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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1851 - 1855

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1851
Ann Bridgend XXVI 461     No details yet held    
Catherine Ledbury XXVI 231   24/02/1851 Bosbury HEF Joseph Gibbons
Charlotte Bethnal Green II 17   22/02/1851 Bethnal Green St James The Less MDX Henry Gaffee
Eliza [Priece] Kings Norton XVIII 424   13/01/1851 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR William Henry Smallman
Elizabeth Bromyard XXVI 179   06/02/1851 Whitbourne HEF William Cumbey
Hannah [Prees] Aston XVI 257   31/03/1851 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR Edwin Bailey
Hannah Ross XXVI 281   03/03/1851 Walford HEF James Baldwin
Harriett Hereford XXVI 187   11/02/1851 Clehonger HEF James Turner
John Leominster XXVI 363   20/02/1851 Shobdon HEF Elizabeth Challenger
John Ludlow XVIII 785   06/01/1851 Leinthall Starkes HEF Anne Pritchard
John Leominster XXVI 257   10/02/1851 Leominster Priory HEF Harriet Smith
Margaret [Prees] Carmarthen XXVI 679     No details yet held    
Mary Hereford XXVI 201   24/02/1851 Hereford St Martin HEF Philip Hopkins
Sarah Newport XXVI 125   10/03/1851 Newport St Woolos MON Frederick Ashman
Thomas Powell Gloucester XI 373   16/07/1851 Gloucester St Luke GLS Eliza Collins
William Bridgnorth XVIII 23   04/03/1851 Claverley SAL Frances Thomas
William Kings Norton XVIII 426   30/01/1851 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Emma Jay
Jun 1851
Ann Clun XVIII 87   02/05/1851 Bishops Castle SAL Thomas Bird
Elizabeth Bromyard XXVI 255   08/05/1851 Pencombe HEF James Pugh
Elizabeth Clun XVIII 95   20/04/1851 Hyssington St Etheldreda MGY Thomas Dudley
George Westminster I 478   22/06/1851 St John The Evangelist Smith Square MDX Elizabeth Hargrave
Harriet Hereford XXVI 285   05/05/1851 Hereford St Peter HEF John Redman
Isaac Wolverhampton XVII 441   13/04/1851 Wolverhampton Register Office STS Ann Jordan
James Clifton XI 383   02/05/1851 Westbury-On-Trym GLS Esther Paynes
John Knighton XXVI 418     No details yet held    
John Presteigne XXVI 441   08/05/1851 Kinsham HEF Sarah Lloyd
Joseph Bridgnorth XVIII 53   22/05/1851 Long Stanton SAL Elizabeth Massey
Mary Ann Hereford XXVI 317   08/04/1851 Hereford Register Office HEF James Davies
Richard [Preese] Hackney III 171   21/04/1851 West Hackney MDX Margaret Napier
Richard Atcham XVIII 19   14/04/1851 Pontesbury SAL Anne Lloyd
Samuel Kidderminster XVIII 467   02/04/1851 Cookley WOR Susannah Crannage
Sarah Montgomery XXVII 171   24/05/1851 Middleton Holy Trinity SAL William Gwilt
Thomas Montgomery XXVII 179   12/06/1851 Trelystan MON Martha Booth
Thomas Hereford XXVI 319   07/06/1851 Hereford Register Office HEF Ann Pritchard
Thomas Worcester XVIII 690   22/05/1851 Worcester All Saints WOR Harriet Tompson
William Ludlow XVIII 143   10/06/1851 Wigmore HEF Priscilla Evans
William Leominster XXVI 345   24/05/1851 Aymestrey HEF Elizabeth Oliver
Sep 1851
Abraham Ledbury XXVI 275   25/08/1851 Canon Frome HEF Margaret Pitt Price
Henry Gloucester XI 414   05/08/1851 Hempsted GLS Esther Hall
James Cole Newent XI 431   08/09/1851 Aston Ingham HEF Mary Anne Jones
Lucy Hereford XXVI 245   25/08/1851 Lugwardine HEF John Wellington
Mary Martley XVIII 466   23/12/1851 Knightwick WOR James Morris
