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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1909 - 1911

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1909
Charles William A Hereford 6A 670   20/02/1909 Hereford Cathedral HEF Agnes L Howard
Clifford Joseph Kings Norton 6C 473   14/02/1909 Smethwick Holy Trinity STS Beatrice Caldow
Fanney Newport 11A 253   03/03/1909 Newport All Saints MON John Archibald Forbes
Florence Alice Neath 11A 1118     No details yet held    
Florence Amelia Solihull 6D 695   14/03/1909 Sparkhill St John WAR George Heath
Frank Newcastle 10B 26     No details yet held    
James Weobley 6A 697   08/02/1909 Eardisland HEF Nellie Roberts
John Henry Cheadle 6B 398   00/00/1909 ? Not Known STS Lilly M Platt
John Thomas Oldham 8D 734   00/00/1909 Oldham St James LAN Mary Bowman
Joseph Lewis Birmingham 6D 144     No details yet held    
Lavinia Merthyr Tydfil 11A 914     No details yet held    
Lionel George Westbury On Severn 6A 385   00/00/1909 Westbury On Severn[Register Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Annie Florence Evans
Loammi Westbury On Severn 6A 381     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Sunderland 10A 878   00/00/1909 Not Yet Held DUR John Ryan
Rebecca Hereford 6A 667   23/02/1909 Hereford St James HEF Albert V Lewis
Walter Charles Southwark 1D 155   02/01/1909 Southwark LND Catherine Annie Wells Garrett
William James Cardiff 11A 566     No details yet held    
Jun 1909
Arthur Ross 6A 1043   13/06/1909 Ross HEF Emily Meek
Arthur Albert Kingston 2A 844   03/05/1909 ? Not Known ??? Ellen Bibbings
Charles Frederick Watford 3A 1419   12/04/1909 Watford St Mary HRT Amy Wilson
Charlotte Annie Bridgnorth 6A 1355   00/00/1909 Worfield SAL George Radnor
Edward South Stoneham 2C 196   30/06/1909 South Stoneham HAM Lavinia Mary Powell
Eleanor Elizabeth Liverpool 8B 78   12/04/1909 Liverpool Our Lady & St Nicholas & St Anne LAN William Edward Barnett
Eleanor Mabel J Liverpool 8B 109   07/04/1909 Liverpool St Silas LAN Horace Thomas Reed
Emily Crickhowell 11B 180     No details yet held    
Francis Charles Bridgnorth 6A 1335   00/00/1909 Astley Abbotts SAL Harriet Humphries
George Reginald Wandsworth 1D 821   10/04/1909 London LND Laura Emma Kidman
Henry Abergavenny 11A 148     No details yet held    
Henry Thomas Hereford 6A 1095   12/04/1909 Holmer HEF Martha E A Lynes
Jessie Aston 6D 405   28/05/1909 Bordesley Holy Trinity WAR James Morris
John Hereford 6A 1135   05/05/1909 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Ann Reece
Kate Southwark 1D 183   14/06/1909 Newington St John LND Cherles Edward Frederick Bundy
Lilian Lloyd St Asaph 11B 573   12/04/1909 Cefn St Mary DEN William Williams
Louisa Sunderland 10A 1153   00/00/1909 Not Yet Held DUR Dobson H Hall
Mary Annie Bedwellty 11A 166   01/06/1909 Bedwellty MON Isaac Harrise
May Constance Llanfyllin 11B 349   20/04/1909 Llanwddyn MGY Joseph David Morris
Minnie Rose Bridlington 9D 686     No details yet held    
Samuel Pontypridd 11A 1044A     No details yet held    
Sarah Louise Cardiff 11A 738     No details yet held    
Thomas Atcham 6A 1477   00/00/1909 Atcham Register Office SAL Sarah E Corfield
William Lambeth 1D 630   06/06/1909 West Norwood St Luke LND Ellen Louisa Page
William Droitwich 6C 577   30/05/1909 Hanbury WOR Margaret Small
