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Population - Locations of Preece families

A glance at modern day telephone directories will soon show that the Preece name is very prevalent in the West Midlands area, and also in the border counties such as Herefordshire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire. These directories will also show that Wales is home to a great many Preece families. You will now find the name in every county and corner of the country, but over 100 years ago this was far from the case.

Using the 1881 census data, together with modern (1999) telephone directory and electoral roll information, analysis has been done on a number of different aspects of Preece families, looking at pure numerical presence in each county, as well as a closer look at the 1881 data, taking into account where Preece families were living and where they were born. More recent work on both telephone directories and electoral roll information is hampered by the move towards excluding details to avoid mass marketing campaigns and unwanted calls.

Follow the links below to look at tables showing the data, distribution maps and some discussion of the trends shown.

Population Analysis - 1881 and 1999

Numerical comparison


Population Analysis - 1881 only

Numerical comparison - place of birth and residence


Population Analysis - 1881 and 1999

Summaries by area


Now that far more census data is both available and held by me, I am planning to extend this analysis to other years from 1841 up to 1921, though this will take time to appear here. As a start, I have now compiled a list to show the numbers of Preece entries found in each county in each census. This is now complete. I plan to expand this (given some time!) and hope to add sections on individual areas, such as London, Yorkshire and Lancashire, areas away from the usual "Hot-spots" of the Midlands counties, and to examine why the Preece numbers grew there.

If you click the link below, it will take you to a new page with the county totals. At present there is just a list and no commentary.

I have further detailed analysis of some individual counties, including details of the migration between them, and some of this may be added in due course. If you are interested in a particular aspect of this subject, and it is not covered here, please do contact me.

1841 - 1921 Census totals (and 1939 Register)

Listed by County