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GRO Birth Index Entries 1837 - 1840

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which will be coloured light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Birth Index entry
Matching Birth/Baptism details
Name District Mothers Maiden name GRO Ref   Event Date Place Cty Mother Father

Sep 1837
Ann Burton Upon Trent - XVII 3       Died in 2Q 1838, Burton Upon Trent district aged 9      
Ann Chelsea - III 134       No details yet held      
Ann Ledbury - XXVI 125   BIR 25/07/1837 Ledbury HEF Elizabeth [Pullin] George
          CHR 26/07/1837 Ledbury HEF Elizabeth [Pullen] George
Catharine Cleobury Mortimer Corfield XVIII 29   CHR 25/08/1837 Neen Savage SAL Hannah John
Eliza Weobley - XXVI 153   BIR 17/08/1837 Weobley HEF Eliza [Preece ] Not Named
Emma Hereford Ireland XXVI 101   BIR 26/08/1837 Burghill HEF Elizabeth [Ireland] James
          CHR 02/07/1837 Hereford St Martin HEF Amelia James
Female Leominster Thomas XXVI 135   BIR 24/07/1837 Leominster HEF Elizabeth [Thomas] Thomas
Female Kington Beavan XXVI 119   BIR 23/07/1837 Eardisley HEF Ann [Beavan] John
Frederick Richard Bridgwater Bacon X 238       Died in 4Q 1837, Bridgwater district      
George Church Stretton Huson X 25       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Church Stretton      
Harriett Cleobury Mortimer Whitehouse XVIII 30   CHR 29/10/1837 Mamble WOR Elizabeth [Whitehouse] James
Henry Ross - XXVI 149   BIR 30/08/1837 St Weonards HEF Susan [Baldwin] James
          CHR 01/09/1837 St Weonards HEF Susanna James Cole
James Hereford Norman XXVI 99   CHR 05/08/1837 Marden HEF Mary Richard
John Ludlow Edwards XVIII 55   BIR 18/09/1837 Leintwardine HEF Jane [Edwards] John
          CHR 01/10/1837 Leintwardine HEF Jane John
Mary Hereford Davis XXVI 105   BIR 02/09/1837 Little Birch HEF Ann [Davis] Benjamin
Robert Kidderminster - XVIII 249   BIR 05/07/1837 Lower Mytton WOR Elizabeth [Knight] John
Sarah Hereford Hull XXVI 111   BIR 16/09/1837 Hereford St Owen HEF Sarah [Hull] George
          CHR 14/10/1838 Hereford St Owen HEF Sarah [Hull] George
Thomas Montgomery - XXVII 69       Died in 3Q 1837, Montgomery district      
William Ludlow Jones XVIII 53   CHR 14/08/1837 Culmington SAL Elizabeth Adam
William Ludlow Weal XVIII 53       No details yet held      
Dec 1837
Amos Ross - XXVI 165   BIR 10/11/1837 Hentland HEF Elizabeth [Pritchard] Daniel
          CHR 24/12/1837 Hentland HEF Elizabeth [Pritchard] Daniel
Ann Ludlow Jones XVIII 62   BIR 26/12/1837 Burrington HEF Eleanor [Jones] Richard
          CHR 21/01/1838 Burrington HEF Eleanor [Jones] Richard
Charles Weobley Jones XXVI 170   BIR 07/11/1837 Norton Canon HEF Catherine [Jones] Samuel
          CHR 03/12/1837 Norton Canon HEF Catharine [Pugh] Samuel
Eliza Ludlow Jones XVIII 62   BIR 26/12/1837 Burrington HEF Eleanor [Jones] Richard
          CHR 21/01/1838 Burrington HEF Eleanor [Jones] Richard
Emily Letitia Westminster - I 211   CHR 16/10/1837 St John the Evangelist Smith Square MDX Ann Thomas
Emma Ross Powles XXV I 163   BIR 17/10/1837 Kings Caple HEF Martha [Powles] Stephen
James Hereford Amphlet XXVI 119   BIR 06/09/1837 Hereford HEF Elizabeth [Amphlet] James
          CHR 03/04/1836 Hereford St Martin HEF Catharine [Lewis] Peter
James Bromyard Burrup XXVI 111   BIR 15/10/1837 Whitbourne HEF Ann [Burrup] Richard
Jane [Prees] Aston Adcock XVI 151       No details yet held      
Margaret Cardiff - XXVI 255       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Llantwit Fardre      
Samuel Ledbury Barlow XXVI 140   BIR 11/10/1837 Ashperton HEF Mary [Burlow] John
          CHR 23/10/1837 Ashperton HEF Mary [Burlow] John
Susan Worcester Thomas XVIII 384   CHR 22/10/1837 Worcester St Martin WOR Jane James
