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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1871 - 1875

Where details are held for birth, baptism, marriage, death or burial, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, attempts are made to match with census or death records, which are highlighted in light yellow. If no matches of any type have yet been made, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1871
Charles Edward Lambeth 1D 502   14/01/1871 Vauxhall SRY Elizabeth Cryer
Eliza Kensington 1A 239   17/01/1871 Paddington MDX William Cropp
Enos Westbury On Severn 6A 319   19/03/1871 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Mary Ann Nicholls
James Wolverhampton 6B 606A   12/02/1871 Wolverhampton St John STS Jane Caswell
James Hereford 6A 673   26/01/1871 Dinedor HEF Anne Elizabeth Mutlow
Joseph Lichfield 6B 455   06/03/1871 Brereton St Michael STS Annie Ball
Lucy Birmingham 6D 25   19/02/1871 Birmingham St Asaph WAR John Rowles
William Shrewsbury 6A 943   16/02/1871 Meole Brace Holy Trinity SAL Mary Bird
William Cartwright Clifton 6A 210   02/03/1871 Clifton GLS Emilie Henriette Delay
Jun 1871
Annie Worcester 6C 447   09/04/1871 Worcester St Martin WOR William Robert Stevens
Caleb St George Hanover Square 1A 532   07/06/1871 St George Hanover Square MDX Ann Pavitt
Elizabeth [Prees] Birmingham 6D 151   25/06/1871 Birmingham St Martin WAR William Henry Barley
Elizabeth Hannah Lambeth 1D 592   07/05/1871 Lambeth St Mary SRY Thomas Coppard
Emma Wem 6A 1413   06/05/1871 Loppington SAL John Husband
George Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1170   00/00/1871 Stottesdon SAL Ann Elcock
Hannah Leominster 6A 1019   15/05/1871 Orleton HEF Richard Pound
Hannah Ledbury 6A 799   16/05/1871 Bosbury HEF Thomas Smith
Hannah Maria Croydon 2A 316   07/05/1871 Upper Norwood All Saints with St Margaret SRY Edward Wood
Henry Hereford 6A 392   08/05/1871 Hereford All Saints HEF Lucy Jane Gammage
James Clun 6A 1109   01/04/1871 Bishops Castle SAL Susan Wooding
James Henry [Prees] Birmingham 6D 51   28/05/1871 Birmingham Bishops Ryder WAR Frances Small
Jane Leominster 6A 1005   11/06/1871 Eye HEF William Luther
John Bridgnorth 6A 1193   20/06/1871 Worfield SAL Caroline Newton
John Stourbridge 6C 268   02/04/1871 Oldswinford St Mary WOR Sarah Rutter
John Leominster 6A 1019   18/04/1871 Orleton HEF Mary Gale
Joseph Kington 6A 1031   10/04/1871 Brilley HEF Jane Price
Louisa Amelia Birmingham 6D 272     No details yet held    
Mary Tenbury 6C 388   11/05/1871 Little Hereford HEF Samuel Gittens
Sarah Kingston 2A 390   29/05/1871 Norbiton St Peter SRY George Beauchamp
Sarah Leominster 6A 1011   23/05/1871 Kimbolton HEF Joseph Trilloe
Thomas [Preese] Clun 6A 1131   27/04/1871 More SAL Sarah Edwards
Thomas Henry [Priees] Clifton 6a 205   22/05/1871 Bishopston St Michael and All Angels GLS Adelaide Louisa Greenland
William Hereford 6A 942   03/05/1871 Hereford Register Office HEF Caroline Griffiths
Sep 1871
Caroline Knighton 11B 193   00/00/1871 Bedstone St Mary SAL Joseph Davies
Catherine St George Hanover Square 1A 489   04/07/1871 St George Hanover Square MDX James Fitchard
David Bridgnorth 6A 1032   00/00/1871 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Harriette Dyke
Elizabeth Kington 6A 927   07/08/1871 Kington HEF Thomas Beavan
Elizabeth Aston 6D 325   06/08/1871 Ashted St James The Less WAR Thomas Hardman
Elizabeth Ann Ross 6A 795   12/08/1871 Ross HEF Walter Llewellyn
