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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1846 - 1850

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1846
Ann West Bromwich XVIII 575   17/03/1846 Handsworth St Mary STS John Peace
Ann Newtown XXVII 198   00/00/1846 Newtown Civil Marriage MGY Richard Lloyd
Ann Stourbridge XVIII 485   26/01/1846 Kingswinford St Mary WOR David Dunn
James Hereford XXVI 225   05/02/1846 Burghill HEF Ann Jones
Jane Stourbridge XVIII 487   09/02/1846 Kingswinford St Mary WOR Mark Fletcher
Jane Bermondsey IV 4   23/01/1846 Bermondsey St Mary Magdalene SRY William Davies
John Ledbury XXVI 279   29/01/1846 Bosbury HEF Harriet Williams
Mary Worcester XVIII 533   01/02/1846 Worcester St Alban WOR John Hill
Mary Hereford XXVI 247   09/02/1846 Hereford St Nicholas HEF James Trilloe
Mary Ross XXVI 326   16/03/1846 Ross HEF Joseph Watkins
Jun 1846
Ann Bridgnorth XVIII 61     No details yet held    
Ann Atcham XVIII 25   11/05/1846 Pontesbury SAL James Simmonds
Ann Weobley XXVI 435   13/06/1846 Almeley HEF Thomas Turner
Eliza Pontypool XXVI 215   02/05/1846 Panteg MON John Prosser
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 277   05/04/1846 Breinton HEF Theophilus George
Frances St Martin In The Fields I 184   28/06/1846 Westminster St Martin MDX Robert Lee
Harriet Shrewsbury XVIII 295   04/05/1846 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL William Hughes
Harriet Hereford XXVI 337   18/05/1846 Withington HEF Joseph Bailey
James Crickhowell XXVI 583   00/00/1846 Not Yet Held ??? Eliza Reed
James Hereford XXVI 277   28/05/1846 Breinton HEF Mary Nash
John Leominster XXVI 373   13/06/1846 Bodenham HEF Ann Baugh
John Ross XXVI 419   28/06/1846 Lea HEF Elizabeth Chivers
Margery Abergavenny XXVI 15   02/05/1846 Bryngwyn MON James Palmer
Mary Hereford XXVI 339   25/04/1846 Wormbridge HEF Edward Charles
Mary Narberth XXVI 1073     No details yet held    
Mary Leominster XXVI 379   01/06/1846 Hatfield HEF Benjamin Leake
Richard Weobley XXVI 438   19/05/1846 Birley HEF Ann Harris
Sarah Hereford XXVI 327   20/06/1846 Stoke Edith HEF Andrew Price
Susan Leominster XXVI 377   21/05/1846 Eye HEF William Booton
William Leominster XXVI 387   21/06/1846 Kimbolton HEF Jane Rawlings
Sep 1846
Ann Hereford XXVI 201   18/08/1846 Aconbury HEF George Beavan
Ann Worcester XVIII 565   04/07/1846 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR William Smith
Edward Cardiff XXVI 525   29/08/1846 Llantrithyd GLA Catherine Lewis
Ellen West Bromwich XVIII 655   20/09/1846 West Bromwich Holy Trinity STS James Hall
Isaac Bridgend XXVI 492   13/09/1846 Llangynwyd GLA Elizabeth James
Mary Ann Ross XXVI 513   07/09/1846 Hentland HEF Joseph Wood
Mary Ann Ross XXVI 511   17/09/1846 Goodrich HEF William Sanderson
Sarah Hereford XXVI 20   24/09/1846 Hereford St Martin HEF William Jenkins
Sarah Pontypool XXVI 172   30/08/1846 Panteg MON William Reeves
William Ross XXVI 325   26/07/1846 Ross HEF Mary Ann Jones
Dec 1846
Ann Monmouth XXVI 106     No details yet held    
Caroline Ludlow XVIII 99   01/10/1846 Caynham SAL William Rowlands
