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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1896 - 1898

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1896
Albert Edward [Press] Stafford 6B 39   00/00/1896 Stafford Civil Marriage STS Ann Warner
Alice Sarah Newport 11A 255     No details yet held    
Ann Neath 11A 985     No details yet held    
Arthur Abergavenny 11A 101     No details yet held    
Arthur Joseph Kings Norton 6C 498   24/02/1896 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Minnie Louisa Gardner
Charles James Hereford 6A 713   16/02/1896 Wellington HEF Sarah Ann Clayton
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 711   12/02/1896 Wellington HEF Henry Preece
Elizabeth Pontypridd 11A 694     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ann Hereford 6A 696   06/02/1896 Holmer HEF William E Bodenham
Emily Lydia Bury 8C 625   29/01/1896 Bury St Peter LAN Samuel Clarke
Florence Aston 6D 304   26/02/1896 Bordesley St Oswald WAR Thomas John Jones
George Swansea 11A 1079   31/03/1896 Swansea Christ Church GLA Sarah Rees
Harry Bethnal Green 1C 223   00/00/1896 Not Yet Held LND Elizabeth Sparrow
Helen Augusta Alcester 6D 769     No details yet held    
Henry Ludlow 6A 793   23/03/1896 Leinthall Starkes HEF Emma Greenhouse
Henry Hereford 6A 711   12/02/1896 Wellington HEF Elizabeth Preece
James Pontypridd 11A 725     No details yet held    
Lavinia Fylde 8E 864   05/02/1896 Blackpool Christ Church LAN William Edward Price
Maria Atcham 6A 945   00/00/1896 Not Yet Held SAL Richard Philpott
Mary Ann Aston 6D 307   23/02/1896 Deritend St John The Baptist WAR Henry Phillips
Mary Elizabeth Hereford 6A 727   25/02/1896 Hereford Register Office HEF Charles Sirrell
Sarah Dudley 6C 105   29/03/1896 Tipton St John STS Walter Thorp
Sophia Ormskirk 8B 1043   04/01/1896 Southport Methodist Church LAN John Blundell
Walter Kingston 2A 419   15/02/1896 Teddington St Peter & St Paul MDX Mary Elizabeth Remnant
Jun 1896
Agnes Bedminster 5C 1225   13/06/1896 Bedminster St John SOM Walter Charles Fox
Alice Hereford 6A 1021     No details yet held    
Annie Hereford 6A 981   03/05/1896 Little Birch HEF Charles C Green
Arthur Henry Kensington 1A 204   00/00/1896 ? Not Yet Held LND Annie Butterworth
Carolin Tenbury 6C 373   03/05/1896 Hanley Child WOR Edmund Jones
David Llandovery 11A 1469     No details yet held    
Edwin Henry Kidderminster 6C 323   25/04/1896 Kidderminster St George WOR Kate Maud Laycock
Eliza Pontypridd 11A 701   05/04/1896 Llanwonno GLA Joshua Evans
Emily Hereford 6A 1005   04/04/1896 Hereford St James HEF Albert Yemm
Enoch Josiah Westbury On Severn 6A 509   00/00/1896 Westbury On Severn[Register Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Charlotte Tippins
Esther Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1048     No details yet held    
George Williams Knighton 11B 235     No details yet held    
Harriet Wandsworth 1D 1162     No details yet held    
Herbert Henry West Ham 4A 199   06/06/1896 Upton Cross St Peter ESS Caroline Harriett Shaw
James Walsall 6B 1186   21/06/1896 Walsall St George STS Emma Jane Cockayne
James Knighton 11B 236     No details yet held    
James Leominster 6A 1128   06/05/1896 Leominster Priory HEF Eliza Meredith
James Bentley Hereford 6A 1045   04/06/1896 Wormbridge HEF Mary Morgan
Jane Elizabeth Leominster 6A 1121   30/04/1896 Ivington HEF William Alfred Luther
John Hereford 6A 1006   05/04/1896 Hereford St James HEF Mary Williams
