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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1892 - 1895

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1892
Alfred John Pembroke 11A 1310     No details yet held    
Andrew Tynemouth 10B 298   07/01/1892 Tynemouth Priory (Holy Saviour) DUR Williamina Baxter Coutts
Augustus Moffatt Edmonton 3A 357   28/02/1892 Tottenham St Annes MDX Louisa Alice Harrison
Charles Preston 8E 698   11/03/1892 Fulwood LAN Mary Anne Connolly
Charlotte Weobley 6A 708   24/03/1892 Canon Pyon HEF Richard Lewis
Elizabeth Abergavenny 11A 85     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ann Bedwellty 11A 117   02/01/1892 Ebbw Vale MON Arthur Watkins
Emily Lambeth 1D 553   24/01/1892 Lambeth Holy Trinity LND Alfred John Bannister
Harry Aston 6D 289   22/03/1892 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Louisa Billingham
James Prescot 8B 900   12/03/1892 St John Evangelist Ravenhead LAN Lydia Grundy
Jane Bromsgrove 6C 447   07/02/1892 Lickey Holy Trinity WOR Andrew Edward Starling
John Abingdon 2C 401   00/00/1892 Not Yet Held BRK Ada Louisa Cottrell
Martha Elizabeth Wigan 8C 189   00/00/1892 Register Office Wigan LAN Richard Lythgoe
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 678   18/02/1892 Hereford St Martin HEF Thomas Arthur
Rosannah Hereford 6A 679   25/01/1892 Holmer HEF William J Hemming
Samuel Durham 10A 482   00/00/1892 Durham DUR Ellen Brannan
Sarah Ann Dudley 6C 16   15/02/1892 Dudley St Thomas WOR Elijah Houlston
Thomas Atcham 6A 929   00/00/1892 Not Yet Held SAL Charlotte Cotton
William Knighton 11B 163   28/01/1892 Llanddewi Ystradenny RAD Eleanor Jane Jones
William Henry Burton Upon Trent 6B 401   00/00/1892 Burton Upon Trent STS Sarah Elizabeth Kinson
William Llewellyn St George Hanover Square 1A 564   30/03/1892 Knightsbridge St Paul LND Annie Maud Lewis
Jun 1892
Charles Stoke Upon Trent 6B 359   18/04/1892 Stoke St Peter STS Mary Ann Thompson
Elizabeth Chelsea 1A 719   18/04/1892 Kensal Green St Jude LND Ernest Charles Dunsford
Emily Chesterfield 7B 1226   08/06/1892 Chesterfield St Mary And All Saints DBY Ernest Bird
Emily Abergavenny 11A 102     No details yet held    
Emily Zibiah Liverpool 8B 6   05/06/1892 Edge Hill St Stephen The Martyr LAN William Robertson
Emma Elizabeth Wolverhampton 6B 829   05/06/1892 Willenhall St Giles STS Henry Barnett
Esther Hereford 6A 971   26/04/1892 Madley HEF Oliver Fellows Taylor
Fannie Kings Norton 6C 697   06/06/1892 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Harry Monteith Stowe
George Rochford 4A 630   18/04/1892 South Shoebury ESS Clara Clarissa Bonfield
George Stoke Upon Trent 6B 319   23/05/1892 Longton St John The Baptist STS Frances Barker
John George Holborn 1B 1180   17/04/1892 Clerkenwell St Peter LND Leonora Earp
Margaret Hereford 6A 997   27/06/1892 Hereford Register Office HEF William Griffiths
Martha Hereford 6A 996   06/06/1892 Hereford Register Office HEF Joseph Roberts
Richard William Aston 6D 378   11/06/1892 Aston Brook St Mary WAR Alice Jane Castle
Rose Lydia Kensington 1A 187     No details yet held    
Sarah Gloucester 6A 552   26/04/1892 Gloucester St Paul GLS Thomas Yates
Sarah Amelia Bedwellty 11A 134   28/06/1892 Bedwellty MON Thomas Tannert
Thomas Church Stretton 6A 1137     No details yet held    
Walter Lambeth 1D 816   04/06/1892 Lambeth St Michael SRY Emily Dickinson
William [Prees] Birmingham 6D 186   01/05/1892 Birmingham St Mary WAR Minnie Martin
