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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1861 - 1865

Where details are held for a marriage, these are shown in green. In the absence of such matching details, the entry will be in red.

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GRO Marriage Index entry
Matching Parish Register entry
Name District GRO Ref   Date Place County Spouse
Mar 1861
Charlotte Bridgend 11A 450   00/00/1861 Not Yet Held GLA Thomas Gronow
Elizabeth Anne Ross 6A 593   08/01/1861 Llangarren HEF George Davies
Emma Westbury On Severn 6A 292   04/02/1861 Drybrook GLS William Wilcoc
George Stafford 6B 1   23/01/1861 Berkswich Holy Trinity STS Susanna Smith
Hannah Ludlow 6A 729   21/03/1861 Onibury SAL William Baynham
Jane Presteigne 11B 208   28/02/1861 Kington Register Office HEF Charles Woodhouse
Letitia Bath 5C 1049   26/01/1861 Twerton St Michael SOM Cornelius Backhouse
Mary Ann St George In The East 1C 635   29/03/1861 Christ Church Watney Street MDX Walter Stocker
Matthew Ross 6A 601   12/02/1861 Peterstow HEF Sarah Jenkins
Robert Dudley 6C 126   20/03/1861 Dudley Register Office WOR Eliza Large
Sarah Whitechapel 1C 373   00/00/1861 Not Yet Held LND Richard Woodham
Thomas Shrewsbury 6A 910   00/00/1861 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL Elizabeth Carswell
William Ross 6A 591   08/01/1861 Llangarren HEF Mary Pritchard
Jun 1861
Amos Hereford 6A 781   09/08/1861 Little Dewchurch HEF Eliza Morgan
Ann Madeley 6A 1105   13/06/1861 Barrow SAL Thomas Wright
Catherine Greenwich 1D 776   20/05/1861 Deptford St Paul KEN Francis Wilcox
Charles Droitwich 6C 460   17/06/1861 Claines WOR Mary Ann Snow
Edward Weobley 6A 856   08/06/1861 Dilwyn HEF Anne Price
Eliza Hereford 6A 779   16/06/1861 Callow HEF William Hall
Eliza Ledbury 6A 741   03/06/1861 Woolhope HEF William Cross
Harriet Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1034   04/06/1861 Stottesdon SAL John Clinton
Harrit Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1034     No details yet held    
Isabella Ross 6A 753   29/04/1861 Kings Caple HEF William Bounds
James Leominster 6A 920   11/06/1861 Ivington HEF Sarah Powell
James Ledbury 6A 719   24/06/1861 Bosbury HEF Mary Ann Haynes
Maria Monmouth 11A 71   00/00/1861 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON William Evans
Martha [Preese] Swansea 11A 663     No details yet held    
Mary Anne Hereford 6A 819   07/04/1861 St Margarets HEF Mark H Hatton
Samuel Bridgnorth 6A 1045   16/06/1861 Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalen SAL Jane Walker
Sarah Leominster 6A 993   17/04/1861 Orleton HEF William Palfrey
William Tenbury 6A 287   05/05/1861 Lindridge HEF Mary Badland
Sep 1861
Amos Hereford 6A 749   09/08/1861 Little Dewchurch HEF Eliza Morgan
Eliza Hereford 6A 767   11/08/1861 Hereford St Martin HEF William Henry Clarke
Eliza Lichfield 6B 421   28/07/1861 Burntwood Christ Church STS Thomas Kelly
Eliza Worcester 6C 331   04/07/1861 Worcester St Martin WOR William Redding
Elizabeth Mary Martley 6C 291   26/08/1861 Leigh WOR Edward Grubb
Emily Bindley Islington 1B 400   10/09/1861 Islington St Mary Upper Street LND Eustace Henry Olive
Emma Hereford 6A 747   07/09/1861 St Devereux HEF William Williams
Emma Ledbury 6A 697   05/08/1861 Ledbury HEF Albert Shaw
John Montgomery 11B 317   26/09/1861 Hope Holy Trinity SAL Jane Hughes
John Conway 11B 707   25/09/1861 Llandudno CAE Mary Bowling Moore
Mary Ann Droitwich 6C 447   04/07/1861 Claines WOR Walter Tarplee
