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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1906 - 1908

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1906
Ada Newark 7B 599     No details yet held    
Charles Kington 6A 803   29/01/1906 Staunton On Arrow HEF Emily Garraway
Christopher Sidney L Pontypridd 11A 633     No details yet held    
Clara Newport 11A 237   08/03/1906 Maindee St John The Evangelist MON Francis Hyde
Elizabeth Hereford 6a 710a   06/01/1906 Preston Wynne HEF William Davies
Ellen Chorlton 8C 1117   00/00/1906 Chorlton-On-Medlock Register Office LAN David H Purvis
Florence Monmouth 11A 31   27/01/1906 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS George Benjamin Jones
Frances Croydon 2A 402   28/01/1906 Croydon Holy Saviour SRY James Childs
Frank George Kingston 2A 545   05/02/1906 Kingston SRY Emily Morris Barbara Levitt
Fred Pocklington 9D 103     No details yet held    
George Pontypridd 11A 733     No details yet held    
George Edwin Pontypridd 11A 792     No details yet held    
Gilbert Aston 6D 326   25/02/1906 Erdington St Barnabas WAR Emily Elsmore
Harry West Derby 8B 749   02/03/1906 West Derby Register Office LAN Robina Dodd
James George Hereford 6A 711   01/02/1906 Stretton Sugwas HEF Mary E Jackson
Jane Stoke Upon Trent 6B 285   00/00/1906 Wellington St Luke STS Charles Birch
Marian Eliza Kings Norton 6C 573     No details yet held    
Marion Eliza Kings Norton 6C 573     No details yet held    
Matilda Hackney 1B 566     No details yet held    
Thomas Bethnal Green 1C 212   18/03/1906 Bethnal Green St James The Less LND Jessie Elizabeth Donovan
Thomas Jonah Westbury On Severn 6A 375   00/00/1906 Westbury On Severn[Register Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Caroline Annie Holmes
William Pontypridd 11A 787   26/03/1906 Pontypridd Register Office GLA Mary Ann Mortimer
William Upton On Severn 6C 369     No details yet held    
William Henry Atcham 6A 941   00/00/1906 Shrewsbury St Michael SAL Martha M Gough-Speake
William John Atcham 6A 959   00/00/1906 Atcham Register Office SAL Hannah Oakley
Jun 1906
Ada Stourbridge 6C 210     No details yet held    
Amy Elizabeth Chorlton 8C 1391   00/00/1906 Manchester Didsbury St James LAN Thomas Bunce
Arther William Aston 6D 501     No details yet held    
Cecilia Chelsea 1A 828   26/05/1906 Chelsea St Luke LND William James Harper
Edith Annie J Birmingham 6D 184     No details yet held    
Edward Brian Ledbury 6A 1055   23/05/1906 Munsley HEF Ellen Rose
Ethel Shifnal 6A 1373     No details yet held    
Ethel May Gloucester 6A 673   07/05/1906 Gloucester St James GLS Charles Edward George West
Frederick Aston 6D 644   15/05/1906 Small Heath All Saints WAR Gertrude Ann Langford
Harry Pontypridd 11A 1042     No details yet held    
Helena Lilian Cardiff 11A 628     No details yet held    
John Bridgnorth 6A 1340A   00/00/1906 Burwarton SAL Sarah Burton
Joseph Walsall 6B 1307     No details yet held    
Lillian Wolverhampton 6B 1145     No details yet held    
Louisa Bromsgrove 6C 683   14/04/1906 Alvechurch WOR Herbert Howard
Margaret Marylebone 1A 1327   00/00/1906 Marylebone MDX Albert Jones
Martha Atcham 6A 1480   00/00/1906 Atcham Register Office SAL John Perkin
Mary Ann Oswestry 6A 1487   03/04/1906 Chirk DEN William Henry Morris
