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GRO Birth Index Entries 1852 - 1854

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which will be coloured light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Birth Index entry
Matching Birth/Baptism details
Name District Mothers Maiden name GRO Ref   Event Date Place Cty Mother Father

Mar 1852
Alfred Birmingham - 6D 32   BIR 15/12/1851 Birmingham WAR Elizabeth Not Named
Alice Hereford - 6A 440   BIR 27/02/1852 Little Birch HEF Sarah [Preece ] -
          CHR 03/03/1852 Little Birch HEF Sarah Not Stated
Ann Hereford Probert 6A 460   BIR 17/02/1852 Kingstone HEF Hannah [Probert] Thomas
Arthur James Presteigne Davies 11B 153   BIR 06/02/1852 Pembridge HEF Catherine [Davies] Henry
          CHR 07/03/1852 Pembridge HEF Catherine Goding [Davies] Henry
Benjamin Richard Atcham Smith 6A 587   BIR 08/12/1851 Condover SAL Elizabeth [Smith] Benjamin
          CHR 01/02/1852 Condover SAL Elizabeth [Smith] Benjamin
Caroline Leominster Thomas 6A 487       No details yet held      
Charlotte Bethnal Green Webb 1C 269       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Bethl Green      
Edward Hereford Nicholas 6A 460   BIR 05/03/1852 Madley HEF Charlotte [Nicholas] Edward
          CHR 18/04/1852 Madley HEF Charlotte[Nicholas] Edward
Eliza Hereford - 6A 443       No details yet held      
Elizabeth Weobley Pember 6A 467       No details yet held      
Elizabeth Leominster Ruck 6A 493       No details yet held      
Elizabeth Leominster Edwards 6A 497   BIR 14/01/1852 Shobdon HEF Jane [Edwards] James
Emma Monmouth Day 11A 45   CHR 14/03/1852 Cwmcarvan MON Ann John
Emma Hereford Davies 6A 461   CHR 25/01/1852 Abbey Dore HEF Elizabeth Thomas
Female Frome Nicholas 5C 585       Died in 1Q 1852, Frome district      
George Warner Bristol Warner 6A 12       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Bristol      
George William Dudley Waddams 6C 10   CHR 14/03/1852 Rowley Regis STS Sophia James
Georgiann Weobley Lloyd 6A 471   BIR 18/01/1852 Kings Pyon HEF Sarah [Lloyd] John
          CHR 08/02/1852 Kings Pyon HEF Sarah John
Hannah Atcham Roberts 6A 590B       No details yet held      
Hannah Atcham Steadman 6A 589       No details yet held      
Hannah Harriet Tenbury Bache 6C 251   CHR 09/01/1852 Knighton On Teme WOR Eliza [Beech] Edward
Isaac Ludlow - 6A 513       No details yet held      
James Ross Watkins 6A 435   CHR 28/01/1852 Hentland HEF Anne Thomas
Jane Atcham Booth 6A 597       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Etsell?      
John Frome Budgett 5C 583   BIR 17/01/1852 Nunney SOM Martha [Budgett] George
John Edward Leominster Jenkins 6A 490   BIR 25/02/1852 Leominster HEF Mary [Jenkins] John
          CHR 16/04/1852 Leominster HEF Mary [Jenkins] John
Joseph Ludlow Howells 6A 508   CHR 29/01/1852 Bromfield SAL Elizabeth Joseph
Mary Shrewsbury - 6A 621   CHR 14/03/1852 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Sarah Not Stated
Mary Ann Birmingham Hopkins 6D 53   BIR 13/02/1852 Birmingham WAR Emma John
Mary Anne Atcham Lloyd 6A 594       No details yet held      
Nancy Dudley Greensill 6C 27       No details yet held      
Samuel Jordan Kidderminster Jordan 6C 228   CHR 25/03/1852 Kidderminster WOR Ann [Jordan] Isaac
Susanna Shrewsbury - 6A 621   CHR 25/01/1852 Meole Brace SAL Sarah Abraham
Thomas Tenbury Morgan 6C 247       No details yet held      
Thomas Atcham Mansell 6A 597       No details yet held      
Thomas Ledbury Pullen 6A 412   BIR 13/01/1852 Bosbury HEF Elizabeth [Pullen] Thomas
Thomas Leominster Cooke 6A 494   BIR 20/01/1852 Monkland HEF Elizabeth [Cooke] Thomas
          CHR 21/03/1852 Monkland HEF Elisabeth [Cooke] Thomas
Jun 1852
Adelaide Kidderminster Crane 6C 220   CHR 29/05/1852 Kidderminster WOR Eliza John
Amy Hay Preece 11B 161       No details yet held      
Amy Shrewsbury Jones 6A 594   BIR 07/05/1852 Shrewsbury SAL Harriet Edward
          CHR 13/10/1852 Shrewsbury St Marys SAL Harriet Edward
Ann Chipping Sodbury Thompson 6A 129   CHR 25/04/1852 Pucklechurch St Thomas a Becket GLS Anna William
Ann Hereford Paynes 6A 437   BIR 21/04/1852 Wormbridge HEF Esther [Paynes] James
Betsy Hereford Virgo 6A 425   BIR 04/04/1852 Hereford HEF Eliza [Virgo] John
Catherine Weobley Jones 6A 445   BIR 28/03/1852 Moccas HEF Catherine [Jones] Samuel
