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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1915 - 1917

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District Spouse Surname GRO Ref   Date Place Co. Spouse
Mar 1915
Ada Sheffield Davy 9C 838     No details yet held    
Catherine Bridgend Coombs 11A 1353     No details yet held    
Charles Warrington Rigby 8C 268   00/00/1915 Warrington St Elphin CHS Constance Rigby
Decima Kington Griffiths 6A 897   08/02/1915 Kington Register Office HEF Aaron George Griffiths
Edith A Cannock Jones 6B 580   00/00/1915 Norton Canes St James STS Isaac Jones
Edith M Swansea Court 11B 1835     No details yet held    
Edward Stourbridge Davis 6C 77   00/00/1915 Stourbridge Register Office WOR Minnie Davies
Edward J Leominster Porter 6A 877   09/01/1915 Leominster Register Office HEF Lily Porter
Ernest Pontypridd Williams 11A 957     No details yet held    
Esther Wolverhampton Richards 6B 808     No details yet held    
Fanny M Madley Reece 6A 983   00/00/1915 Madeley Register Office SAL Albert Reece
Florence Gloucester Holley 6A 509   00/00/1915 Gloucester Register Office GLS Mile Alfred Holley
George G L Tynemouth Bowie 10B 411   25/01/1915 Cullercoats NBL Mary Isabella Bowie
Jesse Neath Davies 11A 1409     No details yet held    
John Ashton Under Lyne Keogh 8D 715   00/00/1915 Ashton Civil Marriage CHS Ann Keogh
John H Chepstow Graham 11A 13   11/01/1915 Lydney GLS Martha Jane Graham
Joseph Easington Atkinson 10A 641     No details yet held    
Leonard Abergavenny Evan 11A 68   23/03/1915 Abergavenny Holy Trinity MON Marguerite Evans
Lilian G Newport Barton 11A 436     No details yet held    
Lizzie Mansfield Kilbride 7B 113     No details yet held    
Martha A C Luton Gutteridge 3B 640     No details yet held    
Mary Madley Walford 6A 988   00/00/1915 Madeley Register Office SAL George Walford
Mary E Stourbridge Wilcox 6C 89   00/00/1915 Stourbridge Register Office WOR James T H Wilcox
Naash R Merthyr Tydfil Ashworth 11A 1101   16/02/1915 Aberaman St Margaret GLA John Holme Ashworth
Reginald Bucklow Glover 8A 303     No details yet held    
Rhoda Cardiff Rees 11A 781     No details yet held    
Rose E Hereford Davies 6A 814   14/02/1915 Hereford St Martin HEF George H Davies
Sarah Kingsbridge Perraton 5B 345   30/03/1915 Churchstow St Mary DEV James Pedrick Perraton
Thomas Cannock Benton 6B 679   00/00/1915 Cannock STS Mary E Benton
Thomas H Pontypridd Davies 11A 947     No details yet held    
Thomas J E Rotherham Amies 9C 964   11/03/1915 Rotherham Christ Church WRY Annie Amies
William St Olave Abbott 1D 237   31/01/1915 Bermondsey St Crispin LND May Mary Abbott
William V Cardiff Marmon 11A 670     No details yet held    
Jun 1915
Albert H M Birmingham Seabourne 6D 491     No details yet held    
Alfred Bedwellty Jervis 11A 205     No details yet held    
Alice M Oldham Tetlow 8D 1472   00/00/1915 Waterhead LAN Fred Tetlow
Arthur F Paddington Ranells 1A 19   23/05/1915 Kensal Green St John LND Ethel Harriet Ranells
Arthur R Church Stretton Howard 6A 1547   00/00/1915 Shipton SAL Eliza Howard
Beatrice Pontefract Talbot 9C 212   01/05/1915 Castleford YKS Percy Talbot
Charles Pontypridd Blake 11A 1351     No details yet held    
Charles H Pontypridd Davies 11A 1107   14/06/1915 Llantwit Fardre GLA Ann Davies
Clifford S Monmouth Elliott 11A 57   05/04/1915 English Bicknor GLS Frances Ellen Elliott
Edith Hereford Hince 6A 1334   27/06/1915 Hereford St James HEF Charles R Hince
Elizabeth Kings Norton Stanley 6D 27   19/06/1915 Balsall Heath St Thomas in the Moors WAR Ernest Leonard Stanley
Elizabeth Croydon Cramp 2A 765   02/05/1915 Croydon Holy Saviour SRY Alfred James Cramp
Elizabeth Bedwellty Cartwright 11A 286     No details yet held    
Emily Birmingham Tustin 6D 497     No details yet held    
Ethel A V Uxbridge Green 3A 140     No details yet held    
Fanny Stockport Ogden 8A 245   00/00/1915 Stockport Wycliffe Chapel (Wellington Road North) CHS Wilfred Ogden
