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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1866 - 1870

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1866
Ann Hereford 6A 625   03/02/1866 Hereford All Saints HEF Charles Perkins
Ann Bridgnorth 6A 792   28/01/1866 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Stephen Roberts
Eliza Bridgnorth 6A 799     No details yet held    
Eliza Machynlleth 11B 269   01/01/1866 Towyn MER William Bythel
Emmanuel Worcester 6C 292   01/03/1866 Worcester St Michael Bedwardine WOR Emma Matilda Rastall
James [Preese] Neath 11A 601   22/02/1866 Cadoxton Juxta Neath GLA Anne Phillips
John Newport 11A 251   31/01/1866 Newport St Paul MON Hannah O'Regan
Mary Bridgend 11A 585     No details yet held    
Mary Presteigne 11B 227   08/01/1866 Eardisley HEF Matthew Evans
Milboro Stourbridge 6C 209   04/03/1866 Old Swinford St Mary WOR John Hughes
Thomas Stourbridge 6C 217   05/03/1866 Quinton Christ Church WOR Harriet Harvey
Jun 1866
Ann Montgomery 11B 423   14/06/1866 Worthen SAL Abel Hughes
Caroline Hereford 6A 910C   23/06/1866 Hereford St Owen HEF John Nash
Charles Chelsea 1A 447   01/04/1866 Upper Chelsea St Saviour MDX Susannah Harrison
Elizabeth Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1117   17/04/1866 Neen Savage SAL William Meredith
James Bristol 6A 143   00/00/1866 Not Yet Held ??? Elizabeth Evans
Jane Shrewsbury 6A 1290   26/06/1866 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL George Worrall
Jane Hereford 6A 9IV 9   19/06/1866 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry Jones
Joanna Hereford 6A 889   10/04/1866 Dinedor HEF James Holt
Lucy A Dudley 6C 19   23/05/1866 Netherton St Andrew WOR William Jones
Mary Marylebone 1A 1015   20/05/1866 St Marylebone MDX John Widden
Mary A Wolverhampton 6B 730     No details yet held    
Robert Droitwich 6C 575   30/04/1866 Claines WOR Mary Grosvenor
Sarah Clun 6A 1083     No details yet held    
Thomas Madeley 6A 1200   02/04/1866 Madeley SAL Sarah Jones
William Hereford 6A 910B   12/06/1866 Hereford St Owen HEF Catherine Moore
William Pancras 1B 269   25/06/1866 Old St Pancras MDX Louisa Allway
Sep 1866
Edwin Burton Upon Trent 6B 462   04/08/1866 Burton Upon Trent STS Sarah Slater
Eliza Hereford 6A 816   05/08/1866 Hereford St Owen HEF Thomas Lewis
Elizabeth Ross 6A 783   19/09/1866 St Weonards HEF Henry Smith
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 81   30/09/1866 Birmingham WAR Henry Elliott
Elizabeth West Bromwich 6B 777   05/07/1866 Handsworth St Mary STS Thomas Gibbons
Ellen Ludlow 6A 929   16/07/1866 Downton HEF Richard Edwards
Hannah Leominster 6A 983   05/08/1866 Leominster HEF Charles Sheriff Powell
Jane Atcham 6A 1096   00/00/1866 Atcham Register Office SAL James Davies
Jane Cardiff 11A 321   16/09/1866 Llandaff GLA William John
Thomas Tenbury 6C 311   27/08/1866 Little Hereford HEF Mary Watkins
Thomas Ecclesall Bierlow 9C 282   05/08/1866 Sheffield St Matthew WRY Sarah Ann Williams
William Presteigne 11B 225   21/07/1866 Kinsham HEF Ann Bridgew Johnson
William Hereford 6A 793   13/09/1866 Little Birch HEF Cecilia Andrews
William Stone 6B 39   05/08/1866 Blurton St Bartholomew STS Maria Allcock
Dec 1866
Charles Kensington 1A 210   26/11/1866 Paddington Christ Church MDX Emily Franklin
Eliza St George Hanover Square 1A 502   29/10/1866 St George Hanover Square MDX Isaac Wyler