William Frederick Monmouth 11A 89   00/00/1909 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Elizabeth Wilkes
William Gordon Bucklow 8A 424     No details yet held    
William Leonard Newton Abbott 5B 355     No details yet held    
William Thomas Chepstow 11A 27   12/04/1909 Tidenham GLS Rose Tyler
Sep 1909
Albert Stoke Upon Trent 6B 355   00/00/1909 Northwood Holy Trinity STS Florence Bagnall
Amy Mary A Paddington 1A 113   12/07/1909 Paddington St Michael & All Angels LND Hubert Thomas Hook
Annie Birmingham 6D 180   18/09/1909 Birmingham St Paul WAR John Charles Robotham
Annie Rachel Newport 11A 429   27/09/1909 Newport MON Cornelius Henry Jones
Annie Rose Holywell 11B 337     No details yet held    
Charles Samuel Burton Upon Trent 6B 733   00/00/1909 Burton Upon Trent STS Emily Woodman
Charlotte Wem 6A 1454   00/00/1909 Wem Register Office SAL Charles P Sutton
Eliza Emily Aberystwith 11B 79     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Aston 6D 645     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Milborough Chepstow 11A 1   06/09/1909 St Briavels GLS Jesse Charles Jenkins
Ellen Whitchurch 6A 1467   00/00/1909 Whitchurch SAL John Lunt
Ethel Mary Bristol 6A 299     No details yet held    
George Chorlton 8C 1804   00/00/1909 Chorlton-On-Medlock Register Office LAN Margaret Norton
George Bridgnorth 6A 1241   00/00/1909 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Agnes Sherry
George Henry [Preace] Warwick 6D 1154     No details yet held    
George Oliver Kings Norton 6C 679   26/09/1909 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Lillian Pestridge
Gertrude Matilda S Hackney 1B 1011   01/09/1909 Homerton St Barnabas LND John Coburn
Harriet Maude Leominster 6A 1148   28/08/1909 Leominster Register Office HEF Percy H True
Henry James Elham 2A 2359     No details yet held    
Jane Bridgnorth 6A 1244   00/00/1909 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Edward Richards
John Leominster 6A 1147   07/08/1909 Leominster Register Office HEF Fan Ny Smith
Lilly May Carmarthen 11A 2027     No details yet held    
Lucy Ann Aston 6D 681     No details yet held    
Margaret Nantwich 8A 681   00/00/1909 Crewe St Barnabas CHS William T Raven
Mary Bradford 9B 176   14/08/1909 Laisterdyke St Mary YKS Ernest Dover
Mary Annie Bridgend 11A 1437     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Pontardawe 11A 1573     No details yet held    
Sarah Ann Oldham 8D 1226   29/09/1909 Werneth LAN Charles Edward Tweedale
Thomas William H Bromyard 6A 1113   03/08/1909 Cradley HEF Jessie Harriet Wilson
Thomas William S Hackney 1B 1131     No details yet held    
Trevor Thomas Croydon 2A 697     No details yet held    
William Leominster 6A 1147   10/08/1909 Leominster Register Office HEF Sarah Parker
William Walter Kingston 2A 969   17/07/1909 Kingston SRY Alice Elizabeth Cooley
Dec 1909
Albert Warwick 6D 1188   00/00/1909 Not Yet Held WAR Katie Venina Swain
Alfred Thomas Church Stretton 6A 1230   00/00/1909 Church Stretton Register Office SAL Amy E Williams
Alice Stockport 8A 76   00/00/1909 Stockport St Mary CHS Robert Langley
Alice Edith Hereford 6A 1061   25/11/1909 Lugwardine HEF Henry Langford
Annie Elizabeth Alcester 6D 1305     No details yet held    
Charles Ernest Stoke Upon Trent 6B 351   00/00/1909 Hartshill Holy Trinity STS Lillian Bowers