Thomas Montgomery Pugh XXVII 79       No details yet held      
William Madeley Hays XVIII 73   BIR 28/09/1837 Broseley SAL Susannah [Hays] James
Mar 1838
Ann Atcham Madeley XVIII 10       No details yet held      
Ann Ross - XXVI 197   BIR 29/01/1838 Kings Caple HEF Mary [Cater] John
Anne Hay - XXVI 267       No details yet held      
Benjamin Weobley Lewis XXVI 206   BIR 18/03/1838 Mansell Lacy HEF Mary [Lewis] James
          CHR 25/03/1838 Mansell Lacy HEF Mary [Lewis] James
Charles Leominster Davies XXVI 180   BIR 12/03/1838 Aymestrey HEF Ann [Davies] James
          CHR 22/03/1838 Aymestrey HEF Ann James
Elizabeth Anne Weobley - XXVI 203   BIR 07/03/1838 Birley HEF Anne [Carpenter] William
Female Shrewsbury - XVIII 151       No details yet held      
George Leominster - XXVI 185   CHR 29/07/1838 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Susan William
Harriet Atcham Smith XVIII 7       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Condover      
James Walsall Lee XVII 209       No details yet held      
Jane [Prees] Narberth Williams XXVI 557       Died in 4Q 1844, Narberth district aged 6      
John Hereford Brooks XXVI 142   CHR 19/02/1838 Allensmore HEF Elizabeth John
John Bridgwater Dare X 322       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Bridgwater      
Lucy Weobley - XXVI 205   BIR 28/01/1838 Weobley HEF Sarah [Preece ] Not Named
Luke Ross Braine XXVI 193   BIR 02/01/1838 Bridstow HEF Elizabeth [Braine] Thomas
          CHR 04/02/1838 Bridstow HEF Elizabeth Thomas
Male Hereford Dilloe XXVI 135   BIR 27/01/1838 Stretton Sugwas HEF Harriet [Dilloe] John
Maria Monmouth Maybery XXVI 70   CHR 28/02/1838 Monmouth MON Ann [Maybury] Thomas
Mary Ann Hereford Burgess XXVI 153   BIR 12/03/1838 Orcop HEF Ann [Burgess] John
          CHR 17/03/1838 Orcop HEF Anne John
Samuel Ross - XXVI 199       No details yet held      
Thomas Tewkesbury Russell XI 400   CHR 15/04/1838 Tewkesbury St Mary GLS Elizabeth [Russell] Joseph
William Weobley - XXVI 202   CHR 18/02/1838 Eardisland HEF Hannah [Gwilliam] William
Jun 1838
Ann Jamima Birmingham Hobday XVI 245   BIR 10/05/1838 Birmingham WAR Ann [Hobday] James
Charlotte Ann Hereford Partridge XXVI 148   CHR 20/04/1838 Allensmore HEF Lucy James
Elizabeth Bridgwater Wall X 322       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Bridgwater      
Frederic Atcham - XVIII 3       No details yet held      
Hannah Stourbridge Jones XVIII 458   CHR 04/04/1838 Stourbridge WOR Mary [Jones] John
Harriett Hereford Wright XXVI 151   CHR 13/05/1838 Withington HEF Jane [Wright] William
James Leominster Higgs XXVI 189   BIR 07/04/1838 Humber HEF Margaret [Higgs] William
John Leominster Jones XXVI 195   BIR 17/05/1838 Aymestrey HEF Charlott [Jones] John
          CHR 03/06/1838 Aymestrey HEF Charlotte John
John Bolton Jones XXI 85   CHR 02/01/1839 Bolton le Moors St Peter LAN Catharine William
John [Prees] Haverfordwest Martin XXVI 563   CHR 12/04/1838 St Davids PEM Anne Henry
Patience Atcham Jones XVIII 16   CHR 07/06/1838 Pontesbury SAL Anne [Jones] Richard
Sarah Montgomery Meagre XXVII 94       No details yet held      
Sarah Atcham Morgan XVIII 3       No details yet held      
Sarah Worcester Mason XVIII 510   CHR 13/04/1838 Worcester St John WOR Sarah [Sanders] Benjamin
Sarah Hereford Whitcomb XXVI 147       No details yet held      
Susan Bromyard Garbitt XXVI 136   BIR 07/05/1838 Grendon Bishop HEF Mary [Garbitt] Francis
          CHR 10/06/1838 Grendon Bishop HEF Mary [Garbett] Francis
Thomas Leominster Hammonds XXVI 195   BIR 18/06/1838 Aymestrey HEF Jemima [Hammonds] Richard
          CHR 08/07/1838 Aymestrey HEF Jemima [Hammonds] Richard
Thomas Ledbury Wilks XXVI 181   BIR 24/04/1838 Bosbury HEF Mary [Wilks] John
William Cleobury Mortimer - XVIII 41   CHR 25/06/1838 Aston Botterell SAL Ann John
