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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1885 - 1888

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1885
Alice Bridgnorth 6A 831   27/01/1885 Bridgnorth St Leonards SAL Edward Carswell
Alice Hereford 6A 707   13/03/1885 Hereford Register Office HEF John E Bowen
George Hereford 6A 702   12/02/1885 Hereford Register Office HEF Sarah Buckler
Harriet Epsom 2A 29     No details yet held    
Henry Weobley 6A 713   17/03/1885 Bishopstone HEF Emily Collins
Herbert Wellington 6A 1070     No details yet held    
James Aston 6D 267   19/01/1885 Duddeston St Anne WAR Louisa Kirtland
James Aston 6D 270   02/03/1885 Duddeston St Anne WAR Mary Clark
John Pontefract 9C 104   31/01/1885 Castleford YKS Lettie Pemberton
Richard Cardiff 11A 340     No details yet held    
Robert Hereford 6A 683   27/01/1885 Mordiford HEF Mary Ann Ward
Rosalind Frome 5C 708   00/00/1885 ? Not Known ??? George Bullers Or Bullows
Rose Tewkesbury 6A 587   03/03/1885 Chaceley GLS Francis James Evans
Sarah Louisa Greenwich 1D 947   19/01/1885 Deptford KEN Alfred Charles Dandridge
Thomas Ross 6A 637   15/02/1885 Ross HEF Mary Elizabeth Jordan
Jun 1885
Alfred James Martley 6C 356   19/05/1885 Kings Areley WOR Emily Elizabeth White
Edward Hereford 6A 901   28/04/1885 Hereford Register Office HEF Jane Hill
Edwin Ludlow 6A 1015   27/05/1885 Munslow SAL Ellen Davies
Eliza Susan Greenwich 1D 1300   15/06/1885 Deptford St Luke KEN James Blackman
Elizabeth London City 1C 19   21/06/1885 St Bartholomew The Great LND William Crabtree Patchett
Elizabeth Wigan 8C 104   00/00/1885 Register Office Wigan LAN James Abbott
Elizabeth Ann Kings Norton 6C 709   05/04/1885 Smethwick St Matthew STS Frederick John Bayliss
Elizabeth Fanny Brentford 3A 69   25/05/1885 Brentford MDX Alfred Charles Skelton
Ellen Durham 10A 477   00/00/1885 Durham DUR Robert T Winterbottom
George Pontypool 11A 219     No details yet held    
George Ludlow 6A 999   26/05/1885 Diddlebury SAL Sarah Ann Hughes
Hannah Stoke Upon Trent 6B 249   00/00/1885 Etruria St Matthew STS John Sambrook
Herbert Troy Newtown 11B 295   00/00/1885 Newtown Civil Marriage MGY Catherine Griffiths
Louisa Derby 7B 823   00/00/1885 Derby Register Office DBY Joseph Henry Lupton
Mary Chorlton 8C 1063   00/00/1885 Manchester Openshaw St Barnabas LAN Charles Smith
Mary Ann Wolverhampton 6B 814     No details yet held    
Sarah Ann Madeley 6A 1148   26/04/1885 Broseley SAL William Henry Boden
Sep 1885
Allithea Charlotte Monmouth 11A 65   00/00/1885 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] MON Milson Henry Jones
Frederick John St Albans 3A 626   24/09/1885 Saint Albans HRT Clara Jane White
Harriet Selby 9C 905   19/08/1885 Barlby YKS William Shepherd
Isaiah Woodbridge 4A 1148     No details yet held    
Mary Clun 6A 917   19/08/1885 Bishops Castle St John The Baptist SAL Edward Groves
Richard Bromyard 6A 845   21/09/1885 Bromyard HEF Louisa Coldrick
Thomas Bradford 9B 167   18/07/1885 Calverley St Wilfrid YKS Martha Ann Harrison
Thomas Albert Church Stretton 6A 935   06/08/1885 Church Stretton St Lawrence SAL Susan Marston
William Bedwellty 11A 134     No details yet held    
William Hereford 6A 827   22/07/1885 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Michael
William West Derby 8B 556   21/09/1885 Edge Hill St Mary LAN Jane Cotter