Edith Wolverhampton 6B 1163     No details yet held    
Ethel Grace Swansea 11A 1842     No details yet held    
Fannie Ledbury 6A 979   27/12/1909 Ledbury HEF George Daniels
Frank Bristol 6A 142   25/12/1909 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob GLS Emily Buss
Frederick George Kidderminster 6C 330   25/12/1909 Kidderminster St George WOR Beatrice Yarranton
Gertrude Louisa Bristol 6A 162   25/12/1909 Bristol Holy Trinity St Philip GLS Frederick Haynes
Henry James D Islington 1B 696     No details yet held    
James Gloucester 6A 682   00/00/1909 Gloucester Registry Office GLS Clara Frances Perkins
James Leominster 6A 1147   23/12/1909 Leominster Register Office HEF Esther Towns
Kathrean Florrance Pontypool 11A 283   27/11/1909 Griffithstown MON George Thomas Senior
Mary Lichfield 6B 842   00/00/1909 Fradley St Stephen STS Richard W Dutson
Michael Monmouth 11A 81   06/10/1909 Whitchurch HEF Elfrida A Clarke
Percy Clarence N Madeley 6A 1299     No details yet held    
Roland Weobley 6A 1107   25/10/1909 Weobley Register Office HEF Kate Wall
Sarah Martha Wolverhampton 6B 1091     No details yet held    
William Foleshill 6D 863   25/12/1909 Longford WAR Lilian Jones
Mar 1910
Ada Mary Abergavenny 11A 91     No details yet held    
Albert East Stonehouse 5B 572   12/12/1910 Plymouth Register Office DEV Stella Rossitter
Albert Solihull 6D 871   15/01/1910 Acocks Green St Mary WAR Esther Agnes Warrington
Albert Edward Teesdale 10A 419   00/00/1910 Durham DUR Edith Metcalfe
Alfred James W Newton Abbott 5B 232   14/03/1910 Highweek All Saints DEV Elizabeth Edwards Carter
Alfred Jones W Newton Abbott 5B 232   14/03/1910 Highweek All Saints DEV Elizabeth Edwards Carter
Annie Mary E Newport 11A 312   06/02/1910 Newport St Woolos MON William James Perrott
Charles Bridgnorth 6A 1015   00/00/1910 Long Stanton SAL Elizabeth Hughson
Edith Prescot 8B 939   00/00/1910 Prescot Register Office LAN Edward Bretherton
Florence Oldham 8D 814   05/02/1910 Oldham LAN Thomas Chadwick
Frank Cornelius Upton On Severn 6C 412   28/03/1910 Kempsey WOR Amy Elizabeth Lovey
Frederick William Bramley 9B 441   00/00/1910 Bramley And Holbeck District YKS Josephine S Rosser
Frederick William Pontypridd 11A 883   25/03/1910 Eglwysilan Glandwr Chapel MON Violet Amy Ayers
Gertrude Dewsbury 9B 980   28/03/1910 Dewsbury St John The Baptist YKS Leonard Goodall
Gladys Emily Liverpool 8B 177   00/00/1910 Liverpool Register Office LAN Benjamin Thomas
Harry George Kingston 2A 599   15/01/1910 Kingston SRY Emma Elizabeth Martin
Jane [Preese] Burton Upon Trent 6B 591     No details yet held    
Jessie Harriett Kings Norton 6C 678   16/02/1910 Smethwick St Mary STS Frederick Sankey
John George Burnley 8E 515   00/00/1910 Nelson Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Railway Rd) LAN Lucy Louisa Townsend
Mabel Bridgnorth 6A 1006   00/00/1910 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Sidney J Butter
Mabel Warwick 6D 982   00/00/1910 Not Yet Held WAR James Webb
Mabel Elizabeth Bedwellty 11A 177     No details yet held    
Millicent Newport 11A 362     No details yet held    
Minnie Chesterfield 7B 1262   26/03/1910 Newbold With Dunston DBY Tom Cooper
Richard Bolton 8C 545   00/00/1910 Bolton Saviours Church LAN Maud Miller
Thomas Gwatkin Ross 6A 777   07/02/1910 Llanwarne HEF Emily Cox
