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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1902 - 1905

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1902
Ada Bond Atcham 6A 1090   00/00/1902 Atcham Register Office SAL Isaiah Peake
Agnes Fanny Bridgnorth 6A 994   00/00/1902 Worfield SAL Samuel Yapp
Albert Edward Dudley 6C 52   17/03/1902 Dudley St John The Evangelist Kates Hill WOR Clara Gladice Moss
Alice Rebecca Bridgwater 5C 534   31/03/1902 Bridgwater St John Baptist SOM Samuel John King
Annie Bedwellty 11A 118   10/03/1902 Bedwellty MON Rees James Davies
Bertha Cardiff 11A 599     No details yet held    
Clara Martha Wells 5C 769     No details yet held    
Edgar Frederick Worcester 6C 373   27/02/1902 Worcester St Nicholas WOR Mary Ann Weaver
Elizabeth Martley 6C 337   30/03/1902 Holt WOR Alfred James Tyler
Elizabeth Jane Hereford 6A 856   22/03/1902 Hereford St Peter HEF William Watkins
Emily Ellen Birmingham 6D 81   02/02/1902 Birmingham WAR Frederick George Collett
Emma Beatrice Wharfedale 9A 236   00/00/1902 Wharfe District YKS George Parker
Enos Sidney Barnsley 9C 353     No details yet held    
George Iltyd Hereford 6A 876   29/01/1902 Hereford Register Office HEF Annie Knight
Henry George Southwark 1D 3   13/01/1902 Newington St Mary SRY Rose Griggs
James Tenbury 6C 327   10/02/1902 Lindridge HEF Elizabeth Painter
Lottie Isabel Bucklow 8A 288   06/03/1902 Sale St Anne CHS Robert George ...Panton
Louisa Sunderland 10A 906   00/00/1902 Not Yet Held DUR Robert Rea
Louisa Worcester 6C 357   09/02/1902 Claines St George WOR Henry Lewis
Mary St. Asaph 11B 429   18/03/1902 Denbigh DEN John Edward Hughes
Reuben St. Geo. H. Sq. 1A 801   09/02/1902 St Andrew Ashley Place MDX Edith Lucy Waters
Samuel Weobley 6A 891   23/01/1902 Norton Canon HEF Eliza Williams
Thirza Leominster 6A 915   10/02/1902 Eye HEF Alfred Taylor
William Bromyard 6A 911   28/01/1902 Stoke Lacy HEF Jane Tipton
William W. Bromwich 6B 1138   00/00/1902 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Gertrude Pye
Jun 1902
Agnes Leominster 6A 1093   03/06/1902 Kingsland HEF William Bennett
Albert West Bromwich 6B 1251   00/00/1902 Wednesbury St John STS Joycena Tisdell
Alfred Weobley 6A 1055   22/04/1902 Moccas HEF Mary Pugh
Alfred Ledbury 6A 925   16/04/1902 Ledbury Register Office HEF Elizabeth Badham
Alfred James Bristol 6A 27   06/04/1902 Bristol St Matthias GLS Minnie Agnes Creese
Alice Ann Cardiff 11A 613     No details yet held    
Alice Mary Hereford 6A 998   02/06/1902 Hereford St Owen HEF John William James
Amelia Bedwellty 11A 180     No details yet held    
Amy Cannock 6B 766     No details yet held    
Amy Abergavenny 11A 123     No details yet held    
Annie Eliza Dudley 6C 156   00/00/1902 Dudley Register Office WOR Francis T Lashford
Charles Stourbridge 6C 212   26/05/1902 Wordsley Holy Trinity WOR Alice Hazledine
Edwin Harry Kingston 2A 668   15/06/1902 Norbiton SRY Florence May Walker
Elizabeth Maud Pontypridd 11A 892     No details yet held    
Emma Jane Cardiff 11A 731     No details yet held    
Ernest William Watford 3A 1082   21/06/1902 Rickmansworth St Mary HRT Maria Douglas
Ethel Bucklow 8A 298   00/00/1902 Altrincham St John CHS William A Forrester
Fred Bradford 9B 229     No details yet held    
Frederick Richard West Ham 4A 467     No details yet held    
Gertrude Mary Ross 6A 947   19/05/1902 Llangrove HEF George Thomas Morgan
Henry Pontypridd 11A 791     No details yet held    
John Worcester 6C 385   28/06/1902 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR Emily Hancock
John Ernest Cannock 6B 767     No details yet held    
John Henry N Aston 6D 357   09/06/1902 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Ellen Elizabeth Spurrier
Mary Aston 6D 534     No details yet held    
Myra Marylebone 1A 1183     No details yet held    
Richard Kidderminster 6C 287   14/06/1902 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Annie Louisa Motteram
Rose Kings Norton 6C 704   13/05/1902 Harborne St John STS Frederick William Judd