Ellen Eliza Hereford 6A 813   29/08/1871 Callow HEF William Lingford
Emma Leominster 6A 901   08/08/1871 Aymestrey HEF James Davies
Evan Bridgend 11A 658   30/09/1871 Llangynwyd GLA Mary James
George Monmouth 11A 49   00/00/1871 Not Yet Held MON Elizabeth Adams
John Penzance 5C 403   01/08/1871 Uny Lelant CON Mary Cook
Mary Cleobury Mortimer 6A 996   20/08/1871 Cleobury Mortimer SAL John Summers
Mary Ann Marylebone 1A 988   03/09/1871 St Marylebone MDX Samuel Townsend
Mary Ann Westbury On Severn 6A 385   17/09/1871 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Charles Griffin
Mary Elworthy Bridgwater 5C 646     No details yet held    
Thomas Crickhowell 11B 168     No details yet held    
Walter Ross 6A 786   21/09/1871 Kings Caple HEF Maria Martin
William Whitchurch 6A 1193   00/00/1871 Malpas St Oswald CHS Jane Dennison
William Hereford 6A 854   20/07/1871 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth James
Dec 1871
Catherine Weobley 6A 1099   24/11/1871 Weobley Register Office HEF Thomas Seale
Charles Droitwich 6C 759   12/12/1871 Salwarpe WOR Agnes Clee
Charles Wolverhampton 6B 920   25/12/1871 Wolverhampton St Matthew STS Ann Skitt
Edward Ross 6A 1002   12/11/1871 Ballingham HEF Harriett Tyler
Eliza Harriet [Price] Upton 6C 603   05/10/1871 Great Malvern St Mary WOR William Langley Tudor
Elizabeth Crickhowell 11B 274     No details yet held    
George Chelsea 1A 462   03/12/1871 Upper Chelsea Trinity Church MDX Sarah Ann Reeves
Henry Leominster 6A 1146   19/11/1871 Leominster Register Office HEF Ann Duberry
James Cardiff 11A 466   28/10/1871 Cardiff Register Office GLA Harriet Richards
James St George Hanover Square 1A 537   29/10/1871 All Saints Ennismore Gardens LND Emma Pimlatt
Mansell Walsall 6B 1011   17/12/1871 Rushall STS Sarah Ann Harris
Maria Chelsea 1A 411     No details yet held    
Martha Prudence Birmingham 6D 384   13/12/1871 Birmingham Mount Zion Baptist WAR William Keeten
Mary Dewsbury 9B 1065     No details yet held    
Mary Weobley 6A 1085   21/11/1871 Almeley HEF Edward Johnston
Robert Westbury On Severn 6A 489   23/12/1871 Drybrook Holy Trinity GLS Leah Rudge
William Kings Norton 6C 814   19/11/1871 Balsall Heath St Paul WAR Caroline Day
William Birmingham 6D 304   24/12/1871 Birmingham St Philip WAR Hadassak Pritchard
William Worcester 6C 548   18/12/1871 Worcester All Saints WOR Ann Field
Mar 1872
Ann Hereford 6A 733   23/03/1872 Lugwardine HEF Elias Charlton Barter
Caroline Leominster 6A 783   18/01/1872 Monkland HEF Thomas George
Charlotte Abergavenny 11A 79     No details yet held    
Charlotte Mary Bromyard 6A 763   12/03/1872 Bromyard HEF Harvey Banner
Eliza Ludlow 6A 817   06/03/1872 Burrington HEF James Breeze Davies
Elizabeth Stourbridge 6C 238   12/02/1872 Oldswinford St Mary WOR Thomas Roden
Frances Hereford 6A 744   08/02/1872 Hereford Register Office HEF Samuel Gregory
Harriet Kington 6A 799   04/02/1872 Lyonshall HEF Jonathan Brooks
James Church Stretton 6A 855   20/03/1872 Eaton Under Heywood SAL Ann Hanson
Jane Clifton 6A 169   22/02/1872 Bishopston St Michael and All Angels GLS Thomas Bridges
Miriam Henrietta Chepstow 11A 7   09/01/1872 Lydney St Mary The Virgin GLS Joseph William Holder
Sarah Ann Bath 5C 1011   04/02/1872 Widcombe St Thomas A Beckett GLS William Edward Hann
Thomas Tenbury 6C 303     No details yet held    
Thomas Bridgwater 5C 605   16/01/1872 Bridgwater Holy Trinity SOM Sarah Ann Smith
Thomas Abergavenny 11A 78   00/00/1872 ? Not Known MON Anne Dukes
Thomas Newent 6A 389   22/01/1872 Newent GLS Eliza Baggott