Thomas William Hereford 6A 839   27/01/1910 Holme Lacy HEF Emily E Amos
William West Bromwich 6B 1228   00/00/1910 West Bromwich Register Office STS Amy P Atkins
Jun 1910
Ada Bradford 9B 381     No details yet held    
Alice Bridgnorth 6A 1183     No details yet held    
Annie Dudley 6C 78   16/05/1910 Tipton St Mark STS Thomas Davies
Annie Ludlow 6A 1096   21/06/1910 Ludlow SAL William Humphreys
Arthur Knighton 11B 195     No details yet held    
Catherine Annie Stockport 8A 105   00/00/1910 Stockport St Thomas CHS Frank Brooks
Charles Birmingham 6D 252     No details yet held    
Cornelius Knighton 11B 176   00/00/1910 Bucknell St Mary SAL Ellen E Bound
Ernest Upton On Severn 6C 419   11/05/1910 Cowleigh WOR Florence May Mitchell
Ernest Edwin Cardiff 11A 588     No details yet held    
Ethel Kidderminster 6C 313     No details yet held    
Florence Eveline Brecknock 11B 117   17/05/1910 Llanfihangel Talyllyn BRE William Ivor Powell
George Islington 1B 287   20/04/1910 Islington St Stephen Canonbury MDX Dorothy Mary Lord
George Rochford 4A 955   16/06/1910 Southend On Sea All Saints ESS Mary Ann Doolan
Henry Madley 6A 1222     No details yet held    
James Neath 11A 1300     No details yet held    
James Ludlow 6A 1094   16/05/1910 Ludlow SAL Mary Ann Bursnell
John Ludlow 6A 1094   08/05/1910 Ludlow SAL Alice Morgan
Lilian Annie Aston 6D 387   23/05/1910 Erdington St Barnabas WAR Francis Cart
Mabel Atcham 6A 1245   00/00/1910 Cressage SAL Percy T P Hole
Mary Ann Pontypridd 11A 244     No details yet held    
Walter Salford 8D 127   15/05/1910 Salford St Simon LAN Annie Smith
Wilfred B [Preese] Wolverhampton 6B 892     No details yet held    
William Runcorn 8A 439   00/00/1910 Thelwall All Saints CHS Florence M Quennell
William Edgar Hereford 6A 940   09/05/1910 Hereford St Peter HEF Mary Ann Dalby
Sep 1910
Adeline Crickhowell 11B 185     No details yet held    
Alfred J Dorking 2A 373   29/09/1910 Mickleham SRY Mabel Warren
Charles E Bedwellty 11A 173   31/07/1910 Ebbw Vale MON Florence Mabel Nicholls
Clara E Wolverhampton 6B 1036     No details yet held    
Dinah Wolverhampton 6B 1047     No details yet held    
Edith E Bristol 6A 204   10/08/1910 Eastville St Thomas GLS William George Temple Vale
Elizabeth M Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1251     No details yet held    
Emily E Brentford 3A 313   28/08/1910 Isleworth St John MDX Charles Albert Tidball
Ethel B Sheffield 9C 833   26/09/1910 Sheffield Emmanuel YKS William Henry Holmes
Florence Bedwellty 11A 232     No details yet held    
Florence E Fulham 1A 855     No details yet held    
Florence L Walsall 6B 1347     No details yet held    
George Loughborough 7A 300   26/09/1910 Loughborough All Saints LEI Sarah Elizabeth Barson
George Coventry 6D 1063     No details yet held    
George P Steyning 2B 622   17/09/1910 Preston SSX Florence Lydia Fenemore
George R Bromyard 6A 1175   19/07/1910 Bishops Frome HEF Annie Ellen Davies
Gertrude A Hereford 6A 1160   05/08/1910 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry Hargest
Henry St Olave 1D 451     No details yet held    
Henry R Wirral 8A 974   00/00/1910 Higher Bebington Christ Church CHS Harriette Adeline Bishop
John Bedwellty 11A 198     No details yet held    
John Aston 6D 432   06/08/1910 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Louisa Mary Hunt