John Lewis West Ham 4A 435     No details yet held    
Joseph Holborn 1B 1205     No details yet held    
Joseph Ross 6A 975   06/04/1896 Yatton HEF Elizabeth Ann Patterson
Margaret Atcham 6A 1385   00/00/1896 Shrewsbury St George SAL Elvis T H Maycock
Martha Kinsey Wolverhampton 6B 861   03/05/1896 Bilston STS Albert Elijah Lavender
Richard Newcastle Under Lyme 6B 108   17/05/1896 Newcastle St George STS Emma Tomkinson
Sarah Wolverhampton 6B 1082     No details yet held    
Thomas Bedwellty 11A 198     No details yet held    
William Crickhowell 11B 176     No details yet held    
William Newent 6A 513   25/04/1896 Dymock GLS Ellen Elizabeth Barnett
William Edward R Bromsgrove 6C 688   00/00/1896 Bromsgrove STS Elizabeth Court
Sep 1896
Agnes Louisa Burnley 8E 380   26/08/1896 Burnley St James LAN William John James
Alfred Aston 6D 393   02/08/1896 Ashted St James The Less WAR Rose Alice Stanford
Ann Louisa Worcester 6C 392   30/08/1896 Worcester All Saints WOR Richard Barber
Anne Christiana North Bierley 9B 413   15/08/1896 Birstal YKS Samuel Schofield
Arthur Aston 6D 645   19/09/1896 Birmingham Small Heath WAR Edith Shepherd
Arthur Charles Kingston 2A 770   27/07/1896 Wimbledon Queens Road Baptist Chapel SRY Louisa Goodacre
Arthur Robert Kings Norton 6C 643   05/07/1896 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Clara Meddings
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 293     No details yet held    
Emma Rochdale 8E 11   00/00/1896 Dearnley St Andrew LAN Thomas Wild
Emma Oldham 8D 1071   26/08/1896 ? Not Known LAN Lockwood Wright
Frances Abergavenny 11A 120     No details yet held    
Fred Blackburn 8E 798   16/08/1896 Rishton St Peter & Paul LAN Mary Ann Martin
Frederick James Farnham 2A 198     No details yet held    
Gertrude Elizabeth Chorlton 8C 1496   00/00/1896 Chorlton-On-Medlock Registar Attended LAN Stephen Ball
Henry William Bridgnorth 6A 1126   01/08/1896 Bridgnorth SAL Elizabeth Head
Jane Madeley 6A 1177   20/09/1896 Dawley Magna SAL George Wylde Taylor
Mary Ann Dudley 6C 141   23/08/1896 Tipton St John STS John H Round
Mira Newport 11A 377     No details yet held    
Sarah Edmonton 3A 600   13/09/1896 Stamford Hill St John MDX Herbert Mortimer Wood
Sarah Ann Dewsbury 9B 1169   03/08/1896 Morley St Peter YKS John Charleson Garson
Sarah Elizabeth Weobley 6A 961     No details yet held    
Solomon Weobley 6A 965   08/07/1896 Weobley Register Office HEF Alice De La Haye
Susan Hereford 6A 915   19/07/1896 Hereford St James HEF Albert Floyd
Thomas Altrincham 8A 365   00/00/1896 Altrincham CHS Pauline Prolze
William Ecclesall Bierlow 9C 463     No details yet held    
Dec 1896
Ada Nantwich 8A 626   00/00/1896 Nantwich CHS James Maddocks
Ada Mary Meriden 6D 871   12/10/1896 Berkswell WAR Thomas Poyner
Ann Bromyard 6A 1051   21/12/1896 Bishops Frome HEF Francis Sidney Foxwell
Annie Weobley 6A 1031   02/12/1896 Canon Pyon HEF William Edward Davies
Emily Newport 11A 355     No details yet held    
Florence Maud Lewisham 1D 1954     No details yet held    
James Cole Camberwell 1D 1455     No details yet held    
Jane Leominster 6A 1065   19/10/1896 Aymestrey HEF William Jones
John Bolton 8C 647   00/00/1896 Bolton Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN Grace Duxbury
John Leominster 6A 1085   04/10/1896 Leominster Register Office HEF Emily Whittaker
Kate Emily Frome 5C 839   17/10/1896 Nunney All Saints SOM Charles Henry Matthews