Elizabeth Gloucester 6A 544   01/10/1866 Gloucester St Mary De Lode GLS James Jervis
George Martley 6C 443   20/11/1866 Great Witley WOR Emma Williams
Harriet Bridgnorth 6A 1186   25/12/1866 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Thomas Davis
John Atcham 6A 1273   11/10/1866 Westbury SAL Letitia Nickless
John Lambeth 1D 642   03/12/1866 Lambeth St Mary SRY Caroline Hayward
John Birmingham 6D 16   19/11/1866 Birmingham All Saints WAR Emma Palmer
Jonathan Bridgnorth 6A 1197   00/00/1866 Not Yet Held SAL Eliza Rogers
Margaret Hendon 3A 169   20/10/1866 Wembley St John MDX William Francis Billham
Mary Bridgnorth 6A 1189   23/09/1866 Chelmarsh SAL George Spencer
Mary Shrewsbury 6A 1308   24/12/1866 Shrewsbury St Michael SAL Thomas Draycott
Richard Ludlow 6A 1105   00/00/1866 Not Yet Held SAL Eliza Rollins
Sarah Newcastle Under Lyme 6B 108   22/12/1866 Newcastle St George STS Thomas Hulme
Sarah A Bridgwater 5C 682   16/12/1866 Bridgwater St John SOM William Payne
William Hereford 6A 983   29/11/1866 St Devereux HEF Eliza Powell
William Bridgnorth 6A 1193   00/00/1866 Not Yet Held SAL Mary Wall
William Robert Hereford 6A 1002   14/10/1866 Hereford St Peter HEF Mary Ann Elizabeth Hill
Mar 1867
Ann Hereford 6A 656   02/03/1867 Hereford Register Office HEF George Pinchin
Ann Ludlow 6A 749   00/00/1867 Ludlow Register Office SAL William Rickards
Edwin Presteigne 11B 221   14/02/1867 Kington Register Office HEF Martha Nelmes
Elizabeth Atcham 6A 867   07/03/1867 Condover SAL Thomas Jacks
Elizabeth Dudley 6C 115   21/01/1867 Sedgley All Saints STS George Lowe
George Madeley 6A 827   25/02/1867 Benthall SAL Sarah Harris
Harriett Hereford 6A 621   11/02/1867 Callow HEF Edward Beavan
Jane St George Hanover Square 1A 448   24/03/1867 St George Hanover Square MDX David Jones
John Monmouth 11A 51   00/00/1867 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Elizabeth Jones
Luke Ross 6A 615   28/03/1867 Walford HEF Elizabeth Williams
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 659   28/03/1867 Hereford Register Office HEF Josiah Davies
Sarah Tenbury 6C 233   25/03/1867 Great Kyre WOR Thomas Davies
Sarah Ann Kensington 1A 139     No details yet held    
Jun 1867
Edwin Clerkenwell 1B 853   25/04/1867 Clerkenwell St James LND Eliza Walker
Eliza Droitwich 6C 523   18/06/1867 Claines WOR Thomas Lane
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 795   07/05/1867 Upper Bullinghope HEF James Vale
Esther Merthyr Tydfil 11A 556     No details yet held    
George Hereford 6A 792   25/06/1867 Aconbury HEF Fanny Addis
Hannah Atcham 6A 1133   10/06/1867 Pontesbury SAL Samuel Strefford
Jane Bridgnorth 6A 1033   09/05/1867 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Job Wilson
Jane Tenbury 6C 347   29/06/1867 Burford SAL William Webb
John St Martin In The Fields 1A 701   21/04/1867 Westminster St Martin MDX Emma Wilks
John Worcester 6C 376   18/06/1867 Worcester St John WOR Mary Taylor
Louisa Jane Westbury On Severn 6A 393   09/05/1867 Mitcheldean GLS James Edwin Green
Mary Montgomery 11B 415     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 809   14/05/1867 Fownhope HEF William Goodman
Thomas Cheltenham 6A 723   00/00/1867 Register Office GLS Susannah Cotterell
Thomas Marylebone 1A 924   30/06/1867 St Marylebone St Mary LND Anne Taylor
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 612   07/05/1867 Willenhall St Stephen STS Anne Ward
Sep 1867
Alfred Worcester 6C 391   00/00/1867 Not Yet Held WOR Jane Hammonds
