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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1912 - 1914

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District Spouse Surname GRO Ref   Date Place Co. Spouse
Mar 1912
Arthur Wandsworth Alexander 1D 815     No details yet held    
Enos S Barnsley Hinchcliffe 9C 266     No details yet held    
Ernest Oldham Ratcliffe 8D 664   24/02/1912 Oldham LAN Gennett Ratcliffe
George A Liverpool Howells 8B 32   00/00/1912 Liverpool Our Lady & St Nicholas & St Anne LAN Helen Louise Howells
George B Wolverhampton Steward 6B 653     No details yet held    
Gertrude Newport Paddington 11A 270     No details yet held    
Hannah Aston Hunt 6D 310   31/03/1912 Nechells St Clement WAR Thomas Henry Hunt
John Leominster Newman 6A 763   03/02/1912 Leominster Wesleyan Chap HEF Elizabeth Newman
Robert Richmond Green 2A 657   20/01/1912 Richmond Holy Trinity SRY Ethel Mabel Green
Robert Hereford Evans 6A 653   18/02/1912 Callow HEF Eliza E Evans
Thomas E Birmingham Shepherd 6D 27   29/01/1912 Birmingham St Asaph WAR Eliza Shepherd
Jun 1912
Albert Barnsley Hemingway 9C 365     No details yet held    
Albert E Stoke Upon Trent Williams 6B 431   00/00/1912 Civil Marriage (Stoke) STS Ada Williams
Alfred Ipswich Barber 4A 2099     No details yet held    
Alfred Brentford Clarke 3A 330   13/05/1912 Brentford Register Office MDX Emily Clarke
Annie Bradford Helliwell 9B 242     No details yet held    
Archibald R Kings Norton Mayo 6C 803     No details yet held    
Benjamin Kings Norton Lamb 6C 997     No details yet held    
Bessie Emily Lavinia Frome Parsons 5C 927   27/04/1912 Nunney SOM James Robert Parsons
Charles Abergavenny Evans 11A 83     No details yet held    
Edgar S Bristol Toy 6A 175   25/05/1912 Bristol St Werburgh GLS Annie Day
Esther E Pershore Newby 6C 635     No details yet held    
George J Kington Howard 6A 1259   03/06/1912 Kington Register Office HEF Isabel Adel Howard
Gertrude H Ross Marvin 6A 1060   09/04/1912 Ross On Wye HEF William Fellows Marwin
Harry Pontypool Jones 11A 276     No details yet held    
Henry J Weobley Lewis 6A 1163   11/04/1912 Canon Pyon HEF Alice M Lewis
Horace T Monmouth Hopkins 11A 39   06/04/1912 Christchurch GLS Emma Hopkins
James West Bromwich Ellis 6B 1413   05/05/1912 Handsworth St James WAR Agnes Ellis
James W Bridgnorth Parton 6A 1373   00/00/1912 Bridgnorth St Mary SAL Elizabeth A Parton
John Clun Pugh 6A 1311   00/00/1912 Clunbury St Swithin SAL Agnes Pugh
Lillian A Leominster Staples 6A 1231   29/06/1912 Leominster Priory HEF Edward Staples
Mary F [Prees] Chorlton Taylor 8C 1684     No details yet held    
Percival L Birmingham Wilson 6D 103   27/04/1912 Birmingham WAR Marion Wilson
Victor William Magnage Islington Williams 1B 606   00/00/1912 Islington MDX Mildred Alice Williams
William G Abergavenny Morgan 11A 87   26/05/1912 Blaenavon MON Florence May Morgan
William M Hereford Howard 6A 1133   26/06/1912 St Margarets HEF Sarah J L Howard
Sep 1912
Agnes Birkenhead Hoyland 8A 1167   00/00/1912 Liscard St Mary CHS William Hoyland
Alfred G Basford Orme 7B 444     No details yet held    
Alfred J Merthyr Tydfil Williams 11A 1432     No details yet held    
Alice M Headington Sturch 3A 2415   31/07/1912 Headington Quarry OXF Harry Sturch