Florence E [Prees] Lambeth Jones 1D 777     No details yet held    
George St George Hanover Square Millar 1A 1401     No details yet held    
George H Birmingham Moore 6D 643     No details yet held    
Georgina Bridgnorth Carr 6A 1587   00/00/1915 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL James N Carr
Gertrude Cannock Ball 6B 1162   00/00/1915 Hednesford St Peter STS James H Ball
Hedley G Frome Franks 5C 985     No details yet held    
Isabella M Hereford Kuar 6A 1345   08/05/1915 Holmer HEF George E Kear
James H Kings Norton Winfield 6D 281     No details yet held    
Jane Chorley Robinson 8E 1279   00/00/1915 Euxton Parish Church LAN Richard Robinson
Jenny Wolstanton Wright 6B 216   16/05/1915 Kidsgrove St Thomas STS Herbert Wright
Kathleen B Gloucester Richards 6A 815   27/06/1915 Gloucester St Catherine GLS John Howard Richards
Mary C Birmingham Sanders 6D 507   12/04/1915 Birmingham St Martin WAR William John Sanders
Maude E Southampton Grube 2C 143     No details yet held    
Nora Clun Booth 6A 1535   00/00/1915 Bishops Castle Methodist Church SAL Jeremiah Booth
Robert Forden Sockett 11B 333   00/00/1915 Worthen All Saints SAL May Sockett
Rose W Birmingham Thomas 6D 648     No details yet held    
Thomas Oldham Lalley 8D 1530   17/04/1915 Oldham Register Office LAN Sarah Ann Burton
Thomas Chesterton Howard 3B 1318     No details yet held    
Thomas D Nottingham Medwel 7B 1002     No details yet held    
Walter Forden Hayman 11B 335   00/00/1915 Welshpool Civil Marriage MGY Mary Emma Hayman
Walter H Aston Whittington 6D 930   26/06/1915 Bordesley St Oswald WAR Florence Julia Whittingham
William Birmingham Meredith 6D 593   05/05/1915 Balsall Heath St Patrick WAR Dorothy Meredith
William Manchester Williams 8D 506   28/04/1915 Manchester LAN Lydia Williams
William H West Bromwich Jones 6B 1809     No details yet held    
Sep 1915
Agnes L West Derby Dwyer 8B 1237   00/00/1915 West Derby Register Office LAN Edward S Dwyer
Albert Weobley Brookes 6A 1413   28/07/1915 Dilwyn HEF Amelia E Brooks
Albert E Bristol Dight 6A 137     No details yet held    
Albert J Worcester Roberts 6C 374     No details yet held    
Alberta M Aston Merrick 6D 988   14/08/1915 Aston Park St James WAR Alfred James Merrick
Alice M Lambeth Wood 1D 947   11/09/1915 South Lambeth All Saints SRY Bertram John Masey Wood
Annie Cardiff Edwards 11A 1013     No details yet held    
Annie Pontypridd Morgan 11A 1326     No details yet held    
Arthur J Lichfield Gilliver 6B 1092   16/08/1915 Lichfield St Chad STS Ethel Gilliver
Clara M Monmouth Moss 11A 41   21/08/1915 Bream GLS Alfred Moss
Dora Axbridge Braddick 5C 1132     No details yet held    
Edgar J Worcester Powell 6C 365     No details yet held    
Edith A Nantwich Elsby 8A 832   00/00/1915 Crewe St Paul CHS Samuel Elsby
Elizabeth Pontypool Jones 11A 379     No details yet held    
Elizabeth A Nantwich Roberts 8A 844   00/00/1915 Crewe Christ Church CHS James Roberts
Emily L Hampstead Gathercole 1A 2199     No details yet held    
Emma Kings Lynn Rowlett 4B 873   12/08/1915 Kings Lynn NFK Samuel Rowlett
Florence A Elham Ashmore 2A 3471     No details yet held    
George Stockport Allcock 8A 184   00/00/1915 Stockport St Thomas CHS Edith Allcock
George Pontypridd Leonard 11A 1225   12/07/1915 Llandewi Rhondda GLA Edith Leonard
George Stourbridge Packwood 6C 82   00/00/1915 Stambermill St Mark STS Elsie H Packwood
George E Kings Norton Jauncey 6D 349     No details yet held    
Harriet M Shifnal Green 6A 1605     No details yet held    
James M Billericay Crabb 4A 1771     No details yet held    
Jennie West Bromwich Cook 6B 1860   31/07/1915 Perry Barr St John STS Alfred John Cook
John Bridgend Lodwick 11A 1801     No details yet held    
John Neath Preece 11A 1971     No details yet held    
John E Aston Clark 6D 1144     No details yet held    
Joseph Brentford Heard 3A 497     No details yet held    
Laura Kings Norton Smith 6D 43   26/08/1915 Balsall Heath St Thomas in the Moors WAR James Smith