Rees Charles [Prees] Neath XXVII 619   28/09/1851 Llansamlet GLA Jane Hopkins
Richard Bridgnorth XVIII 19   21/09/1851 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Hannah Salvester
Thomas Ross XXVI 315   22/07/1851 Llangarren HEF Sarah Herbert
William West Bromwich XVII 630   10/08/1851 Handsworth WAR Martha Dean
William Hereford XXVI 231   05/08/1851 Tiberton HEF Sarah Phillips
William Hereford XXVI 253   10/08/1851 Hampton Bishop HEF Mary Hill
Dec 1851
Catherine Cardiff XXVI 603     No details yet held    
Daniel Ross XXVI 339   01/11/1851 Ross Register Office HEF Harriet Rowlands
Edward Hereford XXVI 263   04/12/1851 Withington HEF Caroline Floyd
Elizabeth Birmingham XVI 448   20/10/1851 Birmingham All Saints WAR John Poole
Henry Frome X 607   15/12/1851 Cloford SOM Sarah Nicholas
Isaiah Atcham XVIII 1   14/12/1851 Condover SAL Elizabeth Morris
James Wellington XVIII 292   11/12/1851 Wellington SAL Mary Edwards
James Madeley XVIII 141   01/12/1851 Dawley Magna SAL Emma Firmstone
James Leominster XXVI 313   18/10/1851 Shobdon HEF Jane Edwards
John Kensington III 334   06/12/1851 Hammersmith St Peter MDX Eleanor Martin
Martha Hereford XXVI 243   09/11/1851 Holmer HEF John Wharton
Mary Martley XVIII 637   23/12/1851 Knightwick WOR James Morris
Mary Montgomery XXVII 193   00/00/1851 Forden St Michael MGY Joseph Williams
Mary Cardiff XXVI 579     No details yet held    
Matilda Wolverhampton XVII 454   17/12/1851 Wolverhampton St Peter STS John Hardy
Michael Stourbridge XVIII 695   30/11/1851 Wordsley Holy Trinity WOR Mary Baggott
Thomas Clun XVIII 85   02/11/1851 Clungunford St Cuthbert SAL Caroline Palmer
Thomas Bristol XI 260   07/12/1851 Temple GLS Eliza Pearce
William Ellesmere XVIII 91   16/10/1851 Baschurch SAL Sarah Smith
William Cardiff XXVI 599     No details yet held    
Mar 1852
Edward Wellington 6A 1018   16/03/1852 Wellington SAL Harriet Jones
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 655   01/03/1852 Hereford All Saints HEF Henry Hinns
Harriett Weobley 6A 705     No details yet held    
James Hereford 6A 643   17/02/1852 Much Dewchurch HEF Caroline Colcumb
Martha [Preese] Shrewsbury 6A 920   00/00/1852 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL James Jones
Mary Anne Newent 6A 305   19/02/1852 Dymock GLS William Beale
Mary Catherine Marylebone 1A 647   30/03/1852 St Marylebone Trinity Parish MDX Alfred Wilks Drayson
Samuel Leominster 6A 727   06/02/1852 Bodenham HEF Elizabeth Cooper
Sarah St Giles 1B 407     No details yet held    
Sarah Tenbury 6C 211   19/01/1852 Burford SAL James Bootten
William Montgomery 11B 353   20/01/1852 Worthen All Saints SAL Mary Pryce
William Shifnal 6A 815   22/01/1852 Worfield SAL Mary Walker
William Hereford 6A 653   19/01/1852 Hereford All Saints HEF Eliza Grubham
Jun 1852
Edward Presteigne 11B 283   22/04/1852 Eardisley HEF Elizabeth Davies
Eliza Hereford 6A 809   06/05/1852 Hereford Register Office HEF Richard Elliott
George [Preace] Dudley 6C 116   01/05/1852 Sedgley All Saints STS Joice Parkes
George Atcham 6A 1116     No details yet held    
Henry Hereford 6A 786   03/06/1852 Holmer HEF Mary Prosser
James Ledbury 6A 700     No details yet held    
James Edward Bethnal Green 1C 474   23/05/1852 Bethnal Green St Jude MDX Elizabeth Millward Drew
Jane Hereford 6A 789   03/06/1852 Kingstone HEF James Lewis
John Ross 6A 736   23/05/1852 Ross HEF Elizabeth Butt