William Ross Hodges XXVI 208   BIR 03/06/1838 Bridstow HEF Amelia [Hodges] William
William Newcastle Under Lyme Glover XVII 91       Died in 2Q 1838, Newcastle Under Lyme district      
Sep 1838
Caroline Presteigne Morris XXVI 224   CHR 29/07/1838 Norton RAD Mary Richard
Caroline Hereford Price XXVI 131   BIR 16/08/1838 Wellington HEF Hannah [Price] Thomas
          CHR 02/09/1838 Wellington HEF Hannah [Price] Thomas
Caroline Westbury On Severn Jones XI 453   CHR 09/09/1838 Parkend GLS Caroline [Jones] Joseph
Eleanor Hereford Powles XXVI 137   BIR 17/06/1838 Dinedor HEF Ann [Powles] Philip
          CHR 10/06/1838 Dinedor HEF Anne [Powles] Phillip
Elizabeth Weobley Bincham XXVI 199   BIR 02/08/1838 Dilwyn HEF Elizabeth [Bincham] James
Elizabeth Hereford Griffiths XXVI 156   BIR 31/08/1838 Kenderchurch HEF Sarah [Griffiths] Edmund
George Hereford Herbert XXVI 138   CHR 19/08/1838 Aconbury HEF Harriett [Herbert] James
Hannah Presteigne Johnson XXVI 224   CHR 29/07/1838 Kinsham HEF Sarah John
Hannah Leominster Layland XXVI 174   CHR 19/08/1838 Orleton HEF Hannah William
Henry Upton On Severn Boyce XVIII 458   CHR 09/09/1838 Great Malvern WOR Fanny James
John Weobley Davies XXVI 197   BIR 06/07/1838 Dilwyn HEF Sarah [Davies] John
          CHR 22/07/1838 Dilwyn HEF Sarah John
John Kington Davies XXVI 215   BIR 05/07/1838 Gladestry HEF Sarah [Davies] John
Mary [Preice] Chepstow xx XXVI 56       No details yet held      
Mary Hereford - XXVI 141   BIR 09/07/1838 Stoke Edith HEF Elizabeth [Preece] Samuel
Mary Ann Clifton Bees XI 279       No details yet held      
Peter Hereford Magness XXVI 150   BIR 28/07/1838 Hereford HEF Elizabeth [Magness] Peter
          CHR 12/08/1838 Hereford St Owen HEF Elizabeth Peter
Sarah Weobley - XXVI 203   BIR 09/08/1838 Weobley HEF Ann [Preece ] Not Named
Sarah Ludlow Stephens XXVI 76   BIR 06/08/1838 Wigmore HEF Susan [Stephens] James
          CHR 07/08/1838 Wigmore HEF Susan [Stevens] James
Sarah Leominster Powis XXVI 174   BIR 14/08/1838 Aymestrey HEF Sarah [Powis] James
          CHR 28/08/1838 Aymestrey HEF Sarah [Powis] James
Selina Newent Onions XI 341   CHR 20/06/1838 Dymock GLS Henrietta [Onions] Peter
Stephen Bromyard Watkins XXVI 118   BIR 26/07/1838 Bishops Frome HEF Ann [Watkins] William
          CHR 19/08/1838 Bishops Frome HEF Ann William
Susan Hereford Eckley XXVI 138   BIR 26/07/1838 Dinedor HEF Margaret [Eckley] Richard
          CHR 20/07/1838 Dinedor HEF Margaret [Eckley] Richard
William Leominster Beavan XXVI 175   CHR 08/08/1838 Shobdon HEF Hannah [Beavan] John
Dec 1838
Charles Leominster Camardine XXVI 182   BIR 22/10/1838 Leominster HEF Sarah [Carwardine] John
Charles Atcham xx XVIII 11   CHR 02/12/1838 Condover SAL Mary Thomas
Cornelius Kidderminster xx XVIII 345   CHR 26/11/1838 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Elizabeth Thomas
Edward Ross Bailey XXVI 194   BIR 18/12/1838 St Brevials HEF Susan [Bailey] Robert
Edward [Prees] Aston Robbins XVI 163       No details yet held      
Eliza Bromyard Jauncey XXVI 128   BIR 11/12/1838 Bishops Frome HEF Mary [Jauncey] John
          CHR 15/12/1838 Bishops Frome HEF Mary [Jauncey] John
Elizabeth Presteigne Preece XXVI 221       No details yet held      
Fanny Tewkesbury Walker XI 410   BIR 00/00/1838 Tewkesbury GLS Charlotte [Walker] William
George Weobley Bull XXVI 200   CHR 07/11/1838 Dilwyn HEF Jemima William
George William Langport Gooding X 378       Place of birth given in 1871 Census - Langport      
Hawthorn Hereford Seward XXVI 162   BIR 04/11/1838 Kingstone HEF Ethilda [Seward] Thomas
          CHR 11/11/1838 Kingstone HEF Ethilda Thomas
James [Preese] Wem xx XVIII 184       No details yet held      
James Albert Burton Upon Trent Richardson XVII 5   CHR 16/12/1838 Burton Upon Trent STS Mary James