Lily Neath John 11A 1900   14/08/1915 Llantwit-Juxta-Neath St Catherine GLA Thomas John
Lily M Prescot Garner 8B 1671   00/00/1915 St Nicolas Sutton LAN Henry Garner
Marion Thrapston Holmes 3B 595     No details yet held    
Mary E Neath Preece 11A 1971     No details yet held    
Minnie Tonbridge Richmond 2A 2467   24/08/1915 Tunbridge Wells St Peter KEN George Richmond
Octavius Newport Hillier 11A 497     No details yet held    
Reginald P Edmonton Sturley 3A 1547   12/09/1915 Tottenham MDX Katie Grace Sturley
Rosanna Conway Roberts 11B 951     No details yet held    
Selina Weymouth Somerville 5A 856     No details yet held    
Susanna E Atcham Hughes 6A 1694   00/00/1915 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL William A Hughes
Theodora G Cardiff Browning 11A 665   25/09/1915 Barry GLA Charles Browning
Thomas W Poplar Weaver 1C 1395     No details yet held    
Violet L Wandsworth Hitchins 1B 1465   04/07/1915 Battersea All Saints LND Alfred Hitchins
William Cardiff Coombs 11A 1091     No details yet held    
William J Kings Norton Dutton 6D 67   24/08/1915 Edgbaston WAR Lillian Dutton
Dec 1915
Ada Worcester Brown 6C 418     No details yet held    
Albert Northampton Harriatt 3B 155     No details yet held    
Albert E Cardiff Bird 11A 1091     No details yet held    
Albert J St George Hanover Square Wright 1A 1543     No details yet held    
Albert T Wolverhampton Preston 6B 1407   25/12/1915 Wolverhampton St Luke STS Florence Mary Preston
Alice Wrexham Hodkinson 11B 560   00/00/1915 Wrexham Civil Marriage DEN George H Hodkinson
Alice Aston Clemenson 6D 1142   19/12/1915 Small Heath St Aidan WAR William Henry Clemson
Andrew Croydon Frankum 2A 723   02/12/1915 South Croydon St Augustine SRY Alice Louisa May Frankum
Annie L Leominster Chamberlain 6A 1559   02/12/1915 Kingsland HEF Enoch C Chamberlain
Arthur W Bromsgrove Easthope 6C 629     No details yet held    
Beatrice L Ross Cooper 6A 1401   30/10/1915 Ross Register Office HEF William J Cooper
Charles Croydon Tytherleigh 2A 956   10/11/1915 Croydon Register Office SRY Violet E Tytherleigh
Charles Swansea Solloway 11A 2415     No details yet held    
Charles A St Albans Dickerson 3A 2320     No details yet held    
Charles E Aston Jackson 6D 1547   07/10/1915 Aston Register Office WAR Winifred Jackson
Clyffard J Pontypridd Watkins 11A 1253   18/11/1915 Llantwit Fardre GLA Winifred Watkins
Edith G Ross Roberts 6A 1393   27/12/1915 Sellack HEF Henry T Roberts
Edith L Cheltenham Harris 6A 1266   25/12/1915 Prestbury St Mary GLS Frederick William Harris
Edith M Evesham Bayliss 6C 490     No details yet held    
Eleanor E Leicester Stokes 7A 898     No details yet held    
Elizabeth West Bromwich Edwards 6B 1865     No details yet held    
Elizabeth M Bridgend Llewelyn 11A 1915     No details yet held    
Ellen E Kings Norton Pope 6D 63     No details yet held    
Elsie Dewsbury Mountain 9B 1525   30/10/1915 Dewsbury St John The Baptist YKS Joseph Mountain
Emily G Gloucester Kendall 6A 899   16/10/1915 Gloucester St Mark GLS William James Kendall
Emily S York Austen 9D 47   30/10/1915 York Holy Trinity Micklegate YKS George Frederick Austen
Ernest E St George Hanover Square Kelly 1A 1358   24/10/1915 St Gabriel Warwick Square Pimlico MDX Amy Alice Florence Kelly
Ethel Chesterfield Blissett 7B 1975   00/00/1915 Newbold With Dunston DBY Theodore Blissett
Frank E Kidderminster Long 6C 257     No details yet held    
Frank L Greenwich Troubridge 1D 3034     No details yet held    
George H Aston Parsons 6D 1471     No details yet held    
George V Church Stretton Aldred 6A 1682   00/00/1915 Church Stretton Register Office SAL Amy Aldred
Gertrude M Bridgnorth Powell 6A 1724   00/00/1915 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Wallace Powell
Harold E Stockton Pearson 10A 209     No details yet held    
Harriett Easington Turner 10A 1035     No details yet held    
Henry E Aston Johnson 6D 1083   12/12/1915 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Lizzie Catherine Johnson
