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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1889 - 1891

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1889
Alice Bethnal Green 1C 372   20/01/1889 Bethnal Green St Thomas MDX Alfred Richard Dust
Ann Toxteth Park 8B 404   00/00/1889 Toxteth Park Register Office LAN James Williams
Annie Selane Southampton 2C 17   01/01/1889 Newtown St Luke HAM Charles Howard Nicholls
Charles Edward Worcester 6C 307   04/03/1889 Worcester St Michael WOR Elizabeth Powell
Charlotte Lucy Croydon 2A 363     No details yet held    
Daniel Whitehaven 10B 825   10/02/1889 Harrington CUL Annie Ashworth
Elizabeth Florence Plymouth 5B 456     No details yet held    
Frank John Westbury On Severn 6A 310   00/00/1889 Westbury On Severn[Register Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Kate Hirst
George Bedwellty 11A 95     No details yet held    
George Birmingham 6D 177     No details yet held    
George Wolverhampton 6B 570   23/03/1889 Penn Fields St Philip STS Agnes Mary Ransom
George Chelsea 1A 528   16/02/1889 Chelsea Markham Square MDX Florence Julia Beatrice Hionour
Harriet Dudley 6C 43   31/03/1889 Dudley St John The Evangelist Kates Hill WOR Benjamin Cox
Jane Ross 6A 605   01/01/1889 Ross HEF Edwin Powell
John Alcester 6D 657   09/01/1889 Inkberrow WOR Martha Elizabeth Cowley
John Worcester 6C 340   09/02/1889 Worcester WOR Ellen Eliza Quinn
John Monmouth 11A 44   00/00/1889 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Harriet Eliza Brazington
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 657   12/02/1889 Hereford Tupsley HEF William Hunt
Phoebe Crickhowell 11B 145     No details yet held    
Sarah West Bromwich 6B 841   23/03/1889 West Bromwich St Peter STS William Jenkins
William Edward Atcham 6A 879   24/01/1889 Shrewsbury SAL Ellen Roberts
Jun 1889
Ada Ludlow 6A 1061   22/04/1889 Leinthall Starkes HEF William Keep
Ann Hereford 6A 926   12/05/1889 Hereford St Peter HEF Amos Baldwin
Annie Barton Regis 6A 284   22/06/1889 Kingsdown St Matthew GLS Alfred Upton
Arthur [Prees] Atcham 6A 1306   00/00/1889 Atcham Register Office SAL Emily Owen
Clara Abergavenny 11A 95     No details yet held    
Edward Goodwin Norwich 4B 178   09/05/1889 Heigham Holy Trinity NFK Victoria Agnes Bullard Couzens
Eliza Leominster 6A 1009   15/05/1889 Croft HEF Benjamin Barrow
Emily Atcham 6A 1310   00/00/1889 Atcham Register Office SAL George Wall
George Henry Bridgnorth 6A 1168   00/00/1889 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Mary A Haycocks
John Woolwich 1D 1641   22/04/1889 Woolwich St Thomas KEN Margaret Susanna Hendon
John Cannock 6B 683   18/04/1889 Lapley All Saints STS Abigail Slater
John Charles Shifnal 6A 1181     No details yet held    
Samuel James Hereford 6A 919   15/04/1889 Hereford St Martin HEF Margaret Wilkinson
Sarah Ann Leominster 6A 1011   25/06/1889 Ivington HEF George Steadman
Sarah Jane Kings Norton 6C 706   24/06/1889 Harborne St Peter STS George Reeves
Thomas Camberwell 1D 1157   08/06/1889 Camberwell St George SRY Mary Loscombe
Sep 1889
Alfred William Kington 6A 945   23/07/1889 Kington HEF Sarah Alice Higgs
Annie Pontypool 11A 203   22/09/1889 Llanhilleth MON George Drew
Arthur James Kington 6A 948   07/08/1889 Lyonshall HEF Annie Bodenham