Sarah Hereford 6A 737   19/10/1861 Little Birch HEF Thomas Powyes
Sarah Presteigne 11B 240   15/09/1861 Kington Register Office HEF James Worthing
William Hereford 6A 746   05/09/1861 Clodock HEF Eliza Barrell
William Stourbridge 6C 167   22/07/1861 Amblecote Holy Trinity WOR Ellen Bullock
Dec 1861
Anne Hay 11B 283   30/10/1861 Clifford HEF George Wooding
Anne Cheltenham 6A 823   00/00/1861 Register Office GLS George Francis
Archer Price Hereford 6A 1006   24/11/1861 Hereford Register Office HEF Harriet Gwillim
Benjamin [Prees] Aston 6D 396   27/10/1861 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Sarah Ann Akers
Charles Lewisham 1D 1005   16/12/1861 Plumstead St Nicholas KEN Jane Ellis
George Wolverhampton 6B 649   17/11/1861 Kinver St Peter STS Ellen Bamford
Harriet Ledbury 6A 886   26/12/1861 Bosbury HEF Henry Jones
Jane Bridgnorth 6A 1187     No details yet held    
John Shrewsbury 6A 1306   15/12/1861 Shrewsbury St Julian SAL Martha Holbrook
Maria Monmouth 11A 63   13/10/1861 Overmonnow St Thomas MON Frederick Smith
Mary Ludlow 6A 1101   26/12/1861 Richards Castle HEF John Harris
Sarah Hereford 6A 9IV 7   19/10/1861 Little Birch HEF Thomas Powyes
Sarah Jane Weobley 6A 1025   20/10/1861 Weobley Register Office HEF Thomas Williams
Tracey Weobley 6A 1022   05/12/1861 Staunton On Wye HEF Maria Baker
Mar 1862
Ann Knighton 11B 231   00/00/1862 Stowe St Michael SAL Thomas Richards
Benjamin Martley 6C 245   15/02/1862 Knightwick WOR Diana Williams
Caroline Bridgnorth 6A 823   20/01/1862 Bridgnorth St Leonard SAL William Meredith
Charlotte Wolverhampton 6B 539   05/01/1862 Wolverhampton St George STS Joseph Davis
Edward Cardiff 11A 282     No details yet held    
Edward Westbury On Severn 6A 289   26/01/1862 Cinderford St Johns GLS Mary Ann Bailey
Edward Ledbury 6A 599   03/03/1862 Bosbury HEF Elizabeth Davis
Eliza Weobley 6A 699   02/02/1862 Canon Pyon HEF William Phillips
Elizabeth Leominster 6A 736   15/03/1862 Aymestrey HEF John Thomas
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 649   06/01/1862 Hereford All Saints HEF Richard Kennard
Ellen Monmouth 11A 58   00/00/1862 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] GLS William Bradley
Emma Kensington 1A 196   02/02/1862 Paddington Holy Trinity MDX William Collins
Henry [Preace] Ledbury 6A 613     No details yet held    
John Wolverhampton 6B 513   02/02/1862 Willenhall St Anne STS Ann Licett
Joseph Hereford 6A 684   26/01/1862 Hereford Register Office HEF Harriet Leech
Thomas Wolverhampton 6B 511   06/01/1862 Willenhall St Giles STS Ann Hodgkiss
William Birmingham 6D 18   27/02/1862 Birmingham St Bartholomew WAR Mary Ann Davies
William Marylebone 1A 810     No details yet held    
Jun 1862
Daniel Hereford 6A 805   15/06/1862 Hereford St Martin HEF Mary Ann Hayes
Diana Westbury On Severn 6A 359   12/05/1862 Westbury On Severn GLS John Smith
George Wolverhampton 6B 511   24/04/1862 Enville St Mary The Virgin STS Hannah Bennett
John Church Stretton 6A 1007     No details yet held    
John Ludlow 6A 962   23/06/1862 Ludlow SAL Harriet Mound
John Monmouth 11A 37     No details yet held    
John Ambrose City Of London 1C 139   13/05/1862 Southwark St Alphege LND Susan Rickards
Martha Aston 6D 322   10/06/1862 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR William Wilcox
Mary Bromyard 6A 874   29/05/1862 Bromyard HEF John Merrick
Mary Clun 6A 1001   00/00/1862 Clun Register Office SAL William Bathurst
