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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1918 - 1920

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District Spouse Surname GRO Ref   Date Place Co. Spouse
Mar 1918
Albert H Hereford Bailey 6A 955   01/01/1918 Hereford Register Office HEF Florence Bailey
Annie Southwark Wyss 1D 232     No details yet held    
Annie M Kingston Woods 2A 980   30/01/1918 Teddington MDX Sydney James Ralph Woods
Bertha Reading Harris 2C 801   05/01/1918 Reading BRK Reginald Harris
Elsie V Tamworth Carless 6B 612     No details yet held    
Esther West Derby Eaton 8B 391   14/03/1918 Bootle St Matthew LAN Thomas Percy Weight Eaton
Francis T Walsall Williams 6B 1137     No details yet held    
George E Nantwich Darlington 8A 559   00/00/1918 Crewe St Barnabas CHS Leah Darlington
George H Pontardawe Lloyd 11A 1387     No details yet held    
Gladys I Chertsey Kirkham 2A 149   23/01/1918 Weybridge St James SRY George Edward Kirkham
Gwladys Pontypridd Tucker 11A 843     No details yet held    
Hannah F Croydon Heller 2A 648   05/01/1918 Mitcham Christ Church SRY Fritz Heller
Hawthorn J Crickhowell Waters 11B 113   12/02/1918 Llanelly BRE Rosetta Maud Waters
John E Thrapston Holmes 3B 359     No details yet held    
Robert Rhayader Hudson 11B 155   12/02/1918 Llanwrthwl BRE Sarah Elizabeth Hudson
Rosie M Islington Barnett 1B 593   06/03/1918 Islington Register Office LND Alfred Stanley Barnett
Sam G West Bromwich Evans 6B 1327   00/00/1918 West Bromwich Register Office STS Florence Evans
William G Hereford Harris 6A 965   26/02/1918 Hereford Register Office HEF Rose E Harris
William J Hackney Grimsley 1B 749   28/03/1918 West Hackney St Peter LND Maud Grimsley
Jun 1918
Agnes Merthyr Tydfil Brown 11A 1260     No details yet held    
Alfred T St Asaph Hulme 11B 543     No details yet held    
Alice Chorlton Hargreaves 8C 1278   00/00/1918 Moss Side Christ Church LAN Fred Hargreaves
Alice Kington Shuker 6A 1121   24/04/1918 Brilley HEF Ernest Db Shuker
Allen Rotherham Hall 9C 1270   17/04/1918 Maltby WRY Mary Elizabeth Hall
Arthur Pontypool Richards 11A 296     No details yet held    
Caroline Burnley Bleasdale 8E 318   00/00/1918 Colne St Bartholomew LAN Joseph Bleasdale
Catherine Portsmouth Jones 2B 1165     No details yet held    
Charles Leominster Kirby 6A 1101   03/04/1918 Aymestrey HEF Annie Esther Kirby
Edith M Aston Cooke 6D 843     No details yet held    
Emily B Aston Carter 6D 816     No details yet held    
Ernest Bedford Woodward 3B 625     No details yet held    
Fanny Oldham Cook 8D 831   00/00/1918 Chadderton Emmanuel LAN Robert Cook
Harry J Gloucester Davies 6A 670   00/00/1918 Gloucester Register Office GLS Anne Gwenfron Davies
Helena Fulham Phillips 1A 731   20/05/1918 Fulham Register Office LND Thomas Phillips
Henry R Chester Manley 8A 721   01/04/1918 Burwardsley Primitive Methodist CHS Mary Lizzie Manley
James Croydon Reynolds 2A 739     No details yet held    
Jennie Cannock Winfer 6B 906   28/05/1918 Salem Chapel Cheslyn Hay STS William Edward Winfer
John Kington Gurmin 6A 1131   27/06/1918 Winforton HEF Jessie Louisa Gurmin
Joseph Stockport Cunniffe 8A 97   00/00/1918 Stockport Civil Marriage CHS Bridget Cunniffe
Lilian M Bristol Houghton 6A 319     No details yet held    
Lillian Willesden Anderson 3A 566     No details yet held    
Mary A A Abergavenny Webb 11A 99     No details yet held    
Rachel R Aston Vale 6D 817     No details yet held    
Richard N Lambeth Seymour 1D 555   22/04/1918 Vauxhall LND Rose Lilian Seymour
Samuel Nottingham Coleman 7B 744     No details yet held    
Samuel Bedford Woodward 3B 625     No details yet held    
Sarah Derby Green 7B 1181     No details yet held    
Thomas Hereford Probert 6A 1010   02/04/1918 Hereford St James HEF Rose Probert
William G Westbury On Severn Reed 6A 551   06/04/1918 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Catherine Mary Reed
William S Wolverhampton Davis 6B 983   17/04/1918 Willenhall STS Elsie May Davis
Sep 1918
Albert Hereford Tombs 6A 1223   15/07/1918 Hereford Register Office HEF Emma E Tombs
Amelia M Walsall Wood 6B 1405     No details yet held    
Beatrice M Cleobury Mortimer Lloyd 6A 1373     No details yet held    
Cecilia Wolstanton Davies 6B 140   00/00/1918 Basford St Mark STS David J Davies
Charles W Winchester Cooper 2C 342     No details yet held    
Christopher P Bedwellty Phillips 11A 130   03/09/1918 Abertillery MON Lavina May Phillips
Daisy M Kingston Towndrow 2A 1027   29/08/1918 Kingston Upon Thames St Luke SRY Francis Henry Towndrow
