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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1899 - 1901

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1899
Alfred Wigan 8C 9   00/00/1899 St. Thomas,Ashton In Makerfield LAN Alice Cunliffe
Alfred Pontypridd 11A 608   13/02/1899 Ynyshir St Anne GLA Annie Bramhall
Amy Aston 6D 376   26/03/1899 Nechells St Catherine WAR William Samuel Brown
Clara Elizabeth Bolton 8C 552   00/00/1899 Bolton Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN Edward Barlow
Dina Chorlton 8C 837   29/03/1899 Manchester Greenheys St. Clement LAN John A Mellor
Edward Brian Martley 6C 305   10/01/1899 Malvern Link WOR Mary Ann Lamb
Ellen Annie Hereford 6A 717   07/02/1899 Kingstone HEF William Davies
Emma Church Stretton 6A 841   03/01/1899 Leebotwood SAL William Yeoman
Fanny Eliza Macclesfield 8A 160   11/02/1899 Macclesfield Christ Church CHS John Thomas Lee
Florence Martha Aston 6D 327   15/01/1899 Deritend WAR Charles Frederick Pitt
George Leominster 6A 785   02/02/1899 Leominster Register Office HEF Annie Morris
Harriet Ann Wigan 8C 23   02/01/1899 Haigh St David LAN John Salter
Nathan Cardiff 11A 506     No details yet held    
Richard Kings Norton 6C 559   19/01/1899 Selly Hill St Stephen WOR Emily Bartle
Sarah Ann Newport 11A 264   13/02/1899 Newport St Woolos MON William Voddon
Thomas Birt Eastbourne 2B 114     No details yet held    
Thomas Henry Huddersfield 9A 453   06/02/1899 Marsden YKS Amy Ruth Lees
William Llandilofawr 11A 1246     No details yet held    
Jun 1899
Ada Cannock 6B 929   29/05/1899 Hednesford St Peter STS Richard Shaw
Ada Birmingham 6D 33   02/04/1899 Birmingham St Asaph WAR John Jackson
Agnes Leominster 6A 1271   20/04/1899 Leominster Register Office HEF Edward Davies
Albert Ambrose Worcester 6C 478   28/06/1899 Claines St George WOR Sarah Mena Sigley
Albert John Clutton 5C 1073   04/04/1899 Chilcompton SOM Emily Alice Hollwey
Alfred Hereford 6A 1197   03/06/1899 Hereford Register Office HEF Catherine O'Neill
Alfred Pancras 1B 126   02/04/1899 Kentish Town St Martin LND Annie Amelia Bustin
Alfred West Derby 8B 919   12/06/1899 West Derby St Philip LAN Jane Askew
Alice Forden 11B 314   00/00/1899 Welshpool Civil Marriage MGY Richard Brown
Amelia Wharfedale 9A 303   13/05/1899 Horsforth St Margaret YKS Joseph Riley
Annie Wrexham 11B 434   24/04/1899 Wrexham DEN Charles Phillips
Arther Pancras 1B 181   01/04/1899 St Pancras Old Church MDX Mary Ann Charles
Bertha Sunderland 10A 1084   03/04/1899 Sunderland DUR John William Turnbull
Cecilia Newcastle Under Lyme 6B 143   00/00/1899 ? Not Known STS John Jones
Charles Corwen 11B 602   00/00/1899 Corwen Civil Marriage ??? Mary Ellen Jones
Clara Pontypridd 11A 745   16/05/1899 Llanwonno GLA George Henry Hearse
Edith Stourbridge 6C 217   28/05/1899 Blackheath St Paul WOR William T Taylor
Elizabeth Ross 6A 1075   18/04/1899 Llangarren HEF Joseph Philpotts
Elizabeth Anne Ross 6A 1067   03/04/1899 Goodrich HEF William B Jones
Ellen Derby 7B 1105   24/01/1899 Derby St Luke DBY Thomas Weston
Ellen Bristol 6A 194   03/04/1899 Barton Hill Christ Church GLS Charles Hume
Emily Birmingham 6D 348     No details yet held    
Emily Bridgnorth 6A 1419   00/00/1899 Chetton SAL William Field