Amelia Wharfedale Stockhill 9A 312   00/00/1912 Wharfe District Registered Building YKS Nathaniel Stockhill
Annie Builth Price 11B 103   20/07/1912 Builth BRE Edgar Thomas Price
Catherine E Abergavenny Jones 11A 97     No details yet held    
Cecelia E Keighley Best 9A 375   27/07/1912 Keighley YKS William Henry Best
Cecil F St Albans Trustam 3A 1777     No details yet held    
Edward H Ludlow Price 6A 1315   05/08/1912 Downton HEF Catherine Price
Elizabeth E Ledbury Hart 6A 1101   14/09/1912 Ledbury HEF Ernest James Hart
Ellen Rochdale Ashworth 8E 163   00/00/1912 Rochdale Register Office LAN James Thomas Ashworth
Elsie M Ross Lawrence 6A 1138   13/07/1912 Ross Register Office HEF George Lawrence
Ernest A Bristol Haynes 6A 91   09/09/1912 Bristol Holy Trinity GLS Ada Haynes
Ethel E Hereford Eversham 6A 1199   05/08/1912 Much Birch HEF William J Eversham
Eva A Fylde Brambles 8E 1677   00/00/1912 Old Fylde LAN James Christopher Brambles
Frank G Burton Upon Trent Joiner 6B 710   00/00/1912 Burton-Upon-Trent St Paul STS Bessie F Joiner
George Chertsey Coombs 2A 115   05/08/1912 Addlestone St Paul SRY Maud Maryon Coombs
Henry Warwick Wright 6D 1332   07/09/1912 Kenilworth WAR Lizzie Wright
Ida Newcastle Under Lyne Webb 6B 133   00/00/1912 ? Not Known STS George Webb
James Stockport Hancock 8A 6   00/00/1912 Bredbury St Mark CHS Louisa Hancock
James H Hereford Prosser 6A 1201   19/09/1912 Much Dewchurch HEF Edith E Prosser
John Newport Parker 11A 354   09/09/1912 Newport All Saints MON Edith Annie Parker
Lily Swansea Williams 11A 2138     No details yet held    
Lizzie Bradford Parkinson 9B 314   17/07/1912 Bradford St Peter YKS Harold Parkinson
Martha J Pontypridd Morgan 11A 987     No details yet held    
Mary E Cardiff Hawks 11A 637     No details yet held    
Maurice Glanford B Empson 7A 1641     No details yet held    
Sarah E Kings Norton Manders 6C 836   18/09/1912 Birmingham Edgbaston WAR Charles Manders
Dec 1912
Ada L Kingston Rudland 2A 855     No details yet held    
Alice A Pershore Turvey 6C 684   26/12/1912 Pershore Holy Cross WOR William Turvey
Alice E South Stoneham White 2C 168     No details yet held    
Arthur Bradford Hanson 9B 517     No details yet held    
Beatrice M Aston Smith 6D 420   06/10/1912 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & St Paul WAR William Henry Smith
Dora M Pontypridd Summers 11A 1046     No details yet held    
Eliza M Birmingham Blackwell 6D 314     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Pontypridd Parfitt 11A 1013   03/10/1912 Caerphilly GLA Clifford John Parfitt
Ellen G Hereford Whittle 6A 1221   21/12/1912 Hereford Register Office HEF Wm E Whittle
Elsie Bromyard Jones 6A 1243   28/10/1912 Bishops Frome HEF Francis Jones
Ephrain Cardiff Evans 11A 631     No details yet held    
Ernest G Poplar Brenchley 1C 903   25/12/1912 Bromley St Gabriel LND Jessie Elizabeth Brenchley
George H Newport Morgan 11A 518     No details yet held    
George W Durham Jarvis 10A 763   27/10/1912 Durham St Margaret DUR Edith Jane Jarvis
Hannah Monmouth Main 11A 81   00/00/1912 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Joseph Leslie Main
Harriet Bristol Counsell 6A 137   05/10/1912 Bristol St Jude GLS Walter Counsell
John Upton On Severn Miles 6C 620     No details yet held    
John Wolverhampton Turland 6B 1302     No details yet held    