Doris Wangford Butcher 4A 2542     No details yet held    
Edith E Chorlton Hempshall 8C 1335   00/00/1918 Fallowfield Holy Innocents LAN Horace Hempshall
Edward Hartley Wintney Aggar 2C 544     No details yet held    
Edwin Neath Daniel 11A 1635     No details yet held    
Edwin Leeds Keith 9B 844   00/00/1918 Leeds Registered Building YKS Edith E Keith
Eleanor West Derby Ellison 8B 591   00/00/1918 Grassendale St. Mary LAN Peter Ellison
Elsie Nantwich Brereton 8A 711   00/00/1918 Wybunbury St Chad CHS Reginald Brereton
Elsie H Birmingham Farmer 6D 661     No details yet held    
Ethel Burton Upon Trent Abberley 6B 652   00/00/1918 Burton-Upon-Trent St Paul STS Joseph S Abberley
Florence M Dudley Boswell 6B 1789   00/00/1918 Tipton St Mark STS Daniel Boswell
Florence R Kings Norton Goddard 6D 72   10/08/1918 Harborne St Peter STS William Goddard
George Oldham Hammill 8D 1149   00/00/1918 Registrar Attended LAN Agnes Hammill
George A Gloucester Gunter 6A 695   11/09/1918 Gloucester St James GLS Gertrude Beatrice Gunter
George E Isle Of Wight Gatrell 2B 1640   00/00/1918 Totland Christ Church HAM Dorothy Gatrell
Gwynedd M Carnarvon Halsall 11B 634     No details yet held    
Harold Louth Jucker 7A 1378A     No details yet held    
Harriet M Salford Litherland 8D 8   17/08/1918 Salford St George LAN Samuel Litherland
Harriet M Hereford White 6A 1215   27/07/1918 Westhide HEF George A White
Henry J Abergavenny Rees 11A 113     No details yet held    
Hilda Bradford Cross 9B 495   17/08/1918 Laisterdyke Zion Chapel Maltby Street YKS Thomas Cross
Horace Blaby Wignall 7A 99   06/08/1918 Glen Parva & South Wigston LEI Constance Edith Wignall
Jack Hereford Haywood 6A 1226   03/08/1918 Hereford Register Office HEF Emily Haywood
John F Edmonton Gouldstone 3A 1155     No details yet held    
John F Cardiff Whitehouse 11A 758     No details yet held    
John J Abergavenny Simmonds 11A 94   28/09/1918 Abergavenny Holy Trinity MON Mary Ann Simmonds
Loura Portsmouth Roberts 2B 1323     No details yet held    
Lucy Dudley Reynolds 6B 1896   00/00/1918 Dudley Register Office WOR Henry Reynolds
Mary A Merthyr Tydfil Griffiths 11A 1337     No details yet held    
Nellie Mansfield Bull 7B 136     No details yet held    
Rose M E Islington Prutton 1B 749     No details yet held    
Samuel W Chesterfield Abrams 7B 1489   00/00/1918 Newbold With Dunston DBY Mary Ambrams
Thomas Pontardawe Evans 11A 1670     No details yet held    
Thomas G Bedwellty Megraw 11A 250     No details yet held    
Dec 1918
Alice Monmouth Morgan 11A 42   05/10/1918 Coleford GLS Trevor Morgan
Arthur Walsall Jones 6B 1204     No details yet held    
Arthur Kington King 6A 1261   19/10/1918 Kington HEF Elizabeth King
Beatrice Aston Chare 6D 770     No details yet held    
Charlotte E St Olave Oinn 1D 341   06/10/1918 Rotherhithe St Barnabas SRY Arthur George Oinn
Clara Wakefield Cooper 9C 8   14/12/1918 Chapelthorpe St James YKS Charles Cooper
Doris M Bedwellty Taylor 11A 132   15/12/1918 Abertillery MON James Blane Taylor
Dorothy L Worcester Jones 6C 259     No details yet held    
Dyson B Newport M Hale 11A 375   28/10/1918 Mynyddyslwyn MON Caroline Hale
Edward Salford Coutts 8D 124   00/00/1918 Salford St Matthias LAN Ada Coutts
Edwin Wolverhampton Clinton 6B 1073     No details yet held    
Eleanor E Swansea Davies 11A 1780     No details yet held    
Emily Cannock Smith 6B 866   00/00/1918 Cannock St Luke STS Harry Smith
Emma Kensington Forde 1A 372   14/12/1918 Bayswater St Peter LND Robert Asobelon? Forde
Florence M Bedwellty Hanney 11A 132   18/12/1918 Abertillery MON Ronald Henry Hanney
Frederick Kidderminster Saunders 6C 136   26/10/1918 Kidderminster St John WOR Ethel Saunders
George C Hereford Andrews 6A 1137   12/10/1918 Hereford St Martin HEF Clara G Andrews
George J Willesden Palmer 3A 584   26/12/1918 Willesden MDX Lilian May Palmer
Gertrude A Walsall Bussens 6B 1226     No details yet held    
Gladys N Wolverhampton Dasey 6B 1093     No details yet held    
Harry Bridgwater Singleterry 5C 674     No details yet held    
Henry West Derby Hayes 8B 962   00/00/1918 West Derby Register Office LAN Helen Hayes
Henry Reading Bell 2C 1008     No details yet held    
Jessie A Ross Watkins 6A 1099   05/10/1918 Ross On Wye HEF Reginald Charles Watkins
John R Brecknock Phillips 11B 155     No details yet held    
Margaret Neath Bishop 11A 1512     No details yet held    
Maud C Hereford Maythan 6A 1125   22/10/1918 Hereford All Saints HEF Philemon Maythan
Phyllis H Southampton Seabrook 2C 59     No details yet held    