Arthur Ross 6A 814   14/08/1867 Ross Register Office HEF Ellen Morgan
Edwin Tewkesbury 6A 767   10/08/1867 Tewkesbury St Mary GLS Sarah Sheldon
Eliza Bridgwater 5C 617     No details yet held    
Eliza Upton On Severn 6C 398     No details yet held    
Emma Hereford 6A 827   09/09/1867 Hereford All Saints HEF Henry Addis
Ezekiel Ludlow 6A 941   22/07/1867 Ludlow SAL Margaret Murphy
Fanny Bromyard 6A 891   20/08/1867 Collington HEF John Jones
John Hay 11B 197   28/08/1867 Clifford HEF Elizabeth Lewis
John Cleobury Mortimer 6A 983   15/09/1867 Hopton Wafers SAL Phoebe Parker
Maria Tenbury 6C 317   09/09/1867 Burford St Mary WOR John Price
Martha Weobley 6A 883   22/07/1867 Staunton On Wye HEF George Jones
Martha Montgomery 11B 317   01/08/1867 Hope Holy Trinity SAL John Corfield
Mary Kidderminster 6C 313     No details yet held    
Ralph Thomas Dudley 6C 18   02/09/1867 Netherton St Andrew WOR Alice Jane Sheldon
Richard Atcham 6A 1077     No details yet held    
Samuel Montgomery 11B 317   18/07/1867 Hope SAL Susan Wilkes
Thomas Monmouth 11A 67   00/00/1867 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Fanny Williams
Thomas Worcester 6C 380   08/09/1867 Worcester St Peter WOR Jane Reid
Thomas Pancras 1B 135   06/08/1867 St Pancras Old Church MDX Sarah Dale
William Abergavenny 11A 73   08/07/1867 Abergavenny St Mary MON Mary Thomas
Dec 1867
Albert Nottingham 7B 453   01/10/1867 Nottingham St Saviour NTT Eliza Morley
Amos Cheltenham 6A 839   12/10/1867 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Lavinia Mccarthy
Ann Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1201   00/00/1867 Cleobury Mortimer Register Office SAL Henry Rowlands
Caroline Hereford 6A 1055   26/11/1867 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry Edwards
Charles Brecknock 11B 221   15/10/1867 Brecon St John The Evangelist BRE Elizath Andrews
Eleanor Hereford 6A 1010   05/12/1867 Hereford St Martin HEF George Jenkins
Eliza Hereford 6A 1019   08/10/1867 Kingstone HEF William Probert
Fanny Cardiff 11A 385     No details yet held    
George Gloucester 6A 537   31/12/1867 Gloucester St Mark GLS Mary Spence
Hannah Altrincham 8A 275   00/00/1867 Altrincham CHS Daniel Hallard
James Birmingham 6D 162   23/12/1867 Birmingham St Martin WAR Mary Bassett
James Hereford 6A 1058   17/12/1867 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Rogers
Jane Montgomery 11B 424     No details yet held    
John Walsall 6B 875   04/11/1867 Walsall St Peter STS Elizabeth Taylor Fowler
Joseph Weobley 6A 1067   24/11/1867 Bishopstone HEF Hannah Exton
Margaret Cheltenham 6A 864   18/11/1867 Cheltenham St Peter GLS Raynor Peacey
Mary Ledbury 6A 934   03/11/1867 Ledbury HEF George Moss
Mary Lambeth 1D 489   10/11/1867 Waterloo St John SRY George Gray
Mary Ann Kensington 1A 216   10/11/1867 Paddington St James MDX John Richings
Sarah Knighton 11B 335   11/12/1867 Brampton Bryan HEF William Williams
Sarah Hereford 6A 1062   31/12/1867 Hereford Register Office HEF Joseph Steed
William Leominster 6A 1109   23/11/1867 Kingsland HEF Sarah Beavan
William Presteigne 11B 317   03/11/1867 Pembridge HEF Sarah Roberts
William Hereford 6A 1052   02/11/1867 Hereford Register Office HEF Harriett Morgan
Mar 1868
Ann Martley 6C 261   28/01/1868 Great Witley WOR David Knowles
Emma Hay 11B 174   21/03/1868 Clifford HEF James R Chirnside
George Montgomery 11B 285   20/02/1868 Hope SAL Ann Evans