Clara West Derby 8B 565   05/08/1889 Edge Hill St Mary LAN Herbert Pooler
Emily Birkenhead 8A 786   01/09/1889 New Brighton St James CHS William Edwards
Emily Isabella Camberwell 1D 1354     No details yet held    
James Chesterfield 7B 931   29/07/1889 Newbold DBY Maria Cooper
James St Neots 3B 487     No details yet held    
James Faringdon 2C 455     No details yet held    
Joseph Cardiff 11A 399   07/09/1889 Canton St John GLA Eleanor Susan Williams
Kate Ellen Coventry 6D 706   30/09/1889 Coventry St Michael WAR John Frith
Margaret Emily Hereford 6A 867   13/08/1889 Madley HEF James Ralphs
Maria Agnes Hereford 6A 893   18/09/1889 Hereford St Francis Xaviers HEF Felix Edwin Welch
Mary Gloucester 6A 454   04/08/1889 Gloucester St Luke GLS Thomas William Smith
Mary Ann Burton Upon Trent 6B 576   00/00/1889 Burton Upon Trent STS Henry J Ottewell
Percy Charles Exeter 5B 129   08/08/1889 Exeter St David DEV Eva Elizabeth Bawden
Philip Austin St Olave Southwark 1D 497   04/08/1889 Rotherhithe St Barnabas SRY Alice Trotman
Sophia Jane Hereford 6A 887     No details yet held    
Thomas St Saviour Southwark 1D 130   28/07/1889 Newington SRY Eliza Attfield
Thomas Bridgnorth 6A 1045   00/00/1889 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Sarah A Wall
Tracey William Merthyr Tydfil 11A 788     No details yet held    
William Kington 6A 945   07/08/1889 Kington HEF Margaret Drew
Dec 1889
Ada Kidderminster 6C 395   25/12/1889 Lower Mitton WOR Edward Lee
Ada Bedwellty 11A 165   23/11/1889 Nantyglo MON Joseph Cecil
Alfred Wolverhampton 6B 853   22/10/1889 Enville St Mary The Virgin STS Ann Woolley
Alfred Swansea 11A 1425     No details yet held    
Amy Birmingham 6D 252   03/11/1889 Birmingham St Paul WAR John Parsons
Arthur Nantwich 8A 495   00/00/1889 Crewe St Barnabas CHS Ada Latham
Catherine Bromsgrove 6C 711     No details yet held    
Clara Elizabeth St Albans 3A 719   16/10/1889 Saint Albans St Peter HRT Richard Charles Gulston
Elizabeth Ledbury 6A 945   06/11/1889 Mathon WOR Edmund James Bettridge
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 1017   21/10/1889 Hereford All Saints HEF Charles J Beavan
Emma Atcham 6A 1315   16/12/1889 Alberbury SAL William Edwards
Esther Maria Cheltenham 6A 858   26/12/1889 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Philip Dodd
Francis Newport 11A 299   26/12/1889 Bassaleg MON Harriett Elizth Mills
George Leeds 9B 906   00/00/1889 Leeds YKS Annie Worsnop
Henry Weobley 6A 1071   07/11/1889 Canon Pyon HEF Alice Wiles
Henry Edwin Merthyr Tydfil 11A 993     No details yet held    
James Merthyr Tydfil 11A 983     No details yet held    
Margaret Leominster 6A 1117   28/11/1889 Orleton HEF Thomas Lowe
Martha Jane Saddleworth 9A 431   28/10/1889 Saddleworth St. Chad LAN Ben Gartside
Mary Ann Leominster 6A 1111   04/11/1889 Ivington HEF Charles George
Mary Jane Pontypool 11A 268   11/11/1889 Trevethin Parish Church MON William Huish
Nellie Birmingham 6D 354     No details yet held    
Richard Oswestry 6A 1405   24/10/1889 Oswestry SAL Margaret Bennett
Susannah Worcester 6C 482   25/11/1889 Worcester St Barnabas Rainbow Hill WOR Henry Cound
Thomas Rowland Newport 6A 1569   31/12/1889 Gnosall St Lawrence STS Mary Turner
Mar 1890
Annie Bakewell 7B 920   00/00/1890 Bakewell Register Office DBY Thomas Ogden