William West Bromwich 6B 952   17/08/1885 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Mary King
Dec 1885
Arthur [Preese] West Bromwich 6B 1146   13/12/1885 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Amy Griffiths
Emma Blaby 7A 110     No details yet held    
Emma Worcester 6C 445     No details yet held    
George St Olave Southwark 1D 491   29/11/1885 Bermondsy Christ Church SRY Annie Louise Berry
Hannah Ledbury 6A 942   26/12/1885 Ledbury Register Office HEF Thomas Hammonds
John Forden 11B 321     No details yet held    
John Adney Kettering 3B 383   14/10/1885 Thorpe Malsor NTH Martha Selina Bamford Stonton
Richard Ashton Under Lyne 8D 653   24/11/1885 Ashton Under Lyne LAN Elizabethy Ann Davies
Sarah Ann Sunderland 10A 798   22/12/1885 Sunderland St Mary DUR John Mcfarlane
William Christchurch 2B 1159     No details yet held    
William George Martley 6C 383   22/12/1885 Suckley WOR Mary Harber
Mar 1886
Adelaide Sophia Walsall 6B 753   17/01/1886 Walsall St Paul STS Alexander McGregor
Charles Bromyard 6A 701   01/03/1886 Whitbourne HEF Harriet Lewis
Charlotte Wolverhampton 6B 630   01/02/1886 Wolverhampton St James STS John Beswick
Eliza Brentford 3A 53   28/02/1886 South Acton MDX John Vince
Eliza Louisa Wolverhampton 6B 579     No details yet held    
Emily Jane Hereford 6A 668   23/02/1886 Hereford Register Office HEF James Hodges
Esther Oldham 8D 801   00/00/1886 Oldham LAN Thomas Brown
George Hereford 6A 641   23/02/1886 Hereford St Peter HEF Eliza Powell
George Lewis Monmouth 11A 33   02/03/1886 Monmouth St Mary MON Bertha Marguerite Hodgson
Helen West Bromwich 6B 794   21/02/1886 Handsworth St James STS Charles Austin
Henry Pontypool 11A 141   01/03/1886 Llanhilleth MON Rosa White
Mary Ludlow 6A 745   08/02/1886 Ludford SAL George Beaumont
Mary Thomas Swansea 11A 779   24/01/1886 Swansea St James GLA Edward Hoare
Richard Dudley 6C 34   21/03/1886 Dudley St James WOR Harriett Peake
William Newport 11A 211     No details yet held    
William George Gloucester 6A 367   10/01/1886 Gloucester St Mark GLS Fanny Louisa Gardner
William Rogers Hay 11B 150     No details yet held    
Jun 1886
Ada Aston 6D 344   25/04/1886 Aston Brook St Mary WAR Walter Hopkins
Alice Chipping Sodbury 6A 357   03/04/1886 Frampton Cotterell St Peter GLS William Theophilous Skidmore
Alice Elizabeth Kingston 2A 480   13/06/1886 Norbiton St Peter SRY George Solomon Self
Alice Susan Ross 6A 835   11/05/1886 Sollars Hope HEF Chas Jervis
Charles Swansea 11A 940   15/06/1886 Swansea St James GLA Elizabeth Mary Ellsmore
Edward James Hereford 6A 880   14/06/1886 Hereford St Martin HEF Mary Jane Prosser
Edwin Charles Leicester 7A 409   20/06/1886 Leicester St Peter LEI Sarah Jane Sprigg
Eliza Bridgnorth 6A 1101     No details yet held    
George Ludlow 6A 1034   10/06/1886 Ludlow SAL Ellen Pritchard
George William Gloucester 6A 513   23/05/1886 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS Harriet Mann
Henry Atcham 6A 1155   00/00/1886 Albrighton SAL Catherine Lee
James Albert Ross 6A 841   10/04/1886 Ross Register Office HEF Delea C Evans
Jane Hereford 6A 911   03/05/1886 Sutton St Nicholas HEF Henry Williams
Jessie Poplar 1C 988   13/06/1886 Bromley St Michael & All Angels MDX Alfred Prentice
John [Price] Hereford 6A 909   01/05/1886 Llancillo HEF Catherine Badham
