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Background to Preece Family History & One Name Study - Questions and Answers

How can I help this site?

If you have any Preece references in your own family, no matter how large or small, old or older, I would be delighted to receive them, either in paper format or via an e-mail.

Alternatively, if you have any suggestions for new sources for One Name Study extraction of names please do let me know, and I will add this to the links page.



Why are you doing this?

I have been researching my own - and other family members - family history for many years. As part of that research I started 'collecting' every reference to my own name I could find, probably hoping to fit them all into my own tree! I found out about the Guild of One Name Studies in the 1980's, and became member number 1100 in 1987.

This has now grown into a huge database of entries, some of which have developed into family groupings. This in turn will (hopefully) help others looking for Preece relatives - one aspect that always pleases me is being able to put two researches in contact who didn't know of one another, sometimes across different continents. I hold details of many people researching families with Preece connections, both in this country and further afield, particularly in Australia and New Zealand and increasingly in North America.

Where does the name "PREECE" come from?

Although it has been suggested that it developed purely as a name in its own right, it is generally accepted that Preece comes from the Welsh Ap Rees, meaning son of Rees, This particular form of the name led to Price as well as the many variants of Preece. This is supported by the fact that the earliest mention of the name is in the Welsh border regions. The earliest Preece spelling I hold is from 1564, but until probably around 1700 many different spellings exist. Only once into the nineteenth century does Preece become the 'normal' spelling, but small pockets of some of the other spellings do still persist. For example, there are Prees families in Wales, and to a lesser extent in and around Birmingham. An analysis of the 1881 and 1999 Preece populations is available within the site.


Do you have all of the Preece entries I might need?

Maybe but unlikely! As you will see from the Database page, the scope of the records held is growing. However, there are so many entries in various places, such as Census records, that the task will continue for a considerable time, and will never be 'finished'. But you can help...... [ see left!].




Anyone with a direct interest via a 'Preece' relative in their family tree will obviously be interested. But some of my contacts have arrived at the site looking for others, and find a Preece connection they knew nothing about. In addition, any fellow One-Namers are welcome to contact me for details on their own particular names to be extracted from my database if I haven't already sent them to you.



What is the Guild of One Name Studies?

The Guild of One Name Studies was formed in 1979. It maintains a register of all people, such as myself, who are researching the worldwide references to a particular name, together with variants. They publish an annual edition, and the register is available on-line. I have been a member since 1987.



Can I access the database directly?

No, but a large number of records are now available on-line. A message will need to be sent asking for specific information not covered by these records - my email address is shown on the "Contact Me" page. Records which have been put onto the site include entries from the National Index to Wills & Administrations, Trade Directory entries, and some of the many thousands of entries from the GRO Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes. These index entries have been matched up with parish register entries wherever possible.




What about a Coat of Arms?

As yet no positive identification has been made of arms granted to a Preece family member. Several possible arms have been seen over the years, but this is an ongoing project and I hope to be able to incorporate such an item once it has been located.