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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1856 - 1860

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1856
Caroline Hereford 6A 669   23/02/1856 Wormbridge HEF Richard Harris
Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 741   28/12/1856 Ludlow SAL William Powell
Frances Shrewsbury 6A 897   02/02/1856 Shrewsbury St George SAL William Parbutt
Frederick Joseph St Martin In The Fields 1A 411   13/01/1856 Westminster St Martin MDX Sarah Ann Martin
John Atcham 6A 884   00/00/1856 Atcham Register Office SAL Caroline Jones
Mary Ann Daventry 3B 143   28/02/1856 Dodford Holy Trinity & St Mary NTH George Judkins
Robert Hereford 6A 621   07/02/1856 St Devereux HEF Ann Powell
Sarah Nottingham 7B 264   22/01/1856 Nottingham St Paul NTT Thomas Jones
Sarah Bridgwater 5C 611   24/02/1856 Bridgwater Holy Trinity SOM William Paramore
Susan Hereford 6A 623   04/02/1856 Dinedor HEF John Jones
Thomas [Preese] Aston 6D 281   21/01/1856 Saltley St Saviour WAR Harriet Harris
William Clun 6A 769   00/00/1856 Clun Register Office SAL Mary A Meredith
William Ludlow 6A 741   26/01/1856 Ludford SAL Elizabeth Hughes
William Charles Kensington 1A 142   21/03/1856 Paddington St John MDX Elizabeth Sarah Middleweek
Jun 1856
Ann Birmingham 6D 175   22/06/1856 Birmingham St Philip WAR John Edwards
Charles Bridgnorth 6A 1026     No details yet held    
Edward Wolverhampton 6B 474   00/00/1856 Not Yet Held STS Mary Griffiths
Elisabeth Leominster 6A 890     No details yet held    
Eliza [Prees] Swansea 11A 777     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 769   25/05/1856 Hereford All Saints HEF Thomas Williams
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 890   29/05/1856 Leominster Priory HEF Christopher Colley
Elizabeth Ledbury 6A 689   13/04/1856 Bosbury HEF Thomas Hickox
Elizabeth Montgomery 11B 417   08/05/1856 Worthen All Saints SAL John Foulks
Emma Leominster 6A 870   20/05/1856 Aymestrey HEF James Beavan
Henry Hereford 6A 789   27/04/1856 Lugwardine HEF Ellen Cole
Herbert Abergavenny 11A 86   08/06/1856 Abergavenny MON Mary Price
Hilo Hereford 6A 805   06/06/1856 Sutton St Nicholas HEF Frances Davies
Margaret Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1001   19/05/1856 Stottesdon SAL John Pumford
Maria [Price] Newent 6A 345   17/04/1856 Dymock GLS William Tyler
Richard Knighton 11B 305   14/04/1856 Heyope RAD Jane Humphreys
Samuel Shrewsbury 6A 1165   05/06/1856 Shrewsbury St George SAL Sarah Morris
Susan Shrewsbury 6A 1192   03/05/1856 Shrewsbury SAL Henry Firmstone
Thomas Abergavenny 11A 125   04/04/1856 Nantyglo MON Mary Anne Perry
Thomas Bridgnorth 6A 1027     No details yet held    
Thomas Hereford 6A 747   08/04/1856 Callow HEF Elizabeth Thomas
Thomas Austin Wheatenhurst 6A 441   08/05/1856 Whitminster St Andrew GLS Maria Daniels
William Weobley 6A 831   20/05/1856 Dilwyn HEF Sarah Jones
William Shoreditch 1C 375   22/06/1856 Hoxton St John MDX Ann Angell
Sep 1856
Ann Macclesfield 8A 199   00/00/1856 Prestbury St Peter CHS James Bradshaw
Ann Gloucester 6A 422   00/00/1856 Gloucester Register Office GLS Isaac Ruck
Elizabeth Pontypool 11A 189   27/07/1856 Trevethin MON William Barnes