Sarah Ann Newport M 11A 401     No details yet held    
Thomas Bedwellty 11A 181     No details yet held    
Walter Stoke On Trent 6B 359   00/00/1902 Wellington St Luke STS Mary Barnes
Sep 1902
Abraham Oswestry 6A 1546   03/09/1902 Pentre RAD Ellen Elizabeth Pritchard
Ada Winifred M Fulham 1A 755   03/07/1902 Hammersmith St Mary LND William Charles Pedlar
Albert Edward [Prees] Aston 6D 719     No details yet held    
Alice Lambeth 1D 678   06/07/1902 Lambeth St Mary LND James John Bowen
Arthur William Bridgnorth 6A 1345   00/00/1902 Chetton SAL Rose Dunn
Caroline Wolverhampton 6B 1067     No details yet held    
Edith Sophia Dudley 6C 59   10/08/1902 Dudley St John The Evangelist Kates Hill WOR Alfred Chater
Elizabeth Stourbridge 6C 207   24/07/1902 Amblecote Holy Trinity WOR Joseph Wharton
Elizabeth Stourbridge 6C 212     No details yet held    
Emily Basford 7B 373     No details yet held    
Emily Edmonton 3A 861   06/07/1902 Tottenham St Ann MDX Alfred George Barrett
Florence Elizabeth R Holborn 1B 1508   03/08/1902 Pentonville St James LND Charles James Storey
Florence May Bridgnorth 6A 1342   00/00/1902 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Charles Bill
George Edward Cannock 6B 836   22/09/1902 Hednesford St Peter STS Hannah Evans
Hannah Elizabeth Settle 9A 26   17/09/1902 Long Preston WRY Charles Walter Crayston
Harriet Bedwellty 11A 141   16/07/1902 Nantyglo MON Joseph Evans
John Robert Lambeth 1D 743   04/08/1902 Lambeth St Thomas LND Catherine Shean
Lucille Irene R Devonport 5B 721     No details yet held    
Reginald Bedwellty 11A 165     No details yet held    
Rhoda Bridgend 11A 1289     No details yet held    
Sarah Jane Chorlton 8C 1327   29/06/1902 Prestwich St Mary LAN William Bunce
Thomas Wellington 6A 1631   30/07/1902 High Ercall SAL Elizabeth Annie Beeston
William Aston 6D 664   21/09/1902 Sparkbrook WAR Agnes Gough
William Monmouth 11A 57   00/00/1902 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Frances Rosa Rees
Dec 1902
Albert Bedale 9D 1291   19/11/1902 Bedale St Gregory YKS Ada Boddy
Alexander Walsall 6B 1205     No details yet held    
Amy Chepstow 11A 3   01/10/1902 St Briavels GLS Charles William A'Court
Charles Cannock 6B 951   00/00/1902 Cannock STS Amelia Davies
Charles Arthur Oldham 8D 1033   11/10/1902 Oldham Lower Moor St. Stephen & All Martyrs LAN Sarah Mary Hill
Edith Mary Atcham 6A 1475   00/00/1902 Shrewsbury Holy Cross(Abbey) SAL Richard Heakin
Edward James Merthyr T. 11A 1156     No details yet held    
Eliza Bristol 6A 265   20/10/1902 Bristol St Jude GLS William George Smart
Eliza Alice Hereford 6A 1183   06/12/1902 Hereford Register Office HEF William James Farley
Ellen Abergavenny 11A 102     No details yet held    
Ernest Causer Ecclesall B. 9C 655     No details yet held    
Fanny Amelia Kingston 2A 845     No details yet held    
George Birmingham 6D 129   25/12/1902 Birmingham WAR Sarah Harris
George Tenbury 6C 437   15/10/1902 Burford St Mary WOR Rosalie May Penwarne
Harry Henry Fulham 1A 660   01/11/1902 Hammersmith St Peter MDX Lilly Elizabeth Dale
Henry Newcastle T. 10B 277     No details yet held    
Henry Poplar 1C 1005   25/12/1902 Poplar MDX Bertha Elizabeth Winter
James Ernest Burton 6B 699   04/11/1902 Rolleston St Mary STS Millicent Woolley
Laura Wakefield 9C 82   25/03/1902 Wakefield Cathedral YKS John William Hartley
Mary Hereford 6A 1134   26/12/1902 Grosmont MON James Gwilliam
Mary Anne Burnley 8E 321   25/10/1902 Burnley St James LAN Arthur Nuttall
Sarah Ann Leominster 6A 1225   24/11/1902 Eye HEF Arthur James Hoggins
Sarah Jane Forden 11B 368   06/12/1902 Welshpool MGY Harry Grewer Foulkes
Sarah Jane Leominster 6A 1245   08/12/1902 Leominster Register Office HEF Robert Fletcher
Sydney William Hereford 6A 1144   25/12/1902 Hereford St James HEF Eva Price
Thomas Bethnal Green 1C 409   09/11/1902 Bethnal Green St Jude LND Eleanor Dora Wingwood
William W. Derby 8B 925   00/00/1902 West Derby Register Office LAN Mary Hawkin