Hiram Monmouth 11A 57   00/00/1868 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Emma Hillman
James Ross 6A 629   26/02/1868 St Weonards HEF Eliza Bevan
Mary Leominster 6A 717   17/03/1868 Aymestrey HEF James Jay
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 654   29/03/1868 Hereford St Martin HEF John Crumpton
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 660   13/02/1868 Hereford St Peter HEF Benjamin Arrowsmith
Robert Shifnal 6A 843   15/09/1868 Hope SAL Amm Jones
Thomas Pontypool 11A 155   08/03/1868 Trevethin MON Rachel Andrew
Thomas Hereford 6A 687   01/01/1868 Withington HEF Mary Ann Brookes
William Hereford 6A 653   13/02/1868 Hereford St Martin HEF Caroline Harris
William Henry Birmingham 6D 191     No details yet held    
Jun 1868
Arthur Hereford 6A 887   06/06/1868 Hereford Register Office HEF Hannah Smith
Caroline Presteigne 11B 253   12/05/1868 Kington Register Office HEF William Francis
Caroline Wolverhampton 6B 620   13/04/1868 Wolverhampton St Peter STS George Patrick
Charles Hereford 6A 875   28/05/1868 Withington HEF Susan Smith
David [Prees] Bridgend 11A 600   20/05/1868 Coity GLA Jane Watts
Edmund Upton On Severn 6C 395   01/06/1868 Great Malvern St Mary WOR Jane Massey
Eliza Hereford 6A 879   21/04/1868 Hereford Register Office HEF Robert Croft
Elizabeth Hereford 6A B33   16/04/1868 Little Dewchurch HEF John Guy
Emma Wolverhampton 6B 623   12/05/1868 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Henry Simpson
Harriet Kidderminster 6C 269   20/04/1868 Kidderminster St George WOR William Atkins
Harriet Tenbury 6C 293   01/06/1868 Little Hereford HEF Joseph Hood
Henry Kidderminster 6C 267   01/06/1868 Kidderminster St John WOR Esther Dukes
James West Bromwich 6B 831   31/05/1868 Wednesbury St John STS Mary Meakin
James Hereford 6A 862   25/06/1868 Hereford All Saints HEF Elizabeth Price
Jane Hereford 6A 884   26/05/1868 Hereford Register Office HEF Wm Arrowsmith
John Ludlow 6A 288   27/05/1868 Ludlow SAL Emma Bevan
John Hereford 6A 850   08/06/1868 Hereford St Owen HEF Phoebe Jane Pritchard
Maria Bridgnorth 6A 1083   00/00/1868 Chetton SAL John Roe
Mary Ann Stourbridge 6A 218   04/06/1868 Pensnett St Mark STS Reuben Danks
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 847   11/06/1868 Hereford St Martin HEF David Hart
Richard Nantwich 8A 421   00/00/1868 Wistaston St Mary CHS Sarah Tatton
Sarah Weobley 6A 987   25/05/1868 Dilwyn HEF Thomas Hackley
Thomas Tenbury 6A 239   12/05/1868 Stoke Bliss HEF Emma Clinton
William Newport 11A 209   09/04/1868 Maindee St John The Evangelist MON Hannah Jane Prewelt
Sep 1868
Ann Birmingham 6D 152   23/08/1868 Birmingham St Peter Dale WAR Henry Thomas
Charles Tenbury 6C 273   16/07/1868 Knighton Upon Teme WOR Caroline George
Edwin Shrewsbury 6A 1086   04/08/1868 Shrewsbury St George SAL Jane Pugh
Elizabeth Manchester 8D 401   08/09/1868 Manchester Cathedral LAN Henry Hunston
Elizabeth Aston 6D 293   12/07/1868 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR Henry Birkenhead
Francis [Preese] Machynlleth 11B 267     No details yet held    
Henry Edwin Aston 6D 318   07/09/1868 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR Sarah Ann Lucas
James Pershore 6C 443   09/09/1868 Pershore Holy Cross WOR Frances Clee
Joseph Clifton 6A 253   00/00/1868 Not Yet Held ??? Mary Ann Peglar
Robert Montgomery 11B 310     No details yet held    
Samuel Dudley 6C 100   05/07/1868 Lower Gornal St James STS Ann Maria Edwards