Louisa Aston 6D 820     No details yet held    
Mary [Prees] Neath 11A 1199   11/10/1896 Llantwit-Juxta-Neath St Illtyd GLA Thomas Williams
Mary Elizabeth Hereford 6A 1016   13/10/1896 Hereford Register Office HEF Ivan James
Mary Frances [Prees] Aston 6D 453   04/10/1896 Ashted St James The Less WAR Walter Baker
Miriam Aston 6D 686A   25/12/1896 Lozells St Paul WAR Frederick Charles Hills
Rowland Joseph Birmingham 6D 411     No details yet held    
Thomas Pontypridd 11A 794     No details yet held    
William Madeley 6A 1263   09/11/1896 Stirchley SAL Clara Annie Blocksidge
William Bridgwater 5C 611   29/12/1896 Bridgwater St John SOM Annie Davey
William Henry Derby 7B 1042   26/12/1896 Derby St Thomas DBY Annie Elizabeth Glover
Mar 1897
Alfred Hereford 6A 685   23/01/1897 Hereford All Saints HEF Beatrice Jarvis
Alice Maude Atcham 6A 925   00/00/1897 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL John F Williams
Arthur Aston 6D 460     No details yet held    
Caroline Harriett Madeley 6A 888   00/00/1897 Not Yet Held SAL John Lloyd
Charlotte West Bromwich 6B 994   00/00/1897 West Bromwich St Paul STS William Rowley
Eleanor Llandovery 11A 1214     No details yet held    
Eleanor Weobley 6A 725   24/03/1897 Eardisland HEF David Jones
Elizabeth Aston 6D 259   14/03/1897 Ashted St James The Less WAR Jethro William Mountford
Ellen Jane Burnley 8E 280   17/02/1897 Burnley St James LAN Fenwick Coulthard
Esther Kingston 2A 523     No details yet held    
Florence Eleanor Fulham 1A 485     No details yet held    
Hannah Tamworth 6B 527   00/00/1897 Drayton Bassett St Peter STS George A Lockwood
Thomas Newport 11A 302   27/03/1897 Pontypool MON Sarah Ann Williams
William Hereford 6A 714   18/02/1897 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth Jones
William Edward Ross 6A 667   23/01/1897 Ross Register Office HEF Emily Cooke
Jun 1897
Albert John Merthyr Tydfil 11A 953     No details yet held    
Alice Keighley 9A 438     No details yet held    
Alice Aston 6D 764   05/06/1897 Small Heath All Saints WAR James Letchford
Amy Atcham 6A 1352   00/00/1897 Atcham Register Office SAL Alfred Jones
Andrew Brecknock 11B 133     No details yet held    
Arthur William Aston 6D 778   17/04/1897 Sparkbrook Christ Church WAR Annie Molesworth
Benjamin Nantwich 8A 586   00/00/1897 Crewe St Paul CHS Harriet Hoff
Charles Rupert [Prees] Aston 6D 867     No details yet held    
Elias Wolverhampton 6B 1032   05/04/1897 Wolverhampton St George STS Mary Jane Beswick
Ellen Leominster 6A 1069   02/06/1897 Orleton HEF William Harris
Emma Eliza Milton 2A 1726     No details yet held    
Florence West Bromwich 6B 1415   17/04/1897 Wednesbury St Paul STS John Secker
Frederick Abergavenny 11A 73     No details yet held    
Frederick James Farnham 2A 242   08/09/1897 Farnham SRY Mary Tankard
George Cardigan 11B 1     No details yet held    
George Ludlow 6A 1111   27/04/1897 Diddlebury SAL Lucy Mary Edwards
Hannah Weobley 6A 1019   19/05/1897 Norton Canon HEF Edwin Lawley
Harriet Stone 6B 61   19/04/1897 Aston by Stone St Saviour STS William Pearce
Henry Aston 6D 835     No details yet held    
Henry Charles Richmond 2A 798   09/06/1897 Richmond St Luke SRY Alice Newbury
James Cannock 6B 849   04/04/1897 Cannock St Luke STS Emily Farrington
John Crickhowell 11B 165     No details yet held    
John Aston 6D 693   18/04/1897 Nechells St Catherine WAR Emma Norwood
Joseph Henry Aston 6D 770   07/06/1897 Small Heath St Aidan WAR Eleanor Moore