Emma Lillie Ross 6A 1077     No details yet held    
Frances Emily Abergavenny 11A 85     No details yet held    
Frederick Albert Birmingham 6D 249   22/05/1899 Birmingham St Philip WAR Ann Russell Hobbs
George James Hereford 6A 1181   04/04/1899 Hereford Tupsley HEF Elizabeth E Arey
Grace Alice Conway 11B 833   27/06/1899 Llandudno CAE William Henry Overton
Gracella Annie Ledbury 6A 1053   21/06/1899 Tarrington HEF Daniel Crump
Harry Westbury On Severn 6A 581   08/06/1899 Mitcheldean GLS Annie Louisa Green
Henry Albert Ross 6A 1081   08/04/1899 Ross On Wye HEF Agnes Annie Lewis
James Ross 6A 1076   25/05/1899 Llangarren HEF Grace E Smith
Jane Weobley 6A 1205   30/05/1899 Canon Pyon HEF Edward Wathen
John Ashton Under Lyne 8D 800   00/00/1899 Ashton Under Lyne Holy Trinity CHS Clara Drummond
Lottie Wolverhampton 6B 1046   03/06/1899 Willenhall St Stephen STS Frederick Smith
Milly Prestwich 8D 626   12/06/1899 Harpurhey Christ Church LAN Pryce Roberts
Thomas Abergavenny 11A 82     No details yet held    
Thomas Weobley 6A 1206   01/06/1899 Canon Pyon HEF Olive Elizabeth Atkins
Thomas Weobley 6A 1205   04/05/1899 Canon Pyon HEF Jane Meredith
Thomas Ledbury 6A 1043   08/05/1899 Much Marcle HEF Frances Turner
William Ross 6A 1079     No details yet held    
Sep 1899
Adam Leominster 6A 1165   12/07/1899 Leominster Register Office HEF Jane Powell
Charles William [Priece] Bristol 6A 45     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Shifnal 6A 1165   07/08/1899 Boningale SAL John Henry Kidson
Ellen Elsie Stourbridge 6C 293     No details yet held    
Emma Louise Gloucester 6A 669   05/08/1899 Gloucester St Michael GLS John William Hughes
Ethel Birmingham 6D 189     No details yet held    
Frances Elizabeth Stoke Upon Trent 6B 425   10/09/1899 Wellington St Luke STS Joseph Elsby
Frances Mary Hereford 6A 1099   01/07/1899 Hereford Register Office HEF George Griffiths
Frederick Charles Chepstow 11A 11   25/08/1899 Lydney St Mary The Virgin GLS Lilian Maud Wheeler
Hannah Ludlow 6A 1216   24/09/1899 Richards Castle HEF James Williams
Harriet Louisa Croydon 2A 549   04/09/1899 Merton St Mary SRY Gilbert Vinton White
Henry Prescot 8B 1253   00/00/1899 St Marks St Helens LAN Annie Glover
James Richard Marylebone 1A 1312   04/09/1899 St Marylebone LND Lilian Therese Evans
Jonathan Bristol 6A 286   24/07/1899 Bristol Holy Trinity GLS Mary Swain
Joseph Wandsworth 1D 1482   09/09/1899 Wandsworth Trott St Sacred Heart LND Helena Louise Smith
Joseph Cannock 6B 819   05/08/1899 Bushbury St Mary STS Edith Burgess
Mabel Gertrude Burton Upon Trent 6B 699   00/00/1899 Burton Upon Trent STS George Smith
Mary Chesterfield 7B 1360   07/08/1899 Newbold DBY Alfred Samuel Olley
Nellie Elise Stourbridge 6C 293   08/07/1899 Stourbridge St Thomas WOR John Thomas Marson
Robert Henry Pembroke 11A 1716     No details yet held    
Sarah Wharfedale 9A 304   30/09/1899 Ilkley YKS Dick Procter
Sarah Elizabeth Aston 6D 676   09/09/1899 Small Heath All Saints WAR Joseph Haywood
Stephen Charles Hereford 6A 1063   18/09/1899 Much Dewchurch HEF Joyce H Bisacre
Thomas Gloucester 6A 704   00/00/1899 Gloucester Registry Office GLS Kitty Eliza Barnard
William Newport 11A 309   29/08/1899 Maindee St John The Evangelist MON Ada Gladys Price
