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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1841 - 1845

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1841
Eliza Bradford XXIII 140   01/02/1841 Bradford YKS Joseph Bearden
Elizabeth Ross XXVI 229   26/03/1841 Ross HEF Thomas Sivell
Elizabeth Ludlow XVIII 103   22/02/1841 Culmington SAL John Pearce
Elizabeth [Preese] Aston XVI 233   14/03/1841 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR John Jesson
James Bridgwater X 519     No details yet held    
John Pontypool XXVI 127     No details yet held    
John Stepney II 328   24/02/1841 Stepney St Dunstan And All Saints MDX Maria Collins
Joseph Leominster XXVI 203   22/02/1841 Bodenham HEF Susannah Williams
Thomas Clun XVIII 75   21/03/1841 Hyssington St Etheldreda MGY Mary Redge
Thomas Leominster XXVI 205   01/02/1841 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Elizabeth Parry
Jun 1841
Ann Hereford XXVI 265   09/05/1841 Peterchurch HEF Joseph Prosser
Edward Cardiff XXVI 640   24/04/1841 Llantrithyd GLA Mary Griffiths
Frederick [Pearce] Bridgnorth XVIII 47   21/06/1841 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Jane Evans
John Shrewsbury XVIII 268   11/04/1841 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Catherine Mansell
Richard [Reece] Bridgnorth XVIII 47   01/05/1841 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Mary Wall
Sarah Monmouth XXVI 85   03/06/1841 Garway HEF Thomas Parry
Susanna [Preace] Dudley XVIII 426   06/05/1841 Sedgley All Saints STS William Thomas
Thomas Hereford XXVI 249   09/06/1841 Hereford St Owen HEF Mary Ann Wood
Sep 1841
Eliza Hereford XXVI 235   09/08/1841 Withington HEF John Taylor
Elizabeth Kidderminster XVIII 379   06/09/1841 Ribbesford WOR Henry Wright
Elizabeth Monmouth XXVI 91   20/07/1841 Penrose MON Richard Jones
Elizabeth Weobley XXVI 302   29/07/1841 Birley HEF Thomas Bounds
Elizabeth Gloucester XI 363   23/08/1841 Gloucester St Michael GLS Richard Juckes
George Pancras I 296   22/07/1841 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Hannah Wood
Jane Hereford XXVI 189   08/07/1841 Breinton HEF Samuel Smith
John West Bromwich XVIII 555   26/09/1841 Handsworth St Mary STS Sarah Carless
Dec 1841
Ann [Prees] Shrewsbury XVIII 220   30/12/1841 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Thomas Broome
Ann Worcester XVIII 669   19/12/1841 Worcester St Peter WOR Samuel James
Barbara Worcester XVIII 669   10/10/1841 Worcester St Peter WOR Richard Palmer
Caroline Wolverhampton XVII 314   30/10/1841 Wolverhampton St Peter STS John Beeston
Edwin Weobley XXVI 321   10/10/1841 Dilwyn HEF Sarah Jones
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 204   23/11/1841 Little Birch HEF John Hughes
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 183   01/11/1841 Hereford All Saints HEF George Brookes
Elizabeth West Bromwich XVIII 696   25/12/1841 Handsworth St Mary STS Edward Lavander
George Leominster XXVI 269   20/12/1841 Humber HEF Ann Williams
Harriet Hereford XXVI 210   24/12/1841 Hereford Cathedral HEF William Brooks
Martha Ludlow XVIII 109   28/11/1841 Onibury SAL William Davies
Mary Ledbury XXVI 257   30/12/1841 Woolhope HEF William Hill