Llewellyn Canterbury 2A 1613     No details yet held    
Mary Atcham 6A 1317   00/00/1897 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Thomas Hoare
Mary Ann Bridgend 11A 1073   07/06/1897 Llangynwyd GLA William Berry
Richard Charles Hereford 6A 992   05/05/1897 Hereford Register Office HEF Ellinor Jervis
Richard Joshua Martley 6C 471   18/05/1897 Shelsley Beauchamp WOR Mary Elizabeth Bunce
Robert William Hereford 6A 949   13/04/1897 Hereford St James HEF Blanch E Dunning
Samuel Bromyard 6A 1031   06/04/1897 Much Cowarne HEF Alice Roles
Sarah Jane Clun 6A 1145   00/00/1897 Clun St George SAL John Oliver
Susan Newport 11A 305   19/12/1897 Newport MON Alfred Edward Moore
William Exeter 5B 198     No details yet held    
Sep 1897
Ada Elizabeth Hereford 6A 996   19/07/1897 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry Smith
Amelia Stourbridge 6C 245   14/08/1897 Old Swinford St Mary WOR John Thomas Doley
Amy Ashton Under Lyne 8D 748   00/00/1897 Ashton Under Lyne Holy Trinity CHS Benjamin Brocklehurst
Beatrice Maud M Hereford 6A 995   15/07/1897 Hereford Register Office HEF Albert Matthews
Caroline Barton Regis 6A 186   09/08/1897 Bristol St Jude GLS James Bevin Toft
Charles Henry Tenbury 6C 356   00/00/1897 Nash SAL Lucy Jones
Edward Charles Aston 6D 675   11/09/1897 Sparkbrook Christ Church WAR Amphliss Slim
Edwin Leonard Pontypridd 11A 707   27/07/1897 Treherbert GLA Elizabeth Ann Williams
Eliza Weobley 6A 1013   30/08/1897 Canon Pyon HEF Thomas Reynolds
Elizabeth Rachel Cheltenham 6A 787   04/09/1897 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Arthur Hathaway Downham
Ellen Ludlow 6A 1087   26/09/1897 Ludford SAL William Bloom
Fanny Eliza Aston 6D 467   01/08/1897 Bordesley Holy Trinity WAR William Amphlett
Fanny Elizabeth Kidderminster 6C 324   14/09/1897 Kidderminster St John WOR Herbert Albert Henderson
Florence Maria M Nantwich 8A 553   00/00/1897 Crewe St Paul CHS James Bebbington
George Durham 10A 600   00/00/1897 Durham DUR Catherine Lee
Gertrude Bridgwater 5C 557   21/07/1897 Bridgwater Holy Trinity SOM Albert Hendy
Hannah Mary J Hereford 6A 973   02/08/1897 Holmer HEF Ernest W Oliver
Harry Kings Norton 6C 699   05/07/1897 Edgbaston St George WAR Ada Jane Ward
Harry Barrington Axbridge 5C 879   22/09/1897 Cheddar SOM Bertha Day
Henrietta Stoke Upon Trent 6B 426   00/00/1897 Civil Marriage (Stoke) STS John Austin
Henry Leominster 6A 1051   17/07/1897 Leominster Priory HEF Alice Pearce
James Hereford 6A 977   24/08/1897 Lugwardine HEF Annie Brace
James George Upton On Severn 6C 497     No details yet held    
John Wolverhampton 6B 1016     No details yet held    
Kate Bethia Islington 1B 521   06/07/1897 Islington St Stephen MDX William John Hutchings
Laura Annie St Olave Southwark 1D 481   09/08/1897 Bermondsey St James SRY Charles Boutcher
Lillia Ada Rochdale 8E 95   00/00/1897 Rochdale Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN Walter Flinn
Lizzie St George Hanover Square 1A 1105   03/07/1897 Westminster St Margaret MDX Frank Foster Short
Lydia Susanna Ross 6A 917   30/08/1897 Sellack HEF William Henry Oakley
Mary Hereford 6A 979   16/08/1897 Madley HEF John Lewis
Mary Church Stretton 6A 1135   00/00/1897 Church Stretton Register Office SAL John Pugh
Minnie Forden 11B 261   06/09/1897 Buttington MGY Henry Pritchard
Richard [Preace] West Derby 8B 715     No details yet held    
William Knighton 11B 203     No details yet held    
William Thomas Islington 1B 719   25/07/1897 Islington St Saviour MDX Mary Elizabeth Gallant