William Hereford 6A 989   26/04/1892 Hereford Register Office HEF Alice Davies
William Aston 6D 599   03/04/1892 Nechells St Joseph WAR Lucy Townsend
William Cardiff 11A 541     No details yet held    
Sep 1892
Alice Chelsea 1A 759   02/07/1892 Kensal Green St Jude LND Charles Thomas Mockford
Ann Ludlow 6A 1039   00/00/1892 Ludlow Register Office SAL Michael Medigham
Annie Droitwich 6C 515   29/08/1892 Claines WOR Thomas Charles Bayliss
Arthur Ludlow 6A 1032   28/09/1892 Richards Castle HEF Annie Chadd
Catherine Amelia [Preese] Warwick 6D 875   03/09/1892 Kenilworth WAR Harry Thomas Richard Smith
Edgar William Paddington 1A 130   01/09/1892 Paddington Holy Trinity LND Isabel Emme
Elizabeth Kington 6A 1005   12/07/1892 Kington Register Office HEF Francis Herb Cook
Elizabeth Wigan 8C 34   10/09/1892 Haigh St David LAN Samuel Davies
Ellen Kidderminster 6C 273   04/08/1892 Kidderminster St Mary WOR William Nicholls
Ellenor Ross 6A 888   12/09/1892 Ross Register Office HEF John Hancox
George Henry Aston 6D 474   28/08/1892 Duddeston St Matthew WAR Mary Anna Farnsworth
George Henry Bridgnorth 6A 1103   10/07/1892 Bridgnorth SAL Louisa Ann Groom
Harry Brentford 3A 114   10/07/1892 Chiswick MDX Eleanor Barnett
James Hereford 6A 893   01/08/1892 Aconbury HEF Ann Andrews
Jane Leominster 6A 989   13/07/1892 Shobdon HEF Arthur Yates
Jane Knighton 11B 199     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Walsall 6B 962     No details yet held    
Reta Ellenor Kington 6A 1003   17/08/1892 Kinsham HEF George Morgan
Richard Ledbury 6A 857   18/08/1892 Ledbury Register Office HEF Fanny Bury
Robert Abergavenny 11A 68   13/08/1892 Abergavenny MON Alice Allgood
Rosa Maria Cardiff 11A 542     No details yet held    
Sam Aston 6D 570   24/08/1892 Sparkbrook Christ Church WAR Amelia Elizabeth Pope
Sarah Ann Ross 6A 875   24/07/1892 Upton Bishop HEF Thomas Gurney
Thomas Llanelly 11A 1302   02/08/1892 Llanelly All Saints CMN Elizabeth Apperley
Walter Bridgwater 5C 565   01/08/1892 Bridgwater Holy Trinity SOM Charlotte Hooper
William Edward Oldham 8D 951   24/09/1892 Oldham St. James LAN Alice Ayres
Dec 1892
Agnes Leominster 6A 1110   03/12/1892 Leominster Register Office HEF John Savigar
Ann Jemima Wolverhampton 6B 1022   15/10/1892 Wolverhampton St Mary STS Joseph Thomas Yates
Benjamin Cannock 6B 844   25/12/1892 Cannock St Luke STS Harriet Titley
Charles William Hereford 6A 1011   11/11/1892 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Alice S Reece
Christopher Chesterfield 7B 1311   26/12/1892 Newbold DBY Sarah Ann Handbury
Edith Oldham 8D 914   30/11/1892 Oldham St. Paul LAN William Nisbett
Ellen Westbury On Severn 6A 461   25/12/1892 Drybrook GLS Charles Cole
Emily Bedwellty 11A 145   25/10/1892 Ebbw Vale MON Henry Woodward Forrester
Emily Georgina Barton Regis 6A 332   07/11/1892 Brookland Baptist Mills Ashley Road GLS Edward Greenwood Williams
Emma Harriet Ludlow 6A 1138   01/12/1892 Ludlow SAL Jesse Bate
Fanny Cardiff 11A 435   18/10/1892 Canton St John GLA Thomas Grant
Florence Wolverhampton 6B 889   18/12/1892 Bilston STS John Keay
Harriet Bridgnorth 6A 1231   00/00/1892 Worfield SAL George Snead
Henry Wandsworth 1D 1220   06/11/1892 Wandsworth All Saints LND Charlotte Bond
Jane Madeley 6A 1256   00/00/1892 Buildwas SAL Luke Prekins
John Cardiff 11A 544     No details yet held    
John Pontypridd 11A 823     No details yet held    