Charles Leominster XXVI 309   04/10/1846 Aymestrey HEF Ann Ricketts
Hannah Bromyard XXVI 209   15/10/1846 Collington HEF William Lloyd
James Abergavenny XXVI 31   11/10/1846 Llanwenarth Citra MON Ann Griffiths
James Westbury On Severn XI 750   20/12/1846 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Mary Crocket
Margaret Bridgend XXVI 529   24/10/1846 Bettws GLA Thomas Richard
Margaret Weobley XXVI 365   24/12/1846 Dilwyn HEF Henry Lewis
Mary Frome X 601   26/11/1846 Frome Holy Trinity SOM John Sweet
Mary Monmouth XXVI 106   22/12/1846 Newland GLS Bennet Taylor
Mar 1847
Ann Leominster XXVI 225   16/02/1847 Ivington HEF Thomas Bathurst
Ann Hereford XXVI 169   16/02/1847 Little Birch HEF Thomas W Layton
Catherine Cook Wolstanton XVII 325   00/00/1847 Wolstanton St Margaret STS Ralph Corns
Charlotte Worcester XVIII 541   15/03/1847 Worcester St Helen WOR Benjamin Harbour
Charlotte Tewkesbury XI 477   30/03/1847 Tewkesbury St Mary GLS Samuel Tovey
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 192A   25/02/1847 Holmer HEF William Homes
Jane Birmingham XVI 312   26/01/1847 Birmingham St Martin WAR William Thomas
Jennet Bridgend XXVI 397   06/03/1847 St Hilary GLA John Sant
John Ross XXVI 243   03/02/1847 Kings Caple HEF Hannah Jones
Mary Newport XXVI 111     No details yet held    
Susanna Stepney II 385   27/03/1847 Stepney St Peter MDX Edward Henchley
Timothy Ross XXVI 255   22/02/1847 Ross Register Office HEF Catherine Penn
William Tewkesbury XI 475   17/01/1847 Tewkesbury St Mary GLS Sophia Spiers
William Hereford XXVI 214   28/03/1847 Hereford Register Office HEF Margaret Bethell
William George Bath XI 23   10/01/1847 Widcombe St Thomas A Beckett GLS Caroline Harrison
Jun 1847
Ann Hereford XXVI 283   25/05/1847 Holmer HEF Thomas Vaughan
Ann Leominster XXVI 337   05/06/1847 Hatfield HEF James Meyrick
Ann Christiana Bradford XXIII 177     No details yet held    
Anne Shrewsbury XVIII 281   08/11/1847 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL Thomas Rogers
Benjamin Hereford XXVI 247   03/06/1847 Little Birch HEF Elizabeth Williams
Catherine Abergavenny XXVI 51     No details yet held    
Charles Bradford XXIII 131   02/04/1847 Bradford St Peter YKS Lydia Holdsworth
Eliza Hereford XXVI 251   30/05/1847 Breinton HEF John James
Eliza Droitwich XVIII 389   24/05/1847 Tibberton WOR William Hewitt
Elizabeth [Preese] Newcastle Under Lyme XVII 140   00/00/1847 Newcastle St George STS Ralph Tomkinson
Evan Bridgend XXVI 617   01/05/1847 Newcastle GLA Mary Howell
Henry West Bromwich XVIII 727   18/04/1847 Handsworth St Mary STS Mary Ann Warwick
James Pontypool XXVI 176A   24/04/1847 Goytre MON Susannah Thomas
James Ledbury XXVI 318   28/06/1847 Ledbury HEF Anne Mathias
Luke Frome X 653   17/05/1847 Norton St Philip SOM Ann Holliday
Mary Hereford XXVI 305   18/05/1847 Hereford Register Office HEF John Tomkins
Richard Montgomery XXVII 179   23/05/1847 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Hannah Perkins
Samuel Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 77   00/00/1847 Not Yet Held SAL Ann Corfield