Robina Christchurch Sparham 2B 1708     No details yet held    
Sidney J St Albans Holzmeyer 3A 1765   21/11/1918 Colney HRT Amy Elizabeth Holymeyer
Thomas Brentford Carter 3A 282   24/10/1918 East Twickenham St Stephen MDX Elizabeth Jane Carter
William Rotherham Makin 9C 1210   26/12/1918 Maltby WRY Minnie Makin
William A Bristol Seviour 6A 212   09/10/1918 Easton St Mark GLS Emily Katherine Seviour
William C Newent Beard 6A 649   07/10/1918 Newent GLS Eleanor Jessie Beard
William J Ludlow Speke 6A 1292   15/12/1918 Ludlow SAL Mary Speke
Mar 1919
Ada G Kings Norton Brining 6D 31     No details yet held    
Adney R Guisborough Taylor 9D 835     No details yet held    
Annie Nantwich Broomhall 8A 540   00/00/1919 Crewe Christ Church CHS Ernest C Broomhall
Arthur J Isle Of Wight Andrews 2B 1330     No details yet held    
Arthur T Merthyr Tydfil Price 11A 1120     No details yet held    
Caroline Easington Bannister 10A 800     No details yet held    
Edith V Ormskirk Hunt 8B 1133   00/00/1919 Ormskirk St Peter & St Paul LAN John Hunt
Elizabeth Ormskirk Moss 8B 1096   01/03/1919 Christ Church Aughton LAN Richard Moss
Elizabeth Whitchurch S Hake 6A 1323   00/00/1919 Tilstock SAL Arthur R Hake
Ethel M Monmouth D'ombrain 11A 55     No details yet held    
Eve M Cardiff Underhill 11A 614     No details yet held    
Florence P Kings Norton Rutherford 6D 219   00/00/1919 Smethwick Akrill Memorial Methodist Church STS Jesse Rutherford
Henry Wolverhampton Price 6B 852     No details yet held    
James A Bedwellty Williams 11A 151   01/02/1919 Fleur De Lis MON Christina Roslie Williams
James E Steyning Randell 2B 621     No details yet held    
James W C Lambeth Burch 1D 585     No details yet held    
Jesse L Braintree Snelling 4A 1349     No details yet held    
John H Chorlton Marsland 8C 991   04/01/1919 Birch-In-Rusholme St Agnes LAN Emily E Marsland
Lilian T Steyning Harrison 2B 637     No details yet held    
Lily M Gloucester Thornhill 6A 604   00/00/1919 Gloucester Register Office GLS Jonathan Allan Thornhill
Norman E Atherstone Haddon 6D 844     No details yet held    
Owen E T Ross Bailey 6A 887   09/01/1919 Ross On Wye HEF Alma Esther Alice Bailey
Samuel Easthampstead Mullins 2C 975   00/00/1919 ? Not Known ??? Lily Mullins
Thomas H Steyning Hewson 2B 595     No details yet held    
William H Hastings Stephens 2B 40     No details yet held    
William H Hereford Jones 6A 948   17/02/1919 Hereford Register Office HEF Gertrude Jones
William J Cardiff Johns 11A 639     No details yet held    
William T Shepton Mallet Cox 5C 731     No details yet held    
Jun 1919
Albert Birkenhead Norman 8A 1311   00/00/1919 Liscard St Mary CHS Emily Esther Norman
Alice M Ipswich Frankish 4A 2591     No details yet held    
Alice M Atcham Wade 6A 1781   00/00/1919 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL George Wade
Annie Oldham Rushworth 8D 1402   11/06/1919 Oldham Lower Moor St Stephen & All Martyrs LAN Herbert C Rushworth
Arthur Macclesfield Brown 8A 336   00/00/1919 Macclesfield St Paul CHS Annie Brown
Augustina Hackney Howes 1B 876   28/06/1919 Clapton All Saints LND Arthur Albert Howes
Beatrice Kidderminster Kimberley 6C 186   09/06/1919 Kidderminster St John WOR Edward Samuel Kimberley
Bertie C Bedwellty James 11A 215   21/04/1919 Bedwellty MON Elizabeth Ann James
Caroline E M Birmingham Wilkes 6D 515     No details yet held    
Charles Market Drayton Pye 6A 1998   00/00/1919 Market Drayton Register Office SAL Pollie Pye
Charles E Monmouth Gladwyn 11A 87     No details yet held    
Charlotte Lichfield Sinfield 6B 1233   00/00/1919 Lichfield STS Joel W Sinfield
Christopher Kidderminster Bowen 6C 224   00/00/1919 Not yet held WOR Rose Bowen
Dorothy A Pancras Somner 1B 23     No details yet held    
Edith Westbury On Severn Trigg 6A 746   00/00/1919 Westbury Of Severn Register Office GLS Benjamin Trigg
Edith West Bromwich Crowther 6B 2018   00/00/1919 Wednesbury St James STS George Crowther
Edith M Abingdon Turner 2C 959     No details yet held    
Edward A Merthyr Tydfil Bennett 11A 1844     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Swansea Profit 11A 2393     No details yet held    
Elizabeth H Wrexham Green 11B 607   06/05/1919 Wrexham DEN Frederick Francis Green
Elizabeth M Merthyr Tydfil Thomas 11A 1818     No details yet held    
Elsie Edmonton Rule 3A 1332   23/06/1919 New Southgate St Paul MDX Edward Robert Rule
Emily Hammersmith Bonner 1A 740     No details yet held    
Emily Sunderland Queenan 10A 1725     No details yet held    