Richard Hereford XXVI 201   14/10/1841 Hereford Register Office HEF Ann Jones
Richard Hereford XXVI 237   25/10/1841 Hampton Bishop HEF Esther Jones
Sarah Hereford XXVI 185   14/10/1841 Breinton HEF John Pendry
Sarah Leominster XXVI 281   17/11/1841 Orleton HEF Edward Bufton
Mar 1842
Ann Montgomery XXVII 155   18/01/1842 Worthen All Saints SAL William Russell
Caroline Hereford XXVI 159   24/01/1842 Hampton Bishop HEF William Watkins
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 151   26/01/1842 Aconbury HEF James Parry
John Bridgnorth XVIII 27     No details yet held    
Mary Anne Weobley XXVI 245   07/02/1842 Dilwyn HEF George Septimus Abley
Robert Hereford XXVI 153   31/03/1842 Burghill HEF Elizabeth Andrews
Susanna Cardiff XXVI 421   12/03/1842 Llandaff GLA Thomas Jefferies
Jun 1842
Ann West Bromwich XVIII 691   18/04/1842 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Thomas Chowne
Charles [Preese] Ludlow XVIII 139   12/06/1842 Culmington SAL Ann Hill
Charlotte [Reece] Hereford XXVI 233   13/06/1842 Lugwardine HEF Thomas Handcocks
Cordelia Kidderminster XVIII 457   31/05/1842 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Benjamin Manning
Eleanor Ledbury XXVI 267   19/06/1842 Mathon HEF Thomas Brown
Francis Ludlow XVIII 165   00/00/1842 Ludlow Register Office SAL Jane Mainwaring
George Weobley XXVI 357   19/05/1842 Kings Pyon HEF Margaret Wood
George Hereford XXVI 234   05/06/1842 Lugwardine HEF Jane Powell
James Droitwich XVIII 354   16/06/1842 Claines WOR Ann Webb
John Presteigne XXVI 381   09/06/1842 Byton HEF Esther Harris
John Hereford XXVI 227   26/06/1842 Hereford St Owen HEF Eliza Virgo
John Marylebone I 252   16/06/1842 St Marylebone MDX Sarah Rowlett
Joseph Hereford XXVI 235   12/05/1842 Madley HEF Martha Lewis
Joseph Hereford XXVI 236   12/05/1842 Madley HEF Martha Lewis
Martha Shoreditch II 357     No details yet held    
Mary Tenbury XVIII 573   23/06/1842 Bockleton WOR William Wright
Mary Leominster XXVI 281   07/04/1842 Croft HEF Richard Payn
Mary Newport XXVI 128     No details yet held    
Richard Newport XXVI 128     No details yet held    
Sarah Weobley XXVI 351   05/05/1842 Dilwyn HEF William Underwood
Sarah Worcester XVIII 643   11/04/1842 Worcester St Martin WOR William Price
Thomas Bridgend XXVI 535   05/05/1842 Llangan GLA Catherine Morgan
Thomas Weobley XXVI 351   04/06/1842 Dilwyn HEF Ann Evans
William Tenbury XVIII 575   23/05/1842 Brimfield HEF Elizabeth Nottingham
William Ledbury XXVI 275   12/04/1842 Ledbury Register Office HEF Ann Howell
Sep 1842
Ann Weobley XXVI 265   14/08/1842 Canon Pyon HEF Thomas Lawrence
Ann Lambeth IV 268   20/07/1842 Lambeth St Mary LND Samuel Tovey
Edward Hereford XXVI 210   02/09/1842 Hereford Register Office HEF Charlotte Nicholas
Elizabeth Monmouth XXVI 93   00/00/1842 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] MON John Morgan
Ezekiel Knighton XXVI 281   23/08/1842 Brampton Bryan HEF Elizabeth Evans
James Stourbridge XVIII 439   12/07/1842 Brierley Hill St Michael STS Sophia Waddams
James Westbury On Severn XI 525   31/07/1842 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Elizabeth Jones
Richard Madeley XVIII 117   16/08/1842 Broseley SAL Sarah Harris
Dec 1842
Ann Hereford XXVI 201   06/10/1842 Abbey Dore HEF James Williams