John Bermondsey 1D 80   27/06/1852 Bermondsey St Mary Magdalene SRY Mary Strange
Joseph Ledbury 6A 709   16/05/1852 Putley HEF Caroline Bosley
Mary Leominster 6A 897   19/06/1852 Shobdon HEF William Edwards
Mary Ross 6A 729   02/06/1852 Kings Caple HEF Joshua Edwards
Mary Ann Madeley 6A 1075   18/05/1852 Broseley SAL James Stokes
Mary Ann Worcester 6C 361     No details yet held    
Priscilla [Prees] Birmingham 6D 41     No details yet held    
Samuel Moffatt Eastbourne 2B 72   02/06/1852 Eastbourne Holy Trinity SSX Ann Blinko
Sophia Hereford 6A 769   04/04/1852 Hereford All Saints HEF Thomas Williams
Thomas Stourbridge 6C 163   30/05/1852 Brierley Hill STS Susanna Dukes
William Monmouth 11A 82   23/05/1852 Trelleck MON Amelia Morgan
William Goodwin Atcham 6A 1107   29/04/1852 Acton Burnell SAL Elizabeth Meredith
Sep 1852
Alfred Cardiff 11A 363     No details yet held    
Emma Worcester 6C 325   05/07/1852 Worcester All Saints WOR Samuel Corbett
Harriet Wolverhampton 6B 560   06/09/1852 Wolverhampton St Mary STS William Griffiths
Henry Hereford 6A 753   20/07/1852 Hereford Register Office HEF Sarah Hide
Jane Martley 6C 307   04/07/1852 Leigh WOR Joseph James
Mary Ross 6A 706   21/09/1852 Ross On Wye HEF Timothy Smith
Richard Islington 1B 335   18/09/1852 Islington St Mary Upper Street LND Sarah Coote
Smith Shoreditch 1C 483   12/09/1852 Shoreditch St Leonard MDX Matilda Howell
Susannah Hereford 6A 756   12/09/1852 Hereford Register Office HEF William Jones
Thomas Shrewsbury 6A 970   29/07/1852 Shrewsbury St George SAL Mary Humphreys
Dec 1852
Alfred Bath 5C 1268   00/00/1852 Bath Register Office GLS Caroline Stevens
Anne Church Stretton 6A 1051   21/11/1852 Eaton Under Heywood SAL Joseph Pheasey
Caroline Ross 6A 861   11/10/1852 Llanwarne HEF Samuel Page
Eliza Weobley 6A 949   31/12/1852 Dilwyn HEF James Hargest
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 905   10/10/1852 Fownhope HEF Charles Morgan
Hannah Gloucester 6A 462   29/11/1852 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS James Jarvis
James Birmingham 6D 61   25/12/1852 Birmingham St Lukes WAR Mary Crow
Louisa West Bromwich 6B 907   15/11/1852 West Bromwich St Paul STS Silas Fereday
Mary Leominster 6A 989   18/11/1852 Aymestrey HEF Richard Huxley
Richard Montgomery 11B 459   20/12/1852 Worthen SAL Maria Evans
Sarah Liverpool 8B 194   00/00/1852 Liverpool St John LAN Edward Jones
Thomas Leominster 6A 1003   21/10/1852 Lucton HEF Sarah Davis
Walter Sheppey 2A 1077   16/11/1852 Sheerness KEN Diana Smoker
William Birmingham 6D 56   25/12/1852 Birmingham Bishops Ryder WAR Mary Meredith
William Birmingham 6D 56   08/11/1852 Birmingham St Lukes WAR Eliza Parsons
Mar 1853
Ann Gloucester 6A 355   02/01/1853 Gloucester Christ Church GLS Thomas Rudge
Augustus Moffatt Pancras 1B 139   24/03/1853 St Pancras Old Church MDX Eliza Sermon
Edwin Bromyard 6A 785   07/02/1853 Wacton HEF Mary Berry
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 72   24/01/1853 Birmingham St Martin WAR John Chown
Harriet Ludlow 6A 843   00/00/1853 Ludlow Register Office SAL William Edwards
Harriet Hereford 6A 739   08/02/1853 Withington HEF Thomas Davies
James Hereford 6A 758   21/02/1853 Hereford All Saints HEF Ann Ellis
James Montgomery 11B 553   18/03/1853 Worthen All Saints SAL Anne Mathews
James Barron Marylebone 1A 654   05/03/1853 St Marylebone MDX Elizabeth Wookey
