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Census links - UK and North America

UK Census 'Strays' [scroll down for North American census]

Census strays are those entries where the county of birth is different to that in which the subject has been recorded on census day. Records where the county of birth is not known [ "Not Known", "Unknown" etc] have also been included, and counties are 'as recorded', which means that sometimes they may not be as they are today, or simply that mistakes have occured.

Each year is split into several sections (the same for each year), to make viewing a little easier with the large numbers [over 13,000 entries over the 8 census years]. 1841 entries only quote whether or not the individual was born in the county, 1851 and onwards quotes a place (where given).

These pages can be used as a finding aid if you wish to go and view the census yourself, or please ask for a full household transcript for any entry you see here.

Click on the appropriate link below to begin your search, you will be able to navigate to the same section for other years from within each page. All entries are indexed by first letter (or initial) of first name.

Each of these pages will give you a 'Close' button to return to this screen

1841 A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z
1851 A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z
1861 A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z
1871 A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z
1881 A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z
1891 A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z
1901 A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z
A - D E only F - I J only K - R S - Z

Please Note :- Entries for 1911 differ slightly, as place and/or county of birth (if given) were recorded in one place on the household forms, and so this is repeated here as found.

North American Census Records - British Emigration Links

A new page has now been created to hold the increasing number of US census entry links - this will be further expanded with State Census details in due course


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