Lilian Kensington 1A 323   22/08/1910 Kensington St Jude LND Richard Burbidge
Mary A Bedwellty 11A 143     No details yet held    
Mary E Warwick 6D 1237     No details yet held    
Matthew Newport 11A 536     No details yet held    
Sarah A Ledbury 6A 1038   30/07/1910 Ledbury HEF Henry Harold Baynham
Thomas Cardiff 11A 615   23/07/1910 Grangetown GLA Rosina Stevens
Walter H Stourbridge 6C 302   00/00/1910 Stourbridge Register Office WOR Annie S Harris
Wilfred Chesterfield 7B 1476   18/09/1910 Dronfield St John The Baptist DBY Martha Walker
William C Cardiff 11A 664   12/09/1910 Roath GLA Anne Edwards
William H G St George Hanover Square 1A 1111   03/09/1910 Pimlico St Saviour LND Elizabeth Emily Pendry
Dec 1910
Arthur J Stoke Upon Trent 6B 443   26/12/1910 Stoke St Peter STS Hannah Miller
Clara G Leominster 6A 1189   10/12/1910 Kingsland HEF Edgar William Mann
Eliza M Aberystwith 11B 109     No details yet held    
Emily Bristol 6A 133   21/11/1910 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob GLS William Arnold
Emma Atcham 6A 1439   00/00/1910 Atcham Register Office SAL Edward Parry
Evan E Knighton 11B 248     No details yet held    
Fanny Leominster 6A 1183   12/11/1910 Hatfield HEF Thomas Powell
George Worcester 6C 486     No details yet held    
Hannah Durham 10A 746   00/00/1910 Durham DUR Thomas Curtis
Hannah E Chesterfield 7B 1583   00/00/1910 Chesterfield Register Office DBY Edgar Bramley
Harriet M Hereford 6A 1121   21/11/1910 Thruxton HEF William Carless
James H Birmingham 6D 253     No details yet held    
James H Hereford 6A 1139   13/12/1910 Hereford Register Office HEF Catherine Jones
John W Atcham 6A 1447   00/00/1910 Atcham Register Office SAL Winifred M Mumford
Joseph Cannock 6B 926   30/11/1910 Cannock St Luke STS Elizabeth Barratt
Joseph Upton On Severn 6C 553   30/11/1910 Upton On Severn WOR Anna Maria Stokes
Mary A Leominster 6A 1189   23/11/1910 Kingsland HEF Jabez Chamberlain
Ruth Madeley 6A 1366   00/00/1910 Madeley Register Office SAL Harry Fellows
Sarah G Fylde 8E 1214   23/11/1910 Blackpool Holy Trinity South Shore LAN George Crane
Thomas Hereford 6A 1077   03/10/1910 Clehonger HEF Clara L Cooke
Thomas Monmouth 11A 39   15/11/1910 Coleford GLS Rose Edith Ashby
Thomas H St George Hanover Square 1A 968   06/11/1910 St Gabriel LND Frances Emily Davis
Thomas H West Derby 8B 950   25/12/1910 Liverpool Fairfield Chapel Laurel Road LAN Annie Jackson
Thomas J Crickhowell 11B 217     No details yet held    
William H Chorlton 8C 1475   00/00/1910 Whalley Range St Margaret LAN Alice Hargreaves
William J Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1227   25/10/1910 Vaynor BRE Elizabeth Gertrude May Morris
Mar 1911
Amos Pontefract 9C 118   25/03/1911 Castleford YKS Florence Rooke
Archibald A Merthyr Tydfil 11A 887   28/02/1911 Vaynor BRE Mary Millward
Elizabeth A Bridgend 11A 1005     No details yet held    
Elsie Burnley 8E 362   00/00/1911 Burnley Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN George Henry Clarke
Emmie Bolton 8C 411   00/00/1911 Bolton St Mark LAN Thomas Lomax
Florence M Alcester 6D 833     No details yet held    
Frances St George Hanover Square 1A 702   21/01/1911 St Andrew Ashley Place MDX Augustus Robert Davis
Frederick Liverpool 9B 107   15/01/1911 Liverpool St Silas LAN Eliza Lilian Webster