John Hereford 6A 701   21/02/1853 Clodock HEF Elizabeth Page
Margaret Hereford 6A 714   13/02/1853 Hereford St Martin HEF John Davies
Mary Hereford 6A 729   28/02/1853 Orcop HEF William Green
Sarah Bridgnorth 6A 582   17/02/1853 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Edward Jones
Thomas West Bromwich 6B 666   13/03/1853 Handsworth WAR Matilda Beacham
Jun 1853
Alfred Hereford 6A 830   20/06/1853 Holmer HEF Charlotte Gwillim
Ann Ellesmere 6A 1283     No details yet held    
Benjamin Bridgwater 5C 774     No details yet held    
Caroline Marylebone 1A 659   30/04/1853 St Marylebone All Souls MDX William Sale
Catherine Shifnal 6A 1101   02/06/1853 Sheriffhales SAL John Green
Elizabeth Dudley 6B 97   07/06/1853 Dudley St Thomas WOR Joseph Moore
Emma Weobley 6A 878A   02/04/1853 Kinnersley HEF James Davies
Hannah Winchcombe 6A 631   28/04/1853 Beckford GLS Richard Warner
Jessie Shrewsbury 6A 1205   04/06/1853 Shrewsbury St Georges SAL John Davies
John Gloucester 6A 471   20/04/1853 Hempsted GLS Emma Robinson
Mary Ann Bridgwater 5C 726   18/06/1853 Bridgwater Holy Trinity SOM James Lockyer
Robert Hereford 6A 761   02/05/1853 Breinton HEF Caroline Birt
Sarah Worcester 6C 351   15/05/1853 Worcester St Clement WOR John Strain
Thomas Weobley 6A 881   08/05/1853 Norton Canon HEF Elizabeth Woodhouse
Thomas Weobley 6A 883   08/05/1853 Norton Canon HEF Elizabeth Woodhouse
William Newport 11A 301   17/04/1853 Newport St Paul MON Sarah Lewis
William Bedminster 5C 1331   29/05/1853 Bedminster SOM Eliza Hayward
William Henry Ross 6A 771   28/06/1853 Ross HEF Martha Taylor
Sep 1853
Benjamin Atcham 6A 984A   01/09/1853 Church Pulverbatch SAL Frances Rogers
Caroline Leominster 6A 823   18/08/1853 Yarpole HEF William Ellement
Edward Montgomery 11B 300   30/07/1853 Worthen All Saints SAL Sarah Hinley
Ellen Hereford 6A 762   27/08/1853 Hereford Register Office HEF John Powell
Esther Gloucester 6A 425   30/08/1853 Hempsted St Swithun GLS George Anthony Jauncey
George Crickhowell 11B 162     No details yet held    
Hannah Ledbury 6A 687   29/08/1853 Ledbury HEF Arthur Alfred Webb
Henry Leominster 6A 801   29/09/1853 Aymestrey HEF Harriet Selina Taylor
John Oakham 7A 391   05/07/1853 Cottesmore RUT Matilda Sneath
John Worcester 6C 408   25/09/1853 Worcester St Martin WOR Jane Blackmore
Mary Gloucester 6A 387   22/09/1853 Gloucester St John GLS James Wiltshire
Samuel Droitwich 6C 567   19/07/1853 Claines WOR Sarah King
Sarah Crickhowell 11B 147     No details yet held    
Sarah Elizabeth Walsall 6B 657   12/09/1853 Bloxwich STS John Heath
William Bridgnorth 6A 896   26/09/1853 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Catherine Whitehouse
Dec 1853
Ann Marylebone 1A 662   06/11/1853 St Marylebone Christ Church MDX James Mcgrath
Eliza [Preese] Birmingham 6D 38   09/10/1853 Birmingham St George WAR Joseph Hobbs
Elizabeth Monmouth 11A 41   18/10/1853 Dixton MON Richard Hall
Emma Leominster 6A 1045   03/11/1853 Bodenham HEF John Reynolds
George Hereford 6A 970   18/10/1853 Hereford St Martin HEF Mary Morris
John Hereford 6A 969   02/10/1853 Hereford St Martin HEF Emma Collins
John Hulm Malmesbury 5A 91   00/00/1853 Malmesbury WIL Eliza S Whitmore
Martha Ross 6A 915   03/11/1853 Kings Caple HEF William Nichols
Mary Pancras 1B 162   17/12/1853 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Thomas Tulley