Charles Kington 6A 717   04/03/1890 Kington Register Office HEF Sarah Williams
Daniel Bridgend 11A 776A     No details yet held    
David Haverfordwest 11A 1229     No details yet held    
Eliza Ada Burton Upon Trent 6B 461   00/00/1890 Burton Upon Trent STS Edward Wilson
Elizabeth Aston 6D 414     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 731   23/03/1890 Ludlow SAL Charles Henry Ward
Emily Margaret Cardiff 11A 355   23/02/1890 Roath GLA John Lewis
Esther Dudley 6C 26   15/02/1890 Dudley St James WOR Samuel Thomas Maybery
Florence Eliza Wolverhampton 6B 638   19/01/1890 Wolverhampton St George STS William Collinswood
James Pontypridd 11A 506   25/01/1890 Ystradyfodwg St John GLA Mary Ann Galliford
Jane Tenbury 6C 289   03/02/1890 Nash Chapel Burford WOR John Holmes
Margaret Nantwich 8A 422   00/00/1890 Crewe St Paul CHS Henry Bailey
Maria Brentford 3A 93   29/03/1890 Hanwell St Mary MDX William Powell
Mary Bristol 6A 55   03/02/1890 Bristol St Philip & Jacob GLS Charles Whiting
Mary Ann Dudley 6C 129   17/02/1890 Tipton St Matthew STS Joseph Honneyborn
Mary Ann Bury 8C 567   29/03/1890 Ainsworth Christ Church LAN Walter Scowcroft Smith
Mary Emma Stoke Upon Trent 6B 221   30/03/1890 Hartshill Holy Trinity STS David Evans
William Edward Birmingham 6D 109     No details yet held    
Jun 1890
Alice Maud M Atcham 6A 1311   00/00/1890 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Harry Done
Annie Ludlow 6A 1125   27/05/1890 Onibury SAL Charles Fletcher
Annie Louisa Greenwich 1D 1452   25/05/1890 Deptford St Luke LND John Joseph Fullager
Annie Sophia Nottingham 7B 501   10/05/1890 Radford NTT John William Dann
Benjamin Thomas Swansea 11A 1185   21/06/1890 Swansea St John GLA Margaret James Rees
Edmund Kidderminster 6C 342   24/05/1890 Kidderminster St John WOR Elizabeth Oakes
Edward Arthur Leominster 6A 1059   25/06/1890 Leominster Priory HEF Elizabeth M Wilkes
Elizabeth Atcham 6A 1312   00/00/1890 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL James Honeybourne
Elizabeth Atcham 6A 1301   00/00/1890 Shrewsbury St George SAL William Walker
Emela Bridgnorth 6A 1191     No details yet held    
Emily Birmingham 6D 235   07/04/1890 Deritend St Gabriel WAR Charles Flint
Evan William Bristol 6A 114   26/05/1890 Temple GLS Elizabeth Hannah Lane
George Newport 11A 324     No details yet held    
Hayling Leonard Stourbridge 6C 268   27/04/1890 Old Swinford St Mary WOR Hayling Leonard Sparry
John Bridgnorth 6A 1203   00/00/1890 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Mary A Cooper
Margaret Monmouth 11A 49   24/04/1890 Monmouth St Mary MON Walter Henry Hellier
Maria Louisa Cardiff 11A 441   23/04/1890 Cardiff St Mary GLA William Sutch
Martha Martley 6C 409   01/05/1890 Hallow WOR Alfred Wedgebarrow
Mary Leominster 6A 1047   04/06/1890 Docklow HEF Thomas Edward Gurney
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 993   03/04/1890 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Francis
Mercy Emma Westbury On Severn 6A 500   00/00/1890 Westbury On Severn [Reg Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Joseph Jayne
Olive Lydia Worcester 6C 467   16/04/1890 Worcester St Mary The Tything WOR James Gibbs
Richard Nicoll Camberwell 1D 1322   10/06/1890 Camberwell St Philip SRY Eliza Agnes Annie Hack
Robert Forden 11B 310     No details yet held    