Sarah Hereford 6A 838   01/05/1862 Hereford Register Office HEF Wm Davies
Sarah Jane Church Stretton 6A 1007   04/04/1862 Eaton Under Heywood SAL John Preen
Thomas Leominster 6A 917   16/06/1862 Orleton HEF Sarah Moile
William Weobley 6A 861   26/06/1862 Mansel Gamage HEF Priscilla Pumphrey
Sep 1862
Ann Whitchurch 6A 1179   21/09/1862 Whitchurch SAL William Wilkinson
Ann Cleobury Mortimer 6A 937   03/07/1862 Aston Botterell SAL Robert Hinsley
Anne Cleobury Mortimer 6A 937   03/07/1862 Aston Botterell SAL Robert Hinsley
Charles Weobley 6A 829   18/09/1862 Moccas HEF Mary Lewis
Elizabeth Wolverhampton 6B 656     No details yet held    
Emma Atcham 6A 1149   25/09/1862 Frodesley SAL William Perkins
Fanny [Preese] Weobley 6A 827   08/09/1862 Kings Pyon HEF John Nott
James Kings Norton 6C 576   02/09/1862 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Hannah Hinton
James Weobley 6A 825   15/09/1862 Dilwyn HEF Mary Parker
James Hereford 6A 805   11/09/1862 Stoke Edith HEF Eliza Wall
Louisa Bridgnorth 5C 671     No details yet held    
Matilda St George Hanover Square 1A 407     No details yet held    
Sarah Leominster 6A 866   31/07/1862 Leominster Priory HEF Thomas Lewis
Sarah Marylebone 1A 826   23/08/1862 St Marylebone MDX John Mcreynolds King
Dec 1862
Eliza Hereford 6A 907   18/12/1862 Allensmore HEF James Morvan
Elizabeth Tewkesbury 6A 836   11/11/1862 Kemerton GLS William Haines
Ellen Lambeth 1D 600   30/11/1862 Lambeth St Mary SRY Robert Wood
Francis Martley 6C 421     No details yet held    
George Bedwellty 11A 139     No details yet held    
Henry Westbury On Severn 6A 404   06/11/1862 Blakeney Indep Chapel GLS Annie Barrington
James Ledbury 6A 874   23/11/1862 Ledbury HEF Jane Brooks
Jane Liverpool 8B 69     No details yet held    
John [Preese] Shifnal 6A 1155   22/11/1862 Badger SAL Elizabeth Nicholls
Jonathan Westminster 1A 563   12/10/1862 St John The Evangelist Smith Square MDX Elizabeth Taylor
Selina Wolverhampton 6B 773     No details yet held    
Thomas Kidderminster 6C 350   07/12/1862 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Martha Smith
Thomas Shrewsbury 6A 1276   00/00/1862 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL Mary A Grist
William Hereford 6A 931   13/10/1862 Hereford Cathedral HEF Elizabeth Turner
William Weobley 6A 987   03/11/1862 Canon Pyon HEF Sarah Baugh
Mar 1863
Caroline Leominster 6A 751   20/01/1863 Aymestrey HEF James Rollings
Elizabeth Pancras 1B 67   25/01/1863 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX Charles Adams
Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 771   04/03/1863 Ashford Carbonell SAL George Jones
George Hereford 6A 691   20/01/1863 Kingstone HEF Emma Williams
Hannah Presteigne 11B 237   16/02/1863 Presteigne HEF John Sayers
James Hereford 6A 6VII 6   28/01/1863 Hereford All Saints HEF Hannah Frances Cave
James Kings Norton 6C 505   08/03/1863 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Selina Neale
James Presteigne 11B 245     No details yet held    
Jane Hereford 6A 680   22/02/1863 Hereford St Owen HEF Henry Jones
John Hereford 6A 687   08/02/1863 Holmer HEF Emma Davies
John Bangor 11B 712   06/02/1863 Bangor CAE Margaret Jones
Lavinia Birmingham 6D 13   22/02/1863 Birmingham All Saints WAR James Tayler
Mary Shrewsbury 6A 935   26/02/1863 Shrewsbury St Chad SAL Richard Jones
Mary Poplar 1C 1015   16/02/1863 Poplar All Saints MDX Henry Barnes
Sarah Clun 6A 816   00/00/1863 Clun Register Office SAL Jonathan Potter