William Kington 6A 807   09/03/1872 Kington Register Office HEF Mary Prosser
Jun 1872
Anne [Prees] Knighton 11B 243     No details yet held    
Edward Church Stretton 6A 1131   00/00/1872 Church Stretton Register Office SAL Ann Haycock
Evan Cardiff 11A 447     No details yet held    
Frances Louisa Watford 3A 491   26/05/1872 Watford St Mary HRT George James
Hannah Hereford 6A 935   18/05/1872 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Parry
Harriett Bromyard 6A 969   04/06/1872 Cradley HEF Albert Morris
Henry James Ross 6A 811   02/04/1872 Hentland HEF Emma M Scrivens
John Knighton 11B 235   23/04/1872 Brampton Bryan HEF Mary Watkins
Margaret Kington 6A 1033     No details yet held    
Maria Forden 11B 336   00/00/1872 Hope Holy Trinity SAL Richard Pugh
Mary Leominster 6A 1011   23/05/1872 Leominster Register Office HEF Edward Saunders
Sarah Atcham 6A 1310   00/00/1872 Atcham Register Office SAL Joseph Evans
Sarah Catherine Pontypool 11A 255     No details yet held    
Shadrach Pontypool 11A 207   22/04/1872 Llanhilleth MON Sarah James
Thomas Forden 11B 350     No details yet held    
Thomas Martley 6C 429   12/06/1872 Leigh WOR Alice Bowen
Sep 1872
Anne Hereford 6A 813   20/08/1872 Aconbury HEF James Addis
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 839   08/09/1872 Holmer HEF Thomas Phipps
Emma Lambeth 1D 673   08/09/1872 Lambeth St Mary SRY John Benjamin Preece
Harriet St Giles 1B 856   17/08/1872 Bloomsbury St George MDX William Henry Harper
Hirom West Bromwich 6B 947   06/07/1872 Not Yet Held STS Hattie Mabel Preece
James Dudley 6C 27   01/07/1872 Dudley St Edmund WOR Mary Ann Holt
James Hereford 6A 838   15/08/1872 Holmer HEF Elizabeth Rouse
Jane Wellington 6A 1263   17/09/1872 Wellington All Saints SAL Joseph Pritchard
John Benjamin Lambeth 1D 673   08/09/1872 Lambeth St Mary SRY Emma Preece
Oliver Gloucester 6A 491   30/09/1872 Gloucester St Luke GLS Mary Jane Bishop
Phoebe Leominster 6A 909   11/08/1872 Leominster Priory HEF Frederick George Davis
Selina Stourbridge 6C 317   00/00/1872 Stourbridge Register Office WOR William Robinson
Thirza Birmingham 6D 157   29/07/1872 Birmingham St Martin WAR Arthur Austin
William Hereford 6A 869   26/09/1872 Hereford Register Office HEF Eliza Richards
Dec 1872
Alice Basford 7B 244     No details yet held    
Amy Maria Dorking 2A 227     No details yet held    
Benjamin Atcham 6A 1326   00/00/1872 Atcham Register Office SAL Sarah Jacks
Charles Kings Norton 6C 806   03/11/1872 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Elizabeth Jordan Ringham
Charles Bethnal Green 1C 602   00/00/1872 Not Yet Held LND Elizabeth Rowland
Elizabeth Wolverhampton 6B 957   16/12/1872 Wolverhampton St Matthew STS Gabriel Wilkes
George Hendon 3A 163   12/10/1872 Great Stanmore MDX Eliza Aldridge
George Warner Clifton 6A 232   17/11/1872 Bristol St Jude GLS Emma Jane Gollop
Harriet Aston 6D 430   18/11/1872 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR John Challingsworth
James Dudley 6C 145   08/12/1872 Dudley St Thomas WOR Susanna Bagnall
Joseph Gloucester 6A 531   23/11/1872 Gloucester St Catherine GLS Fanny Wilkin
Margaret Wolverhampton 6B 920   17/12/1872 Wolverhampton St John STS Henry Barker
Mary Pontypool 11A 244   19/10/1872 Llanhilleth MON Daniel Rees
Mary Ann Wolverhampton 6B 941   18/11/1872 Wolverhampton St Mark STS Joseph Sarjeant
Mary Ann Ecclesall Bierlow 9C 417     No details yet held    
Michael Derby 7B 955   24/12/1872 Derby St Peter DBY Mary Jackson