Thomas Leominster XXVI 335   18/05/1847 Eyton HEF Anne Powell
William Worcester XVIII 708   21/06/1847 Worcester St Martin WOR Ann Horniblow
Sep 1847
Anne Ross XXVI 281   12/07/1847 Walford HEF William Marshall
George Stroud XI 481   09/09/1847 Avening GLS Harriet Rowland
John Worcester XVIII 624   26/09/1847 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR Rebeka Combs
John Henry Pontypool XXVI 136   21/09/1847 Abersychan MON Mary Walley
Mary [Pierce] Lewes VII 561   01/08/1847 Ringmer SSX Joseph Briggs
Mary Weobley XXVI 287   08/08/1847 Bridge Sollers HEF Thomas Gardner
Richard [Prees] Wolverhampton XVII 319   27/06/1847 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Esther Price
Thomas Kidderminster XVIII 467   29/08/1847 Ribbesford WOR Hannah Brazier
Dec 1847
Ann Shrewsbury XVIII 252   00/00/1847 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL George Evans
Ann Dudley XVIII 441   07/11/1847 Sedgley All Saints STS Thomas Schofield
John Ludlow XVIII 117   22/11/1847 Bitterley SAL Ann Unitt
John Atcham XVIII 13   02/12/1847 Kenley SAL Mary Ann Beamand
Joseph Tenbury XVIII 701   25/10/1847 Tenbury Wells St Mary WOR Sarah Maund
Mary Birmingham XVI 548     No details yet held    
Mary [Pruce] Leominster XXVI 295   23/10/1847 Shobdon HEF James Rudd
Mary Ann [Priest] Upton On Severn XVIII 711   27/11/1847 Kempsey WOR John Bethell
Thomas Hay XXVI 491   21/12/1847 Clifford HEF Hannah Probert
William Hereford XXVI 258   04/12/1847 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Lloyd
Mar 1848
Charlotte Elizabeth Bromyard XXVI 161   05/03/1848 Whitbourne HEF Thomas Evans
Enos [Price] Westbury On Severn XI 523     No details yet held    
Helena Kidderminster XVIII 399   14/03/1848 Kidderminster St Mary WOR James Barclay
James Worcester XVIII 539   25/01/1848 Worcester St Clement WOR Mary Martha Saunders
James Shifnal XVIII 202   06/03/1848 Shifnal SAL Emily Meaden
James [Preese] Neath XXVII 5?5   09/01/1848 Neath GLA Eliza Roberts
John Ross XXVI 241   24/02/1848 Goodrich HEF Sarah Fisher
John Crowther Droitwich XVIII 307   26/03/1848 Hindlip WOR Mary Ann Calder
Mary Abergavenny XXVI 31     No details yet held    
Thomas Wolverhampton XXII 325   21/02/1848 Kinver St Peter STS Jane Stringer
William Weobley XXVI 259   07/03/1848 Eardisland HEF Ann Powis
William Hereford XXVI 193   18/01/1848 Hereford St Peter HEF Elizabeth Bullen
William [Prees] Aston XVI 239   23/01/1848 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & Paul WAR Mary Ann Groves
Jun 1848
Ann Montgomery XXVII 183   17/04/1848 Worthen All Saints SAL Thomas Humphreys
Ann Hereford XXVI 289   29/04/1848 Madley HEF William Watkins
Edward Bridgnorth XVIII 53   11/05/1848 Chetton SAL Caroline Elcock
Elisabeth Hereford XXVI 275   06/06/1848 Hereford St Martin HEF John Hill
Eliza Honiton X 225   18/04/1848 Sidmouth DEV William Reed
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 243   07/05/1848 Much Birch HEF William Howells
Elizabeth Birmingham XVI 393   08/06/1848 Birmingham St Philip WAR Philip Carter
George Church Stretton XVIII 77   22/05/1848 Rushbury SAL Sarah Taylor