Jane Bridgnorth xx XVIII 22       No details yet held      
John Hereford Preece XXVI 162   BIR 18/11/1838 Peterchurch HEF Elizabeth [Preece] James
          CHR 28/12/1838 Much Birch HEF Elizabeth Edward
Mary Hereford Williams XXVI 135   BIR 18/09/1838 Breinton HEF Elizabeth [Williams] William
Mary Hereford Watkins XXVI 143   CHR 21/10/1838 Much Dewchurch HEF Hester [Watkins] Thomas
Mary Ann St Luke Harris II 214       No details yet held      
Philip Montgomery Bernand XXVII 95   CHR 08/10/1838 Worthen SAL Sarah Philip
Salena Hereford Arnold XXVI 158   BIR 20/10/1838 Wormbridge HEF Ann [Arnold] John
Thomas Madeley xx XVIII 80   CHR 11/11/1838 Broseley St Leonard SAL Mary George
Thomas Hereford - XXVI 149   BIR 15/12/1838 Fownhope HEF Martha [Preece] Not Named
          CHR 19/12/1838 Fownhope HEF Martha Not Stated
Mar 1839
Alfred Leominster - XXVI 188   BIR 13/01/1839 Leominster HEF Millbrough [Preece ] Not Named
          CHR 15/01/1840 Leominster HEF Melborow [Preece] Not Stated
Ann Tenbury Hodnett XVIII 492   CHR 05/02/1839 Tenbury WOR Elizabeth John
Arthur Ross - XXVI 205   BIR 16/12/1838 Hentland HEF Ann [Watkins] Thomas
          CHR 10/02/1839 Hentland HEF Anne [Watkins] Thomas
Charles Hereford Watkins XXVI 161   BIR 06/03/1839 Hereford HEF Ann [Watkins] James
          CHR 24/03/1839 Hereford St John HEF Ann [Watkins] James
Edward Montgomery Butler XXVII 102   BIR 24/01/1839 Hampton Beech SAL Martha Joseph
          CHR 26/02/1839 Worthen SAL Martha Joseph
Elizabeth Ludlow Blakemore XVIII 68   BIR 31/05/1839 Wigmore HEF Bine [Rea] David
          CHR 02/06/1839 Wigmore HEF Bina [Rea] David
Female Cleobury Mortimer xx XVIII 35       Died in 1Q 1839, Cleobury Mortimer district      
John Abergavenny Tippins XXVI 9       No details yet held      
John Ledbury Eves XXVI 177   BIR 09/02/1839 Tarrington HEF Susan [Eves] William
          CHR 12/02/1839 Tarrington HEF Susan William
John Leominster Smith XXVI 185   BIR 07/02/1839 Yarpole HEF Charlotte [Smith] John
John Leominster Jenks XXVI 179   BIR 12/01/1839 Humber HEF Elizabeth [Jenks] John
          CHR 10/02/1839 Humber HEF Elizabeth John
John Church Stretton Meakin XVIII 33   CHR 20/01/1839 Eaton under Heywood SAL Martha John
John Hereford Rogers XXVI 151   CHR 11/08/1839 Orcop HEF Charlotte [Hoskins] Henry
John Cardiff Davies XXVI 338   CHR 03/02/1839 Cymmer Independent GLA Mary John
Joseph [Preese] Abergavenny Williams XXVI 10   CHR 10/02/1839 Aberystruth MON Mary Francis
Maria Monmouth Higgins XXVI 71   CHR 28/01/1839 Whitchurch HEF Margaret John
Martha Leominster Swan XXVI 184   BIR 22/01/1839 Orleton HEF Mary [Swan] Richard
Mary Tenbury Bishop XVIII 493   CHR 14/02/1839 Tenbury WOR Sophia John
Mary Ann Ashton Under Lyne Shephard XX 74       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Dukfld      
Mary Ann Hereford Benson XXVI 157   BIR 04/05/1839 Grosmont HEF Ann [Williams] Richard
          CHR 02/06/1839 Grosmont MON Ann Richard
Richard Hereford Preece XXVI 166   BIR 07/03/1839 Madley HEF Anne [Preece] Richard
Sarah Hereford Gough XXVI 163   BIR 08/02/1839 Orcop HEF Harriet [Gough] Thomas
Sarah Leominster Thomas XXVI 184   CHR 03/03/1839 Orleton HEF Anne [Thomas] James
Thomas Hereford Cartwright XXVI 146   BIR 16/02/1839 Eaton Bishop HEF Elizabeth [Cartwright] Samuel
          CHR 17/03/1839 Eaton Bishop HEF Elizabeth Samuel
William [Prees] Bangor Williams XXVII 299       Died in 3Q 1839, Bangor district      
William [Preese] Tenbury - XVIII 487       No details yet held      
William Hereford Andrews XXVI 151   BIR 02/01/1839 Dinedor HEF Emelia [Andrews] James
William Leominster Snead XXVI 184   BIR 29/12/1838 Orleton HEF Sarah [Snead] John
          CHR 14/01/1839 Orleton HEF Sarah John
Jun 1839
Elizabeth Ludlow Rea XVIII 79   BIR 31/05/1839 Wigmore HEF Bine [Rea] David