Charles Wolverhampton XVII 323   10/10/1842 Wolverhampton St George STS Emma Corbett
Eliza Abergavenny XXVI 16   06/11/1842 Llanfoist MON William Powell
George Hereford XXVI 219   08/12/1842 Dinedor HEF Margaret Andrews
James Clun XVIII 75   20/10/1842 Lydham SAL Margaret Jarret
Jane Courtney Bridgnorth XVIII 32   14/11/1842 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL George Power
John Solihull XVI 651   02/10/1842 Yardley St Edburgha WOR Emma Hopkins
John Weobley XXVI 331   12/11/1842 Kings Pyon HEF Frances Hughes
Maria Hereford XXVI 251   20/10/1842 Withington HEF Thomas Hodges
Mary Hereford XXVI 235   29/11/1842 Holme Lacy HEF John Hall
Sarah Ludlow XVIII 127   23/10/1842 Stanton Lacy SAL Henry Hutchings
Susan Newent XI 425   01/12/1842 Redmarley D Abitot WOR William Philips
Thomas Bridgnorth XVIII 30   25/12/1842 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Elizabeth Power
Thomas Bromyard XXVI 200   16/10/1842 Wolferlow HEF Ann Hide
William West Bromwich XVIII 699   20/12/1842 Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS Ann Daniel
Mar 1843
Anne Ross XXVI 227   12/02/1843 Foy HEF James Ellsmore
Elizabeth Presteigne XXVI 301   07/01/1843 Staunton On Arrow HEF John Parker
Elizabeth Birmingham XVI 251   12/01/1843 Birmingham Bishops Ryder WAR William Downes
Elizabeth Leominster XXVI 207   16/02/1843 Aymestrey HEF William Fox
Harriet Ross XXVI 231   28/02/1843 Hentland HEF Philip Watkins
Phebe Hay XXVI 367   05/02/1843 Dorstone HEF Thomas Moore
Richard Gloucester XI 353   12/03/1843 Hempsted St Swithun GLS Jane Hart
Susan Kidderminster XVIII 382   13/03/1843 Ribbesford WOR John Penney
William Ledbury XXVI 201   28/02/1843 Tarrington HEF Mary Saunders
Jun 1843
Alexander Dudley XVIII 384   07/05/1843 Dudley St Thomas WOR Harriet Simmons
Ann Leominster XXVI 311   13/04/1843 Aymestrey HEF John Trumpter
Caleb Westminster I 395   17/05/1843 St John The Evangelist Smith Square MDX Emily Kingham
Edmund Weobley XXVI 379     No details yet held    
Edward Weobley XXVI 379   25/05/1843 Brobury HEF Catherine Prosser
Edward William [Preese] Elham V 213     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Worcester XVIII 615   11/04/1843 Worcester St Swithin WOR James Went
Elizabeth Shrewsbury XVIII 280   09/05/1843 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL David Jones
Elizabeth Weobley XXVI 381   18/06/1843 Norton Canon HEF George Jones
Evan Bridgend XXVI 569     No details yet held    
Francis Wolverhampton XVII 288   03/05/1843 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Ann Law
George Hereford XXVI 211   09/04/1843 Aconbury HEF Mary Williams
George [Reece] Weobley XXVI 399   17/04/1843 Weobley HEF Ann Bruntnall
Herbert Bromyard XXVI 187   26/06/1843 Much Cowarne HEF Ann Phillips
James Ledbury XXVI 303   11/05/1843 Mathon HEF Eliza Loveridge
Jane Hereford XXVI 233   18/04/1843 Fownhope HEF Edmund Green
Jane Birmingham XVI 305   03/05/1843 Birmingham St Philip WAR John Butson
John Shrewsbury XVIII 280   12/05/1843 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL Elizabeth Rogers
John Hereford XXVI 257   23/05/1843 Madley HEF Elizabeth Meredith