Dec 1897
Alfred Charles Aston 6D 868     No details yet held    
Annie Jane Newent 6A 515   17/11/1897 Oxenhall GLS James Fleetwood Potts
Arthur Blackburn 8E 564   18/12/1897 Blackburn St Thomas LAN Alice Marsden
Caroline Ludlow 6A 1171   00/00/1897 Ludlow Register Office SAL Charles Webb
Charles Barton Regis 6A 211   27/12/1897 Bristol St Jude GLS Laura House
Charles John Plymouth 5B 524   22/12/1897 Sutton On Plym St John DEV Olive Gould
Esther Maud Martley 6C 454   26/12/1897 Hallow WOR Frederick Turner
Florence Shifnal 6A 1251     No details yet held    
George Bromyard 6A 1097   28/12/1897 Bromyard HEF Lucy Price
Henry Hereford 6A 1037   19/11/1897 Holmer HEF Annie Hiddins
Jane Elizabeth Weobley 6A 1071   03/11/1897 Eardisland HEF George Cleaton
Janet Bedwellty 11A 157     No details yet held    
John Pontypridd 11A 907     No details yet held    
Jonathan Burnley 8E 303   02/10/1897 Habergham Eaves All Saints LAN Mary Ann Scott
Louisa Hereford 6A 1005   02/12/1897 Abbey Dore HEF William Hancocks
Martha Elizabeth West Derby 8B 582   26/12/1897 Edge Hill St Mary LAN Charles Sidney Bagley
Morgan Newport 11A 347   13/12/1897 Penmaen MON Annie Morgan
William Bromyard 6A 1091   07/11/1897 Upper Sapey HEF Rose Hannah Kennett
Willie North Bierley 9B 378   27/10/1897 Birstal YKS Jane Allsop
Zillah Phebe Dudley 6C 157   13/11/1897 Rowley Regis St Giles STS Reuben Harris
Mar 1898
Ada Worcester 6C 325     No details yet held    
Alfred William Hereford 6A 686   10/03/1898 Hereford Register Office HEF Marian Cleland
Ann St Olave Southwark 1D 262   27/03/1898 Bermondsey St Mary Magdalene LND Edmond George Moorby
Annie Walsall 6B 878     No details yet held    
Annie Maria Birmingham 6D 149   20/02/1898 Birmingham WAR Frederick Richard Wilson
Arthur Edmund Hereford 6A 649   19/03/1898 Hereford All Saints HEF Lucy Bayliss
Barnabus Aston 6D 228   13/03/1898 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Mary Evans
Christopher Coventry 6D 643     No details yet held    
David Bridgend 11A 860   30/03/1898 Llangynwyd GLA Ida Mary Gilbert
Donald Charles Cardiff 11A 382     No details yet held    
Edith Cleobury Mortimer 6A 803   22/02/1898 Bayton WOR William Taylor
Emily Hereford 6A 671   01/02/1898 Madley HEF James Crump
Frank Newbury 2C 363   15/02/1898 Thatcham BRK Mary Lawrence
George Chorlton 8C 1023   26/03/1898 Manchester Longsight St Clement LAN Athena Broughall
John Atcham 6A 927   11/02/1898 Westbury SAL Jane Evans
John Chipping Sodbury 6A 267   19/02/1898 Old Sodbury GLS Emily Gowen
Lois Mercy Westbury On Severn 6A 309   27/01/1898 Drybrook GLS William James Cann
Lucy Bolton 8C 613   00/00/1898 Bolton Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN James E Lees
Martha Dudley 6C 103   04/02/1898 Tipton St Martin Pepper Box STS William J Wilkes
Mary Ann West Ham 4A 13   20/03/1898 West Ham Holy Trinity Barking Road ESS John Albert Edward Cawson
Matilda Merthyr Tydfil 11A 807     No details yet held    
Robert George Pershore 6C 397   08/01/1898 Whittington WOR Emily Jane Hodgkins
Sophia Nantwich 8A 470   00/00/1898 Nantwich CHS Thomas Ralphes
Thomas Oldham 8D 771   29/01/1898 Oldham St. James LAN Sarah E Shaw
William Knighton 11B 139   12/02/1898 Knighton RAD Mary Corfield
Jun 1898
Albert Shipley Droitwich 6C 597   30/06/1898 Hanbury WOR Ellen Albutt
Annie Atcham 6A 1366   23/06/1898 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Edwin Barnett