James Weobley XXVI 399   15/05/1848 Almeley HEF Sarah Bengough
Jane Leominster XXVI 365   25/05/1848 Orleton HEF William Ross
Margaret Monmouth XXVI 133   00/00/1848 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] GLS Thomas Clayton
Mary Atcham XVIII 29   05/06/1848 Pontesbury SAL John Sankey
Milborough Ludlow XVIII 139   02/04/1848 Burrington HEF Thomas Hince
Richard Leominster XXVI 357   08/06/1848 Kingsland HEF Jane Davis
Sarah Hereford XXVI 249   13/04/1848 Callow HEF James Biggs
Simeon Bridgwater X 615   18/05/1848 North Petherton SOM Mary Palmer
Thomas Hereford XXVI 322   29/06/1848 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Colcomb
Thomas [Preese] Abergavenny XXVI 49     No details yet held    
Thomas Ledbury XXVI 330   22/05/1848 Ledbury HEF Eliza Hardwick
Sep 1848
Ann [Priece] Dudley XVIII 351   27/08/1848 Sedgley All Saints STS Jeremiah Howells
Elizabeth Marylebone I 223   05/09/1848 Bryanston Square St Mary MDX Edward Lissiman
Frances Hereford XXVI 189   09/07/1848 Clehonger HEF George Coleman
James Leominster XXVI 269   14/08/1848 Leominster Register Office HEF Elizabeth Williams
James Kensington III 271   04/07/1848 Brompton Holy Trinity MDX Fanny Addis
John Atcham XVIII 5   03/07/1848 Condover SAL Ellen Farmer
Martha Shoreditch II 315   24/07/1848 Shoreditch St James MDX John James Catton
Mary Worcester XVIII 542   18/09/1848 Worcester St Andrew WOR George Whatmore
Samuel Dudley XVIII 315   14/08/1848 Dudley St James WOR Elizabeth Gould
Thomas Atcham XVIII 5   28/09/1848 Condover SAL Maria Taylor
Thomas Hereford XXVI 203   03/07/1848 Hereford St Martin HEF Elizabeth Davies
Thomas Hereford XXVI 231   05/08/1848 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Bishop
Dec 1848
Ann Ross XXVI 311   06/11/1848 Bridstow HEF Thomas Wickson
Caroline [Morgan] Prestiegne XXVI 391   14/10/1848 Old Radnor RAD William Hergest
Charlotte Bermondsey IV 19     No details yet held    
Edward [Preese] West Bromwich XVIII 784   00/00/1848 West Bromwich All Saints STS Catharine Robins
Elizabeth Newent XI 473   02/10/1848 Bromsberrow St Mary GLS James Pinch
Elizabeth Monmouth XXVI 105   18/11/1848 Newland GLS Moses Hawkins
Elizabeth Weobley XXVI 342   31/12/1848 Dilwyn HEF Edward Watkins
Esther Hereford XXVI 249   13/11/1848 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Edward Challenger
James Wolverhampton XVII 432   01/11/1848 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Elizabeth Williams
Margaret Crickhowell XXVI 489   06/11/1848 Llangattock BRE Margaret Preece
Mary Ledbury XXVI 289   17/12/1848 Woolhope HEF Thomas Poole
Mary Martley XVIII 595     No details yet held    
Richard Presteigne XXVI 399     No details yet held    
Thomas Shrewsbury XVIII 254   29/12/1848 Shrewsbury St George SAL Sarah Lewis
William Crickhowell XXVI 489   06/11/1848 Llangattock BRE William Preece
William Cardiff XXVI 576     No details yet held    
William Worcester XVIII 737   02/10/1848 Worcester St Peter WOR Milborough Davis
Mar 1849
Benjamin Hay XXVI 401   27/01/1849 Hay BRE Margaret Prosser