Fanny Monmouth 11A 84   07/09/1856 Whitchurch And Ruxton Congregational Church HEF Charles Morgan
Jane Bromyard 6A 796   07/09/1856 Bromyard HEF Edward James Philpott
John Hereford 6A 742   14/07/1856 Hereford St Peter HEF Esther Walker
John Worcester 6C 357   07/09/1856 Worcester St Martin WOR Harriett Bond
Mary Hereford 6A 759   29/09/1856 Wellington HEF Thomas Lloyd
Robert Darius Birmingham 6D 173   07/09/1856 Birmingham St Philip WAR Jemima Elizabeth Mayes
Sarah Ludlow 6A 845   06/09/1856 Burrington HEF Andrew Davies
Thomas Hereford 6A 753   14/07/1856 Orcop HEF Eliza Hill
Dec 1856
Alfred Leominster 6A 1015   08/12/1856 Leominster Priory HEF Emma Vaughan
Eleanor Ludlow 6A 1044   25/12/1856 Ludlow SAL Edward Sanders
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 942   09/10/1856 Madley HEF William Price
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 949   13/12/1856 Holmer HEF David Griffiths
Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 1045   28/12/1856 Ludlow SAL William Powell
Emma Bromyard 6A 987   24/12/1856 Bromyard HEF George Hooper
Fanny Westminster 1A 498     No details yet held    
Fanny Ludlow 6A 1059   00/00/1856 Ludlow Register Office SAL John Pope
George Coventry 6D 575   14/12/1856 Coventry Holy Trinity WAR Sarah Ann Binley
Harriet Hereford 6A 961   07/10/1856 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Weaver
James Hereford 6A 927   27/11/1856 Hereford Cathedral HEF Ann Graves
James Worcester 6C 419   02/12/1856 Worcester All Saints WOR Caroline Rastall
Jane Dudley 6C 135   29/12/1856 Dudley St Thomas WOR Jesse Patrick
Margaret Bethnal Green 1C 721   16/11/1856 Bethnal Green MDX Daniel Marriage
Margaret Hereford 6A 931   07/12/1856 Hereford St Martin HEF Joseph Williams
Mary Shrewsbury 6A 1216   16/12/1856 Bayston Hill Shrewsbury SAL James Jones
Mary Ann Birmingham 6D 210   01/11/1856 Birmingham St Philip WAR Edwin Peat
Mary Ann Guildford 2A 69   14/12/1856 Guildford St Nicholas SRY Joseph Smith
Thomas Presteigne 11B 323   09/12/1856 Lingen HEF Emma Price
Thomas Crickhowell 11B 260   25/12/1856 Llanelly BRE Mary Ann Davies
Thomas Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1085   26/10/1856 Cleobury Mortimer SAL Ann George
Thomas Lewis Monmouth 11A 64   09/11/1856 Monmouth MON Margaret Whitcombe
William Pancras 1B 109   27/11/1856 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Eliza Coombes
William Birmingham 6D 154   25/12/1856 Birmingham St Martin WAR Maria Francis
William Tewkesbury 6A 836   04/11/1856 Tewkesbury St Mary GLS Ann Wallcroft
Mar 1857
Anne Wolverhampton 6B 580   16/02/1857 Wolverhampton St John STS Edwin Hughes
Edward Montgomery 11B 331   02/02/1857 Montgomery MGY Jane Davies
Eliza Hereford 6A 623   23/02/1857 Stoke Edith HEF William Jones
Frances Ludlow 6A 706   00/00/1857 Ludlow Register Office SAL Edward Davies
Harriet Bromyard 6A 652   22/03/1857 Cradley HEF William Shuck
Harriet Bridgwater 5C 692     No details yet held    
John Cleobury Mortimer 6A 728     No details yet held    
John Wolverhampton 6B 537   15/02/1857 Willenhall St Giles STS Margaret Evans
Maria Hereford 6A 605   07/01/1857 Hereford St Martin HEF Thomas Elias
Mary Marylebone 1A 694   15/02/1857 Marylebone Trinity MDX John Collins
Mary Atcham 6A 839   00/00/1857 Atcham Register Office SAL John Hayward