Charles Bradford On Avon - 5A 135       Died in 4Q 1852, Bradford On Avon district aged 6      
Charlotte Weobley Jones 6A 445   BIR 28/03/1852 Moccas HEF Catherine [Jones] Samuel
Elizabeth Hereford - 6A 431   BIR 26/05/1852 Hereford HEF Mary [Preece ] Not Named
Elizabeth Ledbury Wargent 6A 383   BIR 20/03/1852 Ledbury HEF Elizabeth [Wargent] Robert
          CHR 11/07/1852 Ledbury HEF Elizabeth [Wargent] Robert
Ellen Swansea Thomas 11A 421       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Swansea      
Emily Ann Westminster Hargrave 1A 220   CHR 13/06/1852 St John the Evangelist Smith Square MDX Elizabeth George
Emma Leominster - 6A 476       No details yet held      
Emma Leominster Hammonds 6A 474       No details yet held      
Female [Preese] Edmonton Napier 3A 109       Died in 2Q 1852, Edmonton district      
Frederic Ross Rowland 6A 401   CHR 16/05/1852 Ross HEF Harriet [Rowland] George
George Ross Herbert 6A 409   BIR 06/05/1852 Llangarron HEF Sarah [Herbert] Thomas
George Hay Price 11B 161   CHR 18/04/1852 Dorstone HEF Caroline George
Hannah Leominster Davies 6A 474   BIR 24/04/1852 Aymestrey HEF Ann [Davies] James
Harry Thomas Stepney Baker 1C 424       Died in 4Q 1855, St George In The East district aged 3      
Helen Ledbury Wargent 6A 388   BIR 18/06/1852 Ledbury HEF Phebe [Wargent] Phillip
          CHR 11/07/1852 Ledbury HEF Phoebe [Wargent] Philip
Henriette Helena Adelaide Bruton Gloucester Hall 6A 226   BIR 00/00/1852 Gloucester St John The Baptist GLS Esther [Hall] Henry
James Leominster Thomas 6A 474   CHR 23/05/1852 Orleton HEF Anne James
Jane Hereford Cartwright 6A 422   BIR 27/04/1852 Huntington HEF Elizabeth [Cartwright] Samuel
Louisa Leominster Davies 6A 476   BIR 15/06/1852 Kingsland HEF Jane [Davies] Richard
          CHR 28/06/1852 Kingsland HEF Jane [Davis] Richard
Mary Hay Price 11B 161   CHR 18/04/1852 Dorstone HEF Caroline George
Mary Jane Dudley Allmark 6C 28       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Netherton      
Rebecca Bridgend Bassett 11A 339   CHR 27/06/1852 Llysworney GLA Rebecca Evan
Richard Montgomery Davies 11B 250   CHR 20/05/1852 Buttington MGY Mary Edward
Sarah Ross Dobbins 6A 395   BIR 22/05/1852 Peterstow HEF Charlotte [Dobbins] John
Sarah Ann Worcester Hutfield 6C 266       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Worcestershire      
Sarah Ann Bristol Dammett 6A 17       No details yet held      
Sarah Emma Jane Pancras Clarke 1B 47       No details yet held      
Thomas Bridgnorth Thomas 6A 525   BIR 31/03/1852 Farmcote Claverley SAL Frances [Thomas] William
          CHR 25/04/1852 Claverley SAL Frances William
Thomas Birmingham Dean 6D 38       No details yet held      
Thomas Walsall York 6B 448   CHR 30/05/1852 Darlaston St Lawrence STS Elizabeth James
Thomas Leominster Meredith 6A 474   BIR 25/04/1852 Shobdon HEF Elizabeth [Meredith ] John
Thomas William Hereford Wall 6A 420   BIR 03/04/1852 Holmer HEF Sophia P [Wall] James P
          CHR 05/04/1852 Holmer HEF Sophia James
William [Prees] Birmingham - 6D 198   BIR 19/05/1852 Birmingham WAR Phoebe Not Named
William Montgomery Gough 11B 239   CHR 30/05/1852 Churchstoke MGY Elizabeth Isaac
Sep 1852
Charlotte Leominster Radnor 6A 452   BIR 24/06/1852 Orleton HEF Sarah [Radnor] John
          CHR 24/06/1852 Orleton HEF Sarah [Radnor] John
David Bridgend Evans 11A 299       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Bridgend      
Edward Leominster Beavan 6A 447   BIR 02/07/1852 Leominster HEF Elizabeth [Beavan] Edward
Eliza Clun Williams 6A 471       No details yet held      
Eliza Weobley Williams 6A 422   BIR 18/08/1852 Brobury HEF Elizabeth [Williams] William
          CHR 10/10/1852 Brobury HEF Elizabeth [Williams] William
Elizabeth Hereford Rogers 6A 388   BIR 07/07/1852 Little Birch HEF Elizabeth [Rogers] Edward
Elizabeth Shrewsbury Evans 6A 573       No details yet held      
Emily Hereford Sheward 6A 398   BIR 09/09/1852 Breinton HEF Ethelinda [Sheward] Thomas
          CHR 25/09/1852 Breinton HEF Ethrelda Thomas
Francis Hereford Floyd 6A 391   BIR 20/06/1852 Tupsley HEF Elizabeth [Floyd] George
          CHR 08/07/1852 Hampton Bishop HEF Elizabeth [Floyd] George James
Frederick Albert Abergavenny - 11A 53       Died in 3Q 1852, Abergavenny district      