John Rochdale Smith 8E 49   07/12/1912 Rochdale St Albans LAN Sarah Elizabeth Hannah Smith
Joseph Leominster Wilkes 6A 1287   27/10/1912 Leominster Register Office HEF Milboro Wilks
Joseph C Ledbury Bayliss 6A 1087   29/10/1912 Woolhope HEF Florence M Bayliss
Katthleen M Lambeth Morgan 1D 893     No details yet held    
Maggie Llanelly Bowen 11A 2377     No details yet held    
Maude E L Cirencester Wheeler 6A 851   30/11/1912 Cirencester GLS Basil William James Wheeler
Olive D Pershore Smith 6C 701     No details yet held    
Richard West Ham Morrison 4A 736     No details yet held    
Samuel Oldham Robinson 8D 1089   00/00/1912 Oldham St James LAN Emily Robinson
Sarah A Kington Smith 6A 1311   30/10/1912 Pembridge HEF Albert John Smith
Sidney J Pontypool Richards 11A 395     No details yet held    
William A Abergavenny Lewis 11A 129     No details yet held    
William E Knighton Morris 11B 253     No details yet held    
William G Melksham Isgar 5A 269   07/10/1912 Melksham St Michael & All Angels WIL Beatrice Annie Isgar
Mar 1913
Ada Kings Norton Hammond 6D 188     No details yet held    
Bertha L Coventry Ross 6D 1021     No details yet held    
Cora Cannock Owens 6B 830     No details yet held    
Dorothy M Hereford Neesham 6A 916   23/03/1913 Hereford Register Office HEF Walter A Neesham
Elizabeth R Hampstead White 1A 1186   24/03/1913 Hampstead St John LND Percy Liffen White
Elsie E T New Forest Hall 2B 1297     No details yet held    
Esther Monmouth Jones 11A 68   00/00/1913 Monmouth Register Office MON Reginald Jones
Florence J Newport Hill 11A 380   26/01/1913 Maindee St John The Evangelist MON James Hill
Francis Kings Norton Brown 6D 124   00/00/1913 Smethwick St Mary STS Rose M Brown
Francis H Merthyr Tydfil Roberts 11A 1297     No details yet held    
Frederick C Wolverhampton Jones 6B 1036     No details yet held    
Frederick G Ross Nicholas 6A 844   24/03/1913 Ross HEF Edith Emily Nichols
George Stoke Upon Trent Potts 6B 268   00/00/1913 Edensor St Paul STS Maud Potts
George E C A Worcester Hammerton 6C 205   26/03/1913 Worcester Cathedral WOR Edith Fanny Hammerton
George F Gloucester James 6A 525   23/01/1913 Gloucester St Catherine GLS Florence Louisa James
Harriett Abergavenny Carter 11A 99     No details yet held    
James Bridgend Morgan 11A 1445   22/02/1913 Bridgend GLA Catherine Morgan
John Walsall Goodwin 6B 1105     No details yet held    
John C Thanet Maxted 2A 1789   25/01/1913 Broadstairs KEN Minnie Maxted
John R Coventry Coltman 6D 1065     No details yet held    
John W Kingston Titchener 2A 668   26/01/1913 Kingston Upon Thames All Saints SRY Evelyn Alice Titchener
Lawrence Marylebone Proudfoot 1A 1071   06/02/1913 St Marylebone LND Sarah Elizabeth Proudfoot
Mary A Wells Allen 5C 911     No details yet held    
Maud H Weymouth Pomeroy 5A 591   19/01/1913 Weymouth Holy Trinity DOR Henry George Pomeroy
Sarah M Bridgend Grace 11A 1435     No details yet held    
Thomas Sheffield Joynes 9C 949   26/01/1913 Sheffield St Simon WRY Mary Joynes
Thomas H Worcester Jones 6C 243     No details yet held    
William Ross Innes 6A 855   23/02/1913 Ross On Wye Baptist Chape HEF Emily Cloyd Innes
William G Bridgend Hopkins 11A 1413   24/03/1913 Tythegston GLA Margaret Hopkins
Jun 1913
Albert H Cardiff Niblett 11A 625     No details yet held    