Joseph Bridgnorth XVIII 53   21/05/1843 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Elizabeth Barber
Joseph Hereford XXVI 257   28/05/1843 Madley HEF Mary Christopher
Sarah Hereford XXVI 259   04/05/1843 Marden HEF William Stedman
Sarah Presteigne XXVI 449   15/06/1843 Winforton HEF James Nutt
Simon Barjonas Monmouth XXVI 87   00/00/1843 ? Not Known MON Rachel Lewis
Thomas Bridgend XXVI 554   31/05/1843 Coity GLA Ann Jones
Sep 1843
Elizabeth Weobley XXVI 293   10/07/1843 Wormsley HEF William Williams
George Bridgnorth XVIII 19   03/09/1843 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Caroline Morris
Isabella Cookham VI 246A   00/00/1843 Not Yet Held BRK William Jones
Jane [Preese] Shrewsbury XVIII 509   24/07/1843 Shrewsbury St George SAL William Mellings
Joseph Swansea XXVI 567   23/09/1843 Swansea St James GLA Jane Gregory
Martha Atcham XVIII 11   24/09/1843 Pontesbury SAL Richard Jones
Mary Ross XXVI 259   27/07/1843 Foy HEF William Morris
Richard Leominster XXVI 245   10/09/1843 Kimbolton HEF Mary Morris
Thomas Ross XXVI 276   04/07/1843 Ruxton Chapel Marstow HEF Ann Dickins
Thomas Bridgnorth XVIII 24   03/07/1843 Chetton SAL Elizabeth Evason
Thomas Hay XXVI 393   19/07/1843 Dorstone HEF Margaret Goff
William Kings Norton XVIII 359   30/07/1843 Northfield WOR Marianne Swift
Dec 1843
Ann [Prees] Narberth XXVI 885   16/11/1843 Begelly PEM Thos Gunter
Anne [Prees] Carmarthen XXVI 701     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Bridgnorth XVIII 33   00/00/1843 Astley Abbotts SAL Thomas Smith
Elizabeth Taunton X 716     No details yet held    
George Frome X 598   25/12/1843 Nunney All Saints SOM Martha Budgett
Henry Weobley XXVI 343   28/10/1843 Dilwyn HEF Anne Phillips
John Ledbury XXVI 275   23/10/1843 Pixley HEF Harriet Smith
Mary Anne Weobley XXVI 343   03/10/1843 Dilwyn HEF Thomas Mantle
Philip Atcham XVIII 13   29/12/1843 Pontesbury SAL Mary Morris
Samuel Leominster XXVI 289   06/12/1843 Eye HEF Eliza Element
William Abergavenny XXVI 16   11/12/1843 Llanfoist MON Elizabeth Powell
William Ross XXVI 321   28/12/1843 Llanwarne HEF Martha Woodhouse
Mar 1844
Amelia Montgomery XXVII 151   20/02/1844 Worthen All Saints SAL Samuel Stephens
Ann Weobley XXVI 291   26/02/1844 Wormsley HEF William Butler
Anne Monmouth XXVI 57   05/03/1844 Dixton MON William Collins
Edward Church Stretton XVIII 47   05/01/1844 Cardington SAL Elizabeth Leedham
Emmanuel Atcham XVIII 3   01/02/1844 Condover SAL Harriet Cound
Lucy Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 63   29/01/1844 Stottesdon SAL Benjamin Massey
Richard Presteigne XXVI 329   19/02/1844 Pembridge HEF Elizabeth Wilding
Samuel Dudley XVIII 302   28/01/1844 Dudley St Thomas WOR Esther Hadley
Jun 1844
Ann Hereford XXVI 221   29/04/1844 Fownhope HEF George Bird
Anne Abergavenny XXVI 35     No details yet held    
Charles Gloucester XI 451   11/06/1844 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS Elizabeth Tyler
Emma Tenbury XVIII 619   04/04/1844 Nash Chapel Burford SAL William Berry
Francis Hereford XXVI 237   02/06/1844 Hereford St Owen HEF Ann Dean
Margaret Presteigne XXVI 447     No details yet held    
Margaret Knighton XXVI 401   25/06/1844 Bucknell SAL George Hughes
Mary Weobley XXVI 365   08/04/1844 Almeley HEF John Brace