Myra Ross 6A 963   22/10/1872 St Weonards HEF William Harry
Rebecca Swansea 11A 1223     No details yet held    
Sarah Luton 3B 1091   06/11/1872 Luton BDF Henry Browning
Sarah Atcham 6A 1295   00/00/1872 Shrewsbury St George SAL William Crumpston
Sarah Ann [Prees] Ulverston 8E 1116     No details yet held    
Thomas Hereford 6A 1016   23/12/1872 Holmer HEF Susan Pendry
Thomas Hereford 6A 998   10/11/1872 Hereford St James HEF Mary Ann Dainty
William Atcham 6A 1283   00/00/1872 Church Pulverbatch SAL Sarah Easthope
Mar 1873
Alfred Islington 1B 237   11/02/1873 Holloway St John LND Elizabeth Ellis
Charlotte Stepney 1C 737   18/02/1873 Stepney St Dunstan MDX Richard Jones Treneman
Charlotte Hereford 6A 766   25/03/1873 Hereford Register Office HEF Charles Williams
Elizabeth Wolverhampton 6B 685   26/01/1873 Short Heath Holy Trinity STS Bill King
Fredrick Cheltenham 6A 639   31/03/1873 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Emily Cox
George Ledbury 6A 693   27/03/1873 Ledbury HEF Fanny Painter
Harriett Bromyard 6A 793   25/02/1873 Whitbourne HEF Henry Cockerill
James Lambeth 1D 503   09/02/1873 Lambeth St Mary SRY Emma Kate Hunting
James [Priest] Dudley 6C 181     No details yet held    
Jane Esther Bridgnorth 6A 905   26/01/1873 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Thomas Elcock
John Kingston 2A 317   17/03/1873 Ham St Andrew SRY Fanny Wren
John Liverpool 8B 182   10/03/1873 Liverpool St Nicholas LAN Mary Ann Carr
Maria Camberwell 1D 733   16/02/1873 Camberwell St George SRY Henry Farenden Haughton
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 705   28/01/1873 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Catherine Hutchinson
William Bridgnorth 6A 906   00/00/1873 Not Yet Held SAL Elizabeth Lawley
William Ledbury 6A 703   09/01/1873 Ledbury Register Office HEF Ellen Hopkins
Jun 1873
Eliza Atcham 6A 1341   00/00/1873 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Alfred James
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 1011   03/04/1873 Hereford Register Office HEF James Barrell
Elizabeth Bridgnorth 6A 1248   00/00/1873 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Thomas Bennett
Elizabeth Pontefract 9C 116   03/05/1873 Castleford YKS Amos Stephens
Ellen Ludlow 6A 1157   26/05/1873 Richards Castle HEF Joseph Randle
Emma Lambeth 1D 643   29/05/1873 Lambeth St Mary SRY Samuel Bickerton
George Edward Dudley 6C 246   04/06/1873 Tipton St Martin Pepper Box STS Mary Ann Hampson
James Hereford 6A 1009   03/04/1873 Withington HEF Sarah Brookes
James Leominster 6A 1073   26/05/1873 Docklow HEF Margaret Moffat
Jane Ledbury 6A 892   07/05/1873 Ledbury HEF Samuel Crisp
John Manchester 8D 272   27/04/1873 Manchester Cathedral LAN Frances Susannah Glover
Mary Hereford 6A 957   29/05/1873 Dinedor HEF Thomas Frowen
Mary Ann [Preese] Neath 11A 803   17/04/1873 Michaelston Super Avon GLA Thomas Preece
Mary Ann Droitwich 6C 586   19/05/1873 Claines WOR William Wood
Morgan Henry Bethnal Green 1C 534   12/06/1873 Bethnal Green St James The Great MDX Arandell Ball
Olive Kensington 1A 342     No details yet held    
Richard Kidderminster 6C 366   12/04/1873 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Jane Evans
Sarah Ross 6A 941   15/04/1873 Ross Register Office HEF John Spencer
Sarah Abergavenny 11A 99   16/04/1873 Llantilio Pertholey MON William Richard Eames
Thomas Leominster 6A 1089   15/04/1873 Orleton SAL Eliza Cooper Faulkner
Thomas Neath 11A 803   17/04/1873 Michaelston Super Avon GLA Mary Ann Preese