Arthur Aston Reading 6D 629   11/05/1913 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Elsie May Reading
Benjamin Liverpool Paderston 8B 171   00/00/1913 Liverpool Register Office LAN Winifred Paderston
Charles A Newport Davis 11A 431   20/05/1913 Newport Register Office MON Rachel Eleanor Davis
Charles E Forden Wanklin 11B 293   00/00/1913 Welshpool Civil Marriage MGY Ellen Mary Wanklin
Charlotte Ludlow Williams 6A 1127   09/04/1913 Ludlow SAL Arnold Ernest Vivien Williams
Douglas G Tonbridge Hathaway 2A 1462   21/06/1913 Tonbridge KEN Winifred Hathaway
Edith Hereford Brown 6A 1006   07/05/1913 Hereford Register Office HEF Charles Brown
Edith Barton On Irwell Rottenbury 8C 1209   00/00/1913 Swinton St Peter LAN John Rottenbury
Elizabeth Newcastle Upon Tyne Hetherington 10B 47     No details yet held    
Flossie A Kingston Upton On Severn 2A 763   18/06/1913 Kingston Upon Thames St Luke SRY Oliver Ernest Upton
Fred Oldham Bartlett 8D 1084   00/00/1913 Oldham LAN Bertha Bartlett
Frederick J Pontefract Farrar 9C 247     No details yet held    
Frederick W Paddington Kipling 1A 81   12/06/1913 Paddington St Peter MDX Maude Elizabeth Kipling
George Nuneaton Trubshaw 6D 994     No details yet held    
Gertrude M Worcester Long 6C 235     No details yet held    
Hannah Atcham Vernal 6A 1354   00/00/1913 Atcham Register Office SAL John W Vernal
John J Swansea Hopkins 11A 1745     No details yet held    
John W Bridgend Thorne 11A 1305     No details yet held    
Lilian Wolverhampton Jasper 6A 1067     No details yet held    
Mabel A Weymouth Perrett 5A 597   03/06/1913 Weymouth Holy Trinity DOR Arthur Frederick Perrett
Mary E Ashton Under Lyne Bayley 8D 815   00/00/1913 Newton In Mottram St Mary CHS Thomas Bayley
Minnie M Dudley Jones 6B 1507   00/00/1913 Tipton St Mark STS John T Jones
Samuel J Burton Upon Trent Neath 6B 584   00/00/1913 Burton-Upon-Trent St Paul STS Beatrice A Heath
Sarah Newport Jones 11A 410     No details yet held    
Sarah A Atcham Blakeman 6A 1351   00/00/1913 Atcham Register Office SAL Hubert H Blakeman
Thomas Dewsbury Rouse 9B 1071   11/05/1913 Dewsbury St John The Baptist YKS Ida Rouse
William Stoke Upon Trent Bradbury 6B 383   00/00/1913 Stoke St Peter STS Gwendolyne M Bradbury
William Newport Bevan 11A 396     No details yet held    
William E Dorking Duffell 2A 337   05/04/1913 Holmwood SRY Ada Selina Duffell
Winifred Pontypridd Coleman 11A 1010     No details yet held    
Sep 1913
Alfred Leicester Tookey 7A 607     No details yet held    
Annie Merthyr Tydfil Leonard 11A 1543     No details yet held    
Basil W Northampton Cockerill 3B 163   15/09/1913 Northampton NTH Maud Cockerill
Bessie S Bridgwater Slocombe 5C 689     No details yet held    
Betsy Barton On Irwell Astle 8C 1400   16/08/1913 Swinton St Peter LAN Harry Astle
Charles J Islington Michael 1B 799     No details yet held    
Charles W Chorlton Smith 8C 1810   00/00/1913 Moss Side Christ Church LAN Sarah Jane Smith
Edith M Atcham Williams 6A 1485   00/00/1913 Atcham Register Office SAL Henry Williams
Elizabeth A Knighton Farringdon 11B 209   27/08/1913 Knighton RAD Charles Farrington
Esther Abergavenny Wilmshurst 11A 117     No details yet held    
Ethel A Hereford Bunyan 6A 1171   17/09/1913 Hereford Register Office HEF Douglas H Bunyan
Frederick J Crickhowell Isaac 11B 160   29/09/1913 Llanelly BRE Ruth Minnie Isaacs