John Ashton Under Lyne 8D 611   00/00/1886 Ashton Under Lyne Holy Trinity CHS Margaret E Wilson
Julia Marian Islington 1B 466   04/04/1886 Islington St Mary Upper Street LND Robert Atherton
Louisa Bromyard 6A 950   02/06/1886 Bromyard HEF Henry Layton
Louisa Annie Hereford 6A 869   22/04/1886 Hereford All Saints HEF Charles L Morris
Mark Tenbury 6C 331   06/06/1886 Little Hereford HEF Emma Bradford
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 872   14/06/1886 Hereford All Saints HEF John Kinnersley
Matilda Shoreditch 1C 192   14/06/1886 Hoxton Christ Church MDX Harry William Woodman
Oliver Crickhowell 11B 143     No details yet held    
Richard Nantwich 8A 489   00/00/1886 Nantwich CHS Eliza Hulme
Samuel George St Asaph 11B 464     No details yet held    
Sarah Atcham 6A 1159   29/04/1886 Atcham SAL Richard Podmore
Sarah Medlicott Birmingham 6D 188   15/04/1886 Birmingham St Paul WAR Henry Cottrell
William Cardiff 11A 456     No details yet held    
William Hereford 6A 857   27/04/1886 Much Dewchurch HEF Susan Croft
William Ely 3B 945   15/06/1886 Ely CAM Martha Cutlack Cheeseright
Sep 1886
Alfred Inkerman Ashton Under Lyne 8D 601   00/00/1886 Ashton Under Lyne Holy Trinity CHS Gertrude Pollitt
Alice Anna Hereford 6A 815   14/09/1886 Hereford Cathedral HEF Frederick Bradford
Ann Hereford 6A 791   06/07/1886 St Devereux HEF Thomas Evans
Anne Tenbury 6C 279   11/08/1886 Stoke Bliss HEF John Bebb
Annie Bromley 2A 665     No details yet held    
Christina Jane Ledbury 6A 753   12/07/1886 Mathon WOR George Stone
Edward Stourbridge 6C 208   27/09/1886 Wollaston St James WOR Winifred Williams
Emily Brentford 3A 67   10/07/1886 Acton St Mary MDX William Jefferson
Helen Ludlow 6A 925   18/08/1886 Diddlebury SAL William Griffiths
James Christchurch 2B 1037     No details yet held    
James Hereford 6A 813   06/07/1886 Hereford Cathedral HEF Priscilla Cotterell
James Henry Pontypridd 11A 473   13/09/1886 Glyntaff GLA Mary Louisa Howells
Joseph Ashton Under Lyne 8D 599   00/00/1886 Ashton Under Lyne CHS Sarah A Parker
Joseph Bridgnorth 6A 992   26/08/1886 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Jane Ellis
Louisa Jane Atcham 6A 1053   00/00/1886 Albrighton SAL William Whitehead
Mary Binley Ledbury 6A 749   23/08/1886 Ledbury HEF Thomas Crook
Samuel Wolverhampton 6B 637   19/09/1886 Wolverhampton St George STS Susannah Cattell
Sidney Cecil Chelsea 1A 713     No details yet held    
Thomas Charles Birmingham 6D 243   10/08/1886 Birmingham WAR Lizzie Steventon
Walter Henry Ross 6A 784   07/09/1886 Ross Register Office HEF Louisa Beavan
William Prescot 8B 969   12/09/1886 Sutton St Nicholas LAN Jane Travers
William Marpole [Prees] West Derby 8B 580   00/00/1886 Everton Emmanuel LAN Mary Rees
Dec 1886
Alice Belper 7B 971   10/10/1886 Belper St Peter DBY Joel Perry
Ann Ellen Bridgwater 5C 659     No details yet held    
Charlotte Annie Ludlow 6A 1103   29/12/1886 Ludlow SAL George Wylde
Edith Annie Monmouth 11A 63   00/00/1886 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Harry George Saunders
Eliza Knighton 11B 261     No details yet held    
Eliza Stockport 8A 81   27/10/1886 Reddish St Elizabeth CHS Robert Webster
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 982   06/11/1886 Hereford Register Office HEF William Glidd0N
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 933   19/10/1886 Dinedor HEF Jacob Brooks