Hilda Faversham Wood 2A 2932     No details yet held    
James Dudley Holliss 6B 2241   00/00/1915 Coseley Christ Church STS Mercy Holliss
James Bridgend Protheroe 11A 1925     No details yet held    
Jesse Pershore Groves 6C 537     No details yet held    
Jessie Wolverhampton Bennett 6B 1400     No details yet held    
John Newent Walker 6A 847   01/11/1915 Redmarley D Abitot WOR Fanny Walker
John C Merthyr Tydfil Dobson 11A 1786     No details yet held    
John T Cannock Smith 6B 1161   00/00/1915 Cannock St Luke STS Melenia Smith
Lottie Pontypridd Harper 11A 1510     No details yet held    
Mary J West Bromwich Marsh 6B 2051   00/00/1915 West Bromwich St Andrew STS William H Marsh
Percy J Hereford Evans 6A 1496   27/10/1915 Hereford Register Office HEF Alice Evans
Rosamond Lambeth Pyatt 1D 1358   20/12/1915 United Methodist Church Fentiman Road Lambeth LND Ernest Charles Pyatt
Sarah Atcham Thomas 6A 1811   00/00/1915 Montford SAL Richard E Thomas
Sarah A Monmouth Harris 11A 83   04/10/1915 Llangattock Juxta Caerleon MON Robert Harris
Stella E Bromsgrove Birch 6C 607   27/12/1915 Belbroughton WOR Thomas Birch
Walter G Chelsea Spencer 1A 1273   04/10/1915 Chelsea St Simon LND Elizabeth Ellen Spencer
William Kings Norton Pritchard 6D 61   09/11/1915 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Laura Pritchard
William Gloucester James 6A 863   06/10/1915 Gloucester All Saints GLS Sarah Rebecca James
William Leominster Pritchard 6A 1566   06/12/1915 Leominster Priory HEF Fanny Pritchard
William Walsall Keenan 6B 1677     No details yet held    
William Leighton Buzzard Crane 3B 1265     No details yet held    
Mar 1916
Ada Fylde Halliwell 8E 1161   00/00/1916 Blackpool Christ Church With All Saints LAN Michael Halliwell
Albert H Worcester Jenkins 6C 237     No details yet held    
Alfred Stourbridge Cope 6C 70   00/00/1916 Stourbridge St Thomas WOR Mary A P Cope
Alfred J Pontypridd Shapland 11A 829   06/01/1916 Llantwit Fardre GLA Edith Jane Shapland
Alfred P Cambridge Hancock 3B 927   01/01/1916 Cambridge St Andrew The Less CAM Edith Dorothy Rouse Hancock
Annie Cannock Smith 6B 777     No details yet held    
Arthur R Hereford Gibbons 6A 935   31/01/1916 Allensmore HEF Mary A Gibbons
Bertha Lichfield Lydall 6B 742   16/03/1916 Ogley Hay with Brownhills St James STS Charles Albert Lydall
Charlotta Chorlton Broclebank 8C 1602   00/00/1916 Chorlton-On-Medlock Register Office LAN Herbert James Brocklebank
Edwin T Bristol Lockyer 6A 101   13/03/1916 Bristol St Jude GLS Rosina Maud Lockyer
Elizabeth M Leominster Probert 6A 1033   09/03/1916 Leominster Priory HEF John Probert
Elizabeth R Aston Shaw 6D 632   12/02/1916 Ashted St James The Less WAR William Shaw
Elsie E Wolverhampton Hickman 6B 969     No details yet held    
Ethel Salford Travis 8D 116   00/00/1916 Salford St Matthias LAN Robert Travis
Frank C Hereford Gwynn 6D 977   25/01/1916 Much Dewchurch HEF Emily Gwynn
Frederick G West Bromwich Fox 6B 1304   00/00/1916 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Nellie B Fox
Frederick J Pershore Ballard 6C 361     No details yet held    
George F Winslow King 3A 1791     No details yet held    
Gladys E Bridgwater Salvidge 5C 642     No details yet held    
Hannah Conway Wrench 11B 669   25/03/1916 Gyffin CAE Philip Wrench
Hilda L Aston Cooke 6D 933     No details yet held    
James B Hereford Powell 6A 933   01/02/1916 Abbey Dore HEF Ellen Annie Powell
James T B West Ham Tompkins 4A 694     No details yet held    
Jane H Wolverhampton Fullwood 6B 901     No details yet held    
John Wellington Wilkes 6A 1406     No details yet held    
John Stourbridge Partridge 6C 43   12/03/1916 Old Swinford St Mary WOR Mary Ann Elizabeth Partridge
John Croydon Crisp 2A 727     No details yet held    
John R Chelsea Duncan 1A 898   21/03/1916 Westminster St James LND Mary Isobel Spencer Duncan
John T Aston Craven 6D 715     No details yet held    
Margaret M Aston Hughes 6D 1012     No details yet held    
Mary Hay Davies 11B 143   27/01/1916 Llowes RAD Arthur William Davies