George West Bromwich Hinett 6B 1638   00/00/1913 Wednesbury St James STS Edith Hinett
Gertrude Newport Camfield 11A 621     No details yet held    
Harriet E Westbury On Severn Leyshon 6A 637   00/00/1913 Westbury On Severn Register Office GLS Benjamin Leyshon
Harry Northampton Robinson 3B 204A     No details yet held    
Henry A Pontypridd Perkins 11A 1175     No details yet held    
Henry E Ludlow Roberts 6A 1279   03/08/1913 Ludlow SAL Alice Hill Roberts
Herbert Neath Dennis 11A 1893     No details yet held    
Jack Prescott Johnson 8B 1298     No details yet held    
James R Atcham Hughes 6A 1497   08/09/1913 Shrewsbury Ebenezer Chapel SAL Esther A Hughes
Jesse Faringdon Marheineke 2C 678   02/08/1913 Lechlade GLS Lily Marheineke
Lily A Newport Dobbs 11A 469     No details yet held    
Piety E Merthyr Tydfil Lewis 11A 1586     No details yet held    
Sarah M Stourbridge Holdnall 6C 87   00/00/1913 Wollaston St James WOR Arthur Holdnall
Thomas J Bridgend Rees 11A 1769     No details yet held    
Thomas J Worcester Gough 6C 278   25/08/1913 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR Sarah Elizabeth Gough
William Hereford Luff 6A 1149   27/08/1913 Stretton Sugwas HEF Elizabeth Suff
William A [Prees] Dudley Shipley 6B 1896   00/00/1913 Cradley Heath Holy Trinity STS Mildred E Shipley
William J Bedwellty Warman 11A 219     No details yet held    
Dec 1913
Alfred E Pontypridd Benjamin 11A 1295   10/10/1913 Pontypridd GLA Annie Benjamin
Caroline Bridgnorth Cartwright 6A 1288   27/12/1913 Bridgnorth SAL James William Cartwright
Christopher C Paddington Lewis 1A 11   06/11/1913 Kensal Green St John LND Grace Evelyn Lewis
Dorothy M B Weobley Bullock 6A 1147   08/10/1913 Almeley HEF Arthur Bullock
Edward Lichfield Ryder 6B 943   00/00/1913 Lichfield STS Alice Ryder
Edward J Cheltenham Pearce 6A 979   15/10/1913 Prestbury St Mary GLS Louisa Susan Hannah Pearce
Edwick E Christchurch Hemes 2B 1542     No details yet held    
Emma Chesterfield Musgrove 7B 1657   00/00/1913 Newbold With Dunston DBY Thomas Musgrove
Frederick G Stafford Broome 6B 35   00/00/1913 Stafford St Mary STS Ethel Broome
George A Poole Goom 5A 624   26/12/1913 Branksome St John DOR Dorothy Lindsay Goom
George H Ludlow Harris 6A 1235   19/10/1913 Ludlow Wesleyan Chapel SAL Alice Stanley Truby Harris
Henry Leominster Sirrell 6A 1192   31/12/1913 Leominster Register Office HEF Sarah Jane Sirrell
Kathleen M Edmonton Roberts 3A 958   25/12/1913 West Green Christ Church MDX Charles William Roberts
Laura Cardiff Price 11A 769     No details yet held    
Laurie E Dudley Harrison 6B 1822   05/10/1913 Dudley St Thomas WOR James Harrison
Marian I Newport Hamilton 11A 537     No details yet held    
Mary Bradford Oddy 9B 465   17/11/1913 Laisterdyke Zion Chapel Maltby Street YKS Edward Oddy
Mary Wolverhampton Sirett 6B 1067     No details yet held    
Rose E Neath Jones 11A 1830     No details yet held    
William C Hereford Price 6A 1142   22/12/1913 Hereford Register Office HEF Edith M Price
William H Hereford Monkley 6A 1135   27/10/1913 Hereford Methodist Chapel HEF Mabel Alice Monkley
Mar 1914
Annie E Middlesbrough Miller 9D 854     No details yet held    
Arthur Worcester Bishop 6C 171     No details yet held    
Charles E Willesden Grealy 3A 360     No details yet held    