Rebecca Worcester 6C 266   26/03/1857 Worcester St Michael WOR William Russell
Sarah Hereford 6A 591   19/03/1857 Much Birch HEF Thomas Guy
Sarah Atcham 6A 829   07/01/1857 Acton Burnell St Peter Rc SAL Evan Bould
Sarah Ludlow 6A 695   27/03/1857 Ludford SAL Richard Edwards
Thomas Weobley 6A 641   14/02/1857 Eardisland HEF Eliza Davis
William Weobley 6A 639   07/02/1857 Canon Pyon HEF Jane Colly
Jun 1857
Anne Leominster 6A 949   22/06/1857 Orleton HEF John Newman
Charles Clun 6A 1009   09/05/1857 Clungunford St Cuthbert SAL Elizabeth Williams
Francis Bridgnorth 6A 1081   19/05/1857 Oldbury SAL Maria Hinsley
George Birmingham 6D 218   19/04/1857 Birmingham St Thomas WAR Alice Mayo
Hannah [Prees] Birmingham 6D 157   29/06/1857 Birmingham St Peter WAR Richard Imms/Watts
James Pancras 1B 23   12/04/1857 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Anna Maria Parrett
James Abergavenny 11A 126   30/11/1857 Llanfoist MON Harriet Williams
Sarah Hereford 6A 819   28/06/1857 Hereford St Martin HEF John Wall
Sarah Stourbridge 6C 248   02/06/1857 Old Swinford St Mary WOR Benjamin Smith
Sarah Ann Bolton 8C 237   31/05/1857 Bolton Le Moors Holy Trinity LAN Abraham Aldred
Sophia Dudley 6C 26   29/04/1857 Dudley St Edmund WOR William Steele
Thomas Hay 11B 251   30/05/1857 Llanigon BRE Eliza Davies
Thomas Kings Norton 6C 573   20/04/1857 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Deborah Sturgess
Thomas Hereford 6A 805   04/05/1857 Fownhope HEF Ann Goodman
William [Prees] Clun 6A 1007     No details yet held    
Sep 1857
Charles Leominster 6A 814   04/08/1857 Aymestrey HEF Billinder Strangward
Frances Dudley 6C 15   31/08/1857 Netherton St Andrew WOR Edward Gladwin
Francis Bridgnorth 6A 909   19/05/1857 Oldbury By Bridgnorth SAL Maria Hinsley
Gwen Ellen Hampstead 1A 924   20/08/1857 Hampstead St Saviour MDX Francis Hughes Webb
Hannah Bromyard 6A 805   22/03/1857 Edvin Loach HEF William Shuck
Harriet [Prees] Solihull 6D 577   12/07/1857 Yardley St Edburgha WOR Charles Adey
Jane Abergavenny 11A 93     No details yet held    
John Shoreditch 1C 480   16/08/1857 Shoreditch St Leonard MDX Ellen Coward
John Bradford 9B 176     No details yet held    
Thomas Worcester 6C 377   22/08/1857 Worcester St Andrew WOR Sarah Hyde
Thomas Hereford 6A 763   07/07/1857 Holmer HEF Maria Luscott
Dec 1857
Charles Hereford 6A 937   30/11/1857 Hereford St Owen HEF Ann Jay
Eliza Bridgnorth 6A 1141   00/00/1857 Burwarton SAL William Andrews
Eliza Monmouth 11A 81   24/12/1857 Whitchurch HEF John Jones
Elizabeth Pancras 1B 146   14/12/1857 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Thomas Clayton
Emiley Kings Norton 6C 783     No details yet held    
Frances [Reece] Weobley 6A 991   27/10/1857 Sarnesfield HEF Thomas Cartwright
James Abergavenny 11A 128   30/11/1857 Llanfoist MON Harriet Williams
James Ledbury 6A 857   08/10/1857 Mathon HEF Mary Ann Masters
John Dudley 6C 20   24/12/1857 Netherton St Andrew WOR Jane Davies
John Hay 11B 329   06/10/1857 Hardwick HEF Mary Evans
Joseph Dudley 6C 111   16/11/1857 Dudley St Thomas WOR Harriet Humphrey
Martha Shrewsbury 6A 1302   00/00/1857 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL Richard Roberts
Susan Gloucester 6A 431   10/10/1857 Gloucester St John GLS Charles Liddington