Benjamin Bridgnorth XVIII 36   08/03/1849 Bridgnorth SAL Sarah Edwards
Edmund Weobley XXVI 281   30/01/1849 Canon Pyon HEF Ann Watkins
Elizabeth Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 71   18/02/1849 Rock WOR William Preece
Elizabeth Abergavenny XXVI 28     No details yet held    
George Hereford XXVI 169   25/01/1849 Clodock HEF Caroline Price
James Dorking IV 95   00/00/1849 Not Yet Held SRY Caroline Fillery
Matilda Stepney II 357   04/03/1849 Stepney St Dunstan And All Saints MDX William Henry Perry
Thomas [Prees] Birmingham XVI 353   13/03/1849 Birmingham St Philip WAR Sarah Melen
Thomas Hereford XXVI 171   25/01/1849 Much Dewchurch HEF Salome Margaret Vayle
William Bromyard XXVI 153   29/03/1849 Bishops Frome HEF Emma Rogers
William Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 71   18/02/1849 Rock WOR Elizabeth Preece
William [Prees] Bridgend XXVI 429   05/03/1849 Newcastle GLA Elizabeth Thomas
Jun 1849
Abraham Atcham XVIII 30   18/06/1849 Pontesbury SAL Sarah Jones
Ann Hay XXVI 585     No details yet held    
Edward Tenbury XVIII 691   10/06/1849 Knighton On Teme WOR Eliza Beech
Edward St Giles I 91   30/06/1849 St Giles In The Fields LND Ann Tranton
Elizabeth Church Stretton XVIII 87   08/06/1849 Rushbury SAL Thomas Lawley
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 253   21/05/1849 Hampton Bishop HEF William Harrison
George Newington IV 433   01/04/1849 Walworth St Peter SRY Harriet Knight
Hannah Hereford XXVI 241   10/06/1849 Credenhill HEF Joseph Nichols
Henry Presteigne XXVI 440     No details yet held    
James Phillips Hereford XXVI 245   25/06/1849 Dormington HEF Sophia Wall
Jane Ludlow XVIII 165   22/05/1849 Stanton Lacy SAL Richard Collier
John Hereford XXVI 303   08/05/1849 Burrington Street Chapel Hereford HEF Ann Harris
John Worcester XVIII 731   12/06/1849 Worcester All Saints WOR Martha Gwillam
John Leominster XXVI 349   07/04/1849 Orleton SAL Sarah Radnor
Joseph Tenbury XVIII 699   03/04/1849 Tenbury Wells St Mary WOR Sarah Morris
Martha Hereford XXVI 259   21/04/1849 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Edmund Garston
Mary Church Stretton XVIII 85     No details yet held    
Philip Ledbury XXVI 319   09/04/1849 Ledbury HEF Phoebe Wargent
Philip Shrewsbury XVIII 303   12/04/1849 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Mary Anthony
Rebbecca Bridgnorth XVIII 52   03/06/1849 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL John Broad
Sophia Phillips Hereford XXVI 245     No details yet held    
Thomas Montgomery XXVII 157   00/00/1849 Buttington MGY Ann Griffiths
William Bridgend XXVI 589   08/05/1849 St Brides Minor GLA Ann Evans
William Dudley XVIII 484   30/04/1849 Sedgley All Saints STS Martha Allmark
Sep 1849
Ann Kidderminster XVIII 420   30/07/1849 Kidderminster St Mary WOR George Field
Benjamin Bridgnorth XVIII 30   19/09/1849 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Elizabeth Ward
Charles Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 63   21/08/1849 Stottesden and Farlow SAL Mary Medlicott
Charlotte Ludlow XVIII 91   19/09/1849 Burrington HEF Thomas Preece