George Ludlow Gough 6A 458   CHR 19/12/1852 Munslow SAL Sarah George
George Owen Westbury On Severn Morris 6A 176   CHR 19/09/1852 Abenhall GLS Harriett William
Hopkin [Prees] Neath Hopkins 11A 335       Died in 4Q 1852, Neath district      
James Bridgwater Wall 5C 414       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Bridgewater      
John Leominster Cleobury 6A 454       No details yet held      
John Bridgwater Wall 5C 414       Died in 3Q 1852, Bridgwater district      
Mary Hereford Webb 6A 402   BIR 27/06/1852 Hereford HEF Rebecca [Webb] James
          CHR 18/07/1852 Hereford St Martin HEF Rebecca James
Mary Ann Wolverhampton Swifft 6B 341   CHR 11/07/1852 Wolverhampton St Mary STS Mary Ann William
Mary Jane Susannah Hereford Bert 6A 407   CHR 16/09/1852 Hereford St Peter HEF Caroline Robert
Rebecca Worcester Coombs 6C 236   CHR 12/09/1852 Worcester St John WOR Rebecca John
Susan Emma St George Southwark Elliston 1D 142       No details yet held      
Susannah Worcester Wright 6C 239   CHR 17/10/1852 Worcester St Clement WOR Susanna William
Wallace Hereford Hill 6A 404   BIR 28/06/1852 Hereford HEF Mary [Hill] William
William Leominster Smith 6A 449   BIR 18/08/1852 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Ann [Preece] John
William West Bromwich Preece 6B 527       No details yet held      
William Weobley - 6A 420   BIR 05/07/1852 Blakemere HEF Ann [Preece ] Not Named
William Alfred Ticehurst Ick 2B 77       No details yet held      
Dec 1852
Alice Bridgwater Lockyer 5C 423   CHR 25/12/1854 Bridgwater Holy Trinity SOM Sarah William
Alice Ludlow Unitt 6A 485   CHR 02/12/1852 Shropshire South Methodist Circuit (Ludlow) SAL Anne John
Amelia Jane Birmingham Williams 6D 169   BIR 05/11/1852 Birmingham WAR Phoebe John
          CHR 10/06/1866 Birmingham Bishops Ryder WAR Phoebe [Williams] John
Caroline Bridgnorth Elcock 6A 520   BIR 22/09/1852 Chetton SAL Caroline Edward
          CHR 24/10/1852 Chetton SAL Caroline [Elcock] Edward
Charlotte Bromyard - 6A 453   CHR 31/10/1852 Bromyard HEF Emma Not Stated
Edward John Hereford Prosser 6A 413   BIR 10/09/1852 Holmer HEF Mary [Prosser] Henry
          CHR 10/10/1852 Holmer HEF Mary [Prosser] Henry
Eliza Hereford Cross 6A 427       No details yet held      
Female Alverstoke North 2B 433       No details yet held      
George Montgomery Groom 11B 215   CHR 05/12/1852 Welshpool MGY Emma Adam
George Weobley Watkins 6A 441   BIR 16/09/1852 Canon Pyon HEF Ann [Watkins] Edmund
George Church Stretton Taylor 6A 510       No details yet held      
James Henry [Preece] Birmingham Walthoe 6D 149A   BIR 09/02/1852 ? Not Known WAR Frances [Walthoe] William
Jane Hereford Colcomb 6A 422   BIR 02/11/1852 Hereford HEF Mary [Colcomb] Thomas
Jane Ludlow Pritchard 6A 475   BIR 14/10/1852 Burrington HEF Ann [Pritchard] John
          CHR 21/11/1852 Shropshire South Methodist Circuit (Ludlow) SAL Ann John
John Abergavenny Powell 11A 67       No details yet held      
John Atcham Perks 6A 561       No details yet held      
Mary Ann Ross - 6A 396   BIR 25/10/1852 Ross HEF Mary A [Preece] -
Mary Maria [Prees] Kidderminster xx 6C 225       Died in 4Q 1852, Kidderminster district      
Robert Chelsea - 1A 139       No details yet held      
Sarah Cleobury Mortimer Burton 6A 518       No details yet held      
Sarah Dudley Parkes 6C 32       No details yet held      
Sophia Leominster Element 6A 472   CHR 13/12/1852 Eye HEF Eliza Samuel
Susanna Tenbury Turner 6C 229   CHR 03/10/1852 Brimfield HEF Harriett [Turner] Thomas
Thomas Brentford Moreton 3A 64   CHR 03/04/1853 Chiswick St Nicholas MDX Ellen John
William Leominster Highs 6A 465   BIR 25/09/1852 Humber HEF Margaret [Highs] William
          CHR 17/10/1852 Humber HEF Margaret [Higgs] William
Mar 1853
Ann Hay Prosser 11B 159   CHR 21/01/1853 Hay BRE Margaret Benjamin
Ann Hereford Powell 6A 452   BIR 09/02/1853 St Devereux HEF Elizabeth [Powell] William
Charles Ledbury Squires 6A 398   BIR 11/01/1853 Bosbury HEF Mary A [Squires] John
Christiana Weobley Carpenter 6A 461   BIR 06/01/1853 Birley HEF Ann [Carpenter] William
Edward Atcham Harris 6A 593       No details yet held      
Elizabeth [Prees] Birmingham Groves 6D 156       No details yet held      
Elizabeth Hereford Parry 6A 427   BIR 04/12/1852 Little Birch HEF Hannah [Parry] Thomas