Elizabeth Camberwell 1D 1241   11/10/1886 Camberwell St Giles SRY Joseph Webb
Emily Birmingham 6D 119   19/12/1886 Birmingham Immanuel WAR Alfred Hillman Brasier
Emma Birmingham 6D 294     No details yet held    
Emma Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 1105     No details yet held    
George Medway 2A 837   18/12/1886 Brompton KEN Honora Brady
George Frederick Bishops Stortford 3A 524     No details yet held    
Jane Merthyr Tydfil 11A 750     No details yet held    
Jane Atcham 6A 1293     No details yet held    
John Ross 6A 917   13/12/1886 St Weonards HEF Eliza Jones
John William Bridgend 11A 907     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Leominster 6A 1050   12/12/1886 Leominster Priory HEF Henry Jenkins
Mary Ann Upton On Severn 6C 493     No details yet held    
Robert Derby 7B 919   21/11/1886 Derby St Werberg DBY Maria Waldron
Sarah Jane Leominster 6A 1058   07/11/1886 Leominster Register Office HEF George Grubb
Thomas Gloucester 6A 540   00/00/1886 Gloucester Register Office GLS Jane Morgan
Thomas Ledbury 6A 898   21/11/1886 Ledbury Register Office HEF Kate Griffiths
William Knighton 11B 266     No details yet held    
William Copack Durham 10A 425   00/00/1886 Durham DUR Elizabeth Thompson
William Henry Aston 6D 554   25/12/1886 Small Heath All Saints WAR Maria Benson
William James Alcester 6D 1066   28/12/1886 Studley WAR Eliza Chamberlain
William Thomas Islington 1B 364   04/12/1886 Holloway St James LND Martha Adkin
Mar 1887
Anne Cannock 6B 647   21/02/1887 Lapley All Saints STS William Booth
Annie Hereford 6A 669   16/02/1887 Hereford All Saints HEF Thomas A Lerry
Catherine Elizabeth Bromyard 6A 731   22/01/1887 Bromyard HEF Samuel Drew
Edith Pontypool 11A 129     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Bedwellty 11A 111     No details yet held    
Emily Hereford 6A 705   25/01/1887 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry Turner
Emily Wandsworth 1D 682   13/02/1887 Wandsworth SRY John Cook
Emma Sheffield 9C 486   21/03/1887 Sheffield Cathedral Church of St Peter & Paul WRY John Brakes
Fanny Altrincham 8A 243   27/12/1887 Eccleshall STS Thomas Birkin Poole
Francis Bridgnorth 6A 851   06/02/1887 Bridgnorth St Leonards SAL Jane Haywood
George Gloucester 6A 400   12/02/1887 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS Frances Kate Hughes
John Leominster 6A 745   10/02/1887 Shobdon HEF Melinda Bufton
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 706   02/02/1887 Hereford Register Office HEF Jonathan Edwards
Mary Anne R Wantage 2C 448   19/02/1887 East Hendred BRK William Smith
Rezin Westbury On Severn 6A 348   00/00/1887 Westbury On Severn[Register Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Elizabeth Ann Simmonds
Robert Cirencester 6A 523   00/00/1887 Cirencester Register Office GLS Bertha Clark
Sarah Kington 6A 769   04/02/1887 Kington Register Office HEF William Daw
Thomas Prescot 8B 809     No details yet held    
William Kington 6A 769   04/02/1887 Kington Register Office HEF Mary Ann Johnson
Jun 1887
Ann Alice Bridgnorth 6A 1145   12/06/1887 Worfield SAL Henry William Tyler
Daniel Ross 6A 873   07/06/1887 St Weonards HEF Louisa Hall
Emily Tenbury 6C 291   15/06/1887 Burford St Mary WOR William Phillips
Emma Kington 6A 1021   26/05/1887 Lingen HEF George Munn
Emma Matilda Martley 6C 311   11/04/1887 Hallow WOR Samuel Bromage