Sarah Ann Warwick 6D 458   16/03/1863 Leamington Priors WAR William Taylor
William Cardiff 11A 297     No details yet held    
Jun 1863
Amelia Leominster 6A 901   21/05/1863 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Mark Williams
Ann Hereford 6A 845   06/04/1863 Hereford Register Office HEF James Morgan
Benjamin Poplar 1C 1183   00/00/1863 Not Yet Held LND Louisa M Bull
Catharine Cardiff 11A 303   27/06/1863 Caerau With Ely GLA John Gray
Charles Clun 6A 999   00/00/1863 Clun Register Office SAL Susan Palmer
David Shrewsbury 6A 1174   15/06/1863 Shrewsbury St George SAL Elizabeth Meyrick
Edward Colchester 4A 358     No details yet held    
Edward Bromyard 6A 881   01/06/1863 Bishops Frome HEF Mary Pritchard
Elizabeth Shrewsbury 6A 1205   28/05/1863 Shrewsbury SAL Henry Williams
Frederick Birmingham 6D 228   29/06/1863 Birmingham St Philip WAR Mary Hawkins
George Wolverhampton 6B 679   25/05/1863 Wolverhampton St Mark STS Isabella Shellard
James Leominster 6A 918   27/06/1863 Stoke Prior HEF Hannah Davis
Louisa Weobley 6A 859   23/05/1863 Bishopstone HEF Christopher Davies
Mary Ann Dudley 6C 24   24/05/1863 Dudley St Edmund WOR Frederick Charles Miller
Mary Ann Cardiff 11A 359     No details yet held    
Richard Hereford 6A 839   18/06/1863 Madley HEF Ann Thompson
Samuel Monmouth 11A 35   16/05/1863 Clearwell GLS Elizabeth Birt
Thomas Madeley 6A 1115   18/06/1863 Much Wenlock SAL Maria Rowlands
William Burton Upon Trent 6B 461   00/00/1863 Burton Upon Trent STS Eliza Bowen
Sep 1863
Adah Jane Walsall 6B 729   10/08/1863 Rushall STS Charles Gee
Benjamin Moses Wellington 6A 1276   28/09/1863 Wellington All Saints SAL Ann Morrall
Catherine Birmingham 6D 165   05/07/1863 Birmingham St Philip WAR Thomas William Jones
Christopher Hereford 6A 845   03/08/1863 Hereford Register Office HEF Hannah Arrowsmith
Eliza Tewkesbury 6A 731   27/07/1863 Tewkesbury St Mary GLS Thomas Moorefield
Elizabeth Birmingham 6D 165   06/07/1863 Birmingham St Philip WAR Edward Guest
Elizabeth Wells 5C 960     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Chorlton 8C 594   28/09/1863 Hulme St Mary LAN William Davis
Ellen Westminster 1A 626   30/09/1863 St John The Evangelist Causton Street MDX John Quantrell Thomas
Emma Hereford 6A 823   02/07/1863 Madley HEF John Extom
George Cheltenham 6A 697   22/07/1863 Cheltenham St Peter GLS Elizabeth Deakins
James Worcester 6C 348   06/08/1863 Worcester St Helen WOR Jane Birchley
Luke Hereford 6A 800   24/08/1863 Hampton Bishop HEF Ann Grubb
Martha Presteigne 11B 239     No details yet held    
Mary Richardson Burton Upon Trent 6B 386   16/08/1863 Burton Upon Trent Christ Church STS Thomas Moore
Robert Hereford 6A 806A   07/07/1863 Hereford St Martin HEF Elizabeth Williams
Robert Presteigne 11B 215     No details yet held    
Sarah Bridgnorth 6A 985   00/00/1863 Chelmarsh St Peter SAL William Fletcher
Thomas Kidderminster 6C 264   19/07/1863 Kidderminster St Mary WOR Sarah Whatmore
Thomas Ross 6A 778   02/08/1863 Ross Register Office HEF Ellen Goode
William Hereford 6A 842   12/07/1863 Hereford Register Office HEF Charlotte Jones
William Montgomery 11B 336     No details yet held    
Dec 1863
Alice Leominster 6A 1076   31/12/1863 Humber HEF James Dukes
Ambrose Hereford 6A 953     No details yet held    
Charlotte Abergavenny 11A 103     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 962   02/11/1863 Hereford All Saints HEF Walter Price
Elizabeth Strand 1B 718   15/11/1863 St Clement Danes MDX John Wren