Walter William Bradford 9B 38   05/04/1873 Bradford YKS Sarah Alice Robins
William Hereford 6A 995   05/06/1873 Pipe And Lyde HEF Eliza Williams
William Lambeth 1D 433     No details yet held    
William West Bromwich 6B 1139   20/05/1873 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Ellen Cadby
Sep 1873
Agness Brecknock 11B 166     No details yet held    
Alfred Croydon 2A 338     No details yet held    
Annie Darlington 10A 32   00/00/1873 Darlington DUR John Harris
Charlotte Ludlow 6A 1044   01/09/1873 Ludlow SAL Edward Turner
Charlotte Elizabeth Strand 1B 918   07/09/1873 St Clement Danes MDX Charles Price
Christopher Leominster 6A 1005   13/07/1873 Leominster Register Office HEF Hannah Howard
Elizabeth Abergavenny 11A 111     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Weobley 6A 967   18/09/1873 Monnington On Wye HEF Charles Turner
Emily Kings Norton 6C 675   28/09/1873 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Alfred Page
Emily Ann Wolverhampton 6B 826   13/07/1873 Wolverhampton St Matthew STS William Henry Parkes
Isabella Alice E Wandsworth 1D 788   27/07/1873 Battersea St Mary SRY Charles David Gillett
James Bedwellty 11A 162   08/08/1873 Tredegar St George MON Hannah Hablit
Jane Ledbury 6A 859   29/09/1873 Woolhope HEF William Powles
John [Prees] Aston 6D 458   25/08/1873 Saltley St Saviour WAR Sarah Ann Arblaster
Josiah West Bromwich 6B 1049   01/08/1873 West Bromwich All Saints STS Mary Oakley
Mary Cleopatra Tenbury 6C 379   03/07/1873 Burford SAL Thomas Mason
Robert Ludlow 6A 1031   00/00/1873 Not Yet Held SAL Sarah Elizabeth Jones
Thomas Brentford 3A 77   21/09/1873 Old Brentford St George MDX Elizabeth Dunning
Thomas [Prees] Swansea 11A 965   02/07/1873 Swansea St James GLA Catherine Rees
William John Abergavenny 11A 79   14/07/1873 Abergavenny St Mary MON Catherine Davies
Dec 1873
Ann Bridgend 11A 967   15/12/1873 Llangynwyd GLA Daniel Rogers
Ann Ludlow 6A 1186   23/11/1873 Ludlow SAL Lloyd Ball
Caroline Hereford 6A 1090   28/11/1873 Hereford Register Office HEF John Price
Edwin Manchester 8D 755   23/12/1873 Prestwich St.Mary LAN Mary Ann Windeath
Eliza Worcester 6C 551   09/12/1873 Worcester All Saints WOR George Steptoe
Elizabeth Worcester 6C 588     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 257   10/11/1873 Birmingham St Philip WAR Thomas Meddings
Emma Stafford 6B 2   25/12/1873 Baswick STS Edward Biddle
Hannah Leominster 6A 1125     No details yet held    
Harriett Weobley 6A 1103   21/10/1873 Dilwyn HEF William Evans
James Bromyard 6A 1109   30/10/1873 Bromyard HEF Mary Gardener
James Dudley 6C 200   10/11/1873 Ettingshall STS Susannah Kinsey
James Abergavenny 11A 122     No details yet held    
John Hereford 6A 1059   20/11/1873 Hereford St Martin HEF Lucy Norman
John Cardiff 11A 532     No details yet held    
Mary Merthyr Tydfil 11A 801     No details yet held    
Rachel Hereford 6A 1059   28/10/1873 Hereford St Martin HEF Daniel Brace
Robert [Prees] St Olave 1D 371     No details yet held    
Sarah Jane Wellington 6A 1555   20/10/1873 Wellington Christ Church SAL William Jones
Thomas Hereford 6A 1045   12/12/1873 Dewsall HEF Susan Lawrence
Mar 1874
Annie Birmingham 6D 33     No details yet held    
Benjamin Droitwich 6C 446   25/03/1874 Claines St George WOR Susanna Morton
Charles Forden 11B 281   20/03/1874 Montgomery MGY Margaret Spencer
George Leominster 6A 791   08/01/1874 Leominster Register Office HEF Polly Wood
Hannah Atcham 6A 1024   00/00/1874 Atcham Register Office SAL James Barker