Frederick Wellington 6A 1015   05/02/1911 Wellington SAL Elizabeth Ann Corbett
George Pontypridd 11A 710     No details yet held    
George Bridgend 11A 1027     No details yet held    
Gertrude Kings Norton 6C 536     No details yet held    
John Hereford 6A 687   01/02/1911 Stretton Sugwas HEF Eliza Synnock
Lily E West Derby 8B 643     No details yet held    
Lucy West Bromwich 6B 1008   00/00/1911 Wednesbury St Paul STS Richard H Ingram
Mary M Monmouth 11A 41   00/00/1911 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON William Stephens
Maude W Edmonton 3A 671   11/01/1911 Edmonton MDX Hiugh Ferns Wildy
Maurice North Bierley 9B 49   21/01/1911 Birstal YKS Annie Eliza Carr
Richard W [Prees] Birmingham 6D 156     No details yet held    
Thomas Bridgend 11A 1079     No details yet held    
Jun 1911
Alfred P South Stoneham 2C 152     No details yet held    
Alice E Chorlton 8C 1540   00/00/1911 Moss Side Christ Church LAN Arthur Stanley Dewhurst
Alice M Knighton 11B 225     No details yet held    
Annie E Hull 9D 583   00/00/1911 Hull Register Offices YKS William Hastings
Clara Stourbridge 6C 339   00/00/1911 Stourbridge Wesleyan Methodist Chapel WOR Edwin J Priestland
Clifford J Axbridge 5C 1061     No details yet held    
Edith J Nantwich 8A 761   00/00/1911 Wybunbury St Chad CHS John Cooper
Edward J Hereford 6A 1125   01/06/1911 Withington HEF Ann Hayward
Elizabeth H Hereford 6A 1113   07/06/1911 Newton HEF Alfred Bowen
Emily M Solihull 6D 1162   17/04/1911 Hay Mills St Cyprians WAR James Harry Wallace
Emma Forden 11B 326     No details yet held    
Florence Hereford 6A 1095   12/06/1911 Hereford St Martin HEF John James Walker
George E Cannock 6B 929   16/04/1911 Hednesford St Peter STS Nellie Marklew
Henry Droitwich 6C 631   18/04/1911 Hanbury WOR Louisa Pratt
Henry J Hereford 6A 1137   20/06/1911 Hereford Register Office HEF Annie Beatrice Smith
Kate Kings Norton 6C 932     No details yet held    
Margaret Forden 11B 321   00/00/1911 Worthen All Saints SAL William Williams
Maria Church Stretton 6A 1287     No details yet held    
Mary A Atcham 6A 1456   00/00/1911 Atcham Register Office SAL Arthur W Lewis
Richard Portsmouth 2B 1157     No details yet held    
Samuel Dudley 6C 135   04/06/1911 Tipton St Martin Pepper Box STS Phyllis Davies
Sarah Bridgnorth 6A 1317   00/00/1911 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Robert E Lowe
Sydney G Lambeth 1D 785     No details yet held    
Thomas Neath 11A 1641     No details yet held    
William Bridgnorth 6A 1331   00/00/1911 Worfield SAL Emily A L Robinson
William J Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1274     No details yet held    
William J Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1237   17/04/1911 Bargoed St Gwladys GLA Mary Alice Edwards
William M Fulham 1A 759   00/00/1911 London LND Helena Richardson
Willie North Bierley 9B 76   03/06/1911 Birstal YKS Lavinia Fryer
Sep 1911
Annie C North Bierley 9B 85   04/09/1911 Birstal YKS Thomas Blakey
Annie M Ludlow 6A 1216   00/00/1911 Ludlow Register Office SAL Henry F Morgan
Beatrice M Paddington 1A 135   12/08/1911 Paddington St Peter LND Robert Dudley Maunsell Oliver
Ebenezer J Haverfordwest 11A 2334     No details yet held    
Edith J Nottingham 7B 730     No details yet held    
Edith S Hampstead 1A 1607   09/08/1911 South Hampstead St Saviours LND Francis Jordan Mylne Holman
