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Trade Directories


Trade Directories were produced from around 1800 (some were a little earlier but limited in scope) to the 1970s, and were similar to phone books, many of them listing people by both trade and surname. From the 1860s onwards they quite often have names and addresses of private residents - quite apart from the entries in the commercial section. They may help trace the address of a family, when you know only the name. This then enables you to cross check with other resources, such as electoral registers or censuses.What do trade directories show?

Areas and dates covered

I have entries for a great many towns and areas in the British Isles. A full list of places and years can be seen in the Sources section.

Links are shown to the right for the Directory entries, split into manageable file sizes.

Each listing is in FIRST name (or initial) order, then in alphabetical place order.

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