William Martley 6C 450   25/12/1902 Alfrick WOR Rose May Banner
William Henry Hereford 6A 1178   15/10/1902 Hereford Register Office HEF Matilda Jones
Mar 1903
Agnes Gwen Kingston 2A 538   11/02/1903 Wimbledon SRY David Moseley
Annie Louisa Kings Norton 6C 503   17/01/1903 Kings Heath All Saints WOR Charles Keasey
Augusta Amelia C Pontypridd 11A 739     No details yet held    
Bertha Aston 6D 425     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Tadcaster 9C 992   28/02/1903 St Mary And St Nicholas Kippax YKS Leonard Bickerdike
Elizabeth Dudley 6C 102   22/03/1903 Tividale St Michael STS William Foster
Emma West Derby 8B 835   00/00/1903 Tuebrook Christ Church Buckingham Road LAN Frank Graham
Fanny Hereford 6A 715   22/01/1903 Lugwardine HEF Alfred Parker
Fanny Bridgnorth 6A 889     No details yet held    
Francis Tisbury 5A 325   21/02/1903 Hindon St John WIL Flora Hacker
George Henry Pontypridd 11A 608   14/03/1903 Ystradyfodwg St John GLA Mary Hannah Price
James Hereford 6A 699   17/02/1903 Dewsall HEF Elizabeth Miles
John Warrington 8C 265   00/00/1903 Warrington St Paul CHS Lily E W Gandy
John Hereford 6A 719   24/02/1903 Marden HEF Selina Jenkins
John Ludlow 6A 813   11/09/1903 Leintwardine HEF Decima Davies
Laura May Neath 11A 1052     No details yet held    
Nellie Bromsgrove 6C 448     No details yet held    
Richard Forden 11B 257   18/02/1903 Buttington MGY Ellen Morris
Thomas Stoke Upon Trent 6B 319   00/00/1903 Civil Marriage (Stoke) STS Christina A Hollins
William Aston 6D 414   03/01/1903 Birmingham St Anne WAR Lucy Veronica Walters
William Walsall 6B 903     No details yet held    
Jun 1903
Ada Alice Nantwich 8A 631   00/00/1903 Audlem St James CHS Alfred Whiston
Charles Watkins Llandovery 11A 1729   14/04/1903 Llangadock CMN Rebecca Wilding
Eliza Harriet Worcester 6C 503     No details yet held    
Ellen Leominster 6A 1238   20/04/1903 Yarpole HEF Thomas Berry
Emily Forden 11B 317     No details yet held    
Francis Martley 6C 417   13/04/1903 Kings Areley WOR May Anne Powell
Francis Thomas S Plymouth 5B 629     No details yet held    
Fred Newport 11A 392     No details yet held    
Frederick Charles Portsmouth 2B 1198   27/05/1903 Portsmouth Register Office HAM Ada Mabel Maude Pratt
Harry George Worcester 6C 459   01/06/1903 Worcester St Barnabas Rainbow Hill WOR Louisa Letitia Small
Henry Roger Ross 6A 1097   08/06/1903 Ross Register Office HEF Elizabeth J Wilks
Henry Stephen Pontypool 11A 315     No details yet held    
James Bradford 9B 58   26/04/1903 Bradford St Peter YKS Frances Stevenson
Jessie Conway 11B 892     No details yet held    
John Hereford 6A 1119   01/05/1903 Grosmont MON Annie Powell
John William Saddleworth 9A 523   00/00/1903 Greenfield St. Mary LAN Eliza French
Joseph Poplar 1C 891   12/04/1903 Bromley MDX Rose Tring
Lewis Hereford 6A 1115   14/04/1903 Dewsall HEF Annie Maria Lawrence
Rosina Louisa Hereford 6A 1157   16/04/1903 Mordiford HEF John Parry
Thomas Albert Walsall 6B 1261     No details yet held    
Thomas James Kidderminster 6C 353   01/06/1903 Kidderminster St John WOR Margaret Eliza Gare
Thomas Percy Ross 6A 1079   00/00/1903 ? Not Known HEF Alice Mary Evans
William Weobley 6A 1189   26/04/1903 Almeley HEF Ellen Prosser
William Henry Stratford 6A 1269   13/04/1903 Preston Baggott WAR Jane Price
Sep 1903
Adelaide Lucy Dudley 6C 158   00/00/1903 Dudley Register Office WOR William G Lloyd
Albert Prescot 8B 1258   00/00/1903 Holy Trinity Parr Mount LAN Annie Owens
Albert Henry Swansea 11A 1541     No details yet held    
Alfred Weobley 6A 1163   07/09/1903 Eardisland HEF Louisa Elizabeth Gregg
Amy Clara Hereford 6A 1146   28/07/1903 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Hughes
Annie Elizabeth Bridgend 11A 1259   14/09/1903 Llanharan GLA Daniel Parry
Betty Oldham 8D 1330   00/00/1903 Registrar Attended LAN Samuel Baron
Charles Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1161     No details yet held    
Charles Ernest Kings Norton 6C 708   15/09/1903 Balsall Heath St Thomas WOR Rosina Cottrell
