etc.) New pages/links added for 1911 data as and when I have it in a format to upload, very little on these pages as yet but they will grow. The 1911 census contains around 7,000 Preece entries including variants. The following counties have so far been processed :- BDF, BKM, BRK, CHS & CON. Not all of these will have produced strays.
29 Dec 09 GRO Records Small update - I new Birth match, 27 new Marriage matches, 17 Births matched to young Deaths, and 79 new Census - Birth matches.
31 Aug 09 GRO Records The initial check of entries for GRO Births 1891 - 1901 has now ended - 458 new Census/Birth matches have been made, together with 156 Birth/Death matches. In addition 21 new Births matches have been added, and a couple of Marriages and Deaths. The result of all this is that now over 6,000 GRO Births have some type of matching information shown, whether it is actual birth information, baptism, probable census match or death record match for those who died in infancy.
27 Jul 09 GRO Records Large chunk of 1898-1900 births matched to census records where no other matching details held, resulting in 132 new Census/Birth matches. In addition, the new match of death to birth records(usually where death occurs very young) has started, where it is not possible to match to a census record, and this has begun with 226 records being matched in this way. A few other updates on matches have also been added - 6 new Births, 6 new Deaths and 4 Marriages.
22 Jul 09 GRO Records Start of new long-term plan to attempt to try to match those Births entries where no baptism/birth data held against the correct entry in the first census after birth. This has started with entries around 1900, and todays update has 7 new Births added together with 160 new Census/Birth matches. In turn, it is hoped to also highlight those birth entries where the person died in infancy (and so would be unlikely to appear in any census). The period 1891 - 1901 will be covered first.
7 Jul 09 GRO Records GRO matches updated - 22 new Births, 48 Marriages and 9 Deaths. Small decrease in Census/Birth matches of 8.
25 Apr 09 GRO Records GRO matches updated - 43 new Births, 40 Marriages and an increase of 88 in Deaths.
7 Mar 09 GRO Records GRO matches updated - 18 new Births, 32 new Marriages and 25 new Deaths. Small increase in Census/Birth matches of 5.
9 Jan 09 Links Page updated with a some new and amended links, and removal of old ones. Addresses removed from society links due to changing nature of such information.
23 Nov 08 Census Strays

Census Strays section completely restructured - new main page set up (linked via On-line records). From this you have ability to view strays from 1841 - 1901 inclusive, separated in 6 sections per year to make more manageable. "Not Known", "Unknown" etc entries now included, where had previously been excluded. Totals of records involved are as follows:

1841 - 338, 1851 - 827, 1861 - 877, 1871 - 1142, 1881 - 1515, 1891 - 1798 and 1901 - 2240.

23 Nov 08 GRO Records GRO matches updated - 128 new Births, 7 Marriages and 6 Deaths. Reduction in Census - Birth matches of a further 12 entries.
16 Nov 08 GRO Records GRO matches updated - 125 new Births links and 35 Marriages. This has also resulted in a reduction in Census - Birth matches of 13.
23 Oct 08 GRO Records GRO matches update - 41 new Births, 136 Marriages, 6 Deaths and just 2 Census - Births.
23 Sep 08 GRO Records Display adjusted to use "traffic light" system - records where no matching details are held shown with red background, those with details in green, with a yellow (amber) background used for those Births matched with census records only. Long term aim to remove all "red" entries!
22 Sep 08 GRO Records Error corrected on GRO Marriage pages (pre 1911), removing duplicated GRO Reference column. In addition, updates made to GRO matches :- 256 new matches added to GRO Births, 42 matches removed from Marriages, and 17 new Deaths matches added. Census - Births matches reduced to 838, down by 23, as a result of the above changes.
1 Sep 08 Updates (this page) In future details will be added here of numbers of new records added. An update has been made today of the GRO index files, and totals to date are as follows :- 2389 GRO Births have been matched with Birth and/or Baptism details, 3560 GRO Marriages have been matched with Marriage details, and 1691 GRO Deaths entries have been matched with Death and/or Burial details. In addition, a further 861 GRO Birth entries, which have no birth or baptism details, have been matched with a census entry giving details on place of birth and/or parents.
31 Aug 08 Updates (this page) New page added to show updates across whole site
20 Aug 08 GRO Records New column added to include details for Spouse surname (Marriages post-1911), age at death (Deaths post-1865) and Mothers Maiden Name (for Births post-1911)