William Shrewsbury 6A 1077   00/00/1868 Meole Brace SAL Ann Gough
Dec 1868
Betsy Weobley 6A 1003   31/12/1868 Dilwyn HEF John Lee
Caroline Gloucester 6A 521   12/11/1868 Gloucester St Michael GLS Thomas Hale
Edwin Clifton 6A 314   00/00/1868 Not Yet Held ??? Caroline Earl R Harrison
Eliza Tenbury 6C 377   21/12/1868 Stoke Bliss HEF George Mapp
Elizabeth Margaret St Giles 1B 780     No details yet held    
Emily Tenbury 6A 366   31/12/1868 Eastham WOR John Davies
Emily Ann Greenwich 1D 967   09/11/1868 Deptford St Nicholas KEN Charles Hunt
Emma Kidderminster 6C 347   13/12/1868 Ribbesford WOR George Bough
George Aston 6D 411   23/11/1868 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Emma Wardell
George Swansea 11A 783   15/12/1868 Swansea St James GLA Ann Jones
George Presteigne 11B 297   22/10/1868 Huntington HEF Eliza Beavan
George Henry Bridgnorth 6A 1151   06/12/1868 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Susannah Morris
Hannah Montgomery 11B 409   19/10/1868 Hope Holy Trinity SAL Abraham Townsend
Henry Worcester 6C 425   11/10/1868 Worcester St Helen WOR Ann Ball
James Market Drayton 6A 1388   07/12/1868 Little Drayton SAL Emma Noden
James Kings Norton 6C 680   06/12/1868 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Mary Jane Fellows
James Henry Ross 6A 923   26/10/1868 Ross HEF Sarah Meredith
John Stourbridge 6C 283   18/10/1868 Pensnett St Mark STS Louisa Robottom
Mary Bridgnorth 6A 1165   17/11/1868 Worfield SAL John Lewis
Mary Ann Worcester 6C 442   25/12/1868 Worcester St Peter WOR Alfred Powell
Richard Weobley 6A 1017   24/11/1868 Yazor HEF Elizabeth Watkins
Thomas Stourbridge 6C 253   05/10/1868 Wordsley Holy Trinity WOR Eliza Hay
William Walsall 6B 908   00/00/1868 Not Yet Held STS Lavinia Hundrell Pratt
William Cardiff 11A 296   25/11/1868 Llandaff GLA Ann Campbell
Mar 1869
Ann Worcester 6C 328   27/03/1869 Worcester St Clement WOR John Williams
Charles Lambeth 1D 358     No details yet held    
Emily Ashton Under Lyne 8D 660   07/02/1869 Ashton Under Lyne St Michael LAN William Reade
Frances Hereford 6A 687   08/02/1869 Holmer HEF Joseph Cook
James Llanfyllin 11B 329   18/03/1869 Guilsfield MGY Ann Jones
James Aston 6D 302   31/01/1869 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Ann Wardle
John Atcham 6A 930   00/00/1869 Atcham Register Office SAL Ann Bright
John Crickhowell 11B 187     No details yet held    
Joseph John Westbury On Severn 6A 317   30/01/1869 Abenhall GLS Charlotte Green
Sarah Leominster 6A 801   21/03/1869 Leominster Register Office HEF William Burton
Sophia Islington 1B 306   06/01/1869 Islington Holy Trinity LND Philip Payne
William Ledbury 6A 621   09/02/1869 Bosbury HEF Jessie Jones
Jun 1869
Anne Maria Madeley 6A 1157   18/04/1869 Dawley Parva SAL William Hart
Elizabeth Swansea 11A 785   10/04/1869 Swansea St John GLA Elizabeth Preece
Ellen Bromyard 6A 937   27/05/1869 Felton HEF Robert Bailey
Francis James Stoke Damerel 5B 529   00/00/1869 Not Yet Held DEV Ann Elizabeth Tozer
Hannah Leominster 6A 975   02/05/1869 Orleton HEF Thomas Williams
Jane Leominster 6A 969   01/04/1869 Orleton HEF William Gore
Jane Reading 2C 564   00/00/1869 Reading Register Office BRK George Fidler
Jane Leominster 6A 975   07/06/1869 Kingsland HEF William Miles
John Weobley 6A 905   03/06/1869 Blakemere HEF Mary Bishop
John Leighton Buzzard 3B 625   08/05/1869 Linslade St Barnabas BKM Anne Maria Louise Hollyer