Elizabeth Newport 11A 404     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Lambeth 1D 572   27/08/1903 Brixton St Saviour SRY Joseph William Wicks
Florence May Kings Norton 6C 891     No details yet held    
Frederick Oakley Wolverhampton 6B 927     No details yet held    
George Ludlow 6A 1257   31/08/1903 Leintwardine HEF Elizabeth E Brunt
Hannah West Bromwich 6B 1478   00/00/1903 West Bromwich St Paul STS Robert Sinar
Hannah Elizabeth Kings Norton 6C 743   05/07/1903 Edgbaston St Mary & St Ambrose WAR Albert Edward Dugmore
Henry Kidderminster 6C 334   24/08/1903 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Elizabeth Rowley
James Kidderminster 6C 355   05/09/1903 Ribbesford WOR Jane Moule
John Hereford 6A 1111   19/07/1903 Hereford All Saints HEF Florence Mary Fenn
John Henry Chelsea 1A 903   26/09/1903 Worlds End St John LND Ada Maggie Tompkins
John William [Prees] Aston 6D 439   04/07/1903 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Elizabeth Jane Robinson
Joseph Stockport 8A 27   00/00/1903 Gee Cross (Hyde) Holy Trinity CHS Minnie Cartwright
Lily Paddington 1A 231     No details yet held    
Percy Harold East Preston 2B 761   15/08/1903 Worthing Christ Church SSX Annie Harriet Riddles
Samuel West Bromwich 6B 1423   00/00/1903 Wednesbury St John STS Sarah Fletcher
Samuel Birmingham 6D 33   15/08/1903 Birmingham St Asaph WAR Alice Aldridge
Suzanne Catheriine Westminster 1A 1232     No details yet held    
William James Burton Upon Trent 6B 732   00/00/1903 Burton Upon Trent STS Marianne Colborn
Zillah Ecclesall Bierlow 9C 567     No details yet held    
Dec 1903
Albert Edward Pershore 6C 629     No details yet held    
Alfred James Hendon 3A 465   09/11/1903 Willesden St Matthew MDX Ada Louise West
Alice Brentford 3A 98   25/12/1903 Acton St Mary MDX Thomas Lobb Blewett
Alice Leominster 6A 1184   26/10/1903 Leominster Priory HEF Sam Fletcher
Arther John Hereford 6A 1081   21/10/1903 Hereford Holy Trinity HEF Ada Ruck
Charles George Madeley 6A 1363   00/00/1903 Madeley Register Office SAL Louisa Langford
Dora Crickhowell 11B 217     No details yet held    
Edith Cheltenham 6A 977   00/00/1903 Register Office GLS Charles Harris
Elizabeth Bedwellty 11A 148   28/12/1903 Bedwellty MON Charles Denner
Ernest Edward Solihull 6D 1118   19/12/1903 Sparkhill St John WAR Florence Beatrice Everett
Esther Selina Birmingham 6D 251   04/10/1903 Birmingham St Thomas WAR John Jones
Eva Ludlow 6A 1227   23/12/1903 Leintwardine SAL George William Douthwaite
Florence Kings Norton 6C 887   00/00/1903 Not Yet Held ??? Harold Bertram Hartill
Frances Emma Monmouth 11A 58   00/00/1903 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] MON Francis John Macey
George Dudley 6C 154   05/11/1903 Tipton St Matthew STS Elizabeth Tandby
George Henry Walsall 6B 1217   26/12/1903 Bloxwich STS Mary Athersmith
Harriet Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1281   00/00/1903 Stottesdon SAL Alexander Finlay
Helen Martley 6C 423     No details yet held    
John Reynolds Weobley 6A 1137   22/10/1903 Canon Pyon HEF Rose Hannah Goode
Mancil Aston 6D 508   26/12/1903 Bordesley St Oswald WAR Eliza Martin
Mary Newark 7B 908     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Forden 11B 331   00/00/1903 Worthen All Saints SAL William T Griffiths
Mary Harriet Poole 5A 645   30/12/1903 Parkstone All Saints DOR George Tucker
May Bedwellty 11A 202     No details yet held    
Sarah Olive Aston 6D 713     No details yet held    
Walter James Northampton 3B 129   25/12/1903 Northampton St Andrews NTH Sarah Jane Trusler
William Birmingham 6D 48   21/12/1903 Birmingham WAR Eliza Maud Blaney
William Bridgend 11A 1290     No details yet held    
Mar 1904
Abel West Bromwich 6B 975   00/00/1904 West Bromwich St Paul STS Flora Tittley
Alfred Hereford 6A 670   09/02/1904 Hereford All Saints HEF Louisa Parry
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 712   16/01/1904 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry Creed