William Edward Dudley 6C 100   16/09/1899 Cradley Heath Holy Trinity WOR Eliza Holden
William Goodwin Kings Norton 6C 817   06/07/1899 Moseley St Mary WOR Gertrude Arabella Geraldine Vickerstaff
Dec 1899
Annie Clun 6A 1233   26/12/1899 Bishops Castle SAL William James Duncan Cobbett
Arthur Kington 6A 1190   25/12/1899 Kington HEF Edith Alice Powles
Charles Howell Neath 11A 1322   23/12/1899 Glyncorrwg GLA Mary Elizabeth Hill
Charlotte Cannock 6B 923   29/10/1899 Cannock St Luke STS Jesse Brough
Charlotte Aston 6D 577   24/12/1899 Deritend St John The Baptist WAR Thomas Reece
Eliza Stockport 8A 106   00/00/1899 Stockport St Mary CHS Henry Whyatt
Ellen Ludlow 6A 1212   22/10/1899 Ludlow SAL George Heighway
Emma Martley 6C 479   26/11/1899 Cotheridge WOR Prestwood Sidney Davies
Enos Pontefract 9C 241   00/00/1899 ? Not Yet Held YKS Sarah Ann Baldwin
Ernest Kings Norton 6C 887   15/10/1899 Kings Heath All Saints WOR Annie Eliza Downes
Frances Maria Aston 6D 556   00/00/1899 Aston WAR William James Lambourne
George Newcastle In Emlyn 11B 35     No details yet held    
Gilbert Worcester 6C 577   05/11/1899 Worcester Pump Street Methodist Chapel WOR Florence Olwer
Harriett Weobley 6A 1147   07/12/1899 Weobley Register Office HEF Arthur T Vaughan
Henry Bridgend 11A 1291     No details yet held    
Herbert Edward Bucklow 8A 361   10/10/1899 Knutsford CHS Ada E Sowerbutts
Jonathan Hereford 6A 1113   26/12/1899 Sutton St Michael HEF Susan Price
Kate Hereford 6A 1132   15/12/1899 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas George Keddle
Letty Shifnal 6A 1313   25/12/1899 Tong SAL Albert Edward Austin
Lizzie Matilda West Bromwich 6B 1486   06/11/1899 Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS George William Long
Lydia Atcham 6A 1375   00/00/1899 Minsterley SAL John Edward Mann
Martha Alice Leominster 6A 1181   15/11/1899 Leominster Register Office HEF William Jones
Mary Jane Newport 11A 329     No details yet held    
Peter West Bromwich 6B 1420   17/12/1899 Handsworth St James STS Louisa Cope
Rebecca Madeley 6A 1335   03/12/1899 Ironbridge SAL William Cox
Thomas Kingsclere 2C 521     No details yet held    
Thomas Merthyr Tydfil 11A 1083     No details yet held    
William Charles Aston 6D 533   09/10/1899 Bordesley Holy Trinity WAR Charlotte Job
Winifred Mary Ross 6A 1043   00/00/1899 ? Not Known HEF James Keene
Mar 1900
Catherine Hereford 6A 692   22/02/1900 Kentchurch HEF John Seaborne
Charles Henry Marylebone 1A 911     No details yet held    
Edwin [Prees] York 9D 35     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Crickhowell 11B 153     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ann Crickhowell 11B 150     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Ellen Kington 6A 773   26/02/1900 Kington HEF John Williams
Ellen Kensington 1A 209     No details yet held    
Ernest William Pontypool 11A 211     No details yet held    
Frances Jane Cardiff 11A 478     No details yet held    
Frank William Southampton 2C 1   07/01/1900 Southampton All Saints HAM Maud Ethel Winter
George Monmouth 11A 25   29/01/1900 Welsh Bicknor HEF Fanny Davies
Hannah Stourbridge 6C 156   25/02/1900 Blackheath St Paul WOR Alfred Hadley