Joseph Hereford 6A 837   07/06/1869 Hereford St Martin HEF Ellen E Price
Maria [Pruce] Bath 5C 1044   00/00/1869 Bath St Saviour (Larkhall) SOM William Maslen
Martha Worcester 6C 369   09/05/1869 Worcester St Nicholas WOR Thomas Button
Mary Wellington 6A 1403   15/06/1869 Wombridge SAL Edwin Sawyer
Mary Ann Madeley 6A 1145   24/05/1869 Barrow SAL Matthew Bizzell
Mary Ann Shrewsbury 6A 1237   00/00/1869 Shrewsbury St Giles SAL Joseph Peel
Mary Ann Clun 6A 1033   24/04/1869 Mainstone SAL Caleb Matthews
Samuel Montgomery 11B 401   00/00/1869 Welshpool Civil Marriage MGY Margaret Jones
Thomas Thirsk 9D 552   12/06/1869 Topcliffe NRY Edyes Graham
William Bridgnorth 6A 1100   00/00/1869 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Mary A Mason
William Ludlow 6A 1013   13/06/1869 Ludlow SAL Charlotte Daws
William [Prece] Bridgend 11A 675   01/05/1869 St Mary Church GLA Martha Kemp
William George Swansea 11A 785   10/04/1869 Swansea St John GLA William George Preece
Sep 1869
Ann Bridgnorth 6A 989   05/09/1869 Alveley SAL George Link
Ann Elizabeth Worcester 6C 357   29/07/1869 Worcester St Michael WOR William Gill
David Bridgend 11A 604   13/09/1869 Llangynwyd GLA Mary Ann Morgan
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 819   11/07/1869 Hereford St Owen HEF James Bodenham
Francis Hereford 6A 853   19/09/1869 Withington HEF Lucy Harrison
George Edward Thanet 2A 1171   30/08/1869 Ramsgate KEN Charlotte Dallin
Henry Kensington 1A 271   17/08/1869 Paddington St Saviour MDX Mary Ann Matthews
Jane Kingston 2A 376   16/08/1869 Ham St Andrew SRY Alfred Ballard
Jane Leah Bridgnorth 6A 1005   00/00/1869 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL William Jones
John William Manchester 8D 371   30/08/1869 Manchester Cathedral LAN Ellen Ann Harris
Mary Bedwellty 11A 127   11/09/1869 Bedwellty MON James Griffiths
Mary Ann Newcastle Under Lyme 6B 75   03/07/1869 Newcastle St George STS Samuel France
Matthew Monmouth 11A 65   05/07/1869 Trelleck MON Susannah Cooper
Rebecca Hereford 6A 815   01/07/1869 Hereford St Martin HEF Henry Caswell
Richard Stoke Upon Trent 6B 194B   25/07/1869 Etruria St Matthew STS Cecilia Sillitoe
Richard Weobley 6A 874   13/09/1869 Dilwyn HEF Eliza Davies
Sarah Walsall 6B 766     No details yet held    
Stephen Martley 6C 343   01/07/1869 Malvern Link WOR Martha Roberts
William Shrewsbury 6A 1092   00/00/1869 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Miriam Jordan
William Guisborough 9D 687     No details yet held    
Dec 1869
Alice Elizabeth Aston 6D 400   24/12/1869 Aston Brook St Mary WAR William Leonard Hicken
Ann Abergavenny 11A 84   27/10/1869 Abergavenny St Mary MON Henry Cotterell
Edwin Nantwich 8A 440   00/00/1869 Wybunbury St Chad CHS Margaret Bebbington
Elizabeth Neath 11A 809     No details yet held    
Elizabeth St James Westminster 1A 689   10/10/1869 Westminster St Anne MDX John Bentley
George Pancras 1B 10   11/12/1869 St Paul,Camden Square LND Mary Glass
Harriet Cheltenham 6A 867   03/10/1869 Cheltenham St Mary GLS George Hall Allen
Jane Hereford 6A 1062   25/12/1869 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Nutt
John Montgomery 11B 409   11/11/1869 Worthen SAL Ann Morris
Joseph [Preace] Cheltenham 6A 917   00/00/1869 Register Office GLS Emma Hunt
Joseph [Preace] Cheltenham 6A 917     No details yet held    
Louisa Derby 7B 770   28/11/1869 Derby DBY Edward Hydes