          CHR 06/02/1853 Little Birch HEF Hannah [Parry] Thomas
Elizabeth Eliza Ledbury Bosley 6A 408   BIR 21/02/1853 Putley HEF Caroline [Bosley] Joseph
          CHR 20/03/1853 Putley HEF Caroline [Bosley] Joseph
Elizabeth Jane Monmouth Baldwin 11A 34       No details yet held      
Ellen Ludlow Thomas 6A 507   CHR 03/04/1853 Munslow SAL Sarah Charles
Ellen Monmouth Jones 11A 25   CHR 23/01/1853 Parkend GLS Caroline [Jones] Joseph
Emanuel [Preese] Clun Wilks 6A 514   CHR 06/02/1853 Hyssington MGY Elizabeth [Wilkes] Robert
Fanny Hereford Colcomb 6A 427   CHR 09/01/1853 Much Dewchurch HEF Caroline James
George Cleobury Mortimer Jordin 6A 532       No details yet held      
George Hereford Wright 6A 433   BIR 24/01/1853 Withington HEF Jane [Wright] William
Hannah Pontypool James 11A 122       No details yet held      
James Presteigne Preece 11B 178       No details yet held      
James Cole Ross Jones 6A 424   BIR 14/01/1853 Harewood End HEF Mary Ann [Jones] James Cole
John [Prees] Bangor Prichards 11B 507       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Llanllechid      
John Martley Phillips 6C 266   CHR 03/04/1853 Leigh WOR Mary William
Joseph Stourbridge Elks 6C 180   CHR 13/02/1853 Pensnett STS Emma [Firmstone] James
Male Frome Nicholas 5C 587       Died in 1Q 1853, Frome district      
Margaret Ludlow Carter 6A 505   CHR 27/02/1853 Munslow SAL Sarah William
Mary Evelyn Shrewsbury - 6A 621   BIR 15/02/1853 Shrewsbury SAL Elizabeth [Meredith] William Goodwin
          CHR 16/05/1853 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Elizabeth [Meredith] William Goodwin
Pamela Dudley Waldon 6C 124       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Dudley      
Rosanna [Priest] Wolverhampton xx 6B 337   CHR 21/03/1853 Wolverhampton St John STS Rebecca Samuel
Samuel Hereford Price 6A 432   BIR 18/01/1853 Bartestree HEF Maria [Price] Samuel
Sidney Newent - 6A 205   CHR 25/01/1853 Redmarley D abitot WOR Julia None Given
Susan Ann Birmingham Warwick 6D 162   BIR 05/01/1853 Birmingham WAR Mary Ann Henry
          CHR 25/12/1853 Birmingham St George WAR Mary Ann Henry
Thomas Shifnal Jurdan 6A 551       No details yet held      
Thomas Shrewsbury - 6A 623       No details yet held      
Thomas Presteigne Duggan 11B 172   BIR 08/01/1853 Kington HEF Helen [Duggan] James
William Bromyard Britten 6A 467   BIR 13/03/1853 Wacton HEF Susannah [Britten] John
          CHR 17/04/1853 Wacton HEF Susannah John
William Frank Cleobury Mortimer Preece 6A 526   CHR 23/01/1853 Far Forest WOR Elizabeth William
Jun 1853
Ann Elizabeth Ledbury Trehern 6A 395   BIR 29/05/1853 Eastnor HEF Ann [Trehern] James
Charles Hereford Hyde 6A 421   BIR 10/05/1853 Mordiford HEF Sarah [Hyde] Henry
          CHR 09/06/1853 Mordiford HEF Sarah [Hide] Henry
Edward John Wolverhampton Webb 6B 348       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Wolverhampton      
Elizabeth Ledbury Wilks 6A 394   BIR 02/05/1853 Bosbury HEF Elizabeth [Wilks] John
          CHR 29/05/1853 Bosbury HEF Eliza [Wilks] John
Elizabeth Abergavenny Lewis 11A 48       No details yet held      
Elizabeth [Preese] Clun Garrett 6A 499   CHR 08/05/1853 Bishops Castle SAL Margaret James
Emma Eliza Leominster Goodwin 6A 479   BIR 12/04/1853 Orleton HEF Martha [Goodwin] Samuel
          CHR 29/04/1853 Orleton HEF Martha Samuel
George Ludlow Jones 6A 482   BIR 22/06/1853 Burrington HEF Ann [Jones] Henry
George Weobley Bengough 6A 446   BIR 15/04/1853 Mansell Lacy HEF Sarah [Bengough] James
Hannah Bridgnorth Thomas 6A 532       No details yet held      
Henry Dorking Tillery 2A 88       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Dorking      
Henry Worcester - 6C 246   CHR 05/06/1853 Worcester St John WOR Emma Not Given
James Leominster Oliver 6A 477   CHR 12/04/1853 Aymestrey HEF Elizabeth [Oliver] William
James Ludlow Morgan 6A 490       No details yet held      
John James Kidderminster Reynolds 6C 203       No details yet held      
Male Biggleswade Brown 3B 321       No details yet held      
Margaret Hereford Lewis 6A 415       No details yet held      
Martha Prudence Birmingham Parsons 6D 205   BIR 05/06/1853 Birmingham WAR Eliza William
          CHR 27/12/1857 Birmingham All Saints WAR Eliza William
Mary Jane West Bromwich Sidney 6B 577       Place of birth given in 1871 Census - Wednesbury      