Elizabeth Middlesbrough 9D 829   00/00/1904 Middlesbrough YKS Bertie Beckett
Frances Margaret Wharfedale 9A 179     No details yet held    
James Pewsey 5A 219   13/01/1904 Wilsford WIL Edith Grace Oram
James Bridgnorth 6A 849   23/01/1904 Astley Abbotts SAL Sarah Ann Bryan
James [Prece] Pewsey 5A 218     No details yet held    
Jenny [Prees] Neath 11A 993   22/03/1904 Cadoxton-Juxta-Neath GLA David Oliver Bowen
Mary Florence Sculcoates 9D 279   00/00/1904 Sculcoates Register Offices YKS August J Newland
Milson Edwin Monmouth 11A 50   00/00/1904 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Rose Harris
Rosie Elizabeth Steyning 2B 408   22/03/1904 Preston SSX William Aitken Murdock
Walter Fulham 1A 534     No details yet held    
William Arther Aston 6D 245   27/03/1904 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Janet Kate Weston
Jun 1904
Ada May Bedwellty 11A 213     No details yet held    
Agnes Chorlton 8C 1297   28/04/1904 Gorton All Saints LAN John Alfred Boothroyd
Albert Abergavenny 11A 127     No details yet held    
Albert George Bedwellty 11A 195     No details yet held    
Arthur James Bedwellty 11A 175   16/05/1904 New Tredegar MON Annie Maria Davies
Beatrice Annie Stoke Upon Trent 6B 363   00/00/1904 Longton St John The Baptist STS William J Leese
Charles Henry Pontypridd 11A 946     No details yet held    
Clifford Alexander Salisbury 5A 427   04/04/1904 Salisbury St Martin WIL Ethel Emma Carter
Edward John Bridgnorth 6A 1371     No details yet held    
Eleanor Annie Oswestry 6A 1574   00/00/1904 Oswestry Register Office SAL Thomas H Vaughan
Elsie Kings Norton 6C 786   17/04/1904 Kings Heath All Saints WOR Bertie Charles Harvey Whitehead
Frances Stockport 8A 38   28/05/1904 Heaton Norris Christ Church LAN Charles James Fildes
Frank Hugh Kingston 2A 842   05/05/1904 Wimbledon St Mary SRY Bertha Caroline Johnston
George Fulham 1A 754     No details yet held    
George Hereford 6A 1133   04/04/1904 Hereford Tupsley HEF Emily Clarke
George Francis C Bristol 6A 264   04/04/1904 Bristol St Jude GLS Caroline Harvey
George Griffiths Ross 6A 1063   30/04/1904 Sellack HEF Ada M Hicks
Harry Aston 6D 398   26/05/1904 Boldmere St Michael WAR Drusilla Dunn
Harvey Charles Wolverhampton 6B 1160     No details yet held    
Herbert Stanmore Fulham 1A 755   07/05/1904 Fulham Register Office LND Marguerite Richardson
James Kidderminster 6C 340   04/04/1904 Kidderminster St George WOR Eliza Jane Porteous
James Dainty Dudley 6C 64   05/06/1904 Dudley St Luke WOR Elizabeth Caroline Dainty
John Marylebone 1A 1228   21/05/1904 St Johns Wood St Mark LND Hannah Eliza Hammond
Lucy Hereford 6A 1142   05/05/1904 Hereford Register Office HEF Ernest Thomas
Lucy Emily Epsom 2A 52   21/06/1904 Ranmer SRY Frank William Spencer
Margaret Hereford 6A 1111   24/05/1904 Hereford St Owen HEF Henry Thomas Wilkes
Posey Elizabeth West Derby 8B 966   00/00/1904 West Derby Register Office LAN Joseph R Hurst
Sarah Elizabeth Chesterfield 7B 1469   02/04/1904 Chesterfield Holy Trinity DBY William James Lockwood
Sussanah Wolverhampton 6B 1143     No details yet held    
Sydney Lewisham 1D 1913   04/06/1904 Lewisham LND Edith Emily Weller
Thomas Joseph Gloucester 6A 681   23/05/1904 Gloucester St John The Baptist GLS Bessie Harriett Mitchell
William Hereford 6A 1099   04/04/1904 Hereford St James HEF Fanny E Jones
Sep 1904
Adelaide Charlotte St Olave 1D 375   00/00/1904 ? Not Known LND James William Skinner
Alice Aston 6D 454   13/08/1904 Bordesley St Oswald WAR Arthur Henry John Jennings
Ann Pontypridd 11A 822     No details yet held    
Annie Ludlow 6A 1221   01/08/1904 Halford SAL Edward William Watkins
Caroline Cannock 6B 881   00/00/1904 Cannock STS James Kendrick
Charles William Sunderland 10A 1124   00/00/1904 Not Yet Held DUR Nellie Smith
Drucilla Stourbridge 6C 262     No details yet held    
Eleanor Annie Chorlton 8C 1252   00/00/1904 Barlow Moor Emmanuel LAN Albert Owen