Mary Bridgnorth XVIII 47   14/05/1844 Chetton SAL William Thomas
Mary Weobley XXVI 381   06/06/1844 Preston On Wye HEF Thomas Farrington
Sarah Montgomery XXVII 171   10/06/1844 Churchstoke MGY Thomas Price
Susan Leominster XXVI 311   20/05/1844 Kimbolton HEF Richard Everalls
Thomas Hay XXVI 549   20/04/1844 Bredwardine HEF Eliza Williams
Thomas Hereford XXVI 263   26/06/1844 Hereford Register Office HEF Sarah Turner
William [Prees] Narberth XXVI 963     No details yet held    
William Leominster XXVI 313   02/05/1844 Leominster Priory HEF Susan Bailis
William Church Stretton XVIII 79   30/04/1844 Sibdon Carwood SAL Mary Robinson
Sep 1844
Ann Ross XXVI 257   01/09/1844 Hope Mansell HEF Silvanus Griffiths
Emma Kidderminster XVIII 383   20/08/1844 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Thomas Sefton
James Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 55     No details yet held    
John Ross XXVI 255   07/08/1844 Hentland HEF Charlotte Dobbins
Margaret Hereford XXVI 208   21/09/1844 Hereford Register Office HEF Edward Preddey
Mary Hay XXVI 397   28/07/1844 Hay BRE John Evans
Mary [Reece] Weobley XXVI 283   08/08/1844 Preston On Wye HEF Michael Price
William Knighton XXVI 297     No details yet held    
Dec 1844
Amelia Leominster XXVI 283   21/12/1844 Yarpole HEF William Yates
Charles Worcester XVIII 679   12/10/1844 Worcester St Andrew WOR Mary Davis
Elizabeth Leominster XXVI 283   14/11/1844 Yarpole HEF James Stanton
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 211   15/12/1844 Dinedor HEF James Tiler
George Church Stretton XVIII 55     No details yet held    
Hannah Cleobury Mortimer XVIII 61   09/12/1844 Bayton WOR Samuel Derricott
Hannah Ludlow XVIII 129   30/12/1844 Munslow SAL Joseph Bradley
Jane Kidderminster XVIII 475   03/11/1844 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Henry Curtis
John Bridgnorth XVIII 45   31/12/1844 Long Stanton SAL Mary Grainger
Louisa Kidderminster XVIII 486   24/12/1844 Stourport WOR George Hawkins
Mary Hereford XXVI 215   14/10/1844 Hereford All Saints HEF William Hughes
Mary Ann Droitwich XVIII 322   29/12/1844 Claines WOR Henry Hughes
Richard Bromyard XXVI 187     No details yet held    
Thomas Abergavenny XXVI 2   29/12/1844 Abergavenny MON Mary Anne Lewis
William Dudley XVIII 408   21/10/1844 Tipton St Martin Pepper Box STS Maria Waldin
William Ludlow XVIII 115   31/12/1844 Diddlebury SAL Sarah Carter
William Worcester XVIII 681   25/12/1844 Worcester St Clement WOR Susanna Wright
Mar 1845
Amos Monmouth XXVI 92   00/00/1845 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] MON Ann James
Catherine Hereford XXVI 171   20/01/1845 St Devereux HEF George Preece
Elizabeth Weobley XXVI 257   28/01/1845 Almeley HEF John M Davies
George Hereford XXVI 171   20/01/1845 St Devereux HEF Catherine Preece
James Tenbury XVIII 505   06/03/1845 Eastham WOR Mary Ann Meredith
Jane Hereford XXVI 197   26/03/1845 Hereford Register Office HEF John Moxley
Joseph Swansea XXVI 547   03/03/1845 Swansea St James GLA Elizabeth Thomas
Mary [Prees] Cardiff XXVI 421   10/02/1845 Llandaff GLA John Workman
Thomas Worcester XVIII 535   18/01/1845 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR Alice Trehearn