Rosa Madeley 6A 1225   00/00/1890 Barrow SAL William Felton
Rosetta Middlesbrough 9D 916   00/00/1890 Middlesbrough YKS Charles G Dewey
Thomas Aston 6D 491   07/04/1890 Duddeston St Matthew WAR Mary Ann Smith
Thomas Upton On Severn 6C 490     No details yet held    
Tom Lewis Monmouth 11A 43   05/05/1890 Llanishen MON Eliza Ann Pritchard
Walter Henry Wellingborough 3B 309   09/06/1890 Rushden NTH Rachel Annie Lloyd
William Hay 11B 159   30/04/1890 Bredwardine HEF Elizabeth Price
William Charles Newcastle Upon Tyne 10B 85   21/06/1890 Newcastle All Saints DUR Hannah Layburn
William James Bradford 9B 235   26/05/1890 Eccleshill St Luke YKS Mary Wright
Sep 1890
Ada Frances Aston 6D 363   14/07/1890 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR William Joseph Styles
Agnes Emily Aston 6D 542   25/07/1890 Small Heath All Saints WAR William Lambert
Albert Edward Hendon 3A 263   07/09/1890 Kilburn St John MDX Florence Emily Kislingbury
Alfred Sudbury 4A 929   26/08/1890 Acton SFK Amy Anna Allen
Alfred James Hereford 6A 891   28/08/1890 Kilpeck HEF Ellen Herbert
Ann Eliza Abergavenny 11A 102     No details yet held    
Arthur Aston 6D 431   02/08/1890 Bordesley Holy Trinity WAR Emma Curran
Benjamin Madeley 6A 1101     No details yet held    
Charles Andrew Monmouth 11A 51   19/08/1890 Monmouth MON Edith Annie Law
Eleanor Cardiff 11A 418   11/09/1890 Canton St John GLA Henry John Edward Burch
Ellen Elizabeth Droitwich 6C 555   30/09/1890 Hartlebury WOR William Taylor
Emma Birmingham 6D 102   20/07/1890 Birmingham WAR George Henry Smith
Emma Tenbury 6C 365   14/09/1890 Nash Chapel Burford WOR Richard Joseph Andrews
Ephraim Newport 11A 318   00/00/1890 Not Yet Held MON Amy Llewellyn
George Prescot 8B 1081   30/08/1890 Parr St Peter LAN Mary Ann Lancaster
George Atcham 6A 1147   06/07/1890 Shrewsbury St Alkmund SAL Rosamund Hughson
Grace Leominster 6A 969   23/09/1890 Kingsland HEF Robert Postlethwaite
Henry Rochdale 8E 9   02/08/1890 Castleton Moor St Martin LAN Bertha Dawes
James Poole 5A 461   30/07/1890 Heatherlands Kinson DOR Annie Eliza Troke
Janette Portsea Island 2b 840a   02/08/1890 Portsea St Michael HAM Frederick James Grant
Martha Leicester 7A 459     No details yet held    
Mary Cardiff 11A 427     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Leominster 6A 963   10/07/1890 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Charles Richard Alcott
Mary Ann Llandovery 11A 1367     No details yet held    
Mary Jane Swansea 11A 1244     No details yet held    
Samuel [Priest] Chesterfield 7B 1025   01/09/1890 Newbold DBY Mary Wardle
Samuel Wolverhampton 6B 831     No details yet held    
Thomas William Solihull 6D 859   20/09/1890 Solihull St Alphege WAR Mary Ann Chamberlain
William Henry [Prees] Swansea 11A 1184   08/09/1890 Swansea St James GLA Celia Treza Lloyd
William John Hereford 6A 887   14/09/1890 Holmer HEF Olive Clarke
Dec 1890
Abraham Bridgwater 5C 677     No details yet held    
Alfred James Worcester 6C 529   00/00/1890 Worcester WOR Louisa Johnson
Anne Haverfordwest 11A 2072     No details yet held    
Benjamin Birmingham 6D 49   04/10/1890 Birmingham St Bartholomew WAR Sarah Hannah Thompson
Charles John Kings Norton 6C 766   09/11/1890 Balsall Heath St Thomas WAR Elizabeth Meadows