Esther Annabelle Monmouth 11A 56   29/12/1863 Rockfield MON James Bennett
Felicia [Prees] Birmingham 6D 228   25/12/1863 Birmingham St Peter WAR George Kibble
Frances Worcester 6C 491   21/10/1863 Worcester All Saints WOR Johnathan Edwards
George Ross 6A 938   26/12/1863 Ross Register Office HEF Caroline Rudge
Hester Arrabelle Monmouth 11A 56     No details yet held    
James Bridgend 1A 659     No details yet held    
Jane [Prees] Kings Norton 6C 780   18/10/1863 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR John Goodess Higginson
John Alcester 6D 885   19/10/1863 Inkberrow WOR Sarah Ann Davis
Joseph Camberwell 1D 856   25/12/1863 Camberwell SRY Eliza Ball
Mary Hereford 6A 953   27/10/1863 Dinedor HEF Ambrose Preece
Mary Ann Shrewsbury 6A 1340   27/12/1863 Shrewsbury Ebenezer Chapel SAL Richard Muckleston
Richard Ludlow 6A 1115   10/10/1863 Richards Castle HEF Ann Bradley
Sarah Hereford 6A 942   29/10/1863 Aconbury HEF Thomas Reynolds
Sarah Ann Aston 6D 455   03/10/1863 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Richard Samuel Wheeler
William Hereford 6A 984   31/12/1863 Holmer HEF Eliza Davies
William Kidderminster 6C 422   24/12/1863 Stourport Lower Mitton WOR Priscilla Silcock
Mar 1864
Annie [Prees] Swansea 11A 695     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 683   02/02/1864 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Thomas Smith
Ellen Wem 6A 1031   23/03/1864 Prees SAL William Payne
George Presteigne 11B 215     No details yet held    
George [Prees] Swansea 11A 693     No details yet held    
James Hereford 6A 711   03/02/1864 Hereford Register Office HEF Mary Ann Green
John Aston 6D 300   28/03/1864 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR Ellen Elizabeth Fewkes
Louisa Emma Stratford On Avon 6D 632     No details yet held    
Michael Hereford 6A 657   30/03/1864 Breinton HEF Martha Connor
Sarah Hereford 6A 679   14/01/1864 Hereford Cathedral HEF Henry Pugh
Thomas Thame 3A 637   11/01/1864 Thame St Mary The Virgin OXF Mary Maria Bonner
Thomas Hereford 6A 718   28/03/1864 Hereford Register Office HEF Selina Phillips
William Henry South Stoneham 2C 77   28/01/1864 Shirley By Southampton HAM Ann Agnes Mary Pocock
Jun 1864
Adam Ludlow 6A 1013   26/05/1864 Not Yet Held HEF Elizabeth Meller
Alfred Hereford 6A 823   11/05/1864 Fownhope HEF Emma Sophia Brown
Charles Presteigne 11B 269   00/00/1864 Not Yet Held RAD Jane Griffiths
Eliza Louisa Brackley 3B 22   02/06/1864 Syresham St James The Great NTH John Thomas
Emma Bromyard 6A 931   19/05/1864 Bishops Frome HEF Richard Hopcott
Emma Hereford 6A 877   24/05/1864 Withington HEF Thomas Pritchard
Emma Jane Grey Hay 11B 232   09/05/1864 Hay BRE John Preece Lewis
Francis Leigh 8C 202   12/05/1864 Leigh St Mary LAN Elizabeth Spragg
Frederick Marylebone 1A 954   23/06/1864 St Marylebone MDX Susan Jane Stocker
George Hereford 6A 830   20/06/1864 Hereford All Saints HEF Fanny Jones
James Ross 6A 771   01/05/1864 Goodrich HEF Hester Miles
James Wrexham 11B 581   00/00/1864 Wrexham Civil Marriage DEN ? Not Known ? Not Known
John Atcham 6A 1201   16/05/1864 Leighton SAL Jane Beaman
John Aston 6D 359   01/05/1864 Bordesley St Andrew WAR Mary Ann Scandrett
Mary Ross 6A 777   26/05/1864 Kings Caple HEF Thomas Duffel
Mary Ann Bedwellty 11A 190     No details yet held    
Mary Anne Tenbury 6C 349   26/05/1864 Knighton On Teme WOR Vincent Eckley
Rebecca St Saviour Southwark 1D 19     No details yet held    
Sarah Hereford 6A 886   28/05/1864 Hereford Register Office HEF Wm Lewis