Harriet West Bromwich 6B 1011   00/00/1900 West Bromwich St Paul STS Thomas W Gibson
Henry Martley 6C 287   03/02/1900 Leigh WOR Margaret Lock
James William Kingston 2A 484   03/02/1900 Norbiton St Peter SRY Ellen Walters Simes
John St George Hanover Square 1A 640   26/02/1900 St Peter Eaton Square MDX Louisa Catherine Giacomelli
Joseph Durham 10A 477   00/00/1900 Durham DUR Maggie Kelso
Leonard Gerald Birmingham 6D 1   02/01/1900 Birmingham St Martin WAR Beatrice Marian Hinitt
Morgan James Pembroke 11A 1489     No details yet held    
Susan Madeley 6A 881   00/00/1900 Madeley Register Office SAL George J Lloyd
William Derby 7B 686   17/02/1900 Derby St Luke DBY Esther Pearson
William Hereford 6A 713   24/01/1900 Hereford Register Office HEF Elizabeth Williams
Jun 1900
Annie Blackburn 8E 884   00/00/1900 Blackburn Register Office LAN Henry Greenwood
Annie Elizabeth Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1329   24/04/1900 Neen Savage SAL Thomas Link
Annie Mary Atcham 6A 1459   06/05/1900 Pontesbury SAL Thomas Farrall
Charlotte Salford 8D 206   14/04/1900 Salford St Luke LAN James Thomas Helsby
Edith Ludlow 6A 1275   11/04/1900 Ludlow Weslyan Chapel SAL Henry Millington
Elizabeth Mary Hereford 6A 1109   16/04/1900 Hereford St Peter HEF Charles Jones
Ellen Hereford 6A 1141   17/04/1900 Hereford Register Office HEF Arthur Henry Taylor
Eva Paddington 1A 129   21/04/1900 Paddington MDX Seth Hutton
Fannie Maria Hereford 6A 1106   30/04/1900 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Albert Andrew Phillips
Francis Edwin T Kidderminster 6C 407   16/04/1900 Lower Mitton WOR Louisa Matilda Amphlett
George Aldridge Kensington 1A 247   09/06/1900 South Kensington St Paul LND Lillie Gertrude Butcher
George Warner [Preese] Aston 6D 619   03/06/1900 Nechells St Clement WAR Sarah Ann Bartlam
Harriet Maria Bromyard 6A 1173   16/04/1900 Cradley HEF Daniel Sanders Edger
Herbert Walter Islington 1B 445   18/06/1900 Holloway LND Rosina Amelia Edgington
James Hereford 6A 1084   10/05/1900 St Devereux HEF Mary A Christopher
James Weobley 6A 1159   05/04/1900 Eardisland HEF Emily Ward
John Walsall 6B 1354     No details yet held    
John William Kingston 2A 711   16/04/1900 ? Not Known SRY Lillian Beatrice Kingston Hill St Paul
Kate Bridgnorth 6A 1361     No details yet held    
Martha Cannock 6B 899   16/04/1900 Hednesford St Peter STS John Thomas Evans
Mary Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1333   05/06/1900 Stottesdon SAL Havelock Kirby
Mary Ann Hay 11B 187   16/04/1900 Hay BRE William Harris Stanley
Mary Ann M Kidderminster 6C 422   17/04/1900 Kidderminster Primitive Methodist Chapel WOR Tom Hodgkins
Phoebe Annie Hitchin 3A 992   17/04/1900 Pirton HRT Joseph Blount
Sarah Stoke Upon Trent 6B 385   15/04/1900 Shelton St Mark STS John Cliff
Sarah Plymouth 5B 514   11/06/1900 Plymouth St Jude DEV Mark Hext
Sarah Florence Pontypridd 11A 910   02/06/1900 Pontypridd GLA Enoch Treharne
Taliesin Bridgend 11A 1264     No details yet held    
Thomas Hereford 6A 1123   10/05/1900 Madley HEF Rosanna Jones
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 1027   02/06/1900 Willenhall St Stephen STS Caroline Skitt