Elizabeth Susan Bridgnorth 6A 1306   00/00/1904 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL William E Templer
Ethelreda Matilda Islington 1B 467   03/07/1904 West Holloway St Luke LND Samuel Edmund Fordham
Florence Eliza Burnley 8E 363   23/07/1904 Burnley St James LAN Herbert Slater
Frances Hereford 6A 1132   18/08/1904 Hereford Register Office HEF George Gwilliam
George Gardner Kings Norton 6C 863     No details yet held    
Herbert Ledbury 6A 1015   01/08/1904 Colwall HEF Annie Elvina Hitchings
Jessie Urania West Bromwich 6B 1455   06/07/1904 Birmingham WAR Charles Thomas Barlow
John Hereford 6A 1087   09/07/1904 Hereford St James HEF Margaret J Sellers
John Bethnal Green 1C 295   10/07/1904 Bethnal Green St Bartholomew MDX Rose Stanford
John James Martley 6C 407   24/08/1904 Kings Areley WOR Sarah Ann Moore
Joseph Bridgend 11A 1247   30/08/1904 Cowbridge GLA Gwen Frederick
Katherine Emma Stourbridge 6C 252   25/09/1904 Quarry Bank Christ Church STS William Winwood
Leonard William Bridgwater 5C 602     No details yet held    
Lilian Mary Aston 6D 695     No details yet held    
Maria Bridgnorth 6A 1301     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Cardiff 11A 569   31/08/1904 Roath GLA George Roger Steward
Minnie Jane [Prees] Woolwich 1D 2379     No details yet held    
Nellie Bedwellty 11A 201     No details yet held    
Nora Stratford 6D 1209     No details yet held    
Norah Atcham 6A 1419   00/00/1904 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL Joseph P Smith
Oliver Swansea 11A 1538     No details yet held    
Oliver John A Aston 6D 582     No details yet held    
Phoebe Ann Bridgend 11A 1269   24/09/1904 Llangynwyd GLA Archie Jackson
Richard Bromsgrove 6C 619   03/09/1904 Alvechurch WOR Mary Ann Bradley
Susannah Birmingham 6D 80   31/07/1904 Birmingham WAR Sidney Ernest Willanby Hathaway
Thomas Weobley 6A 1149   21/09/1904 Weobley Register Office HEF Alice M Symonds
Thomas Bridgnorth 6A 1303   00/00/1904 Worfield SAL Elizabeth Rowley
William Birmingham 6D 66   17/08/1904 Birmingham St Chrysoston WAR Margaret Edmunds
Dec 1904
Ada Oldham 8D 1094   00/00/1904 Registrar Attended LAN Wright Holdgate
Ada Florence Hereford 6A 1103   27/10/1904 Hereford St James HEF Waeley Bowen
Albert Charles Taunton 5C 653   19/10/1904 Rowbarton St Andrew SOM Elizabeth Elia Manley
Albert Leonard Hereford 6A 1105   26/12/1904 Hereford St James HEF Lily Lawrence
Alice Stockport 8A 18   00/00/1904 Gee Cross (Hyde) Holy Trinity CHS Henry Shaw
Alice Monmouth 11A 52   12/11/1904 Coleford GLS Thomas William Hale
Amy Gertrude Aston 6D 446   30/12/1904 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Joseph Thornhill
Annie Elizabeth Hereford 6A 1121   26/12/1904 Madley HEF James Rossiter
Annie Priscilla Worcester 6C 433   25/12/1904 Worcester St Mary The Tything WOR Algernon Webb
Arthur Cecil Fulham 1A 677   24/12/1904 Fulham St John LND Mabel Kate Traill
Caroline Hereford 6A 1088   24/10/1904 Much Dewchurch HEF Eli Stanfield
Caroline Ellen Hereford 6A 1098   11/12/1904 Hereford All Saints HEF Walter James Williams
Catherine Eliza Nottingham 7B 752     No details yet held    
Charles Bury 8C 797   00/00/1904 Heywood All Souls LAN Ethel Schofield
Edith Brentford 3A 254     No details yet held    
Edith Monmouth 11A 59     No details yet held    
Edith Birmingham 6D 193   04/12/1904 Birmingham St Matthias WAR James Ashford
Edwin Herbert West Derby 8B 627   15/12/1904 Kirkby St Chad LAN Margaret Allen Howard
Eliza Snowden Selby 9C 1446   29/10/1904 Selby WRY Tom Watson
Elizabeth Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1283   00/00/1904 Stottesdon SAL William H Fleet
Elizabeth Cardiff 11A 768     No details yet held    
Ellen Hereford 6A 1142   26/12/1904 Hereford Register Office HEF Arthur James Wills
Ethel Victoria Sunderland 10A 971   00/00/1904 Not Yet Held DUR Matthew Hixon
George Hereford 6A 1140   17/12/1904 Hereford Register Office HEF Emily Postings
Janet Millicent Burton Upon Trent 6B 711   00/00/1904 Burton Upon Trent STS John W Mason