Thomas Ross 6A 891   27/12/1857 Ross HEF Hannah Russell
Thomas Birmingham 6D 139   13/12/1857 Birmingham St Martin WAR Jemima Barker
William Bromyard 6A 1007   01/11/1857 Cradley HEF Mary Shuck
William St James Westminster 1A 577   06/12/1857 St James Piccadilly MDX Emma Jones
Mar 1858
Ann Hereford 6A 615   09/02/1858 Hereford All Saints HEF Thomas Bishop
Ann Cardiff 11A 282   08/02/1858 Wesley Chapel Cardiff GLA Henry Holloday
Edward Bath 5C 948   18/02/1858 Bath Holy Trinity SOM Sophia Short
John Droitwich 6C 354   27/02/1858 Claines WOR Ann Walton
Matthew Birmingham 6D 78   24/02/1858 Birmingham St Martin WAR Maria Webb
Robert [Prees] Anglesey 11B 727     No details yet held    
Sarah St George Hanover Square 1A 240   16/02/1858 St George Hanover Square MDX Joseph Williams
Thomas Cricklade 3A 27   18/02/1858 Clyffe Pyppard WIL Jane Rawlings
William [Preese] Newport 11A 190A     No details yet held    
Jun 1858
Ann Hereford 6A 871   03/06/1858 Little Birch HEF Thomas Price
Ann Hereford 6A 742   27/04/1858 Withington HEF William Saunders
Caroline Hereford 6A 805   07/06/1858 Stretton Sugwas HEF John T Mason
Charles Ludlow 6A 921   31/05/1858 Clee St Margaret SAL Ann Evans
Eliza Knighton 11B 321   00/00/1858 Stowe St Michael SAL Thomas Richards
Eliza Aston 6D 284   25/04/1858 Aston Juxta Birmingham St Peter & Paul WAR Joseph Ashmall
Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 941   25/06/1858 Ludford SAL Thomas Collier
Emma Hereford 6A 770   06/06/1858 Hereford All Saints HEF William Bevan
Fanny Halifax 9A 619     No details yet held    
George Leominster 6A 899   11/04/1858 Leominster Priory HEF Maria Parry
George [Pruce] Clun 6A 978A   03/04/1858 Clungunford SAL Hannah Passey
James Newent 6A 335   23/05/1858 Aston Ingham HEF Alice Wilks
James Dudley 6C 41   09/06/1858 Dudley St James WOR Sarah Ann Parish
Jane Tenbury 6C 295     No details yet held    
John Cardiff 11A 372   00/00/1858 Not Yet Held GLA Jane Richards
John Merthyr Tydfil 11A 443   06/05/1858 Merthyr Tydfil GLA Mary Griffiths
Jonathan Madeley 6A 1093   05/04/1858 Broseley SAL Mary Anne Ellis
Mary Ross 6A 721   09/04/1858 Ross HEF John Merrick
Mary Hereford 6A 818   23/05/1858 Hereford Register Office HEF George Nourse
Mary Ann Ledbury 6A 637   13/06/1858 Bosbury HEF James Hickox
Mary Anne Hereford 6A 766   27/06/1858 Hampton Bishop HEF Samuel Deeley
Sarah Kings Norton 6A 553   23/05/1858 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR George Farmer
Sarah Shoreditch 1C 297   24/05/1858 Shoreditch St James MDX Thomas Illsley
Susan Newport 11A 249   22/06/1858 Newport St Woolos MON Daniel Constable
Susannah Matthews Marylebone 1D 765   13/05/1858 St Marylebone MDX Joseph Clayton
Thomas Bridgnorth 6A 1053     No details yet held    
Thomas Austin Cheltenham 6A 641   08/06/1858 Cheltenham St Peter GLS Mary Ann Perry
William Hereford 6A 753   10/06/1858 St Devereux HEF Sarah Minard
Sep 1858
Edward Worcester 6C 373   11/07/1858 Worcester St Peter WOR Eliza Elsmore
Emma Worcester 6C 397   28/08/1858 Worcester St Peter WOR Mark Matthews
Fanny West Bromwich 6B 713   00/00/1858 Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS Isaac Jones
George Montgomery 11B 378   00/00/1858 Welshpool Civil Marriage MGY Mary Thomas