Rose Gloucester Hall 6A 242   BIR 00/00/1853 Gloucester South Hamlet GLS Esther [Hall] Henry
William Cleobury Mortimer Corfield 6A 516       No details yet held      
William Hereford Lewis 6A 424   BIR 22/04/1853 Stretton Sugwas HEF Elizabeth [Lewis] William
          CHR 29/05/1853 Stretton Sugwas HEF Elizabeth William
William Marpole [Prees] Aberystwyth Hughes 11B 58       No details yet held      
Sep 1853
Alice Upton On Severn Davis 6C 272   CHR 21/08/1853 Barnards Green St Mary WOR Mary Charles
Bethiah Islington Austin 1B 162   CHR 01/11/1868 Islington Holy Trinity MDX Ann Thomas
Catherine Elizabeth Hereford Bullen 6A 398   BIR 04/07/1853 Hereford HEF Elizabeth [Butler] William
Catherine Jane Sheppey Smoker 2A 505   CHR 11/09/1853 Woolwich St Mary Magdalene KEN Dinah Walter
Cathrine Bethnal Green Drew 1C 215   BIR 11/07/1853 Hackney LND Elizabeth James Edward
          CHR 19/03/1854 Worcester Wesleyan Methodist WOR Elizabeth James Edward
Edward Weobley Davies 6A 412   BIR 27/07/1853 Byford HEF Elizabeth [Davies] Edward
          CHR 28/08/1853 Byford HEF Elizabeth [Davies] Edward
Elizabeth Kidderminster Allchurch 6C 221   CHR 26/06/1853 Ribbesford WOR Eliza Samuel
Elizabeth Ann Ross Dance 6A 375   BIR 08/07/1853 Ross HEF Elizabeth [Butt/dance] John
          CHR 02/12/1853 Ross HEF Elizabeth [Butt] John
Ellen Elizabeth Bridgnorth Simmonds 6A 487   CHR 31/07/1853 Alveley SAL Harriet Alexander
Emma Monmouth - 11A 29   CHR 09/10/1853 Tregare MON Maria Not named
George Bethnal Green Knight 1C 289   CHR 25/09/1853 Bethnal Green St Matthias MDX Harriet George
Hannah Bath Power 5C 633       No details yet held      
Harriet Hereford Davies 6A 389   CHR 11/09/1853 Lugwardine HEF Lydia Michael
Henry Birmingham Bolton 6D 115   BIR 23/06/1853 Birmingham WAR Mary William
James Hereford Paynes 6A 406   BIR 08/08/1853 Wormbridge HEF Esther [Paynes] James
Jemima Nottingham xx 7B 183       No details yet held      
John Hereford Rooke 6A 385   BIR 08/06/1853 Callow HEF Caroline [Ruck] William
Mary Ann Hereford Preece 6A 396   BIR 09/02/1853 St Devereux HEF Elizabeth [Powell] William
Mary Ann Ledbury Williams 6A 362   BIR 28/07/1853 Bosbury HEF Harriet [Williams] John
Mira Ross Jenkins 6A 361   BIR 07/08/1853 St Weonards HEF Sarah [Jenkins] George
          CHR 04/09/1853 St Weonards HEF Sarah George
Samuel Hereford Howels 6A 401   BIR 28/08/1853 Hereford HEF Ann [Howels] William
Sarah Louisa Ross Cullam 6A 375   BIR 10/07/1853 Ross HEF Sarah [Cullum] Richard
          CHR 30/04/1854 Goodrich HEF Sarah [Coote] Richard
Thomas Atcham - 6A 538       No details yet held      
Thomas Leominster Evans 6A 433   BIR 15/07/1853 Leominster HEF Ann [Evans] Thomas
          CHR 03/07/1853 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Ann Richard
Thomas Pancras Howell 1B 77   CHR 21/08/1853 St Pancras Old Church MDX Matilda Smith
William Ross Jones 6A 383   BIR 19/09/1853 Llangarron HEF Mary Ann [Jones] William
William Walsall Stedman 6B 423       No details yet held      
William Leominster Edwards 6A 438   BIR 14/08/1853 Shobdon HEF Jane [Edwards] James
          CHR 11/09/1853 Shobdon HEF Jane James
William Edward Kingston King 2A 157       No details yet held      
William Henry Birmingham - 6D 99   BIR 01/09/1853 Birmingham WAR Agnes Emma Not Named
Dec 1853
Alfred Tenbury Baylis 6C 243   CHR 16/10/1853 Bockleton WOR Susan [Bailis] William
Ann Maria [Prees] Aston Robins 6D 192       No details yet held      
Catherine Margaret Hereford Bethell 6A 385   BIR 04/09/1853 Hereford HEF Margaret [Bethell] William
          CHR 19/03/1854 Hereford All Saints HEF Margaret William
Charles Bermondsey Addis 1D 107   CHR 05/02/1854 Bermondsey St Mary SRY Fanny Thomas
Edward Henry Shrewsbury Jones 6A 534   CHR 27/10/1853 Shrewsbury SAL Harriet Edward
Eliza Bridgnorth Morris 6A 571   BIR 22/11/1853 Bridgnorth SAL Caroline George
          CHR 11/12/1853 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Caroline [Morris] George
Elizabeth Hereford Davies 6A 399   BIR 20/11/1853 Bacton HEF Eliza [Davies] Thomas
          CHR 07/01/1854 Bacton HEF Elizabeth [Davies] Thomas
Elizabeth Hereford Benson 6A 373   BIR 13/09/1853 Holme Lacy HEF Hannah [Benson] Thomas
Evan Bridgend Jones 11A 299   CHR 26/01/1854 Llysworney GLA Ann Thomas