John Hay 11B 225     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Wolverhampton 6B 1118     No details yet held    
Mary Jane West Bromwich 6B 1478   00/00/1904 West Bromwich St Paul STS George H Hall
Mary Jane Abergavenny 11A 121     No details yet held    
Richard Solihull 6D 1090   26/11/1904 Sparkhill St John WAR Emily Stevens
Samuel Doncaster 9C 1244   14/11/1904 Bolton upon Dearne WRY Maud Lillian Mosby
Samuel Lewis Swansea 11A 1604     No details yet held    
Sarah Ann Newport 11A 452     No details yet held    
Sidney Mason Worcester 6C 451   24/12/1904 Worcester Holy Trinity WOR Nellie Elizabeth Monkland
Susan Kingston 2A 753     No details yet held    
Thomas Walsall 6B 1180     No details yet held    
Thomas Edmund [Prees] Neath 11A 1379   08/10/1904 Llantwit-Juxta-Neath St Illtyd GLA Rachel Jones
William Albert Orsett 4A 885     No details yet held    
Mar 1905
Charles George Leominster 6A 759   01/03/1905 Leominster Register Office HEF Priscilla Hancox
Edith Clevely Westbury On Severn 6A 372   04/02/1905 Drybrook GLS William John Gosling
Elizabeth Ellen Neath 11A 1044     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Rachel Bedwellty 11A 117     No details yet held    
Emily Bradford 9B 160     No details yet held    
George Shifnal 6A 879   23/02/1905 Albrighton St Mary SAL Ellen Wedge
James Rhayader 11B 185   24/03/1905 Llanbadarn Fawr RAD Gertrude Elizabeth Turner
John Arther Chorlton 8C 895   04/02/1905 Manchester Ardwick St Matthew LAN Rosetta Lewthwaite
Lillian Maude Hendon 3A 295   29/01/1905 Kilburn Square St Paul LND Osbourne Putterill Abbey
Minnie Ledbury 6A 633   11/01/1905 Ledbury HEF Harry Barnett
Thomas Crediton 5B 655   01/03/1905 Eggesford DEV Hester Annie Cockram
Thomas Bridgnorth 6A 873     No details yet held    
Thomas Arther Stoke Upon Trent 6B 213   00/00/1905 Normacot Holy Evangelist STS Eliza A Birks
Jun 1905
Albert Oldham 8D 1036   00/00/1905 Heyside St. Mark LAN Alice Green
Albert Ambrose Cardiff 11A 499   27/06/1905 Barry GLA Norah Ellen Huxley
Alfred Solihull 6D 1059   10/06/1905 Sparkhill St John WAR Hannah Baker
Alfred Robert W Birmingham 6D 40   17/04/1905 Birmingham WAR Frances Matilda Adcock
Amelia Aston 6D 592   16/04/1905 Sparkbrook WAR Sidney Francis Doughty
Charlotte Harriet Hereford 6A 1096   12/06/1905 Holmer HEF George Williams
Clement Atcham 6A 1445     No details yet held    
Edgar Withycombe Chipping Sodbury 6A 497   24/04/1905 Filton St Peter GLS Evelyn Blanche Yerbury
Edwin Burton Upon Trent 6B 608   00/00/1905 Burton-Upon-Trent St Paul STS Hannah Poxon
Eliza Ledbury 6A 1013   26/04/1905 Woolhope HEF Thomas C Watts
Emily Leominster 6A 1206   30/04/1905 Leominster Register Office HEF William Evans
Emma Hereford 6A 1129   08/04/1905 Hereford Register Office HEF Joseph Hicks
Ernest Easington 10A 749   00/00/1905 Durham DUR Mary Spooner
Frank Cardiff 11A 765     No details yet held    
Frederick William Bromsgrove 6C 647   08/04/1905 Bromsgrove WOR Laura Annie Shaw
Harold George Monmouth 11A 77   12/06/1905 Trelleck MON Margaret Davies
Henry Rochdale 8E 54   20/05/1905 Rochdale St Albans LAN Lily Arnett
Henry Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1095   24/04/1905 Cyfarthfa GLA Emily Eliza Powell
John Hereford 6A 1123   15/06/1905 Wellington HEF Julia Morris
Kathleen Christchurch 2B 1482     No details yet held    
Mary Cardiff 11A 758     No details yet held    
Richard Atcham 6A 1428   00/00/1905 Pontesbury SAL Mary J Marston
Thomas Alfred Ross 6A 1030   12/06/1905 Kings Caple HEF Emily Addis
Thomas John Neath 11A 1441     No details yet held    
Thomas John Crickhowell 11B 184     No details yet held    
Thomas William Birmingham 6D 88   07/05/1905 Birmingham WAR Amy Nott
William Benjamin Aston 6D 318   16/04/1905 Ashted St James The Less WAR Ada Elizabeth Large
William James Bedwellty 11A 238     No details yet held    
Sep 1905
Agnes Jane Pontypridd 11A 789     No details yet held    
Alice May Greenwich 1D 1972     No details yet held    