Thomas Joseph Aston 6D 536   08/04/1900 Deritend St John The Baptist WAR Emily Bashford
Valentine Shifnal 6A 1371   04/06/1900 Blymhill St Mary STS Alice Haynes
William Droitwich 6C 655   16/04/1900 Droitwich St Nicholas WOR Agnes Bennett
William Greenwich 1D 1721   02/06/1900 Deptford St Paul KEN Jane Lucy Richardson
William Henry Martley 6C 484   25/04/1900 Malvern Link WOR Mary Ann Jones
William Pritchard Pershore 6C 645   04/06/1900 Whittington WOR Emily Mills
Sep 1900
Alfred Aston 6D 700   10/09/1900 Aston Register Office WAR Mary Ann Bird
Alfred James London City 1C 63   08/09/1900 St Michael Royal Paternoster LND Harriet Newman
Alice Hereford 6A 1045   27/09/1900 Abbeydore HEF Albert Edward Chapman
Alice Ludlow 6A 1183   27/08/1900 Bitterley SAL William Henry Perkins
Alice Gertrude Wakefield 9C 119     No details yet held    
Alice Louisa Fulham 1A 651   02/08/1900 Hammersmith St Thomas LND Henry Thomas Fenlon
Amy Elizabeth Islington 1B 835     No details yet held    
Annie Salford 8D 76   17/09/1900 Pendlebury St John LAN Herbert Harding
Charles Ludlow 6A 1211   00/00/1900 Ludlow Register Office SAL Lizzie Evans
Clara Hereford 6A 1049   02/07/1900 Little Birch HEF George Gladwin
Edith Rose Cardiff 11A 526   04/08/1900 Roath GLA William John Tucker
Elizabeth Clara Birmingham 6D 134     No details yet held    
Emily Woolwich 1D 2380     No details yet held    
Emily Matilda Mile End Old Town 1C 722   26/08/1900 Stepney St Peter MDX Edward Earnest Furneaux
Ernest West Bromwich 6B 1436   00/00/1900 West Bromwich St Paul STS Emma Jones
Florence Gateshead 10A 1507     No details yet held    
Frank Chepstow 11A 25     No details yet held    
Frederick George Cheltenham 6A 950   06/08/1900 Leckhampton St Philip And James GLS Florence Mary Bennett
Henry Martley 6C 433   04/08/1900 Malvern Link WOR Annie Elizabeth Holland
James Woolwich 1D 2422     No details yet held    
James Birmingham 6D 9   27/08/1900 Birmingham St Martin WAR Sarah Ann Martin
John Thanet 2A 1893   15/07/1900 Thanet St John KEN Rebecca Susan Riches
John West Bromwich 6B 1441   22/07/1900 West Bromwich St John STS Agnes Stone
Louisa Romford 4A 779   09/08/1900 Ilford ESS George Frederick Powles
Maria Gertrude Chorlton 8C 1175   12/07/1900 Manchester Ardwick St Thomas LAN Herbert Greenhalgh
Mary Tenbury 6C 399   05/09/1900 Brimfield HEF Herbert Cooke
Mary Salford 8D 213   05/09/1900 Salford St Luke LAN Alfred Cooke
Richard William Middlesbrough 9D 1100   00/00/1900 Middlesbrough YKS Lilly Brentall
Sarah Ann [Prees] Solihull 6D 1007   14/07/1900 Sparkhill St John WAR George Morgan
Thomas Hemsworth 9C 213   29/08/1900 Badsworth YKS Mary Jane Mitchell
Thomas Henry Wolverhampton 6B 960   18/09/1900 Willenhall St Giles STS Mary Elizabeth Wright
William Church Stretton 6A 1225   11/07/1900 Cardington SAL Eliza Bowen
William John Wolverhampton 6B 1085     No details yet held    
William Mortimer Leominster 6A 1155   25/07/1900 Leominster Register Office HEF Louisa Huxley
Dec 1900
Albert Ross 6A 1093   27/12/1900 Llangarren HEF Esther Elizabeth Tyler
Alfred Nottingham 7B 557   28/11/1900 Nottingham St James NTT Florence Eley
Alice Maud Settle 9A 25   10/11/1900 Long Preston WRY William Herbert Stevens
Caroline West Ham 4A 434   01/12/1900 West Ham All Saints ESS Richard Alfred Briggs