Ethel M Lambeth Chalkley 1D 521   30/04/1919 Brixton Hill St Saviour LND Rowland Chalkley
Francis Swansea Downing 11A 2429   07/05/1919 Sketty GLA Amy Dorothy Downing
Francis R Cannock Roberts 6B 1274   00/00/1919 Cannock St Luke STS Gertrude A Roberts
Fredrick A Bristol Norwood 6A 490     No details yet held    
Gertrude E Bristol Sheppard 6A 141   05/06/1919 Redcliffe St Mary GLS William Edwin L Sheppard
James Newport M Nicholas 11A 512   26/06/1919 Newport All Saints MON Lilian Jones Nicholas
James H West Bromwich Hadley 6B 2021   00/00/1919 Wednesbury St John STS Jennie Hadley
Jessie Aberystwyth Herbert 11B 94     No details yet held    
Joseph J Leek Basnett 6B 757   00/00/1919 Smallthorne St Saviour STS Ada M Basnett
Kate Newport M Thomas 11A 643     No details yet held    
Lilian Kidderminster Hall 6C 200     No details yet held    
Mabel A Prescot Butterworth 8B 1570     No details yet held    
Mary Leominster Cross 6A 1485   22/04/1919 Yarpole HEF Edward J Cross
Mary A Camelford Stephens 5C 19     No details yet held    
Mary E Ipswich Goodrich 4A 2587     No details yet held    
Mary J [Preese] Kington Powell 6A 1505     No details yet held    
Mary M St Olave Glazier 1D 396   21/06/1919 Southwark St Olave & St John LND William Frank Glazier
Nathen Runcorn Millington 8A 572   00/00/1919 Great Budworth St Mary CHS Jane Millington
Nellie Ross Poyner 6A 1328   10/06/1919 Ross Register Office HEF William J Poyner
Olive H Hereford Oliver 6A 1333   09/06/1919 Allensmore HEF George Oliver
Robert L Hereford Webb 6A 1379   09/06/1919 Lugwardine HEF Alice G Webb
Rose Gloucester Hayward 6A 818   19/04/1919 Gloucester St Mark GLS Frederick William Hayward
Rose E [Prees] Chorlton Waldron 8C 2233     No details yet held    
Rose H Wolverhampton Johnson 6B 1576     No details yet held    
Sarah A Abergavenny Seabourne 11A 117   09/06/1919 Abergavenny Holy Trinity MON Ernest Clement Seabourne
Sarah A West Bromwich Smith 6B 2090   00/00/1919 West Bromwich St John STS Harry Smith
Violet A Bedwellty Warren 11A 305     No details yet held    
Wilfred E Merthyr Tydfil Wanklin 11A 1774   26/05/1919 Merthyr Tydfil GLA Clara Ann Wanklin
William T Newport M Evans 11A 518   21/04/1919 Llanhilleth MON Beatrice Mabel Evans
Sep 1919
Alfred Pontardawe Ellis 11A 2526     No details yet held    
Alice A Rochford Butler 4A 1879   06/09/1919 Westcliff-on-Sea St Paul ESS Cyril James Butler
Amy Aston Bradley 6D 1006   27/09/1919 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Leonard Charles Bradley
Annie West Bromwich Davies 6B 2033   00/00/1919 Wednesbury St James STS Bertie Davies
Annie Willesden Andrews 3A 773     No details yet held    
Annie E Hereford Haines 6A 1437   20/08/1919 Fownhope HEF Arthur Haines
Archibald H Pontypridd Mills 11A 1325     No details yet held    
Arthur J Wolverhampton Rowland 6B 1467     No details yet held    
Charles H Abingdon Tilbury 2C 927     No details yet held    
Charles V Cannock Rogers 6B 1252     No details yet held    
Emily M Bromsgrove Phipps 6C 628     No details yet held    
Ernest G Wolverhampton Hunt 6B 1516     No details yet held    
Ernest R [Preese] Braintree Rowlands 4A 2216     No details yet held    
Eva M Kidderminster Hall 6C 259   03/08/1919 Kidderminster New Church WOR Arthur John Hall
Florence M Merthyr Tydfil Harris 11A 1954     No details yet held    
George Pembroke Thompson 11A 3207     No details yet held    
George F Kings Norton Lickiss 6D 87     No details yet held    
Gertrude G Eastbourne Bartlett 2B 196     No details yet held    
Gordon A Cirencester Winstone 6A 1123   24/09/1919 Fairford St Mary GLS Emily Muriel Winstone
Herbert Bridgwater Mitchell 5C 774     No details yet held    
Hilda Newport M Sheridan 11A 585   01/09/1919 Mynyddislwyn MON Richard Oliver Sheridan
Kathleen E Worcester Howell 6C 400     No details yet held    
Leonard D Evesham Barnes 6C 499     No details yet held    
Mabel C Wincanton Walters 5C 951   18/08/1919 Bruton SOM John Glyn Walters
Mary Church Stretton Hotchkiss 6A 1691   00/00/1919 Woolstaston SAL William Hotchkiss
Mary Holywell Jacks 11B 402   07/09/1919 Connahs Quay FLN Sydney Jacks
Matthew Newcastle Upon Tyne Richardson 10B 10     No details yet held    
Matthew P Middlesbrough Sparks 9D 1545     No details yet held    
Maud Bolton Bannister 8C 1125   00/00/1919 Bolton Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN John T Bannister
Mervyn R Brentford Budden 3A 417     No details yet held    
Reuben Chorlton Haslam 8C 2440   00/00/1919 Withington Wesley Chapel Wilmslow Road LAN Lilian Haslam