Frances Kings Norton 6C 574   21/05/1887 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR John Thomas Butler
George Wellington 6A 1423   03/04/1887 Wellington SAL Margaret Williams
George James Warwick 6D 812   13/04/1887 New Milverton St Mark WAR Mary Ann Morgan
Gertrude Elizabeth Kington 6A 1034   15/05/1887 Kington Register Office HEF Harry Piquet
James Kings Norton 6C 618   13/06/1887 Smethwick Holy Trinity STS Elizabeth Farmer Smith
John Lichfield 6B 616   29/05/1887 Stonnal St Peter STS Julietta Woodhouse
Mary Hereford 6A 913   18/05/1887 Hereford Register Office HEF John E Wanklyn
Mary Hereford 6A 947   30/06/1887 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Thomas Swain
Mary Ann Kidderminster 6C 254   12/06/1887 Kidderminster St George WOR Alfred Packwood
Matilda Ledbury 6A 835   13/04/1887 Ledbury HEF William Henry Burrows
Miriam Ellen J Westbury On Severn 6A 436   00/00/1887 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS James Sydney Parsons
Ruth Upton On Severn 6C 393     No details yet held    
Thomas Bromsgrove 6C 504   29/05/1887 Belbroughton WOR Mary Barnbrook
William George St George Hanover Square 1A 740   28/06/1887 Pimlico St Barnabas LND Mary Ann Reeves
Sep 1887
Ann West Bromwich 6B 1026   00/00/1887 West Bromwich Register Office STS John Lewis
Annie Jane Kings Norton 6C 618   22/08/1887 Harborne St Peter STS Richard Wright Harris
Ellen Maria Bristol 6A 32   31/07/1887 Bristol St Matthias GLS Henry Howell
Ellenor Aston 6D 441   27/08/1887 Small Heath All Saints WAR John William Aston
Emily Hackney 1B 881     No details yet held    
Emma Hereford 6A 839   07/08/1887 Hereford St Martin HEF Edmund Lewis
Fanny Forden 11B 223     No details yet held    
Georgina Harriet Winchcomb 6A 659   14/07/1887 Bishops Cleeve GLS Harry Miller
John Cookham 2C 654   08/08/1887 Maidenhead St Luke BRK Elizabeth Charlotte Jackson
John Leominster 6A 935   21/07/1887 Leominster Register Office HEF Mary Preece
John Penzance 5C 371     No details yet held    
Mary Leominster 6A 935   21/07/1887 Leominster Register Office HEF John Preece
Mary Ann Greenwich 1D 1392   21/08/1887 Greenwich St Paul KEN Morgan Price
Mary Anne Bridgnorth 6A 1043     No details yet held    
Olive Ledbury 6A 772   01/08/1887 Ledbury HEF Arthur Lillywhite
Priscilla Middlesbrough 9D 749   11/09/1887 Middlesbrough St Paul YKS Christopher William Miller
Robert Leominster 6A 915   13/07/1887 Aymestrey HEF Martha Reece
Samuel Brighton 2B 379     No details yet held    
Susannah Middlesbrough 9D 800   00/00/1887 Middlesbrough YKS William Warner
Thomas John Swansea 11A 987     No details yet held    
Thomas Watkins Ludlow 6A 972   28/09/1887 Ludlow SAL Mary Jane Hush Lloyd
William St George Hanover Square 1A 835   03/08/1887 St Peter Eaton Square LND Alice Rose Cooney
William Lewisham 1D 1495     No details yet held    
William Hereford 6A 876   20/08/1887 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth Wells
Dec 1887
Ada Louisa Ledbury 6A 915   26/12/1887 Ledbury HEF John Arthur William Welford
Annie Alcester 6D 1027   23/11/1887 Inkberrow WOR John Burford
Arthur Dudley 6C 56   05/12/1887 Dudley St John The Evangelist Kates Hill WOR Eliza Danks
Benjamin Toxteth Park 8B 439   12/11/1887 Toxteth Park St Silas LAN Theresa Graham
Catherine Hereford 6A 990   20/12/1887 Holmer HEF James Edwards