          CHR 02/06/1839 Wigmore HEF Bina [Rea] David
Emily Hereford Ballinger XXVI 169   BIR 07/04/1839 Hereford HEF Elizabeth [Ballinger] Richard
          CHR 28/04/1839 Hereford St Owen HEF Elizabeth Richard
Emma [Preese] Wellington - X 181       No details yet held      
George Atcham Roberts XVIII 8       No details yet held      
Henry John Shepton Mallet Chamberlain X 444   BIR 07/06/1839 Bridgwater SOM Sarah [Chamberlain] Charles
          CHR 21/06/1839 Shepton Mallett Ss Peter & Paul SOM Sarah Charles
James Clun Powell XVIII 50   BIR 26/07/1839 Sutton St Michaels HEF Alice [Powell] James
John Leominster Rollings XXVI 197   BIR 04/04/1839 Kingsland HEF Mary [Rollings] William
          CHR 07/04/1839 Kingsland HEF Mary William
John Clun Butler XVIII 43       No details yet held      
Joseph Bridgnorth - XVIII 25   CHR 16/05/1839 Chetton SAL Sarah Thomas
Lot Hereford Powell XXVI 177   BIR 01/04/1839 St Devereux HEF Eleanor [Powell] James
          CHR 21/04/1839 St Devereux HEF Ellen James
Lucy Hereford Williams XXVI 168   BIR 09/06/1839 Lugwardine HEF Elizabeth [Williams] Francis
Martha Dudley Rouse XVIII 257       No details yet held      
Mary Montgomery Jaundrel XXVII 100   CHR 02/06/1839 Trelystan MGY Mary George
Mary Ann Hereford Williams XXVI 177   BIR 04/05/1839 Grosmont HEF Ann [Williams] Richard
          CHR 02/06/1839 Grosmont MON Ann Richard
Mary Jane Hereford - XXVI 173   BIR 05/05/1839 Hereford HEF Harriette [Preece] Not Named
Richard Bridgend Jenkins XXVI 326       Died in 2Q 1840, Bridgend district aged 1      
Sarah Montgomery Corbett XXVII 99       No details yet held      
Selina Burton Upon Trent Prichard XVII 11       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Stapenhill      
Thomas Leominster Morris XXVI 197   CHR 14/04/1839 Orleton HEF Frances Francis
William Hereford Downs XXVI 155   CHR 08/05/1839 Holmer HEF Ann William
William Henry Holborn Read II 123   BIR 24/05/1839 Holborn LND Edith [Read] William
          CHR 02/08/1840 Holborn St Andrew MDX Edith Best William
William Prestwood Ludlow Arnett XVIII 85   CHR 29/06/1839 Ludlow SAL Mary [Arnett] Thomas
Sep 1839
Ann Kidderminster Goodman XVIII 307   BIR 18/06/1839 Stourport WOR Mary Thomas
Ann Hereford Davis XXVI 160   BIR 06/08/1839 Aconbury HEF Ann [Davis] Benjamin
Catherine Crickhowell - XXVI 288       No details yet held      
Charles Hereford Phillips XXVI 167   BIR 08/06/1839 Hereford HEF Ann [Phillips] William
          CHR 14/07/1839 Hereford All Saints HEF Ann William
Eliza Hereford xx XXVI 153       No details yet held      
Eliza [Priece] Abergavenny Cross XXVI 20   CHR 20/08/1839 Llanwenarth Citra MON Sophia Richard
Elizabeth Cleobury Mortimer Bufton XVIII 34   CHR 27/07/1839 Cleobury Mortimer SAL Elizabeth Richard
Elizabeth Bridgnorth - XVIII 20   CHR 30/07/1839 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Margaret Not Stated
Emily Staines Tyrrell III 253   CHR 23/06/1839 Stanwell MDX Ann Thomas
Emma Ledbury Soley XXVI 182   BIR 03/07/1839 Bosbury HEF Mary [Soley] Thomas
Emma Hereford - XXVI 163   BIR 10/07/1839 Mordiford HEF Ann [Preece] Not Named
Frederick Monmouth Jones XXVI 77   CHR 01/06/1839 Monmouth MON Susannah William
Henry Atcham - XVIII 13   CHR 08/07/1839 Pontesbury SAL Elizabeth Not named
James Hereford Powell XXVI 154       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Hereford      
Jane Bridgnorth - XVIII 26   BIR 11/08/1839 Deuxhill And Glazeley SAL Mary William
          CHR 15/09/1839 Deuxhill And Glazeley SAL Mary William
Jane Hereford Handley XXVI 159   CHR 01/07/1839 Clehonger HEF Mary James
John Hereford Hoskyns XXVI 173   BIR 22/07/1839 Orcop HEF Charlotte [Hoskyns] Henry
John Newent Wherrett XI 324   BIR 00/00/1839 Redmarley WOR Eleanor [Wherrett] James