Arthur West Bromwich 6B 1550   00/00/1898 West Bromwich Register Office STS Ann M Hall
Arthur Bethnal Green 1C 468A   00/00/1898 Not Yet Held LND Caroline A Richardson
Arthur William Bradford 9B 114   15/06/1898 Bradford YKS Elizabeth Laycock Thirkill
Charles Samuel Ledbury 6A 919   12/04/1898 Tarrington HEF Annie E Young
Edith Bolton 8C 454   00/00/1898 Bolton St Paul Astley Bridge LAN Samuel Gadsden
Florence [Prees] Birmingham 6D 368     No details yet held    
Frederick Christopher Cardiff 11A 467   00/05/1898 Roath St Margaret GLA Mary Jane Hawkins
George Allen Gloucester 6A 573   27/04/1898 Gloucester St Mark GLS Georgina Constance Williams
Henry Atcham 6A 1388   00/00/1898 Atcham Register Office SAL Elizabeth Cox
James Kings Norton 6C 758   11/04/1898 Kings Heath All Saints WOR Myra Stone
James [Prees] Greenwich 1D 1782   25/04/1898 Deptford KEN Fanny Poole
Joseph Aston 6D 538   28/05/1898 Deritend St John The Baptist WAR Leah Taylor
Joseph Frederick Aston 6D 778     No details yet held    
Louisa Penzance 5C 396     No details yet held    
Margaret Clun 6A 1153   00/00/1898 Bishops Castle St John The Baptist SAL John Yapp
Martha Bridgnorth 6A 1225     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Barton Regis 6A 193   05/04/1898 Bristol St Jude GLS Frederick James Gale
Mary Elizabeth Aston 6D 419   10/04/1898 Ashted St James The Less WAR Henry Tilbrook Hall
Rosina Atcham 6A 1357   05/06/1898 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Charles Arthur Sheaff
Sarah Ann Nantwich 8A 627   00/00/1898 Wybunbury St Chad CHS Thomas H Harding
Sarah Ann Wolverhampton 6B 980   11/06/1898 Envill St Mary The Virgin STS Joseph Bridgwater
Thomas Kidderminster 6C 345   28/05/1898 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Minnie Schofield
Thomas Stoke Upon Trent 6B 394   11/04/1898 Shelton St Mark STS Eliza Bourne
Thomas Francis Bridgnorth 6A 1211   00/00/1898 Astley Abbotts SAL Elizabeth S Todd
William [Prees] Solihull 6D 1148   28/05/1898 Sparkhill St John WAR Eliza Wimlett
William Wolverhampton 6B 984   19/06/1898 Wednesfield STS Mary Elizabeth Bateman
William Leominster 6A 1081   14/06/1898 Leominster Priory HEF Eleanor Holloway
William Henry Manchester 8D 319   11/04/1898 Miles Platting Albert Memorial LAN Mary E Lees
William James Wandsworth 1D 1325   29/05/1898 Wandsworth St Faith LND Elizabeth Williams
Sep 1898
Albert Edward Wolverhampton 6B 838   11/09/1898 Bilston St Mary STS Sarah Ann Davies
Clara Emily Worcester 6C 401   00/00/1898 Worcester WOR William Henry Hale
Eliza Droitwich 6C 577   04/07/1898 Hanbury WOR Henry George Batchelor
Elizabeth Barnsley 9C 266     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hendon 3A 423     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Lily Stourbridge 6C 203   10/07/1898 Blackheath St Paul WOR Harry Green
Ellen Hereford 6A 1003   10/09/1898 Hereford Register Office HEF Albert Pugh
George William Abergavenny 11A 82     No details yet held    
Herbert Kington 6A 1081   20/08/1898 Kington Register Office HEF Sarah Ann Harper
James Cole St Saviour Southwark 1D 308   04/08/1898 Walworth St Stephen SRY Sophia Chamberlain
James Thomas Hartley Wintney 2C 383   24/09/1898 Hawley HAM Elizabeth Lucy Goddard
Jennie Cardiff 11A 558     No details yet held    
John Dudley 6C 150   14/08/1898 Tipton St Martin Pepper Box STS Alice Hughes
John Edward Kings Norton 6C 743   02/07/1898 Kings Heath All Saints WOR Alice Mary Stringer