Mary Ann Ross 6A 1075   21/06/1906 Ross HEF George James West
Richard Pontypridd 11A 1073     No details yet held    
Samual Ludlow 6A 1287   00/00/1906 Ludlow Register Office SAL Lucy M Stocking
Sarah Ann Newport 11A 394     No details yet held    
Sarah Jane Atcham 6A 1452   00/00/1906 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Corbet W Crowther
Thomas Kings Norton 6C 805   28/04/1906 Edgbaston St Mary & St Ambrose WAR Florence Elizabeth Moran
William West Bromwich 6B 1482   00/00/1906 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Caroline Stanford
William C O Wolverhampton 6B 921     No details yet held    
William Henry Shifnal 6A 1377   00/00/1906 Shifnal Register Office SAL Harriett M Adams
William Thomas Bedwellty 11A 150   28/05/1906 Nantyglo MON Annie Morgan
Sep 1906
Alice Maud Pontypool 11A 337     No details yet held    
Bessie St George Hanover Square 1A 1178     No details yet held    
Edgar Charles P Wayland 4B 515     No details yet held    
Edith Georgina Aston 6D 392   29/07/1906 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR John Henry Bostock
Edyes Newcastle Upon Tyne 10B 184     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hatfield 3A 1467     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Amy Gloucester 6A 657   00/00/1906 Gloucester Registry Office GLS Thomas Francis Griffiths
Ethel West Derby 8B 1130   00/00/1906 West Derby Register Office LAN Reginald G Pardoe
Francis William West Bromwich 6B 1423   00/00/1906 Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS Alice E Robson
Frederick Conway 11B 782     No details yet held    
George Albert Nantwich 8A 715   00/00/1906 Wistaston St Mary CHS Eleanor E Paul
Jane Hereford 6A 1053   04/08/1906 Hereford St Martin HEF Percy Thomas
John Atcham 6A 1395   00/00/1906 Atcham Register Office SAL Phoebe Middle
John Robert Wolverhampton 6B 1073     No details yet held    
Leonard Bakewell 7B 1573   19/09/1906 Tansley Holy Trinity DBY Ann Elizabeth Poyser
Mary Ann Dudley 6C 121   30/09/1906 Tipton St Martin (Pepper Box) STS George Henry Rudge
Rosetta May Ross 6A 1027   10/09/1906 St Weonards HEF Alfred E Hall
Stancy James Newport 11A 521     No details yet held    
Thomas Arther B Warwick 6D 1218   24/06/1906 Leamington WAR Margaret Alice Payne
Viletta Runcorn 8A 481   00/00/1906 Runcorn All Saints CHS Thomas E Billington
William Ludlow 6A 1195     No details yet held    
William Frederick Bury 8C 1037   29/09/1906 Radcliffe St Thomas LAN Frances Hamlett
Dec 1906
Alice Birmingham 6D 314     No details yet held    
Amy Warwick 6D 1312   00/00/1906 Not Yet Held WAR Arthur John Bicknell
Annie Ludlow 6A 1227   15/10/1906 Ludlow SAL George Pearce
Arthur [Prees] Aston 6D 453   23/12/1906 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Annie Ashford
Arthur Leominster 6A 1185   29/12/1906 Leominster Priory HEF Ann Green
Arthur William Marylebone 1A 1210   00/12/1906 St Johns Wood St Mark LND Martha Louisa Burger
Beatrice Edith Ipswich 4A 2021     No details yet held    
Charles Cheltenham 6A 962   00/00/1906 Register Office GLS Jessie Houlder
Elizabeth Chesterton 3B 969   10/10/1906 Cambridge St Luke CAM William Stevenson Orage
Ellen Jane Woodbridge 4A 2082   06/11/1906 Walton SFK Edward Arthur Jackson