Mary Hereford 6A 991   28/02/1853 Orcop HEF William Green
Mary Ann Neath 11A 780     No details yet held    
Matilda Gloucester 6A 469   24/12/1853 Gloucester St John GLS Benjamin Treeton
Robert West Bromwich 6B 966   25/12/1853 Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS Sarah Walker
Sarah Kensington 1A 169   24/11/1853 Paddington St John MDX Oscar Albert Goode
Sarah Hereford 6A 1002   20/11/1853 Hereford Register Office HEF Charles Woodcock
Sarah St George Hanover Square 1A 399   04/12/1853 St Peter Eaton Square MDX William Frederick Spence
Thomas Clun 6A 1109   27/11/1853 Clungunford SAL Elizabeth Greenhouse
Mar 1854
Ann Hereford 6A 633   14/02/1854 Burghill HEF William Jenkins
Charles Ely 3B 779   28/02/1854 Haddenham CAM Martha Wayman Amory
Eliza Anne Marylebone 1A 689   23/02/1854 St Marylebone MDX Frederick Charles Webb
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 153   12/03/1854 Birmingham St Philip WAR Charles Pritchett
Frances Ann Hereford 6A 648B   14/02/1854 Burghill HEF William Jenkins
Harriett Presteigne 11B 215   13/02/1854 Pembridge HEF Thomas Lloyd
James Birmingham 6D 98   16/01/1854 Birmingham St Peter WAR Caroline Wheat
John Hereford 6A 659   27/02/1854 Huntington Hereford HEF Mary Suter
Mary Ann Leominster 6A 735   09/02/1854 Leominster Priory HEF George Cross
Philip Shrewsbury 6A 870   23/02/1854 Shrewsbury St George SAL Priscilla Lewis
Stephen Cardiff 11A 271   27/02/1854 Llandaff GLA Anne Truman
William Ross 6A 607   31/01/1854 Bridstow HEF Rachel Hopkins
Jun 1854
Ann Warwick 6D 570   04/05/1854 Leamington Priors WAR William Eagles
Elizabeth Montgomery 11B 445   20/12/1854 Chirbury St Michael SAL John Bebb
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 854   08/05/1854 Hereford All Saints HEF Thomas Parsons
Harriet Ludlow 6A 1023     No details yet held    
John Stourbridge 6C 253   04/05/1854 Oldswinford St Mary WOR Ann Dobbins
Joseph Bridgnorth 6A 1093   23/04/1854 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Sylvia Cadman
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 861   11/05/1854 Hereford St Martin HEF John Evans
Mary Eliza Bristol 6A 152   27/04/1854 Bristol St Matthias GLS William Brock
Pheobe Monmouth 11A 80   22/04/1854 Monmouth Independent Chapel MON William George
Philip Monmouth 11A 80     No details yet held    
Philip Hereford 6A 847   31/05/1854 Dinedor HEF Ann Reece
Sarah Bromyard 6A 935   27/05/1854 Bromyard HEF Robert Jones
Thomas Tenbury 6C 337   20/05/1854 Stoke Bliss HEF Mary Walton
Thomas Weobley 6A 919   30/05/1854 Canon Pyon HEF Ellen Morris
Sep 1854
Ann Atcham 6A 1002   25/09/1854 Condover SAL William Davies
Caroline Ross 6A 712   07/08/1854 Hentland HEF Thomas W Cripps
Eliza Wolverhampton 6B 660     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 33   04/09/1854 Birmingham St Bartholomew WAR William Loughton
James Wolverhampton 6B 617   29/07/1854 Wolverhampton St John STS Elizabeth Stubbs
James Presteigne 11B 261     No details yet held    
Jeremiah Leominster 6A 838   22/08/1854 Leominster Priory HEF Jane Adams
John Haverfordwest 11A 987     No details yet held    
John Hendon 3A 131   11/07/1854 Pinner MDX Mary Powler
Louisa Eton 3A 453   16/07/1854 Eton BKM John Gray
Louisa Stepney 1C 872   13/08/1854 Stepney St Dunstan MDX George Williams