Thomas Ledbury XXVI 201   03/02/1845 Bosbury HEF Elizabeth Pullen
William Hereford XXVI 195   16/01/1845 Hereford Register Office HEF Caroline Ruck
William Tenbury XVIII 515   24/03/1845 Stoke Bliss HEF Mary Lawley
Jun 1845
Ann Kensington III 216   04/05/1845 Hammersmith St Paul MDX George Flint
Charlotte Monmouth XXVI 129   10/05/1845 Whitchurch HEF John Gough
Edward Montgomery XXVII 159   05/05/1845 Worthen All Saints SAL Mary Pugh
Elizabeth Montgomery XXVII 149     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ludlow XVIII 143   01/04/1845 Leinthall Starkes SAL John Kinsy
Elizabeth Hereford XXVI 249   02/05/1845 Dormington HEF James Walker
Emma Wandsworth IV 544   06/05/1845 Clapham Holy Trinity SRY Thomas Wells
Harriot Ledbury XXVI 319   05/06/1845 Putley HEF William Gurney
Harry Stepney II 457   03/05/1845 St Anne Limehouse MDX Elizabeth Mary Self
James Bromyard XXVI 225   01/05/1845 Ullingswick HEF Susanna Davies
James [Reece] Portsea Island VII 230   18/05/1845 Portsmouth St Thomas HAM Sarah North
John Monmouth XXVI 105   29/05/1845 Monmouth MON Mary Evans
Thomas West Derby XX 859   09/04/1845 Sefton St Helen LAN Hannah Ick
Thomas Hereford XXVI 259   11/05/1845 Hampton Bishop HEF Mary Vernall
Sep 1845
Alice Birmingham XVI 329   02/07/1845 Birmingham St Philip WAR Joseph Farley
Eliza Ross XXVI 287     No details yet held    
Eliza Birmingham XVI 336   21/07/1845 Birmingham St Philip WAR George Bakewell Jones
Elizabeth Ross XXVI 299   31/07/1845 Marstow HEF Edmund Lickfold
Emma Newington IV 413   22/09/1845 Newington St Mary SRY John Edward Robert Foster
Henry Ludlow XVIII 79   03/07/1845 Burrington HEF Ann Jones
James Hereford XXVI 233   14/08/1845 Withington HEF Amelia Axell
John Worcester XVIII 567   01/09/1845 Worcester St Clement WOR Elizabeth Wilks
Martha Bridgnorth XVIII 25   18/08/1845 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL John Taylor
Robert Ledbury XXVI 252   24/08/1845 Ledbury HEF Elizabeth Wargent
Sarah Ross XXVI 287   18/09/1845 Brockhampton HEF Joseph Mansell
Sydney Ledbury XXVI 251   13/08/1845 Ledbury HEF Hannah Proberts
William Hereford XXVI 187   27/07/1845 Breinton HEF Sarah Withers
Dec 1845
Catharine St Martin In The Fields I 169   17/12/1845 Westminster St Martin Fld MDX Joseph Selph Corsbie
Charles Worcester XVIII 731   09/11/1845 Worcester St Martin WOR Sarah Hatfield
Jane Bolton XXI 140   00/00/1845 Bolton Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN Hiram Thompson
John Madeley XVIII 149   09/12/1845 Much Wenlock SAL Mary Anne Breakwell
John [Preese] Atcham XVIII 23   00/00/1845 Atcham Register Office SAL Sarah Harris
Margaret Abergavenny XXVI 38   31/12/1845 Llanover MON William Meredith
Mary [Prees] Birmingham XVI 485   17/11/1845 Birmingham St Martin WAR John Tinsley
Thomas Ross XXVI 341   08/11/1845 Peterstow HEF Elizabeth Cooke
Thomas Ross XXVI 357     No details yet held    
William Leominster XXVI 327   31/12/1845 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Rebecca Vaughan
William Ledbury XXVI 311   01/12/1845 Putley HEF Harriot Kings
William Wolverhampton XVII 447   21/12/1845 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Ann Webb
William Bromsgrove XVIII 302   26/10/1845 Bromsgrove St John WOR Hannah Bird