Mark Hereford Pritchard XXVI 158   CHR 01/09/1839 Rowlstone HEF Susannah [Pritchard] Richard
Mary Ann Hereford Jones XXVI 154   BIR 29/07/1839 Burghill HEF Ann [Jones] Edward
Richard Leominster Thomas XXVI 195   BIR 03/07/1839 Aymestrey HEF Hannah [Thomas] William
Sarah Atcham Swaine XVIII 13       No details yet held      
Sophia Kidderminster Knight XVIII 357   BIR 30/06/1839 Lower Mytton WOR Elizabeth [Knight] John
William Leominster Thomas XXVI 200   BIR 27/07/1839 Leominster HEF Elizabeth [Thomas] Thomas
          CHR 01/09/1839 Leominster HEF Elizabeth Thomas
William Cleobury Mortimer Corfield XVIII 36   CHR 05/12/1839 Mamble WOR Elizabeth [Whitehouse] James
William Westbury Morris XI 439   CHR 01/10/1839 Abenhall GLS Harriet [Morris] William
Dec 1839
Ann Ludlow Weale XVIII 67   CHR 16/12/1839 Culmington SAL Elizabeth Not Stated
Caroline Leominster Medlicott XXVI 193   BIR 01/10/1839 Leominster HEF Mary [Medlicott] Samuel
          CHR 01/12/1839 Leominster HEF Mary Samuel
Elizabeth Ludlow Wall XVIII 69   BIR 28/09/1839 Elton HEF Ann [Wall] Thomas
Elizabeth Hereford Bullock XXVI 166   BIR 10/11/1839 Hereford HEF Elizabeth [Bullock] John
Emma Matilda Dudley Sansom XVIII 242       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Dudley      
Frances Tewkesbury Russell XI 412   CHR 16/01/1839 Tewkesbury St Mary GLS Charlotte [Walker] William
George Abergavenny Jones XXVI 44       No details yet held      
James [Prees] Narberth Williams XXVI 561       No details yet held      
Jane Madeley Ancorks XVIII 90       No details yet held      
Louisa Bridgwater Dyer X 314       No details yet held      
Louisa Matilda East London Jarvis II 197   BIR 10/11/1839 London LND Ann Henry
          CHR 29/12/1839 St Giles Cripplegate LND Ann Henry
Margaret Atcham xx XVIII 3       No details yet held      
Maria [Prees] Aston Adcock XVI 168   CHR 27/12/1839 Birmingham St Martin WAR Jane [Adcock] John
Mary Dudley Greensill XVIII 327       No details yet held      
Mary Presteigne xx XXVI 228       No details yet held      
Thomas Hay Preece XXVI 284   CHR 02/12/1839 Hay BRE Eliza Thomas
Thomas Cleobury Mortimer Burton XVIII 39   CHR 08/12/1839 Aston Botterell SAL Ann John
William Hereford Hull XXVI 167   BIR 25/12/1839 Hereford St Owen HEF Sarah [Hull] George
William Cleobury Mortimer Whitehouse XVIII 38   CHR 05/12/1839 Mamble WOR Elizabeth [Whitehouse] James
Mar 1840
Ann Ledbury - XXVI 175   BIR 28/02/1840 Putley HEF Harriet [Preece ] Not Named
          CHR 22/03/1840 Putley HEF Harriot Not Stated
Anne Presteigne - XXVI 4       No details yet held      
Charles William Henry St Saviour Southwark Ellison II 465   BIR 13/03/1840 Southwark LND Harriett Ann [Elliston] Charles John
          CHR 07/06/1840 Southwark Christ Church SRY Harriet Ann Charles John
Christopher Hereford Harris XXVI 133   BIR 06/01/1840 Burghill HEF Mary [Harris] John
          CHR 12/01/1840 Burghill HEF Mary [Harris] John
Edward Weobley Davies XXVI 205   BIR 17/02/1840 Sollars Dilwyn HEF Sarah [Davies] John
          CHR 01/03/1840 Dilwyn HEF Sarah John
Eliza Weobley Bedford XXVI 86   BIR 28/02/1840 Sarnesfield HEF Anne [Bedford] William
          CHR 22/03/1840 Sarnesfield HEF Ann [Bedford] William
Elizabeth Bridgnorth - XVIII 25   CHR 05/04/1840 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Mary Not Stated
Elizabeth Hereford Edwards XXVI 143   CHR 05/06/1842 St Hilary GLA Elizabeth Llewellin
Felicia Hereford Rouse XXVI 148   BIR 14/02/1840 Stoke Edith HEF Elizabeth [Rouse] John
George Martley Roberts XVIII 452   CHR 24/02/1840 Shelsley Beauchamp WOR Ann Samuel
Henry Hereford Lewis XXVI 155   BIR 04/02/1840 Hereford HEF Catherine [Lewis] Peter
          CHR 23/02/1840 Hereford St Martin HEF Catharine [Lewis] Peter
Jane Knighton Owens XXVI 211   CHR 14/03/1840 Brampton Bryan HEF Ann Edward
