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North American Census Records - British Emigration Links

As I get more and more contacts from North America I have now started to expand this section of the site to include Canada to the existing US census records where one or more of the Preece members of the household give their place of birth as England, Scotland or Wales. The plan then is to try to match these to UK census records before they left these shores, possibly passenger records, marriage records, in short details to try to identify them and help trace them back to their roots here in the UK. This is quite an ongoing task, and with some of the more "common" names, such as Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth, William and so on it may just not be possible to see which record may be theirs.

The Canadian and US census are arguably more helpful than the UK version, as later years give information on parents origins, but the pages linked here will only give basic information.

For each year, I will show name, age, occupation, census place and birth country. Whilst there are more details available, particularly after 1880, I will maintain a uniform approach to the pages, and will happily pass on more details should you require it. Where held, details will then follow to show the person in the UK records - this may be census records, baptism, marriage, and will vary from person to person according to what may be available. If they are held, passenger records will also be cross-referenced here too, and where appropriate I will add US marriage details.

The table to the right gives links to each of the sections available at present.

This is very much a work in progress, and in its infancy.  There are also various state census returns available which I will also plan to incorporate at some point, but again the timescale for this is unknown.

Census Year Availability Links to pages

USA 1850 6 records held View entries
USA 1860 8 records held View entries
USA 1870 41 records held View entries
USA 1880 46 records held View entries
Canada 1881 7 records held View entries
Canada 1891 6 records held View entries
USA 1900 66 records held View entries
Canada 1901 7 records held
View entries
USA 1910 61 records held View entries
Canada 1911 21 records held
View entries
USA 1920 99 records held
View entries
Canada 1921
USA 1930

USA 1940