George Hereford 6A 795   27/09/1858 Hereford St Martin HEF Elizabeth Harris
Hannah Monmouth 11A 63   00/00/1858 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Edwin Taylor
James Worcester 6C 397   28/08/1858 Worcester St Peter WOR Mary Jones
Jane Shrewsbury 6A 1039   00/00/1858 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL William Evans
John Tenbury 6C 333   02/09/1858 Stoke Bliss HEF Charlotte Gillings
John Presteigne 11B 213   14/09/1858 Kington Register Office HEF Jane Higgs
Margaret Leominster 6A 508   29/07/1858 Bodenham HEF John Hodges
William Swansea 11A 660     No details yet held    
William [Prees] Swansea 11A 662     No details yet held    
Dec 1858
Ann Weobley 6A 1023   09/02/1858 Staunton On Wye HEF Thomas Jenkins Day
Ann Shrewsbury 6A 1228   00/00/1858 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL John Astley
Charles Brackley 3B 30   29/11/1858 Syresham St James The Great NTH Ann Maria Adams
Emma Neath 11A 678     No details yet held    
Henry Abergavenny 11A 110   22/11/1858 Nantyglo MON Mary Ann Rock
Henry Hereford 6A 967   03/10/1858 Hereford St Owen HEF Ann Morris
Mary Montgomery 11B 437   28/10/1858 Worthen SAL John Titley
Mary Ross 6A 897   17/10/1858 Bridstow HEF Thomas Perkins
Mary Weobley 6A 1025   29/12/1858 Wormsley HEF Thomas Watkins
Mary Martley 6C 374   30/12/1858 Astley WOR John Hadlan
Mary Ann Ludlow 6A 1075   10/11/1858 Ashford Carbonell SAL Edward Farmer
Moses Upton On Severn 6C 471   11/10/1858 Hanley Castle St Mary WOR Fanny Newell
Richard Atcham 6A 1238   06/12/1858 Condover SAL Mary Jacks
Richard William Dudley 6C 41   22/11/1858 Dudley St James WOR Eva Ward
Samuel Shoreditch 1C 453   25/12/1858 Shoreditch St John MDX Martha Charlotte Ely
Sarah Susan Wolverhampton 6B 698   10/10/1858 Wolverhampton St Peter STS Charles Gee
Susan Weobley 6A 1023   29/12/1858 Staunton On Wye HEF Edward Weaver
William Tenbury 6C 367     No details yet held    
William Weobley 6A 1013   04/11/1858 Almeley HEF Mary Miflin
Mar 1859
Ann Bromyard 6A 773   22/03/1859 Ullingswick HEF James Skerrett
Eliza Hereford 6A 741   13/02/1859 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Saunders
Eliza Ross 6A 653   03/03/1859 Ballingham HEF Richard Edwards
Ellen Hereford 6A 712   03/03/1859 Hereford St Martin HEF William Jones
Emma Bath 5C 1081   07/02/1859 Twerton St Michael SOM Ambrose Tidman
Harriet Bethnal Green 1C 533   24/01/1859 Bethnal Green St Matthias MDX William Mallett
Jane Madeley 6A 927   31/03/1859 Madeley SAL Samuel Roberts
Mary Hereford 6A 731   14/02/1859 Thruxton HEF John Poiner
Richard Lambeth 1D 303   13/01/1859 Kennington SRY Ann Nicoll
Sarah Ross 6A 659   14/02/1859 Bridstow HEF Henry Green
Jun 1859
Ann Bridgend 11A 591   30/04/1859 Cowbridge GLA Thomas Morgan
Ann Elizabeth Lambeth 1D 604   16/05/1859 Lambeth St Mary LND James Richard Lane
Anne Elizabeth Lambeth 1D 604   16/05/1859 Lambeth St Mary LND James Richard Lane
Emma Hereford 6A 867   17/05/1859 Holmer HEF James Wilkins
George Walsall 6B 741     No details yet held    
George Hereford 6A 856   30/05/1859 Hereford St Martin HEF Elizabeth Sophia Price
George Leominster 6A 972   22/06/1859 Kingsland HEF Elizabeth Beamand
James Abergavenny 11A 109     No details yet held    
James Shrewsbury 6A 1247   27/06/1859 Meole Brace SAL Sarah Lloyd