Elsie Florence Westbury On Severn 6A 558   00/00/1906 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Albert Manning Cook
Emily Leah Aston 6D 720   27/10/1906 Sparkbrook St Agatha WAR Ernest Thomas Hayward
Ernest North Bierley 9B 354   12/12/1906 Eccleshill YKS Laura Cooper
Gertrude Ann F Poplar 1C 977   25/12/1906 Poplar MDX George John Harvey
Gertrude Mary Barton On Irwell 8C 1102   04/12/1906 Barton On Irwell LAN Alfred Edward Lester
Gertrude Selina Northampton 3B 147   26/12/1906 Northampton St Lawrence NTH John William Shaw
Gilbert Aston 6D 613   25/12/1906 Lozells St Paul WAR Elizabeth Booton
Harriet Eliza Walsall 6B 1320     No details yet held    
Harry Mills Kidderminster 6C 413   22/12/1906 Ribbesford WOR Edith Laura Evans
Herbert Tenbury 6C 440A     No details yet held    
Jane Hereford 6A 1080   16/10/1906 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Edward Frank Parkin
Jessie Nantwich 8A 622   00/00/1906 Crewe Christ Church CHS Samuel Carless
John Pontypridd 11A 1138     No details yet held    
John Bridgend 11A 1472     No details yet held    
Julia Mary Birmingham 6D 124   02/12/1906 Deritend St Gabriel WAR William Barker
Kate Elizabeth Dewsbury 9B 1167   08/12/1906 Dewsbury St Mark YKS Herbert Broughton
Lilian Alice Thanet 2A 2136   25/12/1906 St Lawrence Holy Trinity KEN Richard Castle
Lilian Alice [Priece] Thanet 2A 2136     No details yet held    
Louisa Pontypridd 11A 910     No details yet held    
Louisa Nantwich 8A 601   00/00/1906 Coppenhall St Michael CHS John Hill
Phoebe Macclesfield 8A 234   09/12/1906 Macclesfield CHS Thomas Sumner
Robert Wolverhampton 6B 1167     No details yet held    
Sarah Louisa Woolwich 1D 2115     No details yet held    
Thomas Forden 11B 327     No details yet held    
William Nantwich 8A 658   00/00/1906 Nantwich CHS Emma Harding
William John Kings Norton 6C 830   03/11/1906 Kings Norton St Nicholas WOR Jane Lane
Mar 1907
Albert John Bridgwater 5C 581     No details yet held    
Alice Gertrude West Bromwich 6B 1075   31/03/1907 Handsworth St Michael STS Edward John Beeby
Alice Mary Wolverhampton 6B 779     No details yet held    
Anne Bury 8C 776     No details yet held    
Annie Cleobury Mortimer 6A 925   00/00/1907 Heywood All Souls LAN Harry Bamford
Bernice Emma Cardiff 11A 509     No details yet held    
Edith Aston 6D 353   23/03/1907 Aston Brook St Mary WAR Joseph Cutler
Edwin George [Price] Aston 6D 336     No details yet held    
Elizabeth West Derby 8B 853   00/00/1907 Liverpool Presbyterian Church Breeze Hill LAN John Orton
Enoch Nantwich 8A 475   00/00/1907 Crewe Christ Church CHS Alice Lowndes
Ernest William Hendon 3A 321     No details yet held    
Eva Annie Weobley 6A 817   07/02/1907 Dilwyn HEF Samuel Sheers
Florence Sarah Newport 11A 291     No details yet held    
Francis George L Pershore 6C 441   06/02/1907 Naunton Beauchamp WOR Ada Mabel Rolls
John Henry Cheltenham 6A 697   30/03/1907 Cheltenham St Paul GLS Alice May Taylor
John Henry Pontypridd 11A 821   12/02/1907 Pontypridd Register Office GLA Elizabeth Laura Forsey
Mary [Preace] Hereford 6A 795   07/02/1907 Holmer HEF Arthur J Davies
Mary Hereford 6A 795   07/02/1907 Holmer HEF Arthur J Davies
Robert Chorlton 8C 1175   04/02/1907 Hulme Holy Trinity LAN Winifred Haddock