Mary Ellen Worcester 6C 447   24/12/1892 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR George Charles Smith
Mary Jane Pontypridd 11A 322   12/12/1892 Pontypridd GLA Charles Edmund Cox
Rose Birmingham 6D 326     No details yet held    
Rose Eleanor Bromyard 6A 1077   26/10/1892 Cradley HEF William John Pritchard
Thomas Hereford 6A 1013   23/10/1892 Hereford St Peter HEF Martha L Phillips
William Forden 11B 379   30/11/1892 Trelystan MGY Mary Margaret Jones
William Haverfordwest 11A 1837     No details yet held    
William Dudley 6C 89   01/11/1892 Lower Gornal St James STS Priscilla Grainger
William Atcham 6A 1357   00/00/1892 Atcham Register Office SAL Sarah Scott
William Hereford 6A 977   17/11/1892 Abbey Dore HEF Jessie Morgan
William Arthur Newport 11A 395     No details yet held    
Mar 1893
Aaron Westbury On Severn 6A 317   00/00/1893 Westbury On Severn[Register Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Eliza Florence Price
Alice Bedwellty 11A 132     No details yet held    
Charles Church Stretton 6A 817   00/00/1893 Woolstaston Shrewsbury SAL Mary A Ruff
Charles Henry Burton Upon Trent 6B 465   00/00/1893 Burton Upon Trent STS Eleanor S Smith
Charlotte Arabella Ross 6A 639   26/01/1893 Ross On Wye HEF John Harvey Davey
Emma Ellen Cardiff 11A 409     No details yet held    
Esther Jane Hereford 6A 669   12/01/1893 Holmer HEF Alfred W Symonds
George Ludlow 6A 788   00/00/1893 Stanton Lacy SAL Eliza Bridgwater
George Cardiff 11A 355   21/03/1893 Roath St Saviour GLA Eliza Morris
Henry George Ludlow 6A 783   00/00/1893 Not Yet Held SAL Mary Elizabeth Deakin
James Derby 7B 632   11/02/1893 Derby Christ Church DBY Frances Annie Meakin
John Walsall 6B 769   16/01/1893 Walsall Wood St John STS Maria Jones
Louisa Jane Worcester 6C 286   19/03/1893 Claines St George WOR George Badham
Margaret Anne Merthyr Tydfil 11A 647   26/03/1893 Merthyr Tydfil GLA Morgan Rees
Selina Madeley 6A 862   00/00/1893 Broseley SAL William Wilkes
Tom Easthampstead 2C 588   18/03/1893 Sandhurst BRK Annie Holder
William Cardiff 11A 453     No details yet held    
Jun 1893
Ann Hereford 6A 1032   03/06/1893 Hereford Register Office HEF Richard Brush
Charles Weobley 6A 1039   01/04/1893 Almeley HEF Edith Stead
Daniel Ross 6A 905   11/04/1893 Ross On Wye HEF Annie Christopher
Eliza Tenbury 6C 335   03/05/1893 Brimfield HEF Thomas Hooper
Eliza Newport 11A 312     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Pontypool 11A 210   17/06/1893 Llanhilleth MON James Wilton
Elizabeth Swansea 11A 1172     No details yet held    
Emily Aston 6D 347   02/04/1893 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Henry Cope
Emma West Derby 8B 667   00/00/1893 Kirkdale St. Aidan LAN Henry Corlett
Esther Jane Aston 6D 601     No details yet held    
George Griffiths Ross 6A 909   03/04/1893 Sellack HEF Sarah Parker
Henry Birmingham 6D 167     No details yet held    
James Bridgnorth 6A 1229   00/00/1893 Not Yet Held SAL Ellen Price
John Pontypool 11A 191     No details yet held    
Margaret Pontypridd 11A 618   20/05/1893 Eglwysilan GLA James John Parsons
Mary Martley 6C 368   11/04/1893 Hallow WOR William Weaver
Mary Ann Aston 6D 370   18/06/1893 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR William Thomas Coleman
Mary Ann Leominster 6A 1087   29/04/1893 Leominster Priory HEF Charles Simmonds
Mary Jane Ross 6A 905   19/04/1893 Ross On Wye HEF Jeriah Nelson Marfell
Samuel Wolverhampton 6B 881   30/04/1893 Willenhall St Giles STS Mary Ann Hayward