John Ledbury Steel XXVI 166   BIR 02/02/1840 Ledbury HEF Mary Ann [Steel] John
Male Ross - XXVI 203       No details yet held      
Male Cleobury Mortimer Sidney XVIII 41       No details yet held      
Mary Ann Hereford Mason XXVI 163   CHR 02/02/1840 Hereford All Saints HEF Jane Thomas
Richard [Prees] Wolverhampton Johnson XVII 371       No details yet held      
Richard Symonds Weobley Symonds XXVI 208   BIR 22/01/1840 Preston-on-wye HEF Mary [Symonds] James
          CHR 10/02/1840 Preston On Wye HEF Mary James
Sarah Susan Kidderminster Lester XVIII 399   CHR 02/03/1840 Kidderminster St George WOR Elizabeth Thomas
Thomas Hereford Amphlet XXVI 157   BIR 16/02/1840 Hereford HEF Elizabeth [Amphlet] James
William Bridgnorth - XVIII 28   CHR 02/02/1840 Burwarton SAL Mary [Reynolds] John
William Hereford Jones XXVI 164   BIR 12/03/1840 Peterchurch HEF Mary [Jones] William
Jun 1840
Catherine Hereford - XXVI 188   BIR 06/06/1840 Madley HEF Harriet [Priddy] John
Charles Weobley Jones XXVI 229       No details yet held      
Ellen Oxford Bradbury XVI 88       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Oxford St Mary Magdalen      
Emila [Priece] Aston Bullus XVI 191       No details yet held      
Emma Hereford Brookes XXVI 168   BIR 31/05/1840 Allensmore HEF Elizabeth [Brooks] John
          CHR 21/06/1840 Allensmore HEF Elizabeth John
George Weobley Hoskins XXVI 227   BIR 20/05/1840 Eardisland HEF Hannah [Hoskins] William
          CHR 14/06/1840 Eardisland HEF Hannah William
James Dudley Wassell XVIII 334   BIR 12/04/1840 Tipton STS Sarah Ann [Wassell] Thomas
John Hereford Broomfield XXVI 168   BIR 24/05/1840 Callow HEF Hannah [Broomfield] James
John Ross - XXVI 213   BIR 21/06/1840 Llangarren HEF Rozana [Preece] -
Joseph Hereford Preece XXVI 172   BIR 20/04/1840 Lugwardine HEF Ann [Preece] William
          CHR 14/06/1840 Lugwardine HEF Anne William
Louisa Cleobury Mortimer Williams XVIII 38   CHR 04/05/1840 Mamble WOR Emma Thomas
Margaret Leominster Smith XXVI 197   BIR 04/03/1840 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Ann [Smith] John
          CHR 29/03/1840 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Margaret John
Mary Ann Madeley Hayes XVIII 160   BIR 26/03/1840 Madeley HEF Susannah [Hays] James
Peter Madeley Gough XVIII 96       No details yet held      
Priscilla Droitwich Mason XVIII 231       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Claines      
Sarah Hereford Christopher XXVI 186   BIR 21/06/1840 St Devereux HEF Ann [Christopher] Walter
          CHR 22/06/1840 St Devereux HEF Anne [Christopher] Walter
Thomas Hereford Rogers XXVI 169   BIR 23/06/1840 Callow HEF Elizabeth [Rogers] Edward
William Montgomery Butler XXVII 103   CHR 14/06/1840 Worthen SAL Ann [Butler] William
Sep 1840
Alice Leominster Higgs XXVI 187   BIR 08/07/1840 Humber HEF Margaret [Higgs] William
Ann Montgomery Jones XXVII 96       No details yet held      
Barnabas Shrewsbury - XVIII 155   BIR 29/06/1840 Shrewsbury SAL Elizabeth William
          CHR 19/07/1840 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Elizabeth William
Caroline Leominster Hammonds XXVI 190   BIR 25/08/1840 Aymestrey HEF Jemima [Hammonds] Richard
          CHR 06/09/1840 Aymestrey HEF Jemima [Hammonds] Richard
Catherine [Prees] Neath Curry XXVII 428       No details yet held      
Daniel Chipping Sodbury Thompson XI 208   CHR 30/08/1840 Pucklechurch St Thomas a Becket GLS Anna William
Eleanor Leominster xx XXVI 190       No details yet held      
Emma Hereford Robins XXVI 155   BIR 26/07/1840 Much Dewchurch HEF Margaret [Robbins] George
          CHR 23/08/1840 Much Dewchurch HEF Margaret George
Female Upton on Severn Curtis XVIII 468       No details yet held      
Henry Hereford - XXVI 170   BIR 28/06/1840 Kilpeck HEF Mary [Preece] Not Named