Rose Atcham Clent 6A 1873   00/00/1919 Shrewsbury St Alkmunds SAL Herbert Clent
Rose E West Bromwich Holden 6B 1934   26/07/1919 Handsworth St James WAR William Henry Holden
Rosina M Bristol Pursey 6A 207   25/09/1919 Bristol St Philip & St Jacob GLS Samuel Josiah Parsey
Sarah E E Gloucester Jackson 6A 885   28/07/1919 Gloucester St James GLS Francis William Jackson
Thomas Birmingham Worrall 6D 460   16/08/1919 Birmingham Immanuel WAR May Worrall
Thomas F Cardiff Bush 11A 873   27/09/1919 Cardiff St Andrew GLA Bessie Harriet Bush
Thomas G Clun Francis 6A 1667   00/00/1919 Hopesay St Mary SAL Martha Francis
William Bridgnorth Howard 6A 1733   00/00/1919 Long Stanton SAL Nellie E Howard
William Bridgend Howells 11A 2183     No details yet held    
William Knighton Wozencroft 11B 254     No details yet held    
William G Birmingham Dolphin 6D 635   12/07/1919 Bordesley Holy Trinity WAR Gertrude Mary Dolphin
William H Ludlow Potter 6A 1629     No details yet held    
William J Pontypridd Thomas 11A 1684     No details yet held    
William T West Derby Jones 8B 572   20/09/1919 Edge Hill St Catherine LAN Mary Ellen Jones
Dec 1919
Albert Stockport Osbaldiston 8A 212   00/00/1919 Stockport Civil Marriage CHS Jessie Osbaldiston
Alfred J Wolstanton Hawthorne 6B 356   00/00/1919 Wolstanton St Margaret STS Annie Hawthorne
Alfred J Coventry Parker 6D 1746     No details yet held    
Alice A Leominster Harper 6A 1453   22/10/1919 Lucton HEF Thomas Harper
Alice S Monmouth Byard 11A 96     No details yet held    
Amy R Huddersfield Spencer 9A 849   22/12/1919 Huddersfield Woodhouse YKS Joseph Spencer
Beatrice M Hereford Baynham 6A 1301   11/10/1919 Eaton Bishop HEF William G Baynham
Benjamin Cannock Beeson 6B 1314   00/00/1919 Cannock St Luke STS Ellen Beeson
Bertha Oldham Whitehead 8D 1403   04/10/1919 Christ Church Glodwick LAN Lees Whitehead
Charles H Leominster Wilkins 6A 1461   25/12/1919 Leominster Register Office HEF Violet M Wilkins
Christopher Chesterfield Roberts 7B 2065   00/00/1919 Chesterfield Holy Trinity DBY Betsy Roberts
Constance Warrington Edwards 8C 432   00/00/1919 Warrington Civil Marriage CHS Thomas A Edwards
Edith A L [Prees] Aston Smallman 6D 850   18/10/1919 Aston Brook St Mary WAR Cyril Smallman
Eliza A Oldham Stanhope 8D 1477   00/00/1919 Oldham St. James LAN Joseph Stanhope
Ernest Lambeth Carter 1D 695     No details yet held    
Ernest Milton Carey 2A 2790     No details yet held    
Ethel Southwark Welch 1D 34   24/12/1919 Newington St Andrew LND John Welch
Florence Sunderland Gosling 10A 1629     No details yet held    
Frances M H Camberwell Hutson 1D 1882   06/12/1919 East Dulwich St John LND Arthur Henry Hutson
Hannah Newport M Pritchard 11A 640     No details yet held    
Harry Aston Wigley 6D 829   20/12/1919 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Millie Wigley
Harry Pontypool Hobbs 11A 392     No details yet held    
Harry E Gloucester Barnes 6A 856   00/00/1919 Gloucester Register Office GLS Alice Lilian Barnes
Hilda M Knighton Powell 11B 291     No details yet held    
Horace M Chorlton Gill 8C 2013   00/00/1919 Chorlton-On-Medlock Register Office LAN Ruth Dorothea Gill
Hubert J Cardiff Middleton 11A 932   16/10/1919 Roath GLA Mary Louisa Middleton
James Rotherham Belk 9C 1705   26/12/1919 Maltby WRY Alice Hetty Belk
John Kings Norton Cartledge 6D 308     No details yet held    
John H Wells Morgan 5C 1223     No details yet held    
John T Rotherham Belk 9C 1701   04/10/1919 Maltby WRY Lucy Ellen Belk
Lillian Crickhowell Basham 11B 254     No details yet held    
Louisa M Wolverhampton Jones 6B 1503   26/12/1919 Willenhall St Stephen STS Lewis Jones
Mabel Portsmouth Arrowsmith 2B 1464     No details yet held    
Mary Chorley Parkinson 8E 1340   00/00/1919 Euxton Parish Church LAN Thomas Parkinson
Mervyn C St George Hanover Square Johnson 1A 1206   11/11/1919 Christ Church Down Street Mayfair MDX Daisy Johnson
Mildred M Christchurch Giles 2B 2027     No details yet held    
Minnie V Runcorn Mcdonald 8A 615   00/00/1919 Runcorn Civil Marriage CHS James O Mcdonald
Noah Barnsley Midgley 9C 749     No details yet held    
Noah Dudley Purchase 6B 2349   00/00/1919 Tipton St Mark STS Agnes Purchase
Richard Newcastle Under Lyme Grocott 6B 166     No details yet held    
Rosannah G Pancras Springate 1B 121   25/12/1919 Kentish Town St Luke LND Wallis Richard Thomas Springate
Rosina Pancras Pummell 1B 291     No details yet held    
Sydney R Atcham Jones 6A 1756   00/00/1919 Atcham Register Office SAL Esther A Jones