Thomas Bath 5C 1055   06/04/1893 Bath St James SOM Laura Adelaide White
William Swansea 11A 1199     No details yet held    
William Rhayader 11B 206     No details yet held    
William Ledbury 6A 892   31/05/1893 Ledbury Register Office HEF Elizabeth M Barnes
Sep 1893
Alice Oldham 8D 913   10/08/1893 Chadderton St. Matthew LAN William D Jones
Alice Northallerton 9D 953   04/07/1893 Northallerton All Saints YKS William Gamwell
Annie Elizabeth Hereford 6A 973   21/08/1893 Hereford Register Office HEF Peter Charles Jarvis
Charles Epping 4A 416   21/08/1893 Loughton St Nicholas ESS Martha Free
Edward Isle Of Wight 2B 1163   17/08/1893 Totland Christ Church HAM Louisa Smith
Elizabeth Huddersfield 9A 525   12/07/1893 Marsden YKS George Woodford
Elizabeth Weobley 6A 996   26/08/1893 Weobley Register Office HEF James Breeze
Frederick James Forden 11B 281   09/08/1893 Churchstoke MGY Eliza Pryce
George Albert Dudley 6C 34   24/09/1893 Dudley St Edmund WOR Mary Birch
James Kensington 1A 389     No details yet held    
James Worcester 6C 430   00/00/1893 Worcester Castle Street Presbyterian WOR Martha Allen
John Wolverhampton 6B 735   25/09/1893 Wolverhampton St Luke STS Rosena Locklin
John Henry Stoke Upon Trent 6B 322   30/08/1893 Shelton STS Helen Sherwin Snow
Joseph Ross 6A 890   21/08/1893 Ross On Wye HEF Annie Stephens
Mary St George Hanover Square 1A 1022     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Hay 11B 194   05/08/1893 Hay BRE Charles George
Mary Jane Pembroke 11A 1463     No details yet held    
Maud Elizabeth Bethnal Green 1C 418     No details yet held    
Peter William Hereford 6A 933   27/07/1893 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Annie Handley
William Holborn 1B 1319   27/08/1893 Holborn St Albans LND Louisa Alice Pollard
Dec 1893
Albert Edwin Stone 6B 60   27/12/1893 Dresden Resurrection STS Mary Williamson
Allen Chesterfield 7B 1117   23/12/1893 Newbold DBY Elizabeth Sturgess
Benjamin Monmouth 11A 189   00/00/1893 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] MON Mary Ann Locke
Bertha Sarah A Elham 2A 1997     No details yet held    
Charlotte Durham 10A 493     No details yet held    
Charlotte Mary Pembroke 11A 1686     No details yet held    
Edward Wolstanton 6B 250   28/10/1893 Tunstall STS Harriet Windsor
Elizabeth Cannock 6B 784   25/12/1893 Cannock St Luke STS Richard Farrington
Elizabeth Madeley 6A 1239   00/00/1893 Buildwas SAL Charles Smith
Frederick Bridgnorth 6A 1185   24/12/1893 Bridgnorth SAL Emma Rogers
Hannah West Derby 8B 654   31/12/1893 Wavertree St Michael LAN Thomas Jones
James Wigan 8C 97   21/12/1893 Wrightington St James LAN Ann Johnson
Jane Chorlton 8C 869   29/11/1893 Manchester Chorlton-On-Medlock St. Paul LAN Henry Dean Williams
John Shifnal 6A 1229   00/00/1893 Shifnal Register Office SAL Annie Lee
Joseph Ormskirk 8B 1085     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Crickhowell 11B 223     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Dudley 6C 110   25/12/1893 Tipton St Mark STS Samuel J Shutt
Olive Jane Croydon 2A 491   25/12/1893 Penge SRY Adolphus Soden
Robert Leominster 6A 1067   16/10/1893 Hatfield HEF Emma Holland
Sarah Hannah Prestwich 8D 565   00/00/1893 Prestwich Registrar Attended LAN Jeremiah Wilkinson
Thomas Leominster 6A 1084   30/11/1893 Leominster Register Office HEF Mary A Davies
Thomas Atcham 6A 1331   00/00/1893 Atcham Register Office SAL Martha Davies