Edith Kings Norton 6C 666   07/11/1887 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Arthur Chater
Eliza Aston 6D 390   11/12/1887 Ashted St James The Less WAR Thomas Henry Fieldsend
Fannie Stone 6B 67     No details yet held    
Frances Annie Elham 2A 1891     No details yet held    
Hannah Wolverhampton 6B 860   20/11/1887 Wolverhampton St Luke STS John Kinsey
James Abergavenny 11A 86   27/12/1887 Abergavenny MON Mary Duggan
James Pontypool 11A 207   00/00/1887 Not Yet Held GLA Emily Kate Lewis
James Henry Dudley 6C 113   25/12/1887 Tipton St Mark STS Rose H Smith
Lucy Atcham 6A 1279   00/00/1887 Atcham Register Office SAL William Parry
Martha Tenbury 6C 335   27/11/1887 Burford SAL William Ledster
Mary Ann Atcham 6A 1277   00/00/1887 Yockleton SAL John Blower
Sarah Ann Madeley 6A 1202   25/12/1887 Dawley Magna SAL Jeffrey Bray
Mar 1888
Alfred [Prees] Aston 6D 247   29/01/1888 Ashted St James The Less WAR Phoebe Martin
Charles Thomas Pancras 1B 158   26/02/1888 Regents Square St Peter LND Charlotte Greneski
Eliza Emily L Holborn 1B 743   31/03/1888 St Mark Myddelton Square LND Henry Murry
Elizabeth Abergavenny 11A 60     No details yet held    
Emily Southampton 2C 35     No details yet held    
Fanny Lambeth 1D 491   31/03/1888 St John Waterloo Road SRY David Thomas Brown
Fanny Jane Ulverston 8E 1022   14/01/1888 Dalton In Furness LAN William Lewis
Frances Weobley 6A 647   27/03/1888 Birley HEF Edward Jones
Hannah Chorlton 8C 1028   00/00/1888 Chorlton-On-Medlock Registar Attended LAN Andrew Partt
John Edward Aston 6D 354   01/02/1888 Nechells St Clement WAR Lucy Clark
Mary Bristol 6A 51   19/01/1888 Temple GLS William Pearce
Sarah Bridgnorth 6A 781   31/01/1888 Worfield SAL Edward Haynes
Sydney Stowell Monmouth 11A 13   21/01/1888 English Bicknor GLS Bertha Emily Hatton
Jun 1888
Alfred Bristol 6A 131     No details yet held    
Annie Atcham 6A 1225   01/04/1888 Yockleton SAL Joseph Probert
Caroline Hereford 6A 884   11/06/1888 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Bishop
Constance Ludlow 6A 1013   00/00/1888 Ludlow Register Office SAL John Bishop
Eliza Hereford 6A 835   30/04/1888 Eaton Bishop HEF John Stanfield
Elizabeth Kensington 1A 208     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ann Abergavenny 11A 121     No details yet held    
Frederick Chippenham 5A 105   02/04/1888 Chippenham St Andrew WIL Eliza Jane Willcox
George Henry West Bromwich 6B 1010   00/00/1888 Oldbury Christ Church STS Maria J Perks
James Ross 6A 812   18/06/1888 Ross On Wye HEF Pemlia Higgs
John Fulham 1A 366     No details yet held    
Margaret Rebecca Blackburn 8E 638   00/00/1888 Blackburn Register Office LAN Robert William Haworth
Mary Ann Nantwich 8A 534   00/00/1888 Nantwich CHS Richard Rickards
Mary Annie Ludlow 6A 995   09/04/1888 Ludlow SAL John Harley
Mary Jemima Westbury On Severn 6A 413   02/04/1888 Drybrook GLS Stanley Roberts
Richard Weobley 6A 895   19/04/1888 Dilwyn HEF Jane Tedstone
Sarah Faversham 2A 1295     No details yet held    
Thomas Neath 11A 886     No details yet held    
Thomas Robert Bedwellty 11A 161     No details yet held    
Tom Clark Monmouth 11A 40   03/05/1888 Parkend GLS Edith Baldwin
William Hereford 6A 884   14/06/1888 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth Roberts
Sep 1888
Ada Aston 6D 380   24/09/1888 Bordesley St Andrew WAR James Raby Charles Swift