Thomas Presteigne 11B 251   09/06/1864 Eardisley HEF Ann Jones
William Ludlow 6A 1004   12/05/1864 Richards Castle HEF Sarah Hooper
Sep 1864
Edward Dudley 6C 139   10/07/1864 Rowley Regis St Giles STS Phebe Gadd
Eleanor Pancras 1B 186   22/08/1864 St Pancras Parish Chapel MDX George Guyatt
Elizabeth Shardlow 7B 495   05/07/1864 Stanton By Dale DBY Lemuel Holmes
Emily Wolverhampton 6B 733     No details yet held    
Emily Hereford 6A 841   18/09/1864 Hereford St Owen HEF Charles Spencer
George Hay 11B 207   15/09/1864 Bredwardine HEF Eliza Williams
George Hereford 6A 845   18/07/1864 Holmer HEF Jane Bailey
George Ross 6A 801   13/09/1864 Sellack HEF Elizabeth Davis
John Gloucester 6A 448   31/07/1864 Gloucester St John GLS Harriett Bower
Marianne West Ham 4A 8   10/07/1864 West Ham All Saints ESS James Alfred Evritt
Mary Machynlleth 11B 202   11/08/1864 Towyn MER William Williams
Mary Ann Bedwellty 11A 145     No details yet held    
Mary Ann Upton On Severn 6C 411   09/08/1864 Kempsey WOR William Stait
Dec 1864
Ann Hereford 6A 1030   18/10/1864 Hereford Register Office HEF Job Forty
Charles Hereford 6A 982   24/10/1864 Hereford All Saints HEF Emma Chandler
Charles Ledbury 6A 909   17/11/1864 Colwall HEF Nancy Lloyd
Charles Worcester 6C 444   11/12/1864 Worcester St Clement WOR Eliza Reynolds
Eliza Westbury On Severn 6A 447     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Dudley 6C 187   03/10/1864 Sedgley All Saints STS William Evans
George Wolverhampton 6B 764   31/10/1864 Wolverhampton STS Maria Georgina Vaughan
George Presteigne 11B 319   06/10/1864 Lyonshall HEF Susannah Price
George William Cheltenham 6A 835   25/12/1864 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Emma Gainer
Harriett Hereford 6A 1035   22/11/1864 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Broster
James Hereford 6A 999   17/10/1864 Holmer HEF Sarah Davies
James Ross 6A 937   03/10/1864 Llangrove HEF Ellen Pritchard
Jane Hereford 6A 967   03/11/1864 Burghill HEF William King
John Hereford 6A 995   10/10/1864 Hereford St Owen HEF Ann Welsh
Louisa Axall Hereford 6A 1025   08/11/1864 Withington HEF Albert J Jones
Margaret Kensington 1A 222     No details yet held    
Margaret Hereford 6A 1035     No details yet held    
Margaret Newport 11A 343     No details yet held    
Martha Kidderminster 6C 350   24/11/1864 Ribbesford WOR Charles Pountney
Morgan Pembroke 11A 1226   27/11/1864 Pembroke Dock St John PEM Elizabeth Gwyther
Peter Christopher Hereford 6A 995   29/12/1864 Hereford St Owen HEF Elizabeth Perkins
Sampson Zephaniah Birmingham 6D 7   16/10/1864 Birmingham All Saints WAR Catherine Taft
Sarah Atcham 6A 1289   08/12/1864 Pontesbury SAL William Barber
Sarah Jane Hereford 6A 962   01/12/1864 Aconbury HEF George Powell
Thomas Frederick Simpson Strand 1B 795   09/10/1864 Westminster St Anne MDX Maryann Harrison
William Newtown 11B 411   00/00/1864 Sarn Holy Trinity ??? Margaret Jones
William Bedwellty 11A 135   14/11/1864 Nantyglo MON Jemima Warrat
William [Prees] Aston 6D 410   21/12/1864 Aston Juxta Birmingham WAR Frances Lydia Latouch
Mar 1865
Adam Llanfyllin 11B 331   04/02/1865 Llanfair Caereinion MGY Mary Evans
Anne Hereford 6A 696   06/02/1865 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Thomas Green
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 694   14/03/1865 Hereford St Martin HEF Thomas Lewis
Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 801   19/03/1865 Ludlow SAL Thomas Watkins