Charles W Aston Brookes 6D 526     No details yet held    
Edwin J Dewsbury Hargreaves 9B 801   17/01/1914 Dewsbury St John The Baptist YKS Blanche Hargreaves
Eliza J Hereford Giles 6A 677   04/01/1914 Hereford St Martin HEF Harry P Giles
Ethel Birkenhead Coathupe 8A 871   00/00/1914 Birkenhead Civil Marriage CHS Vincent Coathup
Eva A Sheffield Booth 9C 799     No details yet held    
Forrest H Coventry Miles 6D 868     No details yet held    
Gertrude A Pontypridd Coombes 11A 761     No details yet held    
Glynn D [Prees] Neath Richards 11A 1280A   10/02/1914 Llantwit-Juxta-Neath St Illtyd GLA Hilda Elsie Richards
Harriette Bridgnorth Harley 6A 831   23/02/1914 Alveley SAL Benjamin Webb Harley
John Wolstanton Birchall 6B 162   00/00/1914 Civil Marriage (Wolstanton) STS Ellen Birchall
John A Wolstanton Earp 6B 191   00/00/1914 Tunstall (High Street) United Reformed Church STS Jane Earp
Joseph Hereford Jones 6A 697   15/01/1914 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth Jones
Martha K Pontypridd Evans 11A 898     No details yet held    
Mary E Pontypridd Evans 11A 897     No details yet held    
Mary J Merthyr Tydfil Collins 11A 1086     No details yet held    
Maud Hereford Colley 6A 677   05/03/1914 Hereford St Martin HEF Charlie Colley
Rebecca G Bristol Lock 6A 30     No details yet held    
William J Merthyr Tydfil Morgan 11A 1108     No details yet held    
William T Gloucester Gardener 6A 453   00/00/1914 Gloucester Register Office GLS Kate Alice Gardner
Jun 1914
Agnes M Monmouth Prosser 11A 77   10/06/1914 Llangattock Juxta Caerleon MON Arthur Prosser
Alfred W Worcester Neath 6C 235   15/04/1914 Abberley WOR Beatrice Mary Neath
Alice Birkenhead Hale 8A 1041   00/00/1914 Birkenhead Holy Trinity CHS John Hale
Annie Pontypool Lambert 11A 360     No details yet held    
Charles R Grantham Wand 7A 1213     No details yet held    
Daniel Gateshead Atkinson 10A 2105     No details yet held    
Edwin C Frome Sweet 5C 917   02/06/1914 Whatley SOM Eva Annie Street
Ellazar Crickhowell White 11B 147     No details yet held    
Ellen Kings Norton Ellis 6D 204   00/00/1914 Smethwick St Paul STS Frank Ellis
Emily Ludlow Harris 6A 1365   15/04/1914 Ludlow SAL Robert Henry Harris
Emily Hereford Taylor 6A 1191   21/05/1914 Hampton Bishop HEF Thomas G Taylor
Emily J Christchurch Ricketts 2B 1540     No details yet held    
Ethel M Epsom Taylor 2A 38   16/06/1914 Epsom St Martin including Langley Vale St Stephen on the Downs SRY Edgar Edwin Taylor
Harold W Willesden Freeman 3A 568     No details yet held    
Henry Ecclesall Bierlow Chance 9C 764   22/06/1914 Sheffield St Oswald YKS Alice Maude Chance
Henry Fulham Watson 1A 541     No details yet held    
Henry S Birmingham Wragg 6D 445     No details yet held    
Jane Wolverhampton Gittus 6B 1167     No details yet held    
Joan Pontypool Lambert 11A 360A     No details yet held    
Kathleen M Birmingham Smallwood 6D 523   13/04/1914 Bordesley Family Trinity WAR Frank Harold Smallwood
Leonard Bucklow Denson 8A 474   13/04/1914 Altrincham CHS Emma Denson
Leonard C Hereford Butler 6A 1215   13/04/1914 Holmer HEF Edith V Butler
Louise E Winchester Croft 2C 257     No details yet held    
Mary West Bromwich Jevons 6B 1856   01/06/1914 West Bromwich Register Office STS Jack Jevons
Minnie Leominster Cassell 6A 1315   05/04/1914 Leominster Register Office HEF Albert Cassell