Hannah Bridgnorth Harris 6A 474       No details yet held      
Harriett Ledbury Kings 6A 359   BIR 17/11/1853 Putley HEF Harriet [Kings] William
          CHR 18/12/1853 Putley HEF Harriot [Kings] William
Harriot Bromyard Tompson 6A 413   CHR 04/12/1853 Cradley HEF Harriet [Tompson] Thomas
John [Preese] Shrewsbury Groves 6A 542       No details yet held      
Julia Hannah Ticehurst Ick 2B 69       Died in 4Q 1853, Ticehurst district aged 41      
Robert Ledbury Wargent 6A 356   BIR 05/12/1853 Ledbury HEF Elizabeth [Wargent] Robert
          CHR 15/01/1854 Ledbury HEF Elizabeth [Wargent] Robert
Walter James Bromsgrove Crow 6C 348   CHR 17/09/1854 Birmingham St Luke WAR Mary James
William Birmingham Evans 6D 13   BIR 12/10/1853 Birmingham WAR Harriet [Evans] Edward
          CHR 03/11/1861 Smethwick St Matthew STS Harriett Edward
William Peter Newent Eynon 6A 189   CHR 20/11/1853 Dymock GLS Henrietta [Onions] Peter
Mar 1854
Alfred Leominster Thomas 6A 471   BIR 02/03/1854 Leominster HEF Elizabeth [Thomas] Thomas
          CHR 16/04/1854 Leominster HEF Elizabeth [Thomas] Thomas
Alice Harriet Gloucester Robinson 6A 238   BIR 28/12/1853 Barton St Mary GLS Emma [Robinson] John Henry
Ann Birmingham Dean 6D 59   BIR 12/02/1854 Handsworth WAR Martha [Dean] William
Ann Atcham Farmer 6A 575       No details yet held      
Ann Atcham Jones 6A 591       No details yet held      
Arthur Hay Williams 11B 142       No details yet held      
Charles Tewkesbury Walker 6A 581   BIR 00/00/1854 Tewkesbury GLS Charlotte [Walker] William
Edward Leominster Davies 6A 473   BIR 19/01/1854 Hope U Dinmore HEF Susannah [Davies] James
          CHR 28/02/1854 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Susan [Davies] James
Eliza Tenbury Bache 6C 282   CHR 26/03/1854 Knighton On Teme WOR Eliza [Beech] Edward
Elizabeth Catharine Burton Upon Trent Jordan 6B 260   CHR 13/01/1854 Burton Upon Trent St Modwen STS Ann [Jordan] Isaac
Elizabeth Jane Montgomery - 11B 221   CHR 08/01/1854 Minsterley Methodist Circuit SAL Sarah Not named
Elizabeth Madeline Westminster Lewis 1A 259   CHR 23/04/1854 St John the Evangelist Smith Square MDX Elizabeth George
Emily Hereford Andrews 6A 441   BIR 25/02/1854 Madley HEF Elizabeth [Andrews] Robert
Emily Ann Leominster Jenkins 6A 467   CHR 02/05/1855 Leominster HEF Mary [Jenkins] John
Emma Wem Lloyd 6A 650   CHR 22/01/1854 Wem SAL Ann Richard
Francis Bath Dean 5C 706   CHR 16/04/1854 Widcombe St Thomas a Becket SOM Ann Francis
Francis William Martley Sanson 6C 297   CHR 30/01/1854 Malvern Link WOR Harriet Robert
George Leominster Cooke 6A 467   CHR 19/02/1854 Leominster HEF Elizabeth Thomas
Henry West Bromwich Preece 6B 587   CHR 04/04/1854 West Bromwich Hill Top Wesleyan Chapel STS Ann William
James Leominster - 6A 467   BIR 23/01/1854 Leominster HEF Fanny [Preece ] Not Named
          CHR 25/01/1854 Leominster HEF Fanny Not Named
Jemima Westbury On Severn Chivers 6A 183   CHR 26/03/1854 Drybrook GLS Elizabeth John
Mary Frome Budgett 5C 578   BIR 24/01/1854 Nunney SOM Martha [Budgett] George
Mary Ann Leominster Kedwerd 6A 478   BIR 22/01/1854 Aymestrey HEF Harriet Selina [Taylor] Henry
          CHR 11/02/1854 Aymestrey HEF Harriet Selina [Taylor] Henry
Mary Ann Swansea Thomas 11A 445       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Swansea      
Mary Ann Bedminster Hayward 5C 765       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Bristol Bedminster      
Robert Cleobury Mortimer Williams 6A 513   CHR 14/12/1853 Cleobury Mortimer SAL Emma Thomas
Selina Weobley Davis 6A 455   BIR 14/03/1854 Dilwyn HEF Sarah [Davis] John
          CHR 02/04/1854 Dilwyn HEF Sarah John
Susannah Shrewsbury Evans 6A 609   CHR 26/02/1854 Shrewsbury St George SAL Margaret Joseph
Thomas Ledbury - 6A 389   BIR 06/02/1854 Ledbury HEF Ann [Preece] Not Named
Thomas Bristol Dummett 6A 31       No details yet held      
Thomas Hereford Bullock 6A 427       No details yet held      
William Hereford Hughes 6A 422   BIR 18/01/1854 Wellington HEF Fanny [Hughes] John
          CHR 03/02/1854 Wellington HEF Frances John
William [Priece] Kings Norton xx 6C 430       No details yet held      
William Harris [Prees] Cardiff Howell 11A 217   CHR 29/01/1854 Llantrithyd GLA Jane James
Jun 1854
Albert Cheltenham Tyler 6A 371   BIR 00/00/1854 Cheltenham GLS Elizabeth [Tyler] Charles