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 862   27/12/1893 Wednesfield STS Annie Davies
Thomas Edward Monmouth 11A 79   00/00/1893 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Emma Mansfield
William Ross 6A 946   00/00/1893 Upton Bishop HEF Mary Jane Strong
William Abergavenny 11A 110     No details yet held    
William Thomas Hereford 6A 977   20/11/1893 Holme Lacy HEF Mary A Gwilliam
Mar 1894
Ada Hereford 6A 773   10/01/1894 Much Birch HEF Thomas Jones
Alice Atcham 6A 1085   07/03/1894 Westbury SAL William Jones
Annie Ledbury 6A 727   08/01/1894 Coddington HEF James Hitchings
Annie Newport 11A 277     No details yet held    
Annie Elizabeth Leominster 6A 890   18/02/1894 Leominster Register Office HEF Arthur Preece
Arthur Leominster 6A 890   18/02/1894 Leominster Register Office HEF Annie E Preece
Clement Chepstow 11A 1   29/01/1894 St Briavels GLS Lottie Beach
Edwin Thetford 4B 557     No details yet held    
Edwin Thomas Barton Regis 6A 167   11/02/1894 Bristol St Jude GLS Emily Jane Lock
Florence Emily J Cheltenham 6A 696   00/00/1894 Register Office GLS Alfred Groom
Frances Annie Leominster 6A 877   05/02/1894 Leysters HEF Stephen Roberts
George Conway 11B 607     No details yet held    
John Monmouth 11A 51   06/01/1894 Monmouth St Mary MON Mary Anne Chamberlain
John Dudley 6C 15   11/02/1894 Dudley St Thomas WOR Emily Pimm
John Westbury 5A 364   13/01/1894 Drybrook GLS Amelia Ann Welch
Luke Newport 11A 276     No details yet held    
Margaret Alice Wigan 8C 144   03/03/1894 Wigan St Thomas LAN Richard Houghton
Richard John Crickhowell 11B 115   05/03/1894 Beaufort BRE Sarah Ann Morris
Robert Walter Dudley 6C 45   01/01/1894 Dudley St John The Evangelist Kates Hill WOR Sarah A Timmins
Rowland Monmouth 11A 33   03/02/1894 Bream GLS Mary Elizabeth Birt
Samuel Ludlow 6A 905   00/00/1894 Abdon SAL Selina Evans
Sarah Warminster 5A 219   03/02/1894 Norton Bavant WIL George Snelgrove
Thomas Barton Regis 6A 167     No details yet held    
Thomas Bedwellty 11A 118   17/03/1894 Nantyglo MON Blanche Weeks
Thomas Ludlow 6A 927   22/01/1894 Richards Castle HEF Ann Parker
Thomas James Sheffield 9C 617   17/01/1894 Sheffield Cathedral Church of St Peter & Paul YWR Flora Pegg Sewell
William Bedwellty 11A 114   21/01/1894 Nantyglo MON Priscilla Briggs
William Henry Stone 6B 56   18/02/1894 Normacot Holy Evangelist STS Elizabeth Churchman
William Henry Bedminster 5C 983   26/02/1894 Bedminster St John SOM Elizabeth Rennolds
Jun 1894
Ada Burton Upon Trent 6B 461   00/00/1894 Branston St Saviour STS William Charles Steger
Ada Jane Hereford 6A 929   21/06/1894 Withington HEF Leonard H Hill
Alfred Thomas Islington 1B 314   25/04/1894 Islington St John MDX Eliza Jane Smith
Amelia Jane Pontypool 11A 198     No details yet held    
Caroline Gateshead 10A 1146     No details yet held    
Caroline Abergavenny 11A 96     No details yet held    
Caroline Edith Birmingham 6D 40   30/04/1894 Birmingham WAR Charles Henry Simmons
George St Giles 1B 806   27/05/1894 St Giles In The Fields LND Sarah Ann Perkins
George William Aston 6D 305   17/05/1894 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Emily Bees
James Stoke Upon Trent 6B 315   10/06/1894 Wellington St Luke STS Caroline Tilley
Jesse Martley 6C 311   18/04/1894 Kings Areley WOR Susan Ann Dance
John Chorley 8E 850   00/00/1894 Chorley Register Office LAN Annie Waterhouse
Joseph Ledbury 6A 821   12/04/1894 Munsley HEF Blanche J Dean