May F Bridgnorth Morris 6A 1157   00/00/1916 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Stanley Morris
Mervyn R Medway Preece 2A 1469     No details yet held    
Nellie Coventry Raven 6D 1288     No details yet held    
Reuben Dudley Taylor 6B 1467   00/00/1916 Tipton St Mark STS Ethel M Taylor
Richard Liverpool Green 8B 56   12/03/1916 Liverpool Our Lady & St Nicholas & St Anne LAN Sarah Jane Green
Sam Tynemouth Barker 10B 595     No details yet held    
Selina Aston Slayford 6D 729   30/01/1916 Duddeston St Matthew WAR Joseph Slayford
Sidney A G Bristol Mann 6A 125   27/02/1916 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob GLS Annie Mann
Victoria G G Medway Preece 2A 1469     No details yet held    
Wilfred Chesterfield Bombroffe 7B 1352   00/00/1916 Chesterfield Soresby Street Independent Chapel DBY Alice Mary Brombroffe
William Aston Peters 6D 971   24/02/1916 Aston Register Office WAR Gladys Evelyn Peters
William Ledbury Munn 6A 906     No details yet held    
Jun 1916
Ada E St Martin Dalzell 1A 1259     No details yet held    
Albert E Atcham Waters 6A 1401   00/00/1916 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Ada Waters
Alfred Newport Virgo 11A 467     No details yet held    
Alfred Aston Clary 6D 794   06/05/1916 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Lilian Florence Clary
Alfred T Aston Maltby 6D 1119     No details yet held    
Annie Milton Luck 2A 2219   26/04/1916 Tunstall KEN Alfred John Luck
Charles Leeds Cuss 9B 948   00/00/1916 Leeds Registered Building YKS Mary E Cuss
Edith Hereford Woodfield 6A 1131   08/05/1916 Hereford Register Office HEF Walter H Woodfield
Edith C Hereford Davis 6A 1079   22/06/1916 Hereford St James HEF Reginald Richard Davis
Elizabeth A Newport Watkins 11A 412     No details yet held    
Ethel M Cardiff Higgins 11A 622     No details yet held    
Florence M Ludlow Smith 6A 1233   30/04/1916 Ludlow SAL James Smith
Frederick Marylebone Smith 1A 1462   29/06/1916 Marylebone Register Office LND Margaret Smith
Frederick C Abergavenny Harris 11A 108     No details yet held    
George S Prescot Dore 8B 1063     No details yet held    
Gertrude Prescot Foy 8B 1090   00/00/1916 Holy Trinity Parr Mount LAN Peter Foy
Henry T Wandsworth Allen 1D 1309     No details yet held    
Herbert West Derby Collin 8B 1004     No details yet held    
Horace J Totnes Olorewe 5B 395     No details yet held    
Naomi Cannock Price 6B 868   00/00/1916 Hednesford St Peter STS William D Price
Percy F Cardiff Williams 11A 701   29/05/1916 Cardiff GLA Florence May Williams
Richard Shifnal Horton 6A 1309   14/06/1916 Patshull St Mary STS Caroline A Horton
Richard H Tewkesbury Hampton 6A 999   06/06/1916 Chaceley St John The Baptist GLS Rosalind Roberta Hampton
Rose Abergavenny Phillips 11A 109     No details yet held    
William Hereford Jakeman 6A 1065   27/04/1916 Eaton Bishop HEF Rebecca Jakeman
William E Burton Upon Trent Spalding 6B 598   00/00/1916 Burton-Upon-Trent St Paul STS Elizabeth Spalding
Sep 1916
Abel Atcham Hicks 6A 1231   00/00/1916 Shrewsbury Holy Trinity SAL Alice M Hicks
Ada Pontypool Mainwaring 11A 291     No details yet held    
Agnes Hayfield Booth 7B 1587   00/00/1916 Mellor St Thomas CHS Fred Booth
Agnes Hereford Chamberlain 6A 1009   28/08/1916 Hereford St Nicholas HEF William Edward Chamberlain
Alfred Newport Lewis 11A 494     No details yet held    
Alice C Merthyr Tydfil Watkins 11A 1233     No details yet held    
Arthur Kings Norton Hewins 6D 106     No details yet held    
David Petersfield Earwaker 2C 367     No details yet held    
Dorothy M Worcester Garner 6C 198   28/07/1916 Worcester St Stephen WOR Edward Henry Garner
Edith A Corwen Davies 11B 489   24/07/1916 Pontfadog DEN Richard Davies
Edith E Walsall Toddington 6B 1189     No details yet held    
Edith W Kings Norton Randell 6D 164     No details yet held    
Edward Cleobury Mortimer Green 6A 1147   19/09/1916 Bayton WOR Bertha May Green
Edwin C Frome French 5C 697     No details yet held    