Jane Leominster 6A 983   25/04/1859 Monkland HEF Edward Vaughan
John Ross 6A 807   05/05/1859 Hentland HEF Hannah Jones
John Alcester 6D 681   27/06/1859 Great Alne WAR Ann Clayton
Maria Martley 6C 387   21/04/1859 Shelsley Beauchamp WOR William Hooper
Mary Anne Abergavenny 11A 132     No details yet held    
Peter Birmingham 6D 74     No details yet held    
Philip Atcham 6A 1224   15/05/1859 Pontesbury SAL Elizabeth Littlehales
Richard Birmingham 6D 75     No details yet held    
Thomas Chelsea 1A 274   07/05/1859 Chelsea St Luke MDX Augusta Lydia Weaver
William Leominster 6A 991   12/05/1859 Yarpole HEF Sarah Pope
Sep 1859
Ann Worcester 6C 539     No details yet held    
Charles William Sunderland 10A 471   08/08/1859 Sunderland DUR Jane Robson
Eliza Birmingham 6D 69     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 794   29/09/1859 Hereford St Peter HEF John Brisland
Frances Hereford 6A 872   25/07/1859 Hereford Register Office HEF James Dean
George Presteigne 11B 235   12/09/1859 Pembridge HEF Frances Harris
Isabel Elizabeth Langport 5C 715     No details yet held    
James Ludlow 6A 881   25/07/1859 Diddlebury SAL Ann Downes
Jane Church Stretton 6A 930   02/08/1859 Longnor SAL William Duckett
John Ludlow 6A 889   06/07/1859 Leintwardine HEF Ann Price
Luke Monmouth 11B 54   21/08/1859 Monmouth MON Elizabeth Knight
Margaret Cardiff 11A 329     No details yet held    
Mary Hereford 6A 739   06/09/1859 Callow HEF Thomas Davies
Samuel Durham 10A 297   00/00/1859 Durham DUR Eleanor Davison
Sarah Hereford 6A 815   21/08/1859 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Williams
Thomas [Prees] Swansea 11A 665   23/09/1859 Swansea St James GLA Eliza Jenkins
William Upton On Severn 6C 374     No details yet held    
William Hereford 6A 780   06/09/1859 Hereford All Saints HEF Mary Ann Roberts
William West Bromwich 6B 787   00/00/1859 West Bromwich All Saints STS Ann Gaze
Dec 1859
Alfred Thomas Hereford 6A 975   31/12/1859 Stoke Edith HEF Mary Meredith
Almah Bridgwater 5C 796     No details yet held    
Catherine Hereford 6A 951   02/10/1859 Hereford St Owen HEF William Williams
Drusilla Worcester 6C 472   15/11/1859 Worcester St John Bedwardine WOR Charles Arnold
Eliza Hereford 6A 991   02/10/1859 Hereford Register Office HEF Pendry Jones
Elizabeth Shrewsbury 6A 1290   01/11/1859 Shrewsbury St Marys SAL Samuel Jones
Emma Stourbridge 6C 259   13/11/1859 Amblecote Holy Trinity WOR Thomas Gretton
George Bromyard 6A 1031   06/10/1859 Whitbourne HEF Jane Bullock
Hannah Bridgnorth 6A 1157   08/11/1859 Long Stanton SAL William Massey
Hannah Kings Norton 6C 743   07/11/1859 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Stephen Ellace
Harriet Jane [Pruce] Bolton 8C 272   02/10/1859 Bolton Holy Trinity LAN William Tonge
James Hereford 6A 945   22/12/1859 Hereford Cathedral HEF Sarah Hill
Jane Walsall 6B 824     No details yet held    
Jane [Prees] Bangor 11B 955   24/12/1859 Bangor CAE Robert Roberts
John Shrewsbury 6A 1291   03/11/1859 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL Emma Lewis
John Ross 6A 907   02/10/1859 Upton Bishop HEF Esther Jones
Mary Shrewsbury 6A 1869   06/10/1859 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Edward Perkins