Mary Gloucester 6A 502   14/04/1894 Gloucester St Paul GLS Frederick Thomas Jones
Robert Dursley 6A 395     No details yet held    
Robert Darius Aston 6D 284   10/04/1894 Ashted St James The Less WAR Hannah Harper
Sarah Ann Hereford 6A 911   11/04/1894 Lugwardine HEF Tracy Lane
Susan Gloucester 6A 474   23/06/1894 Gloucester St Catherine GLS Charles Liddington
Thomas Pontypool 11A 216     No details yet held    
William Thomas [Priest] Preston 8E 926A     No details yet held    
William Walton West Ham 4A 281     No details yet held    
Sep 1894
Adelaide Stourbridge 6C 250   24/09/1894 Stourbridge St Thomas WOR John Bennett
Agnes Cheltenham 6A 767   01/07/1894 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Reuben Higgins
Alice Kington 6A 1009   06/08/1894 Kington HEF Arthur Drew
Annie Bridgnorth 6A 1089   04/07/1894 Bridgnorth St Leonards SAL John Cowdell
Annie Elizabeth M Islington 1B 519   30/09/1894 Islington St Mary MDX Albert Tomkinson
Edward Pontypridd 11A 787     No details yet held    
Edward Tenbury 6C 325   18/07/1894 Burford St Mary WOR Rebecca Morris
Ernest William Nantwich 8A 530   00/00/1894 Crewe St Barnabas CHS Agnes E Ball
Florence Annie Burton Upon Trent 6B 629   00/00/1894 Burton Upon Trent STS Christopher E Neale
Henry Kidderminster 6C 299   17/09/1894 Kidderminster St John WOR Jemima Fletcher
John Merthyr Tydfil 11A 931     No details yet held    
Julia Wandsworth 1D 9   30/07/1894 Battersea Christ Church SRY Robert Vincent Claxton
Margaret Aston 6D 430   05/08/1894 Bordesley Holy Trinity WAR John Brewer
Sarah Kings Norton 6C 729   09/07/1894 Northfield St Lawrence WOR Eli Quaife
Sarah Ann [Prees] Neath 11A 1139   18/09/1894 Llantwit-Juxta-Neath St Illtyd GLA Albert Joseph Poole
Sarah Jane Cardiff 11A 529     No details yet held    
Thomas Dudley 6C ?   23/09/1894 Coseley Christ Church STS Elizabeth Ellis
Thomas Leominster 6A 997   29/08/1894 Shobdon HEF Susan Hilda Morris
Dec 1894
Agnes Cheadle 6B 515   12/11/1894 Caverswall St Peter STS John Charles Harrison
Albert Atcham 6A 1317     No details yet held    
Anne Gloucester 6A 25   27/10/1894 Gloucester St James GLS Robert James Taylor
Caroline Ludlow 6A 1138   26/12/1894 Bitterley SAL William Francis Hicks
Christopher James Cannock 6B 856   00/00/1894 Cannock STS Priscilla Garbett
Eliza Atcham 6A 1377   00/00/1894 Atcham Register Office SAL Isaac Davies
Elizabeth Newport 11A 355     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Annie Hereford 6A 1003   02/10/1894 Hereford All Saints HEF Arthur William Bellamy
Ellen Rochdale 8E 71   19/12/1894 Smallbridge St John The Baptist LAN Abel Brearley
Emily Shifnal 6A 1265     No details yet held    
George Stourbridge 6C 290   28/10/1894 Stourbridge St John WOR Mary Ann Smith
George Harry West Derby 8B 557   24/12/1894 Edge Hill St Cyprians LAN Susannah Ross
Henry Bridgnorth 6A 1249   00/00/1894 Worfield SAL Sarah Fewtril
Herbert Nantwich 8A 521   00/00/1894 Crewe St Paul CHS Elizabeth Long
Jane Hitchin 3A 780   26/12/1894 Pirton HRT Francis Malpas
John Thomas Barrow in Furness 8E 1358   00/00/1894 Barrow In Furness St James LAN Emma Eliza Wentworth
Margaret Newport 11A 208   13/12/1894 Newport Holy Trinity MON George Argust Morgan
Mary Bedwellty 11A 208     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Derby 7B 979   22/12/1894 Derby St Luke DBY George Kenton
Nathan Runcorn 8A 315   00/00/1894 Great Budworth St Mary CHS Jane Wilkinson
Sarah Hereford 6A 1012   25/12/1894 Hereford St James HEF George Henry Cutter