Louisa Chester 8A 645   00/00/1898 Chistleton St James CHS Booth Peacock
Mary West Derby 8B 827   00/00/1898 Mossley Hill St. Matthew With St. James LAN Robert Johnson
Mary Gloucester 6A 595   00/00/1898 Gloucester Registry Office GLS Tom Briant
Mary Jane Leominster 6A 1039   27/09/1898 Bodenham HEF Thomas Arrowsmith
Nellie Beatrice Dudley 6C 184   00/00/1898 Dudley Register Office WOR Harry A Davies
Sarah Charlotte Worcester 6C 417   25/09/1898 Worcester All Saints WOR Samuel Bevan
Simeon Wolverhampton 6B 958   04/09/1898 Wolverhampton St Mary STS Mary Aldridge
Theophilus Hereford 6A 941   05/07/1898 Burghill HEF Elizabeth Pritchard
Thomas Hereford 6A 985   16/08/1898 Vowchurch HEF Mary A Phillips
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 991   00/00/1898 Wolverhampton STS Catherine Burden
William James Malton 9D 686   18/09/1898 Norton juxta Malton St Peter YKS Emma Wheatley
William John Bridgend 11A 840     No details yet held    
Dec 1898
Ada Ethel St Saviour Southwark 1D 57   15/10/1898 Newington Holy Trinity SRY Richard Kelly Flynn
Alfred Hereford 6A 1029   26/11/1898 Hereford Register Office HEF Olive Lucas
Amy Wolverhampton 6B 1162   26/12/1898 Wolverhampton Snow Hill STS Thomas Devine
Annie Chorlton 8C 1409   03/12/1898 Withington LAN John Frederick Mellor
Annie Elizabeth Kings Norton 6C 759   27/11/1898 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Walter Roland Allen
Arthur James Portsea Island 2B 1029   17/12/1898 Portsea St George HAM Bertha Ann Pearce
Augusta Sophia Holborn 1B 1307   16/10/1898 Clerkenwell St Peter LND Benjamin Henry Serman
Benjamin Stoke Upon Trent 6B 309   25/12/1898 Fenton STS Ann Selina Barker
Charles Hereford 6A 983   09/10/1898 Hereford All Saints HEF Amy Pritchard
Edwin West Derby 8B 836   00/00/1898 Litherland St Philip LAN Catherine A Jones
Edwin Henry Shipston On Stour 6D 1379   00/00/1898 Ebrington St Eadburgha GLS Elizabeth Joyce Smith
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 971   07/12/1898 Much Dewchurch HEF Harry Pember
Elizabeth Emily Brentford 3A 119   16/10/1898 South Acton All Saints MDX Joseph Henry Holcombe
Elizabeth Lillian Newent 6A 501   19/11/1898 Gorsley GLS Thomas Henry Kendall
Ellen Thame 3A 160   21/11/1898 Great Haseley OXF Thomas Morgan
Ellen Ann Kingston 2A 777     No details yet held    
Emily Hackney 1B 1114     No details yet held    
Frances Fanny Kidderminster 6C 387   08/10/1898 Kidderminster St George WOR Charles Henry Mills
Harriet Eugenie Aston 6D 476   29/10/1898 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Thomas Arthur Reece
Harry Alcester 6D 1366     No details yet held    
John Thomas Prescot 8B 1114   00/00/1898 St Thomas Eccleston LAN Mary Guest
Joseph Mile End 1C 795   06/11/1898 Stepney St Phillip LND Alice Ansell
Lizzie Hereford 6A 1023   27/10/1898 Hereford Register Office HEF William George Jones
Lucy Hannah Cheltenham 6A 833   20/11/1898 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Walter Neeves
Matthew John Dudley 6C 131     No details yet held    
Maud Caroline Martley 6C 463   01/10/1898 Malvern Link WOR Frederick John Gummery
Sarah Stafford 6B 28   28/11/1898 Stafford St Mary STS Joseph Hodgkiss
Thomas William Stourbridge 6C 310   02/11/1898 Oldswinford St Mary WOR Amelia Hall
William Hay 11B 229   08/11/1898 Clyro RAD Emma Miffling
William Marylebone 1A 1279   13/11/1898 St Johns Wood St Mark LND Catherine Evans
William James Newport 11A 304   04/12/1898 Newport St Woolos MON Edith Maria Dyer