Robert Weobley 6A 823   31/03/1907 Mancel Lacy HEF Rose E Phillips
Susan Atcham 6A 1018   00/00/1907 Atcham Register Office SAL Alfred Knox
Sydney Swansea 11A 1241   03/02/1907 Llansamlet GLA Sarah Anne Owen
Thomas William Stoke Upon Trent 6B 296   00/00/1907 Wellington St Luke STS Mary E Foster
Vincent Ward Hendon 3A 277   04/02/1907 Brondesbury Christ Church MDX Elizabeth Smart
Walter Prescot 8B 934   00/00/1907 Holy Trinity Parr Mount LAN Jane French
Walter George Aston 6D 598   06/03/1907 Aston Register Office WAR Mary Wilmott
William Bridgend 11A 1083   02/03/1907 Bridgend Register Office GLA Jane Ann Evans
William Henry Ledbury 6A 746A   06/03/1907 Ledbury HEF Jessie Haynes Baldwin
Jun 1907
Albert Herbert St George Hanover Square 1A 931   30/06/1907 St Gabriel LND Blanche Harriet Biddle
Bertha Sunderland 10A 1283   20/05/1907 Sunderland Register Office DUR William Preece
Charles Benjamin Tamworth 6B 753   00/00/1907 Tamworth St Editha STS Elizabeth E Kelsey
Edith Warwick 6D 1063     No details yet held    
Edward John Knighton 11B 201     No details yet held    
Edward William Brecknock 11B 129     No details yet held    
Edwin Cardiff 11A 774     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1261     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hay 11B 167   20/05/1907 Bredwardine HEF Charles J Brown
Elizabeth Cardiff 11A 555     No details yet held    
Ellen Forden 11B 283   01/06/1907 Welshpool MGY David Richards
Ellen Church Stretton 6A 1245   00/00/1907 St Lawrence Church Stretton SAL Joseph Bebbington
Esther Hereford 6A 1033   03/06/1907 Holmer HEF Harry Lewis
Fanny Weobley 6A 1083   02/04/1907 Canon Pyon HEF John Brush
Florence Abergavenny 11A 129     No details yet held    
George Stoke Upon Trent 6B 437   00/00/1907 Civil Marriage (Stoke) STS Mary J Webb
Henry Bridgend 11A 1385     No details yet held    
James Henry Pontypridd 11A 1046   10/06/1907 Caerphilly GLA Olive Louisa Mary Doward
John Sunderland 10A 1297   00/00/1907 Not Yet Held DUR Jane Hadfield
John Northampton 3B 136   09/04/1907 Northampton St Edmund NTH Elizabeth Cave
Margaret Alice Wolverhampton 6B 1007     No details yet held    
Marion Louise Hereford 6A 1069   11/04/1907 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Lilwall Jones
Mary Cardiff 11A 764     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Neath 11A 1464     No details yet held    
Mary Ann E Wellington 6A 1641     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Haslingden 8E 224   00/00/1907 Bacup Christ Church STS John Thomas Riley
Minnie Atcham 6A 1391   00/00/1907 Montford SAL George Stallwood
Sarah Emily Pontypridd 11A 954     No details yet held    
Stephen Bridgwater 5C 647     No details yet held    
Thomas Cheadle 6B 524   24/06/1907 Caverswall St Peter STS Charlotte Beardmore
Thomas Heath Pontypridd 11B 837     No details yet held    
Thomas Robert Newport 11A 403   10/06/1907 Redwick MON Jane Bassett
William Meriden 6D 681   29/04/1907 Hampton In Arden WAR Annie Elizabeth Sturgeon
William Sunderland 10A 1283   20/05/1907 Sunderland Register Office DUR Bertha Preece
William Weobley 6A 1099   01/04/1907 Weobley Register Office HEF Annie Prosser
William Thomas Bristol 6A 313     No details yet held    
Sep 1907
Alfred Lincoln West Bromwich 6B 1695     No details yet held    