Sophia Rochdale 8E 95   00/00/1894 Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN Thomas Burrows
Theresa Georgina Wolverhampton 6B 1042   30/12/1894 Wolverhampton St Paul STS David Cooper
Thomas William Stourbridge 6C 294   25/12/1894 Stourbridge St John WOR Harriet Mills
Walter John Birmingham 6D 263   21/10/1894 Birmingham St Peter WAR Rose Peters
William Charles Hereford 6A 1044   18/10/1894 Hereford Register Office HEF Alice Dale
Mar 1895
Ambrose Duncan Kensington 1A 147   00/00/1895 Not Yet Held LND Edith Clay
Anna Maria Hereford 6A 639   25/02/1895 Holme Lacy HEF James Pine
Annie Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 61   20/01/1895 Birmingham WAR John Docker
Charles Hereford 6A 630A   09/01/1895 Grosmont MON Edith Reese
Fanny Hereford 6A 635     No details yet held    
Frances Fanny Hereford 6A 635   05/02/1895 Hereford St Nicholas HEF William Loughman
Frances Mary Hereford 6A 635   05/02/1895 Hereford St Nicholas HEF William Loughman
George Kidderminster 6C 199   23/02/1895 Bewdley WOR Sarah Ann Harratt
John Cleobury Mortimer 6A 789   22/01/1895 Neen Savage SAL Mary Emily Lane
Lewis Bridgend 11A 81   20/01/1895 Cowbridge GLA Ellen Thomas
Margaret Northwich 8A 30   00/00/1895 Davenham St Wilfrid CHS William Francis Jacks
Mary Elizabeth Worcester 6C 285   18/02/1895 Worcester St Michael WOR Thomas Russell
Mary Jane Chepstow 11A 13     No details yet held    
May Jane Chepstow 11A 13     No details yet held    
Phoebe [Prees] Aston 6D 432     No details yet held    
Thomas Sunderland 10A 693   05/01/1895 Sunderland Register Office DUR Emily French
Jun 1895
Amelia Dudley 6C 68   15/06/1895 Dudley St John The Evangelist Kates Hill WOR James Tonks
Annie Whitehaven 10B 1011     No details yet held    
Charles Hereford 6A 939   04/06/1895 Hereford Tupsley HEF Florence Sissons
Clara Mary Upton On Severn 6C 505     No details yet held    
Emily Bridgnorth 6A 1131   00/00/1895 Claverley SAL John Poole
George Hereford 6A 950   08/05/1895 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth Seaborne
George Thomas Forden 11B 289     No details yet held    
Harvey Charles Martley 6C 407   03/06/1895 Great Witley WOR Eleanor Cook
John Aston 6D 607   01/06/1895 Sparkbrook Christ Church WAR Emily Robbins
Joseph Salford 8D 71   03/06/1895 Pendlebury St John LAN Rosa Stevenson
Marion Pancras 1B 261     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Leominster 6A 1005   30/06/1895 Leominster Register Office HEF George Morgan
Rachel Alice A Pontypool 11A 242     No details yet held    
Sarah Ann Hereford 6A 903   03/04/1895 St Devereux HEF George Miles
William Hereford 6A 915   28/04/1895 Hereford St James HEF Emily Price
William Bridgnorth 6A 1133     No details yet held    
William Hereford 6A 929   30/06/1895 Holmer HEF Agnes M Jones
William Robert Crickhowell 11B 151     No details yet held    
Sep 1895
Allen Wolverhampton 6B 859   04/08/1895 Wolverhampton All Saints STS Edith Lilian Povey
Annie Croydon 2A 412   03/08/1895 Croydon Holy Saviour SRY George Henry Howard
Augusta Lavender Islington 1B 537   01/07/1895 Thornhill Square St Andrew LND Willie Watling Pearce
Bertie Birmingham 6D 219   14/07/1895 Birmingham St Peter WAR Lizzie Hines
Charles Hereford 6A 873   08/08/1895 Dinedor HEF Ellen Jenkins
Clara Louise Camberwell 1D 1647     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Cardiff 11A 684     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Leek 6B 488   00/00/1895 ? Not Known STS John Bullock