Mary Ludlow 6A 1142   07/10/1869 Ludlow SAL Charles Churchman
Sarah St George Hanover Square 1A 586   24/10/1869 Robert Street Chapel MDX George Martin
Susannah Tenbury 6C 423     No details yet held    
Thomas Worcester 6C 503   05/12/1869 Worcester St Martin WOR Rhoda Elizabeth Laugher
Thomas Stone 6B 91   01/11/1869 Stone Roman Catholic STS Mary Hayes
Thomas Atcham 6A 1311   00/00/1869 Atcham Register Office SAL Priscilla Bennett
William Bridgnorth 6A 1203   30/12/1869 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Annie Stanfield
William Bromyard 6A 1107   09/12/1869 Wacton HEF Hannah Bennett
William Dudley 6C 192   25/10/1869 Tipton St Mark STS Fanny Norton
William Jackson Clifton 6A 259   13/12/1869 Bristol Holy Trinity GLS Sarah Ann Cowmeadow
Mar 1870
Caroline Martley 6C 280   01/03/1870 Hallow WOR Thomas Marsh
Charles Evesham 6C 375   08/02/1870 Bretforton WOR Charlotte Elizabeth Slater
Edward Martley 6C 275   01/02/1870 Cotteridge WOR Hannah Miller
Edward Montgomery 11B 302   28/01/1870 Welshpool MGY Phoebe Morgan
Elam Monmouth 11A 54   00/00/1870 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Louisa Emma Roberts
Elizabeth Hendon 3A 112   24/03/1870 Harrow St Mary MDX Samuel Atkins
Elizabeth Mile End Old Town 1C 774   25/01/1870 Stepney St Thomas MDX William Chignell
Elizabeth Marylebone 1A 689   28/03/1870 St Marylebone St Mary MDX George Whiteford
Henry John Bridgwater 5C 591   00/00/1870 Not Yet Held SOM Sarah Ann Rowsell
Jane Leominster 6A 797   24/03/1870 Shobdon HEF John Pinches
John Leominster 6A 785   02/03/1870 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Mary Hodges
John Hereford 6A VII 0 9   27/01/1870 Callow HEF Elena Adams
Margaret Portsea Island 2B 468   01/01/1870 Portsea St Mary HAM William Pike
Mary Ann St Saviour Southwark 1D 14     No details yet held    
Phebe Leominster 6A 787   13/01/1870 Kimbolton HEF Thomas Taylor
Sarah Knighton 11B 217   25/01/1870 Brampton Bryan HEF Thomas Pearce
Sarah Jane Leominster 6A 805   28/02/1870 Leominster Register Office HEF Charles H Smith
Selina Hereford 6A 713   10/03/1870 Hereford All Saints HEF William Godwin
Thomas Weobley 6A 759   24/02/1870 Norton Canon HEF Mary A Watkins
William Hereford 6A 705   10/02/1870 Breinton HEF Mary Cole
Jun 1870
Adam Montgomery 11B 391   03/05/1870 Buttington MGY Elizabeth Smout
Ann Ludlow 6A 1035   28/04/1870 Burrington HEF Richard Tipton
Benjamin Monmouth 11A 67   00/00/1870 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] MON Mary Ann Porter
Charles Merthyr Tydfil 11A 518   10/05/1870 Merthyr Tydfil GLA Annie Maria Lewis
Elizabeth Tenbury 6C 361     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 1017   24/05/1870 Kingsland HEF George Millichap
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 218   24/04/1870 Birmingham St Thomas WAR William Smith
Ellen Montgomery 11B 403   00/00/1870 Marton St Mark SAL William Lockett
Ellenetta Ely 3B 891     No details yet held    
Emma Tenbury 6C 373   12/05/1870 Rochford WOR William Yapp
Emma Hereford 6A 956   26/06/1870 Hereford Register Office HEF Benjamin Davies
George Bridgnorth 6A 1153   02/05/1870 Neenton SAL Elizabeth Hughes
George Hereford 6A 925   01/06/1870 Preston Wynne HEF Elizabeth Mason
Harriet Gloucester 6A 482   30/05/1870 Gloucester St Catherine GLS Seth Watkins
Harriet Aston 6D 291   16/04/1870 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR William Pratt
James Ross 6A 855   05/05/1870 Sellack HEF Eliza Dobbins