Annie Kidderminster 6C 371     No details yet held    
Annie Sarah Hereford 6A 1091   01/07/1905 Hereford All Saints HEF Joseph William Thompson
Annie Sophia Westbury On Severn 6A 585   24/08/1905 Drybrook GLS William Greenhaff Hall
Catherine Cardiff 11A 622     No details yet held    
Charles Ross 6A 1065   07/08/1905 Tretire HEF Melvina Jones
Edith Mary St George Hanover Square 1A 958   12/07/1905 St George Hanover Square MDX Arthur Charles Dickens Lewis
Edward Atcham 6A 1405   00/00/1905 Leaton SAL Eleanor A Fotherby
Edward Robert Pontypridd 11A 990     No details yet held    
Eliza Church Stretton 6A 1287     No details yet held    
Eliza Hereford 6A 1133   06/07/1905 Hereford Register Office HEF Frederick John J Church
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 1207   13/08/1905 Leominster Register Office HEF Harry Hunt
Emma Hay 11B 197     No details yet held    
Francis Thomas West Ham 4A 432   29/07/1905 Walthamstow St Luke ESS Annie Marie Nicholls
James Leeds 9B 867   09/09/1905 Leeds Headingley St Michael YKS Mary Child
John Newcastle Upon Tyne 10B 26     No details yet held    
John Frederick Newport 11A 384     No details yet held    
Lizzie Atcham 6A 1393     No details yet held    
Margaret Ethel St Albans 3A 1422   26/09/1905 St Albans Abbey HRT Charles Francis Walkley
Mary Ann M Lewisham 1D 2083     No details yet held    
Samuel Kidderminster 6C 364     No details yet held    
Sara Rotherham 9C 1032   13/08/1905 Wath upon Dearne WRY Charles Christopher Burton
Thomas Henry Forden 11B 285     No details yet held    
William Crickhowell 11B 164     No details yet held    
William John Hendon 3A 446   26/09/1905 Brondesbury Christ Church MDX Georgina Robins
Dec 1905
Alice Stratford 6D 1289     No details yet held    
Alice Hereford 6A 1028   12/10/1905 Hereford Register Office HEF Ernest Henry Hales
Alice Ann Leeds 9B 995   00/00/1905 Leeds YKS Arthur Leake
Arthur Hay 11B 225   26/12/1905 Bredwardine HEF Hannah Parton
Arthur Harold Burton Upon Trent 6B 686   00/00/1905 Horninglow St John STS Winifred M Hunt
Arthur Thomas Worcester 6C 485   12/10/1905 Worcester St Martin WOR Ada Farmer
Catherine Aston 6D 422   15/10/1905 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR George Cox
Charles William Hackney 1B 958     No details yet held    
Chrissey Ludlow 6A 1155   20/12/1905 Leintwardine SAL William Jones
Edward Dudley 6C 197   00/00/1905 Dudley Register Office WOR Eleanor Riley
Elizabeth Weobley 6A 1060   09/12/1905 Weobley Register Office HEF Richard Jones
Ellen Annie Salford 8D 8   00/00/1905 Higher Broughton St James LAN Herbert Goodliffe
Emily Bromyard 6A 1065   25/12/1905 Bromyard HEF John Wood Walker
Emily Louisa Ross 6A 958   16/10/1905 Peterstow HEF William G Matthews
Evan Neath 11A 1413     No details yet held    
Florence Hereford 6A 971   28/11/1905 Clehonger HEF Albert Corbett
Henry Ludlow 6A 1168   00/00/1905 Ludlow Register Office SAL Sarah Davies
Isaac Arthur Birmingham 6D 160   23/12/1905 Birmingham St Jude WAR Isabella Wright
James Harry Dorking 2A 365   02/10/1905 Dorking St Paul SRY Alice Girling
Katherine Rose Cardiff 11A 583     No details yet held    
Lillie Birkenhead 8A 865   00/00/1905 Birkenhead St Mary CHS George Hale
Mary Annie Upton On Severn 6C 541   16/10/1905 North Malvern Holy Trinity WOR George Phillips
Mary Beatrice Newport 11A 449     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Leominster 6A 1106   31/10/1905 Leominster Register Office HEF Arthur Evans
Noah Dudley 6C 93   05/12/1905 Tipton St Mark STS Mary Gould
Rachel Stourbridge 6C 226     No details yet held    
Richard Hodnett Brighton 2B 507     No details yet held    
Sarah Georgina Birmingham 6D 161     No details yet held    
Thomas David Salford 8D 74   07/10/1905 Pendleton St Thomas LAN Isabella Mcmillian
Walter Collings Lewisham 1D 1991     No details yet held    
Walter Henry Solihull 6D 1136   11/12/1905 Sparkhill St John WAR Daisy May Woodward
William Bridgnorth 6A 1229   00/00/1905 Alveley SAL Ellen Booton