          CHR 03/07/1840 Kilpeck HEF Mary Not Stated
Hiram Henry Monmouth Griffiths XXVI 73   CHR 20/09/1840 Coleford Wesylayan Meth GLS Elizabeth [Griffiths] Matthew
James Madeley Brooks XVIII 82       No details yet held      
James Ledbury Price XXVI 180   BIR 04/09/1840 Canon Frome HEF Elizabeth [Price] Abraham Roe
James Cole Ross - XXVI 214       No details yet held      
John Hereford Spencer XXVI 149   BIR 03/07/1840 Marden HEF Elizabeth [Spencer] Thomas
John Hereford Pritchard XXVI 174   BIR 27/08/1840 Madley HEF Hannah [Pritchard] John
Llewelyn Caernarvon Hughes XXVII 283   BIR 01/06/1840 Llanbeblig CAE Jane Richard Matthias
          CHR 11/02/1841 Llanbeblig CAE Jane [Hughes] Richard Matthias
Maria Hereford Price XXVI 157   BIR 02/06/1840 Withington HEF Maria [Price] Samuel
Martha Montgomery Pugh XXVII 95       No details yet held      
Mary Weobley Carpenter XXVI 215   BIR 11/06/1840 Birley HEF Anne [Carpenter] William
Mary Weobley - XXVI 216   BIR 17/08/1840 Dilwyn HEF Elizabeth [Preece] Not Named
Mary Ann Walsall Lees XVII 226   CHR 19/07/1840 Walsall St Matthew STS Sarah George
Samuel Bridgwater Wall X 288       Place of birth given in 1851 Census - Bridgwater      
Sarah Hereford Bullen XXVI 155   BIR 02/07/1840 Little Birch HEF Elizabeth [Bullen] Samuel
Thomas Holling Bristol Kingdon XI 163       No details yet held      
William Tewkesbury Walker XI 414   BIR 00/00/1840 Tewkesbury GLS Charlotte [Walker] William
William Hereford Lawrence XXVI 165   BIR 10/09/1840 Hereford St Owen HEF Hannah Charles
          CHR 13/09/1840 Hereford St Owen HEF Hannah Charles
William George Gloucester Phelpstead XI 312   BIR 00/00/1840 Kingsholm GLS Mary [Phelpstead] John
Dec 1840
Alfred James Presteigne James XXVI 225       No details yet held      
Ann Ludlow Blakemore XVIII 75       No details yet held      
Ann Leominster - XXVI 180       No details yet held      
Charles Hereford Bentson XXVI 146   BIR 07/11/1840 Holme Lacey HEF Christianna [Bentson] Thomas
          CHR 29/11/1840 Holme Lacy HEF Elizabeth Thomas
Edy Leominster Swain XXVI 179   BIR 27/09/1840 Orleton HEF Mary [Swain] Richard
Eliza Thame xx XVI 94       No details yet held      
Elizabeth Jane Worcester Hobday XVIII 527   CHR 01/10/1840 Worcester St Helen WOR Ann [Hobday] James
Harriet Ann Westbury On Severn Morris XI 449   CHR 31/01/1841 Abenhall GLS Harriet [Morris] William
John Weobley Ricketts XXVI 203   BIR 11/09/1840 Canon Pyon HEF Elizabeth [Ricketts] John
          CHR 18/10/1840 Staunton On Wye HEF Frances John
Joseph John Westbury On Severn Jones XI 445   BIR 00/00/1840 Newnham GLS Caroline [Jones] Joseph
Louisa Newent Onions XI 338   CHR 27/12/1840 Dymock GLS Henrietta [Onions] Peter
Louisa Jane Westbury On Severn Mutlow XI 444   CHR 08/11/1840 Mitcheldean GLS Maria [Mutlow] William
Martha Atcham Jones XVIII 16   CHR 02/10/1840 Pontesbury SAL Anne [Jones] Richard
Martha Montgomery Bemand XXVII 93       No details yet held      
Mary Ann Birmingham Hick XVI 231   BIR 07/11/1840 Birmingham WAR Jane John
Richard Church Stretton Meakin XVIII 37   CHR 29/11/1840 Eaton under Heywood SAL Martha John
Samuel Leominster Beavan XXVI 179   BIR 05/09/1840 Shobdon HEF Hannah [Beavan] John
          CHR 13/09/1840 Shobdon HEF Hannah [Beavan] John
Sarah Clun - XVIII 48       No details yet held      
Sarah Jane Hereford Theward XXVI 165   BIR 02/11/1840 Madley HEF Ethilda [Sheward] Thomas
          CHR 13/12/1840 Madley HEF Elizabeth Thomas
Thomas Hereford Watkins XXVI 146   BIR 22/11/1840 Much Dewchurch HEF Esther [Watkins] Thomas
          CHR 06/12/1840 Much Dewchurch HEF Hester [Watkins] Thomas
William Tenbury Morgan XVIII 506   CHR 29/11/1840 Burford SAL Charlotte William
William Upton On Severn xx XVIII 510       No details yet held