Thomas Sunderland Smithson 10A 1647     No details yet held    
Zillah Prescot Thomas 8B 1362   00/00/1919 St Thomas Eccleston LAN Hugh H Thomas
Mar 1920
Ada D Chester Jones 8A 852   00/00/1920 Chester Civil Marriage CHS John Hywel Jones
Albert E East Stonehouse Parry 5B 654   01/02/1920 Stonehouse St George DEV Edith Florence Parry
Albert T Atcham Humphreys 6A 1209   00/00/1920 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Mary E Humphreys
Alice Pontypool Davies 11A 318     No details yet held    
Alice West Bromwich Mumford 6B 1347     No details yet held    
Beatrice E Wolverhampton Nicholls 6B 1135     No details yet held    
Charles H Nottingham Mitchell 7B 593     No details yet held    
Edith Sunderland Patterson 10A 1365   28/02/1920 Sunderland DUR John Edward Patterson
Eleanor Knighton Green 11B 213     No details yet held    
Emily Kington Griffiths 6A 1049   14/01/1920 Kington Register Office HEF John Wm B Griffiths
Esther Leominster Preece 6A 1035   31/12/1920 Leominster Register Office HEF James Preece
Florence Ormskirk Farrington 8B 1349   10/01/1920 Aughton Christ Church LAN Joseph Farrington
Florence M Wolverhampton Howe 6B 1015     No details yet held    
Francis E Salford Mason 8D 34   00/00/1920 Salford Ascension LAN Ann J Martin
George H Portsmouth King-hele 2B 1114     No details yet held    
George W Wakefield Bradley 9C 136     No details yet held    
Gertrude M Pontypridd Owen 11A 1187     No details yet held    
James Leominster Preece 6A 1035   31/12/1920 Leominster Register Office HEF Esther Preece
James H Merthyr Tydfil Davies 11A 1463     No details yet held    
Jessie B Leeds Entwistle 9B 895   00/00/1920 Leeds Methodist Chapel Hanover Street YKS Joseph Entwistle
Joseph Upton Upon Severn Bishop 6C 309   14/01/1920 Upton On Severn WOR Anne Louisa Bishop
Laura Ipswich Thompson 4A 1795     No details yet held    
Lilian F Merthyr Tydfil Morgan 11A 1415     No details yet held    
Lilian F Aston Burch 6D 712   06/03/1920 Sparkbrook WAR Robert William Burch
Milson Monmouth Harris 11A 67   00/00/1920 Monmouth Register Office MON Lucy Harris
Miriam Ormskirk Lea 8B 1392   00/00/1920 St. Peter And St. Paul Ormskirk LAN Samuel Lea
Nellie Oldham Taylor 8D 1137   11/02/1920 Oldham Lower Moor St Stephens All Martyrs LAN George Taylor
Nellie Gloucester Trapp 6A 541   13/03/1920 Gloucester St Luke GLS Gilbert Charles Trapp
Percy E Worcester Stone 6C 204     No details yet held    
Thomas Atcham Churms 6A 1233   00/00/1920 Atcham Register Office SAL Sarah Churms
Thomas W Toxteth Park Robinson 8B 302   11/01/1920 Toxteth Park St Silas LAN Maud Southwell Robinson
William E Kings Norton Tustin 6D 207     No details yet held    
William T Bridgnorth Palmer 6A 1123   00/00/1920 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Clara Palmer
Jun 1920
Ada B Dudley Hill 6B 2737   00/00/1920 Dudley Central Methodist Church Wolverhampton St WOR Horace Hill
Albert H Weobley Lloyd 6A 1597   05/04/1920 Almeley HEF Annie R Lloyd
Alfred Ormskirk Alty 8B 1875   03/04/1920 Southport St Philip & St Paul LAN Hilda Helen Alty
Alice Hereford Williams 6A 1513   28/06/1920 Hereford St James HEF David H Williams
Annie Hereford Williams 6A 1533   15/06/1920 Lugwardine HEF Hilo Williams
Arthur Dudley Holyhead 6B 2573   00/00/1920 Tipton St Mark STS Elizabeth A Holyhead
Beryl E Hereford James 6A 1513   24/06/1920 Hereford St James HEF Arthur C James
Bessie Worcester Hill 6C 378   24/04/1920 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR Francis Hill
Catherine Kings Norton Whittaker 6D 395     No details yet held    
Charles Pontypridd Wood 11A 1629     No details yet held    
Charles J Bridgend Houghton 11A 2207     No details yet held    
Edith C West Derby Parrett 8B 856   00/00/1920 Mossley Hill St. Matthew With St. James LAN Harry Parnett
Edward C Hereford Rourke 6A 1575   10/04/1920 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Rourke
Edwin Monmouth Hale 11A 78   14/06/1920 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Hilda Hale
Elizabeth E Merthyr Tydfil Williams 11A 1959     No details yet held    
Ellen E Dorking Mowbray 2A 472   26/06/1920 Dorking St Martin SRY Edwin Mowbray
Elsie M Hereford Ridley 6A 1582   15/05/1920 Hereford Register Office HEF Christopher G Ridley
Elsie M A Birmingham Hancox 6D 813   22/05/1920 Sparkbrook WAR John Austin Hancox
Emma Ellesmere Ellis 6A 2147   00/00/1920 Myddle SAL Henry Ellis
Ernest Bradford Gladden 9B 763   01/04/1920 Bradford United Methodist Church Westgate Toller Lane YKS Ethel Gladden
Ernest F Dudley Siviter 6B 2586     No details yet held    