Emily Bedwellty 11A 99   23/01/1865 Nantyglo MON William Fowler Gibbs
George Shrewsbury 6A 976   17/01/1865 Shrewsbury St Mary SAL Mary Perkins
George Joseph Ross 6A 665   18/03/1865 St Weonards Independent Chapel HEF Mary Williams
Harriett Kensington 1A 177   10/01/1865 Paddington Green St Mary MDX Charles Matthews
Harriett Ann Monmouth 11A 57   00/00/1865 Monmouth [Register Office Or Non-Conformist] GLS Thomas Barrett
John Monmouth 11A 42     No details yet held    
Margaret Montgomery 11B 315   13/02/1865 Worthen SAL Isaac Matthews
Mary Ann Ledbury 6A 6II 8   24/02/1865 Putley HEF Thomas Buffen
Richard Hemel Hempstead 3A 381   14/03/1865 Hemel Hempstead HRT Maria Armstrong
Sarah Boston 7A 477     No details yet held    
Sarah Hereford 6A 693   02/02/1865 Hereford Register Office HEF Charles Huggins
Sarah Hereford 6A 751   13/02/1865 Hereford St Martin HEF William Davies
Thomas Birmingham 6D 190   29/01/1865 Birmingham St Thomas WAR Louisa Fitter Deakin
William Cardiff 11A 351     No details yet held    
William Hereford 6A 679   09/02/1865 Little Dewchurch HEF Elizabeth Graves
William Monmouth 11A 53   00/00/1865 Monmouth [Register Office/Non-Conformist] MON Catharine Morgan
William Weobley 6A 735   23/02/1865 Canon Pyon HEF Sarah Steele
Jun 1865
Alfred Lambeth 1D 504   05/06/1865 Waterloo St John SRY Charlotte Elizabeth Potts
Ann Hereford 6A 862   20/04/1865 Hereford Cathedral HEF Richard Symmonds
Ann Jemima Birmingham 6D 213   11/06/1865 Birmingham St Philip WAR William Rogers
Charlotte Gloucester 6A 463   29/06/1865 Gloucester St James GLS William Morgan
Dinah Leominster 6A 1008   17/05/1865 Orleton HEF James Phillips
Edwin Bedwellty 11A 160     No details yet held    
Eliza Hereford 6A 899   05/06/1865 Hereford St Peter HEF John Morris
Eliza Hereford 6A 872   18/05/1865 Preston Wynne HEF Henry Perry
Elizabeth Hereford 6A 851   28/05/1865 Hampton Bishop HEF Edwin Tranter
Fanny West Bromwich 6B 838   21/05/1865 Wednesbury St Bartholomew STS Joseph Summerfield
Francis Bromyard 6A 953   04/05/1865 Bredenbury HEF Elizabeth Potter
Harriet Marylebone 1A 899   10/05/1865 St Marylebone St Mary MDX Charles Webb
James Bromyard 6A 955   27/04/1865 Bromyard HEF Harriet Harris
James Hereford 6A 871   03/04/1865 Hereford St Owen HEF Jane Bodenham
John Hereford 6A 911   19/06/1865 Wellington HEF Jane Hackley
John Monmouth 11A 53   04/04/1865 Monmouth St Mary MON Sarah Watkins
Joseph George Lambeth 1D 652   25/06/1865 Lambeth St Mary SRY Elizabeth Allen
Lucy Ledbury 6A 795   15/06/1865 Woolhope HEF James East
Martha Hereford 6A 869   13/04/1865 Hereford St Nicholas HEF Charles Jones
Martha Atcham 6A 1249   26/06/1865 Shrewsbury Register Office SAL William Davies
Peter Dudley 6C 67   30/04/1865 Dudley St Thomas WOR Emily Steward Haslock
Phebey Bridgnorth 6A 1134   00/00/1865 Claverley SAL Thomas Binion
Phillip Montgomery 11B 457     No details yet held    
Richard Kings Norton 6C 625   05/06/1865 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Harriet Deakin
Samuel Weobley 6A 933   10/06/1865 Byford HEF Sarah Watkins
Sarah Presteigne 11B 281   16/06/1865 Kington HEF Edwin Williams
Sarah Hereford 6A 873   05/06/1865 Hereford St Owen HEF James Dean
Sarah Leominster 6A 1011   24/06/1865 Yarpole HEF John Pinches
Thomas Leominster 6A 1008   13/05/1865 Orleton HEF Ann Worthing
William Montgomery 11B 455   11/05/1865 Worthen SAL Harriet Salter
William Dudley 6C 73   15/05/1865 Dudley St Thomas WOR Fanny Allport
Sep 1865