Annie Augusta Hereford 6A 1187   30/07/1907 Hereford Register Office HEF James Sayce
Arthur Bedwellty 11A 221   00/00/1907 Old Tredegar GLA Jane Humphries
Charles Nantwich 8A 753   00/00/1907 Crewe Christ Church CHS Ida F Auton
David John Haverfordwest 11A 2187     No details yet held    
David Jonathen Hereford 6A 1137   15/08/1907 Hereford Cathedral HEF Sylvia H Davies
Emily Bridgend 11A 1483     No details yet held    
Evelyn Beatrice Epsom 2A 34   03/08/1907 Epsom St Martin including Langley Vale St Stephen on the Downs SRY Amos Etherington
Frederick Bristol 6A 156   09/09/1907 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob GLS Agnes Louisa Davis
Frederick Esau Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1362     No details yet held    
Harry Neath 11A 1503   12/08/1907 Aberavon GLA Maud Spicer
Henry Neath 11A 1503   12/08/1907 Aberavon GLA Maud Spicer
Herbert Hereford 6A 1141   05/08/1907 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Emily Yemm
Jane Salford 8D 61   00/00/1907 Kersal St Paul LAN Arthur N Rutter
Joan Oldham 8D 1411   00/00/1907 Oldham St James LAN William Corfield
Kate Kensington 1A 518     No details yet held    
Kathleen Rose Hereford 6A 1134   08/09/1907 Hereford St James HEF Edgar Moore
Laura Madeley 6A 1405   00/00/1907 Madeley Register Office SAL Francis E Titterton
Laura Francis [Prees] Swansea 11A 1785     No details yet held    
Lucy Bridgnorth 6A 1362   00/00/1907 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL William Robinson
Samuel Nantwich 8A 764   07/09/1907 Crewe Christ Church CHS Bertha Moore
William John Upton On Severn 6C 537   05/08/1907 Malvern Link WOR Nora Helen Durrant
Dec 1907
Agnes Louise Solihull 6D 1162   25/12/1907 Sparkhill St John WAR Frederick Henry Lewis
Alice Jane Neath 11A 1653     No details yet held    
Alice Maude M Cheltenham 6A 943   09/10/1907 Cheltenham St Stephen GLS Robert George Ballard Mussell
Annie Leominster 6A 1211   12/11/1907 Kingsland HEF Frank Chadd
Arthur Dudley 6C 103   31/12/1907 Tipton St Mark STS Ann M Gibbs
Arthur Evan Builth 11B 151   08/10/1907 Builth Register Office BRE Alice Williams
Clara Dale St Olave 1D 433   26/12/1907 Bermondsey St James LND Lancelot George Turner
Edith Alice Ticehurst 2B 253   02/11/1907 Ticehurst St Mary The Virgin SSX William Joseph Sorrill
Elizabeth Worstanton 6B 270   00/00/1907 Wolstanton St Margaret STS Frederick Riley
Elizabeth Ann Ludlow 6A 1263   20/10/1907 Ludlow SAL George Shenton
Ernest Carvetts Bucklow 8A 309   06/10/1907 Baguley St John the Divine LAN Mary Davies
Ernest James Aston 6D 435   16/12/1907 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Elizabeth Shakeshaft
Ethel Bury 8C 828   23/11/1907 Castleton All Souls LAN Sidney Rostron
Florence Mary Weymouth 5A 788     No details yet held    
Frederick Kings Norton 6C 729   03/11/1907 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Alice Matilda Woodfield
George Abergavenny 11A 118     No details yet held    
George Clement Dudley 6C 128   09/12/1907 Rowley Regis St Giles STS Sarah J Whyle
George James Newport 11A 350   25/12/1907 Newport All Saints MON Elizabeth Prout
Henry William Hereford 6A 1083   26/11/1907 Much Dewchurch HEF Minnie F Needs
Lily May Aston 6D 551   22/12/1907 Duddeston St Matthew WAR John Charles Humphries