Eleanor M Cardiff Jones 11A 671     No details yet held    
Eliza E Stourbridge Cole 6C 65   00/00/1916 Quarry Bank Christ Church STS Joseph H Cole
Elizabeth Aston Portch 6D 730   09/09/1916 Bordesley St Oswald WAR Albert William Portch
Ellen Wellington Townsend 6A 1422     No details yet held    
Elsie E Chorlton Brindle 8C 1479   00/00/1916 Chorlton-On-Medlock Register Office LAN Thomas Brindle
Emily A Bristol Dadds 6A 20   05/08/1916 Bristol GLS John Bradford Dadds
Fanny Leominster Chambers 6A 1087   12/07/1916 Leominster Register Office HEF George H Chambers
Frederick A West Bromwich Fray 6B 1331   05/08/1916 Perry Barr St John STS Marnie Lilian Fray
George E North Brierley Mitchell 9B 85     No details yet held    
George R Aston Guggiari 6D 847   12/08/1916 Sparkbrook Christ Church WAR Florence Guggiari
George T Crickhowell Roberts 11B 157     No details yet held    
Gertrude E Leominster Starkey 6A 1085   30/09/1916 Leominster Priory HEF Henry F Starkey
Harry Aston Evans 6D 994   04/09/1916 Aston Register Office WAR Emily Tate Evans
Henry E G Burnley Towers 8E 361   00/00/1916 Colne St Bartholomew LAN Margaret Ann Towers
Horace C Aston Bennett 6D 970   19/08/1916 Birmingham Register Office WAR Lily Bennett
James Lichfield Brown 6B 723   00/00/1916 Fradley St Stephen STS Esther E Brown
Jane Stockport Driver 8A 9   00/00/1916 Brinksway St Augustine CHS Thomas Driver
John Newport Jenkins 11A 416     No details yet held    
Lillian M Marylebone Holland 1A 1184   05/08/1916 Sy Marylebone All Souls LND William George Holland
Marion A Camberwell Graves 1D 1604     No details yet held    
Maude M Cuckfield Plummer 2B 297     No details yet held    
Olive A Swansea Salter 11A 1713     No details yet held    
Richard Nantwich Dennis 8A 622   00/00/1916 Crewe Christ Church CHS Jane M Dennis
Samuel West Bromwich Owen 6B 1126   00/00/1916 West Bromwich Register Office STS Alice Owen
Tom Hereford Firth 6A 1029   25/09/1916 Much Dewchurch HEF Lilian Firth
William E Luton Newman 3B 879     No details yet held    
William H Stourbridge Folk 6C 24   00/00/1916 Brierley Hill St John STS Beatrice E Folk
William J Walsall Irons 6B 1180     No details yet held    
Dec 1916
Albert J Newport Vinnicombe 11A 502     No details yet held    
Alice Barton On Irwell Birch 8C 974   00/00/1916 Patricroft Christ Church LAN Robert Birch
Amy Stourbridge Hillman 6C 12   00/00/1916 Blackheath St Paul WOR Rodger Hillman
Ann M Dudley Harrison 6B 1658   00/00/1916 Tipton St Mark STS Frederick Harrison
Bessie L Oldham France 8D 941   00/00/1916 Waterhead Holy Trinity LAN William France
Charles W West Bromwich King 6B 1399   23/12/1916 Oldbury Christ Church STS Annie M King
Edwin Merthyr Tydfil Sims 11A 1332     No details yet held    
Eliza North Brierley Ackroyd 9B 70   25/11/1916 Birstal YKS Charles Ackroyd
Elizabeth H Atcham Green 6A 1299   00/00/1916 Atcham Register Office SAL Charles H Green
Elizabeth J Kingston Love 2A 908   02/11/1916 Teddington MDX Jack Richard Love
Elsie Bedwellty Reed 11A 171     No details yet held    
Emily J Kings Norton Sallis 6D 206     No details yet held    
Emma Sunderland White 10A 941     No details yet held    
Ernest C Southampton Short 2C 69     No details yet held    
Fanny H Madeley Lloyd 6A 1225     No details yet held    
Florence E Aston Cook 6D 881   26/12/1916 Saltley St Saviour WAR Alfred Cook
Frederick J H Hampstead Hutson 1A 1533   04/12/1916 Hampstead St John LND Bertha Elizabeth Hutson
George C Ipswich Podd 4A 2075     No details yet held    
George L Stafford Taylor 6B 3   00/00/1916 Castle Church St Mary STS Clara Elizabeth Taylor
Harriet Knighton Lewis 11B 189   00/00/1916 Stowe St Michael SAL Frank A Lewis
Isabel Walsall Laban 6B 1238     No details yet held    
James Neath John 11A 1615     No details yet held    
James A W Newton Abbott Beauchamp 5B 282     No details yet held    
James H Bridgend Ebbsworth 11A 1474     No details yet held    
Jesse M Pembroke Rowlands 11A 2147   24/12/1916 Pembroke Dock St John PEM Susanna Rowlands