          CHR 02/04/1854 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Elizabeth Charles
Amy Elizabeth Stepney Baker 1C 465   BIR 02/04/1854 Whitechapel LND Margaret Saffeary [Baker] Harry Samuel
          CHR 31/05/1857 Stepney St Mary MDX Margart Saffeary Harry Samuel
Ann Worcester Davis 6C 286       No details yet held      
Anne [Prees] Haverfordwest Harry 11A 700       No details yet held      
Edwin Crickhowell Webber 11B 133       No details yet held      
Elizabeth Montgomery Perkin 11B 231   CHR 02/05/1854 Minsterley Circuit SAL Hannah Richard
Emily Stourbridge Crane 6C 181   CHR 23/07/1854 Oldswinford WOR Eliza John
Emily Hereford Jones 6A 449   BIR 26/04/1854 Burghill HEF Ann [Jones] James
Emily Harriet Bedminster Warner 5C 809   BIR 12/12/1855 Ross HEF Harriet [Rowland] George
          CHR 16/01/1856 Ross HEF Harriet [Rowland] George
Esther West Bromwich Swift 6B 615   CHR 09/07/1854 West Bromwich All Saints STS Mary Ann William
Fanny Kings Norton Hopkins 6C 396       No details yet held      
Fanny Wolverhampton Wilding 6B 409       No details yet held      
George Clun Wilks 6A 529   CHR 09/04/1854 Hyssington MGY Elizabeth [Wilkes] Robert
George Wolverhampton Stringer 6B 371   BIR 23/04/1854 Enville STS Jane [Stringer] Thomas
George Weobley Wilding 6A 482   BIR 08/06/1854 Dilwyn HEF Mary [Wilding] William
George Hereford Cartwright 6A 448   CHR 00/04/1854 Huntington HEF Elizabeth Samuel
Henry Bridgnorth Elcock 6A 552   CHR 28/05/1854 Chetton SAL Caroline [Elcock] Edward
Henry Ross Goode 6A 417   BIR 24/03/1854 Bridstow HEF Elizabeth [Goode] Thomas
          CHR 24/04/1854 Bridstow HEF Elizabeth Thomas
James Ludlow Thomas 6A 509   BIR 11/03/1854 Wigmore HEF Hannah [Thomas] William
          CHR 09/04/1854 Wigmore HEF Hannah Ann [Beaven] William
James Upton On Severn King 6C 303       No details yet held      
James Bridgnorth Whitehouse 6A 556   CHR 04/10/1854 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Catherine William
James Leominster Meredith 6A 506       No details yet held      
Jane Ross Morris 6A 431   BIR 04/04/1854 Hentland HEF Mary [Morris] George
Jane Hereford Hoskins 6A 465   BIR 21/03/1854 Kingstone HEF Charlotte [Hoskins] Henry
John Cardiff Davies 11A 224       No details yet held      
Louisa Leominster Morris 6A 499   BIR 31/05/1854 Leominster HEF Mary [Morris] Richard
          CHR 16/07/1854 Leominster HEF Mary Richard
Male Bridgnorth Walker 6A 567       No details yet held      
Martha Ann Ledbury Steel 6A 408   BIR 14/05/1854 Ledbury HEF Maryann [Steel] John
Mary Haverfordwest Harry 11A 700   BIR 00/00/1854 St Davids PEM Ann Ebeneezer
Nimshi Westbury On Severn xx 6A 187   CHR 15/10/1854 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Mary Anne William
Richard Leominster Ruck 6A 501   BIR 30/03/1854 Bodenham HEF Elizabeth [Ruck] Richard
          CHR 23/04/1854 Bodenham HEF Elizabeth Richard
Richard Hereford Vale 6A 447   BIR 10/03/1854 Breinton HEF Salome Margaret [Vale] Thomas
          CHR 02/04/1854 Breinton HEF Sarah [Vayle] Thomas
Samuel Ashton Under Lyne Shepherd 8D 415       Place of birth given in 1871 Census - Hurst Brook      
Sarah Hereford Handley 6A 436   BIR 06/04/1854 Haywood HEF Mary [Handley] James
          CHR 09/04/1854 Clehonger HEF Mary [Handley] James
Sarah Hereford Phillips 6A 467   BIR 01/06/1854 Madley HEF Sarah [Phillips] William
          CHR 26/06/1854 Madley HEF Sarah [Phillips] William
Sarah Weobley Christefor 6A 479   BIR 07/04/1854 Canon Pyon HEF Mary [Christofer] Joseph
          CHR 30/04/1854 Canon Pyon HEF Mary Ann Joseph
Sarah Ann Newport Holkom 11A 191   CHR 25/06/1854 Newport St Paul MON Jane William
Sarah Ann Weobley Lloyd 6A 479   BIR 07/04/1854 Kings Pyon HEF Sarah [Lloyd] John
          CHR 30/04/1854 Kings Pyon HEF Sarah John
Susan Weobley - 6A 481   BIR 19/05/1854 Dilwyn HEF Mary Ann [Preece] Not Named
          CHR 09/07/1854 Dilwyn HEF Mary Anne Not Stated
Susan Elizabeth Hereford Wall 6A 451   CHR 05/06/1854 Holmer HEF Sophia James
Thomas Tenbury Price 6C 260   CHR 20/05/1854 Rochford WOR Ann William
Thomas Ross Watkins 6A 433   BIR 29/05/1854 Hentland HEF Ann [Watkins] Thomas
          CHR 08/06/1854 Hentland HEF Anne [Watkins] Thomas
Tom Frome Nicholas 5C 605   BIR 25/02/1854 Nunney SOM Sarah [Nicholas] Henry