Elizabeth Hay 11B 273   10/12/1890 Hay BRE Thomas Williams
Elizabeth Worcester 6C 511   05/10/1890 Worcester St Martin WOR William Harbron
Elizabeth Jane Kington 6A 1133   02/12/1890 Kinsham HEF Henry Thomas Webb
Frances Maria Cardiff 11A 754     No details yet held    
Frederick Ernest Aston 6D 614   25/12/1890 Lozelles St Silas WAR Ellen Elizabeth Thomas
George Atcham 6A 1404   00/00/1890 Atcham Register Office SAL Alice Fewtrell
Hannah Aston 6D 503   13/10/1890 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Charles Witts
Harry Harwood Wandsworth 1D 995   02/10/1890 Battersea Christ Church SRY Alice Cass
Henry Wirral 8A 815   00/00/1890 Burton St Nicholas CHS Emma Carter
Henry Stourbridge 6C 281   28/12/1890 Brierley Hill STS Emma Cox
James Newport 11A 422     No details yet held    
James Amphlett Hereford 6A 1011   04/11/1890 Hereford Cathedral HEF Sarah Jane Thomas
Jane Harriet Camberwell 1D 1427     No details yet held    
John Bridgend 11A 1768A     No details yet held    
John Ledbury 6A 948     No details yet held    
Margaret Jane Leigh 8C 399   00/00/1890 Register Office Leigh LAN John Edward Howells
Mary Ann Fylde 8E 1085   22/10/1890 Blackpool Holy Trinity LAN John Paine
Mary Jane Atcham 6A 1317   03/11/1890 Alberbury SAL Edward Rogers
Mary Jane S West Derby 8B 632   25/12/1890 Everton Emmanuel LAN Alexander Mcnair
Matilda Salford 8D 208   00/00/1890 Salford LAN Thomas Robinson
Sarah Bridgnorth 6A 1247   05/10/1890 Bridgnorth SAL Frederick Delo
Sarah Ann [Price] Hereford 6A 1045   02/12/1890 Llancillo HEF John Jones
Sarah Ann Chorlton 8C 1258   00/00/1890 Chorlton On Medlock LAN William Eva
Thomas Hereford 6A 1007   26/10/1890 Hereford St James HEF Ada Williams
William St Olave Southwark 1D 517   14/12/1890 Bermondsy Christ Church SRY Elizabeth Watkinson
William Wolverhampton 6B 970   21/12/1890 Willenhall St Stephen STS Mary Ann Butler
William Hereford 6A 1047   22/10/1890 Stretton Sugwas HEF Annie Haynes
Mar 1891
Albert Worcester 6C 414     No details yet held    
Alfred Cardiff 11A 517     No details yet held    
Andrew Wolverhampton 6B 749   29/03/1891 Bilston STS Eliza Dainty
Anna Knighton 11B 177     No details yet held    
David Barrow in Furness 8E 1210   00/00/1891 ? Not Known LAN Agnes Hubbold
Eliza Abergavenny 11A 112     No details yet held    
Eliza [Price] Hereford 6A 761     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ellen Bedwellty 11A 157     No details yet held    
Emily Hereford 6A 741   18/01/1891 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Thomas M D Tomkins
Emily Ann Hackney 1B 678   28/03/1891 Hackney St Peter LND Frederick Pattison
Frances Maria Northampton 3B 98   22/03/1891 Northampton All Saints NTH Joseph Henry Perrett
Francis George Crickhowell 11B 139     No details yet held    
Frederick Philip Kensington 1A 225   08/03/1891 Notting Hill All Saints LND Hannah Caroline Hatton
George Hereford 6A 761   02/02/1891 Rowlstone HEF Eliza Price
George Newport 11A 366     No details yet held    
George Bradford 9B 114     No details yet held    
Harriet Cardiff 11A 596     No details yet held    
Isabell Jane Aston 6D 320   21/03/1891 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Charles Edward Siddons
James Stockton 10A 102   16/02/1891 Stockton Holy Trinity SAL Henrietta Thwaites