Charles William Pontypool 11A 261     No details yet held    
Edith Brecknock 11B 195     No details yet held    
Edith Ludlow 6A 1293   11/10/1900 Onibury SAL Herbert Morris
Edith Kings Norton 6C 947     No details yet held    
Eliza Ann Forden 11B 384   22/12/1900 Welshpool MGY Alfred Grice
Elizabeth West Bromwich 6B 1565   15/11/1900 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Harry Samuel Holmes
Esther Ann Dudley 6C 168   26/12/1900 Tipton St Martin (Pepper Box) STS George Richard Gittins
Florence Bristol 6A 272   25/12/1900 Bristol Emmanuel GLS Edwin Estcourt
Frances Lilly Pontypridd 11A 932     No details yet held    
Frederick Solihull 6D 1144   23/12/1900 Sparkhill St John WAR Lily Fraser
Frederick William Stourbridge 6C 361   25/12/1900 Stourbridge Register Office WOR Gertrude Hickman
Harriett St Saviour Southwark 1D 179     No details yet held    
Harriett Upton On Severn 6C 577   25/12/1900 Madresfield WOR Samuel Jones
Harriett Stourbridge 6C 336   09/12/1900 Stourbridge St John The Evangelist WOR Thomas Jones
Henrietta Pembroke 11A 2061   15/11/1900 Angle PEM George Percy Rees
Henry Pontypridd 11A 999     No details yet held    
Howard Coventry 6D 989     No details yet held    
James Bedwellty 11A 167   31/12/1900 Nantyglo MON Hannah Lewis
James Walsall 6B 1379   11/11/1900 Walsall Wood St John STS Elizabeth Langford
Lottie Westbury On Severn 6A 629   00/00/1900 Westbury On Severn[Register Office/Non-Conformist] GLS Samuel Powell
Mabel Grace Brentford 3A 172   04/12/1900 Ealing St Stephen MDX Charles Albert Hammerton
Mary Ann Prescot 8B 1135   17/11/1900 St Peters Parr LAN George W Robbins
Olivia Ann Aston 6D 681   30/12/1900 Small Heath All Saints WAR William Frederick Morris
Richard Ernest E West Bromwich 6B 1448   10/11/1900 Handsworth St Mary STS Mary Beatrice Thacker
Richard Kinsey Wolverhampton 6B 1011   25/12/1900 Bilston St Mary STS Harriet Elizabeth Harris
Mar 1901
Alfred Alcester 6D 771   17/01/1901 Salford Priors WAR Maud Ellen Mills
Charles Henry Birmingham 6D 70   03/03/1901 Deritend St Gabriel WAR Alice Emma Hopkins
Clara Wolverhampton 6B 677     No details yet held    
Edith Clarice Rochdale 8E 96   00/00/1901 Register Office Or Registrar Attended LAN John Lord
Eliza Madeley 6A 946     No details yet held    
Ellen Crickhowell 11B 114     No details yet held    
Fanny Dudley 6C 61   19/02/1901 Tipton St Mark STS Andrew Tolley
George Kidderminster 6C 223   10/02/1901 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Rose Bayliss
George Dudley 6C 60   31/03/1901 Netherton St Andrew WOR Sarah Ellen Preece
Godfrey Charles M Kensington 1A 171     No details yet held    
Gwen Bridgend 11A 948     No details yet held    
James Winchcombe 6A 585   04/02/1901 Didbrook GLS Emma Weaver
Mary Louisa Pontypridd 11A 656     No details yet held    
Sarah Annie Fulham 1A 320   09/03/1901 West Kensington St Andrew LND Joseph Small
Sarah Ellen Dudley 6C 60   31/03/1901 Netherton St Andrew WOR George Preece
William Robert Aston 6D 282   26/01/1901 Aston Brook St Mary WAR Mary Ann Twamley
William Thomas Ludlow 6A 351   00/00/1901 Not Yet Held SAL Sarah Pritchard
Jun 1901