Nellie Sheffield Gay 9C 905   13/04/1914 Sheffield Emmanuel YKS Albert Gay
Nellie Westbury On Severn Leyshon 6A 686   00/00/1914 Drybrook Rehoboth Congregational GLS Alfred Herbert Leyshon
Nellie M M Kingston Udall 2A 909   25/04/1914 Kingston Upon Thames SRY Fredrich Albert Udall
Norah Aston Nabbs 6D 1031     No details yet held    
Rosabella Cardiff Dennis 11A 741   16/06/1914 Penarth GLA Walter Arthur Dennis
Sarah Walsall Pickard 6B 1468     No details yet held    
Thomas G Spilsby Kersley 7A 1495     No details yet held    
Thomas H Richmond Partridge 2A 1103   06/06/1914 Mortlake St Mary SRY Beatrice Winifred Partridge
Thomas W Barnet Finch 3A 737     No details yet held    
Sep 1914
Agnes Kings Norton Oakes 6D 257     No details yet held    
Albert J R Hereford Rudman 6A 1162   07/08/1914 Hereford All Saints HEF Nellie Eva Bademan Rudman
Charles Northampton Davis 3B 223     No details yet held    
Charles H Worcester Preece 6C 289   12/09/1914 Worcester St Swithin WOR Jane Preece
Christopher Hereford Price 6A 1214   19/08/1914 Hereford Register Office HEF Lilian Price
Dorothy W St Albans Fowler 3A 1853     No details yet held    
Edith Bradford Metcalf 9B 323   12/09/1914 Girlington St Philip YKS Arthur Metcalf
Eli Chapel En Le Frith Chiles 7B 1763   20/09/1914 Buxton Hartington Street Chapel DBY Annie Amelia Chiles
Elizabeth Northampton Morris 3B 220     No details yet held    
Emily Dudley Hingley 6B 1707   00/00/1914 Dudley St Edmund WOR James Hindley
Emily E Chorlton Wilson 8C 1943   00/00/1914 Chorlton-On-Medlock Register Office LAN William Alfred Wilson
Ernest J Wolverhampton Purser 6B 1237     No details yet held    
Florence M Merthyr Tydfil Jenkins 11A 1543     No details yet held    
Frances Dartford West 2A 1496     No details yet held    
Frances A Newport Smart 11A 373   03/08/1914 Llanhilleth MON William Smart
George Birmingham Young 6D 631   11/09/1914 Birmingham WAR Elizabeth Emily Young
Henry J Basford Staniforth 7B 480     No details yet held    
James H Wimborne Maidment 5A 571   30/07/1914 Cranborne DOR Lily Eliza Maidment
Jane Worcester Preece 6C 289   12/09/1914 Worcester St Swithin WOR Charles Henry Preece
John H Hackney Richardson 1B 1259     No details yet held    
John T Kings Norton Crowley 6D 197   00/00/1914 Smethwick St Paul STS Frances A Crowley
Leonard Winchcombe Sallis 6A 975   18/05/1914 Dumbleton St Peter GLS Norah Sallis
Lillian Chesterfield Lowe 7B 1584   00/00/1914 Newbold With Dunston DBY Derwood Lowe
Louisa M Andover Edwards 2C 579     No details yet held    
Margaret E Prescot Kilshaw 8B 1438     No details yet held    
Margaret J Middlesbrough Lambourn 9D 1240     No details yet held    
Margaretta Merthyr Tydfil Bentley 11A 1493     No details yet held    
Percy G Atcham Furber 6A 1507   00/00/1914 Atcham Register Office SAL Nellie E Furber
Phoebe M [Prees] Stourbridge Hill 6C 13   04/08/1914 Blackheath St Paul WAR Arthur James Hill
Priscilla Crickhowell Carr 11B 149   02/09/1914 Llanelly BRE Charles Richard Carr
Reginald W Bedwellty Batten 11A 180   26/08/1914 Fleur De Lis MON Sarah Ann Grace Batten
Richard Monmouth Leveson 11A 39     No details yet held    
Violet H Hackney Bell 1B 1019   30/08/1914 Eton St Mary LND Samuel David Bell
William Nantwich Davies 8A 745   00/00/1914 Crewe St Paul CHS Jane Davies