Agnes Hereford 6A 871   01/07/1865 Hereford Register Office HEF George Woodhouse
Ann [Prees] Merthyr Tydfil 11A 425   03/07/1865 Aberdare St Fagan GLA David Griffiths
Ann Ludlow 6A 958   24/09/1865 Stanton Lacy SAL John Griffiths
Ann Bedwellty 11A 121     No details yet held    
Charles Kings Norton 6C 606   11/09/1865 Edgbaston St Bartholomew WAR Eliza George
Edward Cheltenham 6A 694   17/09/1865 Cheltenham St Mary GLS Rachel Cox
Eliza Hereford 6A 853   29/08/1865 Holmer HEF Felix Golden
Eliza Leominster 6A 927     No details yet held    
Elizabeth Martley 6C 365   11/07/1865 Great Witley WOR Abraham Whatmore
Emma Bristol 6A 32   05/09/1865 Bristol St James GLS Charles Boulton
George Hereford 6A 853   10/08/1865 Holmer HEF Sarah Griffiths
Henry Romford 4A 121   31/07/1865 Dagenham ESS Anna Rosina Dean
James Leominster 6A 927   24/08/1865 Yarpole HEF Eliza Pyefinch
James Westbury On Severn 6A 396   28/08/1865 Cinderford St John GLS Jemima Ashcroft
James Hereford 6A 819   13/08/1865 Breinton HEF Elizabeth Tongue
John Madeley 6A 1067   27/08/1865 Little Wenlock SAL Maria Shepherd
Sarah Ross 6A 803   20/09/1865 Upton Bishop HEF Albert Davis
William Hereford 6A 838   24/09/1865 Hereford Cathedral HEF Mary A Harrison
Dec 1865
Alfred Hereford 6A 1046   23/10/1865 Hereford Register Office HEF Harriet Jones
Ann Ross 6A 986   30/11/1865 Ross Register Office HEF Luke Jones
Ann Stourbridge 6C 383   26/11/1865 Pensnett St Mark STS George Maddox
Ann Hereford 6A 1045   23/10/1865 Hereford Register Office HEF Thomas Norton
Anne Cheltenham 6A 854   16/12/1865 Cheltenham Holy Trinity GLS Nelson Thomas Townley
Christopher Hereford 6A 993   25/12/1865 Breinton HEF Caroline Hiles
Edith Mary Elizabeth Camberwell 1D 1003   25/12/1865 Camberwell Christ Church SRY Samuel Henry Low
Edward Presteigne 11B 323     No details yet held    
Eliza Staines 3A 1   08/11/1865 Ashford MDX George Crane
Elizabeth Ludlow 6A 1163   18/11/1865 Wigmore HEF George Lane
Frederick Lambeth 1D 762   14/12/1865 Lambeth St Mary SRY Mary Ann Brown
George Bridgnorth 6A 1235   26/12/1865 Worfield SAL Elisa Morris
Harriet Newcastle Under Lyme 6B 133   00/00/1865 ? Not Known STS William Adams
Harriett Ross 6A 983   07/10/1865 Walford HEF James Oakley
Harriett Newcastle Under Lyme 6B 133     No details yet held    
Henry Birmingham 6D 37   15/10/1865 Birmingham St Barnabas WAR Emily Rosetta Hobday
James Weobley 6A 1047   24/10/1865 Dilwyn HEF Caroline Bebb
James Leominster 6A 1108   28/11/1865 Hope Under Dinmore HEF Louisa Reynolds
James Presteigne 11B 313   12/12/1865 Kington HEF Eliza Lewis
James Solihull 6D 788   18/12/1865 Yardley St Edburgha WOR Eliza Williams
Jane [Prees] Pontypridd 11A 489   07/10/1865 Eglwysilan GLA Edward Morgan
John Wolverhampton 6B 871   04/12/1865 Wolverhampton St James STS Emma Pugh
Louisa Cleobury Mortimer 6A 1203   00/00/1865 Cleobury Mortimer Register Office SAL Thomas Davies
Lucy Birmingham 6D 216   07/11/1865 Birmingham St Matthias WAR William Sissons
Mary Annette Ludlow 6A 1161   21/12/1865 Stanton Lacy SAL Henry Elstone Thorne
Sarah Bristol 6A 85   06/11/1865 Bristol St Philip And St Jacob GLS George Parton
Susan Dudley 6C 304   00/00/1865 Dudley Register Office WOR Edward Slattrey
Thomas West Derby 8B 820   03/12/1865 Toxteth Park St James LAN Sarah Elliott
Thomas Islington 1B 478   08/10/1865 Islington St Mary MDX Eliza Martin
Thomas Monmouth 11A 38   12/11/1865 Parkend GLS Arramida Fletcher Martin
William Tenbury 6C 475   00/00/1865 Hanley William WOR Eliza Parry