Alice Kidderminster 6C 334   10/04/1901 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Albert John Guest
Alice Hereford 6A 1111   08/04/1901 Moreton On Lugg HEF William R Bailey
Arthur Kington 6A 1227   10/04/1901 Staunton On Arrow HEF Minnie Adams
Benjamin Birmingham 6D 44   07/04/1901 Birmingham St Bartholomew WAR Cecilia King
Charles Lunesdale 8E 1551   00/00/1901 Wray LAN Sarah Ellen Preston
Earnest James Wolverhampton 6B 943     No details yet held    
Edith Kingston 2A 744     No details yet held    
Eliza Rebecca West Derby 8B 522   19/06/1901 Bootle St Leonard LAN George Trill
Ellen Eastbourne 2B 186     No details yet held    
Ernest Hereford 6A 1071     No details yet held    
Fanny Cheltenham 6A 955   06/06/1901 Leckhampton St Peter GLS Norman George Short
Francis Henry Bridgnorth 6A 1359   00/00/1901 Bridgnorth Register Office SAL Georgina Jenkins
George Horace Huddersfield 9A 675     No details yet held    
Hannah Crickhowell 11B 170     No details yet held    
Harry Cheltenham 6A 957   02/04/1901 Leckhampton St Philip And James GLS Rose Emily Birt
Henry Bradford 9B 50   08/04/1901 Bradford YKS Martha Ellen Beetham
Henry Bridgnorth 6A 1337   00/00/1901 Astley Abbotts SAL Rebecca Chetton
James Dudley 6C 143   08/04/1901 Tipton St Martin (Pepper Box) STS Elizabeth Spicer
Jane Elizabeth Lichfield 6B 809   00/00/1901 Fradley St Stephen STS Thomas A Collidge
John Weobley 6A 1141   05/06/1901 Dilwyn HEF Louisa Taylor
John Bevan Pontypridd 11A 812   16/04/1901 Llantwit Fardre GLA Jane Davies
Kathleen Macclesfield 8A 265   00/00/1901 Rainow Holy Trinity CHS Joseph Maybury
Martha Atcham 6A 1503   00/00/1901 Westbury SAL William Pugh
Martha Annie Ross 6A 1025   07/05/1901 Ballingham HEF Thomas Owen
Mary Aston 6D 498     No details yet held    
Mary Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 1265   29/04/1901 Richards Castle SAL Arthur Trill
Richard Aston 6D 587   23/06/1901 Nechells St Catherine WAR Emily Parrish
Robert Stroud 6A 767   00/00/1901 Stroud Register Office GLS Catherine L Roberts
Samual William Hackney 1B 817   16/06/1901 Dalston Holy Trinity LND Belinda Ashpole
Sarah Anne Bromyard 6A 1170   14/06/1901 Bromyard Civil Marriage HEF George Francis King
Selina Atcham 6A 1498   00/00/1901 Shrewsbury Holy Trinity SAL Joseph Rosser
William Stourbridge 6C 306   00/00/1901 Stourbridge Register Office WOR Alice Burton
William John Kings Norton 6C 912     No details yet held    
Sep 1901
Agnes Bedwellty 11A 215     No details yet held    
Alfred Thomas Lambeth 1D 737   31/08/1901 Lambeth St Thomas LND Catherine Agnes Parker
Alice Edith Islington 1B 802     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Monmouth 11A 84   00/00/1901 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] MON Henry Knapman
Ellen Wolverhampton 6B 976   05/08/1901 Willenhall St Anne STS William Veal
Emily Winifred Eastbourne 2B 159   17/07/1901 Eastbourne Holy Trinity SSX George Frederick Pugle
Frederick Stoke Upon Trent 6B 360   00/00/1901 Longton St James STS Eliza A Ridge
Henry George Kings Norton 6C 734   23/09/1901 Edgbaston St Mary & St Ambrose WAR Edith Cranwell
John Swansea 11A 1613   12/11/1901 Goodrich HEF Harry Walker
John Benjamin Hereford 6A 1085   13/08/1901 Hereford All Saints HEF Catherine Edith Davies