George Leominster XXVI 257   01/07/1849 Aymestrey HEF Sarah Dyke
Henry Presteigne XXVI 329   26/07/1849 Kington HEF Catherine Goding Davies
James Cardiff XXVI 471   07/09/1849 Cardiff St John GLA Jane Howell
Jane Ledbury XXVI 243   06/09/1849 Ledbury HEF Edward Cook
John Birmingham XVI 380   03/09/1849 Birmingham St Martin WAR Mary Jenkins
John Bristol XI 185   30/09/1849 Bristol St Paul GLS Jane Dummett
John Hereford XXVI 217   07/04/1849 Orleton HEF Sarah Radnor
Mary Ann Clifton XI 366   24/09/1849 Clifton Register Office GLS Thomas Gould? Eamer
Morgan Ffestiniog XXVII 187     No details yet held    
Samuel Kidderminster XVIII 439     No details yet held    
Susannah Hereford XXVI 208   02/08/1849 Hereford St Martin HEF William Vale
Thomas Ludlow XVIII 91   19/09/1849 Burrington HEF Charlotte Preece
William Griffith [Prees] Aberystwyth XXVII 35   00/00/1849 Not Yet Held ??? Mary Hughes
Dec 1849
Charles Hereford XXVI 255   21/10/1849 Hereford St Owen HEF Mary Ann Preece
Elizabeth Ludlow XVIII 108   09/12/1849 Leintwardine HEF William Beavan
Harry Samuel Stepney II 497   02/12/1849 Shadwell LND Margaret Saffeary Baker
Joanna [Prees] Bridgend XXVI 581     No details yet held    
John Ross XXVI 381   14/10/1849 Ross Register Office HEF Elizabeth Webb
Joseph West Bromwich XVIII 780   12/11/1849 Handsworth St Mary STS Margaret Evans
Martha Ludlow XVIII 107     No details yet held    
Mary Weobley XXVI 383   31/12/1849 Almeley HEF George Price
Mary Ann Hereford XXVI 255   21/10/1849 Hereford St Owen HEF Charles Preece
Samuel Montgomery XXVII 203   05/11/1849 Worthen SAL Susan Bowdler
Sarah Hereford XXVI 244B   26/11/1849 Hereford All Saints HEF George Benson
William Weobley XXVI 395   12/11/1849 Moccas HEF Elizabeth Williams
Mar 1850
Ann Dudley XVIII 356   24/03/1850 Sedgley All Saints STS Richard Williams
David Bridgend XXVI 473   23/02/1850 St Mary Hill GLA Jennet Williams
Elizabeth Gloucester XI 379   14/02/1850 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS Samuel Averill
Jane Ross XXVI 292   09/03/1850 Ross HEF William Blake
Jane Hereford XXVI 242   12/03/1850 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Jones
Mary Birmingham XVI 339   10/03/1850 Birmingham St Martin WAR William Wilkins
Richard Aston XVI 284   24/03/1850 Aston Belmont Row Chapel WAR Ann Ocock
Samuel Leominster XXVI 277   07/03/1850 Orleton HEF Martha Godwin
Jun 1850
Amelia Tenbury XVIII 717     No details yet held    
Ann Stourbridge XVIII 687   19/06/1850 Oldswinford St Mary WOR Thomas Green
Ann Hereford XXVI 279   23/05/1850 Hereford All Saints HEF William Green
Caroline Hay XXVI 603   22/04/1850 Clyro RAD Edward Amiss
Catherine Hereford XXVI 285   19/06/1850 Hereford St Nicholas HEF James Built
Charles Ludlow XVIII 153   03/05/1850 Diddlebury SAL Sarah Thomas
Elizabeth [Priece] St George Hanover Square I 23     No details yet held    
Elizabeth [Prees] Birmingham XVI 372   08/04/1850 Birmingham St Martin WAR George Pearce
George Ledbury XXVI 345   29/05/1850 Putley HEF Susan Barber
George James Hereford XXVI 277   18/06/1850 Hampton Bishop HEF Elizabeth Floyd
John Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 99   27/05/1850 Stottesden and Farlow SAL Hannah Jordan
John Biggleswade VI 110A   01/04/1850 Tempsford BDF Susanna Brown
Nathan Newtown XXVII 207   00/00/1850 Newtown St Mary ??? Ann Davies
Robert Clun XVIII 115   05/04/1850 Hyssington MGY Eliz Wilkes
Sarah Ross XXVI 409   11/06/1850 St Weonards HEF Henry Fisher
Thomas [Preeve] Weobley XXVI 421   30/06/1850 Kings Pyon HEF Ann Ross
William Bridgwater X 586   30/06/1850 Bridgwater Holy Trinity SOM Sarah Lockyer
William Bridgnorth XVIII 47   14/04/1850 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Betsy Everall
William Leominster XXVI 377   20/06/1850 Orleton HEF Elizabeth Cleobury
William Hereford XXVI 321   22/04/1850 Hereford Register Office HEF Eliza Cross
William Presteigne XXVI 489     No details yet held    
Sep 1850
Alexander Kensington III 312     No details yet held    
Ann Worcester XVIII 613   30/09/1850 Worcester St Clement WOR William Preece
Benjamin Hereford XXVI 253   05/08/1850 Stoke Edith HEF Hannah Jones
Christiana Bromyard XXVI 189   14/07/1850 Bromyard HEF Joseph Oliver
Elizabeth Worcester XVIII 621   04/08/1850 Worcester St Nicholas WOR Thomas Howse
George Leominster XXVI 300   30/09/1850 Leominster Priory HEF Ann Williams
James Birmingham XVI 388   11/08/1850 Birmingham St Martin WAR Ann Richards
John Leominster XXVI 297   22/08/1850 Kingsland HEF Ann Morris
Mary Ledbury XXVI 281   09/07/1850 Tarrington HEF William Pudge
Mary Ann Abergavenny XXVI 27   05/08/1850 Bedwellty MON Thomas Edwards
Richard Ledbury XXVI 275   24/07/1850 Little Marcle HEF Mary Reece
Susanna Kings Norton XVIII 491   18/08/1850 Northfield St Laurence WOR James Green
Thomas Hereford XXVI 205   27/07/1850 Bacton HEF Marianne Phillips
Thomas Holling Bristol XI 248   00/00/1850 Not Yet Held ??? Mary Ann Warner
William Worcester XVIII 613   30/09/1850 Worcester St Clement WOR Ann Preece
Dec 1850
Ann Ludlow XVIII 127   27/12/1850 Richards Castle HEF William Davies
Ann Shrewsbury XVIII 270   16/11/1850 Richards Castle SAL Robert Sly
Ann Ludlow XVIII 127     No details yet held    
Anne Weobley XXVI 359   07/10/1850 Mancel Lacy HEF William Green
Charlotte Leominster XXVI 357   22/10/1850 Leominster Priory HEF James Farmer
Eliza Martley XVIII 643   22/12/1850 Shrawley WOR Thomas Brown
Francis Kidderminster XVIII 566   05/12/1850 Ribbesford WOR Caroline Worrall
George Montgomery XXVII 191   24/10/1850 Worthen SAL Mary Pugh
Hannah Bridgnorth XVIII 59   24/10/1850 Chetton SAL Thomas Weaver
Margaret Jane Windsor VI 552     No details yet held    
Mary [Prees] Bridgend XXVI 557   25/12/1850 Coity GLA William Thomas
Mary [Preese] Bridge V 557     No details yet held    
Robert [Prees] Bangor XXVII 521   00/00/1850 Bangor Civil Marriage CAE Laura Pritchard
Robert Rugby XVI 777     No details yet held    
Sophia Leominster XXVI 343   26/12/1850 Orleton HEF John Jones
Thomas Wem XVIII 332     No details yet held    
Thomas Shrewsbury XVIII 266   18/11/1850 Shrewsbury Holy Cross SAL Emma Briscoe
William Bromyard XXVI 229   06/10/1850 Stanford Bishop HEF Margaret Colley