Harriet Barnsley 9C 190     No details yet held    
John Birmingham 6D 43   25/01/1874 Birmingham Bishop Ryder WAR Ann Sanders
Margaret Forden 11B 284   07/03/1874 Welshpool MGY David Pugh
Mary Forden 11B 285   15/01/1874 Worthen SAL William Davis
Richard Dudley 6C 53   09/02/1874 Dudley St Thomas WOR Jane Wilding
Richard Dudley 6C 83   09/02/1874 Dudley St Thomas WOR Jane Wilding
Thomas Burton Upon Trent 6B 458   22/03/1874 Burton-Upon-Trent Holy Trinity STS Eliza Sandford
Thomas Rogers Pontypridd 11A 479   09/03/1874 Ystradyfodwg St John GLA Elizabeth Griffiths
William Cleobury Mortimer 6A 859   17/02/1874 Farlow SAL Ann Wheelwright
Jun 1874
Alfred Robert Chesterfield 7B 1046   27/04/1874 Chesterfield St Mary & All Saints DBY Martha Ann Hipkiss
Ann Cardiff 11A 443     No details yet held    
Ann Hay 11B 213   21/04/1874 Hardwick HEF George Williams
Ann Bristol 6A 21   06/04/1874 Bristol St James GLS Alfred Baker Jones
Emily Jane Bristol 6A 155   00/00/1874 Worfield SAL Edward Rogers
George Hereford 6A 925   16/04/1874 Kingstone HEF Elizabeth Nash
James Stoke Damerel 5B 551   09/05/1874 Stoke Damerel DEV Jane Evans
Jane Presteigne 11B 227   21/05/1874 Kinsham HEF Herbert Lowe
Jane Atcham 6A 1318   00/00/1874 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL Alfred Bebbington
Jane Bridgnorth 6A 1197   00/00/1874 Worfield SAL Edward Rogers
John Worcester 6C 397   03/04/1874 Worcester All Saints WOR Alice Williams
Joseph Ledbury 6A 845   20/05/1874 Putley HEF Maria Jinkins
Mary Birmingham 6D 39   24/05/1874 Birmingham St Bartholomew WAR John Brownsword
Mary Hereford 6A 947   09/04/1874 Hereford Register Office HEF John Vaughan
Susan Worcester 6C 411   19/05/1874 Worcester St Martin WOR William Palmer
Susannah [Priest] Chesterfield 7B 1048   17/05/1874 Chesterfield DBY Richard Gascoyne
William Henry Chester 8A 545   00/00/1874 Chester Christ Church CHS Alice Ashton
Sep 1874
Ann Stourbridge 6C 262   18/08/1874 Oldswinford St Mary WOR Job Flavell
Ann Dudley 6C 73   20/07/1874 Dudley St Thomas WOR William George Tranter
Charles Conway 11B 718   01/09/1874 Llandudno CAE Elizabeth Anne Underhay
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 387   13/07/1874 Hereford All Saints HEF Joseph Nash
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 897   10/09/1874 Dormington HEF Samuel Gwilliam
Elizabeth Durham 10A 558   00/00/1874 Durham DUR John Smith
Elizabeth Ann Bristol 6A 77   12/07/1874 Bristol St Philip And St Jacob GLS Alfred Morris
Fanny Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 252   15/08/1874 Birmingham Cherry St Weslyan WAR George Smawley
Henry Abergavenny 11A 102   22/08/1874 Llanwenarth Citra MON Esther Ambrose
James Hereford 6A 910   03/08/1874 Hereford St Peter HEF Winifred Adaline Gladwin
Robert Walsall 6B 876   27/07/1874 Walsall St Peter STS Emma Shaw
Susan Clifton 6A 336     No details yet held    
Thomas [Preese] Newport 2B 290     No details yet held    
William Atcham 6A 1229   02/08/1874 Shrewsbury United Reformed Church SAL Caroline Jones
Dec 1874
Ann Stow On The Wold 6A 815   18/10/1874 Longborough GLS James Lewis
Benjamin Stoke Upon Trent 6B 362   28/12/1874 Trent Vale STS Mary Ann Owen
Catherine Bolton 8C 304   15/11/1874 Bolton Le Moors Holy Trinity LAN Thomas Ripley
Emma Monmouth 11A 39   09/12/1874 Cwmcarfan MON Thomas Terrett Ballinger
Harriet Walsall 6B 1048   31/12/1874 Rushall St Michael STS Joseph Walbank
Jane Kings Norton 6C 833   31/12/1874 Smethwick Holy Trinity STS Thomas Crow
John Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1187     No details yet held    
Llewellyn Cardiff 11A 439     No details yet held    
Mary Ludlow 6A 1133   14/12/1874 Ludford SAL George Hales
Mary Ann Portsea Island 2B 831   10/11/1874 Portsea St Mary HAM Charles Coombe
Mary Jane Bedwellty 11A 145     No details yet held    
Matilda Abergavenny 11A 103     No details yet held    
Robert Hereford 6A 1029   26/10/1874 Wormbridge HEF Sarah Pritchard
Susan Bradford 9B 293   15/11/1874 Idle Holy Trinity YKS William Parry
Thomas Pontypool 11A 224   14/12/1874 Trevethin MON Mary Ann Munro
Thomas Kidderminster 6C 427   04/10/1874 Wribbenhall WOR Elizabeth Draper
Thomas Martley 6C 473   05/11/1874 Leigh WOR Betsy Bird
Thomas Francis Manchester 8D 393   09/11/1874 Manchester Cathedral LAN Marion Broome
William Hereford 6A 1041   26/12/1874 Hereford Register Office HEF Jane Edwards
Mar 1875
Alfred Madeley 6A 923   00/00/1875 Madeley Register Office SAL Mary A Hartley
Ann Hereford 6A 692   15/03/1875 Hereford St Nicholas HEF John Davies
Eliza Tenbury 6C 297     No details yet held    
Eliza Woolwich 1D 1030     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ledbury 6A 647   29/03/1875 Putley HEF Samuel Davies
Elizabeth Ann Wolverhampton 6B 690   28/03/1875 Wolverhampton St George STS Frederick Bryan
Emma Sophia Worcester 6C 328   02/02/1875 Worcester All Saints WOR William Hartland
Harriett Droitwich 6C 431   22/02/1875 Hanbury WOR William Frederick Bradley
Jane Aston 6D 294   04/01/1875 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Edward Laurence Bibb
John Clun 6A 827   00/00/1875 Clun Register Office SAL Hannah Evans
John Leeds 9B 539   25/01/1875 Leeds St George YKS Sarah Read
John Edward St Saviour Southwark 1D 99     No details yet held    
Mary Atcham 6A 981   00/00/1875 Atcham Register Office SAL Thomas Davies
Mary [Preese] Narberth 11A 902   07/03/1875 Begelly PEM John Belt
Priscilla Hereford 6A 689   21/01/1875 Hereford St Martin HEF Frederick Hodges
Sarah Ann Ledbury 6A 643   24/02/1875 Ledbury HEF James Charles Lillywhite
Susannah Forden 11B 280   00/00/1875 Hope Holy Trinity SAL Charles Humphreys
Thomas Lambeth 1D 549   28/03/1875 Lambeth St Mary SRY Elizabeth Regelous
Thomas Bridgnorth 6A 865     No details yet held    
Thomas Kidderminster 6C 265   27/03/1875 Kidderminster St George WOR Annie Clymer
William Ludlow 6A 809   23/03/1875 Richards Castle HEF Mary Gittins
William Hereford 6A 720   15/02/1875 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth Scrivens
William Pontypridd 11A 387   13/03/1875 Llanwonno GLA Harriett Jones
Jun 1875
Eliza Forden 11B 361   00/00/1875 Welshpool Civil Marriage MGY Edward Francis
Eliza Abergavenny 11A 93     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 827   27/05/1875 Breinton HEF Samuel George Minor
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 960   13/06/1875 Leominster Register Office HEF William Jones
Esther Ross 6A 791   15/05/1875 Bridstow HEF Thomas W Ryall
Henry Dudley 6C 147   25/04/1875 Tipton St Mark STS Harriet Williams
James Knighton 11B 243   00/00/1875 Stowe St Michael SAL Charlotte Lewis
Jane Aston 6D 394   30/05/1875 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Walter Hush
Jesse(?) [Prue(?)] Abingdon 2C 511     No details yet held    
John Manchester 8D 327   13/05/1875 Manchester Cathedral LAN Elizabeth Price
Louisa Westminster 1A 810   29/06/1875 St James Piccadilly MDX John Mansfield
Mary Ludlow 6A 999   29/04/1875 Culmington SAL Oliver Morris