John Cardiff Davies 11A 760     No details yet held    
Laura Cannock Wassell 6B 849     No details yet held    
Lizzie Bridgnorth Price 6A 1186   00/00/1916 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Sidney R Price
Mary A Atcham Bradford 6A 1255   00/00/1916 Harley SAL Edward R Bradford
Robert W Bedwellty Law 11A 222     No details yet held    
Samuel J Kington Norgrove 6A 1093   14/12/1916 Eardisley HEF Mary Jane Norgrove
William M Bristol Penny 6A 76   28/12/1916 Bishopston St Michael & All Angels GLS Agnes Jessie Penny
Mar 1917
Albert Kidderminster Addleton 6C 205     No details yet held    
Alice M Leominster Swaine 6A 877   27/01/1917 Leominster Priory HEF Francis Swaine
Allen F Weobley Niblett 6A 847   25/02/1917 Kings Pyon HEF Eunice H A Niblett
Annie E M Ross Haines 6A 773   12/02/1917 Bridstow HEF James J Haines
Archibald J Hackney Cleare 1B 556     No details yet held    
Edward Knighton Morris 11B 131     No details yet held    
Eliza Stockport Thompson 8A 15   00/00/1917 Gee Cross (Hyde) Holy Trinity CHS Norman Thompson
Elsie M Kings Norton Hughes 6D 49     No details yet held    
Ethel Sunderland Robinson 10A 781     No details yet held    
Florence E Bridgnorth Whitney 6A 953   00/00/1917 Worfield SAL Arthur H Whitney
Frederick J Penzance Perry 5C 287   01/01/1917 Gulval CON Marion Perry
George Shifnal Jones 6A 968     No details yet held    
George E D West Ham Miller 4A 263   25/01/1917 Walthamstow St Mary the Virgin ESS Helen Swanson Miller
Hannah M Atcham Bradley 6A 1013   00/00/1917 Shrewsbury St George SAL John Bradley
James Linton Daniels 3B 788     No details yet held    
Martha Haverfordwest Morris 11A 1645     No details yet held    
Nellie Knighton Lucas 11B 131     No details yet held    
Robert J Gower Hayes 11A 1389     No details yet held    
Samuel Meriden Fox 6D 841   00/00/1917 ? Not Held WAR Ida Kathleen Fox
Sarah A Leominster Price 6A 883   30/01/1917 Leominster Register Office HEF Thomas Price
Sarah J Dudley Lees 6B 1146     No details yet held    
William H Islington Channing 1B 414     No details yet held    
Jun 1917
Ada E Pontypridd Ford 11A 938   09/04/1917 Ynyshir St Anne GLA Arthur Edgar Jones Ford
Alfred Weobley Evans 6A 1007   20/06/1917 Sarnesfield HEF Annie Evans
Alfred E Godstone Branson 2A 466     No details yet held    
Andrew Ledbury Fortey 6A 907   09/04/1917 Woolhope HEF Clara J Fortey
Annie E Gower Wells 11A 1812     No details yet held    
Edith A Stourbridge Poultney 6C 115   00/00/1917 Brierley Hill Methodist Church Bank Street STS William H Poultney
Eleanor Stourbridge Southall 6C 5   00/00/1917 Blackheath St Paul WOR David Southall
Florence H Croydon Cook 2A 620   30/06/1917 Raynes Park St Saviour SRY Charles Henry Cook
Fred Wolverhampton Johnson 6B 1074     No details yet held    
George Aston Jackson 6D 685   02/06/1917 Bordesley St Oswald WAR Nellie Jackson
Jehu R Merthyr Tydfil Grist 11A 1288     No details yet held    
Jessie Prestwich Brownrigg 8D 572   00/00/1917 Prestwich Registrar Attended LAN William Frederick Brownrigg
John E Wandsworth Urens 1D 955   07/04/1917 Upper Tooting Holy Trinity LND Edith Flora Mens
John W Aston Appleby 6D 593   10/06/1917 Ashted St James The Less WAR Harriet Appleby
Lily West Bromwich Owen 6B 1316   00/00/1917 Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS Samuel Owen
Mabel Northwich Haynes 8A 464   00/00/1917 Witton St Helen CHS Francis J Haynes
Margaret Monmouth Ellis 11A 47   02/06/1917 Dixton MON John Ellis
Mary Newcastle Upon Tyne Lennox 10B 22     No details yet held    
Polly Neath Clare 11A 1583     No details yet held    
Thomas H Kings Norton Cook 6D 56   28/05/1917 Harborne St Peter WAR Elsie Adelaide Cook
William Oswestry Jones 6A 1257   00/00/1917 Hengoed (with Gobowen) SAL Annie Jones
Sep 1917
Ada M Dover Lloyd 2A 2524     No details yet held    
Albert Bedwellty Williams 11A 119   09/07/1917 Bedwellty MON Ada Williams
Beatrice Aston Shields 6D 751   12/08/1917 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Joseph Shields