Margaret Helen Marylebone 1A 868   00/08/1854 London LND Josiah Latimer Clark
Mary Shrewsbury 6A 1029   07/09/1854 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Thomas Pugh
Mary Ludlow 6A 871     No details yet held    
Mary Ledbury 6A 685   20/08/1854 Bosbury HEF James Davis
Robert Droitwich 6C 487   02/07/1854 Droitwich St Peter WOR Susannah Prosser
Sarah Ross 6A 714   31/07/1854 Kings Caple HEF Thomas Griffin
Sarah Cleobury Mortimer 6A 915   16/07/1854 Stottesdon SAL William Humphries
Thomas Dudley 6C 96   03/09/1854 Dudley St Thomas WOR Elizabeth Pickering
Dec 1854
Ann Birmingham 6D 62   19/11/1854 Birmingham St Jude WAR William Wootton
Anne Atcham 6A 1277   25/09/1854 Condover SAL William Davies
Eliza [Reece] Leominster 6A 1115   08/11/1854 Ivington HEF William Salsbury
Elizabeth Montgomery 11B 487   20/12/1854 Trelystan MGY John Bebb
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 35   17/10/1854 Birmingham Bishops Ryder WAR James Jay
Emma Clifton 6A 310   31/10/1854 Clifton GLS James William
Grace Weobley 6A 1071   13/12/1854 Canon Pyon HEF Henry Jones
James Ludlow 6A 1148   01/12/1854 Ludlow SAL Ann Archer
Jane Presteigne 11B 382A   31/10/1854 Lingen HEF Richard Meredith
Jane Cardiff 11A 388     No details yet held    
Martha Bristol 6A 209   28/12/1854 Bristol GLS Daniel Scully
Priscilla Atcham 6A 1282   26/10/1854 Pontesbury SAL James Challinor
Richard Leominster 6A 1124   14/12/1854 Leominster Priory HEF Hannah Smith
Thomas Ross 6A 943   09/10/1854 Brampton Abbotts HEF Hannah Young
Thomas [Pearce] Kings Norton 6C 785   00/00/1854 Smethwick Old Church STS Ann Ratcliffe
William Leominster 9A 138     No details yet held    
Mar 1855
Ann Hereford 6A 616   25/03/1855 Hereford St Martin HEF James Creek
Ann Bermondsey 1D 79   22/03/1855 Bermondsey St James SRY James Sibowen
Charlotte Weobley 6A 641   19/02/1855 Byford HEF William Pye
Ellen Presteigne 11B 239   19/02/1855 Norton RAD William Preece
Emanuel [Reece] Pembroke 11A 728   29/03/1855 Pembroke PEM Mary Ann Watkins
Emma Weobley 6A 643   06/03/1855 Dilwyn HEF James Bowyear
James Hereford 6A 599   01/03/1855 Callow HEF Mary Vickress
James Ross 6A 585   10/02/1855 Hentland HEF Mary Suff
Mary Ludlow 6A 699   00/00/1855 Ludlow Register Office SAL Edward Howells
Robert Montgomery 11B 339   15/02/1855 Trelystan MGY Mary Edwards
Susan Ross 6A 585   17/02/1855 Hentland HEF William Watkins
William Monmouth 11B 26   31/03/1855 Parkend GLS Elizabeth Hannah Teague
William Presteigne 11B 239   19/02/1855 Norton RAD Ellen Preece
Jun 1855
Abraham Bridgwater 5C 697   27/05/1855 Bridgwater St John SOM Sarah Ann Stevens
Ann Aston 6D 311   18/06/1855 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR William Richardson
Ann Birmingham 6D 24   14/06/1855 Birmingham Bishops Ryder WAR John Noakes
Catherine [Reece] Hereford 6A 782   17/04/1855 Hereford All Saints HEF John Lewis
Charles Birmingham 6D 99   27/05/1855 Birmingham St Martin WAR Elizabeth Dorrall
Elizabeth Weobley 6A 852   12/06/1855 Eardisland HEF John Smith
Hannah Hay 11B 229   11/04/1855 Hay BRE James Seabourne
Harriet Bridgnorth 6A 1019   03/05/1855 Alveley SAL Joseph Perry
Harriot Gloucester 6A 382   23/04/1855 Hempsted St Swithun GLS Isaac Rice
John Penkridge 6B 452   00/00/1855 Bishops Wood St John STS Harriet Hawkins
John Tenbury 6C 296   08/05/1855 Tenbury Wells St Mary WOR Emma Taylor