Walter Ledbury Rogers 6A 414   CHR 28/05/1854 Munsley HEF Emma [Rogers] William
William Atcham Booth 6A 622       No details yet held      
William Arthur Pontypool Page 11A 161   CHR 30/04/1854 Goetre MON Elizabeth John
Sep 1854
Ann Clifton Guest 6A 118       No details yet held      
Charlotte Caroline Shrewsbury Birt 6A 580       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Shrewsbury      
Eliza Montgomery Meagher 11B 222   CHR 02/07/1854 Worthen SAL Margaret Thomas
Eliza Hereford Colcomb 6A 414   BIR 04/09/1854 Hereford HEF Mary [Colcomb] Thomas
Elizabeth Bromyard Berry 6A 436       No details yet held      
Ellen Hereford Bullen 6A 397   BIR 23/07/1854 Aconbury HEF Elizabeth [Bullen] Samuel
Frederick Tenbury Meredith 6C 237       Place of birth given in 1871 Census - Eastham      
George Leominster Davies 6A 456   BIR 15/09/1854 Yarpole HEF Sarah [Davies] Thomas
Hannah Knighton Palmer 11B 166       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Brampton Bryan      
Helen Edith Shrewsbury Meredith 6A 583   BIR 21/08/1854 Shrewsbury SAL Elizabeth [Meredith] William Goodwin
          CHR 09/10/1854 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Elizabeth [Meredith] William Goodwin
James Monmouth Day 11A 41   BIR 09/08/1854 Monmouth MON Ann John
          CHR 27/08/1854 Monmouth Wesleyan Methodist Circuit MON Ann John
John Bromyard - 6A 436   BIR 23/08/1854 Ullingswick HEF Ann [Preece ] Not Named
Martha Shrewsbury xx 6A 575   CHR 29/10/1854 Bayston Hill SAL Eliza George
Mary Tenbury Morgan 6C 231       No details yet held      
Susan Hereford Nash 6A 405   CHR 16/07/1854 Eaton Bishop HEF Mary James
Thomas Hereford Webb 6A 410   BIR 25/07/1854 Hereford HEF Rebecca [Webb] James
William Leominster Davies 6A 453   BIR 12/06/1854 Kingsland HEF Jane [Davies] Richard
          CHR 28/06/1854 Kingsland HEF Jane [Davis] Richard
William Edmund Upton On Severn Saunders 6C 280   CHR 15/04/1854 Great Malvern WOR Mary Martha James
William Henry Merthyr Tydfil Thomas 11A 253   CHR 23/10/1854 Llandaff GLA Mary Alfred
Dec 1854
Alfred James Birmingham Richards 6D 174   BIR 01/10/1854 Birmingham All Saints WAR Ann James
          CHR 29/10/1854 Birmingham All Saints WAR Ann [Richards] James
Clara Jane [Prees] Birmingham Groves 6D 85   BIR 27/09/1854 Birmingham St Peter WAR Mary Ann William
          CHR 26/12/1859 Birmingham St Bartholomew WAR Mary Ann [Groves] William
Eliza Ellen Clerkenwell Sermon 1B 462       Place of birth given in 1861 Census - Islington      
Elizabeth Cardiff Davies 11A 226       No details yet held      
Elizabeth Hillyer Alverstoke North 2B 385   CHR 18/03/1855 Gosport Holy Trinity HAM Frances James
Emily Hereford Davies 6A 403   BIR 20/08/1854 Hereford HEF Sarah A [Davies] James
Female Bridgnorth Thomas 6A 502       No details yet held      
Hannah Hay Probert 11B 143       No details yet held      
Harriett Hereford Herbert 6A 387   BIR 05/10/1854 Aconbury HEF Harriett [Herbert] James
Isabella Weobley - 6A 426   BIR 15/11/1854 Canon Pyon HEF Eliza Not Named
John Abergavenny Dykins 11A 73       No details yet held      
Joseph Henry Southampton King 2C 27       No details yet held      
Mary Ludlow Pritchard 6A 455       No details yet held      
Mary Elizabeth Worcester Mason 6C 258   CHR 10/11/1854 Worcester St Clement WOR Sarah [Sanders] Benjamin
Sarah Montgomery Pugh 11B 213       No details yet held      
Sarah Hereford Gwillim 6A 405   BIR 12/10/1854 Brookside HEF Charlotte [Gwillim] Alfred
Sarah Ann North Bierley Jones 9B 62       No details yet held      
Sarah Jane Madeley Brakewell 6A 523   CHR 10/12/1854 Dawley Parva Methodist Chapel SAL Mary Ann John
Sarah Jane Walsall Steadman 6B 415       No details yet held      
Thomas Leominster Rollings 6A 448   CHR 19/11/1854 Stoke Prior HEF Mary William
Thomas Bridgend Lewis 11A 315       No details yet held      
Thomas Weobley Woodhouse 6A 423   CHR 17/11/1854 Norton Canon HEF Elizabeth [Woodhouse] Thomas
Thomas Stepney Webb 1C 467   BIR 24/10/1854 Stepney LND Ann Thomas Henry
          CHR 06/11/1854 Stepney St Peter MDX Ann Thomas Henry
Thomas Montgomery Hinley 11B 213       No details yet held      
William Weobley Pember 6A 424   BIR 05/11/1854 Monnington HEF Hannah [Pember] John
William Matthew Westminster Kingham 1A 252       Place of birth given in 1881 Census - Westminster