Bertie L Pontypridd Draper 11A 920     No details yet held    
Denys E G Church Streeton Mann 6A 1168   00/00/1917 Church Stretton St Lawrence SAL Dorothy Mann
Elizabeth J Hereford Fletcher 6A 1003   14/07/1917 Hereford All Saints HEF James Fletcher
Ellen E Aston Grieve 6D 706   29/09/1917 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR William Grieve
Elsie M West Bromwich Fardell 6B 1472   00/00/1917 West Bromwich St Peter STS William A Fardell
Emma J Chorlton Knowles 8C 1191   03/09/1917 Ardwick St Silas LAN Robert Knowles
Ethel M Prescot Garner 8B 1182     No details yet held    
Frances Chelsea Davis 1A 986     No details yet held    
George Prescot Milner 8B 1095   00/00/1917 St Thomas Eccleston LAN Elizabeth Milner
George Walsall Goodwin 6B 1183     No details yet held    
George W Hereford Pearce 6A 1023   13/08/1917 Hereford St Peter HEF Gladys M T Pearce
Herbert J Weymouth Donovan 5A 672     No details yet held    
Irene L St George Hanover Square Martin 1A 1011   15/09/1917 St Michael Chester Square Pimlico MDX Oliver Milton Martin
James H Tewkesbury Griffin 6A 927   22/09/1917 Deerhurst GLS Linda Mary Griffin
Jessie Leominster Stephens 6A 1109   09/08/1917 Leominster Priory HEF Edward J Stephens
Lewellyn Greenwich Hall 1D 1957     No details yet held    
Lizzie Wallingford Moody 2C 735     No details yet held    
Maria Bedwellty Jones 11A 160     No details yet held    
Mary I Birkenhead Spencer 8A 949   00/00/1917 Birkenhead Civil Marriage CHS Maurice Spencer
Rose H Atcham Binnersley 6A 1327   00/00/1917 Atcham Register Office SAL William H Binnersley
Uday Sheppey Brown 2A 2272   06/09/1917 Minster in Sheppey KEN Thomas William Brown
Violet J Bridgnorth Anson 6A 1200   00/00/1917 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Charles H Anson
William H Swansea Grove 11A 1776     No details yet held    
William J Aston Chandler 6D 684   15/07/1917 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Minnie Louise Chandler
Dec 1917
Albert J Pontypridd Thomas 11A 1002     No details yet held    
Alice G Atcham Bragginton 6A 1415   10/10/1917 Condover SAL James Reginald Bragginton
Annie Wolverhampton Wilkes 6B 1057     No details yet held    
Annie Cardiff Northam 11A 889     No details yet held    
Catherine Aston Tibbatt 6D 1086     No details yet held    
Catherine Merthyr Tydfil Flye 11A 1393     No details yet held    
Edith Atcham Leake 6A 1465   00/00/1917 Atcham Register Office SAL Joseph E Leake
Edith A Hereford Reason 6A 1169   20/10/1917 Hereford Register Office HEF Frederick Reason
Edith E Hereford Lloyd 6A 1111   20/12/1917 Eaton Bishop HEF George Lloyd
Edith E Bridgnorth Bourne 6A 1348   00/00/1917 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL William Bourne
Gertrude A Paddington Pearce 1A 257     No details yet held    
Harry Bromsgrove Dyke 6C 447   30/12/1917 Clent WOR Alice Dyke
Harry W Woolwich Millard 1D 2307   06/11/1917 Plumstead St Margaret LND Elizabeth Ann Millard
Henry J Hereford Crosby 6A 1170   24/10/1917 Hereford Register Office HEF Sarah J Crosby
Henry J Aston Chappel 6D 1097     No details yet held    
Herbert Birmingham Beale 6D 391     No details yet held    
Herbert Chorlton Johnson 8C 1323   00/00/1917 Chorlton-On-Medlock Register Office LAN Mary Johnson
Ida R Frome Ford 5C 833     No details yet held    
John Alcester Pettford 6D 1855     No details yet held    
Lily Gloucester Alenby 6A 709   22/12/1917 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS Herbert Allenby
Mildred E Dudley Salter 6B 1781   00/00/1917 Dudley Register Office WOR Charles I Salter
Oswald Ludlow Stanton 6A 1291   27/10/1917 Wigmore HEF Dorothy Ellen Stanton
Thomas W Upton Upon Severn Owen 6C 320   19/11/1917 Great Malvern WOR Eliza Owen
William Hereford Baker 6A 1169   22/10/1917 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary A Baker
William T Warrington Atherton 8C 336   00/00/1917 Warrington LAN Ann Atherton
Winifred Penzance Rescorla 5C 389     No details yet held