William J Cardiff Press 11A 612   10/08/1914 Cardiff GLA Martha Ada May Press
William J Church Stretton Wall 6A 1337   00/00/1914 Church Stretton Register Office SAL Hannah Wall
Dec 1914
Albert L Hereford Rodrick 6A 1149   26/12/1914 Hereford St James HEF Fanny Rodrick
Alice M Burnley Hargreaves 8E 319   00/00/1914 Colne Holy Trinity LAN James Robert Hargreaves
Amy F T North Brierley Williams 9B 95     No details yet held    
Arthur Nantwich Hough 8A 637   00/00/1914 Coppenhall St Michael CHS Ethel Hough
Arthur T West Bromwich Richardson 6B 1623   00/00/1914 Oldbury Christ Church STS Pamela Richardson
Charles Swansea Wilson 11A 2247     No details yet held    
Charles G Islington Conroy 1B 745     No details yet held    
Charles H Warrington Martin 8C 385   00/00/1914 Warrington LAN Isabella Martin
Douglas H Bridgwater Davis 5C 741     No details yet held    
Emily Kings Norton Blick 6D 163   00/00/1914 Smethwick St Stephen STS Benjamin Blick
Emma Bridgnorth Pace 6A 1346   00/00/1914 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Thomas Pace
Frederick C Hereford Bishop 6A 1184   12/11/1914 Hereford Register Office HEF Susan E Bishop
Frederick C St George Hanover Square Case 1A 1219     No details yet held    
George Dartford Jackson 2A 1276   05/05/1914 Bexley St Mary KEN Bertha Florence Jackson
George Newport Pritchard 11A 541     No details yet held    
George A Bedwellty Hoddinott 11A 247     No details yet held    
George H Bridgend Harris 11A 1808     No details yet held    
George P St George Hanover Square Dolwin 1A 1111     No details yet held    
Gertrude Pembroke Tildesley 11A 2603     No details yet held    
Gracie M [Prees] West Ham Barker 4A 115     No details yet held    
Harriet West Bromwich Stokes 6B 1700   00/00/1914 West Bromwich St James STS Ernest J Stokes
Harry Wolverhampton Shenton 6B 1115     No details yet held    
Herbert H Aston Edwards 6D 975   25/10/1914 Washwood Heath St Mark WAR Elsie Louisa Edwards
Hilda Salford Brooks 8D 50   00/00/1914 Salford Ascension LAN Harry Brooks
James A Hereford Phillips 6A 1182   04/11/1914 Hereford Register Office HEF Ethel A Phillips
Leonard Sheffield Fletcher 9C 1277     No details yet held    
Leonard A W Ross Watkins 6A 1101   17/12/1914 ? Not Known HEF Edith Watkins
Mabel C Lambeth Stubbs 1D 795     No details yet held    
Martha G West Derby Lyddieth 8B 899   00/00/1914 West Derby Register Office LAN George Lyddieth
Mary A Bury Kipps 8C 997   07/11/1914 Tottington St Johns Free Church of England LAN David Kipps
Mary A Swansea Williams 11A 2223     No details yet held    
Mary A J Rotherham Warren 9C 1477     No details yet held    
Mary E Pontefract Armytage 9C 201   26/12/1914 Castleford YKS Fred Armytage
Minnie E Chelsea Phillips 1A 981   28/10/1914 Upper Chelsea St Saviours LND James Francis Phillips
Myra Hereford Creber 6A 1161   28/12/1914 Kingstone HEF Charles H Creber
Rose Wolverhampton Conyerd 6B 1188     No details yet held    
Sidney J [Prece] Weobley Jones 6A 1197   09/11/1914 Byford HEF Elizabeth F Jomes
Sidney J Weobley Jones 6A 1197   09/11/1914 Byford HEF Elizabeth F Jomes
Thomas Forden Pardell 11B 319   21/10/1914 Welshpool MGY Ada Pardell
Violet Crickhowell Addis 11B 184     No details yet held    
William O Pontypridd Trott 11A 1081     No details yet held