Martha Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1315   00/00/1907 Stottesdon SAL William T Bryan
Mary Florence R Fulham 1A 622   14/12/1907 Hammersmith St Thomas LND Richard Thomas Tassell
Miriam Fylde 8E 1255   01/10/1907 Fylde LAN John Albert Tupman
Rose Hannah Leominster 6A 1220   31/12/1907 Yarpole HEF Richard Henry Thomas
Samuel Upton On Severn 6C 541   26/12/1907 Malvern Link WOR Florence Hardman
Sarah Ann Solihull 6D 1162   22/12/1907 Sparkhill St John WAR Albert Edward Franks
Thomas Benjamin Aston 6D 527   03/11/1907 Deritend St John WAR Harriet Hunt
William Hereford 6A 1117   26/12/1907 Marden HEF Maggie Holt
William Goodwin Cardiff 11A 705     No details yet held    
William Henry Gloucester 6A 674   23/11/1907 Gloucester St Mark GLS Ada Griffiths
Mar 1908
Albert Edward Bedwellty 11A 183     No details yet held    
Alice Bridgnorth 6A 923   00/00/1908 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL George Haynes
Charles William Kings Norton 6C 563   15/02/1908 Smethwick St Michael & All Angels STS Florence Thornton
Edith Atcham 6A 1034   00/00/1908 Atcham Register Office SAL Walter Parry
Elizabeth Milbrough Monmouth 11A 43   08/01/1908 Newland All Saints GLS Richard Preest
Francis Crickhowell 11B 135     No details yet held    
Frederick Charles Hereford 6A 733   22/02/1908 Hereford Holy Trinity HEF Emma M Farr
George Birmingham 6D 68   08/02/1908 Birmingham Immanuel WAR Fanny Williams
Henry Waddelow Kings Norton 6C 578   21/03/1908 Smethwick Holy Trinity STS Pattie Elizabeth Newall
Hetty Ann Durham 10A 526   00/00/1908 Durham DUR Robert A Brice
Jacob Middlesbrough 9D 806     No details yet held    
James Llandovery 11A 1500     No details yet held    
James Upton On Severn 6C 351   04/01/1908 Malvern Link WOR Ellen Chant
Jane Ann Sunderland 10A 841   00/00/1908 Not Yet Held DUR Thomas H Trotter
Jessamine Margaret Worcester 6C 323     No details yet held    
Leonard Hereford 6A 755   12/02/1908 Withington HEF Susan Boxall
Lizzie Monmouth 11A 43     No details yet held    
Richard [Reece] Atcham 6A 1001   24/02/1908 Pontesbury SAL Winifred Coxill
Robert Madley 6A 976   00/00/1908 Madeley Register Office SAL Rosetta Edwards
Sidney Benbow Walsall 6B 885     No details yet held    
Solomon Ross 6A 710   30/03/1908 Ross Register Office HEF Asenath Meek
Sophia Bromley 2A 744     No details yet held    
Thomas William Upton On Severn 6C 343   02/03/1908 Kempsey WOR Susan Annie Naylor
William Bridgnorth 6A 933   00/00/1908 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Jane I Edwards
William Cardiff 11A 394A     No details yet held    
William West Bromwich 6B 1022   00/00/1908 West Bromwich Register Office STS Catherine Marston
William Thomas Kensington 1A 267   24/01/1908 Kensington LND Florence Coleman
Jun 1908
Ada Alice Hereford 6A 1131   23/06/1908 Holme Lacy HEF Herbert J Hancock
Alfred Camberwell 1D 1458   15/06/1908 Nunhead St Antholin LND Ada Elizabeth Clayton
Alice Birkenhead 8A 1069   00/00/1908 Wallasey St Hilary CHS William Thomas Crowhurst
Beatrice Alice Bridgnorth 6A 1352   00/00/1908 Worfield SAL Albert Price
Cecil James Sevenoaks 2A 1417   27/04/1908 Chiddingstone KEN Elizabeth Mary Denton
Charles Thomas Abergavenny 11A 107   08/06/1908 Abergavenny Holy Trinity MON Annie Elizabeth Longfellow