Jane Gloucester 6A 435   23/03/1891 Gloucester St Nicholas GLS Peter Preece
John Walsall 6B 942   29/03/1891 Walsall St John STS Elizabeth Small
John Robert Leominster 6A 821   09/02/1891 Leominster Priory HEF Eliza Gardner
John William Lambeth 1D 563   16/03/1891 Lambeth St Mary LND Lucy Ann Bishop
Mary Cardiff 11A 475   30/03/1891 Roath GLA Herbert William Morgan
Mary Ann Stockton 10A 110   00/00/1891 Stockton On Tees DUR Andrew Beadle
Mary Ann Ross 6A 691   22/01/1891 Goodrich HEF James W Baulch
Peter Gloucester 6A 435   23/03/1891 Gloucester St Nicholas GLS Jane Preece
Richard Barton Regis 6A 261     No details yet held    
William Pontypridd 11A 647   22/02/1891 St Ann GLA Annie Cook
William Dudley 6C 145   08/03/1891 Tipton St Paul STS Mary Ann Hill
William Edward Bradford 9B 28   13/01/1891 Bradford YKS Annie Fletcher
William James Bedwellty 11A 178     No details yet held    
Jun 1891
Arthur Leominster 6A 985   05/05/1891 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Elizabeth Ellen Winney
Daniel Pontardawe 11A 1131     No details yet held    
Edward Wolverhampton 6B 849     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 993   25/04/1891 Orleton HEF John Perrigo
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 885   12/04/1891 Hereford St James HEF Thomas Morris
Florence Anne Burton Upon Trent 6B 539   00/00/1891 Burton Upon Trent STS Arthur E Harrison
George Atcham 6A 1258   00/00/1891 Atcham Register Office SAL Elizabeth Morris
George Hereford 6A 870   18/05/1891 Much Dewchurch HEF Emma Minard
Georgina Wolverhampton 6B 707   06/04/1891 Enville St Mary The Virgin STS Harry Hollings
Georgina Edmonton 3A 318   13/05/1891 Edmonton All Saints LND John White
Harriet Ann Hereford 6A 933   30/04/1891 Wormbridge HEF Albert Morgan
Henry Bridgnorth 6A 1099   20/04/1891 Alveley SAL Mary Ann Bullock
Henry Crickhowell 11B 140   18/05/1891 Llanelly BRE Sarah Matilda Pritchard
Henry Thomas Abergavenny 11A 106     No details yet held    
Herbert Edwin Kingston 2A 548   26/04/1891 Norbiton SRY Ann Elizabeth Buzzing
Jessie Scarborough 9D 531   15/04/1891 Scarborough St Martin YKS Joseph Drake
John Church Stretton 6A 1077   00/00/1891 Wistanstow SAL Mary A Jones
John Hereford 6A 939   15/05/1891 Hereford Register Office HEF Rosa Jones
John Charles Monmouth 11A 67   30/04/1891 Whitchurch HEF Emma E Griffiths
Laura Ellen J St George Hanover Square 1A 815   17/05/1891 Westminster St Margaret MDX Richard George James
Mary Newport 11A 340     No details yet held    
Peter Birkenhead 8A 800   00/00/1891 Wirral CHS Susan Brown
Rosina Romford 4A 410   27/06/1891 Romford St Edward The Confessor ESS Roman Charles Ullrich
Susanna Chorlton 8C 1187   00/00/1891 Chorlton-On-Medlock Registar Attended LAN Michael J Mcguire
Walter Charles Gloucester 6A 508   09/05/1891 Gloucester St Mark GLS Kate Matilda Smith
William Kings Norton 6C 632   11/07/1891 Harborne St Peter STS Francis Annie Reeves
William Ephraim Bedwellty 11A 175     No details yet held    
Sep 1891
Albert Madeley 6A 1091   00/00/1891 Broseley SAL Maria Dudley
Annie Nantwich 8A 575   00/00/1891 Nantwich CHS George Jones
Charles Alcester 6D 1037   15/09/1891 Exhall WAR Mary Ann Workman
Elizabeth Dudley 6C 163   00/00/1891 Dudley Register Office WOR William Bott
Ellen Preston 8E 1000   03/08/1891 Preston St Mark LAN Frederick Delton