Ethel M Neath Mackintosh 11A 2390     No details yet held    
Ethel M Westbury On Severn Field 6A 831   00/00/1920 Westbury On Severn Register Office GLS Francis Owen Field
Fanny M Bridgend Jenkins 11A 2167     No details yet held    
George Gloucester Griffin 6A 875   05/04/1920 Ashleworth GLS Florence Miriam Griffin
George Belper Waring 7B 2216     No details yet held    
George Barton Upon Irwell Taylor 8C 1923     No details yet held    
George H Toxteth Park Harmott 8B 367   00/00/1920 Toxteth Park Register Office LAN Jennie Harnott
George P Hay Sedgwick 11B 250   03/06/1920 Hay BRE Nellie Alys Sedgwick
Gertrude A Hereford Baynham 6A 1477   11/05/1920 Breinton HEF Hedley H Baynham
Gladys M Forden Williams 11B 419     No details yet held    
Harry Kidderminster Willey 6C 207     No details yet held    
Herbert Bridgnorth Rowlands 6A 1881   00/00/1920 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Elizabeth Rowlands
Hilda Bridgnorth Scott 6A 1871   00/00/1920 Middleton Scriven SAL Walter J Scott
James A Merthyr Tydfil Preece 11A 1978     No details yet held    
Jane Westbury On Severn Maddocks 6A 815   02/06/1920 Mitcheldean GLS Joseph Ernest Maddocks
John H Islington Kemp 1B 375   03/04/1920 Islington Highbury Vale St John LND Grace Amelia Kemp
Kathleen M V Lambeth Knight 1D 770     No details yet held    
Kathleen P Ledbury Hibberd 6A 1386   23/04/1920 Ledbury HEF Harold Hibberd
Lillian M South Stoneham Olding 2C 347     No details yet held    
Lois Wolverhampton Hodson 6B 1777     No details yet held    
Lydia E Swansea Vernon 11A 2703   26/04/1920 Swansea St James GLA John Symon Vernon
Mabel Newport M Brettell 11A 761     No details yet held    
Margaret West Bromwich Hughes 6B 2309   00/00/1920 West Bromwich St John STS John T Hughes
Margaret E Weobley Bywater 6A 1619   13/05/1920 Staunton On Wye HEF Ernest George Bywater
Mary M Narberth Perrett 11A 3220     No details yet held    
Nellie Kings Norton Jones 6D 33   22/05/1920 Balsall Heath St Thomas in the Moors WAR William Thomas Edgar Jones
Nellie Merthyr Tydfil Preece 11A 1978     No details yet held    
Peter A C Newcastle Upon Tyne Ellison 10B 246     No details yet held    
Rebecca Sunderland Conley 10A 1901     No details yet held    
Rosina Bedwellty Edwards 11A 336     No details yet held    
Thomas Pontypridd Parker 11A 1760     No details yet held    
Tom Bradford Kay 9B 546     No details yet held    
Victoria Madeley Harper 6A 1948   00/00/1920 Madeley Register Office SAL James O Harper
William Stockport Ambrose 8A 37   23/06/1920 Gatley St James CHS Kate Booth Ambrose
William F Kings Norton Smallman 6D 135     No details yet held    
William F A Blything Chapman 4A 2785     No details yet held    
William T Clun Robinson 6A 1777   00/00/1920 Clun St George SAL Edith N Robinson
Winifred M Swansea Cant 11A 2767     No details yet held    
Sep 1920
Ada E Leominster Jones 6A 1588   20/09/1920 Leominster Register Office HEF Arthur E Jones
Albert Cannock Holland 6B 1428   00/00/1920 Great Wyrley St Mark STS Caroline E Holland
Albert H Ross Counsell 6A 1415   06/09/1920 Ross Register Office HEF Catherine A Counsell
Barbara Newport M Rogers 11A 672     No details yet held    
Charles J Neath Pope 11A 2450     No details yet held    
Charles R Brentford Smith 3A 265   24/07/1920 Ealing St Paul MDX Alice Rose Smith
Charlotte A Cannock Tranter 6B 1471   00/00/1920 Cannock STS James Tranter
Doris Ashton Under Lyne Dean 8D 1233   00/00/1920 Ashton Under Lyne Holy Trinity CHS Harold Dean
Dorothy M Kings Norton James 6D 298     No details yet held    
Dorothy M Wolverhampton Allerton 6B 1600     No details yet held    
Edith A W Manchester Cottrell 8D 559   00/00/1920 Manchester Cathedral (Formerly Manchester Collegia LAN Thomas M Cottrell
Edith J Durham Raw 10A 1006     No details yet held    
Edith M Gower Davies 11A 3020     No details yet held    
Edna M Pontypridd Isaac 11A 1747     No details yet held    
Edwin G Leicester Clayton 7A 561   07/08/1920 Leicester Belgrave St Peter LEI Beatrice Clayton
Elsie H Stourbridge Rimmer 6C 122   00/00/1920 Stambermill St Mark STS Arthur Rimmer
Elsie R Hereford Long 6A 1420   08/08/1920 Allensmore HEF Charles Long
Eva Bridgnorth Morris 6A 1723   00/00/1920 Billingsley SAL Leonard G Morris
Eva A Hereford Browton 6A 1446   25/09/1920 Hereford St James HEF Harold H Browton
Fanny E Ledbury Griffiths 6A 1363   14/07/1920 Putley HEF Charles Walter Griffiths
George Crickhowell Force 11B 225     No details yet held    
George H Kidderminster Brushfield 6C 220     No details yet held    