John Kidderminster 6C 247   15/05/1855 Dowles WOR Jemima Edmonds
John Weobley 6A 857   30/05/1855 Moccas HEF Elizabeth Davies
Maria Ross 6A 736   23/06/1855 Kings Caple HEF Thomas Ravenhill
Maria Whitchurch 6A 1271   12/05/1855 Whitchurch Independent Chapel SAL Benjamin Maddocks
Maria Presteigne 11B 263   15/05/1855 Lyonshall HEF William Parton
Mary Ledbury 6A 703   25/04/1855 Ledbury HEF Andrew Smith
Mary Hereford 6A 781   03/04/1855 Hereford All Saints HEF John Francis
Mary Ann Bedminster 5C 1225   28/05/1855 Bedminster SOM Charles Brooks
Robert Hereford 6A 830   29/05/1855 Withington HEF Jemima Taft
Samuel Wolverhampton 6B 534   08/05/1855 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Sarah Crammage
Sarah Leominster 6A 889   29/05/1855 Aymestrey HEF John Watkins
William Hereford 6A 815   27/05/1855 Marden HEF Margaret Bailey
Sep 1855
Ann Bristol 6A 87   24/07/1855 Bristol St Philip And St Jacob GLS John Thomas
Christopher Hereford 6A 809   19/08/1855 Hereford Register Office HEF Louisa Bishop
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 843   09/07/1855 Hope Under Dinmore HEF John Evans
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 768   02/09/1855 Hereford All Saints HEF John Landford
Elizabeth Bolton 8C 253   16/08/1855 Bolton St Peter LAN George Hunting
George [Reece] Hereford 6A 783   15/07/1855 Holmer HEF Mary Morgan
George Montgomery 11B 291     No details yet held    
George Wolverhampton 6B 519   14/08/1855 Wolverhampton St James STS Mary Ann Price
Henry Headington 3A 661     No details yet held    
James Ledbury 6A 711   29/07/1855 Stretton Grandison HEF Ann Portman
John Ludlow 6A 867   16/08/1855 Ashford Carbonell SAL Mary Ann Sellery
John Stockton 10A 74     No details yet held    
Joseph Dudley 6C 80   20/08/1855 Dudley St Thomas WOR Emma Wilson
Phebe Haverfordwest 11A 973     No details yet held    
Susannah Hereford 6A 758A   24/07/1855 Dinedor HEF Thomas Goulder
William Leominster 6A 865   03/09/1855 Leominster Register Office HEF Eliza Vaughan
Dec 1855
Eliza Cheltenham 6A 713   10/12/1855 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Samuel Collett
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 949   13/12/1855 Aymestrey HEF William Merrick
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 897   10/10/1855 Hereford Register Office HEF Daniel Desmond
Elizabeth Tewkesbury 6A 757   10/10/1855 Forthampton GLS James Hickerton
Elizabeth Hannah West Bromwich 6B 911   25/12/1855 Handsworth St Mary STS Josiah Thomas
Emma Liverpool 9B 455   00/00/1855 Liverpool Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN Edward O Edwards
James Hereford 6A 864   15/11/1855 Hereford St Martin HEF Mary Ann Bowdla
Jane Upton On Severn 6C 492   26/11/1855 Great Malvern St Mary WOR James Kite
Jane Kings Norton 6C 713   05/11/1855 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Thomas Humphries
John Gloucester 6A 423   15/10/1855 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS Caroline Lewis
Julia Ann Newent 6A 383   30/10/1855 Pauntley GLS Elijah Powell
Matthew Leominster 6A 964   25/10/1855 Leominster Priory HEF Ann Price
Nancy Hereford 6A 858   10/11/1855 Hereford All Saints HEF George Cumbs
Sarah Church Stretton 6A 1041   29/10/1855 Eaton Under Heywood SAL Abraham Bailey
Thomas Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1057   15/11/1855 Rock WOR Mary Smith