John Chelsea 1A 373   29/05/1870 Chelsea St Jude MDX Mary Ann Fry
John Weobley 6A 967   12/05/1870 Canon Pyon HEF Fanny Nash
John Westbury On Severn 6A 450   00/00/1870 Westbury On Severn[Reg Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Ann Gainey
Louisa Ross 6A 853   08/06/1870 Ross HEF Thomas Jones
Margaret Ellen Whitechapel 1C 838   07/06/1870 Whitechapel St Mark MDX Arthur Koster
Martha Clun 6A 1085   18/04/1870 Hyssington MGY John Meredith
Mary Atcham 6A 1265   00/00/1870 Atcham Register Office SAL John Jones
Sarah Leominster 6A 1022   14/05/1870 Leominster Priory HEF James Cresswell
Sarah Ann Portsea Island 2B 686   08/05/1870 Portsmouth St Thomas HAM James Grennall
Thomas Weobley 6A 981   16/06/1870 Yazor HEF Mira Jenkins
Thomas Droitwich 6C 547   11/04/1870 Worcester St Stephen WOR Ellen Winnet
Thomas Birmingham 6D 85   18/04/1870 Birmingham St Jude WAR Annie Maria Hunt
William Ledbury 6A 829   06/06/1870 Woolhope HEF Emma Davis
William London City 1C 165   26/04/1870 St Peter Le Poer LND Alice Elizabeth Burnham
Sep 1870
Charles Hereford 6A 777   13/09/1870 Holmer HEF Jane Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Ross 6A 741   17/07/1870 Ross Register Office HEF William Jay
Francis Leominster 6A 871   10/07/1870 Leominster Register Office HEF Mary A Maund
Frederick William West Bromwich 6B 845   00/00/1870 West Bromwich All Saints STS Ellen Powell
Harriet Leominster 6A 862   28/08/1870 Leominster Priory HEF Henry Martin
Harriet Droitwich 6C 501   03/07/1870 Worcester St Stephen WOR William Henry Wood
Harriett Ledbury 6A 705   07/07/1870 Ledbury HEF William Edward Hartland
Henry Shrewsbury 6A 1075   00/00/1870 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL Susan Thorley
Jane Droitwich 6C 536   31/07/1870 Hartlebury WOR George Hyde
John Bedwellty 11A 161     No details yet held    
John Hereford 6A 812   07/08/1870 Hereford Register Office HEF Emily Bowcott
John Pancras 1B 137   06/08/1870 St Pancras Old Church MDX Eliza Budds
Margaret Droitwich 6C 512   24/08/1870 Claines WOR William Evans
Mary Sophia Abergavenny 11A 75   20/09/1870 Llanfoist MON George Morgan
Matilda Kings Norton 6C 641   19/09/1870 Kings Heath All Saints WOR George Walford
Samuel Hereford 6A 748   25/08/1870 Little Birch HEF Eliza James
Thomas Hereford 6A 816   30/08/1870 Hereford Register Office HEF Mathilda Hinton
William George Wimborne 5A 459   27/08/1870 Wimbourne DOR Frances Manns
William Morris Cheadle 6B 364   07/09/1870 Caverswall St Peter STS Mary Pover
Dec 1870
Agnes Ludlow 6A 1149   26/12/1870 Ludlow SAL James Baker
Anne Hereford 6A 1014   29/12/1870 Aconbury HEF Richard Colcomb
Eliza Clun 6C 1171   08/10/1870 Mainstone SAL Felix Gwilliam
James Bridgnorth 6C 1209   03/10/1870 Billingsley SAL Elizabeth Palmer
James Hereford 6A 1030   13/11/1870 Hereford St James HEF Elizabeth Lloyd
John Davis Leominster 6A 1125   30/10/1870 Leominster Register Office HEF Sarah Lawrence
Martha Ashley Hereford 6A 1060   25/12/1870 Hereford Register Office HEF George Allen
Mary Cardiff 11A 366     No details yet held    
Mary Aston 6D 424   06/12/1870 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR Joseph Hayward
Thomas Hereford 6A 1034   18/12/1870 Hereford St Martin HEF Eliza Oliver
Thomas Shrewsbury 6A 1350   03/11/1870 Shrewsbury St George SAL Eliza Bowen
William George Shoreditch 1C 426   26/12/1870 Shoreditch St Mark MDX Elizabeth Waterman