Emily Paddington 1A 210     No details yet held    
Esther Dudley 6C 119   06/08/1911 Tipton St Martin Pepper Box STS William Ayres Duffield
Frederick E Wolverhampton 6B 1078   24/09/1911 Wolverhampton St Mark STS Cordelia James
James Swansea 11A 1920     No details yet held    
John Wolverhampton 6B 1152     No details yet held    
Martha Atcham 6A 1353   00/00/1911 Bicton SAL John R Allen
Mary J Salford 8D 175   00/00/1911 Salford St Matthias LAN John Fitzgerald
Nellie Chipping Norton 3A 2537     No details yet held    
Richard J Swansea 11A 1920     No details yet held    
Sarah Ludlow 6A 1212   00/00/1911 Ludlow Register Office SAL Allan Gough
Sarah E Nantwich 8A 756   00/00/1911 Nantwich CHS Clarence R Warner
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 1028   08/08/1911 Willenhall St Stephen STS Edith Batson
Thomas H Newport 11A 387   02/09/1911 Maindee St Matthew MON Olive Ravenhill
Vera Runcorn 8A 513   00/00/1911 Runcorn All Saints CHS Albert Rotherham
Walter C W Worcester 6C 455   28/09/1911 Worcester Holy Trinity WOR Ada Emily Davis
William Edmonton 3A 1028   23/07/1911 Harringay St Paul MDX Jessie Maria Pelling
Dec 1911
Annie Hereford 6A 1129   03/10/1911 Hereford St James HEF George Patterson
Annie E Gloucester 6A 703   00/00/1911 Gloucester Register Office GLS Joe Bartlett
Bertha Pontypool 11A 276   31/12/1911 Griffithstown MON George Richard Briscoe
Charles Hereford 6A 1165   07/12/1911 Hereford Register Office HEF Ethel D Rees
Dorothy M [Prees] Downham 4B 1029     No details yet held    
Edwin J Chepstow 11A 17   20/11/1911 Lydney GLS Mary Alice Miles
Ellen E Bristol 6A 337     No details yet held    
Elsie M Burton Upon Trent 6B 716   00/00/1911 Burton-Upon-Trent St Paul STS David Upton
Ethel Middlesbrough 9D 1268     No details yet held    
Flora Mansfield 7B 161     No details yet held    
Florence M Willesden 3A 497     No details yet held    
George Bedwellty 11A 250     No details yet held    
Gertrude Stockport 8A 174   00/00/1911 Stockport Civil Marriage CHS John Spencer
Harriet J Hereford 6A 1159   26/10/1911 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry William Clarke
Henry C Bedwellty 11A 141   24/12/1911 Abertillery St Michael MON Elizabeth Robbins
John R Ashton Under Lyne 8D 829   06/12/1911 Hey LAN Ada Broadbent
Leonard H Ludlow 6A 1277   18/10/1911 Munslow SAL Harriet Elizabeth Downes
Lizzie Cannock 6B 935   00/00/1911 Bishops Wood St John STS Ernest T Hartland
Martha Leominster 6A 1227   21/10/1911 Shobdon HEF John Richard Jones
Mary A Cardiff 11A 821     No details yet held    
Mary A Newport 11A 529     No details yet held    
Mary E Ludlow 6A 1287   00/00/1911 Ludlow Register Office SAL Frank Marston
Mary O Oldham 8D 1111   00/00/1911 Waterhead LAN Joseph Taylor
May R St George Hanover Square 1A 957   24/12/1911 Pimlico St Barnabas LND Charles Edward Ware
Rose Southwark 1D 54   31/12/1911 Newington St Mary SRY John Thomas Heath
Thomas Southwark 1D 84   25/12/1911 Newington SRY Mabel Herbert
William Brecknock 11B 177     No details yet held    
William Crickhowell 11B 228     No details yet held    
William West Bromwich 6B 1668   00/00/1911 West Bromwich St Paul STS Sarah M Evans
William G Cannock 6B 957   26/12/1911 Cannock St Luke STS Martha Davies
Winifred Hereford 6A 1129   15/10/1911 Hereford St James HEF John F W Price