Mary Weobley 6A 999   24/10/1859 Canon Pyon HEF Thomas Powell
Mary Hereford 6A 994   30/11/1859 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Lewis
Mary Ann Crickhowell 11B 305   10/05/1859 Nantyglo MON Thomas Williams
Matthew Ludlow 6A 1099   00/00/1859 Ludlow Register Office SAL Sarah Frances
Sarah Ann Pancras 1B 138   11/12/1859 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX William Brown
William Monmouth 11A 239   25/10/1859 Welsh Bicknor MON Jane Jones
William Hereford 6A 933   03/11/1859 Hampton Bishop HEF Eliza Tayson
William Tenbury 6C 409   06/11/1859 Stoke Bliss HEF Margaret Hyde
William Madeley 6A 1236   00/11/1859 Broseley Baptist Church SAL Ann Bowen
Mar 1860
Benjamin Bridgnorth 6A 809   23/01/1860 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL Elizabeth Evans
Edward Clifton 6A 171   16/02/1860 Bristol St Jude GLS Elizabeth Moore
Emma Hereford 6A 6IV 3   26/01/1860 Hereford St Martin HEF William Mutlow
Hannah Witney 3A 691     No details yet held    
Henry Atcham 6A 881   10/01/1860 Sheinton SAL Mary Anne Hill
James Hereford 6A 657   07/02/1860 Wellington HEF Rebecca Winnall
John Ross 6A 611   08/01/1860 Ross HEF Harriet Morgan
Louisa Hereford 6A 665   11/02/1860 Hereford Register Office HEF Wm Arthur
Mary Birmingham 6D 51     No details yet held    
Samuel Ledbury 6A 575   21/02/1860 Ashperton HEF Eliza Nott
Thomas Hay 11B 227   23/01/1860 Hay BRE Jane Davies
Thomas Upton On Severn 6C 321   24/01/1860 Great Malvern St Mary WOR Anne Kings
William Ludlow 6A 765   00/00/1860 Ludlow Register Office SAL Mary Benbow
William Upton On Severn 6C 327   30/01/1860 Upton On Severn WOR Harriet Scibens
Jun 1860
Charles Richard Pancras 1B 165   21/06/1860 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Maria Rachel Johnson
Charlotte Hereford 6A 916A   15/04/1860 Vowchurch HEF Elijah Mitchel
Edward Bridgend 11A 642     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 859   09/04/1860 Callow HEF Henry Coldwell
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 889   14/05/1860 Hereford St Martin HEF James Williams
James Kingsbury West Bromwich 6B 825   25/06/1860 Wednesbury St John STS Sarah Aston
Jane Cardiff 11A 341     No details yet held    
Lot Hay 11B 277   17/05/1860 Llowes RAD Ann Bowen
Margaret Curry [Prees] Bridgend 11a 659   07/04/1860 Cadoxton-Juxta-Neath GLA William Davies
Mary Bridgend 11A 599   21/04/1860 Llandow GLA Evan Thomas
Mary Ann Bromyard 6A 977   12/06/1860 Bromyard Civil Marriage HEF George Cooke
Rosina Rotherhithe 1D 809   14/06/1860 Rotherhithe All Saints SRY Mary Brown
Thomas Madeley 6A 1165   13/05/1860 Dawley Parva SAL Ann Maria Winall
William Leominster 6A 981   12/05/1860 Docklow HEF Margaret Griffiths
William Ross 6A 833   05/05/1860 Ross HEF Elizabeth Chivers
Sep 1860
Catherine [Preese] Neath 11A 528   09/09/1860 Cadoxton Juxta Neath GLA William Morgan
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 762   30/09/1860 Hereford Register Office HEF Charles Smith
Elizabeth Hay 11B 163   10/09/1860 Clifford HEF George Deen
Elizabeth Weobley 6A 796A   27/09/1860 Kinnersley HEF Christopher Bedford
Emma Leominster 6A 822   03/09/1860 Leominster Register Office HEF James Holland
Frances Bristol 6A 148     No details yet held    
Frederick [Prenn] Chippenham 5A 80   00/00/1860 Corsham WIL Elizabeth Cox