Gladys K Canterbury Parsons 2A 2710   08/09/1920 Canterbury St Gregory the Great KEN Robert Christian Parsons
Gladys M L Kingston Simmons 2A 1315     No details yet held    
Hedley G Bridgend Jones 11A 2333     No details yet held    
Henry J Devizes Carr 5A 265   00/00/1920 Devizes Erlestoke Holy Saviour WIL Mabel J Carr
Herbert Bridgend Storer 11A 2321     No details yet held    
John Cricklade Gibbons 5A 143   00/00/1920 Cricklade WIL Mary Gibbons
John C Hereford Hill 6A 1484   28/08/1920 Hereford Tupsley HEF Gladys E Hill
Lilian Newent Kendrick 6A 879   03/08/1920 Redmarley D Abitot WOR Frank Kendrick
Lilian M Pontypridd Greenway 11A 1586     No details yet held    
Lily Lewisham Davies 1D 2651     No details yet held    
Marietta C M Gloucester Whitmore 6A 934   31/07/1920 Gloucester St Mark GLS William Whitmore
Mary H Barnet Skinner 3A 1124   21/08/1920 Barnet Christ Church MDX Reginald Skinner
Nellie Birmingham Love 6D 724     No details yet held    
Olive B Neath Pope 11A 2449     No details yet held    
Phoebe M Wandsworth Telling 1D 1775     No details yet held    
Robert Warrington Ashton 8C 506   00/00/1920 Warrington St Paul CHS Lily Ashton
Samuel R West Derby Elliot 8B 1124   00/00/1920 West Derby Register Office LAN Margaret R Elliott
Thomas Hereford Morgan 6A 1499   13/07/1920 Hereford Register Office HEF Harriett Morgan
Thomas S Newport M Driver 11A 638     No details yet held    
Thomas W Swansea Guest 11A 2889     No details yet held    
Tom H Runcorn Phoenix 8A 758   00/00/1920 Runcorn Civil Marriage CHS Gladys A G Phoenix
Walter Aston Reynolds 6D 1275   25/09/1920 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Elsie Reynolds
Wilfred Bromsgrove Parsons 6C 561   02/08/1920 Belbroughton WOR May Parsons
William J Islington Baldock 1B 379   07/08/1920 Barnsbury St Clement LND Rosa Adelaide Baldock
Dec 1920
Ada A Hereford Harwood 6A 1286   16/10/1920 Hereford Register Office HEF Ernest J Harwood
Alfred C Dudley Adams 6B 2357   00/00/1920 Cradley Heath Mission Hall - Holy Bush Street STS Ruth Adams
Alice Ledbury Drinkwater 6A 1135   27/11/1920 Ashperton HEF James Drinkwater
Alice A Pershore Heeks 6C 478     No details yet held    
Bertha A Durham Watson 10A 802     No details yet held    
Cecil C L Ludlow Davies 6A 1409   00/00/1920 Ludlow Register Office SAL Florence J Davies
Daisy Cannock Archer 6B 1232   00/00/1920 Hednesford St Peter STS Thomas Archer
Dorothy I Neath Thomas 11A 2115     No details yet held    
Eileen E K Hastings French 2B 53     No details yet held    
Ellen L Bridgwater Rowles 5C 840     No details yet held    
Elsie C Bristol Oak 6A 245   09/10/1920 Bristol Knowle GLS John Robert Oak
Emma Abergavenny Turner 11A 127   09/12/1920 Llanwenarth Ultra MON John Wesley Turner
Eric C Banbury Bonham 3A 2849     No details yet held    
Ernest A Bedwellty Digger 11A 236   24/12/1920 New Tredegar MON May Digger
Ethel L Neath Llewelyn 11A 2090     No details yet held    
Eva M Burton Upon Trent Bray 6B 872   00/00/1920 Burton Upon Trent St Chad STS George W Bray
Florence M Gloucester Palmer 6A 755   27/12/1920 Gloucester St Mark GLS John Edward Palmer
Frederick W Middlesbrough Waites 9D 1291   20/12/1920 Linthorpe YKS Jane Waites
George Pontypool Nightingale 11A 414     No details yet held    
George C Cardiff Povey 11A 909   23/12/1920 Whitchurch GLA Edith Hannah Povey
Hannah A Toxteth Park Crook 8B 200   06/10/1920 Liverpool Princes Park St Paul LAN William Crook
Ingram Dewsbury Causier 9B 1485   27/12/1920 Eastthorpe Mirfield YKS Agnes Elsie Causier
Irence Bradford Oates 9B 420     No details yet held    
James H Stockton Sewell 10A 203     No details yet held    
John J Droitwich Turner 6C 517     No details yet held    
Lena Pontypridd Jones 11A 1398     No details yet held    
Sarah E Nantwich Sant 8A 815   00/00/1920 Crewe St John CHS Harold Sant
Sidney Cardiff Morgan 11A 1141     No details yet held    
Sylvia A Hereford Moulbery 6A 1233   25/10/1920 Hereford St James HEF George Moulbery
Thomas West Bromwich Bond 6B 2006   00/00/1920 West Bromwich Register Office STS Sarah A Bond
Thomas L Pontypridd Withers 11A 1581     No details yet held    
Victoria F Atcham Wadlow 6A 1581   00/00/1920 Sheinton SAL Edward H Wadlow
William A Wellington Sal Millington 6A 1847     No details yet held    
William H Wolstanton Smith 6B 179   00/00/1920 Basford St Mark STS Elsie M Smith
William H Hendon Colley 3A 928     No details yet held    
Winifred B Atcham Craig 6A 1630   00/00/1920 Atcham Register Office SAL George C Craig