Ellen Ledbury 6A 811   06/09/1891 Woolhope HEF Thomas Knapper
Emma Jane Kington 6A 973   16/07/1891 Old Radnor RAD John Swancott
Fanny Elizabeth Upton On Severn 6C 465     No details yet held    
George Ellesmere 6A 1256   00/00/1891 Myddle SAL Elizabeth Garmston
George Amos Monmouth 11A 49   28/07/1891 Wyesham HEF Mary Rees
Harry Alfred Wolstanton 6B 136   23/07/1891 Burslem St John STS Jeannie Sherratt
James Atcham 6A 1195     No details yet held    
James Duncan Kensington 1A 208   00/00/1891 Kensington? LND Ada Maude Webb
Jane Bridgnorth 6A 1054   00/00/1891 Claverley SAL William Wood
John Atcham 6A 1200   00/00/1891 Atcham Register Office SAL Olivia C Middleton
Martha Hackney 1B 917   28/09/1891 South Hackney Christ Church LND George Frederick Robinson
Mary Knighton 11B 189   00/00/1891 Bucknell St Mary SAL John Powis
May Haverfordwest 11A 1572A     No details yet held    
Rhoda West Derby 8B 875   06/07/1891 Walton-On-The-Hill Holy Trinity LAN James Ernest Clarkson
Richard Newport 11A 364     No details yet held    
Rose Prestwich 8D 555   22/07/1891 Harpurhey Christ Church LAN William Henry Grimshaw
Thomas Pontypridd 11A 731     No details yet held    
Thomas Atcham 6A 1198   00/00/1891 Atcham Register Office SAL Martha Bright
Thomas Shifnal 6A 1071   03/08/1891 Blymhill St Mary STS Sarah Mary Harper
Walter Thomas Bridgwater 5C 532   03/08/1891 Bridgwater St John Baptist SOM Constance Brimble
William Allen Oswestry 6A 1227   00/00/1891 Ryton-Xl-Towns SAL Ellen E Rogers
Dec 1891
Ada Weobley 6A 1081   26/12/1891 Canon Pyon HEF James Rogers
Alice Mary A Pontypool 11A 292     No details yet held    
Annie Cardiff 11A 638     No details yet held    
Arthur Cannock 6B 81   25/12/1891 Cannock St Luke STS Sarah Ann Pegg
Charles Edward Chelsea 1A 655   26/11/1891 Chelsea St Luke LND Lilian Hellier
Edward Ffestiniog 11B 709     No details yet held    
Edwin Oswestry 6A 1391   00/00/1891 West Felton SAL Kate Rowson
Eliza Ross 6A 993   17/12/1891 Hentland HEF Charles Evans
Emily Agnes Christchurch 2B 1881   17/12/1891 Christchurch DOR Albert Edward Lucas
Emily Anna Ellen Lambeth 1D 782   25/12/1891 Lambeth St Mary LND John William Abraham Booth
Emily Powell Leominster 6A 1126   18/10/1891 Leominster Priory HEF Edward John Stephens
Evan Pontypridd 11A 841     No details yet held    
Frank Bromsgrove 6C 689   25/12/1891 Belbroughton WOR Sarah Elizabeth Cound
George Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1023     No details yet held    
George Scarborough 9D 756   08/12/1891 Seamer YKS Jane Hannah Allinson
Harriet Hereford 6A 1053   20/10/1891 Madley HEF James Apperley
James Dudley 6C 114   18/10/1891 Cradley Heath Holy Trinity WOR Sarah Ann Millington
John Hereford 6A 1067   24/11/1891 Hereford Register Office HEF Laura Powell
Mary Ann Wolverhampton 6B 989   18/10/1891 Willenhall St Anne STS William Henry Hill
Richard Wigan 8C 155   00/00/1891 Register Office Wigan LAN Fanny Lockett
Sophorah Bridgend 11A 1183     No details yet held    
Susan West Warrington 8C 328   00/00/1891 Warrington LAN Eli R J Morgan
Thomas Bridgnorth 6A 1251   02/12/1891 Not Yet Held SAL Lucy Vaughan
Thomas Runcorn 8A 335   13/12/1891 Runcorn All Saints CHS Elizabeth Wright
William Hereford 6A 1070   16/12/1891 Hereford Register Office HEF Alice Moss