Maria Hereford 6A 1077   12/08/1901 Much Dewchurch HEF George Payne
Mary Ann Leominster 6A 1166   06/08/1901 Leominster Priory HEF Frederick James Morris
Richard Oldham 8D 1243   00/00/1901 Waterhead Holy Trinity LAN Emily Bridge
Rose Ellen Upton 6C 491   05/08/1901 Malvern Link WOR John Hadley
Sarah Bridgnorth 6A 1297     No details yet held    
Sarah Ann Hereford 6A 1109   01/09/1901 Kenderchurch HEF Daniel Prosser
Susan Solihull 6D 1081   20/07/1901 Yardley St Edburgha WOR Walter Taylor
Thomas Aston 6D 685     No details yet held    
William Wolverhampton 6B 1033     No details yet held    
William Francis Weobley 6A 1137   06/08/1901 Moccas HEF Sylvia Davies
Dec 1901
Aaron Faringdon 2C 659   18/11/1901 Kelmscott St George OXF Alice Parker
Alfred Middlesbro' 9D 1149   25/11/1901 North Ormesby YKS Janet Maud Holder
Andrew Bedwellty 11A 124   25/12/1901 Bedwellty MON Sarah Carey
Ann Wolverhampton 6B 1110     No details yet held    
Anne Hereford 6A 1065   14/12/1901 Grosmont MON James Sayce
Charles Worcester 6C 498     No details yet held    
Clara Beatrice M Greenwich 1D 1752   08/12/1901 Deptford St Paul KEN Michael Augustus Hawes
David James Pontypool 11A 288     No details yet held    
Edith Clara Ross 6A 1019   12/11/1901 Goodrich HEF Harry Walker
Edward Liverpool 8B 19   19/10/1901 Liverpool St Peter LAN Rose Ann Shearon
Edward Henry Stourbridge 6C 337   00/00/1901 Stourbridge Register Office WOR Tamar L Glaze
Eleanor Bath 5C 1160   00/00/1901 Bath Register Office WIL Arthur Hugh Watts
Eliza Ann Upton 6D 529     No details yet held    
Ernest William Leominster 6A 1205     No details yet held    
George Brentford 3A 241   01/12/1901 Twickenham Holy Trinity MDX Gladys Parpworth
Gertrude Maude Brentford 3A 166   09/10/1901 Ealing St Stephen MDX Charles William Ashman
Harriet Agnes R Hereford 6A 1073   31/10/1901 Hereford St James HEF Maxwell Fortescue-Gordon
Harriett Hereford 6A 1047   24/10/1901 Abbey Dore HEF John Hopson
James Thomas Hereford 6A 1074   26/12/1901 Hereford St James HEF Emily Bishop
James William Shoreditch 1C 132     No details yet held    
Jane Sarah St.olave 1D 371   05/10/1901 Bermondsey SRY Charles Dix
John Albert Camberwell 1D 1443   15/12/1901 Camberwell Emmanuel LND Edith Louisa Larner
Julius Weobley 6A 1141   12/12/1901 Canon Pyon HEF Harriet Davies
Kate Bridgend 11A 1329   05/10/1901 Llanharan GLA Sydney Thomas Frowen
Marie Upton 6D 556     No details yet held    
Nellie Kate Bucklow 8A 303   26/10/1901 Sale St Anne CHS John Henry Willis
Reuben Ambrose Bromyard 6A 1166   30/12/1901 Cradley HEF Margaret Davies
Richard Henry Dudley 6C 25   26/12/1901 Dudley St Thomas WOR Sarah Davies
Richard James Hereford 6A 1061   26/12/1901 St Devereux HEF Mary A Vale
Robert Grosvenor Kings Norton 6C 747   28/10/1901 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Thurza Simcox
Thomas Francis Dudley 6C 59   25/12/1901 Dudley St John The Evangelist Kates Hill WOR Mary Ann Walker
William Crickhowell 11B 233     No details yet held    
William Warrington 8C 258   00/00/1901 Warrington St Elphin CHS Julia H Sanderson
William Henry Newport 11A 375     No details yet held    
William James Croydon 2A 500   02/11/1901 Croydon Christ Church SRY Emily Elizabeth Childs