Christopher Thomas Axbridge 5C 1074   09/06/1908 Weston-super-Mare Emmanuel SOM Linda Mary Chapman
Clara Jane Ludlow 6A 1293   00/00/1908 Ludlow Register Office SAL Thomas H Lello
Edith Chesterfield 7B 1591   20/04/1908 Newbold With Dunston DBY Walter Marshall
Elizabeth Nantwich 8A 684   00/00/1908 Crewe Christ Church CHS Bertie Wilton
Elizabeth Chepstow 11A 19   08/06/1908 Llanfihangel Roggiet MON Sidney Lewis
Elizabeth Ann Newport 11A 532     No details yet held    
Emily Monmouth 11A 97   00/00/1908 Coleford Baptist Chapel GLS Leslie Aston Homer
Hannah Leominster 6A 1235   15/04/1908 Leominster Register Office HEF Levi Cooper
Harriet Lily Stourbridge 6C 220   24/07/1908 Quinton Christ Church WOR Ada Elizabeth Cox
Henry Charles Newbury 2C 549     No details yet held    
Herbert Atcham 6A 1441   00/00/1908 Cardeston SAL Sarah Gittins
James Charles Southwark 1D 239   24/05/1908 Southwark St George LND Matilda Harnett
Jane Ann Pontypridd 11A 421   02/05/1908 Llantwit Fardre GLA Ifor Edwards
Kathleen Jordan Romford 4A 774   25/06/1908 Chadwell Heath St Chad ESS Alfred George Staples
Lilian May Worksop 7B 72     No details yet held    
Lilian Susannah Worcester 6C 446   06/05/1908 Worcester St Mary WOR Leslie Sam Harding
Louie Henrietta Kings Norton 6C 807   29/04/1908 Northfield St Lawrence WOR Herbert Woodbine
Maria Chepstow 11A 17   08/06/1908 Llanfihangel Roggiet MON William Henry Gumm
Robert Atcham 6A 1503   00/00/1908 Atcham Register Office SAL Mary Cumpstone
Roger Dudley 6C 115   11/04/1908 Tipton St Martin (Pepper Box) STS Elizabeth Ralph
Sarah Ann Chepstow 11A 3   02/06/1908 St Briavels GLS Thomas Henry Williams
Sarah Margaret Macclesfield 8A 231   00/00/1908 Bollington St John CHS Willy Jones
Sidney Charles Atcham 6A 1467   00/00/1908 Church Pulverbatch SAL Eva Elizabeth Mary Jones
Thomas Bridgend 11A 1449     No details yet held    
Sep 1908
Albert Edward Paddington 1A 156   12/09/1908 Paddington Holy Trinity MDX May Alice Briscoe
Alice Maud Swansea 11A 1715   29/08/1908 Swansea St James GLA Hopkins Hopkin
Amy Bridgend 11A 1409   01/08/1908 St Brides Major GLA Hopkin Parsons
Edith Ellen [Priece] Runcorn 8A 483   00/00/1908 Runcorn All Saints CHS James H Beech
Edwin John Keynsham 5C 1169   01/07/1908 Downend Christ Church GLS Beatrice Edith Hunt
Elsa Maur Keighley 9A 355     No details yet held    
Ethel Jane Burton Upon Trent 6B 619   00/00/1908 Burton-Upon-Trent St Paul STS Percy W Henchcliffe
Frances West Bromwich 6B 1436   00/00/1908 West Bromwich Register Office STS Joseph Haynes
George Abergavenny 11A 101   15/09/1908 Blaenavon MON Maria Morris
George Thomas Brentford 3A 126   12/07/1908 South Acton All Saints MDX Harriett Sophia Jones
Gertrude Ellen Fulham 1A 536   08/08/1908 Fulham Christ Church LND George Martin Kilsby
Gertrude Emily Fulham 1A 808     No details yet held    
Gilbert Thomas H Burton Upon Trent 6B 662   00/00/1908 Stretton-With-Claymills STS Elizabeth A Bakewell
Harriet Louisa Tenbury 6C 357   19/08/1908 Brimfield HEF Arthur Bertram Jones
Henry George Bromyard 6A 1201   23/09/1908 Thornbury HEF Elizabeth Haskell
Henry Tom Shepton Mallett 5C 880   26/07/1908 Shepton Mallet SOM Ellen Mary Loxton Stone
Herbert James St George Hanover Square 1A 1042   06/09/1908 St Gabriel LND Alice Maud Gill