George Cheltenham 6A 598   20/08/1860 Charlton Kings GLS Jane Elizabeth Killick
Harriett Presteigne 11B 201     No details yet held    
John Presteigne 11B 183   09/08/1860 Gladestry RAD Jane Davies
John Knighton 11B 207   11/09/1860 Bleddfa RAD Elizabeth Hamer
Margaret Cardiff 11A 324     No details yet held    
Martha Daventry 3B 153   16/09/1860 Weedon Bec NTH Richard Earl
Mary Ludlow 6A 838   29/07/1860 Ludlow SAL John Brown
Mary Ann Kensington 1A 213   19/09/1860 Paddington Green St Mary MDX Robert Imms
Priscilla Kings Norton 6C 633   20/06/1860 Harborne St Peter STS John Fletcher
Richard Bridgnorth 6A 883   15/07/1860 Bridgnorth SAL Ann Jones
Thomas Lewis Monmouth 11A 49   02/07/1860 Monmouth MON Elizabeth Clark
William Presteigne 11B 202     No details yet held    
Zamlot Bridgnorth 6A 883     No details yet held    
Dec 1860
Alma Dudley 6C 231   04/11/1860 Tipton St John STS Mary Ann Heely
Ann Burton Upon Trent 6B 459   25/12/1860 Burton Upon Trent St Modwen STS Joel Cowlishaw
Eliza Leominster 6A 1066   04/11/1860 Leominster Priory HEF George Willet
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 1008   28/11/1860 Hereford Register Office HEF Wm Parry
Emma Hay 11b 280   17/11/1860 Glasbury St Peter BRE John Jones
Emma Hereford 6A 1000   21/10/1860 Hereford Register Office HEF Henry C Moreton
Frederick Hereford 6A 470A   15/10/1860 Hereford St Owen HEF Esther James
George [Preese] Presteigne 11B 304     No details yet held    
George Presteigne 11B 313   27/12/1860 Kington HEF Frances Jenkins
Hannah Martley 6C 403   06/12/1860 Broadwas WOR James Sanders
Henry Pancras 1B 131   16/12/1860 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Rebecca Pollock
James [Price] Hereford 6A 975   00/00/1860 ? Not Known HEF Mary Postance
James [Preese] Keynsham 5C 1344     No details yet held    
James Leominster 6A 1057   11/11/1860 Humber HEF Jane Preece
Jane Leominster 6A 1057   11/11/1860 Humber HEF James Preece
John Hereford 6A 1004   11/11/1860 Hereford Register Office HEF Ann James
John Presteigne 11B 297   08/11/1860 Eardisley HEF Jane Jenkins
John Hereford 6A 970B   15/10/1860 Hereford St Peter HEF Janet Powell
John Worcester 6C 469   10/12/1860 Worcester St Peter WOR Annie Williams
John Ledbury 6A 893   02/10/1860 Woolhope HEF Sarah Davies
John Madeley 6A 1238   00/00/1860 Not Yet Held SAL Martha Downes
Joseph Shrewsbury 6A 1289   20/11/1860 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Mary Lane
Llewellyn Bridgend 11A 628     No details yet held    
Mary Kidderminster 6C 352   28/10/1860 Kidderminster St Mary WOR William Hanley
Mary Ann Hereford 6A 933   01/10/1860 Breinton HEF Mark Owen
Richard Ross 6A 917   27/10/1860 Sellack HEF Catherine T Taynton
Ruth Westbury On Severn 6A 373   16/12/1860 Cinderford St John GLS Job Taylor
Sarah Hereford 6A 941   09/11/1860 St Devereux HEF Robert King
Sarah Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1145   23/10/1860 Neen Savage SAL Richard Nott
Thomas Droitwich 6C 606   23/12/1860 Claines WOR Mary Waters
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 733   14/10/1860 Wolverhampton St George STS Emma Jackson
William [Prease] West Bromwich 6B 1026   05/11/1860 West Bromwich Christ Church STS Maria Whitehouse