Elizabeth Ross 6A 861   06/07/1895 Ross Register Office HEF Charles F Lafford
Emily West Bromwich 6B 1179   31/08/1895 Wednesbury St Paul STS Henry John Stringer
Emily Shifnal 6A 1096   30/09/1895 Sheriffhales SAL Arthur James Cooper
Ethel Mary Kidderminster 6C 271     No details yet held    
Francis Bromyard 6A 951   06/07/1895 Bromyard HEF Alice Potter
Francis Robert Kensington 1A 233   17/09/1895 Kensington St Helen MDX Edith Garlett
Fred Birmingham 6D 285     No details yet held    
Frederick Charles Hereford 6A 894   18/08/1895 Hereford St Owen HEF Annie Pritchard
George Croydon 2A 535     No details yet held    
George Ross 6A 863   14/09/1895 Ross Register Office HEF Elizabeth Taylor
George Weymouth 5A 604   24/07/1895 Portland IOW Kathleen Cronin
Henry [Prees] Bromsgrove 6C 589     No details yet held    
Hosea Monmouth 11A 53   16/09/1895 Monmouth St Mary MON Rose Tyler
James Henry Macclesfield 8A 228   00/00/1895 Macclesfield St Paul CHS Ada Drinkwater
John Llandovery 11A 1465     No details yet held    
Myra Monmouth 11A 41   10/07/1895 Christchurch GLS Thomas Hunt
Sarah Elizabeth St Olave Southwark 1D 475     No details yet held    
Sarah Jane Swansea 11A 129[35]     No details yet held    
Walter Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 868   16/09/1895 Wolverhampton St Andrew STS Ellen Gertrude Carter
Dec 1895
Ada Selina Barton Regis 6A 188   06/10/1895 Bristol Emmanuel GLS John Henley
Alfred Croydon 2A 468     No details yet held    
Alfred James Birmingham 6D 136   12/10/1895 Deritend St Gabriel WAR Florence Elvins
Alice Maria Mile End 1C 834   26/12/1895 Stepney St Philip MDX James John Bloomfield
Alice Mary Paddington 1A 44     No details yet held    
Edith Louisa Chorlton 8C 1171   00/00/1895 Manchester Longsight LAN John H Clayton
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 1075   22/10/1895 Hereford Tupsley HEF Walter W Ash
Emily Nottingham 7B 526   25/12/1895 Nottingham St George NTT Frank Brookes
Emily Hereford 6A 1050   09/12/1895 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Charles Hampton
Emily Kidderminster 6C 385   28/12/1895 Kidderminster St John WOR William Henry Weaver
George Westbury On Severn 6A 485   05/10/1895 Drybrook GLS Mary Lawson Christie
George Henry Ipswich 4A 1685     No details yet held    
Harriet Ledbury 6A 965   19/11/1895 Mathon WOR James Herbert Midwinter
James Arthur Aston 6D 617   25/12/1895 Nechells St Catherine WAR Alice Arkinstall
John Ludlow 6A 1166   08/12/1895 Ludlow SAL Elizabeth Millichop
John Wolverhampton 6B 1003   19/10/1895 Willenhall St Giles STS Alice Tonks
John Macclesfield 8A 231   00/00/1895 Macclesfield CHS Maria Heath
John Thomas Cannock 6B 875   08/12/1895 Cannock St Luke STS Annie Maria Green
Joseph Edward Christchurch 2B 1354   05/12/1895 Christchurch HAM Emily Jane Payne
Laura Mary Kings Norton 6C 739   24/11/1895 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Robert Davies Skelding
Mary Ann Bridgnorth 6A 1257     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Wakefield 9C 98   12/10/1895 Wakefield YKS Alfred Pierce Naylor
Richard Tenbury 6C 426   31/10/1895 Lindridge HEF Maria Kennett
Samuel Wem 6A 1485   00/00/1895 Newtown SAL Elizabeth Mason
Thomas Newcastle Upon Tyne 10B 282     No details yet held    
Thomas Brecknock 11B 172     No details yet held    
Thomas Nottingham 7B 666     No details yet held