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Preece Family History & One Name Study - On-Line Records

On-line Records

As explained elsewhere, I do not propose to place all of my database on-line, due to both the time required for the design of such a site, and also the fact that certain resources used are available on-line in another form, such as the many thousands of entries from the IGI.

Instead, I am concentrating on those records which are very useful, but are perhaps not easily accessed by those who are not lucky enough to have a major library or record office near to them. I will also try to make things available such as Census 'Strays', which is not easily searched from other sources.

To this end, you will find entries from the National Index to Wills, Trade Directories and the Owners of Land Return 1873. In addition I continue to make available an ongoing project of mine, to match up entries from the GRO indexes with parish register entries. Preece entries from Ship Passenger lists have now started to be added, together with a large number of Census Strays (now including some 1911 entries). Projects also exist to add executors and beneficiaries to Wills, US census entries matched to UK records prior to, and after, migration, and unmatched records in my own files, and some of these now appear amongst these pages.

Some of the pages linked here will open in a new window, with a close button to return you to this page. A number will have their own 'home' page, with links to each section in turn..

To view details of all updates to the site, with the most recent first, click the link below.

This will include details of numbers of new records added, type etc


GRO Indexes and Parish Register Matches

The years now available to view are 1837 - 1922. Many more records are matched with the parish records prior to 1900, but more will become available for later dates in due course, wherever possible.

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Unmatched Parish Register Entries

Carrying out the matching process above identifies certain parish register entries which can't be matched to an entry in the GRO Records.
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Wills and Administrations

Entries on these pages are for Wills and Administrations, and have details of executors/administrators. I often have more information than is shown here, due to space constraints, please ask if you are interested in particular entries.
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Census entries

This section at present contains UK census "strays" [ living in a different county to their birth county] and US and Canada census entries where the person is from the UK.
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Trade Directories

UK entries from directories listing names, addresses and occupations
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Ship Passengers

A growing section listing journeys by sea to North America, Australia, New Zealand and other destinations.
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Owners of Land 1873

A fairly short list showing owners of land in 1873, as the title suggests.
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