John Cardiff 11A 699     No details yet held    
John Christopher Coventry 6D 965   06/07/1908 Coventry Most Holy Sacrament & St Osburg WAR Clara Jane Pinches
Joseph Charles Edmonton 3A 1006   27/07/1908 Tottenham All Hallows MDX Ellen Alice Crookes
Kate Florence [Price] Monmouth 11A 53   03/08/1908 Parkend GLS William James Langford
Kate Lydia Monmouth 11A 83   00/00/1908 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Frank Yarworth
Mary Pontypool 11A 308     No details yet held    
Rosa Hereford 6A 1156   03/08/1908 Hereford HEF Albert John Cooke
Sarah Maria Stoke Upon Trent 6B 447   00/00/1908 Stoke (Epworth Street) Wesley Methodist Church STS Tom Forrester
Susanna Hereford 6A 1123   24/09/1908 Hereford St Peter HEF John William Overton
Thomas Henry Pontypool 11A 317   00/00/1908 Not Yet Held GLA Rebecca Marshall
Thomas Henry Brecknock 11B 154     No details yet held    
Victor Stourbridge 6C 237     No details yet held    
William Horace Islington 1B 635     No details yet held    
William John Redruth 5C 338     No details yet held    
Dec 1908
Ada Mary Fulham 1A 730     No details yet held    
Alma Hereford 6A 1079   30/12/1908 Hereford St Peter HEF Lucy Hoskins
Amelia Southwark 1D 274     No details yet held    
Beatrice West Bromwich 6B 1434   00/00/1908 West Bromwich St James STS Joseph Broadbent
Beatrice Agnes Marylebone 1A 1165   03/10/1908 Maida Hill Emmanuel LND Cyril Shellshear
Caroline Williams Knighton 11B 281     No details yet held    
Catherine Toxteth Park 8B 369   00/00/1908 Toxteth Park Register Office LAN Samuel W Williams
Catherine Bridgend 11A 1435     No details yet held    
Clara Elizabeth Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1356     No details yet held    
Edith Alice Croydon 2A 568     No details yet held    
Edith Mary Bridgnorth 6A 1265   00/00/1908 Worfield SAL John T Head
Edward Charles Fulham 1A 496   21/11/1908 Fulham St Dionis LND Madeline Susan Clerk
Eliza Ashborne 7B 1431   29/10/1908 Mapleton St Mary DBY Henry Hood
Elizabeth Alice Ledbury 6A 1006   28/12/1908 Bosbury HEF Walter Bettington
Elizabeth Annie Bristol 6A 327     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hannah Bedwellty 11A 129     No details yet held    
Emily Salford 8D 19   00/00/1908 Salford Ascension LAN Alfred Whittaker
Fannie Southwark 1D 227   12/11/1908 Lorrimore Square St Paul LND Charles Herbert Flynn
Frances Minnie Atcham 6A 1341   00/00/1908 Harley SAL John A Humphreys
Francis Hendon 3A 415   28/11/1908 Kilburn St John The Evangelist MDX Emily Edith Bidwell Fenn
George Romford 4A 789   26/12/1908 Barking St Margaret ESS Alice Smith
Henry Frederick Stroud 6A 718   00/00/1908 Cainscross St Matthew GLS Agnes B Pearce
Henry Luther Cardiff 11A 659     No details yet held    
Job Bridgnorth 6A 1250A   11/10/1908 Bridgnorth SAL Louisa Fanny Jones
Martha Jane Warrington 8C 251   00/00/1908 Latchford Christ Church CHS John Gleave
Minnie York 9D 126     No details yet held    
Rosa Ellen Pontypool 11A 257   25/12/1908 Griffithstown MON James Pritchard
Samuel Wolverhampton 6B 1020     No details yet held    
Thomas Swansea 11A 1865     No details yet held    
Trevor Llanfyllin 11B 385     No details yet held    
William George Westbury On Severn 6A 555   06/10/1908 Drybrook GLS Lily Beatrice Roberts