Beatrice Anna Wolverhampton 6B 831     No details yet held    
Caroline Weobley 6A 839   05/07/1888 Canon Pyon HEF George Merrick
Edwin Bradford 9B 183   11/07/1888 Bradford St Michael & All Angels YKS Clara Burran
Eli Wolverhampton 6B 716   16/09/1888 Wednesfield STS Anne Elizabeth Pearson
Eliza Lewisham 1D 1579   17/09/1888 Lewisham St Stephen LND Edward Robinson
Eliza Bradford 9B 281   08/09/1888 Birstal YKS Beanland Naylor
Elizabeth Pontypridd 11A 620   30/08/1888 Pontypridd Sardis Chapel GLA Lewis Davies
Ellen Pontypool 11A 176   10/09/1888 Llanhilleth MON William Smith
George Droitwich 6C 495   10/07/1888 Hampton Lovett WOR Alice Grazier
Hannah Fulham 1A 534   19/09/1888 Hammersmith St Peter MDX Patrick Cronin
Harriett Sophia Lewisham 1D 1578   25/08/1888 Lewisham St Stephen LND Harry William Cottenden
Henry Atcham 6A 1033   02/08/1888 Meole Brace SAL Emma Turner
James Francis Hereford 6A 822   10/07/1888 Hereford Register Office HEF Caroline J Phipps
James Phillips Newport 11A 245   03/07/1888 Newport St Woolos MON Alice Mary Tomkins
Louisa Kings Norton 6C 560   25/07/1888 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Samuel Appleton
Lucy Newport 11A 318     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 825   24/07/1888 Hereford Register Office HEF George Newman
Nellie Bethnal Green 1C 467     No details yet held    
Thomas Weobley 6A 839   05/07/1888 Canon Pyon HEF Jane Davies
Tom Kensington 1A 175   11/09/1888 West Brompton St Mary MDX Ellen Yeats
Tryphena Bridgnorth 6A 963   01/07/1888 Claverley SAL Thomas Hobson
William Islington 1B 630     No details yet held    
William Tenbury 6C 305   07/07/1888 Whitton Chapel Burford WOR Elizabeth Millward
William Nottingham 7B 333   19/07/1888 Nottingham St Saviour NTT Mary Jane Lauder
William Weobley 6A 843   29/07/1888 Norton Canon HEF Catherine Williams
William Charles Kensington 1A 369   10/08/1888 Kensington Register Office MDX Mary Sims
Dec 1888
Ann West Bromwich 6B 1276   00/00/1888 West Bromwich Register Office STS George Maddox
Ann Frances Holborn 1B 1165     No details yet held    
Charles Hereford 6A 1007   09/10/1888 Hereford St Martin HEF Emily Preece
Christiana Bromley 2A 696   00/00/1888 Bromley? KEN John Samuel Thomas
Edward Ludlow 6A 1138   18/11/1888 Ludlow SAL Ellen Preece
Edwin Leominster 6A 1095   31/12/1888 Leinthall Earles HEF Margaret Ann Lewis
Elizabeth Ann Hereford 6A 1019   31/10/1888 Holme Lacy HEF Edwin Jeffreys
Elizabeth Liddiar Wolverhampton 6B 947   31/12/1888 Wolverhampton St Mary STS John Evans
Ellen Ludlow 6A 1138   18/11/1888 Ludlow SAL Edward Preece
Emily Hereford 6A 1007   09/10/1888 Hereford St Martin HEF Charles Preece
Harriet Winchcombe 6A 801   04/11/1888 Wormington GLS John Henry Hacklett
James Croydon 2A 483     No details yet held    
Jehu Weobley 6A 461     No details yet held    
John Newent 6A 507   10/12/1888 Redmarley D Abitot WOR Elizabeth Farley
John Kings Norton 6C 735   24/12/1888 Harborne St Peter STS Selina Dale
John Westbury On Severn 6A 461   15/10/1888 Drybrook GLS Ellen Taylor
Joseph Merthyr Tydfil 11A 870     No details yet held    
Kitty Atcham 6A 1315   02/10/1888 Shrewsbury Holy Trinity SAL William Edwards
Mary Ann Pontypridd 11A 675   10/11/1888 Pontypridd Carmel Chapel GLA William Collins
Thomas Monmouth 11A 34   24/11/1888 Christchurch GLS Sarah Ann Addis