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The site has held Trade Directory entries for quite a while, but I now want to expand this to give more occupation-related information.

I have carried out a count of my database to create a list of occupations - this includes census
entries, marriage records (occupation of both bride/groom and father), baptism records, service records and other smaller contributors where an occupation is shown.

The top 20 occupations on 8 November 2015 are as follows :-

Labourer 4504
Ag Lab 1995
Farmer 1516
Carpenter 835
Farm labourer 554
Blacksmith 486
Gardener 431
Dressmaker 424
Bricklayer 398
Mason 367
Butcher 355
Wheelwright 336
General Labourer 323
Servant 323
Domestic Servant 298
Shoemaker 293
Tailor 289
Miner 284
Shopkeeper 254
Grocer 252

A total of just over 43,000 entries have been counted, and these totals are purely for each specific spelling.
For example, Ag lab will also appear in my list as Agricultural labourer, ag labourer and so on, depending upon how they were recorded in the census etc.This may mean that one or two of these above are understated, but the general order will be very similar.

The top 5 confirm the rural location of a lot of Preece families, with large numbers involved in agriculture.

This section will be slowly expanded to include some industry-specific projects, the first of which will be mining. The hope for new areas such as this will be to include details on those in the industry, entries from census, other items relating to the industry, and maps to show areas and movement over the years.

For now it will also link to the existing Trade Directory pages, but will contain more links as soon as possible.

Trade Directory pages - click here

NEW Mining section - maps of locations and entries from census 1841 - 1911