Robert Forden 11B 357   13/01/1875 Worthen SAL Anne E Jones
Sarah Atcham 6A 1227   00/00/1875 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL John Fair
William Hay 11B 214     No details yet held    
William Stourbridge 6C 258   10/06/1875 Wordsley Holy Trinity WOR Clara Jane Shaw
William Wakefield 9C 96   17/05/1875 Wakefield West Parade Chapel YKS Mary Gray
Sep 1875
Alice Upton On Severn 6C 444     No details yet held    
Allan Thomas Wheatenhurst 6A 539   24/08/1875 Frampton On Severn GLS Emily Ford
Catherine Atcham 6A 1193   00/00/1875 Atcham Register Office SAL John Morris
Charles Ledbury 6A 813   11/08/1875 Bosbury HEF Ann Beard
Edward Hereford 6A 866   23/09/1875 Hereford All Saints HEF Catherine Davies
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 851   11/09/1875 Little Birch HEF William Watkins
Elizabeth Cheltenham 6A 749   14/09/1875 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Timothy Henry Raffles
Emily Salford 8D 9   00/00/1875 Salford LAN William Mundy
Harriette Hereford 6A 910   15/09/1875 Hereford Register Office HEF John Austin
Henry Birmingham 6D 86   18/07/1875 Ladywood St John WAR Ellen Canty
Henry St Olave Southwark 1D 316   05/09/1875 Bermondsey Christ Church SRY Annie Buckland
James Wolverhampton 6B 699   11/07/1875 Wolverhampton St Mary STS Helen Robinson
John Uppingham 7A 501     No details yet held    
John Ross 6A 837     No details yet held    
Louisa Bridge 2A 1055   29/08/1875 Chartham St Mary KEN Henry Lefevre
Margaret Bridgnorth 6A 1062A   00/00/1875 Astley Abbotts SAL John Hall
Mary Ann Gateshead 10A 1096   00/00/1875 Not Yet Held DUR Jacob Swan
Mary Ann Dudley 6C 190   25/07/1875 Tipton St Paul STS Herbert Smith
Mary Ellen Warwick 6D 732   16/09/1875 Leamington Priors WAR Albert Hinton
Richard Forden 11B 315     No details yet held    
Richard Camberwell 1D 1085   00/00/1875 Camberwell SRY Isabella Louisa Cartwright
Thomas James Kensington 1A 111     No details yet held    
Dec 1875
Charlotte [Preese] Epsom 2A 7   27/11/1875 Little Bookham All Saints SRY James Chandler
Edward William [Prees] Aston 6D 460   03/10/1875 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR Emily Budd
Ellen [Priece] Chesterfield 7B 1232   12/12/1875 Whittington DBY Matthew Levers
Emily Monmouth 11A 64   17/11/1875 Monmouth St Mary MON Alfred Smith
Emma St Saviour Southwark 1D 132   15/11/1875 St George The Martyr LND John Benjamin Price
George Alnwick 10B 593   01/12/1875 Alnwick St Michael DUR Ann Archbold
George Worcester 6C 544     No details yet held    
Henry Worcester 6C 499   11/10/1875 Worcester St John WOR Maria Birch
James Birmingham 6D 329   04/10/1875 Birmingham St Thomas WAR Mary Ann Thomas
John Upton On Severn 6C 569     No details yet held    
Martha Chorlton 8C 1062   00/00/1875 Chorlton On Medlock Registar Attended LAN Jonathan Lomas
Mary Leominster 6A 1141   24/10/1875 Leominster Register Office HEF Thomas Matthews
Mary Anne Leominster 6A 1123   04/11/1875 Aymestrey HEF Richard Brunt
Robert Wolverhampton 6B 870   19/12/1875 Short Heath Holy Trinity STS Mary Onions
Sarah Ross 6A 1007   18/10/1875 Ross HEF Richard Cooke
Sarah Hereford 6A 1083   25/12/1875 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry Millard
Thirza Ann Aston 6D 558   25/12/1875 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Henry Lay
Thomas Birmingham 6D 285   06/12/1875 Birmingham St Philip WAR Fanny Milicent Hill
William Lichfield 6B 690   30/11/1875 Burntwood Christ Church STS Eliza Cotterill